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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  December 31, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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today, it is wednesday, december 31st good morning i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. here are stories we are following today. investigation continues this morning into a deadly police involve shooting in delaware county. we are live in drexel hill with the latest. new developments in the search for air asia flight 8501 what crews discovered now as hope fade for families with loved ones on board. happening today a northern liberties school closest its school for good what is next for hundreds of students affect. those stories and much more coming up lets start with our forecast for this last day of 2014. >> can you believe that. hard to believe, katie. >> i feel like every year flies by faster and faster the the older i get. >> it seems like it.
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>> yeah. >> sign we are getting old. >> depressing thought but you know what new beginnings new year and very similar weather pattern as we wrap one year up and start a new one actually. clear skies. we can expect full sunshine both today as well as tomorrow. almost like we are sandwiching the new year holiday inn to quiet weather and all is clear in fact and calm too over ben franklin bridge as we look live on sky cam three. but it does appear as though that will eventually shift. it does in the weather department but when is the question? there is a storm looming down the road and we will talk more about when that will get here and what it will bring, more importantly coming up in a few minutes, guys, back over to you. in the news a man is dead following a police involve shooting in delaware county. >> it happened minutes after suspect posted a video making threats against law enforcement. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at up are darby township police department good morning. >> reporter: nicole and ukee
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good morning. scary situation for many people yesterday afternoon, shooting unfolding in broad daylight. by end of it all one man, one suspect was killed. a a man police say had a history of mental illness. look at the video you can see the scene unfolding yesterday this police involved shooting happened just after 4:30 tuesday afternoon near intersection of garrett road and shadeland avenue in drexel hill. police say five two-year old joseph patch ini was fatally shot when he tried to run over officers with his car where you this started after suspect posted videos on you tube threatening to kill police, haverford toe lease had an arrest warned out for threatening one of its officers. so officers went to his clifton height home on tuesday and followed him as he drove to drexel hill. that is where police boxed him in and shooting unfolded. lets take a listen. >> he puts the car out of reverse, he runs in the per police chief's car from
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clifton and almost struck several officers. the police then opened fire on the vehicle will. >> my coming out party okay. so you want to try to write me downey will bleep you and your whole family, all right. so go a ahead and try me. >> reporter: that is one of his last you tube posts made just minutes before he was shot and killed by police. we will have much more about that coming up in our next half an hour. in the meantime during the shooting some of those bullets hit a nearby medical office and bank but no other people were injured and no injuries to police. reporting live from upper darby, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile we are awaiting learn more information about a shooting in bridgeton, cumberland county. this is new rid ohio overnight. the it happened on south a avenue near henry street at 9:30 last night. the as you can see there is a huge police presence there as they continue to investigate. the as soon as we receive an update we will be sure to
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bring it to you. right now 4:33. lets check that forecast with katie. we have to bundle up. >> absolutely, and especially nicole if you plan to be one of the folks hanging out at penns landing even eyeing fire works view it will be a great view but we have to be ready for it with the appropriate weather accessories. another spot that will be pretty hot tonight maybe in the feeling hot but it will be a hot spot where activity is, the atlantic city where all is clear. the that is view we are finding all around the delaware valley. where we have nice clear sky and that will be without the the blanket of cloud cover allow to you drop off easily on the thermometer. so storm scan three is quiet not one hint of moisture out there, we have a handfull of cloud who are and there. you have to go far inland to find them however most of us are sitting press which nice clear skies, and that means we will be in for what appears to be a gorgeous sunrise but it also means we will have a hard time rebounding on the thermometer because we will bottom out so easily this morning. 18 degrees in atlantic city
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where we showed thaw view. nineteen in mount pocono. we are in the mid to upper 20's. we are lower 20's depending on your location. we have a mixed bag of different readings here on the area thermometer but taking it further north here again a lot of teens reported here. we do need to bundle yourself up, kid up, whatever your plans are today it will be a cold albeit very bright would be for any of those plans. starting off at 9:00 a.m. not yet into the the freezing mark but we will get you above it by noon time hour and we only expect to add another degree or two on top of that. we will hit about 2:00 p.m., 35 degrees but there will be a wintry wind. that is accompanying it. that said hey at least it is bright. we can bank on quiet wet tore wrap up this year and certainly kick off a new one as well vittoria, good morning. >> good morning everyone. katie is right we're excited about the weather. one thing we have to watch traffic wise is sun glare but as of right new we have got sometime for that.
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as we look first at the schuylkill expressway right around area have of girard, everything is moving just fine. it doesn't matter where you are going whether you are around center city, western suburbs, king of prussia, in delays in, problems beautiful outside. ninety-five is same story. this is i-95 southbound direction right around cottman avenue moving well no delays even just yet around the construction zones which is even better because that is where volume usually starts. speed sensors are reflective of great news on all of our majors. i-95 schuylkill, traveling on 476, the roosevelt boulevard northeast extension pennsylvania turnpike i can dough right down the list, new jersey and delaware included all looking really nice. however traveling in gilbertsville we have a down pole associated from an earlier accident, philadelphia avenue at park lane. be mindful of that. construction project in new jersey southbound on 295 right around black horse pike from the black horse pike rather to the 42 freeway. traffic in that southbound direction just watch out for guys and girls in the hard
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hats ukee. >> vittoria, thank. indonesia search teams cezannear has identified what appears to be large parts of the air asia flight 8501. plane plunge in the java sea in rough weather on sunday with 162 people on board. rough weather which may have played a role in the crash is ham purring recovery. so far crews have recovered only seven victims. happening today a franklin township school will hold grief counseling after the death of the student. ten year-old matthew mccloskey died sunday night when a cruiser struck him. his funeral is friday. an autopsy with mccloskey's death as accidental. the officer who was driving that cruiser is on paid leave. a northern liberty school is closing its doors for good. walter pal will more leadership partners charter school has been in financial trouble for months after a judge ruled that the school would have to cover cost for over enrolling students. earl they're year the school held a lottery to reduce
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enrollment but it was in the enough. fill will a cool district is helping students find other options. closing effects 700 students from kindergarten through eighth grade. surveillance video helps catch three men stole an i phone from the women on the market frankford line. the theft happens just as eastbound train entered the milbourne station last night. septa police dispatcher saw the suspects on camera and then she recognized them when they walk inside the 13th street station and that is where they were arrested. a confirmed case of whooping cough in burlington county, the patient is student at burlington township middle school. district officials are warning families to take precaution toss prevent the spread of the disease. whooping cough is generally treated with antibiotics and can be prevented with a vaccine. well, the the new year means higher gas prices in pennsylvania. tomorrow state raises taxes on gasoline another 10 cents. for diesel fuel it is 13 cents higher. the money will go toward
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highway, road and bridge construction. still customers in pennsylvania will be paying much less than $3 a gallon they were paying just months ago. southeastern pennsylvania already has the highest gas prices in the region, now averaging $2.58 a gallon for regular. new jersians pay an average 2.27 a gallon and in delaware it is 2.4 two. not so bad. coming up, when it rains it pours indeed tons of salt cascade out of the morton's factory in chicago. find out is what being blamed for the the epic spill, we will be back in two
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they say if you spill salt it goodies to throw over your shoulder. take a look at this, this is what the morton's salt factory looked like yesterday. wall collapse sent tons pouring on the car the in the neighboring car dealership. fortunately, in one was hurt.
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some of the mummers are putting final touches on their new years day strut. >> ♪ >> eyewitness news in south philadelphia where wood land string band rehearsed making sure they have everything just the way they want it. of course mummers parade is a tradition here in philadelphia this year route is shorter but great hard work so many put in the parade will still shine through. join cbs-3 on new years eve tonight, we will broadcast live from penns landing to bring you the the spectacular fire works show at the stroke of midnight. you can be part of the special new years broadcast by sending us your new years wishes, go to cbs or use the the hash tag cbs-3 nye for new years eve. coming up on 4:43, lets check on that forecast, people heading out tonight. >> it is a trade off type forecast where we can expect perfect viewing conditions for those fire works tonight but
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you have to bundle up. >> oh, yeah. >> that is all right. that makes it fun. >> absolutely. >> it is coming up on january, folks, it is not like we're in the used to this. we have been very spoiled lately with this warmth. that is where the the the story in the weather comes in here but by week end we will see this pattern shift. my advice even though it is cold enjoy this while we have got it. we have two straight days of beautiful bright sunshine. friday looking good too but we do eventually have a storm that will be looming come this weekend. looking at storm scan 31st and foremost handful of cloud off to the north and west. we are for the most part in the nice clear sky here at home there is still even a little light lake enhanced snowfall, right new south of syracuse, north of buffalo but we can expect to see nothing on that. that is where these cloud are coming from but we are looking at bright sunshine across the the delaware valley today. it is all coming courtesy of the very large dome. when i say large i say large
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dome of high pressure enveloping almost the entire eastern 23rd of the you had. this is a really quiet map right now. it looks like it will stay that way for the most part right through tomorrow east of the the rockies before we see these storm systems take shape and moving in heading in the weekend. as we wrap up the year all is calm mostly sunny and cold. mid 30's, chillier then we have been used to. come tomorrow very similar. we are piggy backing new years eve i guess you can call it who will take here heading in to new years day itself is. we are expecting to see quiet weather unfold with that high pressure in place. that high is still here by friday but come the saturday we will see first rain drops moving in. at this point this is a saturday p.m. sunday a.m. event and jenny looks like a rain maker which is bad news for ski bunnies, folks dreaming of the snow at this point but it doesn't look like it will happen. better news for travelers but
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we're being honest here. brisk and cold, high of 35. we will drop down in the 20's later tonight. at stroke of midnight we are already there again i mentioned earlier we have primeau viewing conditions for those fire works but at best you are at freezing mark for either one of them at 6:00 or midnight. looking forward to the forecast look the at the warm up with that storm by sunday we are back in the lower 50's but trade off is it will be a relatively rainy day, back of to you. the sixers have now lost three straight late's begins golden state warriors who have the best record in the association. turnovers were a big problem again for the sixers. this play turns into a monster slam by yep, former sixers andre i go dal will a he isn't the only former sixer on the warrior mo speights had 23-point. sixers lost by 40. 126-86. fill any phoenix friday night. to the big five lasalle hosting penn darren nelson
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henry had 15 for quakers. he needed more offensive help from his teammates. explorers got a season high 17 from the big fellow steve zach and lasalle wins 84-67. lasalle won four of five. they play george mason on saturday and penn and princeton also on saturday. eagles could be looking for more than help on the field this off season. offensive coordinator pat shurmur has been granted permission to interview for the head coaching job with the raiders. experts say pat could get the job. shurmur was here in philadelphia with andy reid and was head coach of the browns and back here again for two seasons, under chip kelly we wish him the best. hopefully we can keep him but we will wish him the best. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a envelope way to give back this new year. but first here's a look what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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leading our headlines this morning police opened fire on a man in drexel hill after he tries to run them down with his car. authorities say that five two-year old joseph pacini threatened 30 lease and shot and killed near garrett road and shade land avenue around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. pacini had an arrest record and meant willal health issues. officialness indonesia recovered several items they say are missing air asia flight 5801 and sonar equipment has located what appears to be large parts of the plane. bad weather is said to be a factor in the crash of the jet liner sunday and those conditions are also slowing search efforts right now. your time is 4:49. lets check business news. >> money watch's jill jill wagner joins us from the the new york stock exchange. last day of trading for the the new year what are investors keeping an eye on. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and nicole. the it has been a very good year in the markets for technology and telecom energy stocks have taken a hit
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because oil prices have plunged 50 percent this year. dow jones will open up below the the 18,000 market today. the there has been a minor sell off. even though u.s. economy is booming there is concern about instability about overseas especially in greece. the that is what they will keep an eye on today ukee and nicole. >> we hear one company has come up with a way to give back for the new year who is that? >> reporter: yah, they are ringing in the new year by giving away a million-dollar. so starting to day, the home sharing platform will give $10 to 100 host is a across the world, recipient are used to contact to perform a unique act of kindness for a stranger and help bring the world a little will closer together, love it. >> i do too. i do too. yes, indeed. thanks, jill appreciate it. coming up after a short break traffic and weather together we will do it on the
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that song. >> how about it. >> that city sky line. just such a great way to start your morning especially this new years eve. >> yes 2015. >> what are you doing new years eve. >> i'm going to kickback you want to know i will be kickback, lying down eyes close and knocked out, because we have to work tomorrow morning. >> sound advice, the last part.
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>> katie? >> hey i'm unsure which way you were going with that anyway, good morning everyone happy new year. traveling out and about on the road we have good news this morning. definitely way to kick things off. traveling on 202 and every other roadway we are not even at 5:00 o'clock and we are not seeing too much. hopefully that will continue. but 202 northbound and southbound no delays, it doesn't matter when are traveling around king of prussia, malvern, west chester, beautiful out there traveling ben franklin bridge, traveling in either direction whether moving your way in to new jersey or philadelphia things are wide opened for you. no delays on any bridges, speed sensors high up in the 50's no matter how you cut it. it is in new jersey, in delaware, really we are not seeing any major problem this morning. we don't see major problems a at this time. we are even luck year. we have an accident if you are traveling in upper southford, schwenksville road at east park avenue an accident situation there. watch out for a lane being block or two.
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but it seems weather-wise we will have some sunshine even though it will be freezing. >> way to look on the bright side vittoria. that is exactly right though it will be very cold out here today, by comparison to recent days for sure yesterday was a little will dose of that. even before was a dose of that. today we will bottom out with temperatures at their coldest. currently though storm scan three is totally empty and quiet and certainly that does mean we will end up with a full day of sunshine as opposed to yesterday which was to start with cloud and eventually we will see sun. to take it is out there all day but does not mean it will help warm you up. look at temperature departure from yesterday which was five to 10 degrees colder then day before. you have just now since dropped anything from ten to nearly 20 degrees across the southern tear of our area. so yeah it is cold, you will notice it. wind is not the too bad but it will be brisk regardless today so expect that winter chillies upon us and you need to be ready with the nice heavy coat
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and extra winter weather accessories. meanwhile there is a storm looming for the weekend and it looks like a rain maker. here's a check of the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 will be following. the last day in office for chief just advertise of pennsylvania's supreme court find out why ron castille isn't quite ready to go. a new app will help you get home safely this new years eve if you have had too much to drink. a look at a resolution trend, that is sweeping the nation, check in two, three, four times a day, kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial, nicole. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we will show y you how times square is preparing for tonight's big new years eve party including a look inside nypd command center. a couple lives through an avalanche, we will bring you their amazing survival story, "eyewitness news" is back at the top of the hour. good morning family see you in a
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a man wanted for threatening police is killed by officers and new we're learning her about his troubled past. also developing right now search crews think they have found main wreckage from air asia flight 85, but there is a new obstacle as they try to reach victims. good morning, it is wednesday, december 31st, last day of 2014 i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. erika has the day off. also get ready to bundle up liberty cold tonight ringing new year in outside, we will show you best ways to celebrate, coming up in a bit katie. >> it will be a great day, and a great excuse to head up the fire works display if that is your thing but as nicole
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mentioned, chillies in the air and we are tracking a new storm. i will tell you details coming up vittoria. >> hopefully your rush her won't give you the cold shoulder this morning. the as of right now everything is nice clear ape wide opened. look the at 42 freeway in problems, barely any traffic but it is new years eve morning and i'm expecting that we will see probably a little bit of rush, we will see how that turns out, ukee and nicole. in the news a police shooting in delaware county leaves one man dead. >> it follows a is he series of bizarre rant the suspect made on line. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at up are darby police department where the the confrontation is under investigation, jan. >> reporter: police say this man, this suspect made a series of threatening you tube post is a begins police at 4:00 he made his last post and then by 5:00 they say he was dead. >> this is my coming out party, okay. so you want to try to bring me down? i will bleep kill


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