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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 3, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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searchers are still, desperately trying to fine him. good morning. now we are hearing exclusively from one of the last people to see shane before he disappeared. find out what he says about that faithful night, and the plans today to help find shane. >> yeah. >> also a foggy tart to the morning down the shore, tough to see the top of the casinos there, but we will look at weather and traffic with katie and vittoria. katie. >> good morning, nicole. that is exactly right, in the aftermath of what we saw yesterday which was a whole mixed bag of rain, sleet, light snow, now we are left with lingering showers, and another front that is crossing on through. that is what our week has been about front after front after front but today is a better day then yesterday. we will explain why, coming up, vittoria. >> thanks, katie. well, unfortunately weather is not causing a easy commute for anyone traveling this morning and with that we have an accident on 202 southbound at baltimore pike, an active accident scene, it
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will continue to keep you updateond this with whole lot more details coming up in my report. as of right now lets go back over to the desk, ukee. vittoria, thank you. as search for missing west chester university student stretches to the seventh day his roommate and cousin speak exclusively with "eyewitness news". >> reporter just continue finch is outside the bar in manayunk where shane montgomery was last seen, justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole, seven days later they are in the giving up hope at all. his cousin and roommate are in touch with the fbi and police and they are also telling us exclusively they are doing whatever it takes to bring shane home. they are also among the last to see shane. now it has been six days going on seven, in intense search efforts to find shane including combing the manayunk canal and family and friend posting flyers all over the city. they are also looking to and will continue to do so this morning. this is an all out effort to find 21 year-old west chester university student shane
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montgomery. he vanished sometime early thanksgiving morning after a night out of bar hopping his last stop was kildares irish pub on main street. he got there just before 2:00 a.m. which happens to be closing time. he was told by staff it was time to go. he was walk to the front door by staff which included a cousin. now the bar insist shane was in the over served and was in the drunk a at that time. speaking exclusively to "eyewitness news" shane's roommate and cousin tell us that they were working with the fbi and police to help find shane. >> the fbi need me i will go down there. philly police, i will go there. i'm assisting in anyway i can. >> yesterday i went back with the fbi, and we searched every nook and cranny of my apartment. >> fbi also revealing surveillance video from main street as well as reinterviewing witnesses and checking shane's bank records this morning at the 11:00 a.m. volunteers will gather at
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saint beyond's baptist church to go out and post more flyers. reward for shane and any fur stands at $31,000. we are live, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a los angeles woman files a lawsuit begins bill cosby claiming she was just 15 when he sexually assaulted her four decades ago. judy huth civil suit said cosby took her and a 16 year-old friend to the playboy mansion in 1974, after several drinks, she claims cosby forced her to perform a sex act. so far in word from cosby's lawyer mark singer and he has denied previous accusations or said woman raising the claims have been discredited. cosby has never been criminally charged in connection to the more than dozen woman who claim to have been drugged or sexually assaulted by him. 5:33. here's traffic and weather together. >> today will be a day that is better by comparison to yesterday. it is not as chilly for one thing. it won't be as much of a milk
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bag of ice mix nothing for one thing. we are just expecting to see rain showers and it is not as widespread. we will see what is going on here first and foremost on storm scan three which is bringing in showers but it is all green on the radar, no pink or purple showing up at this point and also, in yellow or reds orr range either. these are relatively light showers that we are tracking further north you go as we go into upstate new york in the last few hours temperatures climbed even there. that is where we will see that back edge of the pink showing up where you might still have have some mixing taking place, but the temperatures will be somewhat marginal at mount pocono at 34 degrees are warmer then they were this same time yesterday. when wet weather rolls through it is just rain showers is. we are likely to still be left with low lying cloud cover and if you are perhaps traveling, near a riverbed or into the valley region or even just across area bridge might run into poor visibility, patchy if you go but it is pretty
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patch any terms of the worse. forty-two at willow grove. again, it is a milder day and that means we will warm up more readily here then we did yesterday, mid 50's expected in philadelphia as well as down towards the shore points. we will see some sun but it is at a premium here. we have to get one more front through before we can clear out and we will do just that later tonight and we will see temperatures bottom out in the 30's. but it will be a quiet end to the workweek with that said and by the time we hit weekend another system to track that will bring in what looks to be a soggy half of the weekend. i'll tell you which half coming up later, vittoria. good morning, everyone. with this soggy wet weather, it is definitely accident prone on the roads w that we want to take you to the accident traveling southbound on 202 in chadds ford right at baltimore pike. very serious accident, white vehicle vehicle involved now being pulled on to a tow truck to get out of the way. once they do this they will
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reopen 202 outbound at this intersection. this is baltimore pike but police are on the scene tow truck on the scene, traffic is moving around it using a ramp. it will be a all right time until they opened up that, reopen that roadway. we will let you know when they do. that if you are traveling on the schuylkill rest way in delays in either direction this shot right around 476 westbound moving away from you eastbound coming towards you in delays within your western suburbs and really anyhow you cut it on 76. fifty-five is your average speed same on 95. same on 476, pennsylvania turnpike, rest of the western suburbs moving really well. however moving now into new jersey on the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike right at exit number two, that is route 322, we have an accident involving a tractor trailer. it went off in the embankment. try to avoid this if you can. in major problems for mass transit, nicole. time is 5:36. in business news this morning who is the world's richest recording artist. and which is the busiest
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shopping day of the holiday season? money watch's jill wagner joins us from the stock exchange in new york. hi jill, good morning. >> good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and nicole. move over black friday, this year super saturday can be the number one sale for holiday sales. shopper track found more people shoppedond thanksgiving day itself this year and that took hype away from black friday which means final saturday before christmas also known as super saturday could take the top spot. some good news looking for a job. more of the nation's ceo's said they plan to increase hiring in the next six months. 40 percent surveyed by business round table say they will boost hiring, that compares to 34 percent in the third quarter. hershey is changing up the recipe a bit, candy maker will replace high fructose corn another rupp in products with sugar. many people a roid corn syrup because they think it causes weight gain and diabetes but experts are in the sure if it
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is any worse than sugar. when it comes to making money the material girl still has it. madonna tops list of the world's richest recording artists, wealth x says her net worth is 800 million-dollar. next up is former beetle paul mccartney and hip-hop artist, doctor dre, 800 million-dollar. >> doctor dre gets his money from his beats. >> yes, there. >> but madonna, that surprises me. >> she's still going strong after all these years. >> old school is and the new school. >> you can still dance to her songs. >> oh, sure. other news, cbs news says montgomery county native is leading candidate to be the next secretary of defense. ashton carter is a former pentagon official who grew up in abington f nominated and confirmed carter would replace chuck hagel who resigned last week. carter graduated from abington high school in 72 and inducted
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in the district hall of fame in 1989. >> i found the 1972 graduation program and he was within of the five class speakers which is quite an accomplishment. it means students where i am pressed with his work. >> carter served as deputy defense secretary from 2011 through 2013. he is a physics major and also served as pentagon's chief of technology and weapons buying. pennsylvania governor elect tom wolf is heading to the white house this week. he is one of six newly elect governor meeting with president obama and vice-president on friday. they will talk about ways to improve the economy. wolf takes office in seven weeks. a gunman opens fire in the delaware county community shooting a dog through the neck. this morning police continue their search for that shooter. investigators say it happened on clinton road in upper darby on tuesday. police tell our todd quinones that this is part of the bigger problem. >> hi momma, look at how beautiful my baby is.
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>> reporter: bullet pierced through the dog's neck and shooter agitated upper darby police. >> the thing that bothers me is more on that did the shooting could have killed anybody. >> reporter: in a densely populated neighborhood in the 6900 block of clinton street someone decided to open fire, shooting deborah felicia dog. >> it came out here and through her cheek. this block is full of cheeks. >> reporter: she used her cell even if to document the the recovery in the animal hospital. she said cute got out of her upper darby home friday after her husband left the back door unlocked. she was in the back alley when a neighbor heard a gunshot at 2:30. police say if someone was concern about the dog they should have have called animal control. >> anything could have happened. you have to be a reallied yot to do something like that. >> reporter: he has been much more aggressive since being shot, she's new recovering after surgery and 22 month-old
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rottweiler pit bull mix was bleeding when neighbor found her and brought her back home and called police friday afternoon. >> i just want justice. i want to know what happened. >> reporter: police say it was pure luck no person was shot and killed and it is in the clear who the shooter is or what their motive may have been to opened fire. reporting from upper darby, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have some break news to tell but right now fire fighters are battling a blaze in narberth, montgomery county. mobile three is live right now on the scene. this is on the 900 block of montgomery avenue. you can see flames and smoke, lot of smoke coming from this building. we are told it looks like the the fire started in this one story, deli, very early in the investigation, they have to put this thing out. fire is causing a problem i understand for commuters in this area around montgomery avenue which is closed between old gulf road and iona avenue just in case you live in this area but you can see the
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center of the the scene the hot orange flames. water poured on it right now. fire officials are on the scene. we will update you on this and vittoria will have traffic detours for you if you are in that area and watching us right now this morning. we will stay on top of it for you. fitness trackers are one of the hottest gifts this holiday season but do you know what to look for if you are buying one. we will look at one of the most popular gadgets. it is not just what you eat but when you heat that effects your waist line we will let you know the window you should eat to lose weight. here we go. that is not sanity clause coming down chimney folks how a teenager got stuck in the chimney in his own house. >> what? >> what a bizarre story up
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it looks like a fire started in the one storm deli there. montgomery avenue is closed between old gulf road and iona avenue. vittoria will have have detours and closures in a few minutes. right now though it is just past 5:43, with traffic and weather, katie. >> we will check with our eyewitness weather watcher network. we will check out the observations in the last few hours. we will start off in southeastern pa where barbara lane sent in 40 degrees. she has showers there in
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willow grove. it is chilly but it is warmer then about this same time yesterday, in many locations, by at least a few degrees. 38 degrees, all seeing showers from delores lee here coming in over last few minutes in newark, delaware. we will go out here to her comment, drizzle, clouds 99 percent humidity makes he sense. we have that cloud cover and mist out there as well. lets look next a at storm scan three. let me show you what is going on with our system here as we track a warm and cold front passage. yesterday was about the warm front. now we are tracking the cold front crossing through. a a lot of times we will get that delayed reaction behind a front. warm front came through yesterday, chillier then today will be but it has left warm air behind for us to enjoy today. you'll still be dealing with showers out there we will zoom it way out. this is a technically a cold front rolling on through but bringing in strictly rain showers for our area with the brunt of that cold air now
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well off to the north and that is where you'll fine snow and ice. once that front clears out, cold front that is today, later this afternoon about the time sunnies going dunn we will clear out nicely. that will allow temperatures to drop off. we will go out to the live neighborhood network at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth, 42 degrees is the current temperature. we will have some damp boards. that is what you'll find in a lot of locations. it is still damp but better then yesterday. 54 degrees is the spec high today. a break in the action with the high of 45 tomorrow. saturday a good day for indoor activities, we are tracking a rainy day with a new system and in time for eagles game on sunday we he should be clearing out but there could be a lingering shower around, vittoria, back over to you. we have an update on that earlier accident on 202 southbound at baltimore pike, reopened, so we have good news there we are now taking you to the schuylkill expressway, however. traveling on 76 both east and westbound we are still moving relatively okay. here's eastbound side approaching area of the vine
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at spring garden, westbound, headlights, picking up slickness on the roads so just be mindful of that. we are taking you to i-95, looking great, this shot around the philadelphia international airport and also the airport is not indicating any major delays as well but always good idea to call ahead. taking a look at our majors they are looking great, speed sensors high up in the 50's, in problems or delays just yet but ukee was talking about that fire location that breaking news story at the top. if you are traveling montgomery avenue it is closed because on have that fire location at price. your best alternate within to take lancaster avenue to move through it, nicole. thank you. in the healthwatch do you want to look younger? researchers suggest following a mediterranean diet. study in the british journal, say diet mixed with fresh fruits, veggies and healthy proteins can reduce signs of aging. research those diet can lead to other health benefits like lower risk of heart disease.
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when it comes to your health when you eat may be just as important as what you eat. new study from the salt institute recommend only eating to a eight to 12 hour period during a day. researchers say eating a specific times like to weight loss in mice and could help doctors understand what causes obesity. ukee. a lot of people are using fitness track tours machine for their health but do you know what to look for if you are interested in buying one for the holidays. c sumi does helps you pick the right one. >> reporter: counting steps can be one of the first steps to get nothing to shape. latest go beyond meters that hook up with your smart phone. >> interested in heart rate or smart notification features it might be worth your while. >> reporter: new $130 fit bit charge replaces discontinued fit bit force but with one major up great, caller id. >> it has sleep and step tracking, it has a clock read out and will get call notifications. the this does not have have heart rate tracking.
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>> one word to describe $200 peak from intel it is automatic. >> it lasts about a week, wear it in the shore and immediately starts analyzing your heart rate and your sleep data, to give you feedback and help you set healthy goals. >> $200 microsoft band is a fitness band and smart watch, that works with windows phones, android an ios. >> it has a variety of smart notifications, show you weather, pay for star bucks with the qr code and it will down load and play work outs, and have have heart rate measurements, sleep tracking, built to sense uv. >> even kids can get in on the the action. $40 water resistant leap frog band inspires kids to get moving, with virtual pets. kids take care of their pets by being active and playing games. parents can set limits on how long their children can play. and let's in the forget the other members of the family $99 whistle activity machine torah attaches to your dog's
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color and tracks how many your dogs walks, plays and rest and ends updates tour smart phone to keep tabs on your pup when you air part. for more ideas visit c and click on the who will will day gift guide n san francisco i'm sumi does for for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is 5:50. before you walk out the door we will get another check of traffic and weather together on the three's, we will have the latest on the breakingng news, that fire in montgomery county. but first here's is what coming up tonight in evening prime time viewing on cbs-3. we will be right back.
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just a tap away on the geico app. we want to get back to breaking news we are looking at fire fighters battling a blaze in narberth, montgomery county. "eyewitness news" is on the scene their life in the nine hup block of montgomery avenue. you can see flames are still
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shooting from the roof there. montgomery avenue is now closed between old gulf road and iona avenue. keep an eye on that for you. 5:53. here's traffic and weather together. >> we will continue to track milder air in the forecast here today, guys, temperatures in the lower 40's here in our area. thirty-four in mount pocono. thirty-seven in allentown. we are still expect to go see lingering showers here throughout the day today. 54 degrees is our expect high and then by tomorrow everything is out of here we will get a pleasant quiet day with a high of 45 degrees, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning, everyone. traveling our make are majors looking nice. thirty bypass at route 113, no delays in either direction. traffic on the west of the majors no delays in either direction. fifty-three is your average on the schuylkill, 50 on i-95, 55 on 476 but what our system is indicating the start of the a little bit of that slow down southbound i-95 at girard. be mindful of. that we have that fire location closing montgomery have avenue at old gulf road
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your best ought nate is to take lancaster avenue, ukee and nicole. >> well, did elf on the shelf come back to visit your family this year in let's check out where my man is. >> what is that. >> phil turned up this morning and he is on board in the cbs-3 traffic center with vittoria hanging out driving the bus. >> that is such a cute picture. >> and of course we will want to see what your elf is up to we are getting great pictures into our news room. this is one of them, two of them, maybe three of them,. >> whole bunch of them. >> everybody wants to get their el f selfie. post it to exeter, facebook or instagram, use cbs-3 and el fie selfie, what else and we may show it on television. get creative. >> he was trying to steel candy in one of those shots. sneaky little guy. >> he is tricky. we will be right back,
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and, coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", new efforts in the search for shane montgomery, a west chester university student that disappeared a week ago. we're live with the exclusive interviews with his roommate and his family. also more than 50 million americans, suffer from arthritis and cold weather only seems to make it feel worse. so what can you do you to ease the aches and pains, doctor jen is in the house with simple things you can do when we come right back.
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business, the the fire still not under control, the good news, it is that no injuries were reported but if you are driving in and around that area montgomery avenue remains closed this morning between old gulf road and iona avenue. >> it looks like they are getting a handle on it. >> hopefully. >> we will keep you updated. in other news, good morning, day seven and still no sign of shane montgomery. >> in an "eyewitness news" exclusive cousin and roommate of the missing west chester university student, are looking for any information. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us live with the latest on the search effort there, justin good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole, yes. later this morning here in manayunk search for shane montgomery is set to resume. we did speak exclusively to his cousin and roommate who tell us they are working with the fbi and police to help find shane. they also happened ton among last people to see him. seven days and still no sign


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