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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  December 17, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we begin with breaking news police are searching for two suspects in the bizarre burglary in a northeast philadelphia target store. mobile three giving us this live look from the store in somerton, the men are accused of entering the store on the 11,000 block of roosevelt boulevard through a hole in the rearf the store. police say a closed circuit security system alerted them of the breach. the right now those suspects are not in custody but authorities have have the building surrounded. we will have much more in a live report at 5:00 o'clock. more breaking news in west philadelphia, the the fire marshall is calling an overnight fire at this home in the 5400 block of west girard avenue suspicious. officials believe that the fire started on the front you can celebrate the porch and then spread to the holidays with our joy of first floor. sharing campaign. the fire department quickly buy a new unwrap toy and bring it to one of our tropical off placed it under control. no injuries were reported. locations.
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it is wednesday, for a list of locations, go to december 17th, good morning, cb. i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. or call also manhunt for brad stonies now over. 215-977-joys. or if you have your phone near the suspect in the killing of you and pick up a toy, send a his ex-wife and five relatives donation via text, text the is found, dead. now the the attention shifts word joy to 41444. to burying the the victims. we make it so easy for you. >> in laughing matter a comedy about an assassination attempt right now it his 53:00. about north korea's leader i want to check in with becomes target of hacker vittoria, good morning. threats. >> good morning, everyone. those stories and much more in traffic wise it is a breeze, a little will bit. we're in the dealing with any lets start our forecast on our delays, so far, but if you are hump day. >> kick things off with katie traveling on 202, you will in the weather center. notice some construction, at this construction zone and at 202 the commuter, you are used it is going to be another chance to warm up nicely to to this. but 202 around the the a area above average standards. of 29, may be a squeeze but i can finally report sunshine since there is no volume there for a longer of a stretch. is no problem. it is not a one day event and then out of here. we are looking ahead to quiet i-95 is wide open and maybe traveling around girard weather, overall. now with that said we are avenue, take a look, beautiful, both sides, still tracking a cold front southbound and northbound but passage here. we are not technically still also traveling in bucks county maybe heading towards trenton sitting between a warm and coal front today. once that cold front crosses or maybe heading in to delaware county in delaware. through breezes will have a chance to kick in. got news no matter how you cut
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that will be noticeable but it every where looks great on you will not need to grab for that umbrella for next few i-95 and every where else. pennsylvania turnpike, days. the that is a nice trade off, northeast extension, 202, 422, don't you think. temperatures will have a chance to drop off in time. traveling 476, speed sensors so lots to discuss here as we high up in the 50's and that track departure of the latest is good news. traveling up in new jersey on system and then, eventually 73 northbound right at main potential for snow by the street, main street rather, weekend. we will have details, coming the on ramp is closed as a up, erika, back to you. result of an accident, so manhunt for bradley stone traveling in this area you had in montgomery county has come may do some maneuvering and to an end with the discovery traveling in chester county we of the former marine's body have some closure of chestnut near his home in pennsburg. >> this morning after two days street, chestnut tree road of being on edge a sense of that is a tongue twister, normalcy is returning to the community. right at manor road or take "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt reports. bulltown road. do you like that, katie. >> reporter: for the first time in two days, the the >> well done. >> i try. >> you know, exactly, you have streets of pennsburg are to slow it down talking about quiet, a candle on the front that kind of stuff. porch is the only light coming we are peck to go see that from bradley stone's house. weather pattern slow down thankfully for a couple days. >> we're really numb from what today will have a few we have had to go through. noticeable weather features. you can see looking at the >> reporter: risa vetri furhman laid out the entire eastern two thirds of the u.s. the one and only thing that killing spree just a few hours stands out to you is the storm after after police found stone's body in these woods. that is still, sort of churning away here across
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furhman says he stabbed portions of the great lakes and up into canada we are himself to death a half mile from his home. still watching and waiting for >> but to have an event like a cold front to cross through. this to really shatter the we are technically sitting peace and tranquility of the between front right now. that is why it is still so community it is very mild. it is only 45 in atlantic city disturbing. >> reporter: after searching on foot in pennsburg for most and wildwood. of the morning, police quickly we will see another degree or two at least drop off on the taped off the wooded area off thermometer new that skies are schoolhouse road. beginning to clear somewhat neighbors watched from their but with that said we still front porches. warm you all the way up in the >> now people can kind of lower 50's today but it is obviously a day in the like relax more knowing that they the the rest. are not in danger any north. because by tomorrow we are back in the mid 40's and we >> reporter: just before 6:00 coroner left with stone's will level off here with time. body and police cleared the scene. lets jump to the weekend. we spoke with stone's next door neighbor who said he had sunday is our next chance for many encounters with the precipitation and it has former marine. potential for mix of rain and >> he had some issues, with snow, ukee, back over to you. his x, and the children were here's some of the stories here for a while. our sister station kyw news then i guess she took them radio 1060 will be following back. today. with former florida governor >> reporter: now those children are without parents, and officials say a top jeb bush exploring a presidential bid what does priority, is protecting them. that do to new jersey governor >> mess importantly they are chris christie's potential safe and they are secure. plans. curtis institute of music >> reporter: neighbors say their biggest concern, stone's gets financial help to children, and remembering, the continue churning out talented victims. musicians. authorities say that they are check in two, three, four not finished with stone's times a day, kyw news radio
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house, they are going to go through it and try to find out 1060 on the am dial, erika. the big question, why. coming up on "eyewitness news" we are following reporting from pennsburg, breaking news, police continue david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness to search for two burglars held up inside a northeast news". just past 4:33. philadelphia target. a live report is coming up. here's traffic and weather a new hand sanitizer together, katie. >> good morning,er contact hey everybody. promising extra protection to we will start off with sky cam health care workers. how will they put to it work three still featuring cloud though. cover as you can tell from the we're back at the top of the hour, good morning. reflection of the lights in the city up in the sky being reflect off the cloud cover here but at least we're not having any issues seeing over ben franklin bridge like we did yesterday with the fog. now, the wind is starting to pick up, ever so slightly. you might still find a few spots of low clouds out there as a result of the the the fact that we are still technically sitting between front right now but storm scan three is tote thely empty making that sweep. you can see over last few hours we had one left over pocket of showers rolling on through and out of here and now it is out of here and we can expect to end up with some sunshine as the day goes on. with that said the breeze will be kicking in. lets talk about the 24 hour temperature change. yesterday we had a chance to
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moderate up on the thermometer because of the warm front but has not had a chance to get here wye this same time yesterday. so, since then, you're mostly 20 degrees milder. in atlantic city that was a cold spot with the clear sky yesterday morning. we're almost 10 degrees milder in philadelphia bottom line is it is a noticeable difference in the fact that it is warmer for you. notice the wind is still pretty light across places like philadelphia, into southern new jersey, and, also down towards the the shore points but we are eventually going to see these temperatures moderate up and we will see that breeze kick in a little bit the more around the region as a whole. basically we're looking at a partly sunny day with the breeze and still mild out there. despite the that is page of a cold front, vittoria, good morning. >> good morning, katie. good morning, everyone. traffic wise we are in great form, there are no major delays and it is only 4:35 so we generally don't see major delays at this point. but you will notice traveling anywhere your high up in the speed sensors to wide opened
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road. this is 202 not too far from 29, you will notice some construction but usual 202 commuter you will see this almost every single will day. really it is. traveling the schuylkill expressway in problems here just around 30th street station, east and westbound schuylkill looking great and not only around this area of the city, that the schuylkill is looking good. it is every where. traveling in your western suburbs, maybe heading out towards king of prussia, again, just a lot of good news. the speed sensors in the 50's. i-95, schuylkill, blue route, pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension, really every where looks great. it is not just pennsylvania, new jersey, it is delaware, so a great start to the morning. however we have an accident that we want to trust here this is chestnut street road which is closed at manor road. your best alternate is to take bull town road traveling in this area also in delaware, 495 southbound construction and breaking news right started yesterday, and it is now a botched robbery, leads to this, an active police ongoing, right around route 13 scene outside a target store until noon time today. if you are travel around this where two burglars have been area you will notice different held up for hours. we are live on the scene with traffic pattern and probably a
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lane closure or two. new information. in delays at philadelphia it is very hard to grasp international airport. in delays for mass transit. what actually happened here, the erika? you just can't believe it. >> vittoria, thank you. a man is stabbed and robbed outside his germantown >> a community, mourns together after six members of apartment and philadelphia the same family are killed in police are still looking for a horrific shooting spree. person who did it. the it happened on the 100 the only comfort is that the killer cannot hurt anybody block of west tape hawking else. street just before midnight. bradley stone's body has the robber made off with about been found after a two day manhunt. $120. it is wednesday, the victim was stabbed in the december 17th, hello, i'm ukee neck and is now in stable washington. condition at the hospital. i'm quarter von tiehl. also developing this morning, sony hackers issued a terror sony pictures threat against america and entertainment is telling they warn of a mass scale a theater owners tell can cancel their plans to show the attack similar to 9/11 and theaters show the new movie interview. they already have the comedy about the the assassination the interview on christmas. attempt a against north korean katie? >> today will be a quiet day even though we are tracking a passage of a coal front but leader kim june un, hackers, there is one weather x factor however, are issuing threats begins movie goers. as i like to call it thaw will the the department of home net is and i'll tell you what land security says there is in it is, coming up, vittoria. credible intelligence to indicate a threat. >> thanks very much, katie. we are not noticing any major prosecutors in los angeles will not press charges against delays, still pretty early at bill cosby over a 40 year 5:00 a.m. but we do have a molestation claim. active construction zone still
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the comedian was accused of going on there but we are still waiting on the rush. sexually assaulting a 15 year-old girl at the playboy we will see if any changes occur in the next couple mansion in 1974. minutes in my next report, ukee. cosby's younger daughter, vittoria, thank you. supported her father. we are following breaking she said her daddies quote the news in northeast philadelphia, burglary father you thought that you suspects held up inside a local target store after an knew. two more philadelphia officials are caught up in an overnight burglary attempt. under cover sting operation. >> "eyewitness news" reporter state representative vanessa jane carabao joins us from the scene at somerton with new for brown and ronald waters, they for us, jan, good morning. are both charge with >> reporter: good morning. conspiracy, conflict of we spoke with philadelphia interest and bribery. police who tell us they are d.a. seth williams says both searching for at least two of the democrats took bribes. would be burglary suspects brown allegedly accepted inside of this somerton $4,000. waters, $9,000. >> both officials personally appeared before our grabbed jury, and fully, i repeat, fully admitted that they neglectly took illegal cash payments. >> same under cover operation a has snared former traffic judge thomassin tynes. earlier this month she was sentenced to two years in
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prison. president obama has signed $1.1 trillion spending bill that keeps the the government operating over the next nine months. legislation retains cuts, negotiated in previous budget battles and rolls back some banking regulations. however, it keeps spending for the president's health care law, and pace for the administration's fight against ebola. there is much more to come here on "eyewitness news", a new revelation about the gone man who took hostages in an australian cafe. flyers try to avoid the bolt of lightening. we are back in a couple minutes. good morning.
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new video has emerged of police storming a sidney cafe where a gunman took 17 people hostage. i will show you video from the seven network, they have studios across the the street from that cafe. police reportly took advantage of this high powered camera lens to monitor gunman's movement. the the siege ended with the
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two hostages and the gun man, dead. as you veil yan prime minister tony ab on the says the gun man was on the national security agency's watch list but was dropped off of it years ago for reasons that remain unclear. an official three day mourning period is underway if pakistan after tuesday's massacre at a school. taliban gunman killed at least 142 people in that attack and most of them were just children. pakistanis promising not to give up on hunting down the killers. the the taliban says murders before to avenge killings of its members by pakistani authority. coming up on 4:43. katie, is that rain out of here. >> oh, yeah, it is out of here. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> yes, i know, i will keep it very, you know, confined. >> yes. >> but we are expecting to see that breeze kick in. that will be the noticeable weather x factor here today. we should get some sunshine.
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>> all right. >> despite the cold front passage. that doesn't always happen. we will take what we can get. the let's address the elephant in the room. my eyes are bothering me. i call them my claire underwoods, house of cards, that is where that is coming from. storm scan three and see what is going on out there you can stille wet weather up across new england, connecticut, mass chew set where we are finding the wet weather but we are still fining some moisture across north and western portions of pennsylvania right now, although, we will zoom it out. we will look at the the storm structure. what is actually happening here it would a appear that this wet weather is making a beeline for us. is what happening is warm front is lifting out and that cold front will get rotated away. so it drags with it any potential moisture. now technically cold front will still credits through and it is still going to knock our temperatures back by tomorrow but it doesn't have have much moisture on its tail end to provide us. so we will get a couple of clouds out of this really. by tomorrow temperatures will
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take a hit. today it is one more mild day before we drop back off into reality, and we are not going to see a major swing on the thermometer out of this, but it will be a colder day, we will note that is breeze tomorrow. it will be picking up today for that matter. the by friday sunnies out, we are back in the low to mid 40's with some sunshine and we can expect to see things change by the weekend whiz we will get to. expect some sun, breezy, still mild day, at 50 degrees, we will drop down to 33 later tonight under a couple of clouds. still breezy and still is chilly for you as we move forward for you you in this forecast too. tomorrow, more sunshine, colder day, back in the mid 40's again, quite to it wrap up the week. saturday, lets talk about the weekend. saturday clouds are building but we expect a dry day. sunday, however when an mid-atlantic storm system could clip us with the northern edge and we are allowing for rain and snow showers. right now it looks liken if we did get hit it would be light precipitation. we will keep you posted, ukee, back over to you. in sports, flyers brief
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winning streak is over after last night's match with the tampa bay lightening. it started well enough though, less than a minute in the first period flyers on the power play and what i am simmonds scores. flyers lead one to nothing. the in the second, the lightening steve stamkos will tie the game. five minutes later mason with the save. tyler johnson would knock home the rebound. tampa beats flyers three-one. flyers will host panthers tomorrow night. short turnaround for eagles they will face redskins, washington redskins saturday after sunday's loss to the cowboys. eagles can finish 11 and five by beating washington and giants and hope for some help when it comes to a spot in the post season. it would be great if indianapolis could knock off dallas. sports radio in dallas voted our defensive coordinator to a dubious honor. but leaving bryant n'synx will coverage for three touchdowns. >> you can't not be carrying that baggage from last week,
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or it will affect your perform a answer today in moving for. i'm proud of the way the the guys shake off a two game skid and move on. the next two games will be even more important then the last two. we cannot do anything about it. we have to learn, move on and get better. >> the two games you can see right here, eagles take on the washington redskins on cbs-3. our coverage start with the saturday addition of sunday kick off at 3:30, at 4:00, nfl network pregame show and then the game. then at 8:30, bonus, chargers take on the 49ers. see it right here on cbs 36789. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, running late on holiday shopping? guess which company is giving you a wayay to finish. >> here's is what coming up next on cbs-3.
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updating our breaking news right now two burglary
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suspects are held up inside a northeast philadelphia target store following a botched burglary. it is a store we're told on the 11,000 block of roosevelt boulevard. the closed circuit security system alerted authorities just a after 1:00a m. manhunt is over for bradley stone, authorities found a man's body yesterday, dead of an apparent self inflict stab wound in the wooded area near his home in pennsburg montgomery county. stonies accused of killing her if rlatives on monday. a seventh remains hospitalized. police are looking for a suspect stabbed a man in the neck during a robbery in germantown. it happened late last night along the 100 block of west tophawking street. victim is expect to pull through. our time 4:49. lets get a check of business. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live on the stock exchange. another day, another sell off. what are investors watching. >> reporter: all eyes are on the federal reserve as it wraps up its last policy
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meeting of the year. investors are watching for clues when central bank might raise interest rates. fed cut those rates to record lows in 2008 during the financial crisis, most economist think a rate height won't happen until june of next year but definitely investors will be watching every word from janet yellin today. >> i can imagine. >> some good news for anyone who is still waiting to buy their holiday gifts, amazon is extending free shipping deadline by one day. >> reporter: customers have until this friday, to buy gifts at the amazon and get them delivered for free, by christmas eve. if you want to leave it to the last minute amazon will be offering same day delivery, on christmas eve, in a dozen cities, including philadelphia. now they do recommend, if you are going to leave this to the last minute as in ten minutes before you are seeing your family you could send them a gift certificate and that can be spent via e-mail, everyone can read between the lines
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there, ukee and erika. >> we learn from you that people want the gifts, instead of the cold hearted cash. >> give people what they want. >> reporter: as long as it is not hard liquor, right. >> exactly because who want that. >> coming up after a short break traffic and weather together and we will do it on the
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