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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 29, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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continued their trip. meanwhile hope is faithing tonight, for passengers on board that air asia jet line their went missing in severe weather somewhere off the coast of indonesia. the aircraft disappeared just over the java sea as it traveled to singapore. cbs news correspondent craig boswell has very latest on the search and rescue operation. >> reporter: investigators say it is too early to know whether the debris and oil slicks search crews have spotted in the java sea are connect to missing air asia flight 8501. crews plan to collect analyze oil samples. >> lots of questions will be asked, and then we will require a lot of answers before we can really understand what happened. >> reporter: jet carrying 162 people took off early sunday morning from indonesia for a two hour trip to singapore. it disappeared from radar less than an hour into the flight, minutes after the the pilot was denied permission to change all the tooth to avoid bad weather. the plane did not send a distress call.
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>> it is not necessarily a surprise if you are in an emergency but they are not narrating play by play what is happening over air traffic. >> reporter: head of the indonesia search operation says that he believes the plane is at the bottom of the sea. air asia flight is the second to disappear over southeast asia the what thers this year n march, a malaysia airlines jet carrying 239 people vanish from radar on its way from kuala lumpur to china it a has never been found. relatives of those on game the air asia flight are holding out hope that this time, the the outcome will be different. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it certainly hopes so. stay with "eyewitness news" as search continues for air asia flight 5801. we will have update here on television and also on line at cbs philly to the come. well dramatic scene unfolding in the adrian sea as fire breaks out on board a greek ferry with hundreds of people on board. authorities have have now confirmed that ten deaths,
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were 427 survivors. there are reports from some passengers who say they were simply not enough life boats on board and that the fire alarms malfunctioned. one passenger called his mother, back home, as he was waiting to be rescued. >> he thought fire started down on the vehicle deck, and that they were all standing outside. >> reporter: it is also believed that a number of survivors may have been on board that ship illegally because their names were not listed on the ship's manifest. an investigation into the cause of the fire, continues. well, the the sun was out today but our temperatures were dropping. the get ready. it will be a cold end to 2014. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with the first look at the forecast kathy. >> we will end the month above average in temperature. we're talking about cold temperatures they for last few days of 2014, cloud are rolling in as we speak but right now it is pretty comfortable here in center city philadelphia take a look,
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we have a few cloud, rolling in, some to the south, some to the north and little bit of clearing in our suburbs in between. right now in philadelphia it is cooling down, temperatures have been in the 40's all day, 43 in the city. allentown 37. where we have clear skies. reading 39. poconos 29. finally cold enough to make some snow. we need those colder temperatures for the the slopes. this evening temperatures will fall through the the 40's and through the 30's. by 9:00 some clouds 39, mostly cloudy by 11:00. the temperature 36 degrees. the the good news coming up in the forecast we do have additional clear skies coming our way so we will have more sunshine, something we have not seen much of this month. below average temperatures as we end 2014, and we will talk about the next chance of precipitation but guess what it is not snow it is rain. we will talk more about that plus the new years eve forecast a little bit later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> kathy, thank you. shock turns to anger in
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northern liberties as parents with students enrolled in the walter palmer leadership partners charter school get word that the school witt shut down for good over the holiday break. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live at the school and parents are protesting tonight steve. >> reporter: they are, chris. today was also the last day for teachers. we saw many of them boxing up their classrooms. they had to be out of the school by 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. they had one of the questions that we had who is to blame for all this? we expect to officials with the school district and the charter school with that very same question. someone is to blame, for this. teachers, clearing out their classrooms, all who thought they were employed last week discovering this weekend all of a sudden they are not. >> you have a charter school that is in financial chaos even after the millions and millions of dollars that have been provided. >> reporter: school district of philadelphia spokesperson ferdinand go's blame is easy. the it is people that operate
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the walter palmer charter school. >> this is a charter school that has not really work out for kid. >> reporter: saturday letter went home to the parents of nearly 700k through eight students, school is shutting down for good. the reason financial. in may the pennsylvania supreme court ruled that the school board owes 1.5 million to the school district of philadelphia foreign rolling twice as many students as their charter allowed. the charter school's own hired financial add rise or even admitted adding creditors and other cost the deficit hole is far deeper. >> would i say it is five or $6 million that is before bond debt which is about $9 million. >> reporter: palmer officials argue a lot of schools operate with deep deficits the but way the philadelphia district wants its money back that is causing the closure. >> 25,000 a month we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> reporter: officials say the bill would be about 250,000 a
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month. >> they hit us at the core, and they knew that because they want that money back. they want those kid back. they want that 17 million-dollar back. >> reporter: now, you can see as mentioned a small rally, information session, and discussion, from parents and students who have arrived here at the school. we're speaking to them. we spoke to a few of those teachers from this have afternoon, much more on this, coming up at 6:00 o'clock. we are live from northern liberties i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, thanks very much. well, first female bishop at the episcopal church of maryland is on administrative leave after officials say that she hit a man on a by sickle and then fled the scene. diocese says that bishop heather cook returned to the scene, 20 minutes after that crash on the saturday, to take responsibility. tom palmero a father and husband who graduated st. joes prep was killed in that crash. facebook campaign has been launched calling for the bishop who reportedly had the
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dui record, to face criminal charges. welshing fire breaks out inside a philadelphia apartment this morning sending one person to the hospital. chopper three was over that scene in the 1300 block of north 28th street. crews brought this situation under control just after 8:00 o'clock this morning, it is not clear how that fire began. and a garage fire sends hot charreds of metal flying through the a air leaving two philadelphia police officers injured. fire fighters battling that blaze in frankford heard a loud pop just before that happened. it is believe that the debris came from the bumper of a car parked inside of the building. the injured officers are expect to be okay but we're told that no one else was hurt. back to chopper three now over an accident involving a train and tractor trailer this happened at snowdrift road, and tillman street in upper macungie lehigh county. authorities the say that the train was backing up, when it hit the truck. we're told that no one was
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hurt. a young boy on his way to a sleep over is hit and killed by a police car in south jersey. tonight, family and friend are mourning the life of matt mccloskey as investigators investigate what the officer did. all this happened at delsea drive at elmer street in franklin township last night. birth was hit crossing the street as the officer responded to a call. here's "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan live near the scene now, cleve. >> reporter: chris, that is right just a couple boys getting together for a sleep over, over christmas break when this tragedy struck. now matthew mccloskey lives on the corner here on alvin street and he was coming across delsea drive to go to his friend's house here. but as he crossed the street, that is when the police car struck the boy and killed him. devastated loved ones gathered along delsea drive sunday night, officials say shortly after 7:00 franklin township police officer nicholas was
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answering a call when he struck and killed a ten year he old boy matthew mccloskey. >> how did a police car not see a little boy run across the street. >> reporter: a question investigators are still trying to answer? this is where the burner family lives, matthew was friend with their two boys. according to their grandmothers all of the kids were checking out a light display on elmer street with the burners. they asked if they could walk home. according to the family the parents weren't far behind in their truck as the accident happened. >> they are distraught. they are beside themselves. that little boy was in his care and you know he feels horrible. gloucester county prosecutor's office investigates the crash and they have not said if he had lights or sirens on. franklin township release aid statement saying it is our understanding that the officer is responding to an urgent call when this accident happened and we support the officer involved in this. he is very shaken up being involved in this incident and we are supporting him in this very difficult time. he was a fifth grader at writ
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ever elementary school. they plan to open up for grief counts local. >> they suffered a tragedy and our heartfelt condolence goes out to the family and we will provide any support that he we can. >> reporter: roadside memorial is growing this evening, along delsea drive, and i have a copy of the letter that is going out to parents, at ritter elementary school that says that the school will be opened up on wednesday morning from 9:00 to 11:30 with several grief counselors on hand. reporting live from franklin township gloucester county, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. is there much more ahead here on "eyewitness news" tonight, imagine getting a call from the president on your wedding day. find out what happened to a couple tying the knot on a hawaii golf course that led to an apology on the commander and chief. we also heard of sleep apnea but have we heard of e-mail apnea. it is a new condition out there that could affect anyone who constantly checks their
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e-mail texts or tweets. three on your side with what researchers say could be harmful to your health. and parents don't want your kid staying up until midnight on new years eve? well there is a way they can have their count down and still get to bed on time. we will have that when "eyewitness news" continues.
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president obama a phones a army couple and apologizes for inadvertently throwing a wrench in their wedding plans. national the lee himel an edward mallu were supposed to
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be married a at 16th tea of an hawaii golf course but they had to move at the last minute because the president was playing golf on that course. this is the couple on their phone, on the the other end of the line, we're told was president obama. he reportedly apologized for the inconvenience. on the healthwatch today anxiety, and anticipation about what is in your next e-mail or eerie electric tronic messages like text can cause some health issues. some call it a new condition that could affect anyone who uses an electronic device. here's our health report are stephanie stahl. >> reporter: e-mails tweets texts, sometimes how we react might be harmful. >> what concerns me is the cumulative effect. >> reporter: tech expert linda stonies sounding the the a alarm about a subconscious reaction that can happen when checking in. people sometimes hold their breaths, something being called e-mail apnea.
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>> it turns out that about 80 percent of us experience this when we're in front of the screen especially when we're texting or doing e-mail. >> the idea makes sense to me. >> reporter: psychologist fred munch, studies impact of technology on the body. it says it is poor posture combined with the anticipation we experience before opening up e-mails. it puts us at risk for e-mail apnea. >> what that is doing physiologically is it is causing a a stress response reaction. >> i think we will hear more about this. >> reporter: doctor josh war is about the long term effect that could be similar to sleep apnea. >> there could be consequences subtle consequences with respect to blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and things that are associated with that. >> reporter: experts say a awareness of breathing and anxious at feelings is the first step to deal with e-mail apnea. they also recommend that people take a five minute break every every hour or so
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from the computer. we have to tell you there are some people say is there not enough evidence or science about this or even proof that it really exists. >> um-hmm. >> don't get too anxious plenty of time to get to those messages. >> thanks, have very stephanie. good evening everyone. it is super busy out there. it sort of surprises me because would you think this is a holiday week, we will see lighter traffic then usual. that is not the case at 5:16 on this monday. traveling on the north bound side we are dealing with the serious accident compromising the shoulder and right-hand lane as you approach the area have of saint david villanova it is sandwiched between broomall, upper darby and saint david. we will notice activity blocking the right-hand lane but we will notice a delay that stems behind that, as you make your way out of media heading down toward saint david villanova best thing to do is give yourself more time. as we talk speed sensors we have yellow and red on the
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schuylkill northbound roosevelt boulevard coming out of the way of 76. ninety-five in either direction through the construction zone and i-95 northbound approaching the vine street expressway. as you continue out toward that cottman avenue where you will find delays. chris had mentioned this an accident in glenn olden still closing chester pike between knowles and gardener avenue. best alternate is to take elmwood. septa is running a maryland fight weekday schedule, chris? >> vittoria, thanks very much. still ahead apps that are not only free but they pay to you use them. three on your side will check them out straight ahead. beasley. it is black monday forehead coaches in the nfl and self teams spent no time clearing deck for a new direction. 2014 version of the philadelphia eagles is no more i'll talk about the average turn over ratio in the nfl and what is next for the bird, coming up in sports.
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good to have you kathy back with us. good to sigh. happy holiday. >> good to see to. >> temperatures are certainly changing. we have some young forecaster out there that can tell us all bit. >> we had a kid caster event at plymouth meeting mall. take a look at some of our talent. >> i want to be a cbs-3 kid caster because i love science and that is what the weather is all about.
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today, it is in the 40's. but, i think that we should probably do it in the 80's, so bring your pets outside, go to the park and get some exercise and have a great day. no you back to the studio. >> thank you very much, danielle pro, a lot of talent in the delaware valley. we highlight more kid caster from that plymouth meeting mall event this week. you'll see more of them, of course, more events in the new year so your children can try out. take a look the at sky cam three. a beautiful way to end a gorgeous day in philadelphia with mainly clear skies in the city but a few cloud rolling through the evening hours. high temperature in the 40's, above average, again and we are looking at the end of the month being a little bit chillier then this. in philadelphia airport we made to it 46. delran in the middle school 46. new castle county airport 45. winning's field airport in blue bell the high temperature 45 degrees. temperatures are falling where we have clear skies. allentown 37. poconos 29.
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twenty-nine reading. forty-three in philadelphia. 37 degrees right now in millville. not much wind is the good news. we will not be dealing with any type of wind chill tonight and then right now we are seeing a calm wind in trenton, in philadelphia just out of the north at 8 miles an hour but that northerly wind is a cold wind for us and temperatures will be falling as high pressure build in. some clouds around during the the late any hours we will be clearing it out high pressure comes down to the great lakes we'll increase in sunshine but temperatures mainly in the 30's during the day tomorrow. philadelphia waking up to temperatures in the 20's to around 30, touching 40 degrees but suburbs definitely staying colder. wednesday in the 30's again with that northerly wind. this is new year eve nighttime temperatures will be in the 20's. and by thursday new years day highs only in the 30's waking up to temperatures once again quite cold. overnight mostly cloudy and chilly, low of 31 in the city with a northerly wind. during the day tomorrow wind
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picks up out of the north at 10 miles an hour. it will be partly sunny but colder then it has been and net isably colder with a high temperature of 40. look at the the new years eve forecast when that ball drops or when we kick off those fire works at penns landing you'll see that it will be cold, so dress accordingly. 28 degrees, of course, the fire works will be a blast chris, jessica and i will be there there to ring in the new year. we have a high of tuesday at 40. wednesday it is 35 degrees. new years day only 38. but look bonus of 2015 will be the the sunshine. that is a look at the the eyewitness weather forecast, we will be back with b
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25 percent turn over ratio in the nfl, no team stays the same, so today was a day foreman hugs, fist bumps and for many good luck where ever you land. the eagles cleaned out their lockers, most will head to their home state some off to vacation, injuries will finally get a chance to heel although it may take longer for disappointment to mend. several positions need upgrading and that is the next order of business. >> time is on everybody's side here, you know we don't to have make any decision is today. you don't to have make any
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decisions until free agency in terms of how we want to start to shape roster for 2015. we have a real good process in terms of how that works. >> i don't know what they will do but i know there is a new team every year different people, some people go that you never expect, some people stay. we have to add new piecees day after final sunday it is known as black monday in the nfl and three head coaches are out of the job. atlanta fired mike smith, chicago mark trustman and the jets fired rex ryan. so i guess we knew a couple of those were coming. >> they have been disappointed. nice not to be on that carousal. >> yes. >> all right. >> thanks, beasley. still to come, we will tell you how the interview led to a landmark moment for digital movie distribution. >> a local politician shows his support for philadelphia police and gives recommendations to improve the relationship between officers
5:28 pm
and the community. i'm syma chowdhry with that story. also ahead how netflix is helping parents trick their kid into going to bed early on new years eve. and then new at 6:00 o'clock tonight finding a fury friend for the new year we will tell you how to you can help empty the shelter and safe a life at the the same time.
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i'm drizzle may and here are the top stories for you a ten year-old on his way to a sleep over is run down and killed by a franklin township police officer. tonight, friend and family are mourning matthew mccloskey as authorities investigate their actions. is there breaking news right now chopper three is over a fatal accident on south chester pike in glenn olden delaware county. we know three vehicles were involved in the crash there are reports of other injuries. we will keep you posted. kathy? chris, in weather we're talking about a quiet toned 2014. it will be cold ringing in the new year. some cold air we have seen this entire season and then it does get milder but we expect some rain over the weekend. details later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> there is more breaking news right now let's get to chopper three live over an overturned
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truck that has been causing real traffic problems in lower pottsgrove montgomery county. at one point this truck was on fire. the west won lanes of route 422 are closed right now right here near arm and hammer overpass and police, obviously still on the scene. they will be working to upright that truck for some time. right now it is unclear if anyone was hurt. as we continue to see friction on between a communities and police departments across the the country, one local politician is suggesting new ways to bring the sides together. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us live from philadelphia police headquarters to tell us about some of these ideas syma? >> reporter: that is right chris, state representative w curtis thomas spoke out in support of the philadelphia police department and gave some suggestions on how officers can improve their relationship with the community. >> turn negatives into positive is how we move forward. >> reporter: that is attitude
5:33 pm
state representative w curtis thomas has when it comes to bettering the community. this is in response to the recent murders of the two new york city police officers and what he calls escalating public tension. >> the problem in ferguson the problem in new york, problem in cleveland, that is representative of all people of the philadelphia police department or other police departments. that is not the case. >> reporter: representative thomas was surrounded by community leaders as he spoke. >> and how to respect not only just officers but one another in general. once we get rid of that ignorant culture of, you know i'm bad i have this pride, i have this that, that is what is killing our so side. >> reporter: thomas also gave recommendations to help strengthen relationship between police and community like the use of body cameras and increased patrols. >> we need to work at making sure we have resource that he is we need. >> reporter: thomas gave examples of increased patrols around housing projects like
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richard allen home and harrison plaza has led to less crime. we have talk to one resident noticed a different. >> new with the strong police presence it is very quiet. >> reporter: other suggestions thomas made includes implementing quarterly town hall meetings, in each district, and making office's veilable to talk electronically for those who feel a little bit more comfortable having a conversation via e-mail. we are live outside police headquarters syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> same, thanks very much. shots fired at an lapd cruiser. suspect is in custody but a second is on the run this happened late last night in south l.a. and as part of the city known for gang violence. a rifle was reportedly recovered at the scene. the motive is under investigation but officials say there is no indication it is linked to attacks on police in other parts of the country. >> this is probably the worst thing that can happen in the
5:35 pm
law enforcement community. our officers are very professional and this is something that is unnerving but they will continue to do their job that we were sworn to do. >> two police officers were fired upon, neither was injured. police have yet to identify that suspect they are searching for him. the fbi ace several police departments need your help to nab a serial bank robber. police say that this suspect is responsible for six robberies and two attempted robberies in just the past three weeks. the latest happened this morning at the wells fargo on east lancaster avenue in bryn mawr. in each case the suspect handed the teller a threatening and ran from the scene a lot happened in 204, fight begins terrorism intensified but the world also united in the name of sports at the most expensive olympic games ever. cbs's alfonso van marsh is in london with a look back at the biggest international events of this year.
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>> reporter: president obama authorized u.s. air strikes against iraq and syria targeting islamic state fighters. isis militants bee head $3 americans and several other hostages. terror hit australia when an iranian born cleric took hostages at a coffee shop suspect and two hostages were killed during a gun battle with police. in afghanistan u.s. and nato ended combat missions, 13 years after the september 11th attacks. the taliban in pakistan attack a military run school in peshawar killing 141 people, mostly students. the is rally/palestinian conflict intensified where militants murdered jewish teenagers and israelis extremist burned a palestinian teen to death. hamas launched thousands of rockets of israel and israel raided the gaza strip. more than 2,000 palestinians and 70 israelis died. pope francis made a pilgrimage to the holy land ahead of that
5:37 pm
violence meeting with christian, jewish and palestinian leaders. the the pope also addressed a hot button issue in the church meeting priest sex abuse survivors. >> the u.s. and cuba restored diplomatic ties after more than 50 years. health officials are struggling to contain the world's biggest out break, the disease has killed nearly 7,000 people in west africa. boca horam kidnaped hundreds of school girls in nigeria in april and threatened to sell them into slavery. >> found guilty. >> reporter: south african judge sentenced para olympic tractor oscar pistorius to five years in prison for shooting his girlfriend to death. malaysia airlines flight that disappeared in july with 239 people was never found. another malaysia airlines plane was shot down over eastern ukraine killing will 298 people. during the revolution in
5:38 pm
ukraine, russia troops took control of crimea, russia also held a successful winter olympic games in sochi. the british are getting ready to welcome another royal baby in the spring. alfonso ran marsh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good evening everyone. still a very busy evening. if you are traveling on our majors. i-95 commuting southbound out of the area of the northeast down through the vine street expressway. it is not awful but through construction zones you will notice a drop in speed. also northbound on i-95 from penns landing up through cottman avenue no fun zone as well as vine street expressway. if you are traveling on the schuylkill you will notice it is busy. westbound taillights. eastbound headlights. commuting in the eastbound direction between 76 and 95 is your biggest delay. westbound is only as awe approach 76. as we look at our speed sensors, 24 on i-95 through those construction zones where
5:39 pm
we are heavier. traveling on the schuylkill we have pockets of volume throughout your western suburbs. if you are traveling on 476 northbound, big old delay making your way almost down to the gates of i-95 to 76. we had an earlier accident approaching saint david that really set us back and cleared but it is out there chris was mentioning this live chopper three was over the scene of this accident on the westbound side of 422 at arm and hammer boulevard, overturn truck caught on fire and extinguished. emergency teams are still out there they have been closing the roadway so industrial highway would be your best bet, chris. >> vittoria, thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" don't like paying for apps? what about an app that pays you. there is more than one out there, we will sees three on your side with how to find money making apps that a work for you. kathy? in weather we're tracking last few days of 2014 it will be getting colder, we will talk about where temperatures bottom out, as we ring in the new year, coming up as "eyewitness news"
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well price of gasoline continues to drop as we head into the new year. "eyewitness news" at citgo on route 73 and 295 in mount laurel, new jersey. drivers there paying $2.15 a gallon for a gallon of regular today. across the the bridge and you will pay more a gallon of
5:43 pm
regular selling for 2.4 three at sunoco at cottman and the boulevard in northeast philadelphia. those prices do beat the current triple a averages right now lets take a look in pennsylvania, $2.63 a gallon. 2.29 in new jersey and 2.46 in delaware. well little league star mo'ne davis is associated press 2014 female athlete of the year. mo'ne just 13 is the youngest winner ever and she of course became an instant celebrity in august to become first young woman to win a little league world series game. she said baseball isn't even her best sport in, eighth grade mo'ne is playing point guard for her high school varsity basketball team and has a very bright future. we will be right back.
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lots of parent will ring in 20 15a few hours early thanks to netflix. netflix had has created an on demand count down, hosted by king julian who is the animated leamer from the company series all hail king julian and from the madgascar series as well. families can start stream the fire works show anytime they please. some say that they plan to fool their kid a little bit in an effort to get them into bed
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well before midnight. well, if you are celebrating 2015 outdoors this year you will want to bundle up because yes it will be cold. meteorologist justin drabick joins us live vee at cbs-3 mobil weather lab from penns landing where we will be celebrating 2015 were not one justin but two fire works show on new years eve. we cannot wait. >> that is right chris, a lot of people getting exited to that are as we are gearing up here live at the river rink where it is jammed packed right now this place will be rocking from party central the guests as you mentioned two fire works displays one at 6:00, one at midnight, we will talk about that in a bit but of course we have to talk about the the weather. everybody dressed warmly here. we will to have dress warmer here come new years eve. we will break down for you our new years eve planner. good news it is dry. we will talk about clear skies for new year eve. temperature at 6:00 for first fire works show will be around
5:48 pm
31 degrees. by 9:00 o'clock we should be in the upper 20's. midnight a chilly 27 degrees with the the clear skies. now about those fire works, barges were being loaded today at the navy yard. more than 4,000 devices will be used for the two shows and, that is four times the explosives and 5 miles of the wire and cable. the 6:00 o'clock show will feature fire works synchronized todd music from some of hollywood's biggest movies and midnight show will feature hits from the biggest news california acts of 2014. join cbs-3 on new years eve we will broadcast live from pens land to go bring you the spectacular fire works show, at the stroke of midnight. you can be part of the special by sending us your new years wishes by going to cbs or use the harn tag cbs-3/nye. we want to bring you back here live with the cbs-3 mobil weather lab. enjoy this temperature of 44 degrees. it is not that bad outside with the light win it gets colder. finally wintertime temperatures coming back in
5:49 pm
the forecast and for how long it will stay cold we will send it back to the studio with kathy for a check of the forecast. good evening kathy. >> good evening it is evening fest on the waterfront. we can't wait the to get there new years eve. our neighborhood weather watchers are saying that the temperatures are cooling down but it is pretty comfortable out there as justin say. frank says 38 degrees in richboro, bucks county. just a great evening for the even of december. but the bad news is it will be getting a lot colder around here but i guess, tis the season. 39 degrees to the north and west of philadelphia laurie is reporting in downingtown. thirty-nine. he sent in a picture to show us of the beautiful sunsets sometimes in winter we will get prettiest pictures this one he says beautiful sunset. 39 degrees with clear skies. if you would like to be an eyewitness weather watcher we would love to you join the team. we are expecting a busy 2015 weather-wise. we can featured in your newscast by becoming a weather watcher. sign up by going to cbs it is going to get colder out there but it is pleasant tonight, even down the shore in the atlantic city where we
5:50 pm
somalia brightening skies today but all lit up on sky cabbing 36789 temperatures made it in the 40's every where, in philadelphia, the the high temperature of 46, tomorrow is just touching 40 and then wednesday, into new years day into the the 30's and then climbing backup, toward the weekend, but we will be seeing some wet weather. we will talk about that, but first lets look the at these numbers. clear in the poconos. 29 degrees. finally good cold weather to actually make some snow. allentown is 37. philadelphia 43. in millville 37 degrees. so mild air to the south, but some cold air invading to the north and west. columbus at 31. 39 degrees in st. louis. thirty-nine in little rock. that is cold for them. you see purple through great lakes. twenty's and teens, so even colder air waiting in the wings. for now we are looking at a partly cloudy sky. we will be in and out of the cloud during the overnight hours, but a cold dome will be building down from the great lakes so temperatures in our suburbs really struggling tomorrow in the 30's, philadelphia topping out at
5:51 pm
40. we will see that northerly wind adding a chill to the air. new years eve in the 30's with still some sunshine. we did see that forecast that justin has it is cold to ring in the new year. by thursday new years day temperatures in the 30's again. so overnight tonight low 31 with the mostly cloudy sky. during the day tomorrow some sunshine high 40 with that northerly wind and on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast take it look we will chill it down for wednesday and thursday. thursday morning 24. coldest morning we have seen this season. friday saturday sunday warming up by sunday, we will see more rain in the forecast. but not so bad, as we ring in the new year chris? >> thanks, kathy. well, many of us turn to our favorite apps when we have free time everything from facebook to angry bird but now there are app that is will actually pay to you use them. cbs correspondent allison harmelen explains. >> reporter: august matte us
5:52 pm
is snapping this sun screen display a one time time through gig walk. they send users small jobs like this one. companies find out what their products look like in the store and he makes a few bucks when he is with his wife at the mall. >> i will check the mall income them out while she's spending money i'm earning money. >> reporter: vittoria generals uses her machine toy make a couple bucks. her app is call surveys on the go. >> you get paid to do different surveys it could be about radio, entertainment movies products. i did a movie where it asked me how many movies i have been to in the last year. >> reporter: there are now dozens that pay pay april as veilable. users can make money from being a mystery shop tore watching certain videos. surveys the go ceo saint claire says more corporations are willing to pay for this type of market research and that is helping apps become more popular then ever. >> we average between one and 2,000 new down load a day that is people who create accounts. >> reporter: jones and other
5:53 pm
users are not getting rich with these apps. >> i average $5 a week. >> reporter: but she says make that extra cash taste only a few minutes of her time. allison harmevene len for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come will the successful digital release of the interview change the way studios distribute movies. the insider will take a a closer look when we come right back.
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5:56 pm
set h rogan and james franco the interview made 15 million-dollar through digital sales, could that change the way that studio distribute movies? tonight insider's thea andrews goes inside changing business model of movie releases. >> now suddenly the the interview is hottest movie out there and originally a movie no one would touch or be able to see. >> reporter: sony says the the interview has been purchased or rented more than 2 million times generating over 15 million in the first four days. >> i might not show it but i'm freaking out. >> reporter: according to paul, film insider, this is a major win for sony a after a very trying two months. >> they took lemons and made box office lemonade. >> reporter: sony was roundly
5:57 pm
criticized by just about everybody including the president from pulling the film from the scheduled christmas day release and 3,000 theaters. >> super fan. >> reporter: after this reverse course and dropped film into more than 300 independently owned venues and on line on a variety of platforms obama offered praise while playing golf in hawaii over christmas. >> i'm glad it is being released. >> reporter: film's co director seth rogan and evan goldberg surprised fans at a 12:30 a.m. at the family movie theater in los angeles. >> if it wasn't for theaters like this and people like you guys this literally would not be happening right now. >> reporter: the 44 million-dollar film is made an estimated 2.8 million in the limited theater release plus the 15 million counting on line close to its estimated take of 20 million had it opened wide as planned. so could this signal a new strategy for hollywood to release major numbers in digital and theaters
5:58 pm
simultaneously. >> i don't think we will see big studio movies released in this way because financial maryland he will just does not add up. >> back to you. you can watch the insider tonight and every week night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00, now at 6:00 a video just in that shows flames shooting from an engine as this airplane makes an emergency landing here in philadelphia. also, first shock and then anger, parents now protest the sudden closing of a philadelphia charter school. we are live. kathy? mild but getting colder as we end 2014. we will lot chill that welcomes us in the new year. as philadelphia says good bye to 2014, the city gears up for a very busy new year. from tall ships to a visit from the pope, we will take a look at what is in store, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now.
5:59 pm
we will begin with breaking news at 6:00 o'clock tonight chopper three is over what we now know is a deadly crash in glenn olden on south chester pike, one person has been killed, in the accident, there are others injuries, as well, and we're told that a white car that is covered right now with a tarp was being chased by police and that car reportedly tried to pass another car, and was then involved in a head on collision. also breaking news right now chopper three is live over the clean up after a truck overturns and catches fire on route 422 in lower pottsgrove. officials say that this truck was hauling trash when it hit a barrier at arm and hammer ramp a and then went down that embankment. so far only one westbound lane has been reopened and is there no word on any injuries there. >> just super sad. sweet little boy. i can't imagine the family's pain. >> also topping the news
6:00 pm
tonight a young boy on his way to a sleep over is hit and killed by a police car in south jersey. tonight, his family, and friend are mourning matt mccloskey as authorities investigate exactly what happened. an officer was responding to a call when he hit that boy, as "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan tells us, it happened at delsea drive and elmer street in franklin township gloucester county. ten year-old matthew mccloskey was about to have a a sleep over when his young life was cut short by a police officer answering a call who struck the boy on delsea drive. >> just super sad, sweet little boy i cannot imagine the family's pain. >> reporter: mccloskey who lived on elmer street was with his two friend who live around the corner. according to those boys grandmothers the kids were checking out a local light display and they asked if they could walk home. family says that the parents were a little behind the boys in their truck when the the cruiser hit mcencloses can i crossing the road.


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