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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 31, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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joining us for this wonderful night and we've got some friend down here. my collogue kathy orr is down by the river rink. kathy, it is chilly but still a good night to be out here. >> fit is dress add prep eighthly jessica it is beautiful. they have just opened up the gate and everyone coming in for this session of skating. i want to show you over here, they have skate guard, they are on duty there with a picture perfect evening. and then over here we are looking at a brand new river rink a arena, and also this wonderful land. we've lodge over here to get warm and if you walk underneath here there are heaters. i put my skates on right underneath this warmth. little cozy blank tote catch a break, get some dinner just a spectacular evening on tap. lets talk about the weather. we are talking about a cold night, but really pleasant. there is no wind right now. look at these temperatures. right now in philadelphia we're around freezing. in trenton 29. allentown the same. not as cold though as it is out west, we have been talking about this all week. milwaukee and also minneapolis
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in the teens. we are going to see anything like that. lets talk about this evening. 6:00 p.m. we have fire works down here in penns landing spectacular. we are looking at a temperature around 31 mainly clear skies and at midnight a temperature of 27 degrees with the light wind out of the west. really the weather could not be any better then this. we will lays up our skates and coming up we will have the forecast for new years and beyond and talk more about what is to offer tonight on the waterfront. they are calling it the winter fess on the waterfront. enjoy and happy new year. >> kathy thanks very much. >> there is so much to do here. we will have a great time talking about it. a as these fire works spectacular, celebrations like this they don't just happen on their own. we all know that. a lot of preparation and hard workings into it. our justin finch took a look at all that today and he is also live down here at penns landing, justin what did you find out. >> reporter: jessica, right new we are live in line with the people right now making their way in to the winter
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fest village to watch these fire works. what they don't necessity yet is that they are in for a really good show, one that takes a lot of work. lets take a look. this is the show, before the show, a complicated network of 4,000 devices, all shells and wiring spread over two boats in the navy yard all over seen by ken, a pyrotechnic crew behind the fire works. >> thinks the center position. everything is going straight up here. and, position number one down there by the tugboat, shoots out at an angle there. we've got position three in back of us here and that shoots up at other angle. that will give us a full sky of effects. >> reporter: effects set to music and controlled by computer for two new years show. cristina jenkins blogger from philadelphia's events blog you wish you knew said to expect to be woed. >> fire works are huge. that is where everybody will get in the new years spirit. >> reporter: as for who will be here joke instant says all kind of people all eager to
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welcome a new year. >> there is so many different kind of people who he see fire works and to go to parties all over town. the pyrotechnics over the delaware river are incredible. >> reporter: your a's looking live at the crowd still making their way in to the winter fest village. they are getting here just in time to get their spots to get ready for the big show tonight. of course, in just minutes the focus there on the river with all those fire works will go off i cannot tell you there is a crew of 15 people took them three days to get a all this together. this will all go down again at 6:00 o'clock. the show will be theme hollywood of blockbuster. if you look up you might just see rocky. we are live at penns landing i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin, we will certainly be keeping an eye to the sky and you can do it as well will because we will broadcast those fire works at 6:00 o'clock right here on "eyewitness news". we can't wait to show thaw. in the meantime you can also take part by sending us your new years eve wishes. we want to know what you are
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hoping for 2015. what are your resolutions, what are you planning on? go to cbs you can use hash tag cbs-3 ny e and don't forget 11:30 we will have our special starting right here on cbs-3 chris. no better place or way to ring in the new year then at penns landing. we will see jessica later on in the broadcast. one way that officials in philadelphia a are hoping you don't bring in the new year tonight is with celebration and gunfire. >> we want people to enjoy themselves but certainly we want people to not fire guns in the air. that is not the the way to safely celebrate. >> indeed, here's an example back on new years eve of 1998 the live of joe jazz cola was change forever just 11 years old, joe was walking near second street in south philadelphia when he was hit by a random bullet. joeys paralyzed still on the right side. he has under gone more than 33
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surgeries since had night and person who fired that shot has never been caught. well to day police identified the man who was shot and killed by officers during a traffic stop in bridgeton, cumberland county. two officers opened fire last night in the intersection of south avenue near henry street. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in bridgeton with more tonight, cleve. >> reporter: chris, people showing up to pay respects to jerome reid. we understand i talked to many witnesses that had different accounts of what happened but one thing that they say is common is that reid was passenger in the vehicle last night and prior to being shot officers did give him orders to stay in the car. >> fell autopsy begins my fence and then he died. >> reporter: robin mostly watched an overs involve shooting through her first floor window. as her son denzel was upstairs recording this video on his phone. >> they just killed that dude yo. >> reporter: while it is difficult to hear what is
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going on outside there are several witness hose say they were close by. >> just 10 feet away. >> reporter: a seem love says he was directly across the street as the incident happened. what exactly do you remember the officers saying to the man in the car. >> he called the man and said he was going to kill him. >> reporter: he knew his name. >> yes. >> reporter: he a said don't move or i will kill you. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: then what happened. >> he did what he was going to do. >> reporter: according to the cumberland county prosecutor's office around 9:20 officers brahim and roger worely of the bridgeton police department conduct a motor vehicle stop. they say at some point both officers fired their guns killing 36 year-old jerome reid. police recovered gun at the scene. >> the investigation is ongoing. we are conducting the investigation, pursuant to the attorney general guidelines, more information will follow but at this time this is what we have. >> as stated in the press release, a gun was recovered. >> reporter: many in the neighborhood are waiting for a
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more detailed explanation including reid's family. >> i loved my cousin. he was a good guy. he loved you he loved you hard. that is just how our family is. he did not deserve to go the way he he went. >> reporter: he meant to say they have given direction to him as he was in the car. according to bridgeton police the officer has been with the department for three years. officer worely for seven years. both of them right now are on administrative leave. live from bridgeton, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good thanks for the update on that. just a couple miles from that shooting scene arson investigators are on a early morning fire in bridgeton cumberland county. flames broke out in this home on fairtan million will road around 3:30. fire fighters did get it under control in 90 minutes but home was destroyed no one there was injured. also we are learning more about a deadly police involved shooting in upper darby township. five officers opened fire last
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night on joseph pacini when he allegedly tried to run him down with his car. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is uncovering new details from this incident and she's live tonight at police headquarters, syma. >> reporter: well, chris officials say joe pa pacini had a history of mental illness but when he posted threatening videos on line that is when he became a threat to them and the community. >> i will bleep you and your whole family, all right. go ahead and bleep with me, all right. >> reporter: police say joe pa seen i made threats to law enforcement officials on you tube monday evening. this is after haverford police were called to this l.a. fitness after employees said that he was acting unrulely. upper darby police superintendent michael chitwood says that incident prompted the rants. >> then after he went on his tirade about killing the cop and killing his family then it became an issue. >> reporter: pacini had previously been arrested in 2005 and had a history of mental illness.
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by tuesday police had an arrest warrant for pacini for making the on-line threats. when police showed up to his clifton heights apartment he got around them and started driving toward drexel hill. that is when officers from clifton heights, haverford township and upper darby followed pacini, to garrett road and shadeland eye avenue and boxed them n pacini reese versed his car hitting police chief's cruiser and narrowly missing several officers. although he was unarmed police say his car was a weapon in this case. >> a 4,000-pound vehicle that is kind of difficult and he is benton either killing you or having you kill him. >> reporter: police fired around 22 times hit magazine i at least three times. pacini's mother didn't want to talk to the media but delaware county district attorney's office spoke with the family. >> it is hard around the holidays or anytime and mom and the family, very up set.
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>> reporter: coming up at 6:00 hear why the d.a. says police may have been justified in using deadly force. for now we are live from upper darby, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there is breaking news right now, pennsylvania department of health is issuing an advisory after a possible measles exposure in delaware and philadelphia counties. officials say that a person likely has the virus may have exposed others at the police touch museum and the cvs pharmacy in the 300 block of lancaster avenue in wayne. we also have reports that a a phone call went out to people who went to the premiere urgent care clinic on conestoga road last night who may also be exposed. those people have been notified by the department of health this afternoon and told to get vaccinated within the next 72 hours if they have not been already. much more on this breaking news coming up in our next half an hour. still to come here on "eyewitness news" 59:00 wild weather out west fierce wind
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toppled boats in california and the results here are deadly. the one robber gets the shock of his life when he tried to rob an atm, it is a all caught on camera. if you are running low on fuel tonight you may want to fill up now. we will tell you what the the new year will mean for prices at the pump when "eyewitness
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well, your car is running low on gas right now today is the day to fill up. the price necessary pennsylvania are expect to jump tomorrow, when the the states gas tax increases. the gas tax will jump another
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10 cents per gallon in the new year and that will make it one of the most expensive gas taxes anywhere in the country. now we have to see how much of that taxis going to be passed on to the consumer, we do know that the extra revenues are ear marked for transportation project. well, pennsylvania drivers already pay the most money for gas in the region a gallon have of regular cost 2.58 right now. in new jersey it is almost 30 cents cheaper at $2.27 a gallon while drivers in delaware pay an average of 2.4 $2. well, more than 4 million people have signed up so far for health insurance as part have the open enrollment in the affordable care act. a according to a report today about half of those enrolling are returning customers and 2 million americans are, new to the program. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan takes a look at the numbers in our region. >> reporter: accord together report released by department of health and human services during the first month have of
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open enrollment, 180,000 pennsylvaniaa, 105,000 new jersey residents and 8900 people in delaware purchased insurance coverage through the health insurance marketplace which means they will be covered by insurance beginning january the the first. and in advance of the federal february event enrollment deadline. consumers who enrolled last year and don't wish to change their coverage will be automatically reenrolled. but still they may want to shop around. >> we have seen a 25 percent increase in the number of plan offerings, so that is why it is so important that whether you are new the to the marketplace or reenroll it in you want to check out option that is are available. >> reporter: the good news is that the process won't be as time consuming as when they first applied. >> for people coming back to the marketplace to reenroll, about 90 percent of the applications, is pretty populated so they don't have to complete the whole
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application all over again. >> reporter: that is good news. federal law requires americans have health insurance coverage if you don't have proof of coverage you will be hit with the penalty. now 2015 that penalty increases to $325 per person or 2 percent of your annual household income, whichever is greater. i posted a penalty calculate or on cbs and my facebook and twitter feed so you can crunch the numbers if you are holding out and getting coverage. >> you look like you are ready to ring in the new year with the pipes and a brandy. >> i'm going fox hunting. >> happy new year, christopher. >> happy new year to you too. >> thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" despite storms and rought seas, search crews have found the final resting place of asia air flight 8501, we will have the latest from there. beasley? >> eagles announced a big change in the front office as team considers how to move forward in 2015. plus another trade for phillies, find out who is coming and who is going,
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coming up in sports.
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good evening from penns landing where we are celebrating 2015 but not once, but two fire works spectaculars down here. the first of which is coming up very soon at 6:00 o'clock. also here with us kathy orr, she's down she always manager toes find fun, and coming down here, to penns landing.
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kathy, what have you gone. >> jessica, it is a winter wonderland, it is fantastic. everybody here out on the ice and we have a lot that we can walk off of and even watch cbs-3 on big screen tv. it is fantastic. i'm joined by young guys here. one here for the first time. zach and jay, they are cousins, born on the same day. how can lucky can you get. this is your first time what can you expect. >> just a lot of fire works and some noise. >> some noise good what do you think, is he right. >> yes. >> you're a second timer do you think he will have a great time. >> yes. >> do you want to tell everybody happy new year. >> happy new year good we will have those fire works in a few minutes, the temperature, it is cold but if dress add prep eighthly it is not so bad is it. >> let's talk about the weather. on storm scan three skies are clear, no weather issues in the delaware valley. little bit of snow south of buffalo. lets take a look at
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philadelphia, sitting at freezing n reading it is colder, 28. trenton 29. atlantic city a at 30 for festivities. wind out of the west at 12. at the airport but here on the river i've got to tell you it is not that bad at all. wind west between five a and 10 miles an her throughout the evening. here's a look at the new years forecast. new years eve the temperature is 27 degrees. that will be at midnight for festivities here at penns landing and then new years day the temperature is 39 degrees for the mummers and all of the festivities, in center city philadelphia. so we are getting ready for a really exciting night. back here live we can see, do you want to capture the moment? okay let's do a selfie smile. >> we only have 102nd. >> we will to have do it later. new back to kate in the studio. >> in the meantime we will send it back to you for rest of the weather we know it will be a busy january. >> it will be a busy january, indeed kathy, it is a busy january in parts of the area but first lets take a selfie
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we could have waited a minor two for his phone to load up. lets take a look at something we love to do every year in the cbs-3 weather center before we get in the rest of the forecast. we did kidcasters. we let kid coming out and local malls in the area, plymouth meeting mall and try their hand at our job for the day and they did a great job. >> lets take a look. >> i want to be a kid caster because i want to be a meteorologist when i grow up. >> i want to be ac b. three kid caster because i love learning about science. >> it is sunny, in the the 40's chilly and you should wear your jacket. >> thanks for watching cbs-3, back to you. >> how cute are they? some of them gave us a run for our money. we are honing our skills trying to hold on to our jobs here. we are live on sky cam three the snow is being made as we speak. certainly cold enough to make snow probably be cold enough to make snow here in the city. you can see folks doing had half pipe snow boarding perhaps or class going on here. not sure what is going on,
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mountain is pack. the great night for new years eve, remaining until 2015. a little snow action. the lets look at is what happening snow wise around the rest of the nation. there is that lake effect snow. with you snow this time around is really on the west coast. and, here in air zone, snow near las vegas if you can believe that, snowing, in mexico and, not here or dry here but that is part of the country that is hit with that winter storm warnings. freeze warnings. and all throughout the deep southwest, and down in texas a as well accounts winter storm warnings and across new mexico and arizona as well. so for us it is quiet, cold but we are not under any warnings or watches. we are looking at sunshine starting out 2015 tomorrow with highs only in the 30's. on friday looking fine as well. little more seasonal as temperatures get back to the lower 40's. we will see some sun. on saturday we will start the day with sunshine. the most of the day is dry. but later a saturday evening rain push necessary and may start a as a little bit of the mix or freezing rain up in the
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poconos. the rain for the the rest of us. sunday's mild but wet with highs in the middle 50's. so, a lot going on. we have got a cold and dry. warm and rainy. but we don't have any snow for now. overnight mainly clear and cold down to 24. for your new years day sunny, breezy chilly at 39 degrees. lets look at you're witness weather seven day forecast which keeps it chill bye seasonal will here throughout the rest of the week. saturday rain arrives late. then sunday period of rain and after that storm it turns colder but dry again, early next week, stay there we will have more news when we come right back.
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after a 25 home run season
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veteran outfielder marilyn byrd is on his way to cincinnati latest step in the teams rebuilding process was made, official earlier this afternoon. as far as the deal phillies get right-hander ben lively, 22 years old, a pitching prospect, and he was named reds top minor league player of 2014. finishing the year with 3.04 era in 26 starts. no way of knowing what tug of war or blame game precipitated this move by the eagles, but team announced they are parting ways with vice-president of player personnel, tom gamble. gamble is a local product from haddonfield, new jersey and declined several opportunities last year to remain with the eagles. fran dunphy has done it again, owls on the road taking on u-conn will cummings with the nice jumper in the second half and gives an extension to the lead for the owls. this one went into overtime and temple beat huskies 57-53. villanova also in action against the butler bulldogs
5:28 pm
wildcats taking a healthy lead through both halves, they ended up with the win, by a final score of 67-55. good job, fellas. >> no better place in america for college basketball. >> that is right good then right here. >> that is right. thanks very much. still to come in the next half an hour we will continue gearing up to ring in the the new year. the jessica is down at penns landing, hi jessica. >> that is right we will let you know about the two fire works displays coming up and when you you can see them. also, from wind toppled boats to stranded drivers in the snow see how wild weather out west makes things treacherous in the end of 204. more news coming up.
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we are celebrating 2015 tonight in sidney australia, one of the first in the world to ring in the new year. we kick off 2015 with impressive fire works over sidney harbor. we have our own fire works to look forward to tonight our jessica teen is where it is all happening tonight down on penns landing, hi jessica. >> hi chris, that is right we are in the center of the universe for the delaware river valley, just kind of getting ready to ring in 2015. we have people ice skating behind us. the crowd are starting to build here. of course, sun has gone down. it is certainly starting to feel like new years eve and it will feel like it here in just
5:32 pm
a little bit because we have our first of two fire works spectaculars coming up at 6:00 o'clock. you will see them right here on "eyewitness news". you will be able to see ones at midnight right here on "eyewitness news". we have you covered this new years eve. those 6:00 o'clock fire works are really perfect for families, because sometimes it is hard for little ones and older ones too to stay up until midnight. they have you covered. earlier today down at franklin square they were already getting ready for this. they are doing the square drop down at franklin square. they are counting down to those 6:00 p.m. fire works. many families have been there and they have been making crafts riding carousal, dancing to all of the music down there. it is a perfect way to celebrate new years eve for some of the youngest among us who will be ring nothing 2015 with us so a lot of fun for them down there and a perfect place for them to do it g viewing spot for those fire works at 6:00. we will see them right here. down by the ice kathy orr was
5:33 pm
talking to some junk people who were going to bring in 2015 but they were working ice skates a little bit. even kathy was on the ice skates. let's check with her right now, kathy. >> what a great night. i was just standing here with this nice family from marlton and bright lights were on and then what happened. >> it went dark. >> it went dark. i a said is what going on. you said. >> i have no idea. >> it is your first time. >> my first time good what do you expect. >> fire works. >> yes, they are coming right over the river. it will be beautiful. and these young girls over here were here last year this is much different. >> so much different. they didn't have any decorations or these buildings. it is really nice. >> later on we will look inside the lodge where there is food, fun it feels like walking into somebody's living room and fantastic. the lets talk a little bit about the weather because fire works are kicking off at 6:00 p.m. are you ready. at 6:00 p.m., and around 31 and, by 9:00 o'clock the temperature will drop to 29,
5:34 pm
and then we will do fire works again for these late nighters midnight temperatures around 27 degrees. and, we will be in bed by that time at midnight. do you think you will be in bed by midnight. no. what do all of you have who say to anybody at home? >> happy new year; wow. >> we want to remind everyone thaw can ring in the new year with us, we are so excited to be here this evening, we will broadcast live from pens landing throughout the night and, of course begin our special coverage at 11:30. spectacular fire works display will go off at the stroke of midnight and, by sending us and, go to cbs, and use the hash tag cbs36789nye. we want to know what you are grateful for and your wishes here in the new year. >> all right kathy, we are
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grateful for you. we will see you later on at penns landing. for many there is no substitute for party in times square but we know better. while there are no specific threats to the event tonight's security is as always very tight. visitors are being screened with both metal and radiation detectors tonight while bomb sniffing dogs are also on patrol. at the joint operations center in downtown manhattan teams are monitoring hundreds of live cameras looking for any sign of trouble. nypd says times square is probably the the safees place in new york on new years eve. let's go back to the breaking news we told but earlier, we are learning more about a possible measles exposure in both delaware and philadelphia counties. our david spunt is live at please touch museum one place people may have been exposed. david, what do you know he now. >> reporter: chris, we are learning about three locations where there is a possible exposure. we want to use that word possible exposure.
5:36 pm
the thinks the police touch museum right now where kids coming in here over past few days especially during the holiday season. i want to read from health officials, they say a person who likely has measles may have exposed other people to the disease on the following dates. i want to show you these right now. we have a full screen. one is cvs pharmacy, lancaster avenue in wayne, pennsylvania. on sunday just a few days a ago, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. that is where person likely has meals also was there. there may have been a exposure. other place i am please touch museum memorial hall, on monday the 29th from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. the final location is premiere urgent care on conestoga and villanova we are told there may have been and may have been annex exposure last night. those are three locations right now. state health officials rather chris just told thus was within the last few hours if there are any concerns please go get the vaccine immediately. we will have more on cbs
5:37 pm live from fairmount park, david spunt cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thanks very much. high wind hit santa catalina island, two people are killed a third person is missing tonight. wind in excess of 40 miles an hour caused boats to break throughs from their morgues just off the coast of southern california. a had harbor patrol officer was killed when he became pinned beneath a rock and a boat the the other person killed was a civilian. in the california mountains tonight a foot of snow left about 200 motorist stranded overnight. this is highway 138 in san bernardino county. rescuers took to snow cats to bring people safely down off that mountain and 90 were so far from home that they had to sleep in shelters for the night. here's something you don't see near los angeles every day cold snap fun for kid but apparently for parents not so much. los angeles county has to
5:38 pm
issue a cold weather a there there. three-quarters of this years is still on trees and that could be a real problem there. well despite storms and rought seas search crews have found the final resting spot for air asia flight 8501. bad weather has got in the way of recovering more victims from the crash in the java sea. officials believe bodies of 162 victims will likely end up on beaches. so far crews have recovered seven bodies including that of the flight attendant. check out this would be bank robber as he is blown across the pavement while trying to rob an atm this happened in australia man was caught on camera putting explosives around that machine, lighting them and then getting blown up himself. he survived, he ran a away and police continue to look for him tonight. not a good idea. still to come here on
5:39 pm
"eyewitness news", a warning about the flu from the cdc what you need to know about the spread of the flu this early in the winter. it is a bicycle built for two but not your average bike but this weeks story of brotherly love kate? it is a cold finish to 2014, coming up, we will recap december. has it been warmer or colder than average? what do we have to look forward to as we head toward the last long holiday weekend before everybody heads back to work and school? i'll have
5:40 pm
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at 5:40, we have some problems out there, really busy afternoon and evening on 59 at cottman is there an accident. you can see police activity on the scene here. these are southbound lanes so headed toward center city area we will see a the lot of backup already accumulating and dealing with that back up from earlier congestion for rush hour. that is taking out that left hand shoulder. apart of the left-hand lane as everybody squeezes by to the right-hand side. northbound lanes moving better than that. over on the schuylkill expressway slow go approaching
5:43 pm
gladwynn, in the eastbound lanes here headed toward center city a area where we will see that congestion. brake lights in the westbound lanes there as well. we have a problem in new jersey on 295 a accident approaching route 42 freeway on the schuylkill expressway. that puts you over in the shoulder. lincoln drive another crash pushed over actually, vehicle in the wood now. the there is police activity on the scene there trying to get that cleaned up and out of the way for time coming. broad street line is running on an all night schedule for new year. for all you party goers that is what you have to look forward to so stay there,
5:44 pm
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this is a pie row musical the hong kong tourism, board describes it as a mix of fire works, special light eag affects and music. that remarkable display taking place over victoria harbor. fire works, lit up not sky near red square in moscow, spectators gathered along the moscow river to ring in another, new year. we're getting ready to kick off the first of our fire works displays for the night at 6:00, you'll see them right here. we're excited about. that but first lets send it into kate and studio for a check of the weather kate. >> thanks, guess contact it
5:47 pm
looks like it is chilly down there at river rink but a great place to be tonight. bundle up. dry. in the raining. not snowing. wind are brisk but could be whole lot worse. lets check with our weather watchers getting ready to celebrate end of 204 and start of 2015. we will start in the far top corner of our screen with the dave par sell in the reading area and says dew point is 7.9 degrees. it is dry outside. happy new years cbs philly. happy new years to you as well, cave. tanya is in philadelphia reporting 32 degrees right now. she event is us a photo with her stats there. this is beautiful. the before it being day on kelly drive getting last run on 2014. it looks lake he stuck to her resolution getting runs in. we will be continuing that into 2015. we will head into new jersey and check with robert stewart in clementon, reporting 28 degrees, just a few cloud. cold uncomfortable evening but last one this year. well that is one way to look at it. if you are interested in being a weather watcher sign up at cbs
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you can sign up. it is that easy. we'd love to have you as part of our team. and you can see city is all lit up. here's ben franklin bridge. we will see fire works in the sky tonight and, if you don't plan on bracing the cold, watch them right here on cbs-3 in just a few minutes. ben franklin bridge looks great all lit up. storm scan three also looking similarly nice. completely clear n problems in our neck of the woods. all of the problems are in the southwest. we don't say that very often but they have their fair share of nasty weather. we showed you this earlier. you can see rotation with this storm sitting in the far southwest corner of the country bringing snow in portions of air zone, southern nevada and even down into portions of mexico and southern california and hate to say it but better them then us at least it is dry n snow to worry about for new years festivities here. thirty-two at the airport. twenty-eight in degrees in reading. twenty-eight in lancaster. very cold 20 in mount pocono. silver lining to that cloud it is cold enough to make snow a at ski resorts. if your new years plans
5:49 pm
involving hitting the slopes you will not be difficulties a appointed everything looking great up there. the lets review december. mild month. temperatures average 4 degrees above normal, all last week christmas week we know temperatures were well above average and precipitation we are .2 inches below average. close to where we should be. high temperature this month is 65 degrees on christmas morning at 2:00 a.m. low temperature this month is 27 degrees. the lets take a look what we can expect moving forward in the mummers parade. here's our forecast. our planner 32 at 10:00 a a.m. thirty-four at noon. it is cold and dry. sunshine out there. bundle up enjoy that fantastic philadelphia new years day tradition. we are clear dry right through friday, right through much of saturday. here we go saturday morning. by saturday afternoon rain starts creeping in. we could start out as freezing rain in the far north and western suburbs this will start saturday into sunday and will be just rain. overnight tonight mainly clear and cold. we are down to 24 for overnight low. chilly start to the new year. dry, sunny for your thursday
5:50 pm
new years day. 39 degrees will be the high. eyewitness weather seven day forecast looks good. all except for sunday the warmest day but also wet take, period have rain all day long. then it turns colder next week back to the 30's monday, lower 40's by next tuesday, chris, back over to you. kate, thank you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight the flu reaches epidemic status in the u.s. widespread flu activity is reported in 36 states. centers for disease control says 15 children have died from the flu, and at least 11 people died in pennsylvania so far this year. cdc does recommend vaccinations for everyone six months or older for as long as the flu virus is circulating. the agency ace this years strain has mutated in ways that does make the vaccine lessee effective then experts initially hoped. well, 2014 was a busy year in health news, the ebola
5:51 pm
epidemic enterovirus out breaks measles cases all on the rise. cbs news correspondent marley hall has a look back. >> reporter: thomas eric duncan began the first person diagnosed in the united states with ebola. he contracted the disease in liberia and died at a dallas hospital. two of his nurses also came down with the virus but recovered. >> i'm so grateful to be well. >> reporter: in response cdc issued new recommendation toss treaty bowl a patients. the national out break of enterovirus d68 sickened more than 1100 people and may have played a role in 12 deaths. most patient where is children with underlying conditions. cases of the measles reached a 20 year high most out breaks occurred in communities that do not vaccinate. for the first time the government is recommending flu mist nasal spray as the preferred vaccine for healthy kid two to eight years old. autism numbers are up 30 percent from two years ago but cdc says one in 68 children is on the spectrum.
5:52 pm
the nation's lead willing group of pediatricians call for middle school and high school not to start before 8:30 in the morning. >> i'm definitely less focused in the morning. >> reporter: doctors say teenagers and tweens need more sleep. the group also recommended iud's and implant rather than the pill as the best birth control method to prevent teen pregnancy. cvs became first major drugstore chain to stop selling tobacco products, while calls to poison control centers because of e cigarettes shot up from one call per month to 200 per month. the cdc says that millions of americans drink too much the agency says excessive drinking lead to one in every ten deaths but almost all of the people who drink excessively are not alcoholic i cans. british surgeons used a 3-d printer and stem cells to create a new hip for a 71 year-old woman. >> it is just taking an old part and putting new part back
5:53 pm
in again. >> reporter: doctors say printer's precision makes the implant a perfect fit. marley had hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead here on "eyewitness news". >> one man's love of inventing is giving a local couple a freedom they have been missing for so long. i'm ukee washington and that is coming up in today's brotherly love.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a friend stepped in with an ingenious invention. ukee washington has that story in this weeks brotherly love. >> reporter: one man's love of inventing is giving a local couple a freedom they have been missing for so long. >> there you go, baby. >> it is a bicycle built for two built by a caring co-worker. >> i think of a creative idea and then i just look for ways of implementing it. >> reporter: chuck robbins idea led to a liberating reality for dave and terry once active terry's diagnosis
5:57 pm
of a condition that causes loss of muscle control left her dependent on a wheelchair. chuck an instructor who works with dave at universal technical institute in exton wanted to help. >> he came up to me one day and said i wonder if i can make some kind of a arrangement for terry's wheelchair on a bicycle. >> reporter: chuck, a guy who likes to play found a ten speed on craigs list. he fabricated a sort of side car. he pushes terry up a ramp and locks the the chair down. the result, terry clearly loving the freedom of the simple bike right. >> i love it. it is so great. feel the wind in my hair. >> reporter: chuck even design a second bike with a seat for terry. she could use it on days where she's able to get out of her wheelchair. >> a big uplift to an other wise kind of hopeless condition. >> reporter: with dave pedaling away, the two are enjoying the the outdoors once again and creating, memories.
5:58 pm
>> our first big ride was down in outer banks, north carolina, and terry and i had a great time. >> reporter: all thanks to chuck. >> unaudible. >> just to see terry smile the way she did very happy, very happy. >> i have done good for somebody. >> reporter: do you have a story about brotherly love? go to cb is s and tell us all bit. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> ukee, thanks. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 we will celebrate the arrival of 2015 jessica. >> i'm jessica dean at penns landing where we are ready for our 6:00 o'clock fire works spectacular coming up live in just moments and you'll see it right here kathy. >> jessica, i'm inside winter fess, and living rooms behind me big screens tv, lots of snacks. outside we are getting ready, we are getting fired up because fire works display will begin within moments,
5:59 pm
the skaters are getting ready. we will have the forecast as we ring in the new year coming up. i'm cleve bryan in bridgeton, coming up, hear from witnesses about an officer involve shooting. and breaking news tonight, it is possible that some local residents have been exposed to measles, we will tell you where, "eyewitness news" starts right now. the fire works, are set to begin, we are live, at penns landing, where at any moment the the first of tonight's two fire works shows will begin, to light up the night sky. well, good evening on this final night, of 2014 i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. at penns landing where yes, the ther joy is high, people are ready for this first round of fire works which promises ton wonderful. it is coming up at 6:00 o'clock. as soon as that happens we
6:00 pm
will let you see that live. in the meantime there is a lot of energy and a lot of people excited to ring in 2015 and i think i hear the beginning of the fire works. the lets take a look. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪


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