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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 5, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EST

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> now at 11:00 o'clock, powerful protests and calls for change. in new york city large demonstrations a day after a police officer is cleared in the death of an unarmed black man. here's a live look right now at times square where police have been clashing with protesters
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multiple arrests have been made tonight. this on the heels of students in our area expressing their thoughts on temple's campus earlier today with so called die in. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm charisma. and these protesters say they want justice. >> it's all in response to the grand jury decisions in both ferguson, missouri and most recent until new york. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live at philadelphia city hall tonight with more. todd? >> reporter: jessica. clearly emotions are still running high tonight and protesters are demanding their voices are heard. >> new york city demonstrators took to the streets a second night in a row protesting the death of eric garner. >> in philadelphia, much more subdued scene following protests wednesday night at the city hall tree lighting ceremony. thursday night inside the new vision methodist church on north broad was a night for organizing and figuring out future protes protests. >> our numbers will increase. >> reporter: holding signs and taping their mouth temple
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students held what's being called a die in where they pretended to be dead signifying their unity with michael brown. promises were made to change the american justice system. >> people aren't going that be quite any more. it's a different era and i think we need to treat it like it's a different era. >> reporter: there is a memorial now at the site where new york city police officer daniel pant lay yo put eric garner in an apparent choke hold. garner's wife and mother appeared on cbs this morning. >> we need justice. somebody needs to pay. >> reverend al sharpton joined civil rights leaders in harlem. they're planning a march in washington, d.c. later this month. >> we hope this march begins a series of efforts that will lead to how we redo the grand jury review of policing in this country. >> reporter: the union that represents new york city police officers says pant lay yo did everything by the book. >> we're talking about police officer that lives in the city, does what he was trained to do,
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literally eagle scout. he's the model of what we want the police officer to be. >> reporter: and so all is quite here tonight at city hall but protesters contend they will not remain quiet here for long. reporting live tonight in center city, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> indeed, todd, thank you very much. the protests did spread across the connature today. let's begin in washington, d.c. you can see demonstrators there blocking a street by laying down right in front of a police car. others have caused road closures and backed up traffic. some even crashed the holiday tree lighting sr. moan at the washington monument tonight. >> from the nation's capitol we head west to chicago hundreds of protesters there marched in downtown chicago. police did their best to keep order. at one point blocking the path of the demonstrators there we're told no 11 was injured. >> what happened in ferguson and new york bout out protesters in boston tonight. they made their way down city
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streets. they headed to boston common for the city's christmas tree lighting sr. moan. meanwhile, cleveland's police department is under fire. a justice department probe found a quote pattern of officers using excessive force. federal investigators cited guns, tasers and chemical sprays all used inappropriately particularly on people who are mentally ill. the results of the federal review come less than a month after cleveland officer shot and killed a 12-year-old boy carrying an air pistol. that incident is now under investigation. >> in other news after a clear, dry day, we're tracking more rain as we get set to kick off the weekend. meteorologist kathy orr is here with more on when we can expect that next round of rain. kathy. >> dry for tonight, chris much that's got news. we have mostly cloudy sky. some showers to the south. this right here is not making it to the ground. but by tomorrow at this time, it will be. in philadelphia still holding ton 40 degrees. elsewhere some 20s and 30ings. 28 in allentown. 23 degrees already in the poconos. come tomorrow morning we'll be rising through the 30s but skies
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will be mostly cloudy. by 4:41 degrees by 11 a.m. and slowly rising. we'll watch the rain move in. friday we'll start off with clouds by late in the afternoon the rain moves in and we'll continue into the overnight hours another batch moving in during the day on saturday and this promises to be very heavy rain. at least heavy at times. coming up we'll talk about how long the rain will stick around. better weather for the birds and now a tuesday storm is possible. we'll talk more about that with the seven day later in the broadcast. kathy, thanks. >> developing now bill cosby is fighting back legally against a california woman's claim he molested her at the playboy mansion when she was 15. today in court the comedian asked a judge to throw out a lawsuit from judy huth and counter sued her. cosby's lawyer calls huth's claims false and says her lawyer attempted to extort cosby for $250,000 before filing that suit. cosby's lawyer also says huth
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tried to sell her story to tabloid a decade ago. >> empty meantime the navy is revoking cosby's title of honorary chief petty officer. they say the sexual allegations conflict with the navy's core values. >> "eyewitness news" exclusive is new at 11:00 o'clock tonight. the singer cat stevens take the peace train back on the road in our area. he started his concert tour in the u.s. tonight but it was over shadow by a ticket mix up that left some of his biggest fans outraged. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco live at the tower theater in upper darby with our exclusive story. diana. >> reporter: chris, as you can probably see by the large crowds behind me that concert is just getting out. that ticketing issue they had earlier was for people who had bought their tickets through a third party vendor cat stevens wouldn't take the stage until the issue was sorted out by then many disappointed fans had gone home. >> please remain in this area. report roar opening night at the us for artist formerly known as
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cat stevens. and wild world was the seen outside the tower theater in upper darby. >> all i want is to see cat stevens. that's all i wanted to tonight. >> these tickets are all exams. that's just awful. there's so many people. it's terrible. >> for fans who purchased tickets to the show, piece train late again it was better late than never. those buying through a third party sight were issued a gift card to serve as electronic ticket but for security reasons the tower was only honoring tickets bought from the sight directly. >> i got this paid receipt. >> i have a paid receipt. >> and then i got instructions where my seat was. >> i was told i only needed the gift card an driver's license and credit card. >> todd hammond was more than 100 people who she would out hundreds to third party vendor and was initially turned away. >> they assured each person this was 100% guarantee. you will have no problem getting in the door much it's a in you type of paper less ticking they're trying. >> took the day off of work.
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drove six plus hours to get he here. reserved a hotel room. >> gale and chris drove from rochester new york and were ready to go home when they heard this. >> people that have gift cards serving as tickets, they will ab loud entry two at a time. >> gift card holders were eventually allowed in. but by then, dozens had given up. >> so lot of happy fans leaving the theater tonight saying this was an awesome show one of the best they've seen. unfortunately, cbs3 was not allowed access inside the theater. we have reached out to the tower for comment on all of this. we're still waiting to hear back. we're live in upper darby tonight. diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, thank you very much. >> here's dramatic video from and side a philadelphia martin luther king high school. it's a fight that unfolded this morning in a hallway. five students were arrested. it's unclear what spark the brawl or if there were any injuries we do know there were
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no teachers and no faculty involved. >> new tonight the fbi now asking businesses in manayunk for video from their surveillance cameras in the search for missing west chester unit student shane montgomery. the 21-year-old vanished after leaving a manayunk bar early thanksgiving morning. investigators are specifically interested in video in the area bound beside the sku little river, green lane henry avenue and lip couldn't drive. the reward for information about montgomery's disappearance now stands at $40,000. >> authorities are investigating a suspicious fire that tore through a police detectives home. that fire broke out on common drive early this morning. detective ernie morris, his wife and two daughters were all on vacation in florida at the time. neighbors say they're helping the familiar who'll lost everything just before the holidays. >> we're going to do whatever we can to support this family. there's got to be something online. we're going to get together as neighbors and support this
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family and keep praying for th them. >> investigators say it's known how that fire started. >> philadelphia government officials and police will have to put off their retirements all thanks to net year's papal visit. a dozen top city officials as well as many 100 police officers won't be able to retire as scheduled because they're needed for both planning and security for the pope's visit in september of 2015. more than million and a half people are expected at the pope's two public appearances during the world meeting families. >> more protests here and across the country today. we'll tell you what fast food workers are demanding. and how one of the largest restaurant chains in the country is responding. that's next. >> kathy? >> in weather dry for now but not for long. rain returning for the weekend but will it be all wet? we'll take a look at that game day forecast for the eagles and look ahead to an even bigger storm on the horizon in the seven day. >> toys are on your holiday
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shopping list this year chances you're going going to need batteries to go with them. which brands will keep those toys flashlights and other gadgets running the longest? three on your side has the answer. >> we can't have you climbing up our stuff during the football season. >> we're talking holidays with lesean mccoy. we'll tell you what he thinks about the season in our exclusive one-on-one with shady coming up in sports.
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>> fast food workers walk off the job demanding higher wages and the right to unionize. >> these workers hit the streets in philadelphia today marching down broad street to city hall. among their demands a minimum wage of $15 an hour. our cameras caught up with them again at 17th and walnut. a determined group that says they vowed to continue the fig
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fight. >> these families, these are the regular people that have -- that don't get a living wage and they have families to support. we have a voice and we're going to sing it as -- be as loud as we need to be. >> earlier in the morning protesters gathered outside of a mc don nam's at allegheny greeting customer during the morning rush. the restaurant responded to the protests in statement to "eyewitness news". they wrote, we respect everyone's rights to peacefully protest. we believe minimum wage increase should be implemented over time so that the impact on owners of small and medium sized businesses like the ones who own and operate the majority of our restaurants is manageable. ". >> new information on the hepatitis a scare in hamilton township, new jersey. officials now say a suspected second case turn out to be a false alarm. "eyewitness news" at a clinic staged by the town today where hepatitis a vaccinations were offered to residents. hamilton township says anyone
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who ate at rosa's restaurant and catering between november 10th and monday need to get the shot if they've never been vac nayed for hepatitis a. an employee got sick and has been hospitalized now for a we week. >> on the health watch officials say the flu vaccine may not be very effective in preventing the flu this year. the centers for disease control says the strain doctors are seeing most right now is not the strain that's in that vaccine. if you received the shot it should still provide you some protect. last year that flu shot was about 60% effective. >> president obama kicked off the holiday season in washington tonight. >> three, two, one! (cheers and applause). >> the fir family was on hand lighting the national christmas tree at the white house. among their special guests were patti labelle and pitching sensation mo'ne davis she read the night before christmas along
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with the first lady. >> new night the lighting of the tree in camden. mayor dana red. carolers from creating arts performing high school join in the christmas fun tonight. >> the ronald mcdonald house on east erie avenue in philadelphia if you're in the area swing by and take look. >> and the delaware county tonight, children participated in a living nativity seen at the mercy fitzgerald hospital in darby. they were hosting their annual holiday tree lighting sr. moan with plenty of christmas carols the tree was lit and then jolly old saint nick took a break from his very busy schedule to make a stop much to the delight of everyone there. >> hey if you put on light show for the holidays we would love to see pictures of it send them to us via social media using the #cbs3 holiday lights.
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or go to and you can share them with us. with the holiday season underway kids are making their lists full of toys. they're probably checking them twice and parents are making lists too including just how many batteries they'll need and maybe what size. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan finds battery depend ability and price don't always go hand in hand. >> reporter: power everything this holiday season from dinosaurs to fire trucks you better have men tee of batteri batteries. but which ones to pick? >> duracell are radio shack are usually ones i buy. >> duracell. >> whatever i see i grab. >> duracell, energizer not the cheap ones. >> thought maybe the name brand ones would last longer. >> turns out though we may be paying more than we need to. side by side performance checks using flashlights and toys, consume mr. reports recently tested double a alkaline batteries from nine brands. duracell quantum took the top
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spot. >> if do you the math it's easy to see why. the durr rah sell quantum sells for 69 cents. kirkland 37 cents almost half the cost. potential savings of 32 cents each time you change the batteries in your tv or game remote. >> i'm going to be getting the kirklands now because these are ones that seem to be better. >> consumer reports says cvs brand and ray-o-vac perform well without a big price tag. steven joseph son says it's a lesson he learned years ago. >> duracell, energizer ever readies all too expensive. i find that batteries that don't have a name are just as good as batteries with a name. >> by the way contrary to that old wives tale that you may have heard you don't have to store batteries in the refrigerator to prolong their life. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. >> cloudy night across the delaware valley and in some spots it's getting quiet cool.
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in others not so bad. let's start off in the jersey area where we'll zoom in where it is 39 degrees in south jersey to the south of cherry hill in mer dale the fire marshal joey says 39 degrees. a chilly crisp fall evening. that's not so bad when you look at some other temperatures. 36 degrees north of abington and barbara says there's not much wind in willow grove, the pressure is on the rise. further to the north and west, we'll head over toward new hanover where eileen says 30 degrees and getting even colder and to the north 32 degrees. it is freezing in coopers burg and don says relative humidity sits at 66%. a cool moonlit night with partly cloudy skies. if you would like to be an it witness weather watcher be featured in one of our newscast and be our eyes out there in the field it's ease is he to join. go to outside across the delaware valley, we're seeing a mostly cloudy sky.
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most locations jack frost big boulder seeing a partly cloudy sky and plenty of snow and cold temperatures to make even more. right now in the poconos the temperature 23 degrees. 28 in allentown. still holding on to 40 degrees in philadelphia. to the north and west, some cold temperatures that will be moving in overnight tonight. you can see to the south some 40s, 50s, 60s. this is some of the air that will be moving into the region over the weekend. won't last long. it will bring some rain but at least it will get mild again. on storm scan3 you can see the clouds through philadelphia. this is just ground clutter no precipitation here. we see a few showers though through virginia that's not the rain we're going to be too concerned with just yet. that will come tomorrow night. for yo friday mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the fours. storm system far to our south and west will be moving closer friday night. that bring a chance of rain. by saturday, it's practically over us. we'll see some warm conditions in the 50s. a little bit of wind but a good deal of rain and then that will
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be moving out by sunday. when we talk about saturday, we're talking about periods of heavy rain. the first round in the morning, the second round in the afternoon and evening. about half an inch to an inch of rain ponding on area roads where it comes down pretty hard and winds out of the south about 10 miles an hour. by the time the eagles play on sunday, that rain is long gone. it will be cooler, though. in the wake of a cold front much the temperature 44 at kickoff and sunset shortly after that kick off time temperatures will fall fast with a northeast wind. it will be pretty chilly out there. all eyes on monday into tuesday. european model is indicating an area of low pressure coastal storm kind of getting pulled back in toward the philadelphia area. it means rain it means wind and in some spots to the north of philadelphia it could mean a little bit of snow. still looking at changeable conditions. we have to wait for more information to come in over the next couple of days to have more confidence in that scenario. overnight the low testimony cher will be 33. tomorrow's high 47. the rain arrives toward the dip
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are in hour and on the he can clues suv "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, we're looking at the heavier rain for saturday into saturday night if you're going out be aware of that. sun today look chilly. the same for monday and for tuesday. wednesday the high only 44. thursday 47. but sun into skies returning to the forecast. >> it was nice to see the sun today. >> it will come back begun but not for little while. maybe sunday afternoon. >> speaking of sunday afternoon big game. >> the eagles get ready for the champs from seattle. who decorates the house for the holidays? >> good question. >> sips these guys are so busy. i asked shady mccoy about the mccoy family tradition and that's coming up in sports.
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>> eagles linebacker connor barwin is the nfc defensive player of the week. 12.5 sacks tied for second best in the nfl. eagles working today getting ready for sunday's big game
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against seattle. chip kelly asked if he enjoys the chess match that will surely take place at the lingering against the seahawks top ranked defense. >> enjoy them all. i mean the one thing about this league and the great challenge in this league there's not an off week. i mean there's lot of really good defenses out there and everybody is good. that's the great thing about this league. you don't -- maybe that's one of the differences between college and the pros you don't have week where you say, hey, you're a 30-point favorite this week. >> christmas tree lights going up while the eagles spent the day getting ready for seattle. whose in charge of the lights at shady mccoy's house. i asked our cbs3 contributor about the mccoy family traditi tradition. my p.m. was huge on that. my dad was huge on that. i come home he's climbing up on the ladder to the top of the house putting the reindeer up and i was like when i get that old did i have to do that? that's something he's been big on he rides around different
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neighborhoods. i remember growing up, um, we were an okay family. we didn't have a a lot but we had enough. we would go to the nice big homes, see their lights. my dad would drive around. take their ideas, you know, i had a small house. he would try to pack up all this stuff he seen from these big homes to his house. and that was his thing for christmas. it's one of the things we always did. >> we can't have you climbing up on stuff. yeah. >> during the football season. i was thinking about hiring somebody to do it. >> that's good. my dad, you know, he would take it -- >> he would do it. disrespect if i let him do it. i probably let him do it and my mom and my girl. they can figure it out. >> shady talked about the seattle game, of course, and much more. join us pre-game show sunday morning sunday kickoff 11:30 cbs3. hunting park rec center for pep rally for the north philadelphia at text. they are sending four teams to florida to compete in the pop warner super bowl. they stopped by the cbs3 studios
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we all met them for a pizza party. great kids. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> we're going to wait a little longer to see the anticipated launch of nasa's next big mission. >> as we told you last night the orion space capsule was set to lift off this morning from cape canaveral but they had to scrub the launch thanks to gusty winds and a few minor technical glitches. they plan to try again tomorrow morning weather permitted. we'll keep you posted. the orarion is the first step toward a man's mission to mars. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and nicole brewer. for beasley, kathy and everyone here, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. you can always find us at up next the late show wit


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