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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  December 14, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> right now on "eyewitness news" firefighters rescue several people and an infantry a burning home. tonight investigators are calling this fire suspicious. good evening, i'm natasha brown. at least two people including
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the baby were rushed to the hospital. now, this fire broke out on east colter street in germantown. syma chowdhury spoke to the homeowner who fears someone is being targeted. >> as i came down the steps and got right here all this was full of fire. >> reporter: danny his family are picking up the pieces after a suspicious fire ripped through the front of their germantown home. he led our cameras inside to show the damage. it happened on east coulter street early sunday morning. firefighters rescued at least six people including a four month old infant. the fire was quickly placed under control. fire officials are investigating claims that someone may have thrown a fire bomb. on december 1st, another fire bomb may have been thrown next door. arson investigators are looking into both incidents. danny believes someone is trying to harm one of the women in the house. >> this is the second time my window got broke, now the fire
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bomb. we've been getting threats and everything. >> at least two people were taken to einstein hospital including the infant. officials will continue to investigate. in germantown, syma chowdhury, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, "eyewitness news" was there as a firefighter exited a home in chester, delaware county, through the window. fire was reported in the basement of that home on the 200 block of west 22nd street just after noon. it reached two alarms before units were able to finally bring it under control. there are no reports of any injuries but the red cross is helping to assist a family of nine. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. developing right now, emergency crews are called to the oxford valley mall in bucks county to save a boy who got his foot stuck in an escalator. the call first came in around 4 o'clock. it took about 20 minutes to get him free. it's still not clear if his clothing got caught or if there was some kind of mechanical issue. he was not seriously injured.
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and plenty of hype ahead of tonight's big game at the linc. eagles and cowboys the rematch from thanksgiving with first place in the division on the line. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers caught up way very excited group of fans. >> reporter: in true eagles tradition parking lots were filled hours before the game. the asphalt mecca filled with the faithful paying tribute to the birds and the best and only way to really do it, grilling. >> sausage, scrapple, uh,. >> pretty much breakfast. >> exactly. breakfast for dinner. that's okay. that's not typically what you see on the tailgate grille but this is no typical game either. >> just different at a night game. you're out here all day getting ready for the game, you get more pumped up. >> reporter: pumped up even if some were a little pessimistic. >> sanchez a struggling a little bit. we'll see. >> cowboys going to bring their a game. you embarrass them at home they going to do the same to you. >> reporter: even if this guy can't catch a football
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most out here agree the eagles will, enough to get that w anyway. >> i'm thinking the eagles are going win, i think about 34-24. >> last second field gold goal by codey. >> 17-10. >> dallas will be looking at their film but i think we'll pull it out. >> reporter: as a news reporter you're supposed to be completely objective at all times 100 percent unbiased but there is one exception to that rule and it's when you're picking the winner of the eagles-cowboys name and i'm going to call it eagles 34, dallas 27. natasha, back to you in the studio. >> all right, well, the cowboys arrived at the stadium just a few hours ago. still ahead, we're going to check in with eyewitness sports director beasley reece and lesley van arsdale for a full preview of tonight's big matchup, they're both live at lincoln financial field. that's coming up in just a bit. turning to our weather now and we're ending the weekend a lot like it all start fundamental. a cloudy chilly day all around
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the region. we'll be seeing more sunshine for the start of the week at least. meteorologist justin drabick is live on the cbs3 sky deck with a first look at that forecast. can can't wait for the sun again, justin. >> that's right, natasha. a lot of people looking forward to some sunshine. i think we start to see a little bit certainly tomorrow. that's going to help bring milder temperatures back to the region. today with the clouds we're a few degrees above average. mid 40's is where we should be. actually made it up to 47 for the official high in philadelphia and wilmington. didn't have that sun outside. setting up to see a chilly night. we're 46 at the airport, lower 40's down into south jersey. temperatures pretty much uniform all through the delaware valley because still we have the cloud cover. so that's going to act as a blanket at least through the evening hours, kind of keeping temperatures steady. overnight we start to scour out these clouds and allow clearing. storm scan3, it's dry but just those stubborn clouds over the region. this won't impact the eagles game tonight. if you know someone is there
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certainly dress warm. can kickoff temperature 44 degrees at 8:30. skies eventually going partly cloudy. there's going to be a breeze out of the northwest at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. now, coming up in the full forecast we'll talk about these milder temperatures pushing 50 drones the threat for some showers for the work week. i'll time that out for you coming up in the full forecast in a few more minutes. natasha back to you. >> justin thanks. see in you five very soon. president barack obama meantime is making a visit to our region tomorrow. the president will travel to joint base mcguire dix lakehurst in new jersey. there he'll deliver remarks expressing his gratitude to our service members and their families. stay with "eyewitness news" for coverage of the presidential visit. and you know it's been two years now since the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. 20 first graders and six educators were killed. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson is in springfield delaware county, that's were there anniversary has led to renewed talk now of changing gun policies. >> reporter: it was the moment that was supposed to
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galvanize us to bring change. december 14th 2012. 20 first graders, six adults gunned down in one of the worst school shootings in our nation's history. sandy hook became part of the dinner table vernacular inspiring talks of action against school shootings. >> gun violence here in an epidemic. >> reporter: the truth according to recent data from a number of gun and media watch dogs there have been close to 100 school shootings since sandy hook exactly two years ago, one of them happened nearly a year ago right here in philadelphia. >> we believe that it doesn't need to be that way, that you can protect second amendment rights and still have sensible gun policies. >> reporter: terry ramsey cochairs a grassroots group in delaware county saying there isn't enough pressure on lawmakers make policy changes. sunday he led a small group at a march demand wag they're calling sensible gun reform primarily comprehensive background checks.
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>> in pennsylvania right now all handguns, any purchases must go through a background check but there's an exemption for long guns including semi-automatic rifles the kind that was used at sandy hook. >> reporter: 50 people on a 30 minute march doesn't seem very impactful until you hear about margie's son. >> my son was killed, he was a manager of a rite-aid in chester. he was murdered. >> reporter: or julia's friend. >> last year it kind of took a little bit more of a personal toll losing a friend of our family. >> reporter: or ann's class. >> three students who were killed by an estranged father. >> reporter: all hoping one day this day means more than it does now. of course the other side we hear about this so often and that we've done reporting on is arming teachers. back in september there was a senate committee hearing on this. they spoke at length about arming teachers but no action on the bill. meanwhile the gun debate continues in harrisburg.
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for now we're live in springfield, steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, steve, thank you so much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight, new details in the sony hacking scandal. james bond appears to be the latest victim. plus the new message the hackers have for the media giant. when good intentions go bad. how one man's elaborate plan for a marriage proposal it went terribly wrong. we'll tell you all about that coming up. justin. >> all right, we have some sunshine coming up along with milder temperatures. i'll let you know how long they last. i'll show you in the seven-day forecast. >> and in arizona a baby is born at just the right minute. we'll tell you why these parents will never forget the exact time their little bundle parents will never forget the exact time their little bundle of joy enter my grandkids bought this nest learning thermostat. programs itself... connects to their precious phones. i don't like it. being cold builds character. walking back and forth to the thermostat builds leg muscles. when the internets come to life and all these gizmos turn on us, these kids won't be able to run
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away on those shriveled little calves. will they love their nest thermostat then? i don't think so. the nest learning thermostat. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
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>> got a story you would like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> a football player at auburn university in alabama is shot to death. tonight police say they have the gunman in custody. freshman jakel mitchell was shot just after midnight. he was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later. now the suspect is identified as markel heart. there's no word on a motive behind this shooting. hackers attacking sony promised another gift just in time for christmas. in a web posting the guardians of peace says the gift will consist of larger more interesting quantities of date
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today. this as we learn an early screen play of the james bond movie specter is among stolen material. the film was on track to become one of the most expensive movies of all time. it's believe the hacking is from anger of seth rogen film called the interview. sometimes things don't go as planned as we know. a perfect example in the netherlands where a man used a crane to propose to his girlfriend in spectacular fashion. the plan was to lower himself into the backyard of her house and that's where he would pop the question. but something went terribly wrong guys and the crane tipped over falling through the roof of their neighbor's house. the man landed safely and luckily no one was injured. in the end, she still said yes. thank goodness. well, the birth of a child is always memorable but for one arizona couple it's even more special. that's because little victoria marie jones was born saturday at 10:11 a.m. on 12/13/14. the baby wasn't due until new
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year's eve. the birth did come as a big surprise to mom and dad who are both navy veterans. >> all our friends are like new year's eve. if you wait until 12:01 new year's day you'll be on the news. i was like okay, babies come when they want to come. >> and they still made it on the news. baby victoria and mom are said to be doing well. >> all right, good sunday night everyone. hope you're having a great weekend so far. little bit cool outside right now but nothing terribly cold. checking with our weather watchers we have clouds, temperatures still holding in the low to mid 40's this hour. check out a couple locations here. up in bethlehem keith baros checks in at 41 degrees. frank in richboro 42. phil in philadelphia at 44. lisa in wilmington delaware coming in mid 40's, a little might there. similar numbers across the delaware valley. john in newark delaware in the mid 40's and fran in nottingham, pennsylvania, has 42 degrees. so, we have the clouds over us right now keeping temperatures
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right now generally in the low to mid 40's. now, if you love the weather and want to be a part of our newscast you can join the eyewitness weather watcher program. sign up right now at if you're skier or rider good conditions in the poconos this weekend with the fresh snow. live look at big boulder right now people are enjoying the nice conditions. temperatures right now above freezing with that fresh snow on the ground. pretty good weekend up there. look at the temperature change compared to yesterday at this time, we're actually warmer. doesn't seem like it but we are. good five to 7 degrees warmer. so that's a sign of a warming trend coming up over the next two days or so. still stubborn cloudiness over the delaware valley but once we get the clear skies in here that will allow temperatures to drop overnight down into the 30's but we do have that warming trend on the way. no precipitation over the ohio valley so that's what's headed our way, big area of high pressure will keep us dry to kick off the new work week.
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jet stream will head northward as we head towards monday, tuesday and wednesday so this allows a push of milder air in for the first half of the week as we approach the low 50's especially wednesday afternoon. now, by the end of the week the jet kind of flattens out, maybe tries to dip farther south. that allows colder air to spill back in so temperatures may go actually below average by the end of the upcoming week. but clearing skies through the overnight hours, back to some sunshine on monday, probably won't see full sunshine but a mix of sun and clouds and we'll keep it dry. clouds will thicken back up, though, later monday night into tuesday, maybe brief peaks of sunshine early tuesday but by afternoon to the evening hours we start to see some showers moving in later during the day tuesday. nothing heavy at this point. the fast moving system that's out of here for wednesday, back to partly sunny skies. i think wednesday is going to be our warmest day of the upcoming week. winds notice the direction still out of the northwest tomorrow so somewhat of a cool day but then they'll switch around out of the south tuesday and that starts to bring in milder air along with the rain chance. temperatures tomorrow morning after a chilly start in the
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30's. rebounding into the mid to maybe even upper 40's monday afternoon and then on tuesday, upper 40's to near 50. however, though, there's going to be some showers around here at least through the second half of the day tuesday. for tonight partly cloudy skies, it is chilly. we drop to 35 degrees for center city. little bit cooler in the suburbs. light wind out of the northwest coming in at about five to 10 miles per hour. pleasant day monday, sunshine and clouds, 46 for the high temperature which is near average for this time of year. and of course tuesday at sunset hanukkah begins and check out that hanukkah forecast, mid 40's at sunset, cloudy skies. watch out for some showers around. here we go the extended forecast, mid 40's monday, upper 40's tuesday, showers around especially tuesday afternoon, tuesday night. we dry out for wednesday, near 50 degrees. then we cool it down by the end of the week, partly sunny both thursday and friday with highs in the low 40's and then next weekend we're going to watch a storm system that could bring a chance for some rain or snow. again, a week away so it's kind of hard to pinpoint exactly what will happen with
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that storm. something to watch. >> we'll give eight little time. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. we go to south philadelphia. big game tonight. beasley reece lesley van arsdale live at the linc with a preview of tonight's big matchup, eagles hive cowboys. hey, guys. >> natasha there's magic in the air. i have a report that says that the fans egged the cowboys let's talk about tony romo. a lost focus is going to be him. they did him up. what are you thinking. >> they d he wasn't really mobile in arlington texas but he's had a couple weeks to get ready and he's been better against the bears, he was last week but a couple of big hits. they sacked him four times there. get to him hit him hard hit him early and then he becomes the same quarterback i think. >> yes. >> talking about quarterbacks mark sanchez, how important is it for him to have kind of a rebound game after last week? >> lesley you know as well as
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i this is a quarterback-driven league and it all starts with mark sanchez. but he will be helped out if he can get shady mccoy in gear. don't forget shady had 159 yards there. so -- >> that helps a lot. >> yeah. it will open up the passing game. >> you brought up shady. what do you think the cowboys can can do differently that will stop, negate what shady did against them last time. >> beasley they'll bring for safety's up, put more people in the box but that's why if they do that mark sanchez has to make his throws, find jeremy maclin, go to jordan matthews and riley cooper and i think they'll be fine. >> all right and how important is it, we got to contain dez bryant. >> dez bryant is the one scare. you saw what they did last time against demarco murray. they held him to 73 yards. >> they were fine. >> but dez bryant is as dangerous as any receiver in the national football league. if they put the pass rush on
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tony romo, that will take care of itself. >> now one of the guys that was really upset the last time they got together was jason witten because he didn't have the kind of game he normally has especially against the eagles. that's a big problem. >> well, it is but don't forget that's been the secret of their office salve line. everyone says their offensive line is so good but one of the reasons is that they've kept jason witten to block. >> merrill reese thank you very much for the merrill reese report. call a great game and that's it from the side line for lesley and beasley for eyewitness sports. >> all right you guys thank you so much.
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>> welcome back. every child in attendance was given a very special gift at a holiday party in philadelphia. big, big hugs from santa at the party for variety, the children's charity benefiting young people with special needs and their families. now he wasn't the only special guest. cookie monster and elmo traveled from sesame street to the sheraton society hill to greet all their fans out there. a dj was also on hand playing all their favorite dance songs. they got some moves. now you can celebrate the holidays with our joy of sharing campaign. buy a new unwrapped toy and bring it to one of our drop-off locations. for a list of those locations just go to or you can call 215-977-joys. you can also text a donation. just text word joy to 41444. we're back in a moment. >> ♪
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>> a spectacular show dazzled stargazers overnight. the geminid meteor shower happens every year in mid-december when the earth encounters debris from an extinct comet. if viewing conditions are perfect around 120 shooting stars might be visible in just one hour. i guess you'll have to
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bundle up if you're at that eagles game or heading there. >> exactly. that meteor shower still going on. we have clouds around. that may inhibit viewing. maybe if you're up tomorrow before sunrise you can catch some of those meteors. 46 degrees after a chilly start monday afternoon, should she sun, sun and clouds mix. clouds thicken up quickly later monday night into tuesday. wednesday's mild, dry partly sunny with a high near 50 and then it's cooler by the end of the week. >> just can't shake that cloud cover. >> yeah, stub good morning not just yet. thank you justin. thank you for joining us this evening i'm natasha brown for beasleyless lesley justin all of us
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> pelley: two years after the tragedy at sandy hook, are some seriously mentally ill patients being denied long-term care by their insurance providers? our investigation found parents and doctors who say so, and we've documented cases where patient care was cut short by insurance company doctors who never actually see the patient. >> some nameless, faceless doctor is making this decision. and i'm furious because basically, to me, he was playing god with my daughter's life! >> simon: syria's civil war started peacefully almost four years ago as a protest against a brutal dictatorship. this 19-year-old became one of its leaders, adored by the


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