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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 2, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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work you have rain, sleet, maybe a little snow up north. wintry mix leaving behind what could be an icy night. >> we will go now to meteorologist kathy orr tracking it all with more, kathy. >> we have everything going on right now. even when we're in the seeing it show up on storm scan three we are hearing reports of freezing drizzle in our northern and western suburbs. you can see right now we're in a lull in philadelphia, drizzle and areas of fog but coming back from the when is the pinkies the freezing rain. so a lot of that moving through harrisburg right now heading toward lancaster and one piece through reading berks county in places like bernville where one of our weather watchers lives. he has a icy back deck. this is moving east. so, muhlenburg, even robessona seeing this and moving wedding and eastward and more is expect through the early evening hours. visibility down to a half mile in the poconos, lower in the north and western suburbs. we are up to freezing in allentown and also reading but you can see this is the area of concern and our extreme
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northern and western suburbs, towards the north where temperatures are hovering around treating or below, and that is why the national weather service has winter weather advisory for freezing rain right through tonight. these are areas we're talking about. temperatures right around freezing, untreated roads, maybe icy, so please slow down. we will talk about when this will change over to rain coming up with the forecast, later on in the broadcast, jessica. >> you can get forecast anytime at your fingertips just down load weather app available on itunes and google play. developing right now at 6:00 o'clock health officialness hamilton township are trying to prevent a hepatitis a out break. restaurant worker has been in the hospital for over a week now diagnosed with that virus. if you ate at rosa's restaurant in mercer county in the last week you could be at risk o i witness news reporter cleve bryan has more. >> in order for to us return today we had to be vaccinated.
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>> reporter: employees and customers of rosa's restaurant and kate nearing hamilton township need to take precaution after a kitchen worker became severely ill from hepatitis a. it is not fatal with you highly contagious. >> that makes this case so significant because he was a food handler and amount of people that went through facilitate. >> reporter: hundreds of people could be at risk because rosa's is a popular take out and catering business. it provides lunch to saint rayfield catholic school. health officials believe most children are covered by standard vaccinations a public health nurse was at the school tuesday and parents were alerted. rosa's had to close monday while they sanitized the building and threw out food that isn't frozen. >> rosa had a very good outstanding reputation in the area. we want to keep it that way. this is unforeseen thing unfortunate thely. >> reporter: while center for disease control say while people will improve without treatment you may experience sickness for months. but you could benefit from a vaccination if you get it
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within two weeks of exposure. >> they should be very concerned. >> reporter: officials warned that many doctors and pharmacist don't stock vaccine because it is not normally popular but hamilton township hopes to have a clinic set up by thursday n hamilton township i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, looking at it you might think this guy is unchaining his ride but if you look closer he is unscrewing the bolts of the pole and taking off with that bike. as noel mcclaren reports this might not be the first time. >> reporter: he makes it look easy. >> just took him a minute. he was gone. >> reporter: in near second matthew wertz watch this bike bandit steel his six hundred dollars ride locked to a street sign on poplar. the barto bartender says his boss caught the whole thing on surveillance and this crook knew exactly what he was doing, confident, even acting in broad daylight. >> there were cars driving by the whole time. he goodies at it. he does it all the time. that is what he does for a
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living. >> reporter: he is one of many cyclist in northern liberties who have reported this type of bike swipe to police. he is just the first to catch it on camera. watch as the man who covers his face with a hoodie uses tool to quickly remove bolts from the street sign and then separate it from where it is mounted. he says that this bike right here is just asking to be stolen. it is attached to the same type of pole that his was attached to when it was taken just about a week ago. one that can be easily removed from the ground. cyclist are urged to avoid locking up to these bolted signs just ask wertz. >> if it is not cemented or solid pole in the ground and can be taken apart at all don't go near it. >> reporter: for now he is taking the bus to work but when he he gets a new bike he says he is storing it inside n northern liberties, noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a car slammed in the flower shop on sunset road in burlington, new jersey this morning. eyewitnesses say driver robert pedro lost control at the intersection, hopped the curve
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and then drove into the side of the building. a customer an a employee were in the store at the time of the crash. they weren't injured. pedro was taken to the hospital with injuries to his legs and head. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a truck driver is taken to the hospital after overturning his dump truck in northeast philadelphia. this happened in the driveway behind homes on robbins street near farnsworth street and took down several wires, poles and fences in the process. no word on what caused the the truck to flip over. well, it is day six in the search for missing west chester university student, shane shane montgomery. montgomery went missing early thanksgiving morning after leaving kildareness manayunk. the fbi is now involved in the investigation. the bureau conducting interviews, pooling phone and bank records and trying to track down surveillance video. what happened in ferguson missouri a has spark talk about police officers wearing body cameras. some septa police officers started wearing them last
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summer and as "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter tells us tonight septa says its experience with the cameras has been overwhelmingly positive. >> that is the the case being recorded by audio abe video at this time. >> reporter: this identity whom we are concealing has just been told by a septa police officer that their encounter is being recorded on a body cam. >> you failed to pay for your ride today. >> no. >> it looks like a successful program. >> reporter: the septa police chief tom nestel the pilot program equipping half dozen officers with cameras starting last july is a huge success giving officers stronger evidence for court and providing surveillance new protection as begins possible police misconduct. >> thank you, sir. >> welcome. >> one officer who had a pretty high number of complaints just professionalism the way he spoke with people, since he has had a camera he hasn't had any. >> reporter: as philadelphia police began their pilot
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program equipping 31 officers at between the second district with body cams, the chief nestel says his program has been so successful he is planning to purchase body cams for ten additional officers. >> it has been a resounding success, so much say that the officers that are involved are more my best salesman on the project. >> unaudible. >> reporter: chief nestel says the biggest challenge presented by body cameras so far is finding storage space and deciding how long septa will be able to hold on to all of that video that is being collected. live from the sat center, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, sources tell cbs news tonight that ashton carter, a former defense department, deputy is leading candidate to replace chuck hagel as defense secretary. he is a native of abington, montgomery county. our pat ciarrocchi has more on
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his background. >> asian pacific reballies a priority. >> reporter: ashton carter has had a presence at the pentagon as top deputy to two defense secretaries. he is a top graduate at abington senior high school. >> here's a person who was an excellent student. >> reporter: walk through front door and you can find ashton carter's name the plaque, a 1972 graduate induct in the district hall of fame in 1989. doctor amy is abington's superintendent. >> when i found the the 1927 graduation program he was one of the five class speakers which is an accomplishment. >> reporter: tight of that speech fear and society. at 60, carter has extensive experience in the national security arena, in technology, and weapons spying, and before his two year terms as deputy defense secretary, in the obama administration. accomplished but the white house is holding off making carter's nomination official. >> he is somebody that certainly deserves and has
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demonstrated, strong bipartisan support for his, for his previous services in government. he is somebody that does have detailed understanding of the way that the department of defense works. >> reporter: the doctor believes carter's leading candidacy is inspiring to her students. >> ashton carter is another example where achievement is the result. >> reporter: top republican on the senate arms services committee says he would very strongly support a carter nomination. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, down but not out, still to come tonight some new evidence to bring atlantic city back to its former glory and help thousands left with the jobs, after several casinos shut down. time of the year when people to have make health insurance decisions if you have questions, about, the expansion of medicaid in pennsylvania or even medicare part d enrollment give us a call at 844977cb. 36789 lines will be opened
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until 6:30, kathy. rain and freezing rain moving back into the delaware valley for this evening, this wintry miss will make it icy on area roads. we will talk about that and what comes next with that seven day forecast, hi, beasley. we will continue to examine the key match ups in sunday's home game against seattle, brandon graham talks about face marhahn lynch with the world watching them coming up. that is match up in sports
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lawmakers are making sure to make sure ac does not go under. rescue plan by two state senators calls for a break on contact even owe taxes over two years. the plan would also redirect an investment alternative tax, to help pay off a chunk of ac's debts. yet another plan by new jersey's congressional delegations would ask the federal government for emergency grants for job training. atlantic city lost some 8,000 jobs due to recent casino closures. it is a very busy time of the year between the holidays and shopping, but i think you know another deadline is fast approaching and it is the time of the year when you have to make changes to your health insurance.
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>> some people can put that off, they can get confused by all of this so three on your side jim donovan joins us with some help, jim. >> that is right, jessica and chris. the phones have been ringing off the hook. we have volunteers here from the center for medicare and medicaid services, the pennsylvania pennsylvania health access network, and enroll america, they are taking calls until 6:30. the number is 1.844.977.cbs3. join me is neil, and neil, one thing people have to realize is there is a deadline coming up for people to purchase or to make sure they are enrolled in insurance. what are the deadlines. >> absolutely if you are enroll by december 15th you will have coverage starting january 1st. after that, the deadline is february 15th, that is end of open enrollment, we are encouraging folks to get enrolled. no better gift than safety and security of health coverage. >> if people don't sign up for some sort of health insurance they will get a penalty don't they. >> than right. penalty is increased. so last year the penalty was $95 or 1 percent have of your annual income this year it
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will be 325 collars or 2 percent of your annual income. big change it is a lot of machine toy pay not to get health coverage. we are encouraging folks to get covered. >> reporter: people enrolled on the web at what should they do. should they not go back and check to make sure if they can get a better plan or cheaper plan. >> they should log in the marketplace at and make sure their plan has not change and if it has, see if there is a better option for them and shop around. it is important to make sure you are getting the best deal and a plan that meets your needs. >> if you are say a young person, 27, 28, never had insurance or maybe coming off your parent's plan you can get financial assistance bee going through that web site, correct. >> absolutely, and in fact eight in ten pennsylvanians during last open enrollment period received financial assistance. so health carries affordable, accessible and we are encouraging folks to get signed up before december 15th. >> we appreciate you being here. lines are opened until 6:30. the number for our viewers to call in is 1.844.977.cbs3.
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back to you in the studio. all right, thanks, jim. our weather watchers are reporting some milder temperatures. they are warming up. we have easterly wind down the shore, that means some gusty conditions, but tim is reporting in 47 degrees, winds out of the east at about 12 miles an hour. so no weather issues there. in philadelphia no issues as well, as temperatures are rising through the 30's and jimmies reporting in media, 35 degrees work some rain showers, the the pressure is falling, as we will see that warmer air moving in. lets go to the north and west of philadelphia where temperatures are really teetering, near that 32-degree mark. 33 degrees, doug is reporting in schwanksville, right now it looks like rain. lets see what he has to say, damp raw evening with temperatures right around freezing. it could be a little slick there and then 36 degrees right the now, reported in collegeville, buddies saying 36 and rain with temperatures riding. if you would like to be an eyes an ears in the field we would love to have you join our eyewitness weather
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watcher. go to cbs to sign up n center city philadelphia we are seeing foggy conditions. usually we will see liberty one and liberty two, but not tonight, obscured by the fog and as skies slowly clear, a little bit later, we're going to be seeing dry conditions but not, just yet, that is for sure. now, the rain is moving back in, with the rain, we're going to be seeing some freezing rain as well and as we look closer you can see through areas of lancaster county and also heading towards reading bucks county we are seeing a line of pink. that is freezing rain along 81 and marching east, so within the next couple of hours we will be seeing some icy conditionses specially north and west of the city. real trouble spot is lehigh valley, reading, berks county, points north and west. even north and west of philadelphia, look at these temperatures. doylestown is 3593. willow grove 3591. icy roads possible there. this evening, before temperatures rise and pottstown close to freezing 3593. quakertown at 34. we will be seeing temperatures rise with some southerly wind,
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overnight tonight, before this cold front moves through. a mild day as well on wednesday, with highs in the 50's and once that front moves through though that means cooler temperatures for thursday. the the sun returns big time but it is a cooler day. then another fast moving system moves from the west on friday and temperatures will be in the 40's with some cloudy skies. here we go, before between about eight and 10:00 p.m. we expect precipitation to move in. temperatures rising by then. pretty much every where we will be seeing the rain and that winter weather advisory will be allowed to expire. touring the the day on wednesday we will see mostly cloudy skies, spotty shower in the morning with fog and drying out with the sun returning late, before sunset. here's what to expect, fog, mist, light rain between now and 8:00 p.m., icy spots. rain returns between eight and ten. overnight low temperatures 23409's and rising, tomorrow high temperatures in the mid 50's and then we will be seeing things cooling down but sun returns for your thursday,
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friday, and dry but it will be cloudy, not a great day and then look at the rainy weekend more like march, saturday a rain day, sunday morning rain and then machine some sun. that is bonus day. tuesday looking windy but highs around normal which is 50's for this time of the year a lot of clouds and rain. >> very march-like. >> kathy, thanks. good evening, unfortunately we have some breaking news, that is a very serious situation affecting anyone traveling on the schuylkill expressway. heading 76 eastbound we have a vehicle fire. it is active. in signs of emergency teams just yet so they have closed the eastbound side of 76, as again you'll approach area of spring garden. what could potentially happen that is fire teams could enter the schuylkill in the opposite direction to aid this incident here because again it is still active. police officer on the scene, a few folks getting out of their vehicles probably not a good idea and only imagine delay this is causing at the moment
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trying to get in center city maybe good idea to take kelly drive at this time. heading westbound on the schuylkill it is wide opened to travel through but it is definitely slow as a result of the gaper delay on top of rush hour traffic so traveling in this area try to avoid it if you can and you will notice as i step out of the way emergency teams are arriving on the scene. we will continue to keep you updated. new back to the desk. "cbs evening news" is just a couple minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> hi chris and jessica great to be here in philadelphia. there is a new investigation today into how many cars must be recalled for deadly air bags. the fbi is warning of a hacking attack that destroyed the computers of its victims, foreign government may be behind it. and how can schools get drop outs back in class, california calls out the national guard. we will have have those stories yaws head on the "cbs evening news"
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we continue examining sunday's key match ups when the seahawks visits lincoln financial feel. we have lesean, they have marshawn lynch. he is a high knee driving punish runner who looks forward to the high tackling stiff arm eating new millennium nfl defender. eagles need to hit him low and gang tackle. brandon graham who has adapted to the eagles 3/4 defense remarkably talk about facing lynch one on one. >> wow, that boy marhahn got smack, that is what is going to happen. at the even of the day, ultimately hepp it it do. hopefully that moment does come.
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>> i am sure he got probably going be good hit good nice vision. >> flyers back in action tonight against san jose, they have lost seven straight road games, vinny lacavalier and michael dellzotto are out of the line up as the coach tries to shake things up. one thing to make plans, execution is in the animal. sixers are doing a great job. they can tie nba record for most loss toes start a season tomorrow night against minute so the a owe proud of them. last night they dropped their 17th straight. losing to the spurs 109-103. one more lottery pick and a big trade and it is on. meantime phillies keeping their plan close to the vest, they tendered contracts to arbitration eligible players today. antonio bastard owe, ben reveer, dom brown have until february to reach agreements or led an arbitrator figure it out. >> i'm looking forward to seeing brandon graham and marshawn lynch. >> brandon graham has adapt
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todd this defense extremely well. he will live up to what he said. >> wow. >> that is what we are looking for. >> boom. >> that is who i would watch on sunday. >> thank you. >> we will be right back. you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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aarp medicare supplement plan f will not increase in 2015. and, the basic structures of medicare supplement plans won't change from year to year. so call today for your free decision guide, and find the plan that works for you. medicare supplement insurance helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay - expenses that can really add up. and, you'll be able to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. so pennsylvania residents, if you're considering an aarp medicare supplement plan, don't wait. call now! ♪
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finally tonight, celebrating the holiday season. >> "eyewitness news" on academy road in the northeast for a senior holiday party, this event, thrown by health partners plans and partnership with the city's department of parks and recreation. great food, look at the dance moves, and a whole lot of christmas spirit. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will return at ten on the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next. they will look at record rainfall out west, a cause of some mud slides, and why less pain at the pump could be bad news for russia. scott pelley reports the the
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"cbs evening news" from new york. >> pelley: tonight, a major storm. california's biggest rain of the year floods streets, knocks out power, and forces evacuations. ben trace sethere. while americans are enjoying bargain gas, anthony mason reports oil prices threaten to throw russia into recession. jeff glower on a new investigation of deadly airbags. >> i went through living hell. >> pelley: how many vehicles should be recalled. bob orr on the break-in at sony. hackers stole unreleased movies. is north korea behind it? and michelle miller with soldiers encouraging dropouts to take a second chance. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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