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tv   Eyewitness News at 8am  CBS  December 21, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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let's get a check on for the cast with carol. and, winter is finally here, carol. not that you have been looking forward to it, but it is here. >> i know, you know what else is here right now? >> what's that? >> which you probably haven't seen because you've been in the studio, you've seen the same clouds the rest of us have seen for months? the sun is starting to come out. >> hello. >> i'm so un accustom to it, that i can't even look at this picture without dark glasses, because we're so un used to seeing any brightness at all. but look at this, the ben franklin bridge looks like it always does, but the sky looks completely different. we see some breaks in the clouds. how nice is that? storm scan3, showing, couple of those breaks, and you can see them through the philadelphia area, portions of south jersey, as well, other areas still covered with some clouds. but still this is a better start than we've seen over the last couple of days. temperatures are arriving, little bit, at the freezing mark, in philadelphia, and in wilmington, and dover. thirty-three down in wildwood now. we have 30 in trenton,
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allentown, 24 in the poconos, and we head out to mt. holly the temperatures have dropped again, now below freezing again, 28 degrees in mt. holly and in pottstown. but the temperatures will be warming up. now, the temperatures that are in the 30's, and right around the freezing mark, not bad. and they'll get little bet they are afternoon. we should be adding about 10 degrees to. that will we will be in the lower 40's today. with the clouds, breaking, for some sun, hopefully that those breaks maintain themselves. and we don't see other clouds filling in herement and this computer model says it is a little brighter than it should, because it is not everybody seeing the clouds, and, in fact, it has clouds pretty much where there aren't clouds, but knowing that, we take this and take a look at it, and at least we stay dry here today. but we're going to be finding a few clouds coming in once again tomorrow. then we start some rain chances. we will be talking more about that coming up. nicole? >> all right, carol, thank you. now the latest on some breaking news, we're following out every new castle county, delaware. one person has been killed,
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and another is hospitalized. after fire engulfs entire apartment building. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry life at the scene gathering some information for us, syma? >> reporter: good morning, nicole. this is a confirmed fatal fire. i step away, you can take a look at what's left of this apartment building. now, the two alarm fire started in one apartment, on the third floor, it spread to the attic, then quickly spread through two buildings. now there is happened around 2:30 this morning, at the harbor house apartments. firefighters were able to get the fire under control a little before 6:00 this morning. firefighters found one person dead and one of the units, and another person was taken to christianna hospital. now, we are work to go get an update on that person's condition. in total about 40 people have been displaced and the red cross is on the scene, assisting about ten families. this is what someone from the red cross had to say.
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>> it is a difficult morning for them. specially since it is so close to christmas, and they've lost their homes. where as we come out, and all we're trying to do is help. and it is amazing how resilient people are after a fire. and these people will be resilient. >> many of the displaced residents are staying in the apartment complex's main office, wait to go get an update. they ran out of their homes with only the clothes on their backs. now, the fire marshall is here on the scene, investigating, trying to figure out what caused this fire. and to make sure the smoke alarms were working properly. now, coming up at 8: 30, hear from the claymont fire chief about why he says they were behind the eight ball, when they got to this scene. that's coming up again at 8:30. live in claymont, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, same, a thank you. new this morning, gunfire breaks out inside local bar. responding police officers come under fire themselves. it all happened here, at magee and public located off cottman
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avenue in the city holmesburg neighborhood. investigators say it started as a domestic dispute. one man fired several rounds into the bar. one victim was grazed in the arm. now, during the investigation, another suspect armed with two guns approached the scene and fired a single round in the direction of the officers. >> the other guy coming here with police lights on, and lot of police cars at this location, and the male comes in there with two guns, one in his hand, fires a shot, obviously could have hit one of us, one of the witnesses. >> the second shooter was arrested without further incident. meanwhile, the first gunman who fired inside the bar is still on the loose. >> the new york silt police department is mourning the loss of two officers, who were ambushed by a gunman in brooklyn. the suspect then turned the gun on himself at nearby subway station. cbs news con son dent wendy gillette with the very latest. >> hundreds of new york city police officers saluted an ambulance, caring one of their fallen brothers, as it left a
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brooklyn hospital. police say a man identified as 28 year oldies may he will brinsley walk to up this patrol car and shot two officers in the head, execution style, saturday afternoon. >> they were quite simply assassinated, targeted for the uniform. >> the suspect ran to a nearby subway station where he shot and killed himself. police say brinsley was on the run after shooting and injuring his exgirlfriends in baltimore saturday morning. they believe he posted to her instagram account just three hours before killing the officers, the caption reads: i'm put being wings on pigs today. they take one of ours. let's take two of theirs. shoot the police. rip eric garner. rip mike brown. >> this may be my final post. >> the shooting in brooklyn's bedford neighborhood happened in front after house project, just two minute after the nypd received a fax from baltimore police warning them that brinsley may be headed to new york.
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>> every new yorker should feel they, too, were attack our entire city was attacked by this haneous individual. >> the officers were identified as 40 year old rafael ramos, who leaves behind wife and 13 year old son, and 32 year old wenjian liu, married just two months ago. they were on special assignment helping to control crime in housing projects. in brooklyn, new york, wendy gillette, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now, after the initial report, the philadelphia police department issued a statement saying, quote, we continuously reiterate officer's safety any time an officer is killed in the line every duty. this is a horrible act of terror, and intentionally murdering police officer is not the way to solve anything. >> we have seen some protests against police right here in our area. but they've all remained peaceful. dozens gathered again last night at the king of prussia mall interrupting shoppers during the busy holiday weekend. now, they marched with signs, stage add die-in, calling for ends to police brutality in wake of the grand jury
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decisions in ferguson and new york. >> this is a ... (protesting) >> earlier in the day dozen every people including some student also marked down city avenue echoing their message of social justice. >> well there is weekends, community in montgomery county is remembering the victims of last week's killing spree. prayers were said for nicole stone and five members of her family in harleysville. they were killed by nicole's ex-husband stone at three locations monday. stone was found dead in the woods near his home in pennsburg on tuesday. the cause of his death is still under investigation. philadelphia police are asking for the public's help to ida man hospitalized after a choking incident. that man was admitted to temple university hospital on december 12th. now, police say, he choke on some food, lost consciousness, and was admitted to the hospital in critical
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condition. he has not regained consciousness. neither the police nor the hospital staff have been able to identify him. so please, if you recognize the man in this photo on your screen, please call police. it is 8:08. a health scare from muhammad ali, coming up next more on the infection the heavy weight champion is fighting in the hospital. also ahead, a lot of sad eagles fans this morning after disappointing lost to washington. our sport team will break down the playoff picture coming up next. and trip to see santa goes high tech. we'll take you inside a new christmas time experience, at a local mall. oh, oh, not everybody's enjoying it. we'll be back.
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>> boxing legend muhammad ali in the hospital this morning. his spokesperson said he was admitted yesterday morning with slight case of new moan y good news is that condition was caught early, and his doctors say his prognosis is good. ali also suffers from parkinson's disease, he is not expected to be hospitalized very long. >> after falling to washington yesterday, eagles chance for a post-season is hanging on by a thread. beasley reese breaks down the disappointing lost. >> reporter: turnovers grounded the eagles again. they had a chance to put pressure on the cowboys in the race for the nfc east. but it was desean jackson, and rgiii, making enough plays to beat the birds. here we go. game tide in the final two minute, eagles with the ball, and mark sanchez through behind jeremy maclin. washington got the interception at their own 42. that set up four bids for the game winner, 26 yarder.
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seeing else about out of the playoffs. twenty-six-24. >> you won't win a not ballgame that way. we got penalties, extend drives, you felt like you had to stop. but 13 penalties and two turnovers isn't going to win a football game in this least. >> i thought you battle back, end up tying the game. but we didn't do enough good things to win, obviously, 13 penalties, missed two field goals, two turnovers, not enough to win a football game. >> all right, leslie van arsdale was at the game. she has reaction from disappointed fans. and players. e-a-g-l-e-s! >> reporter: fans who made the trip to washington were so optimistic. and expectations very high. the eagles playing so-so washington team, but again, turnovers hurt them. and a nearly perfect cody parke missed two field goals. go birds, looking forward to next season.
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>> we're not happy about it at all. parke unfortunate for parke and, you know, i know he is a rookie, but god ... >> i'm human. things happen. that's all. it is on me, great snap, great hold, great protection, obviously just miss hit the ball a little bit. one of those -- >> bad, real bad. every game, even the ones we won, turnovers, i mean, we can't win games like. that will specially in critical situations. >> three weeks ago, you know, we were sitting pretty. now we need a lot of stuff to happen. so we don't have nobody to blame but ourselves. >> the eagles need a lot of help starting with dallas losing on sunday. leslie van arsdale, eyewitness sports. now, the cowboys win the eagles are done. for the season. if they lose to the colts, well, the birds will have one slim chance at a post-season birds beat the giants, hope redskins beat the cowboys. i'm beasley reese for
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eyewitness sports. all right, it is 8:13 right now, let's get a check on the forecast, carol? >> we've got a change coming. we've got the sun out. at least in some spots like philadelphia. we can see it. and what a pleasant change that is to finally see little brightening, first thing in the morning. just real can i boost your mood, can't it? temperatures are at the freezing mark, obviously having very little impact on the temperatures, winds out the northwest at five, humidity now 64%. storm scan3, notice the area of the clearing, not everybody gets it, but if you're around philadelphia, and portions of south jersey, and central jersey, you are seeing that. and any of that little snow that you see up there, that never amounted to anything, and it never even made it to the ground. temperatures are in the 30's, right about the freezing mark, we will be getting above the freezing mark as we go through the rest of the afternoon, and high temperatures today, higher than yesterday, they'll be in the lower 40's today, yesterday, in the middle 30's. tomorrow, they'll be in the lower 40's, once again, but we do warm up. and by tuesday, we've got temperatures that will be in
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the lower 50's, a warmfront is coming, and a couple of showers associated with that, as well. future weather, clearing expected, may not be this clear all day, but tomorrow we start with at least partly sunny skies, before we cloud up, on monday, and then we start to pick up one or two areas of some showers. that is possible. by tuesday, we are looking at maybe couple of more areas of showers. then by the time we get to wednesday, it looks like it could be a drenching and windy rainstorm coming for us. so, tuesday, the clouds, couple of showers out there, and then we move on into wednesday, and this is when you start to see even more in the way of these showers coming in here. so we will continue to watch for that, specially, i think, the second half of wednesday, maybe little weather than the first half of wednesday. today, not bad. 42 degrees, very light winds again, 42 at the shore, poconos, 38 degrees. and we should be able to muster up some sunshine, and some spots, like we're seeing at this moment through
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philadelphia. win about 5 miles an hourment tonight we will be cooling down again into the 20's, and 28 degrees in philadelphia, it will be the lower 20's, some of the over locations, so obviously it is another one of these nights to bundle up, keep your pets as warm as you are. tomorrow, chance of shower, tuesday, might find another shower or two around here, does not look like big deal. temperatures will be mild at 52 degreesment benz, it is warm, look at that, 61 degrees for christmas eve. but the winds and the rain will start to come in from pretty strong system that will be moving it way from the great lakes, bringing up some of the gulf moisture along with couple of fronts, and then by thursday, that is christmas day, it looks like we're partly sunny, most of the day, it will be windy around here, at that 48 degrees temperature, by friday, 50 degrees, and saturday, 49 degrees. so, really not bad forecast, i think the worse part of it will be on christmas eve, just the difficulty in getting out.
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but everybody is getting out. and the highlight, as you know, for many kids, a trip to the mall to see santa. now, you add a movie studio, all of that keith ate tiff at this to the mix, and you have harder time to see the man in red suit. >> remember the old christmas shopping experience, bags every gifts, crowds, sales on shiny things, you probably won't get, and the threats to the kids? >> you know, santa does know if they're naughty or nice. >> the old low tech line still works, but in cherry hill only if you have a high tech reservation. >> i'm like reservation to see santa? >> you got t because at the cherry hill mall this sign with his name is the closest you get to see santa located somewhere in this house, without making an on line reservation. >> you can download the app, and then register and that's how we are here now. >> the time stamp santa visit app button clicks to spot in the santa line. no wonder alexandria will ask santa for -- >> a phone! >> so you can down loan your own app? now, before we hitch hike
8:18 am
inside to see santa with these families, a spoiler alert. all of the reservations have been going on for a week, no more available. so just say yes to this question. >> does everyone have their passport? >> yes, and with the passport in we go to a room, a curtain, and no santa behind it. no wonder she's crying, and crying in the back gown. but dream works studios knows what they're doing, and after building your own slay to the north pole, and actually getting in one, hold on for frozen tumble right into santa land behind another door. one, two, three! >> that pushed the other way. there, in all his well fed opulence, the santa reservation pay-off. the real santa himself. >> tears are real, too. even in modern day, santa's lap can't compare with the lap of the person who made the reservation. >> now that santa whole fantasy thing that they've got going on at the cherry hill
8:19 am
mall, again, has been sold out. but only one of eight of these across the nation, that dream works studios put in. so, it is simulating you going to the north pole, and it takes probably 15 minutes to get tonight but again, they're sold out. so there you go. >> wow. exclusive to see santa. >> yep. >> carol, thank you. 8:19 right now, let's check on the roads with ann evans, good morning to you, ann. have you been naughty or nice this year. >> i hope i've been nice. i want some gifts for christmas. >> you're always nice! >> so are you guys. and happy holidays. this is 202 northbound. which we're looking at now between route 30 and 29. we have construction set up, the right lane is closed and there are delays already as traffic squeezes by in that one lane. we're going to move the traffic cam again, this is the schuylkill, another busy place, the schuylkill at the king of prussia exit today. so if you are headed taught do some shopping, it is a very busy shopping dayment the king of prussia mall will be crowded today as usual, as all malls and shopping centers around the area will be. but right now, the schuylkill, the king of prussia exit looks
8:20 am
okay. we move the track cam one more time to a quiet ben franklin parkway usually it is bus which races and parades. today it is in good shape, it is all good for business, no delays on the ben franklin parkway or at the art museum circle. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans, nicole, back to you. >> ann, thank you. we will take a short break. first though we want to show you a very festive scene in our cbs-3 studios. morning team's elf on the shelf, we like to call him phil, he's all nestled up in the christmas tree. see him there? just hanging around. we also want to see what your elf has been up to. it is only four days until christmas. so we know he, she, probably really, really busy. so just post your elfie selfie to twitter or instagram, use hashtag cbs-3 and elfie selfie. we may even show it on television. we'll be back.
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>> tray i split caught up with bobby fly, and what's coming up later on sunday morning. >> ♪ >> this is gotto, bobby fly's new white hot restaurant in manhattan. don't be surprised to see the man himself behind the stove. if you're lucky enough to score a reservation here, chances are, bobby fly will cook your dinner. >> just grab one of those pans, make sure you have the broth and everything, knock. >> i said to my business partner, this is a passion project. we're going to do this because we want to do it. >> we won't make any monday any this restaurant, but it is what we want to do. >> are you making money.
8:24 am
>> a tiny, tiny bit. >> and right now, money does seem to be taking a back seat to flay's obsession with wig his customers. >> put together this massive seafood dish, kind of warm up for his christmas eve feast of the seven fishes. >> thin served to bar patrons for free. >> to me my job, my work, the thing i love to do. >> not afraid to spice it up. but bobby flay also knows thousand save or the sweet. counting their blessing. >> do you do that sort every thing? >> you know, i feel blessed and lucky every single day. >> my farther said to me think of the words content. if you can feel you're content most of the time, everything good. >> are you content?
8:25 am
>> 100% content plus little more. >> that's really nice. bobby fly's recipe for success, plus actor siena miller, christmas carol, maybe own two, this sunday morning right here on cbs-3, at 9:00. >> coming up in the next half hour, sad news for you. a fire tragedy in delaware, after flames rip through this apartment complex. one person doesn't make it out alive. several others are displace in the morning, liver on scene, with the very latest. plus this: >> i just his heart crying for you, his heart. >> one stranger's sees two families, now share incredible bond. it is a story of one mother's lost and one man's second chance. and the son is -- the sun is shining this morning, carol has her shades on and everything. haven't seen much this month, right? but will it warm things up? carol back with your sunday forecast and a look ahead in the storm system that could actually impact your holiday travel plans. we'll be back.
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today is sunday, december 21st, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. let's see, it is just about 83 let's get check on the forecast, and for the first time in a while, carol, the sun is shining. great news. >> i know, i was running alarm, i had no idea what that was up there, yes, then i remembered, that's what the sun looks like, and we are seeing the sun through philadelphia right now. not every place, but right now. great to see blue skies, lightness, and brightness, and we've got that through the ben franklin bridge area, and that would be camden on one side,
8:29 am
and philadelphia on the other. but we still also have clouds out there. and you can see them, as we head out to cape may courthouse, 31 degrees, no wind, but a lot of clouds naught that location. storm scan3, you can see, where it starts to clear out little tiny bit. and you're find that through philadelphia, and portions of new jersey, which is nice, and we would like to keep this trend going, but we'll probably find few more clouds later on today, as well. thirty-two in philadelphia, wilmington, 30 in trenton, and at least it will be dry today. so we've got that going for us. twenty-eight in mt. holly. twenty-eight in quakertown at this point this morning. we do warm up, though, into the lower 40's, which is just about where we're supposed to be this time of the year. partly sunny skies, expected for us today, though, we certainly have seen our share of clouds this month, winter begins today, 6:03 p.m., shortest daylight, rising 7:19, setting at 4:39.
8:30 am
every day we start to add little bit every light fortunately. future weather doesn't look bad on there is again work he stay dry whether we seymour clouds than this. >> breaking news, new castle county delaware fire rips through entire apartment building and this morning, one person is dead, and another is hospitalized. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has been on the scene all throughout the morning, she joins us now live, with an update, same, a good morning. >> sad news, out of claymont, delaware, here, after a fatal fire rips through a building, right before the holidays, now, i'm step away so you can see active scene still here. firefighters have returned to the scene to put out some hot spots that have flared up. you can see one on the second level there. now, again, this is confirmed
8:31 am
fatal fire. >> one started on the third floor, then spread to the attic, quickly spread through two buildings. >> this happened around 2:30 this morning at the harbor house apartments. firefighters were able to get the fire under control, a little before 6:00 this morning, firefighters found one person dead, in one of the units, and another person was taken to christianna hospital. now, we're work to go get an update on that person's condition. the red cross is on the scene, assisting about ten families, after 40 people were displaced. now, many of those displaced residents are staying in the apartment complex's main office. >> he said it was unbelievable how fast the fire spread. >> advancement of the fire was well, you know, advanced to us, so definitely behind the eight ball before we got on
8:32 am
location. >> waiting in the main office, but fire chief tells us that they may not be able to even get back into their amounts, to see if there is anything that's val edge recall until later today or tomorrow. fire mal shah -- marshall is on the scene investigating what caused this fire. and to make sure the smoke alarms were working properly. we're live in claymont, delaware. syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". syma, thank you. meanwhile, just a sad day for the new york city police department which is hon two, fallen officers who were ambushed by a gunman in brooklyn. officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu were in their patrol car when the gunman walk up and opened fire. that man has since been identified as ismaaiyl brinsley. he actually post add message on social media before the killings indicating his intentions to retaliate against the department in wake of the death of eric garn
8:33 am
nerve new york and michael brown in ferguson, missouri. >> they were quite simply assassinated. >> targeted for their uniform, everyone should feel they were attack, every city attack by this haneous individual. >> brinsley then turned the gun on himself, inside a nearby subway station. he's also being connected to the shooting of his exgirlfriends in baltimore earlier this day. now, she did survive and is hospitalized this morning. >> now, in response to his social media post, civil rights activist reverend al sharpton issued statement saying, quote, any use of the names of eric garner and michael brown in connection with any violence or killing every police is reprehensible and against the pursuit every justice in both cases. >> here in our area we continue to see peaceful protest in ferguson, new york, dozen staged die in at the king of prussia mall during one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year.
8:34 am
>> crowds, christmas music, drowned out like protesters, at the king of prussia mall. some shoppers approved while others shook their heads at the protesters chanting black lives matter saturday afternoon, shut it off our cell phones as the crowds moved from spot to spot. the first die in lasted four and a half minutes, ten minute, and the thirds, 15. they marched inbetween each one. >> mall security wouldn't let us bring our cameras inside. the king every prussia mall just the latest high profile location, for a die-in protest like this one, just few weeks ago, saw it after a philadelphia eagles game. at the largest mall in minnesota, hundred cents gathered at the mall of america, to protest what they called system is police brutality, urged to leave, and when they didn't, police in
8:35 am
riot gear moved in and forced the protesters out, all of it, mostly peaceful. for midwest shoppers, to city avenue student, kids really, who marched saturday afternoon, organizers saying it was important for the youth to get involved. >> it was a way to give our young people a voice. >> a message echoed by those few hours later at the king of prussia mall. a peaceful protest, with a consistent message. >> what goes on in this country. get involved. >> also broke out in cleveland this weekend, a lot of people there angry about the death of tamire rice, the 12 year old boy shot by police while holding a fake gun outside a recreation center last month. dozens marched to the city's police station, and held several other rallies, throughout the day yesterday. >> still no solid leads in the search for shane montgomery
8:36 am
now more than three weeks since the college student first disappeared. this weekend in manayunk, members of the community are supporting his family, determined to find answers. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson has more. >> no greater cause than to help finds shane montgomery cause, amen. >> saturday in manayunk, something we haven't seen in a while. >> community, business owners, even and family of missing shane montgomery smiling, laughing. >> whenever he finds out there is a 5k in his honor he will going to either laugh or be mad. >> hit the canal to run for shane, fundraiser for the montgomery county to help with the investigation. >> home for the holidays, seen leaving the bar kill days
8:37 am
before evanishes, last week, the about the biggest development since, shane seen or surveillance video headed toward the manayunk canal. we spoke to his uncle kevin saturday and provide add update. >> know were out yesterday, marine unit was out, they had the helicopter back up in the air on thursday, apparently had not given up, neither have we. >> if there was a theme saturday, it was just that. nearly a month after their boy went miss willing, a week from christmas, the family, no where near giving up. this cold weaken morning, showed to up lends support. >> we have a lot of fight left in us. we won't stop until we bring shane home, bottom line. >> 5k entirely donation-based 100 percent of the proceeds going to keeping the investigation, keeping the attention, and mostly, keeping hope alive. we're in manayunk, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, right now, 8:37.
8:38 am
and cbs "face the nation" will be coming your way little later this nation, at 10:30 here on cbs-3, joining us now with preview live in washington is the moderator and cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer, good morning to you. >> two new york policemen killed at point blank range yesterday by someone who apparently thought he was reaking revenge, for the deaths of eric garner, up there, this is a tragic turn that i'm not sure very much people expected. we'll get the reaction, among other, from the president of the naacp colonel williams brooks, then turn to the other big stories, of the week, the hacking of sony, and also the president's announcement that he's going to re-establish diplomatic relations with cuba, we'll have marco rubio
8:39 am
and lindsay gram, two republicans, very much against this, and maryland's democratic congressman, chris van holland, on the plane, that went down to havana last week, and brought back the american who had been held in a cuban prison for five years. so, these are free extremely significant stories, i think, by anyone's gauge, and we'll try to bring as much perspective as we can. >> all right, bob, we appreciate it, thanks for the preview. >> 8: 39 right now. we'll have more news and weather when we come back. of course carol going to be talking about that storm system. that's said to hit right around christmas eve into christmas, so could impact your holiday plans, just a bit. we'll give you the full run down coming up next on "eyewitness news", stay with us, we'll be right bac
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8:42 am
program celebrating 40 years of saving lives. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on how two philadelphia families, once strangers, now united forever. >> j anacine thea london share a special bond, have become part of each other's extended families. >> appreciate it, if you're the person ... >> seventeen years ago, george was dying, he needed a heart transplant, that's when cynthia's 22 year olson, sipo, was shot and killed. the family donated his organs. >> i made that decision because he was so healthy he was a strong, hell i person, a loving personality. he was so full of life. >> cynthia said it felt years for her to feel strong enough for the person to receive sipo's heartment it was emotional. >> gave me opportunity to see my children grow, and my grand
8:43 am
kids -- >> george and i have weiss bonded instantly with the philadelphia mother of three. >> cynthia wanted sipo's life to count for something, she saved so many people. >> one person can save to up eight lives, and enhance 50 more. last year, gift of life coordinated 1,228 organ transplant locally, from 447 donors, the highest number of organ donors ever. >> for george, who is 72 now, still gets choke up when he thinks about his second chance, which for cynthia is another reminder of her son. >> at the family house for families every transplant patient, they share a simple message of giving and living. >> this heart doesn't know anything as far as what religion, nationality, what color you are. the only thing this heart knows is red, red blood.
8:44 am
>> heart donation increasing in our area, but still shortage with more than 6300 people, currently waiting for transplants locally, nationally, the number is 123,000. we have more information on gift of life, click health. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs 3, "eyewitness news". incredible story, winter arrives today. like it or not, also the shortest, darkest day of the year, but, so far seeing more sunshine than we've seen in a while. so we like what we're seeing out there today. carol returns with your sunday forecast, and a look ahead to storm system, as we head toward the holiday. we'll be
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> little end is joining thus morning, she says tiny bit every sunday shine, looking forwards to longer days. oh, helen, you are speaking my language! we have a beautiful picture, though, that she sent in, it
8:47 am
is so nice to see little bit of light out there. and we're definitely find that, as you look through the philadelphia area, right now what else do we see? as soon as i can go backward here, we are looking at temperature of 32 degrees #, and finding this temperature out with jonathan, 32 right now, what's he say? he says: cloudy, little clipper to the northwest, might bring us some snow, i don't think so, it was snowing aloft, and never made it to the grounds, and now it is quiet. let's take a look at we walk outside, and we find some daylight finally, light daylight, casino of rare around here this month. isn't it? >> not everyone getting into the clear skies, still little cloud cover up through reading but still, it is brighter looking, to start the day than we've seen in a long time. 32 degrees, winds out of the west about 2 miles an hour, and i keep underscoring, as i look for something that's nice, in the weather, that the
8:48 am
winds are light. that certainly helps. >> 32 degrees outside, winds out 5 miles per hour through philadelphia, humidity 64%. temperatures will be rising, we probably will get another 10 degrees out of this, for today, 42 degrees, or so, for the philadelphia area for our high temperature, by tuesday, we could be adding another 20 degrees to this. temperatures will be warming up over the next couple of days, by wednesday we could be in the 60s, but of course, we have to have some rain along with that. storm scan3, the areas, areas cleared out, which is nice, some areas looking at the clouds, little clipper, well, it didn't do anything except show up on radar, dis a periods and evaporated and just kind of ran out of steam. >> high temperatures here for now, tomorrow we find temperatures once again, that will be in the lower four's, but then the weather really starts to change, and pretty major way for december.
8:49 am
we will be into winter, starts at 03:00. temperatures by tuesday, though, in the lower 50's, and this warmfront comes through, and warms us up maybe another 10 degrees by the time we get to wednesday. but it also does another thing. and that is bridges up some rain, and some wind. today clearing out, hopefully maintain clear skies, and everybody starts to get into them. not a guarantee of that. but at least it is bright tear start in some locations this morning. by the time we get to this evening, this computer mod well like to keep it clear around here, and we'll see about, that on the shortest day of the year, least amount of light that we will see all year long, coming today. and then it starts to get little longer. top by the afternoon, clouds, couple of chances of some showers, and couple of spots, and monday night, same story. early tuesday, same deal, so not a lot of precipitation expected tomorrow or tuesday.
8:50 am
but by wednesday, that is when we are looking for quite a bit of it. tuesday, bridges the clouds, bridges the chances of some rain showers, wednesday, bridges better chances of rain showers specially second half of the day. so getting away for christmas travel, no problems today or tomorrow. clouds, sun, cool, dry, tuesday, there could be couple of showers around, and you might see one or two around on monday, as well, but it is really wednesday, that starts to get a little more difficult with the heavy rain and the wind. by heavy rain, we are talking maybe an inch plus of the rain, and the winds that could be gusty, say, 30 miles an hour or so. so something to watch for for that christmas eve time period. 42 degrees, four it two at the shore, 38 degrees, every location we are hoping for couple every sunday breaks, which we have right now, over philadelphia. wind remaining light all day long, tonight we drop down, temperatures get chilly out, there in the 20's, 28 degrees through philadelphia, and we
8:51 am
will be in the 20's and lower than that through the outlying areas, though, i know you'll be in your jackets and you should be and make your your pets are as warm as you are. tomorrow, 42, not bad. tuesday, better, 52 degrees, there will be clouds, we could be finding some showers around. wednesday, temperatures look phenominal, but pick up some showers chances and some heavy rain chances, and some wind, as well, on that day. then by christmas day, 48 degrees still partly cloudy skies. nicole? do you love watching the weather before we go to you, nicole, you can be featured in our newscast by becoming a eyewitness weather watcher. sign up at now, nicole? >> thank you, 85:00; let's check on the roads with ann. good morning, ann. >> good morning, nicole. happy holidays to you. looking at 202 northbound, our one slow spot out there this
8:52 am
morning, between route 30 and 29. all due to road construction, as you can see toward the right of your screen, right lane closed, already delays, and these delays will worsen, as the morning goes on, unfortunately. but again, this is 202 northbound to route 30 and 29. right lane closed due to road construction, we move our traffic cam, to i-95, at the vine expressway. no delays on i95 or the vine expressway, both are in good shape for your sunday morning commute. walt whitman bridge busy but moving, further up, no delays on the 42 freeway on the a.c. expressway westbound accident between the 3-dollar tolls and the hammonton exit. and it is slow in that area. and that's the latest, from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans, now, let's talk more about the eagles, so here is a look at eyewitness sports, with beasley reese. >> eagles drop the ball, through it to the other team, continuing season of turnovers, here we go. first quarters, eagles down
8:53 am
three to nothing, hand out shady mccoy, turns the corner, 11 yards, he's gone for the score. birds took the lead. redskins get the ball. and rgiii goes long to desean jackson. he tormented his former team and former coach, four catches, 126 yards, set up alfred morris touchdown to make it ten to seven. >> then mark sanchez got the ball it riley cooper, 3 yards score, 14-ten lead at the break. second half, malcolm jenkins forced a fumble and the birds get the ball deep in washington territory. but codey parky finally started the miss, 34 yarder, got nothing out of t all right, washington came back, darryl young scored two touchdowns, and they had 24 to 14 lead, going into the fourth quarter, and birds come back, it is sanchez to cooper again birds trail it, get good. after a nate allen
8:54 am
interception, codey parkey good from 22 yards out, games all tied up. birds with the ball under two minute left to go. sanchez throws behind. maclin, washington got the interception, that set up kick for the win, and he got it to go. eagles lost third straight game. twenty-seven-24, the final. >> you got to win games. the head coach and the quarterback, you know, were the only ones who keep a record. so that's -- those are the territory with this position. but, you know, there have been three real tough game. and this one came down to the wire, and we just came up little short. >> i'm beasley
8:55 am
8:56 am
one last check of weather good to see the sun. >> so good. i have a picture of it right now. at least a blue sky, totally forgotten they ever should be blue, or could be blue.
8:57 am
>> looks so nice. >> but doesn't that look lovely? and we would like to hang onto. that will now we will be finding some clouds this week, we have temperatures that will be 42 today and tomorrow by tuesday, 52, more clouds, and christmas eve looks warm but wet with windy conditions and rainy conditions, but christmas day, looks to be dry. >> all right, that's good. carol, thank you. that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. we may be signing off on television. always on line at sunday morning with charles osgood is next. make it a great day. bye bye! >> ♪ by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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