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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  December 12, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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. today is friday, december 12th, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. philadelphia police are investigating string of assault on college student, we're live as detective question a person of interest. >> also, new this morning, a car rolls over and over, bursting into flames, before coming to rest against a building. what eyewitnesses say happened just before that deadly crash. and a live look at center city from our cbs-3 studios. we dealt with a stubborn nor'easter for days. but now we're finally clear. katie says there are some milder temperatures to follow. that and more coming up in just a bit. topping our news, developing right now, philadelphia police have a person of interest in the attack of several women.
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>> police say they stopped him during a assault in university city. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo, joins us now at southwest detective with the latest information. jan, good morning. >> erika, ukee, good morning r that's right, five a year old man now behind bars this morning. police say he was caught in the middle of attack on a woman near the university of pennsylvania. now police believe he could be responsible for up to four other attacks on college students in university sit over the past week alone. now, this most recent attack came around 6:30 last night, at 41st and pine streets, near the campus of u pen. police say a woman was walking alone on pine street when hit from behind with a bike lock. the suspect then demanded her purse, fortunately, there were police officers already in the area, because of other recent robberies, and they saw the suspect dragging this woman down the street, and then jumped in to rescue her. again, just the latest incident. police believe this man could be linked to two broad daylight assault on drexel
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university campus yesterday. also, 23 year old woman was sexually assaulted at 47th and chestnut on monday, and on saturday, another woman was attacked, but escaped her attacker, at 41st and sansom. >> it was terrifying. it is not a great feeling knowing can you not be safe in your own neighborhood. >> scary, i mean, i would advise caution. >> now, police do have this man in custody again, he is 55 years old. they have not yet identified him. but he most certainly will be charged with this assault on the university of pennsylvania grad student hit in the head and assaulted with the bike lock yesterday. and again they are looking into his connection to the other assault, all of the victims in these cases were women, and college student. philadelphia police, drexel, u pen police have all stepped up patrols in the area because of this string of assaults, reporting live outside of southwest detective this morning, january car bay open, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> coming up on 4:33, do we
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finally have a dry day, katy? >> finally. >> finally. >> oh, this has been such a rough couple of days for us. it is like every single day going through the same thing, where you are looking out for rain and snow showers, and it has been days now for not just us but the entire northeast. i can finally report not only off to dry start but it will actually stay that way all day here. no problems seeing out over the ben franklin bridge, granted not the clearest sky we've ever seen going to storm scan three you won't finds too much out there as we make the twi state sweep, nothing at all in the way of additional moisture. we throw the satelite coverage on top of this, yes, few speckles every moisture do start to fire up. again, done now, with any precipitation. so, you can expect more clouds out there, there will still be some breaks of sun along the way, however, as we take a look at the area temperatures, in at 24 degrees mount pocono, 35 in philadelphia, right in at the freezing mark, down the shore in atlantic city. wind still in the recall. call it brisk day, no where
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near as windy as the last few days have been. but still enough to knock your feels like values back to the 20's across the better part of the region feeling more like single digits as you head further north into the pocono region. if you are maybe planning a ski weekend, be ready for the brisk to feel colder out there. expecting again little bit of sunshine out, there so we tried to be fun think morning, what's that yellow thing in the sky? does anybody remember what it is? >> really. >> it is so bright, my gosh, i know. 40 degrees by 3:00 p.m. under the partly sunny skies and i tell you what, this is just the beginning, folks, quiet pattern, holding for awhile, and we can expect dry weather for days, more on the full forecast a little later in the show. hey, vittoria? >> good morning, everyone, about time, we will see the sunshine, you know what that means, when the sun comes up, the rush comes in, although, right now, it is very quiet. traveling on 95, not dealing with any major delays, 95 around broad street, maybe
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making iron wake to the philadelphia international airport, no problems there, no problems continuing further south into delaware county, we lock beautiful, 59 looking great around those parts but around northeast philadelphia and also around center city even bucks county. schuylkill expressway, the same story there is shot here not too far away from king of prussia, right across the street from the king of prussia mall. if you are traveling in either direction the schuylkill, not only within your win suburb, but making your commute around center city philadelphia, no problems. average speed censors high up to the 50's, five an on the schuylkill, same on the blue route, same on 95. traveling well in new jersey, well in delaware, really all good news. however, traveling in north philadelphia, germantown avenue still closed at jefferson because of water main break that actually happened few days ago. best alternate is to take fifth street. no delays for mass transit. things at the airport are just fine. err dismay. >> thanks, vittoria. new this morning police searching for suspect in deadly shooting in kensington, a 24 year old man was shot at least three times near bellmore and frankford avenue around 11:30 last night.
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they were pronounced dead at temple university hospital. thirty-five year old man was also hit by gunfire. that victim is in critical condition. >> also, new morning, fatal car accident is under investigation in the kingsessing neighborhood. eyewitnesses told police the driver ran a red light. the car then flipped over, burst into flames, landing against a building. it happened around midnight, just past the intersection of lindberg boulevard and grays ferry avenue. the 26 year old victim died at the scene. >> new information this morning, about a carjacking in south jersey. the suspect is in custody this morning in maryland after leading police on a chase. we show you the aftermath of the pursuit on i95 near the fortmc henry in baltimore. trent of cinnaminson accused of carjack ago man outside mental health facility mt. holly thursday. able to track the vehicle, a 2013 kia sole using its gps. he called maryland state police, caught up with tail,
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eventually boxing in the stolen car. tally now faces charges in maryland and in new jersey. >> a 13 year old boy is recovering after he was shot inside his wissinoming home. police say he was sitting at the dining room table when the bullet flew inside. a 34 year old man was on the porch. suspects tried to rob that man, that's when he ran into the house, and tried it shut the door. bullet went flying through that door hitting the teen. he was returned to st. christopher's hospital where he is recovering and is in stable condition. the suspects remain at large. >> mourners begin paying respects to philadelphia firefighter george craig. she died early tuesday in a fire in west oaklane, first fuld female fire fighters to die in the line every duty. craig strands in the burning home, 11 year veteran of the city fire department. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> the viewing is from 6:00 to 10:00 tonight at the bachelor brother funeral services on north broad street. it resumes there tomorrow
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morning, from eight until 10:00 when the funeral begins. burial will follow at ivy hill cemetery. >> a $5,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to the suspect's wanted for three armed robberies in bensalem, plymouth meeting and schuylkill township. authority tell us that the men seen here on surveillance video robbed a luke oil on street road in november, on november 18th, and also, a liberty gas station in plymouth meeting on december 2nd. investigators believe the same suspects beat a store clerk at in schuylkill township, and stole honda accord on december 7th. up from any information on these suspect, you're asked to contact police. >> and an update to story we brought you earlier this week. police in bucks county issue arrest warrant for these men that they say broke into the coin and collectable store on street road in bensalem on tuesday. authorities believe that daniel la flare and david peergross i armed with knife and pipe when they tied up
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employees and a customer. they made off with $5,000 in gold and silver coins. if you know where they are, you're asked to call police. >> it is now up to the senate to vote on spending bill to keep the federal government running. last night the house approved the $1.1 trillion spending plan. it will funds the government through december 30th. president obama says he will sign the legislation if it reaches his desk. gas prices are the lowest they've been in five years. we'll tell when you they are expectcted to fall even further. >> also, ahead this morning, the west coast dealing with severe weather. torent of rain and flooding waters, but now, there is a new threat for resident. we'll have the latest when we come
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church leaders in camden will host die-in protest and walk this morning at 9:45. nationwide protests around the grand jury decisions in ferguson, missouri, new york city continue. dozens march down market street last night, they went from 52nd to 48th street.
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participants are calling for reforms to the criminal justice system. after the grand jury failed to indict white police officers in the death of unarmed black citizens, michael brown, eric garner. >> major winter storm continues to sweep through the west coast, and today residents are bracing for more rain and preparing for mudslides. the powerful wet and windy storms hit drought stricken california and headed north to washington state yesterday. roadways were flooded, some houses, just washed away. near hurricane force winds knocked down trees leaving residents in the dark. >> i didn't have power. i couldn't get my car out of the garage. i have no food. i have no cash. so i'm trying to figure something. >> after three year year ground, reservoirs had a lot of room to catch the runoff. whether forecasters say more storms are headed their way next week. we'll have a live report for from glendora, california coming up in the next hour.
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dealing with such a big storm, our big one has moved out, thankfully. >> goodness, finally not only weakening little bit, but also just moving out of here. so we're sort of sitting between systems, low pressure what we have as a nor'easter, now high pressure trying to take it place, typically high pressure bridges you fair weather, exactly what will happen here. so little bit of transition day you could technically call it. that will but real good trade off. by comparison certainly what we were dealt yesterday with the snow and the slick travel and the poor visibility, it is all just getting better. and i can guarantee everybody a dry day today. so here's what's left of the nor east it, if you recall from yesterday, still had real nice well defined spin to it. at this point there is still a spin to it, but it has no where near the moisture that it has this same time yesterday. and because of that, even though we're still going to have a little brisk day between systems like i mends sharks you're not going to have to deal with any additional or residual moisture out of this. high pressure is in fact lead to go nice clear sky across the midwest, tennessee valley,
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all headed our way here, so with time, this forecast just get nicer and nicer actually milder and milder, at least for the standards every mid to late december. meanwhile we take you outside to the live neighborhood network, things are quiet for now. look off in the distance, the pretty colors of the center city skyline are definitely visible, even though we do still obviously have some clouds out there, not low to the ground. not going to have to worry about visibility problems today. finally break that nasty pattern, though, temperatures back to the very low 40's, at best here today. as i said, it is still going to be a tad brisk for us out there. we will take t meanwhile by tomorrow, more sunshine expected. even more expected on sunday, as high pressure really just sort of settles in over top of our area. so that leads to lighter winds, brighter skies, even little bit of miler pattern with time. take you through the rest whatever this afternoon has in store, flirt with 40 degrees basically, kind of the same temperature profile the last few days, but we've had precipitation to track there is time we do not, again, in the, that bright yellow ball of sunshine in the sky.
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haven't seen that in a while, right? very cloudy night, seasonably cold drop to 31. looking forward, notice again few additional degrees, tacked on to the daytime high with every passing day. and it is looking good for the eagles game, go birds, meanwhile we look ahead to monday, not bad. coming up on tuesday, just a chance, only putting a question mark on that shower for you here at this point. and that actually would come courtesy of what's left of the storm, now plaguing the pacific west coast, that would actually be coming in from that storm. so we have our eye on it, right now again i don't think at this point it would bring us anything more than a shower. erika, back to you. >> katie, thank you. hang today, 39 new philadelphia police recruit graduate from the academy, class 369 celebrate at the performing art center at 11:00. officials say you can expect some traffic delays in that area. congratulations to all those new recruits. ukee? >> well, in sports, eagles and dallas cowboys face-off in a battle for first place this sunday night in prime time. this is what december football
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is all about, family. coach chip kelly knows his eagles beat the cowboys on thanksgiving day in dallas, but this is a new game. the eagles are hoping to pressure dallas, the same way this time around. >> take you to the prime time game last night in the st. louis rams gets to the arizona cardinals quarterback drew stanton. stanton suffered knee injury, did not return. the cards lost carson palmer you may remember about a month ago. even without their top two quarterbacks, the cardinals hit four field goals, and beat the rams 12 to six. no touchdowns in the game. the cards are now 11 and three, and by virtue of other teams result, can clinch playoff spot this weekend. the sixers host the brooklyn net later tonight at the well. actually up in brooklyn, the sixers and net just swapped players. nets traded to the sixers for brandon davies. flyers kicking off four game stretch at the well by beating up on the jersey devils. sean got the first goal of the game from matt read. the fly guys up one-nothing in
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the first period. they switched it up for the second goal. it was matt read to sean to make it two-nothing. first win this 14-one. they'll play the carolina hurricanes tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. that was good, get that w last night. >> oh, ya. >> row bo calls lands major bank in hot water. we'll have the details ahead in the money watch. >> first what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> police want to know if a person of interest in custody at an university city assault is linked to more attacks on penn pen and drexel student. last night near 41st and pine, a woman was attacked and hit with a bicycle lock. non-uniform police officers rescued that woman. person of interest is being questioned about at least four other attacks on area student. >> one person is dead, after a single car accident in
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kingsessing. the car flipped over and came to rest against a building, then burst into flames. investigators are looking into the cause of that crash. >> and, the viewing for fallen firefighter joyce craig is tonight, bachelor brothers, north broad from 6:00 until 9:00. another viewing and funeral services are tomorrow. craig was killed rescuing a resident from a house fire in west oaklane earlier this week. >> your time now 4:50. let's get a check on business. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, where the price every crude oil is dropping. jill? >> reporter: yes, that's right, oil is now trading below $60 a barrel, that is the lowest price, more than five years. analysts stay can go lower, because global demand is down, supplies is up. oil production in the united state, has soared more than 70% in just six years. it is all because of new drilling technology. of course, all of this means low gas prices. so, we'll take it.
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ukee, erika? >> jill, big bank is forced to pay a florida couple. whalings the latest? >> reporter: yes, the bank of america will be forced to pay more than a million dollars to a florida couple over harassing row bo calls. now the bank flooded the couple with a estimated 700 loan collection calls after they fell behind on mortgage payment, back in 2009. a federal judge penlites dollars the bank about $1,500 for every call. i love this story, ukee, erika. >> wow, that's a nice check they're getting there. >> take that indeed. thanks, jill, appreciate t coming up after a short break, traffic and weather together, we do it on the
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>> good morning, you know, usually it is very quiet at this time. we never usually have any major problems or delays, unfortunately, that's not the case this morning. traveling on the northbound side of 95, very serious
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accident situation, as you will notice here, that was blocking the last and -- left and center lanes. seems to be blocking all lanes right now, actually maybe i'm seeing a tiny bit of tail light moving through. regardless, we have an accident on the northbound side of 95 at allegheny that's going to slow your commute. so if you are watching us right now, i would definitely advise you to just wait it out until we can clear this. again, northbound 95, at allegheny, very serious accident, with emergency teams on scene. now the rest of 95, is moving well, and maybe you're traveling 95 to get to the vine street expressway. once you get to the vine, looks beautiful, no delays in either direction, whether heading to 95 or heading to the schuylkill. speed censors all over the place, still high up in the 50's, 76, parts of 95, obviously knotter bound allegheny. fifty-five and 476, no delays on the turnpike, northeast extension, however, still dealing with the closure of germantown avenue at jefferson street, because of water main break happened few days ago, fifth street is your best alternate. seems to be on brighter note,
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weather is looking great today. >> brighter is the word for it. absolutely, vet tore y we still do have some clouds, still going to have little built after breeze to make it feel kind of brisk outside. but the nor'easter, it is out of here. thank goodness. i think we can all just breathe a sigh of relief. i mean there is thing obviously has been stuck with us for days. it is finally gone, you can see the renmant moisture, still pulling away. but we do not have to worry about any more wet weather, from that storm, for, really, the long hall at this point. things are look pretty good. perhaps your travels will take you up to the poconos for ski weekend, ma'am, you will be looking at great weather to hit the slopes after seeing some nature-made snow falling for the last few days up that way, they have fresh powder for you some sunshine to offer up for the weekends. meanwhile we take you down the 95 corridor here, to the army navy game, which you can find here on cbs tomorrow afternoon. if you are going to be headed down that way, it is looking like great football weather, some sunshine, down in baltimore, we get it here, as well, in philly. it will stick around right
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through monday. we will take it, ukee. >> that we will. thank you, katie. a check on some of the stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you today. federal health officials urge anyone without insurance to enroll in a plan by monday so they are covered january 1st. first time home buyers can get a break on their down payment and the drpa looks into re-opening the franklin square patco station. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. erika? >> coming up philadelphia police are questioning a person of interest in a string of assault involving college student. we'll have a live report on their investigation in the next hour of "eyewitness news". >> also ahead, severe weather battering the west coast. we're live as californians brace for more storms. then actor and comedian chris rock bridges together all-star line up in latest film top five. preview, plus what chris has to say about your philadelphia
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>> terrifying, not a great feeling knowing can you not be safe in your own neighborhood. >> local college campuses on alert after string every assaults on female student. we're live this developing story as police question a person of interest. >> new this morning, a car rolls over, catches fire, and finally comes to rest against a building. police say what the driver did right before that wreck could have led to his death. >> it is friday, december 12th, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. also this morning, deadly storm pummels the west coast, causing widespread flooding, and hundreds of thousands of power outages. mandatory evacuations are underway as the area's brace for more heavy rain today.
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and katie, for us, rain's moving out, right? >> thank goodness, yes. we can finally report that nor'easter is starting to retreat. not just for us but for the entire northeastern united state watch lies in it wake, it is some pretty good weather news. we'll have all of the details coming up. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. unfortunately we don't have great traffic news, we do have accident developing on the northbound side of 95, as you approach al guinea, it is blocking the left, as well as center lanes. we will continue to keep you updated thon in just a couple of minute. ukee? >> thank you, in the news and developing now, man is under arrest, accused of attack ago woman near the penn campus. >> now, philadelphia police are investigating if he assaulted other female student in university city. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at southwest detective to bring us up to date on this investigation. jan, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, erika, good morning. police say that this man may be responsible for many other assault in university sit. students there have been on edge all


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