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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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at 11:00 o'clock tonight with breaking news. a man is shot and killed by police in delaware county just hours after he posted threatening videos online. tonight we have the videos and new details on his trouble past. good evening jessica is off. i'm chris may. this man was shot and killed in drexel hill when police say he tried to run them down with his car. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live in delaware county with some late breaking details now. todd. >> reporter: chris police tell us the suspect had a history of mental illness. he was posting videos on youtube and threatening to kill police. his most recent posting online came just minutes before he was shot and killed. >> this is my coming out party. okay? so you want to try to bring me down, i will bleep kill you and your hole bleep family, all right? go ahead and bleep with me. >> reporter: zero receives rambling hard to follow videos posted on youtube by 52-year-old joseph bologna. he threatens to kill police his last video was posted
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4:00 o'clock tuesday by five he was dead. shots several times by police in drexel hill after officers pulled him over. >> he through the car in reverse. he ran into the chief of police car from clifton and tried to run over several other officers who were around the car. at this time officers fired several shots. >> reporter: haverford police had an arrest warrant out for him because allegedly threats he made to one of the detectives on his youtube channel he talks about his love of god and bob singer sarah borrell list. >> i'm sarah twin flame soulmate. >> officers went to his home in clifton heights tuesday and followed him in his car as he drove to drexel hill and that's where officers pulled him over and bocked him in. he apparently used his vehicle as a weapon. >> reporter: as many as five officers from clifton heights upper darby and haverford all opened fire striking bologna several times.
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he died at the scene. bullets also hit the front glass door avenue bank and a window to a nearby mel office. no one was else was injured. the 15-year-old has a police record. >> in 2005 he was arrested for recklessly endangering another person false imprisonment terroristic threats. >> reporter: no officers were injured here during the the shooting today at garrett road and shadeland avenue. roaring live to into in drexel hill todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you very much. more breaking news right now now. chopper three is live over bridgeton new jersey. there has been a shooting there on south avenue which is near henry street. you can see a very active scene right now. police are there. we're working to get more information. we'll have the for you as soon as it's available. new at 11:00 o'clock tonight tonight, transit technology it played a very big role in the arrest of three men who stole an i pope from a woman on the market frankford line. take good look at this surveillance video. it shows the theft happening
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just as that eastbound train entered the millbourne station last night. a septa police dispatcher saw the suspects on that surveillance camera. then recognized them when they walk inside 13th 13th street teague station. that's where the three were arrested. right now philadelphia police are investigateing this robbery on the riverfront. video shows a woman walking along man ton street last week when she was suddenly attacked by a man from behind. he stole her purse and a bag of food and then drove off in a gray suv. the victim was taken to the hospital to get check out. we're told that suspect is still on the loose. new at 11:00 o'clock tonight tonight, gloucester township police have arrested this man and accused of of him secretly video taping women. one woman told police that carl camp injury came to her apartment several times and before leaving set up a cell phone to record her. officers investigated and then found another woman who made similar claims.
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camp is facing several counts of invasion of privacy. a man suspected in three rapes in pennypack park is behind bars tonight on $10 million bail. this is robert palen. his 2012 arrest in madison wisconsin on rape and murder charges led philadelphia police to get a hit on his d inform a in a national database. he's been extraditeed to philadelphia now and is charged in attacks on two women in pennypack park dating back to 2010. >> his d inform a was up loaded. matched ours. we started this investigation all over again in march. we were able to track down all our victims except for one photo spreads were done. they all positively identified him. >> palen was suspected in third attack but that case was closed after the victim passed away. well, a large part of the country is in the midst of a bitter blast tonight. in minneapolis the low dipped to
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minus 6 degrees. the wind chill 20 below zero just before dawn. but the question is, will that frigid air cause our temperatures to tumble. >> meteorologist kathy orr is out on the cbs3 sky deck. kathy, how does it feel right now j not that bad, chris. it's cold but if you're dressed appropriately it is comfortable. there's no wind. the skies are moonlit and it's a pretty night out here. behind me 16th 16th street not so busy right now but it will be tomorrow night as we ring in the new year and colder air does move in. that same arctic blast that they are enjoying through the great lakes and the planes. take a look at the temperatures right now. looking at 30 in the city. allentown 23. the poconos 19. good snow making weather. but look to the west. chicago 12. desmoines three. minneapolis three below. we'll see a piece of that very cold air move our way. for tonight though, skies are clear. winds are light and temperatures will fall fast. come tomorrow morning we'll look at morning lows in the 20s by 7am29 in philadelphia,
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allentown 25. the poconos one at and that is the air temperature. not the wind chill. coming up a very cold start to 2015. a weekend storm is brewing and the january freeze. we'll talk about the normally coldest month of the year may not disappointment this year either. we'll talk about the cold january coming our way later in the broadcast. for now chris we'll zen it back to you. >> kathy, thanks so much. well new at 11:00 o'clock tonight a confirm case of whooping cough in burlington county. the victim is a student at burlington township middle school. tonight district officials are warning families they should take precautions to prevent the spread of the disease. whooping cough is generally treated with antibiotics and there is a vaccine available to prevent it. the victim of a deadly hit-and-run is laid to rest today. one week after the crash that claimed her life. as family members gathered to say goodbye police say that finding the driver remains their top priority. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in north philadelphia with the latest on
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that search. david? >> reporter: chris detectives at accident investigations say this case is still very much a priority even one week later. theresa posey's family they said goodbye today at their funeral. tonight they are begging that the driver comes for. >> it's not supposed to be this way. your children are supposed to bury you you're not supposed to bury them. >> reporter: anna says the pain gets worse by the hour. her 3384 old daughter theresa died one week ago after someone driving a black truck hit and killed her. the person drove off. leaving her daughter in the middle of state road during rush hour traffic. >> when i closed that coffin today that was the last time that i'll ever see my daughter again. not only did they take my daughter away from me, they took my heart also. >> reporter: authorities say witnesses described a black pickup truck resembling a tow
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truck with an arm on the back. this health is from the truck and so far it's one of just a few leads detectives have. >> it's been a week. it is very frustrating. this was a fatal hit-and-run. >> reporter: chief inspector scott small says finding her killer is a priority. what specifically are detectives doing to try to find this driver? >> well, detectives have done many thing. in addition to picking up some of the debris left behind by the striking vehicle. >> reporter: small says detectives are combing through area surveillance video hoping to find important clues. >> she died like an animal. like and nobody could even pull her, nobody even stopped. or even hit the brake. like to see. >> i have so many anger inside of me that only god knows and i pray to him to please help me get over this anger. >> reporter: if you have any
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information about the driver or the truck detectives want to hear from you. they say they're still going to investigate surveillance video and speak to witnesses. remember you can remain non us in when you call police. we're live in north philadelphia philadelphia, david superintendent cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, david, thank you very much. meantime, the family of 10-year-old matthew mccloskey is speaking out about his death. matthew was killed on sunday when he was hit boy a police car in franklin township, gloucester county. the officer was responding to call at the time. the family did release that statement saying in part in his short life matthew touched so many with his warm heart and compassion. he was also known as a jokester. he loved making people laugh. they say please remember matthew and continue to pray for his family through this horrific tragedy and i don't know. matthew mccloskey will be laid to rest on friday. well hope turns to heartbreak as search crews recovered the bodies of six people in the area where air asia flight 8401 disappeared. the search has been focused in
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the java sea where the aircraft dropped off radar just two days ago. several pieces of debris have also been found all within a few miles of that same location. we do know that the plane was flying into bad weather at the time but exactly what brought that aircraft down is a question crews hope to answer by finding a black box. well a 42-year-old charged with having sex with a minor will likely stand trial. iris gibney is accuse of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male pottsgrove high school student. police say that gibney and the young man met at a school function and were found in a car together at a park. today gibney waived her preliminary hearing. sources tell "eyewitness news" that she did work with the school's cheerleading squad but was not a school employee. we've got new information now on a string of violent robberies in the area. tonight we hear from a man who came face to face with a suspect that police say has been
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targeting loll hotel. it's believed the man is connected to seven separate incidents. all in philadelphia or tinicum township. in one case hotel manager chased the man with chair even as the suspect fired two shots back in his direct. >> it's just instincts. i see something like this i'm not happy with this, you know. just my ink stinks. that's all. >> this guy is becoming more and more dangerous. portrays zen. you know we've already seen if this him that he's capable of firing a weapon. >> police describe the suspect as a black mail between 35 and 40 years of age. he was wearing a bright yellow vest during some of the those robberies. well there's a new theory tonight about the man had may be behind the cyber attack on sony pictures. a private security firm now believes that north korea was not responsible and that was just a decoy by the real hackers hackers. this group is reported found evidence that could indicate a
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former sony employee could be connected. despite their fineings, federal investigators continue to point the finger at north korea. well, tragedy inside a wal*mart. up next a horrific accident that led to the death of a mother. also ahead an interesting new link to the origin of the ebola outbreak in west africa. wool tell you how researchers think it all started. >> kathy? >> cold and getting colder as we countdown the new year. holiday forecast coming up and it promises to a cold one. we'll trach a look as we begin 2015 and i don't know. >> and a man with quite a story to tell. we'll tell you what he has to say about his near death experience with a great white shark. ♪
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>> new at 11:00 o'clock tonight a masked murder in western canada. nine people including two children were found at three separate locations in the city of edmonton. but police say all are connected to the same domestic dispute. the man police believe to be responsible is also dead tonight tonight. they've not released any other information about this connect to the victims also new tonight a mother is shot and killed at a wal*mart in idaho after her two-year-old son gets a hold of her gun. investigators say that the
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little boy was seated in a shopping cart and retrieved the firearm from his mother's purse. it accidentally went off hitting that woman once. the store is shut down tonight as police continue their investigation. well there's new research suggesting that a child's chance encounter with a wild bat may have started the ebola outbreak in west africa. new study traces the activities of the patient known as patient zero. he was a two-year-old boy in guinea whose believed to have been the viruses first victim in december of last your. researchers have now learned from those who knew the boy that the child liked to play in hollowed out tree that was home to bats. according to researchers the type of bats in that tree have been linked to other outbreaks. a california man has close encounter with a shark and does live to tell about it. kevin swanson was surfing on sunday morning off the coast when he was attacked by the great white. the shark grabbed his hip then pull him under the water.
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here's swanson describing that frightening moment. >> everything just, you know changed dramatically at that point. it went from calm surrene beautiful day with your friends to you know, violent i'm lucky to be alive yeah. no doubt about that. >> two doctors just happened to be on that beach. they came to kevin's aid until help could arrive. he does say by the way that he plans to go back in the water. well you enjoyed it here tonight on cbs3. the prestigious kennedy center honors. ♪ >> all began with a sole full sounds of honoree al green along with green honors went to ballerina patricia mcbride comedian lilly tomlin, tom hanks and sting in a grand finale some of music's biggest name played tribute to the rock and roll
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legend. ♪ >> great great show tonight. the comedian and future late show host steven colbert hosted that sr. moan a trip down the jersey shore for new year's eve could cost you extra this year. travel magazine published a survey that found atlantic city has the second most expensive hotel rooms anywhere in the country. but even with recent casino closures some say it's still one of the best places to spend new year's eve. >> so much more entertainment here. there's gaming 24/7. there's liquor 24/7. there's also people rewards programs and people just want to get away. >> according to that survey the average cost for hotel on new year's eve will run about $350 night if you can find one. most are already book. ♪
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final preparations underway for the mummers parade. "eyewitness news" in south philadelphia where the woodland string band rehearsed tonight making sure they have everything just perfect. of course the mummers parade is a new year's tradition in philadelphia. this year the parade route is a little bit shorter. but all of that great hard work that so many put in will still shine. no doubt about it. it will be a great day. we watch want you to be with us for new new year's eve. we'll be broadcasting live once begun from penn's landing as we do each and every year with the always spectacular firework show at the stroke of midnight. jessica will be there. i'll be there. kathy will be there going to a great time. we also inn vat if you part of our program by sending us your new year's wishes go to or just use the hash tag on social media cbs3 ny nye. of course, all eyes are on the new year's eve forecast. kathy joins us with a look
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expect. what can we expect, kathy. >> clear skies that's the good news, chris. it's cold and going to get even colder though, by tomorrow night. just about this time we'll be getting very close to ringing in the new year. our "eyewitness weather" watchers are saying it's cold out there already. it's transition time with a clear sky and light winds. it's feeling more like winter again. al says in collingswood the temperature is only 23 degrees. let's go in the heart of south jersey, doug lives in vincentown vincentown. he's saying 22 with a mainly clear sky. and look at this. the defendant temperature that i can find from all of our weather watchers eileen is in gilbertsville. she says there's no wind, skies are clear it is 16 degrees. a starlit and moonlit night. wow. if you would like to be an "eyewitness weather" watcher join us for 2015 weather promise promises to be a busy winter. i think it's coming. join us at to sign up and a part of it. outside ear we're looking at clear skies through our skycam3. tomorrow night on the delaware
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it will be lighting up like crazy with those beautiful fireworks. right now the ben franklin bridge looking great. we're looking at a very pleasant night in store even though we'll be a little bit on the cold side. right now in philadelphia we're at their. 26 in trenton. 26 in wilmington. 19 in the poconos and in allentown it is 23 degrees. we have much colder air to the west. we're talking about subfreezing temperatures in business mark two below. minneapolis three below. milwaukee 10 degrees. sue city sitting at seven below. those are the temperatures. the wind chills 18 below zero in minneapolis. international falls better known as the nation's ice box in northern minnesota 26 below. we're not going to see this kind of cold, but we will see some of the coldest air we have seen this entire season rivaling those temperatures that we saw in november that were so cold. storm scan3 showing those clear skies overnight but that translates into sunshine during the day tomorrow. that cold area of high pressure builds in. high temperatures only in the 30s. the winds will be picking up
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during the afternoon so we are talking about wind chills tomorrow night and then for thursday for the mum%, looking cold as well with temperature in the theirs. friday we see high pressure drag to the south. little bit more of a south southeasterly whipped brings temperatures into the fours. and then we'll see things cooling back down as we really move along in the month of january. now overnight tonight just a few clouds. skies pretty much mainly clear. the low 26. during the day tomorrow the high temperature 35 with winds gusting to 25 miles an hour at times. as we ring in the new year look at temperature. 27 degrees at midnight. a little bit of a breeze. and looking ahead for the mum%, looks pretty good. 10am sunny 32. 36 by noon. and we'll still have that sunshine. seven day forecast you can see we warm up over the weekend with some rain. late saturday into sunday. turning much colder monday and tuesday for the first week of january. and as we look at the extended outlook january 7th through 13th you see that blew over
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philadelphia. that's below average temperatures. the tide is turning it is going to turn colder in january and all we need is a little moisture and that would be snow. haven't had much yet. >> okay. bundle up. >> kathy, thanks. beasley is who are now with potential changes changes for the birds. >> eagles may start the off with what i would consider a major loss. that would be offensive coordinator pat shurmer the raiders are interested. i've got t
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>> the sixers seven game road trip stopped tonight in oakland to play the warriors. that's the boast team in the nb nba. golden state took over off a turnover. kerry to thompson who slams it open for two. >> former sixer andre iguodala
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as he once flew here. two points. right now the sixers trail 46-28 in the second period of play. big five action lasalle hosting penn. darien nelson henry scores from the low post 15 points. steve sat drove in for the bass account and he was fouled. steve scored season high 17 points. lasalle beat penn 84-67. the eagles may start the off season rebuild with a major loss loss. pat shurmer has been given permission to interview with the raiders. i pre deck he'll get the job if he agrees with the condition. everything pat says is inspirational the league wants to know what he's learned from chip. he was here under andy road. head coach of the cleveland browns. it ended badly. two seasons -- last two seasons as the offensive coordinator chip kelly calls the plays. eagles came to an end earlier than we thought. fourth team in hit row to start
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nine and three and not make the playoffs in the 16 game playoff era. what do they need to do to fix things? >> we just got to do a better job of taking care of the ball and keeping the ball in front of us and not allowing teams to get those quick scores. you got to keep up or give them short fields against our defense defense. take those things away i think our identity snaps back. >> reports were right. jim harbaugh has returned to michigan where he was a star quarterback before his nfl playing career. he signed a seven-year $35 million contract and why in the take his dream job. he proved he can handle anything that they could throw at him in the big leagues. he was a starting quarterback in the pros and took the 9'ers in three straight nfc championship games loseing to his brother john in the 2013 super bowl.
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♪ >> roads in chicago got salted today but it had nothing to do with bad weather. one of the walls at the morton salt factory collapsed and tons of salt spilled into the street today. in fact you can see cars at a car dealership adjacent to that factory were buried in salt. some of them even wound up with busted windows. fortunately no one was hurt.
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get in forty seven fries and enjoy. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" continues in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and nicole brewer. for beasley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. we're always on at and dave is next with chris rock and sting. have a good night and we'll see you again tomorrow. ♪
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