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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 10, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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athlete in philadelphia. just incredible, news and we are working to k trade and will bring you latest a as soon as we get it. >> all right, thanks very much. also tonight caught on cameras a man watches on his phone helpless as a thief breaks into his home. this burglary happened in the 1200 block of rodman street in washington square west. justin finch is live with the exclusive interview with the home owner tonight, justin. >> reporter: jessica that home owner tells me he is relieved to have that video and will be more relieved once that burglaries caught, he moved into his home on the 1200 block of rodman street about a year ago with his wife and baby and got that camera as insurance for security and he says now that camera is paying off. surveillance cam view an unwelcome thanksgiving day guest a burglar break nothing to this home on the 200 block of robbins street while homeowners were an hour away
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with loved ones. >> we have the text alert that pending alarm was triggered. >> reporter: he says he called 911 right away but before police arrived he caught that crook creeping through his living room on his cell phone all thanks to a nap link to his alarm and surveillance system. >> and we actually saw burglar in the house going up the stairs to the master bedroom. >> reporter: burglar had 30 seconds before the a alarm began blaring, so in two minutes he barges in, steals an organizer and jewelry too. he left from a back door the same way he got in. home owner now realizes crook may never have gotten in had he fully secured his backsliding door which leads to a fenced in pennsylvania patio which abuts a parking lot. his neighbors now hoping someone who knows that burglar will help bust him. >> even from that video i saw, it was non-descript. he had a had hat on, sweat shirt, jeans and it could have
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been anyone. >> reporter: that burglar last seen wearing blue jeans, black jacket and black shoes as well as black boots. if you have seen that person, of course, call police, silver lining hearsay that the block is talking about security in way they have never before. that home owner says he will be installing more security cameras and he expects neighbors to file suit as well. we are live from washington square west i'm just continue finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". developing right now sources tell "eyewitness news" there is a new clue in the search foreman missing since thanksgiving morning. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter tells us what prompted police to return to the schuylkill river in manayunk. >> reporter: police marine unit members and investigators returned to search the schuylkill river and its banks after sources say video from this surveillance camera at a nearby business showed missing west chester university students shane montgomery walking down a driveway towards the river just before
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2:00 a.m. thanksgiving morning after leaving kildares pub nearby. >> somewhere somehow it doesn't look good but we pray and hope. >> reporter: keith conn roy shane's cousin one of the first to begin searching for him in this exact spot on thanksgiving says he hopes with other friend, family members and neighbors that the renewed search is a sign answers might be coming. >> i mean we have to find this kid. we have to find and give family peace. >> they came in and asked to make copy. >> reporter: business owner, christie tran says she hopes video will help from the store cameras. >> i don't know but i hope they will find shane for the family. >> reporter: green ribbons and posters of shane, near her business a along main street show that many others share her wish that somehow we will learn what happened to shane. above all, it is just one of those things where it is a mystery and been going on too long now. >> reporter: video from this
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cameras brief, it shows shane walk ago across a bridge here across the canal and then into a parking lot next to the schuylkill. the search is expected to be concentrated in this area for at least another day. in manayunk i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". clouds are hanging around and we're tracking a chance of showers for tonight, and the far northern parts of the region are seeing snow. meteorologist kathy orr is live from south philadelphia with more on what we can expect as we head into the night, kathy. the win is whipping and it is relentless here. we're talking about wind gusting to 30 miles an hour, sometimes 35 miles an hour, driving those wind chills way down in the 20's. we're in south philadelphia where we're seeing a few flurries as well. look at storm scan three where we have some snow especially in the lehigh valley and poconos. we have winter weather advisory in effect for the poconos, still this has been going on for a couple of days now. the winter wenter advisory for carbon, monroe counties until
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tomorrow morning for about one to 3 inches of snow, not a lot but a little bit of the nuisance here and there. take a look at these wind though because these winds have been sustained in philadelphia in the 20's a. right now northwest a at 24 miles an hour, sustained in wilmington at 20 miles an hour, making it feels like 27 in the city, 22 in allentown, 16 in the poconos and in trenton it feels like it is only about 25. so this evening as lou at our planner you'll see temperatures in the 30's and falling. wind chills only in the 20's. it will get colder towards tomorrow morning as we see winds persist and the temperatures fall way down. so we're talking about wind, flurries, we're talking about sprinkles, and some warmer weather in the seven day. i will be back with that and holiday lights, later on in the broadcast. >> kathy, we will see you shortly, thank you. suspect is in custody tonight after a student is stabbed on drexel university's campus. investigators say six students were involved in a fight and
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one was stab in the back. the altercation happened outside myers hall in the 3300 block of race street around 3:30 a.m. the the student was treated and released from the hospital. philadelphia police are investigating a murder in kensington. officers were called to the 1900 block of east sterner street just after 7:00 this morning. a man in his late 20's or early 30's had been shot once in the back of the head. no weapons was found at the scene and so far in arrests. funeral arrangements are set for philadelphia fire fighter joyce craig-lewis first female fire fighter killed in the line of duty. this morning investigators return to the scene of yesterday's fire on middletown street in west oak lane. they are looking for the cause of that fire and trying to find out how the 11 year veteran died while fighting flames in the basement. neighbors say they are also checking on the elderly woman craig-lewis help rescue from that home. >> that was my miraculous, because that fire was really, really strong. we all feel bad for office their lost her life though.
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>> tonight flags in philadelphia are flying at half staff in honor of fire fighter joyce craig-lewis. funeral services will be held at the bachelor brothers funeral service on north broad street. viewings will be held friday night from 6:00 to 9:00 and saturday morning from 8:00 to 10:00. funeral will begin 10:00 a.m. on saturday. intern. at ivy hill cemetery. also fire fighters union has establish a memorial fund for the two children of joyce craig lewis age 16 and 16 months, checks can be made payable to the local 22 joyce craig lewis memorial fund and mailed to 901 arch street, philadelphia pennsylvania, 19107. new at 6:00 tonight two former burlington coat factory workers are charge in the gift card scam, edge water park police say, these two suspects, stole more than 150 gift card from the corks each of those cards was loaded with $250. they sold gift card on the
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street for half of their value. repair crews are still on the scene of the large water main break in the city's kensington neighborhood. the 20-inch break happened on germantown avenue near jefferson street around 8:30 this morning. officials with the philadelphia water department tell us that the section of germantown avenue will likely be closed new for several days as crews finish repairs. mayor michael nutter is on hand at dedication of the powe kes inn creek trail in northeast philadelphia, before and after photos show progression of the trail connecting the the playground and the parkway neighborhood to powe questioning creek park and benning minute rush state park only state park in philadelphia cost of the multi use trail, one million-dollar. well, local police officers took a break from patrols and went in the classroom today. >> still ahead at 6:00 how officers are using readings to create positive relationships with city youth. also the big guy in red makes a special visit to young hospital patientness
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philadelphia, we will tell you how he is spreading holiday spirit early this season, kathy? we have got live mobile weather lab down to south philadelphia, this is holiday central, you will meet this wonderful neighborhood, and they will talk about how they decorate for the holidays plus warmer weather as we make it through weekend for the eagles game, we will have that coming up with the seven day, hi beasley. eagles not taking anything for granted with the tougher more rested cowboys team, coming to town. i'll have more on the reported big trade of long time phillies short stop jimmy rollins to the dodgers, all
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medical students in our area joined thousands of medical students all across the country protesting grand jury decisionness ferguson and new york. wearing their white coats these penn medical students spent four and a half minutes blocking traffic on walnut street, time represents four and a half hours ferguson teenager michael brown's body was in the street. one student told "eyewitness news" that things had happened in our communities are reflective of the problems patients face in the clinic. medical students at temple university in north philadelphia also took to the streets in the white coat day of action holding signs in a display of solidarity. police say both temple and penn students were within their rights to protest and were peaceful in one was arrested. well, new at 6:00 camden county police department is a national model how to improve
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relations between the police and community. >> those efforts continued today in the classroom, "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter, cleve bryan has details from camden. >> which one do you wanting to first, safari or dolphin. >> safari. >> all right. >> reporter: teaching children to read wasn't part of the job description, officer ryan miller joined camden police last year but easily become one of his favorite duties. >> how many are there. >> four. >> through go. >> reporter: each week camden police and faith based organizations spend a couple hours of bonesell elementary school as book mates. >> and then is there a big red dog right. >> reporter: for police it is a way children can see office are as mentors and role models. >> reading the books with the kids here they will remember that for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: thinks another example of camden's community police ago approach which has gain national attention after the deaths of michael brown and eric garner spark police protest. >> you cannot arrest your way out of a society problem and
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our administration understands that and we have to reach out to the community and get them to want to work with us so we can work as a team and solve issues around camden. >> reporter: reading program's other main goal of course toys improve literacy. after read to go young students camden student rouhanifard visited, wilson high school tone courage juniors to add to the improving graduation rate. >> their rate increased from 56 percent to 62 percent. just to commend our staff for that improvement. it is significant. >> reporter: lower crime rates and berth graduation rates are measures people point to when they consider camden a city that is improving. local leaders say it is investment in children that makes any positive changes long lasting. in camden i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is a holiday celebration at st. christopher's hospital, for children, santa, mrs. clause and some elfs delivered presents to the young patients and one patient got the special honor of helping santa a light christmas tree. families were treated to a
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festive holiday meal with all of the trimmings take a look at. that some even tried their holiday themes karaoke. the the sites and sounds of the holidays are all around us. >> this season we are showcasing some of the best and brightest displays all around the region. kathy orr is in south philadelphia an entire block is deck out for the the holidays, hi kathy. >> what an unbelievable night, this is the neighborhood, meet my new friends on south smedley street, what a great neighborhood. i have to tell you we have been here the entire afternoon and they have treated us like family. this is pete sirone the catalyst for this holiday celebration here and what do you call this area we are in it is almost like -- >> terrace good family terrace. >> but where we're standing it is like a parkway, you can see behind us all these beautiful trees, kids can play out here i'm sure in the summer but it
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is a winter wonder land tonight. we will to weather. then you will meet everybody in the neighborhood. it is not just one house for holiday lights but this is an entire street. the lets talk about the weather because it is cold enough for what? >> snow. >> but we don't have any here we have it in the poconos. take a look at this amazing video that we have captured today, lots of snow in the poconos, actually under a winter weather advisory because of the snow, one to 3 inches expect there and snowy scene this evening. good skiing weather for this weekend. lets take a look at these temperatures though, our weather watchers have brought numbers to us and they are cold in kenneth square 36. avondale 37. three in chalfont. newark on the mild side at 40 degrees but wind is making it feel so much colder out here. on storm scan 3a few sprinkles in wilmington. north and west snow showers. lehigh valley and poconos seeing snow showers as well. in the poconos cold enough to make snow as well. packed powder and temperature of 25 degrees.
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allentown 34. thirty-eight in philadelphia. atlantic city is only 38 degrees. this is what we have going on here, storm system our nor'easter still hanging out over new england bringing rain or wet snow showers for thursday. by friday it is breezy but sun comes back out and we will dry out. that nor'easter is finally out of here and on saturday we are seeing better conditions with temperatures rising through 40's with sun and clouds. by sunday we will have our first full sunny day of the entire month because eagles are playing. that is for our tailgaters. here is our forecast, for tonight windy and cold with a few snow showers, flurries in philadelphia, low of three two. wind chills in the 20's. during the day on thursday, rain or wet snow shower high of 40 with less wind. on the exclusive seven day forecast, look at the weekend looking good, eagles, good for the game and evening, monday up to 50, tuesday and wednesday looking decent as well. back here live i just want to show some of these beautiful lights and i have to ask you
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one thing pete about the neighborhood. >> yes. >> south philadelphia is all about the neighbors. these are your neighbors, they are not relatives. >> they are neighbors. >> but they feel like. >> family. >> you guys get together every year. >> every year we stay together, we celebrate and have a a great time and we have christmas parties, new years parties, it is a a great thing. >> lets take a look if our cam why man can pan back here and step aside let them see winter wonderland behind us. you can see all of the beautiful trees. we have the north pole and, of course, the whole street lit up and blocked off for this extravagance a every single house is decorated. well, listen, thank you so much. do you want to say anything to anybody celebrating christmas. >> merry christmas. >> they kind of go hand and hand we will send it back to you in the stood ohio. >> go eagles and merry christmas, 6:18. still problems out on route
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one near route three, you can see all traffic completely stopped at this point here and these are northbound lanes backup to oxford valley road a 40 minute delay here due to an overturn truck that they just pulled up. you can see police activity on the scene dirt spill involved and debris in the roadway complicating things out on route one. over in new jersey things jammed a tiny bit on both sides here, north bound lanes toward 295, possibly philadelphia and surrounding area bridges looking okay. brake lights southbound, toward ac expressway. we have an accident out in montgomery county skippack pike is closed a at route 113, your alternate to get around there take township line road. ukee and jessica, back to you. "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. coming up, surprising new cbs news poll find race relations worsened sharply since the election of the first black president, we will tell you why. plus while one side of the nation digs out of the
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nor'easter the th other side is preparing for one of the biggest storms in year. we will have those stories tonight on the "cbs evening news".
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it is big story in sports tonight, we are working to confirm reports saying that after 14 years, phillies short stop jimmy rollins is heading to los angeles. the deal allows philadelphia to shed 11 million-dollar off their payroll in 2015 and bring in some new, young talent yet to be named. we caught up with a few fans who heard the reports. >> i'm shock, never thought he with leave the city. i didn't. i wish him the best. >> why would they trade one of the best players they got?
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a rookie or somebody else, who haven't proven themselves yet. >> jimmy rollins was traded to the dodgers. >> that is all i have to say, that is all i have to say. >> we are still working to confirm these reports, tune in tonight at 11:00 for more. turning to the eagles have after a dominant game on thanksgiving they are in the taking any chances sunday against the cowboys. cowboys looking for least avenge. the bird will likely look for more production from the running game and served them well two weeks ago, lesean mccoy put up 159-yard day against dallas's d. >> i thought we block really well. i thought our line had a really good game. i thought lesean hit the holes really well. >> you just want to go with what works, for us some play against them, we know their personnel. it is so fresh. it is just a couple weeks ago. >> it is a big game. our fans love rivalry and we will have a lot of fun with it. >> nfl promised a new
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personnel conduct policies ape new rules released to day a a accused players will go on paid leave immediately after formal charges are and or an independent investigation. league will hire a special counsel, who will oversee disciplinary actions. nfl players association wasn't too happy with this announce. saying quote our union has not been offer the the professional courtesy of seeing the nfl's new new personal conduct policy before it hit the presses. their unilateral decision and conduct today is the only thing that has been consistent over the past few months. all right. couple have of home teams, better news to cheer for this weekend this at day north philadelphia as text are playing the gwenn cherry bulls in the peewee national championship game in florida. as text beat the western new york bills, in the semi finals earlier on this date, 33-six. also today, the northwest raiders won their semi final game in double overtime. the also puts them in the
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division one midget national championship game this saturday in florida. good luck to our home teams. finally tonight in sports, sports illustrated has named giants ace madison baumgartner 2014 sports man of the year. he gave up six earned runs in the playoffs ending with an era of 1.03, congratulations. >> he looked like the gladiator out there. i was hoping j roll would be in pinstripes forevery will miss his predictions and slagger and that slick glove. >> more at ten and 11:00 tonight. >>
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once-a-day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring, no known dietary restrictions. for information and savings options, download the xarelto® patient center app, call 1-888-xarelto, or visit thanks for watching "eyewitness news". we are back at ten on the cw philly, and we're back here at 11:00. coming up next, the "cbs evening news". here now is scott pelfrey new york. i will see you dark and early
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in the morning. good evening, family. >> pelley: tonight, the united states divided. americans tell us race relations have worsened sharply since the election of the first black president. jim axelrod on our new cbs news poll. and we'll talk to some of the people on the from the line. tell me why a perfectly law-abiding and reasonable african american man feels a chill when he encounters a white police officer. one side of the nation dig out of a nor'easter while the other prepares for one of the biggest storms in years. reports from vinita nair and bigad shaban. and a sailor lost at sea with a desperate cry for help. >> may day here, mayday. anybody picking this up?


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