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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 10, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> somewhere somehow it doesn't look good but we are still praying and hope. >> reporter: sources tell cbs-3 the that the searchers have renewt interest on the river bank after a surveillance camera from the nearby nail salon showed shane heading down the driveway towards the river around 2:00 a.m. on thanksgiving. >> they came in and asked to make a copy of the video. >> reporter: business owner christie tran said she hopes that the video will help. >> i don't know, but i hope they will find shane for the family. >> reporter: meanwhile along main street posters and green ribbons reflect continuing hope, that with the help of investigators, that there will be answers, about what became of shane montgomery. >> it is a mystery and, it has been going on too long now. hopefully we have some answer as for them, most importantly just keep prayers and hope alive. >> reporter: and so could cameras like this one on this business, possibly, provide the the clue that police and the fbi have been seeking, to
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let us know exactly what did become of shane montgomery? the fbi and police had made a public request for anyone with video to come forward, and this video from sources we're told first to come forward, first to be found and hopefully an important clue. we will have much more on this developing story for you when we join you at 6:00. live from manayunk, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police have a sus peck in custody after a student was stabbed on drexel university's campus earlier this morning. investigators say six student were involved in a fight and one was stabbed in the back. altercation happened outside myers hall in the 3300 block of race street around 3:30 this morning. the student was treated and released from the hospital. a water main break sending water down the street and forcing a nearby day care center to evacuate. 20-inch break is in the area of germantown avenue and jefferson street in the city's kensington section. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has details.
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>> reporter: as you cane clean up operation continues as crews tried to determine exactly what caused this water main break. early indications, however suggest that the water main just out lives its life span and when you are told it the dates back to 1893, that explanation seems to make sense. >> a different sort of morning in kensington turned germantown avenue in the urban river. >> yes, we need a both is what we were thinking. >> reporter: people like hank rice live on the 1500 block started their day to a water main break a 20-inch pipe that split open pushing up asphalt as water poured out. >> a a lot of water coming down, you know, but i close door for two hours, nobody, no business for two hours. >> and then you see all that. >> crazy. >> just crazy, old pipes. >> reporter: old pipe that dates back to the 1890's in fact, early morning sounds of rushing water... turned into the eradic sound of jackhammer by mid afternoon.
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that soon exposed the culprit, the busted main still leaking water hours later as emergency water department crews began their repair and clean up operation. >> go door to door, to see if anybody has water in the cellar and we will take care of that as well. >> reporter: one such person hank rice, there is water in his basement but not a lot and for that he is thankful. >> i ain't worried about it. wait for it the to dry out. >> reporter: officials with the philadelphia water department tell thaws this road will be likely closed for several days as crews finished their repair work. we're inens canning ton matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". discovery of the dead body sparks a murder investigation in kensington, police were called to the 1900 block of east turner street just after 7:00 this morning. a man in his late 20's or early 30's had been shot once in the back of the head, and no weapon was found and so far no arrests. well, it is cold, windy outside. we are looking at some showers and even some snow in parts of our area kathy orr is with the
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cbs-3 mobile weather lab in south philadelphia, kathy? >> reporter: i'll tell you this wind is unbelievable, ukee, we're talking about sustained winds in philadelphia at like 28 miles an hour. we are gusting over 35 miles an hour and we're seeing some snow flakes especially to the north and west of the city. take a look at storm scan three where on the wide view especially through lehigh valley and poconos we are seeing just some snow and it is accumulating there. as we zoom in you can see through poconos, some steady snow and that is where we are going to still have that winter weather advisory, winter weather advisory in effect until will 4:00 from one to 3 inches of snow in that area let's talk a little bit about the winds because these numbers are pretty significant, in philadelphia, we have that wind on the northwest at 28 miles an hour, and wildwood, 22 miles an hour wind and even in lancaster and wilmington these are sustained wind of 21 miles an hour. the here's how it feels like philadelphia, 28. to 22 in allentown.
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right now in the poconos it feels like only 16, and those numbers will go down lower later tonight. so for this evening if you are out and about, looking at holiday lights perhaps, the temperatures will be in the 30's and falling but wind chills will be in the 20's, in philadelphia, by 11:00 o'clock we're talking about a wind chill of 24 degrees. certainly feels like the winter season. coming up we will talk more about the distant future, the weekend and how a warm up, will be present, and we cannot wait for that especially on a cold windy night like tonight. back to you. kathy, thanks. funeral arrangements have been announced for philadelphia fire fighter joyce craig-lewis first female fire fighter killed in the line of duty. this morning investigators return to the scene of yesterday's fire or middleton street in west oak lane. they are looking for cause of the fire and they are trying to find out how the 11 year veteran died while fighting flames in the basement. neighbors say they are checking on the elderly woman craig-lewis helped rescue from
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that home. >> that really was because that fire was really strong. we all feel bad for the the officer that lost their life. >> tonight's flags in philadelphia are flying at half staff in honor of fire fighter craig lewis. funeral services for joyce craig-lewis will be a at funeral services on north broad street. the viewing will be held friday night from 6:00 to 9:00 and saturday morning from 8:00 to 10:00. the funeral will begin at 10:00 a.m. saturday and intern. at ivy hill cemetery. also the fire fighters union has established a memorial fund for two children of craig lewis, ages 16, and 16 months, checks can be made payable to the local 22 joyce craig-lewis memorial fund and mailed to 901 arch street, philadelphia pennsylvania, 19107. captured on camera, a thief robbing a home in washington square west, burglary happened in the 1200 block of rodman street on
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november 27th. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is there right now. justin, what can you tell us. >> reporter: that is right thanksgiving night at 6:00 p.m. there was a break in here on the 1200 block of robin street just behind me here. owners of that home were an hour away watching all this happen on their cell phones. let's take to you that video right about now. we are looking at that video of your living room, thinks a man break nothing to their home from the back making his way upstairs. the the couple watched all this on their cell phones, an hour away, where they were enjoying thanksgiving with family, all they could do was watch helplessly and called police, explain to them what was going on police confused by the fact that they were not home but they were able to see what was going on. this man makes his way inside, steals jewelry and other items from upstairs in their master bedroom, home owner tells me all that has had happened inside of their home in less than five minutes. they watched all of this an hour away, frustrated and very
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upset, coming up at 6:00 hear from that home owner exclusively about what they did that night and also what they are doing now. we are live from washington square west i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will see you soon, thank you. in other news a woman who accused bill cosby of raping her in the 1970's has filed a defamation lawsuit against the comedian. tamara green alleged costly branded her a liar when his lawyer called her claims absolutely false. in the federal lawsuit filed in massachusetts green says cosby drugged and raped her when she was an aspiring model he will. cosby's lawyer has not commented on the lawsuit. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" an incredible story of survivor, a boater missing at sea for 12 daises found alive and on his way home, hear his may take call for help. women with early stage breast cancer getting too much radiation treatment, health reporter stephanie stahl has very important information.
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then not all sugars are created equal find out which one can lead to over eating and which one can curb your appetite, that story is
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on the healthwatch tonight, new research about how our brains react to sugar, scientists in california, found fructose which is found in fruit, added to foods in the form of high fructose corn syrup provokes hunger, glucose, helps us feel full. the findings could hold the key to understanding why people over eat. also on the healthwatch women with early stage breast cancer are getting unnecessarily long radiation
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treatments according to the study released to day. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on new research done here in philadelphia. >> you shouldn't have too much in the way have of pain. >> reporter: first time jean had breast cancer she had surgery and seven weeks of radiation. now with the recurrence she will get just three weeks of radiation. >> this will make it easier for me, a lot easier. >> reporter: most women like jean continue to get longer courses of radiation, even though shorter treatments are just as effective according to new research from penn medicine. gary friedman is a radiation oncologist. >> cure rates are the same and cosmetic results the of the breast are just as good with the shorter courses. >> reporter: why are most patients getting the traditional seven weeks of radiation if it is not necessary. >> probably the most important reason for this has been a relative slowness for physicians to change. >> reporter: doctor friedman says higher dose shorter radiation used to be associated with an increased
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risk of side effects like tissue damage but not anymore. >> the the radiation is given now in a more safe way with more computer assisted planning, three dimensional treatment planning and the doses that we give today are causing less side effects. >> reporter: jean is relieved that the shorter radiation is now a viable option. >> it is not just you are a little anxious through it all but there is no pain. >> reporter: now shorter term radiation for early stage breast cancer is microscopic cells is more common in canada and uk. doctors say in addition to being more convenient for the patient, it is also, less expensive, important new findings from penn. >> less side effect, okay, thanks stephanie, appreciate it. and, already a busy afternoon. we will get right to it. bunch of incidents to talk about here. we will start off here on route one, at 13. this is northbound lanes.
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we can see single file backed up to the pa turnpike there, with an overturn truck and crews on the scene trying to get that flipped up including a dirt spill from that truck. there is debris in the road and everybody just crawling, crawling by in the northbound lanes there. over on the vine street expressway, these are westbound lanes coming off of i-95 a disabled vehicle involving two vehicle. in the westbound lanes moving very slowly and same story out on the eastbound lanes as well. out in bucks county hilltown pike completely closed at township line road. your alternate to get around there for the meantime is there an overturn truck in the area, just take bethlehem pike out. out in montgomery county germantown pike, another crash, pushed over in the right-hand side. travel times here 95 northbound, and vine street expressway in, to woodhaven road that will take you 29 minutes. eighteen minutes on 202 if you are heading southbound from the schuykill into route 30. currently no problems for september, new jersey transit and dart and in problems at philadelphia international airport.
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jessica, back over to you. >> thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight, baby's first flight takes on a new meaning when that flight had to be diverted. >> then it is season for shopping and scaming, three is on your side with a new warning for holiday shoppers specifically when it comes to gift delivery, beasley? eagles running back lesean mccoy talks strategy for round two and i'll tell you what the local peewee football did about the play on the national championship all ahead in
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we are looking at a few showers in the area but not putting a damper on holiday lights in south philadelphia. nothing can. >> i hear you. >> that is where we find meteorologist kathy orr where the whole block has a festive spirit. >> this is a very unique neighborhood. we are in south philadelphia and this is the gang from south smedley street. say hello everybody. >> hello. >> it is the whole neighborhood. >> all right. >> i'm adriana. >> you are, that is adriana and let's sum this up in one word what would you say. >> i really don't know. >> you don't know. what would you say. >> cold. >> cold and windy. we are going to show you this spectacular wonderful holiday lights display but first we will do weather. do you guys hang out long enough. >> yes. >> i got them.
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>> let's talk with the weather because we have snow, believe it or not. let's take to you our live neighborhood network to nazareth, pennsylvania where we do have conditions that are changing rapidly and you can see the snow is falling there and temperatures only 30 degrees and it is a winter wonder land with northwesterly wind. on storm scan three you can see it as well nor'easter over new england and bringing heavy snow to new york and new england and a snow showers towards philadelphia you can see a few flakes late tonight and during the day tomorrow. as far as our temperatures are concerned, right now in philadelphia, 39. forty in wilmington. thirty-two in allentown. it feels much colder with the wind, wind chills are only in the 20's, north and west of us we have 20's and 30's, and, then the coldest we have seen but it is whipping wind that makes it feel so uncomfortable around here. over next couple days it will improve, on thursday, it is over northern new england, and
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still not that far away, windy conditions will persist with the rain and wet snow showers and improving with temperatures in the 40's but still breezy and then saturday looking for a mix of sun and clouds but it is really not until sunday, maybe, because it is eagles play sunday, what do you think that would be good luck. then temperatures getting back to normal. windy and cold, not changing a snow shower or flurry expect, lows around freezing. during the day tomorrow, rain and wet snow showers, wind will slack even a bit high of 40 and for eagles game let's hear it for the bird, yeah, we're in south philly baby. 8:30 kick off temperature 40 degrees, eagles rock, wind northwest at 155 to 10 miles an hour. friday 43. saturday looking for a temperature of 45 degrees. well, back here live i want to talk to pete, pete sirone is really the ring leader of this whole thing and pete, tell us
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about some of these spectacular lights. >> this is about close to 50,000, it takes six weeks to put up, we start before halloween, it is a combination of all of our neighbors chipping in financially and work wise, cookies and all to get things together and tons and tons of people coming and enjoy it every year. doing it for 65 years now. >> sixty-five years. you said there is four gentlemen that started it about 65 years ago and you have not even skipped a year. >> i don't think there was a year skipped. >> wow. >> lets take a look at some of these lights and you can tell us about them. over here i can see the train, all these beautiful, trees like the spectacular blue tree and giant christmas tree. >> well yeah, we always have to have the giant tree with the star on top and then beautiful holies and we took each tree and decided to make it different color going by other peoples properties and little holy in the middle and little tree with the train around it. real nice.
5:22 pm
>> spectacular. >> then we did the candy cain lantern right here to let people come visit walk by without pulling cords out and making a mess. the it is a necessarity. >> and is this a great thing you guys look forward to. >> yes. >> every single year. should we try a cookie back here they made cookies for us. we will save a few for ukee and for jessica as well, we will save a few but i'm sure, um, they are delicious as you you can only get in south philadelphia. we will have more on the weather and warming trend coming up next half an hour. now back to you in the studio.
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okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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eagles are expecting a different dallas team to show up, this sunday improved from the one they played on thanksgiving. boys will have a healthy tony romo coming off ten days rest and more focus on stopping lesean mccoy. he rushed for 159 yards begins them, couple weeks ago. shady knows he will need another big game on sunday. >> last time we played them they got bad, i'm sure they want, how do you make that statement, so we look forward to them coming in here and fighting hard. it will be a tough game. i don't think it will be nothing like last game, that type of a blow out. >> more home teams to root for this weekend this saturday north philadelphia football tiehl is playing glenn cherry bulls in the division one junior peewee national championship game in florida. hash tag, western new york bills, in the semi finals earlier today, 33-six. also today, the northwest raiders won their semi final
5:26 pm
game in double overtime, that also puts them in the division one midget national championship game, this saturday, in florida, good luck to the home teams. the sixers are back on the court tonight looking for a road win against a red hot atlanta team, sixers coming off a win in detroit their second victory of the season but hawks have won their last seven games, including four at home, tip off time is at 7:30. so just go get them, guys. >> yes. >> big upset. >> go get them. >> yeah, that is how you started. >> yes good back in the day. >> you did. >> beasley reese if that crowd. coming up next, time magazine's 2014 person of the year. and a boater who had been missing since thanksgiving day has been found alive, hear his call for help and see rescue that followed. then how does this happen a couple gets a hrouda wakening when a suv goes airborne and crashes through the roof of their home. then new at 6:00 local
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police officers took a break from patrols and went in the classroom today how they are using reading in an effort to create positive r
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hell, i'm ukee washington here are today's top stories, sources tell "eyewitness news" surveillance video from a nail salon in manayunk prompted
5:30 pm
police to search schuylkill river again today for clues about the disappearance of 21 year-old shane montgomery, he has been missing since thanksgiving morning. woman who had accused bill cosby of raping her in the 1970's has filed a defamation lawsuit against the comedian, tamara green alleged cosby publicly branded her a liar when his lawyer called his claims absolutely false. water main breaks in the kensington section forcing a nearby day care to evacuate, crew is still out trying to repair 20-inch break on germantown avenue you near jefferson street, kathy. ukee, the big story will be cold and the wind. look at what we expect for the rest of this evening, we're talking about sprinkles and flurries around philadelphia area. temperatures in the 30's but wind will gust over 25 miles an hour, 30 at times, and that means wind chills will be in the 20's. it will be bitterly cold right through early morning hours and tomorrow, we will look at a warm seven day coming up later on in the broadcast, see
5:31 pm
you then. >> kathy, thanks. medical students from temple ant penn joined thousands of or medical students across the country protesting grand jury decisionness ferguson and new york. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has more on the white coat day of action. >> reporter: not often you see medical student publicly protest in blocked traffic but that is exactly what happened and these student say they will do it again if needed. >> hand up, don't shoot. >> reporter: wearing white coats these penn medical students spent four and a half minutes blocking traffic on walnut the street, time represents the 4.5 hours ferguson teen michael brown's body was in the middle of the street. >> no justice good no peace. >> no racist. >> michael spinotto is first year medical student and u.s. marine. he said recent wave of die ins are making a difference. >> protecting the citizens of this country is something i have been doing since i got out of the military in 2007. >> reporter: after 15 minutes the in medical students
5:32 pm
marched back to class. >> just care. >> reporter: earlier temple medical student misha winchester choked up when talking about the ferguson and staten island grand jury decisions. >> a lot of health care issues can be prevented if we address the social problems. >> reporter: that is why these doctors and future doctors, say they took such a public stand. >> things happening in our streets, homes and communities are reflect by their problems that are facing in the clinic. >> reporter: no arrests to report with either demonstration, police indicate that these were peaceful demonstrations. we are live on the penn campus, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". authorities in delaware say they have shut down a large heroin trafficking organization, in new castle county. forty-four people were arrested and indicted on hundreds of drugs and weapons charges as part of operation sun son sun. drug ring was led by andrew lloyd and jarill brown. they had dozens of drug dealers working for them on
5:33 pm
the streets of heroin. >> a gram of heroin from this organization yielded 40,000 dime bags at $4 a bag. this equate toss a half million bags of heroin being distributed throughout the community in a 12 month period with a profit of about two million-dollar. >> once again the the arrest follow an 11 month investigation. philadelphia police are looking for burglary suspect caught on tape climbing through a window of a trailer at frank's auto parts. burglary happened on the 300 block of west sedgley avenue in franklinville. once inside suspects stole a lap top computer, 15 car batteries and two air guns and one saw. if you recognize the the suspect you are urged to contact the police. at least two people are dead after a five alarm fire broke out at a senior assisted living complex in dallas, texas. officials say they found both victims who died in an apartment where they believed that fire started. more than 100 fire fighters were called to the scene overnight to battle will fire and evacuate the building,
5:34 pm
over 300 seniors lived there, many were difficulty walking >> unaudible. >> six others were injured, including a fire fighter. a missing boater is rescued at sea 12 days after he made a distress call, and made a distress call. >> anybody picking this up. >> that short call byron ingram was picked up by coastguard near hawaii on tuesday. on thanksgiving day he radioed that his 25-foot vessel was taking on water, 12,000 square mile search found nothing and the search was suspended. authorities say that both of the boaters masks were broken and he was trying to make his way back to land. >> great job by the command center, and, recognize. >> we found your dad, he is alive and well on his boat, for him to be found is
5:35 pm
awesome. i can't believe it. >> reporter: coastguard said ingram was hungry, thirsty when navy finally reached him and his sail boat. take a a look at this suv goes airborne and crashes through you roof of the home near san diego, california. luckily the couple was on the other side of the house, and not injured. somehow the driver of the bmw managed to get out of there from that scene. police are still looking for that driver. and we have still problems outside on route one, near 13, and that and, 20 minutes or so, and, arrest on the scene, overturn truck and the single lane getting by. and, the police activity on the scene, and, a 20 minute delay there backed up all the way, toward 95. now over on the vine street expressway some problems there as well, on the westbound lanes, an accident or disabled vehicle we don't know what that is at this time but you can see it is taking out right-hand shoulder. most of the delay isn't on
5:36 pm
that side, it is on the eastbound lanes towards i-95. over out in bucks county an overturned truck hilltown pike is completely closed at township line road. your alternate to get around there is to take bethlehem pike and in delaware another crash 95 southbound at route 141 and rest of our majors really heavy on i-95 heading northbound from the vine street expressway into woodhaven road. that will take you half an hour and 21 minutes on 202 southbound from the schuylkill expressway into route 30. no problems on mass transit and in delays at philadelphia international airport. the jessica, back over to you. well, will far he will's character said it best in elf best waste to spread christmas cheer toys sing loud for all to hear. >> ♪. >> way to that sounded wonderful, kids from virtua's child development center
5:37 pm
turned cafeteria at virtua voorhees hospital into a stage, much to the delight of parent, workers and patients families. brought a smile to our faces as well, fantastic, great job. still to come, times 2014 person of the year is more than one person. >> and then baby on board, unforgettable journey for passengers on a southwest airlines flight when a mom initial to labor. and while you wait for holiday gift deliveries an e-mail scam could be waiting for you as well, three on your side shows what you to look out for, kathy? neither cold nor win will keep as you way from holiday lights, i'm meteorologist cat i orr with the mobile weather lab in south philadelphia getting in the spirit of things with holiday lights on this great street at south smedley where it is feeling a lot like the holidays, santa a dancing in the wind but warm up in the seven day we will have more on that coming up a as "eyewitness news" 59:00 continues.
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5:41 pm
who are battling the deadly virus that has ravaged parts of west africa. they beat out seven other finalist who had an impact on the world. one mother has quite the birthing story to tell her child after she went into labor 35,000 feet in the air. woman was on a southwest airlines flight from san francisco bound for phoenix, that plane was diverted to lax but baby was born before the wheels touched down all thanks to a doctor and nurse on board. >> she didn't make any noise or anything. >> i hear baby crying like a sound, like a baby had too much or whatever and there is no babies on this flight. then this woman sitting there, turned and and said she just gave birth. >> mom and babe write taken to an area hospital and doing just fine. rest of the passengers were put on another plane and flown to phoenix. >> what a story, what a story. >> they will tell that one forever. >> one of our security guard as i was walking out says gives new meaning to the term airborne.
5:42 pm
>> literally. >> exa
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
we have some breaking sports news we're working to confirm reports that jimmy rollins, the phillies all time hits leader has been traded to the los angeles dodgers. rollins has been with the phillies his entire career winning national league mvp in
5:45 pm
2007, we will have more on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 and we are hearing a third team could be involved, stay tune, yes, sir contact. we new date of david letterman's final broadcast, popular cbs host will say good bye to the late she and his audience on may 20th of 205. emmy winner a announced his retirement back in april. with more than 32 years on the shift, letterman is the longest tenured late any talk show host. comedy century steve up colbert has been tapped as his replacement. >> you can watch late show with david letterman tonight at 11:35 right here on cbs-3. hollywood's awards season is kick nothing to high gear. nominations for screen actors guild award were announce today. >> here they are for best ensemble and motion picture award. >> bird man, boyhood, the grand because pest hotel, the imitation game, and the theory
5:46 pm
of everything. >> bird man, leads all nomination was four, lets take a look at best actress and motion picture nominee for still alice... >> these are the best actor in motion picture nominees... you can see a full list of all of the nominees for saga wards on our web site just go to cbs the cold december weather makes it easy to get in the holiday mood. >> yes, it does, meteorologist kathy orr is live tonight with the very festive holiday lights display, kathy? >> it is absolutely, fantastic, ukee and jessica, a spectacular sight here in
5:47 pm
south philadelphia. it is not just one house but it is the whole block, it is holiday central here. we are here with the mobil weather lab and as we can see lights are every where. lets take a stroll here and you can see some houses, it is every single home, every row home decorated, individually, they have parties, they come on saturdays and sundays, deck the halls, deck the parkway, almost here, just a spectacular site with thousands of lights. we will meet the man behind this but first lets talk a little bit about the weather because it is a blustery night across the delaware valley. first we will start off with our weather watchers who are reporting in are cold temperatures. numbers across the region pretty impressive. philadelphia 39. wind chill in the 20's. perkasie 34. wilmington 42. mild spot. in gilbertsville reporting in the 30's as well. on storm scan you three can see spotty snow showers especially through lehigh valley and poconos.
5:48 pm
in philadelphia, a few sprinkles and flurries, now and again and that is about it. our story tonight is win, take a look at these peak wind gusts, philadelphia 43 miles an hour, trenton 41. atlantic city, 38, wilmington and reading 37. those are close to tropical storm strength. thirty-nine or above is tropical storm. feeling like it is around 16 in the poconos right now. feels like reading in philadelphia is 28, wind chill in allentown 22. trenton 24. so this is some serious cold tonight. take a look at future weather as our storm system pull as way ever so slow it will lose the grip on the region. tomorrow still wind which rain or wet snow showers and it is really not until late thursday into friday that we will see it, move far enough away to give us a break and by friday we will break out into some sunshine. that is some good news. here is our forecast, overnight windy snow shower to the north and west. low temperature of 32. rain or wet snow shower possible thursday, high of 40,
5:49 pm
with less wind and on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast friday some sun. saturday 45. sunday for the birds, 48 during the day for tailgaters, monday 50. tuesday 48. and then by wednesday still seeing some sunshine around and temperatures in the 40's. back here live in south philadelphia, i want to you meet pete sirone, pete, come on, everybody has got to meet you again. pete is the one who really i would say is the catalyst for all of this. the let's show everybody all these lights. first we will start down this way. hum lights did you say we have here. >> about 50,000. >> we have nativity that is set up and we also have little train, the chew chew and one of the things i love is that tiny santa i don't know if you can see him in the foreground but counting down to christmas. >> fifteen days left. >> and tell us a little bit about how everybody gets together to decorate. >> we will start before halloween and we all get together and bring out hot check late and cookies.
5:50 pm
we just pull decorations out and six weeks later, here it is. >> six weeks, big commitment. >> what if somebody want to come in the great neighborhood what do you say to them, they have got to buy in. >> this is a great neighborhood and you buy in because of this. >> that is right good higher, more expense turf get in here because of this and you have to work too while you get here i'm ready to sell and, thank you you very much, and this is really the meaning of christmas, everybody coming together, and, bonding, and, everything, everything. >> millions of americans are shopping on line this holiday season and conn artists are trying to take advantage of that with some new scams. >> one of them involves, state delivery notifications, is sent by e-mail. three on your side with tips on how to protect your information, jane crawford has
5:51 pm
details. >> reporter: tis the the season for clicking and shipping. on line shopping bonanza comes a variety of new sophisticated e-mail scams, exploiting shoppers. >> claire rosen swag is president and ceo of the better business bureau in new york. she says high volume of on line holiday shopping makes this time of the year ideal for cyber criminals. >> everybody is all excited, they are shopping, shipping and scammers love this. >> reporter: on line orders are tracked by confirmations and delivery updates. scammers posing as retailers, banks, or even shipping companies send e-mails that look real with order confirmation, status notification, or, package undeliverable. if you click on these links or if you open the attachment there is a a good chance thaw are putting m al wear and spy wear on your computer. it can sit there dormant and take your keystrokes months down the line. you may as well just open up all of your personal
5:52 pm
information, pass words, bank account information. >> exactly good they have access to all of that just by an e-mail that say you have a package ready to be pick up. >> reporter: exactly. >> if you get an e-mail from someone you don't know or web site you don't recognize take a second to investigate before you open it, if it asks for any personal information without you first logging on, it is likely bogus. jane crawford, cbs news, new york. when in doubt don't do it. >> great info. >> we will be right back.
5:53 pm
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inn invite to you come to enjoy the holidays, please bring a new unwrapped toy and bring to it a drop off location, for a list of locations go to cbs or call 215-977-joy, and you can also text the donation, text to 41444.
5:56 pm
philadelphia's ronald mcdonald house is lit up, it happened with ronald himself, and a police office shore wanted to make a difference. >> pat ciarrocchi has story in tonight's brotherly you love. >> on this night red and white striped socks were high fashion, seven year-old grace and her mom, holy see them as symbol of the brotherly love they fine here. >> it is amazing. i'm so overwhelmed and humbled by people who put in their time and love to us. there is no words for what they have done for our family. >> reporter: the ronald mcdonald house in philadelphia has become a very familiar face for grace. >> i love them so much. >> reporter: wegmans family from florida has stayed here for 15 times, because of spine surgeries that have have left their telltale marks on grace. >> she is amazing, she is a light, she's so strong. >> on any given day philadelphia ronald mcdonald house seems to have a special
5:57 pm
light and at this time of the year it shines all the more brightly. shining through philadelphia police officer roselyn tally who understands bravery in the face of adversity. with the okay of her top brass, she asked everyone to step up, and buy the the signature socks, to raise money to help sick children and their families. officer tally raised $26,000. >> all from co-workers who jumped in and they knew this was a great cause, and we also had an opportunity for one whole day to wear these socks, 24 hours. that was a fun part. >> reporter: walking beat felt lighter that day, as it did this night. >> three, two, one... >> when you drive along chestnut near 39th look for the lights on the ronald mcdonald house, they create more than snow flakes, strung together, they are a week even of hope. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i've driven by, absolutely beautiful. >> great story.
5:58 pm
>> that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a brazen burglary caught on camera, what makes it worse is home owner watched it happened while having dinner with his family several miles away. victim talks exclusively with "eyewitness news" as police continue to search for the suspect. plus new development in the search for college student shane montgomery, new clues that brought police to one section of the schuylkill river. and the power of reading, local police officers headed to the classroom, hoping to make a difference. kathy? rain, snow, and wind remain in the forecast, it is beginning to feel and look a lot like the holidays, i'll have a warming trend in the seven day coming up, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. we start with breaking news at 6:00 reports tonight that phillies fan favorite jimmy rollins, j roll is leaving philadelphia, and heading to los angeles. >> we will go right now to sports director beasley reese hoist live from the sat center
5:59 pm
with breaking details, beasley. >> well, we're working to confirm published reports that jimmy rollins is the new short stop in l.a., leaving philadelphia, after 14 decorated seasons, he is the phillies all time hits leader, with 2,306, mvp a award, gold glove, and a world series to his list of accomplishments. if the deal is finalized these are first of the big four to go. will rollins, howard, hamels, utley, the faces of philadelphia baseball during an incredible run. j roll is 36 years old coming off his best season, since 2011, batting .243, 17 home runs are, 28 steals, the phillies clear 11 million-dollar off the books for 2015 and bring in prospects, to be named later. jimmy fired up fans with his bold predictions, firing fans up to start season and he will be remembered for that slick glove. he was the longest tenured
6:00 pm
athlete in philadelphia. just incredible, news and we are working to k trade and will bring you latest a as soon as we get it. >> all right, thanks very much. also tonight caught on cameras a man watches on his phone helpless as a thief breaks into his home. this burglary happened in the 1200 block of rodman street in washington square west. justin finch is live with the exclusive interview with the home owner tonight, justin. >> reporter: jessica that home owner tells me he is relieved to have that video and will be more relieved once that burglaries caught, he moved into his home on the 1200 block of rodman street about a year ago with his wife and baby and got that camera as insurance for security and he says now that camera is paying off. surveillance cam view an unwelcome thanksgiving day guest a burglar break nothing to this home on the 200 block of robbins street while homeowners were an hour


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