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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 22, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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fire rips through two apartment complexes leaving people homeless for the holidays. told those fires are few miles apart. now investigators are is her clinic for the causes. jan carabeo live at the most recent fire in wilmington. jan, good morning. >> reporter: diana, erika, good morning. that's right, two fires here in new castle county, delaware, on sunday, alone, just 2 miles apart. and as you mentioned, fire investigators will be on scene later today to continue the fire investigation to try to figure out how both of these fires started. you can see here in wilmington, that these units are completely burned out. seeing almost all the way through them, a dozen people are out of their homes here. and over in claymont, close to 40 people are homeless. that fire was also deadly. now, this was the scene in claymont, early sunday morning, the fire breaking out there, around 2:30 a.m. by the time fire crews arrived, the harbor house amounts were engulfed in flames. we're told the fire started in an apartment on the third floor and quickly spread, it took firefighters three hours to contain the flames.
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they found one person dead inside after apartment, and a 72 year old man also had to be rescued and taken to the hospital. on top of that, 17 ants were badly damaged, leaving 40 people without a home. then, last night, right around 9:00 here at this apartment complex, on butter nut court, in wilmington, another fire. this one sent three people to the hospital for minor injuries including a paramedic, and a firefighter. here, 12 people had been displaced, their homes badly damaged, as well, and just days before christmas. >> i was like speechless. i was just looking and crying right before christmas, it is tough. >> and back out here on scene in wilmington, you can see the destruction left behind. really, not a lot for many people here to come back to. again, both of these fire scenes remain under investigation. and in that deadly fire, the autopsy will be performed today, still a developing story, and we will keep you up-to-date. but for now, live in
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wilmington, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. right now 5:32, memorial gross at the spot where two new york city police officers were gown down saturday in a execution-style killing. police say 28 year old ismaaiyl brinsley fired four shots at officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu while they sat in their patrol car, then the shooter killed himself. moments before the attack, police say brinsley approached two people on the street and boasted about his plan. >> he asked them three things. he asked them for their gang affiliation, he asked them to follow him on instagram, then he says watch what i am going to do. >> hours before boarding a bus from baltimore to new york, brinsley shot his ex-girlfriend in the stomach. she expected to recover. >> meanwhile, a florida police officer was killed early yesterday morning, after responding to a noise disturbance. authorities say 45 year old officer charles condick shot then run over earnings member
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of the tarp end springs force for 17 years after first working for the nypd. marco antonio had been charged with first degree murder. investigators do not believe that the officers' death had anything to do with the killings of two officers in new york. >> all right, right now, 5:33, we want traffic and weather together on the 3's. are we dry today, carol? >> no, not the entire day, just this morning, we will be, but then as we move on through the afternoon it looks like we have these rain showers approaching again. and they're going to be sticking around, varying times of the day, night, over the next couple of days. it doesn't look bad out there right now, just feels bad. because it is so cold, we've got 32, freezing mark in center city philadelphia, as we take a look at center city, it is 34, if you're standing at the palmyra cove nature park, looking out over the delaware, to philadelphia. otherwise, the temperatures are even colder than that. we have 29 out at the airport, 24 degrees down in wilmington, 25 degrees in will ville, 34
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in trenton, look to be the warmest spot out there, 26 in the poconos. now, factor in the wind. not a lot of it, but enough to make it feel 23 degrees in philadelphia. so, it knocks down even those cold temperatures, just a little bit. storm scan3, showing, erika, no rain, there you go, for you. >> thank you, carol. >> but for jessica, diana, we will be brinking this in. freezing rain advisory. >> we love that. >> yes, dangerous travel for them, up in the poconos, and anybody else who goes up there. and that's from 6:00 tonight until 4:00 tomorrow morning. so just be really careful if you're out head in the that direction. otherwise, today, expect to find these temperatures by 3:00 p.m., 40 degrees, that's where they were yesterday, but unlike yesterday, when it was sunny, today it will be cloudy, and some shower chances starting to come into the picture. let me show you time line here, there, we start to seymour clouds this afternoon, we start to see these showers at 6:00. and we'll just run this through. you can see, they're scattered in nature. but they're out there. we'll continue to find that, but increasingly so, as we go through the next couple of
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days and shows specially christmas eve, jessica. >> that's something that i'm looking forward to, not that freezing rain though. i'll give that right back to you, thanks, carol. 5:35, we go outside, check out how things are going on the schuylkill. things are moving so far, no real problems, but starting to gain just little bit of volume, just after 5:30, around girard, everything moving great though, so if you are headed into the city, eastbound, westbound toward king of prussia area no problems there as well. now over on 202 around the 30 bypass, see ongoing construction here in the northbound lanes, everything moving great real any both direction, now, set of traffic lights out. malfunctioning out on lincoln drive just near kelly drive. you can look forward to some police activity on the scene and direct traffic around the incident. montgomery county mustang road pal mean owe drive crash there. still emergency construction easton road near fitzwatertown road due to gas main break and water main break that happened little earlier in the week. your alternate for the time took get around the area is to take york road. now, currently no problem for
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septa, new jersey transit and dart, all running on time with no delays. currently no delays at the airport. diana, over to you. >> thank, jess, investigators say in chester county the elderly victim after home invasion was targeted by someone she new. police say leonard bernard forced his way into the 76 year old victim's home in exton, tide her up, stole about $10,000 worth of jewelry from the house. according to investigators, he is the boyfriend of the victim's former caretaker, brianna mitchell. investigators are now searching for both suspects. >> only two blocks from the police station, couple of shopping centers, busy time of the year, you know, all of the cars in the area, and they go in there at 6:15 on a saturday night when likelihood there are people out, ya, they go in, there brazen would be the word. >> authority say both suspects will face burglar, and other charges. >> new jersey christies at this sends a letter to president obama demands ago
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convicted cop killer be returned to the us before talks with cuba moves forward. joanne, right here, convicted of killing new jersey state trooper warner forester in 1973. she escaped prison, then fled to cuba where she obtained asylum. second trooper james harper suffered serious injuries. there is a $2 million reward for information leading to her return. >> right now 5:37. we want to check in on business news this morning. we still might be able to see the fill that many apparently triggered a cyber attack. >> investors make plans for shorter week. jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, morning, jill. >> good morning, erika, diana. investors begin this shortened trading week on a high note. dow rallied last week, finished up strong friday, 26 points higher. nasdaq finished 17 points higher. well, with all of that controversy surrounding sony's new movie, the interview, has peak your curiosity, you still may have a chance to see it.
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sony now says it will find a way to release the film, it comes after deciding the canceled premiere on christmas day, after that major cyber attack. but a sony lawyer says it is still not clear when or where that film will eventually be shown. >> here is a gift that keeps ongoing. low gas prices. the national average is now 2.475-gallon for regular, that's the low necessary five years. it is down 25 cents from just two weeks ago. analysts say prices should keep falling, because oil supply is up, especially, from producers here in the u.s. this weekend's saudi arabia said that it will not be cutting production, to prevent those prices from dropping even more. and if you already have your eyes set on valentine's day, here is a gift that keeps on glowing. loungerie lights up in the dark, it is made from illuminating, and made in australia with italian lays, and the price start at $65.
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erika, diana? >> that's something to think about? >> yes, an option, on the maybe list. >> and who isn't always thinking about that? >> if you want to stay somewhere warm this winter, you can start by flying non-stop from wilmington to tampa today. frontier airlines is offering the flights to tampa on mondays and friday's, the first flight takes off around nine the 30:00 this morning. >> all right, 5:39 right now. wedding bells are ringing for two musicians. we have the words on who just tied the knot over the weekends. >> plus christmas comes early for one man, how he ended up getting saved by santa claus. and are you getting ready to hit the road to head out of town for the holidays maybe? checking our traffic and weather together on the 3's. you look live right here, looks pretty clear across the board. jessica has the l latest on the roads, carol tracking the forecast. we'll
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>> 7-eleven clerk said a man pushed him against the wall, injuring his back, those men got away with cash, lottery tickets and cigarettes on city line avenue 7-eleven. >> this three alarm apartment fire in wilmington, delaware, a fourth person refused treatment for smoke inhalation, at the scene, the
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red cross is now providing assistance to six families. >> and new jersey dive team has recovered missing student's shame montgomery's keys in the schuylkill river. montgomery disappeared thanksgiving morning after night out with friends in manayunk. police in winslow township helped brighten the holidays for the daughters of a murder victim. officers surprised five year old jessica, and her big sister, maria, with a parade of gifts on sunday. back in july, police found the body of jennifer bonco, victim every brutal murder. officers wanted to help the girls, so they raised almost $18,000 for gifts. >> all of us have children, and we decide that we need to do something special for the family. >> after everything that happened, like this is definitely going to help. >> for the year she's had, if this is something we can do to help take her mind off of something, that's something. >> many on hand for the celebration, and also responded to the scene of the crime over the summer. they same they all wanted this
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christmas to see smiles on those kids' faces. >> well, it is 5:42, time for look at werth. carol, are you weather watching this morning? >> i'm always weather watching. but you know what? i've got a loft company. we have a whole team out thereof weather watchers. they're teaming out, there and our weather watchers, these are the temperatures, they're looking hopefully they've got binoculars on their thermometers so they don't have to actually go out and look at them. twenty-three temperature, you look at that, we have fran in nottingham, 22 agrees, what's he have to say about that? i think he probably had something wise to say. dew point is 19 degrees, frost on the windshield, leave time to scrape and warm up the car. and that is a key thing to do if you're going to be out this morning, and let me see, knock, knock, knock, dolores lee, how are you? 20 degrees in newark, delaware, and we find beautiful stars through whispy clouds, brr. and it is cold out there. and the clouds, dolores is
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completely right, in fact, let me show you on storm scan three clouds are starting to roll into the picture, and we are going to be finding more and more every those as we move on through time. so expect to find a day with clouds, and with some rain showers coming up specially later on in the afternoon. look at these temperatures, the weather watchers see them, you see them if you're outside, and hopefully your pets aren't outside in this kind of weather. look how cold it is, everybody needs to warm up when it is 29 degrees through philadelphia, 24 in wilmington, and 25 in millville. our future weather, we bring in some of the rain showers, you can see them starting to creep into the picture, and as we go through the rest of the afternoon, and as we go through this evening, we will be finding those increasingly, and then tomorrow we get some scattered rain showers, as well, and we're also going to be finding them on christmas eve. forty today, wind out of the northeast about five. tonight we drop down to 37 degrees. and then the five-day forecast, look at this, temperatures warm up. but this is the the wettest day of all on wednesday, rain,
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breezy by thursday, i think, jessica, when santa pace a visit to your house, he he's going to be just fine, we'll enjoy the milk and cook us. >> maybe won't be nice and dry but he'll be here. 59 degrees christmas eve? can't believe that. going out on the vine street expressway, things moving great so far. ben franklin bridge moving nicely. eastbound toward 95 looking great. so far now over on 422 around trooper road most of that, where we tends to back up, and most of the time, the eastbound lanes, through king of prussia, everything moving great so far. same story for the westbound lanes right here. now, a set of traffic lights are out, animal functioning out in lincoln drive near kelly drive. fairmount park area. so you can expect some police activity on the scene trying to direct traffic around the incident. montgomery count a accident pushed over to the shoulder there, at mustang road and pal mean owe drive. and easton road near fitzwatertown road, dealing with emergency construction due to gas and water main break, and it actually
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happened on friday. your alternate for the time being is to take york road. currently no problems for septa, new jersey transit and dart. and no delays at the philadelphia international airport. but don't forget, when you are on the road, you can get updated information about traffic backups, with the new your drive app. you can download the app for android and android devices by going to drive. >> thank you, jess. and the word is official. >> sir elton john maris long time partner david. the rocket man posted this picture from the wedding on his stain gram page. after more than 20 years together, they officially married yesterday on the ninth anniversary of their civil partnership. fancy ceremony held at their estate in great britain. the cup develop two children together. zachary jackson levon and eli a joseph daniel. hey, another wed towing talk about, former n'sync lance bash also got hitched over the weekends. lance tied the knot with his partner of four years,
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michael, the couple exchanged vows in front after star studded celebration with 300 guests. the pop star's former band were there, justin timberlake, he couldn't make it, though, because he's on tour. i'm sure they understood. >> movie-goers storm theatres this weekends to spend one last time in middle earth. the final chapter in the hob it triligy tops the weekend box office making more than $56 million. now, night at the museum opens second, little more than 17 million, and annie sang its way to thirds place with $16 million. exodus, gods and kings, in the hunger games mocking jay part one, rounds out the top five. right now 5:47. and updating your kitchen counter tops with the latest look, might seem like great remodeling project. but, it is important that you choose that surface wisely. otherwise you could be wasting your money n this week's angie list report, jim donovan shows you what you should consider before giving your kitchen a make over. >> counter tops can transform
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the look of your kitchen, whether you want something more traditional -- >> we still see most people in that granite and quarts world. >> or something a bit more trendy. the first thing you need to ask yourself not just how much you're too long spend, but how much you should spend. >> counter tops are no different than any other type of remodeling project. it is really important to assess the value in your neighborhood. you don't want to over invest in your house, because you won't get the return. >> you will also need to determine how all be using your counter tops. do you spends a lot of time in the kitchen? do a loft cooking? wore bid stains or scratches. >> some people say i might want to be able to put hot pat on my counter top. well then those people really generally speaking need to go toward granite product. granite has heat tolerance of 900 to 1200 degrees. >> but something like heat and scratch resistant isn't that important to you, you may be able to get the look you want without a big price tag. >> i can take a couple of lamb than the sample, literally set
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them on granite samples and show people they look exactly the same. >> for more advice from angie on deciding the best counter top for your kitchen, visit cbs philly/angie list. i'm jim donovan. >> 5:49. before you walk out the door this morning, another check of your traffic and weather together. carol has the latest on a soggy forecast. >> first though here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> it will be a little wet on christmas eve, carol has the follow day forecast coming up in just a minute. >> first, it is time to check in in our man phil. >> we love our morning elf phil. check this out, caught phil red handed inside our trophy case. look at his hands right there? see what's on that? 2008 world series ring, the team gave us, very nice, more after bracelet, i get for -- guess for him? >> how did he sneak in there. >> sneaky fellow. >> got to keep an eye on him. now it is your turn, we want to see what your elf is up to. post your elfie selfie use hashtag cbs-3 and elfie selfie, we may show it on tv. >> i appreciate that phil has healthy appreciation for jewelry, carol. i know you do, too. >> oh, yes. and if he showed up here, he
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would be here but that ring wouldn't be. looking at a day that's got some clouds. and we're watching more and more of them come in. we also have rain chances, and probably some rain actually falling as we move through the afternoonment storm scan3, showing the clouds that we're starting to see come into the area. expect to find this look over the next couple of days, with these rain chances going every single day. and the heaviest rain probably christmas eve. 29 degrees, right now in philadelphia, it is 24 wilmington, 34 degrees in trenton, as we take a look at the seven day forecast, notice, the temperatures, top line of numbers, they increase by about 10 degrees, almost every single day, for couple every days, at least, tuesday, tomorrow, 50 degrees. we're going to be finding some scattered showers around, and then by the time we get to wednesday, almost 06 degrees. look at the nighttime temperature, bottom row of numbers, by christmas eve night, 47 degrees jessica. >> i can't believe we just almost -- 59 on christmas eve, that's crazy. 5:53, good morning, everybody, ben franklin bridge currently no problems here from the jersey side headed westbound into the city from that toll plaza there.
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no problems headed into new jersey from philly there as well. now over on 95, at cottman, starting to slow up just a little bit. here in the southbound lanes headed in toward center city, we're also losing out that right hand lane right there with the ongoing construction. everything still moving just fine so far. now, instead of traffic lights out animal functioning in fairmount park, lincoln drive near kelly drive, expect police a activity on the scene there. stay there. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back. (vo)rescued.ed. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru,
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we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> firefighter when he and his colleagues found a smoke-filled home, dragged the man out, and saved his life by performing cpr. can you imagine, one of the best presents that guy ever received, i mean, from santa. >> how about that, right place at the right time. >> absolutely. coming up in thehe next half hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", a check on your top
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stories, two fires, just miles apart, in delaware, leaves one person dead. a firefighter in the hospital, and dozen of people out in the coal. we'll have the very latest from wilmington, in a live report. >> also, some new developments in the horrific murder of eight children, in australia. what the australian government has now decided to do with the house where those bodies were discovered. we'll be right back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> jan carabeo joins us in wilmington on the scene of a latest fire, we understanded dozen of people without a home? great your heart. good morning. >> reporter: erika, diana, good morning.
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six families involving a dozen people are out of their home here in wilmington, this morning. you can see how defer stating this fire was. you can see almost all the way through some of the units here, now, three people from this location, also, had to be taken to the hospital. this was the second of two serious fires just miles away from one another, here in new castle county, delaware on sunday. meantime, as fire investigators look for a cause, an autopsy will be performed today, on the person who was killed, over in claymont. >> two fires, in new castle county, delaware sunday. one person dead, and dozens homeless. both fast-moving fires leaving only a shadow of what once was behind. >> i was looking from here, my apartment was burning, everything is burning. my tears came out, you notice it is very tough. >> close to 40 others are displace from the their homes, here at the harbor house ants on harbor drive in claymont. this fire started around 2:30 sunday morning i a


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