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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 24, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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out and with on this christmas eve. lets look at is what happening outside, looking at storm scan three, as you can see heavier rainy roaded and push off shore, we have a few light showers moving through portions of berks county and back towards lancaster as well, rest of us dealing with some fog, mist and drizzle out there, heavier of the rain for first batch of rain, has moved on out. that goodies news. we will get in a break in the action right there but this next ban over portions of ohio that will redevelop over our area, during the overnight hours. the good news is that is after midnight, that is well into the overnight hours, most of the kids are already snug in their beds waiting for santa to arrive so that is not a huge deal and these thunderstorms over ohio will diminish moving towards us. we are not expecting much in the way of thunderstorm activity the but cannot rule out rump of thunder. temperatures have been so warm all day long. lets check in on rainfall numbers across our weather watcher network. bill layden reporting an inch of rain there. mount laurel robin, reports .94. moorestown aj with .81 and
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three-quarters of an inch reported at phil chapline's home in philadelphia he is in chestnut hill. lets look at how things will progress through the rest of the tonight, visibility low in the north and western suburbs but much improved, in philadelphia, and wilmington. we are seeing full visability, 10 miles, crazy but still low in trenton. mount pocono, reading, fog comes up quickly and play it safe out there tonight as we just noted some spots under a half mile visibility. slow down. use those low beams. it does disperse. we are in the lull know but watch at two or 3:00 a.m. heavy rain and these could be thunderstorms from embedded thunder here and there by 6:00 a.m. we will see the end of it. that pushes out. we will see sun as we get into early christmas morning. that is great news. we know a lot of you will be heading roads tonight and carol erickson out in the mobile weather lab keeping a close eye on the conditions. carol getting ready to make her way to the ben franklin bridge. how are things there, carol. >> you know, i'm surprised at how light the traffic is with
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all of the rain that we have seen today and right now we have just went through the the toll plaza and we are on the ben franklin bridge but the traffic is really light in every place, we have been and surprising will light. you will be getting spray kicked up from all of the rain we have seen already that will be plenty more rain to come, if you have not seen enough of it. the temperatures extremely mild, people seem to be taking their time, going where ever they need to go but again, even though it rained so much earlier it is not a problem right the now, even the ceilings have lifted a little bit. ben franklin bridge that was covered in fog earlier today is looking a lot better at this point. this is a great time to get out and do whatever it is that is left to do, in haddonfield a little bit ago, all these stores were closed. we were at cherry hill mall, stores closed at 6:00. this is time when people are going to services and friend house or they are going home and saying we have made it, it is christmas eve night, if you hear some rumbled of thunder
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it might more accurately be described, as santa, sleigh landing on the roof, so you may be hearing that and then you won't necessarily but it doesn't mean it won't be there. we are looking in mid span of the ben franklin bridge, no low fog, no precipitation, and everything is moving along nicely, this is exactly how it is supposed to be on christmas eve. we're reporting live from very warm mobile weather lab, we've got temperatures in the 60's out here going over delaware river right now, mild christmas season, upcoming, lot of rain, kate will talk about that coming up. >> carol, thanks very much. christmas eve traveler trying to make it home are encountering big headaches at the airport. rain and fog across the east cozies causing flight delays or cancellations, and so far more than 200 flights in and out of philadelphia have been delayed. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live at philadelphia international tonight with more, matt.
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>> reporter: hi, jessica we are in the baggage claim area have of terminal b. if it looks empty behind me that is probably because a lot of people that should be here are either up in the air or at other era ports because right now there is an average of a two hour delay for a flight's arriving into philadelphia interest the national. that in addition to the 45 minute average for flights leaving philadelphia. that is a 45 minute delay. all of this comes have after a day that saw nearly 40 flights, get canceled. delays are never fun, they are more frustrating when she slow up your son in the army you have not seen in months like kelly frisby. >> late flight. >> reporter: still a pain. >> a little bit. >> reporter: you want to see him. >> yeah. >> reporter: hers is just one story in a terminal of thousands was flight delays, playing the role of villain in nearly everyone. for dad greg a four hour delay meant keeping daughter sophia entertained. >> bought her some cowboy hats, she went to the toy store, just ran around.
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>> reporter: run around or pastime sitting and playing on your iphone whatever floats your both or flies your plane i suppose. for those picking up loved ones it was easier to plan for these delays. >> make sure you are well prepared and stuff so you are not stuck in traffic or airport waiting. >> reporter: all those delays will ease as the day goes on though. there are actually fewer flights then a typical wednesday say airport officials, unlike say other notorious travel days. >> sunday of thanksgiving is busiest travel day because that is a crazy day. this holiday is more spread out. >> reporter: while officials say these flights, and delays will ease throughout the night you can see right there in the arrival board almost all of the flights coming into philadelphia remain delayed at this point. with this bad weather, it could be a long night ahead here at philly international. for now we're live at the airport, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we're thinking of those families tonight. thanks very much. keep the forecast in the palm of your hand, with the cbs
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philly weather app. check live radar, get severe weather alerts and share your storm pictures with us. down load it now on itunes and google play. breaking news right now four people are hurt after an suv slams in the lobby of a nursing home in new castle county. this happened at the cokesbury village nursing home in hockessin and a 89 year-old man is in critical condition after being pinned against the wall, of that building. the the three others suffered minor injuries no word on what caused that crash. the search is on tonight for a driver, who hit and killed a woman in northeast philadelphia. and then drove away. police say teresa pozi was hit as she tried to cross state road in holmesberg. the tonight her family had a message for the people who tried to help three three-year old and for the person who hit her. >> they were men, whoever were there, to not leave her alone.
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thank you. thank you. for the person who knew they clearly hit her you are heartless, you are cruel and god will make his way to you. whoever you you are. >> investigators are looking at surveillance video to find that truck. they describe it as a late 80's, early 90's dark colored pick up or tow truck and it is now missing a headlight, anyone with any information needs to call 911. overnight crash in north philadelphia sends at least two police officers to the hospital. "eyewitness news" at 22nd street and montgomery avenue, where we're told two cruisers collided at the intersection of the officers responded to a report of the shooting nearby. those officers went to the hospital to get checked out and one is being treated for a concussion. investigators say fire that destroyed several apartments at a complex, in claymont, delaware was an accident. at least six families were displaced from that fire, broke out sunday morning at valley run apartment complex on butter nut court.
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officials determined that fire, was caused by a stove, being used to heat a second floor apartment. three people suffered minor injuries, the damage is estimated, and at $500,000. police need public's help to catch two suspects wanted for robbing a mini mart in kensington friday night. surveillance video shows armed robbers approaching the store in the 200 block of east west moreland street. investigators tell "eyewitness news" once inside those armed robbers spoke spanish, and demanding the store clerk's gun and cash. if you recognize these suspects call the police. manhunt is on for serial bank robbery suspect in philadelphia, investigators say bandit is responsible for three bank robberies and one a tempted robbery in the city over the past two weeks. most recent happened at the prudential saving bank at 17th and brought monday morning. the other robberies happened in center city and mt. airy. if you recognize that man call the police. a central bucks west high
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school guidance counselor will not face charges over a facebook post. quote on marry kate blank evenberg's page if my child cannot get to the eagles game due to protesters i will personally shoot everyone of them. you have been warned, idiots. it was directed at protesters upset with the deaths in ferguson missouri and new york city. they were staging a die in outside lincoln financial field. today the montgomery county d.a. told "eyewitness news" that the post was ill advised but not criminal. she's currently on paid leave from her job. meanwhile tonight the the mayor of the st. louis suburb of berkley is calling for calm after a deadly shooting of a 18 year-old black man by a white the police officer. this shooting touched off renewed protest in the community near ferguson where michael brown was shot and killed by an officer in august. police say a the officer was investigating a theft last night when he was approached, when he approached the teen and his friend, a handgun was found at that scene.
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despite pleas from mayor bill deblasio to hold off in demonstrations until two officers are buried protests continued. the officers were ambush and killed in their patrol car last week even, and yesterday hundreds attempted to shut down fifth avenue knew shopping district. the interview is now available on demand and it will be in theaters tomorrow, following the sony sign's tack. it will open at penn cinema river front in wilmington tomorrow. the that is only local theater showing the film. sony originally pulled the movie, after getting terrorist threats from the cyber attackers. but after receiving criticism from president owe bam and many others sony changed its mind. the interview is about a plot to assassinate north korea's leader. well, procrastinators are out in full force, the the christmas eve now upon us, shoppers hit the stores to get those last minute gifts. also on the way tonight. >> grinch of poverty has stolen many christmases but not from one family in camden.
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aim cleve bryan, coming up i'll tell you who do gooders are spring nothing to action to make sure one family has a very merry christmas. and some good news if you are one of those procrastinators we are entering a break in the rain although more is coming overnight, will we final liz clear out for christmas day and will warm temperatures stick around? i'll have your full forecast coming up, leslie. okay, christmas disappointment for eagles we're preparing for saturday's season final any new york but a dramatic finish to this bowl game you have to see this highlight, could be one of the best ever coming up in sports.
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well, you won't be here several more months but preparations for pope francis visit to philadelphia are well underway. organizers say they are already buying and storing millions of mass booklets and communion wafers and coordinating housing and
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transportation for more than 1 million visitors. holy father is set to visit in september for world meeting of families, and it will mark the pope's first visit to the united states. new at 6:00 tonight making a difference in the community this holiday season and what police in camden did today didn't just brighten christmas for one family but it did a whole lot more. here's "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan. >> reporter: to some in this camden neighborhood it looked like a police raid was about to take place on christmas eve but instead of swat it was santa as a team of officer elfs. this wasn't the last leg of the long planned out toy drive, it was an extra dose of holiday cheer. it started simply based on a need too big to ignore that metro police noticed during a toe nation event earlier this week. >> when officers brought toys to the family we noticed that tell didn't have anything in the house. they barely had any food or blankets. when they came out they said sarge, we have to help this family out. >> reporter: the president of
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the camden fop started to make calls and found people more than willing to help. brew son's club in pennsauken had including hundreds of toys for scheduled toy drive but christmas eve owner paul and several customers opened up their hearts and wallets again to buy the family food. >> hopefully it will make their christmas a lot better. i go home to a refrigerator full of food, so hopefully they will have a refrigerator full of food now. >> reporter: in all they hepp family find furniture, food, toys and even a christmas tree with the officer help decorate. they even fixed the living right light fixture which had been broken for more than a month. >> we have family, and we're in the here just to enforce the the law but here to be part of the community. >> reporter: home owner didn't wanting to on camera but she's extremely great full for everything that has been done for her family and she says it is a good example of the generosity of what the holidays, are all about. in camden i'm cleve bryan,
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". students at nazareth academy high school spent the daze delivering toys, to children. "eyewitness news" was there as they went through hundreds of toys in northeast philadelphia this is all part of the high school's operation santa claus initiative, and guess what, jolly man himself was there to oversee the operation. if you still haven't finished that christmas shopping, you're probably out of time. king of prussia mall is now closed but we did catch up with some frenzied last minute shoppers earlier today. i was running around. >> i went to the scarves, you know, one of of those famous scarves. >> i have three older brother and older sister and a nephew and three sister in laws. i got a lot to get done today. >> king of prussia mall's marketing director tells us the most popular gifts this year is still the stand by gift card. >> well, let's check with our weather watchers on this
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dreary christmas eve but you know what, even though it is, and rainy, it is still warm outside. and, it is taking a look at these temperatures, 63 degrees ways we have right now thanks to aj in moorestown, new jersey. reporting cloudy conditions. he says rain has stopped and temperature have been steadily rising. that they are. as rain continues to stop, we are showing warm sector of the storm we will see temperatures continuing to rise throughout this evening. 60 degrees, that is in langhorne, thanks to robert, he is reporting light rain there lets see what he has to say. warm for december. sure is. happy holidays. temperatures 20 degrees above average today. heading down in the first state of delaware we are looking at jason, 59 degrees in middletown and still, reporting light rain. if you love weather and want to be part of the weather watcher program, become an eyewitness weather watcher, sign up at cbs and give a merry christmas shout out to our weather watcher, so great having you on board for past couple months.
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here's sky cam three from the ben franklin bridge, over toward ben franklin bridge from campbell's feel, and whole lot better than a few hours ago. you could not even see the bridge. it was completely fogged over. we saw carol on the bridge and things are looking a whole lot better now. so that is great news. lets look at how things are going with santa claus and take a look, rodolph leading the charge. he is. is there red nose, famous red nose, and, through all that doom and gloom. it is not as glummy every where as it is here, santa last seen in, bamako, mali, 4 billion presents delivered already, we expect santa probably somewhere in the 2:00 a.m. hour here in philadelphia but make sure those kids are sleeping. remember kids santa cannot come until santa is talked in your bed. storm scan three does show a break in the action as far as storm is concerned but another area of rain this one here will eventually get in our area it will come will overnight. right about the same time santa is expected to come between 2:00 and 5:00 and maybe a rumble of thunder, maybe rumble of huffs on the
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rooftop. you never can be sure but you'll hear something tonight. 62 degrees at the airport right now. sixty in wilmington. fifty-eight in millville. sixty in allentown. so far today our high 63, so is there a chance we will hit 64 between the the hours. we will keep an eye on that. record is 64. that was setback in 1990. temperatures still rising, as we await the arrival of the last, push, of this storm, the cold front will come through early tomorrow morning and another push of rain around 3:00 a.m. we will hear rain drops on the rooftop as well, and 6:00 a.m. we will see it moving out down the shore by 11:00 a.m. it is sunny, blustery and generally dry for your christmas day. wind could buts to 35 miles an hour tomorrow, and otherwise the sun comes back and we will see it on friday. great day. still above average. high near 50 with a lot of sunshine. saturday looks great. mid 50's with some sun. a cold front will put an end to this unseasonable warmth and we will see that later sunday. overnight periods of rain, foggy, breezy, 49 degrees. that rumble of thunder cannot
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be ruled out. christmas day clearing skies, gusty winds at 53 degrees. here is you're witness weather seven day forecast which looks great as we head in the start of the weekend. fifty-three. windy for christmas day. friday, 50 degrees, sunny and nice, saturday is gorgeous 54 degrees with sunshine. soy any after christmas shopping, heading in the city for holiday events it is beautiful saturday. not as nice sunday, sun early, watch for late day shower and gets colder as we head into next week on the last few days of 2014. we will be
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disappointing year comes to a close this weekend as eagles hit the road foresees on finally. birds eliminated from the playoffs and giants have been eliminated for some time. pride is on the line, at met life stadium, as they need ten wins as it is a silver lining or more salt in the wounds, and here is shady on missing
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the post season. >> they got to keep going. and, you know, so far, i have come up short. came up short a couple of times. i just got to keep at it. >> did you think that this was the year. >> i really did. like i said three weeks ago we was was nine and three and in the games we did lose, they were all close games. >> the the sixers ended holiday on the high note they rallied from 23 down last night to beat miami, in miami, breath brown only had eight players available but got great effort from mcw in the 91-87 wins. sixers now winners of bakhtiyor games on the road. and flyers win a third straight road game last night they beat wild, five -two. jay voracek adding a a pair of assists, he leads nhl in points what a year forever second second. they will play in nashville on saturday. we have to show you this amazing finish at the bohamas bowl. we have central michigan down a touchdown, and they threw a
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hail hail mary and check out what happens. after three laterals, three, three, it is now an 80-yard, touchdown pass, and after all of this the chitwoods tried to win but failed on the two-point conversion and western kentucky actually win it, 49-48. that is it. we will be right back. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we're back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news". this evening a holiday story that is sure to warm your heart, scott pelley now is jim
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axlerod. >> tonight, holiday storms turn deadly. four dead as tornadoes tear through the south. now they're headed up the east coast and making a mess of travel plans. an ebola scare. the c.d.c. mishandled samples of the deadly virus. a lab worker is being monitored for possible exposure. bob orr has details. now playing -- sony ignores the terror threats and puts "the interview" online before it hits theaters. ben tracy has that. another police shooting. what the surveillance tape shows. and goldman with


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