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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 2, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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but it is quiet, at least we can expect some more sunshine courtesy of high pressure, problem is it is only one more day large storm coming our way for tomorrow. i'll have all of the details straight ahead vittoria? >> thank you good morning everyone, so far so-so good on the majors, i would anticipate that to be the case at 5:00 in the morning. roosevelt boulevard, no delays, no problems, hopefully stays that way but things could chain we'll see if they do coming up. >> in the news, developing right now suspect accused of sexually assaulting a woman in spring garden awaits arraignment this morning. it happened 17th and callowhill street. jan carabeo joins us now with the special victims unit with the latest on this investigation, jan good morning. >> good morning, sources tell "eyewitness news" that police now have a 32 year old man from pit burying in custody they're not yet releasing this man's identity until he is officially remained. but he'll face charges of rape robbery attempted
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murder. >> evidence of sexual assault police spent early morning hours of 2015 checking every clue they could here at this parking garage at 17th and callowhill street. investigators say, a three # three -- 33 year old woman attacked by a man on a second floor at 11:00 in the morning. >> i feel so in shock and very upset. i can't believe it. >> i'm completely surprised. >> alexis lives just across the street from the scene. the garage primarily serves resident of the one franklin town ants. but it was also open to the public. police say the suspect somehow evaded security there, which is a shock to residents. >> i know that my building has 24-hour security, both inside the building and in the parking garage, i know both of the rove heres walk up and down the aisles, the two that my building hired, and i know that they do real dill rent job. >> police have reviewed surveillance video and sources now saying they have 32 year old man from pit burying in custody. still after hearing a woman was assaulted sent to the
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hospital for attack in broad daylight there is community remains on edge. >> it is minds boggling. >> crazy, what a way to start the new year. >> again sources tell "eyewitness news", they're not going to release the identity of this suspect until he's formally arraigned and in the meantime, police could still use your help if you know anything about this sexual assault, in broad daylight in spring garden yesterday police want to hear from, reporting outside of the special victims unit, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you for that. health off initials hamilton township mercer county are holding a news conference later today on two new cases of hepatitis-a. both patient ate food from the same restaurant where a worker was infected back in november. that was rosa's restaurant and catering on south broad street. now, one of the people infected with help tight a works at the hair port salon on south broad. the other is a part time fitness instructor at hamilton area ymca's jkr branch on white horse mercerville road.
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health officials say if you have been to nip of the three businesses recently, you should contact your doctor or the health department. hepatitis-a is a contagious liver disease that can cause death in rare cases. new this morning, fire damages a business in west philadelphia overnight. the flames broke out around 2:00 a.m. on the 4,000 block of lancaster avenue. we're told firefighters had a tough time getting inside the building because it was boarded up. we just sent a crew back out to the scene after report that fire flared up again. right now, that fire marshall is investigating what may have sparked that fire. and, an investigation is underway to determine what caused this overnight fire in north philadelphia. "eyewitness news", on the 2900 block of north 21st street. officials say the fire started in a two-story garage. neighboring homes were evacuated as a precaution. no one was hurt. 5:03, we want to get back to katie and get our traffic and weather together. >> good morning, chilly start
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to the morning for sure. we do still have little hint after breeze, enough that any time it blows it will make it feel colder than it reads on the thermometer. things are very tranquil for now. we take you out first and for most to storm scan three won't find much of anything. few clouds as we zoom it out. if you look closely off to the north, yet again light lake effect snow kicking in here across up-state new york. but the flow is primarily westerly, so that will keep generally any of that snow even out of the northern pennsylvania, so we certainly do not have to deal with it. meanwhile, we look around the area temperatures, definitely chilly start. a seasonable one as such. drexel hill checking in at pair of three's lumberton at 30 magnolia in at 34. with again modest breeze, but enough that you notice it. it is all you need, right? meanwhile, around the region we go here, mostly sunny day for pretty much everybody again, will be few more clouds than what we experienced in the -- experienced in the last two days, so one more quiet day before the first storm of 2015 arrives. not only does it bring precipitation which we will be
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discussing through the morning, but also taste of may, then a crash back to january reality so also going to be talking much more about temperature readings, too. vittoria? >> i don't want to live in january reality. please? >> i here ya. >> all right. good morning everyone, you know the reality of the situation right now traffic world, well, it is great outside. no delays in either direction beautiful morning, it is 5:05, really you have nothing to worry about i'm anticipating very, very light rush, if any this morning because we're coming off of the holiday mummers parade was yesterday and folks are still doing the two step i would imagine even at home, or maybe two step with their feet up in their bed. either way no problems and delays on the roads just yet. roosevelt boulevard looking great, even as we continue to 95, 95 also the same, not too far away from cottman through the construction zone of both cottman avenue and girard, no delays, no problems. now, things can definitely change as we progress into the morning, but really right now speed censors are high up in the 50's everywhere. traveling in pa, traveling in delaware, traveling in new
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jersey, i mean, take a look, just a lot of good news out there, lots of green just how we like t we do however have fire location in west philadelphia. lancaster avenue between 40th and 41st, your best alternate is haverford or you can either take 42nd street that would be good idea, as well. try to avoid the area if you k still little active. also fire location not too far from the northeast, at madison near frankford westmoreland street is your best alternate. erika? >> vittoria, thank youment happening today funeral for the boy struck and killed by a franklin township police cruiser. ten year old matthew mccloskey on his way to a friend's house sunday night when the cruiser hit him. last night friends and family held a candlelight vigil at the franklin township sport complex. people who knew him shared memories. >> he was funny. he was smart. he was always, like, ready to go places, and stuff. >> we're coming together to, you know, to celebrate his life.
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>> comforting my sister, comforting myself, making sure we have everything we need, and doing so much for us, it is un believable. >> police officer came to pay their respects, as well. the office here drove the cruiser is on leave while authorities investigate. >> italy responding to a strands ship in the ionian sea, caring 450 and no crew. the sierra leone flag vest sell roughly 55 miles off the coast of control crotan. had to fly in coast guard rescue teams second time this week the coast guard have recovered a vessel. airasia, the search for the downed plane and black boxes, tara mergener bridges you up-to-date on the recovery effort. >> at least seven more victims every sunday's doomed airasia flight were pulled from the java sea early today.
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indonesia national search and rescue agency says six were found by an us navy ship leaving nearly 150 still missing. in indonesian investigators say they believe many may still be strapped in their seats in the plane's fuselage. searches also found more pieces of the plane. several more ships and planes with metal detectors and sensitive listening equipment arrived. crews will step up their efforts when weather allows. they're scouring 8300 square mile area. the airasia flight crashed into the java sea sunday with 162 people aboard. it was on a two hour flight from indonesia to singapore when it disappeared from radar almost halfway into the trip. the first identified victim of the crash a 49 year old woman, was quickly burried thursday, in keeping with muslim tradition. drizzle and light clouds cover the search area today but high waves and strong winds are forecast through sunday. strong current are moving the debris making the search
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difficult. investigators admit they're in a race against time. the longer the search takes the more bodies will de compose, and the farther debris will drift away. in washington, tara mergener, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". funeral plans are being made for former new york governor march qual cuomo died hours after his son was sworn in as second term for governor. he served three terms as governor from 1983 to 1995. he passed away last night after battling a heart condition. cuomo was 82 years old. our time now 5:09. some local police officers risk their lives to save a family from a burning home. see how they used quick thinking, and their hands to pull off the daring rescue. also mummersrs strutting their stuff all day long. from the parade, to the parties, and everything inbetween, we'll take a look at this year's big winners. >> also, this man has been holding onto a piece of history for more than 50
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years, and he didn't even realize it. you have to see what doctors just found hidden in his arm. >> and get ready for a roller coaster ride with the weather this weekend. katie is tracking the dramatic change in temperatures when we do traffic and weather together on the 3's. right now, it is 5:10, we'll be right back.
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another miami ers celebration ends not on broad street but two street. gave performers a chance to strut late into the night. after the parade, fancy brigades put on their show on the pennsylvania convention center in front of hundreds of people. the mummers performed down broad street, one of the noticeable changes to the parade route. it started at city hall, and then ended on washington avenue about 2 miles shorter all of that in a attempt to draw more clouds. >> it is all about being here. change is good, right. >> it is tradition. it belongs in south philly.
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we support them. we do everything we can for them. and they took it away from us. >> now as the party ended the clean up began. crews took down bleachers and swept city street. front ends loaders helped clear away trash left behind from all of those revelers. >> now, judges scored each group, congratulations, going out to the fralinger string band for winning its division. well done. for complete list of winner from this year's mummers pap aid, hen to -- head to our website cbs philly also find a slide show of the new years day festivities. it is 5:13, traffic and weather together on the 3's in just a bit. first check out some spectacular pictures from the grand canyon. the south rim of the landmark is coated with snow, to start the new year. the same storm even dumped snow on phoenix. wonder if that will start creeping eastward, katie, what do you think? >> indeed it will, ukee, actually the same storm system bringing us our first large system of the new year. so, here it comes. you know, even though we ends
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11 more quiet day, we of course have to address what's happening here. now, we start things off in the southern tear of the us, where there is still some ice this morning, there is certainly still some rain falling, and this time, little further removed to the east. we also still have some lingering snow falling across new mexico, but as this storm continues to pull into the planes, it will take more and more after shape. it is also going to gather some cold air in it wake here, and that's what's going to really help energize this, help it intensify, by the time it reaches us, we see some significant changes and swings in our pattern taking place here in the next couple of days now tomorrow this is important, listen up, if you have got any travel plans any errands to run, try to get them in early because even by midday, the whole map will be covered in pretty colors on radar, okay? and notice, that there is a rain-snow line here it, kind of split the evening none two now, here is the thing even though it may start with some snow or sleet or maybe even rain that freezes on contact even if it accumulated initially it, will get washed away. look what happened. not only does it turn over to
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rain, but much milder air will move in. and that's going to force anything that does fall to melt quickly. so, if there are any travel concerns, with slick travel it, will happen early on, but it is just kind after general wash out the rest of saturday. sunday meanwhile additional rain. will be some additional showers, kind of hit and miss and off and on through the day, because we need the colds front to cross. once it does, skies will clear, we ends up plummeting, so here's where we stand right now, mid 30's from ac into philadelphia. little colder in the poconos. and then we take you forward in this forecast. look at this, 63 sunday, back in the 30's monday. whew, that's like going over the edge after giant roller coaster, right? by tuesday clipper comes along, that could bring some snow showers. so after a very quiet week, it is turning active for sure. vittoria? >> good morning, hoping that traffic will turn into a very active situation later this morning, i really don't think will, only because we're coming off the holiday. still a loft folks celebrating somewhat of a holiday themselves this week. but if you are traveling right now or have to travel right
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now, all of the majors look great. if you are traveling right now on the ben franklin bridge, and the rest of the bridges looking great no matter headed into philadelphia, headed into new jersey, just real nice ride, no matter how you cut t take a look at the schuylkill expressway, this shot far from the vine, looking awesome. no delays for mass transit. all of the speed censors pretty high you have in the 50's, lots to to be thankful for today. >> we're awaiting word on a rainment, the manna cured in the frightening sexual as all in spring garden. woman attack in parking garage near 17th and callowhill gist before 11:00 yesterday morning, in broad daylight. police have made an arrest, the victim we're told is in stable condition at hahnemann. >> we should learn more from health officials later this afternoon, about two new cases of hepatitis-a in mercer county. both victims ate at rosa's restaurant and catering in hamilton township. a kitchen work their had the virus in november. >> and no injuries in this fire along the 4,000 block of
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lancaster avenue in west philadelphia. firefighters are back on the scene right now after hot spots flared up. so far, there is no word on the cause. our time is 5:17. keep close eye on your credit cards bill. we'll tell but the latest restaurant that may have just been hit by hacklers also, it is the hot new trends in exercise we'll let you agree that odd looking mask is and if it can really help you make you a better athlete. wear that thing to the gym? details on that coming up.
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customers details little later on the data breach. >> time to check your philadelphia job market report. here's cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger. >> happy new year. for those in the midst after job search or ready to takings in 2015, here are some tips on how to keep those resolutions. begin by writing them down and choose just three to start. make the resolution concrete, such as start contacting three people a week in my network to arrange informal meetings. remember, to schedule time to check on your progress. every two weeks should suffice. hr professionals say the number one resolution for job seekers should be to did better questions during the interview. here are five to consider. how would you define success for this position? what part of the company is showing the most growth? how will the company help me develop? tell me a little bit about the teteam i'll be working with. where do you see me, fitting in? additional tips include: resolve to learn something new.
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read trade blocks, take free classes or attends a local seminar for job seekers. check out the pennsylvania work force development for a calendar of upcoming events. i'm jill schlessinger for cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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quiet day for now, all tranquil other than few more clouds on storm scan three but i want to zoom way out. there she blows, that's your next storm system. rain already starting to fall across the southern mississippi valley. and that's all headed our way.
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so, for now enjoy this. it is tranquil, 35 degrees, a mod owes breeze, but i have to tell you from having already been out on the skydeck any light winds is just enough to make it feel a lot colder. so be ready for. that will otherwise, expect some sun. back in the low 40's again tomorrow. storm comes along, though, even as early as midday. rain will move in. in it is still cold enough, northwest suburbs, lehigh valley poconos i'm talking to you you could see snow, sleet, maybe freezing rain mix in initially but look at the spike on the thermometer eventually it, turns way too mild for anything but rain, and through sunday still left with some of the rain; it clears out by monday but that's also when temperatures crash again. >> not a fan that far. just going to be honest. >> good morning everyone, well right now hoping that our speed censors stay nice and high like they are all over the map. really everywhere. speed censors are high up in the 50's, notice, that things are wide open and clear and freon the ben franklin bridge,
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no delays on either direction that's the story on all of the majors and all of the bridges. i pretty much sum up my entire report in 202nd. anyway, 95 also looking great there is shot not too far from the broad street exit, maybe headed down into the philadelphia international airport, it is great there too no delays, no problems. there are the speed censors we love to look at. that will this is in pa. but pa, jersey, delaware, all looking great, no delays for mass transit. how much, patco still running on holiday schedule. ukee? >> thank you vittoria. in sports, college football championship game now ten days from now and it will be the ducks versus the bucks. the ohio state's buckeyes punch their ticket by upsetting number one alabama. ohio state's quarterback car dale jones and running back elliot led the buckeyes back from a 15-point deficit to win it, 42 to 35. jones through for touchdown and elliot rushed for 230 yards and couple of touches. buckeyes out last the crimson tide 42 to 35.
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>> it was a big win in the rose bowl, oregon's marcus through for three touchdowns, and ran for another. and oregon scored all three florida state turnovers to beat the so many knowles, at to -- 59 to 20. that offense does work, fsu quarterback jail us winston figure in two of those turnovers, the loss snapped florida state's 29-game winning streak. their defense got to the game, as well, the ducks did. so it is second ranked oregon taking on fourth ranked ohio state for the national championship january 12th, in arlington, texas. >> well, the flyers hope 2015 bridges change for the orange and black in carolina tonight to play the hurricanes. now the fly guys ended 2014 with three straight losses. the sixers have also lost three straight. they're in phoenix tonight to take on the suns. now the sixers will not will not, see labron jamison the cleveland cavaliers only trip to philadelphia this coming monday night. king james just turned 30 the other day is out for the next two weeks with strains in his knee and lower back.
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the cavs are off to a relatively slow start they're 18 and 14, on the season. erika, back over to you. >> thanks, ukee, iphone, ipad users upset with apple. find out why they say the company deceived them. january? >> police say she was sexually assaulted, in broad daylight, in spring garden, on new years morning. now, sources say, they have one man in custody for the crime. i'm jan carabeo, reporting live outside of the special victims unit, that story straight ahead. >> january, thanks. also talk about lending a hand. how some hero irk camden county police officers used their hands to save a family from a burning home. and vittoria and katie return, they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's. we're back in just two minute. good morning.
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developing now, wait to go face a judge manna cured of raping and attacking a woman in a philadelphia parking garage is due in court this morning. now, that attack happened in broad daylight. we're live with the latest developments in this case. >> good morning, everyone, also the mummers excitement little too much for this dog hear about his wild afternoon during the parade. first though, let's check traffic and weather together with katie and vittoria. >> good morning, happy friday shall everybody, we're going to be looking ahead to some very significant changes for the upcoming weaken here, the first large storm of 2015 is upon us, for now all is quiet though, so we can only start off with nice weather news, but vet tory arks about to go a little downhill here. >> not looking forward to that katie but optimism. 2015 optimism. right now if you are traveling out and about we're hoping that traffic still looks as nice as it does now as we move into our rush hour time. but, looking


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