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tv   Eyewitness News at 7am  CBS  January 4, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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new this morning police officers respond to a car crash, only to realize that the victim has been shot. we will have the latest on their overnight investigation. and we're live at tragic end to the search for shane. family members say a body pulled from the schuylkill river is that of the missing college student. and we're off to a soggy and foggy start a live look at storm scan three shows us rain overtop of us right now, carol will have details on drastic swings in the temperatures mother nature just can't make up her mind this week. today is sunday january 4th good morning, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 7:00 o'clock. let's send it over to carol. more on this hot, cold whatever it the may be. >> i say weather has a angel and a devil over our shoulder. >> it doesn't nose who to listen to. >> i think for today it is the the angel because temperatures are in the 60es a and then the
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devil could be cold air we have got coming up and it gets cold around here as we move into monday, and every day, after that. right now we're dealing with fog. this has a very either fall or spring-like look to it with the fog out there this morning and it is, 43 degrees in center city philadelphia right now. storm scan three shows us the the showers that we will continue to find in the area, yesterday we pick up three-quarters of an inch have of rain in philadelphia we are fining those showers, moving through the area at the present time. we will see them in philadelphia, some of the heavier stuff has moved on in, and it the is even to the north east of trenton. maybe a drying slot moving in as well. i think we can find a couple of those throughout the the day because with temperatures in the 60's, it will be easy to get out and do whatever you need to do to remember that it is january and you might to have do some grocery shopping or something like that today. and it is a good day to do it. forty-two in philadelphia, trenton. forty-four in wilmington. much warmer then yesterday. fifty-one in wildwood.
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forty-one up in the poconos. head up to pottstown it is 38 degrees, 38 also in doylestown. up 43 in mount holly. temperatures today getting to 63 degrees, with these showers, on and off today. we will be talking about the much colder air that comes in, and it is here for a while and that is just ahead, nicole. >> all right carol, thank you. new this morning, police are investigating a homicide at philadelphia hunting park neighborhood. authorities were called to the 3700 block of dell hide street for an accident at 3:00 this morning. when office's arrived they found a 39 year-old man shot in the chest inside his car, just riddled with bullets. also new this morning christmas heard in a car accident, in east falls. and along fox street. a victim was taken to the hospital, conditions unknown, the cause of the crash is under investigation. a mailbox explosion causes an alarm in springdale camden county. it happened around midnight in
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the 1200 block of sequoia road. bomb squad was called out to investigate there is no word on any suspects at this time. also this morning, police in delaware county need your help finding a missing ten year-old. lewis guzman went missing saturday from see cain is section of rid liz township. he was last seen by his grandmother around 2:00 o'clock when he left to play with his friend. guzman is 4 feet tall, weighs hundred pound, with brown hair and brown eyes. he was wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans. if you see him you are asked to call ridley township police. after nearly 40 days of searching for shane montgomery his family now has closure. twenty-one year-old body was found yesterday in the schuylkill river. shane's family thanked all who helped in that search and asked for privacy while their family grieves. our syma chowdhry is live in manayunk now with that story, syma. >> reporter: nicole, a body was pull from the schuylkill river right behind the manayunk brewery company and shane montgomery's family has confirmed that this body is of
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shane. >> today we have done what we have promised, we have found and we have brought shane home. >> reporter: family of shane montgomery begins to get the the closure that they need after confirming a body pulled from the schuykill river saturday, is the missing west chester university student. the body was found by a group of volunteer divers just before noon time, in about 4 feet of water in a river bank behind the manayunk brewery along main street. it is less than half mile from where the 21 year-old disappeared after leaving kildares irish pub early thanksgiving morning. shane's parents made the announcement saturday that their son had been found near liz 40 days after his difficulties a appearance. the discovery of shane's body end a more than five week search which included efforts from local dive teams, philadelphia police the fbi, and thousands of volunteers. both on the streets and through social media. >> that is what we're here for. that is why we do this.
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it is to find family loved ones and bring them back to them. >> reporter: surveillance video was released showing shane walking across a bridge spanning the manayunk can ol toward a parking lot next to the the schuylkill river. shane's keys were found in the same area shortly before christmas. prayers filled the facebook page used to help find shane. the family filled with both sadness and relief will have closure that they will need. >> we want to thank every within for their support, prayers and love and ask that they continue to pray for our family at that trying time. >> reporter: no funeral arrangements have been announced but services are expect to be scheduled soon. we're live from manayunk syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". same, shane montgomery was last seen leaving kill bears irish pub early thanksgiving morning. canal was first dredged that sunday november 30th, the same day fbi joined local officials in the investigation. on december 10th we have learned there was surveillance
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video of montgomery near that river. shane's keys were then found by search keys in the water on december 21st. divers continued to return to that area this will they found his still submerged body there yesterday. so tragic. we have been following this story from the very beginning, and you can learn more about the search for shane montgomery on our web site at cbs philadelphia police say that a limo driver is dead after a shooting in cobbs creek. "eyewitness news" at the scene in the 5400 block of delancey street. police believe that the 25 year-old driver was shot during a robbery. authorities say that there were three male passengers in the car at the time of that shooting, in a regularses have been made. friend family and fellow police officers will pay their final respects to officer wenjian liu at his funeral service. liu was one of two new york city police officers killed in an ambush shooting two weeks ago. report are wija change from cbs two in new york has more on how the fallen officer was
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honored at a wake on saturday. >> reporter: officer wenjian liu was devoted to bridging the gap between the asian american community and police. they stood together in a sea of thousands at his wake that blended, nypd and buddhist tradition. >> asian people they bow three times, they bow three times to show the respect of the officer, and then we bow to the receiving line, the immediate families. we shake their hand. they are very sad. they have tears in their eyes. >> reporter: tears flowed outside too, from fellow cops, and strangers. >> i just can't take it this woman said in mandarin about her grief. what will happen to his parents, she wondered? liu supported his mother and father a and his wife of two months. >> my father would have been here today. >> reporter: governor andrew cuomo still mourning his father's death says it is time for the city to heel. >> we have to stop any fights
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within the family and we have to come together as a family of new yorkers and stand strong and that is message for all new yorkers. >> reporter: including police and mayor bill deblasio who has clashed in recent weeks, officers soluted him as he a arrived to the wake to nypd commissioner bill bratton who issued a memo to rank and file members this week saying a hero's funeral business grieving not grievance. the last week hundreds of officers turn their backs to the mayor and funeral for officer rafael ramos, liu's partner both were killed in their cruiser by a gun man who then killed himself. liu work in the eighty-fourth precinct its members walk in the wake as within to say good bye to their brother in blue. >> that was wija change reporting. the officer liu's funeral will include a chinese ceremony led by buddhist monks. 7:08. health care worker exposed to the ebola virus will be receiving care in an american
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hospital, we will tell you where. plus changes this morning on one major roadway why it will now cost you more to travel through our area. and a hrouda wakening for a pennsylvania family, wait until you hear what came crashing into their home. hey are you ready for weather roller coaster we're riding. we have warm weather today just some extremely cold wet they are week, carol has changes in your forecast coming up next.
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take a look a salt truck out to keep cars safe from sliding on icy road, slides out of control and crashes in to a house. this is the scene in the a area north of pitberg yesterday. it happened during freezing rain. in one was hurt in that truck or in the house so that is some good news but there was some damage we're told to that home's roof, wow. sonar equipment has detected four massive objects where searchers are looking for air asia flight 5801. biggest piece measure 59 feet long and 18 feet wide investigators think it is part of the plane's body but black box remains missing. so far only 30 of the 162 victims have been recovered. flight 8501 crashed last sunday halfway into a two hour flight from indonesia to singapore. we will have more coming up in our next half an hour. for a second day fierce heat from the slow burning blaze is keeping fire fighters and other investigators from
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searching the holden vehicle decks of the greek ferry for more bodies. at least 11 people died in that fire on december 28th aboard norman atlantic on the voyage between greece and italy. authorities fear more bodies might be inside of the reek will deck where that fire began. now an update to a story we first told but yesterday morning on "eyewitness news", we're now hearing from the good samaritan who helped care for a seven year old girl who survived a deadly plane crash. cbs news correspondent omar villafranca has incredible story of survival. after surviving a crash of the family's small plane sailor guzzler walk a mile through dense kentucky woods to the door of larry wilkins. >> little girl, about seven or eight years old, standing there, she had blood on her face, she said mom dad are dead, we had a plane crash and the plane is upside down. >> reporter: it was cold, dark, and rainy, wilkins says the little girl was crying
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wearing no shoes and only light summer clothes. >> she was barefoot, she had one sock on her feet and she walk all that distance barefooted brave little girl. she had done a hell of a job as far as i'm concern. >> reporter: sailors family was flying home from vacation in key west florida in mount vernon illinois in the twin engine piper similar to this one. this family photo the owe was snap aboard the plane this week. father and pilot marty guzzler reported engine trouble right before the plane crashed just 4 miles from the small airport in line county kentucky. the crash killed guzzler his wife kimberly, sailors nine year-old sister piper and sierra wilder. sailor the lone survivor suffered a broken wrist, cuts and scratches. >> i just pray for her. she is going to need a lot of help, lot of help. >> reporter: cause of the crash is under investigation. omar villa franc a a for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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incredible and heart breaking. 7:14. an american health care worker exposed to the ebola virus a arrives for treatment in the u.s. this afternoon. unidentified worker has been caring for victims in sierra leone. official was nebraska medicine in omaha will place worker in quarantine and observe them for symptoms. hospital cared for three ebola patients last year. well, condition of the british nurse who contracted ebola working in sierra leone has deteriorated. thirty-nine year-old pauline is in critical condition in the london hospital. she is the first person diagnosed with ebola in the uk. the spread of ebola will be topic on face the nation broadcast, delaware senator chris coons will be on the show, to speak about his recent trip to liberia again this morning at 10:30 here on cbs-3. bob schieffer will be along in the next hour with the preview of today's show. all right. 7:15. it will cost you you more to drive the pennsylvania turnpike today. motorist will pay an extra
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5 percent, higher rates apply to cash customers and those with e-z pass. turnpike officials say increase will reduce a state transportation funding short fall, and also help reconstruct roadway and actually widen it to six lanes. bottom dollar food stores are closing for good. sixty-six stores in philadelphia and in pittsburgh will close by january 15th at the the very latest. now their parent company announced last month that the size would be sold to the aldi super market chain. aldi plans to expand operations in the u.s. but has in the said if they will reopen closed sites. right now 6:17. lets get a check of the forecast mother nature just can't seem to make up her mine carol. >> today she's in a spring-like mood and old man winter takes over. notice that we have low clouds this morning so a lot of fog and some of this is all the way down to the ground and that will impede your visibility as you drive around, a lot of people have been off for christmas new year heading back to the reality of monday, today is a
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mild day to do it but foggy start here and foggy start at the shore. this is the boardwalk, believe it or not in ocean city, and you can see that we are socked in there with the visibility so reduce with that moisture in the air. 42 degrees. it is mile. we will give it that. forty-two in philadelphia 44 in wilmington. the it is in the 50's along the shore. it is in the 40's into the poconos. 41 degrees. very mild start to the day, our storm scan three is going to be showing us that we still have some rain in the area, and visability are reduced but they are coming up a little bit except out in lancaster and allentown. half mile visibility in those two locations, a along the shore it is up a bit but you can see from the ocean city cam why that we have fog out there. we also have some rain showers. we will get a break, we will have more rain showers. we will get breaks in the rain right new, it the is filling in through south jersey where we have not seen any earlier this morning but we are seeing it again. our future weather shows thaws we are going to be watching
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for these showers to becoming on through and 9:00 o'clock this morning well get rain through the philadelphia area, a and points north some areas get this break, we will find a break around 11:00 o'clock this morning in some spots, good time to get out as i have been saying all morning and go to the store take down your christmas decorations a cold week is coming up and might as well prepare when weather is in the owe bad outside. by 7:00 the tonight we have in other showers showing up and we see them as late as ten before this finally leaves our area, and we will get a complete weather change. cold air comes in. look at this lake effect snow that some areas may be seeing tomorrow. then by the time we will get to tuesday we have a clipper system. it moves fast. but a couple of snow showers maybe around on tuesday, maybe half inch of snow if you see that much. just know that the cold air is here, it is coming this week. temperatures at a minute in mum ten to 15 degrees below the average and then factor in these blustery conditions, it will be feeling worse.
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for today morning fog, period of rain, steady this morning end this evening temperatures in the 60's, today, and in the 60's at the shore. maybe even a thunderstorm there poconos in the 50's, but if you like skiing and cold weather we have got that for you too. 63 degrees today. tonight we will drop down to 35 degrees. the rain end. the gets cold. monday starts at 35, drops through the day gets your jackets ready. get ready to bring those pets in and keep them in all week long. look at these temperatures top row of numbers the highs tuesday's high thursday's high only 22 degrees and we will drop down in the single numbers and feeling even colder, as we go through much of the rest of the week, nicole. >> all right carol thanks. 7:19. lets check on traffic with ann, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. we are looking at an accident in middletown route one northbound between 213 and i9 56789 left lane is block and area is jam as you can see. wow. in fact, they have even
7:20 am
stopped traffic just new in those north bound lanes. so this is route one north bound between 213 and i-95 where it looks like they have stopped traffic temporarily to clear up this accident. we're going to move the traffic cam again at the site of another accident that is good to go now. this is i-95 at washington avenue about ten minutes ago we have had a jam up accident cleared and in delays on i-95 through here and philadelphia be careful driving this morning. there is a lot of rain and foggy conditions. speaking of fog conditions ben franklin bridge case in .25 miles an hour speed restriction in effect between admiral wilson boulevard and the entire length of the bridge. that is just for ben franklin. walt whitman is moving okay but watch out for foggy conditions that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans new back to you. 7:20. carol answers your pet questions in this weeks ask the the vet. your doggies doing what rocky is doing pant ago lot
7:21 am
what does that mean? we will check it without doctor
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rocky is back, by popular demand along with doctor rose delima animal wellness center chad forward pennsylvania, a conventional and holistic veterinarian and that is why her take is so interesting useful and so wanted by so many viewers. here's somebody who wants to know about panting. their doggies starting to pant a a lot during last couple of months when they take a walk, when they watch tv. does sudden on set of panting
7:24 am
mean anything? >> it can mean a lot of different things, carol. it can go from being a painful response, to being hot, heat stroke, it could be some of the short nose breed like a pug. >> it could be a heart problem. >> it could be a heart problem, respiratory problem or cushion's disease a harmonal problem. sometimes side effects to certain medication is how do you figure out what it is. >> well, you go to the vet. >> what do you do. >> there is some blood test that is can be done, a cardiac ultrasound, if is there a heart murmur or cardiomyopathy. >> sound expensive, people will say i just can't do that, i don't do it for myself i can't do it for my pet what do you say then. >> save your pennies. >> yes. >> you can hear a heart murmur. >> you can hear a heart murmur. >> some of these things could be basically ruled out by a good physical examination. >> all right good.
7:25 am
>> why do cats sit on computer keyboard newspapers, and if you folded up something on it, why is that. >> they like to be close to us, they like to put themselves right in front of our faces so we notice them. they like to put their scent on things we have. sometimes they like a towel or piece of clothing feels because of the warmth and they will sit on it. >> lyme disease, dogs get lyme disease and do cats get them. are blood tests accurate. do you treat blood tests or symptoms. >> in cats there is no test that is accurate for lyme disease. the cats seem to be resistant to it. even when they expose a cat to lyme disease very rarely do they actually get sick. part of that reason is because they groom so often if there happens to be a tics on them it will be removed. >> for dogs, is the the blood test accurate and even if a doggies not pumping or showing
7:26 am
signs if the dog test shows it is positive for ly me do you treat that. >> that is debatable. some vets agree you should and others think you should wait. my personal opinion toys treat them because they can have muscle aches and pains that may in the show up. >> what do you treat with them. >> doxy sigh clean for one month is generally what you company. >> antibiotic. how much does it cost, how fast and a how accurate. >> they run you about a hundred dollars for three different ones that do add know virus parvo and distemper. >> okay. doctor rose, i know i have been firing the questions and you have been firing answers right back. we appreciate that. doctor rose and her little patient rocky. thanks for being with us. we will see you next time on ask
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today is sunday january 4th good morning thanks for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is just about 7:30. lets get a check of the forecast. again, mother nature cannot make up her mine. it the is what it thinks week i guess. >> she has decided to be in a fairly decent temperature mood today. we have readings in the 60's this afternoon but then the the bottom falls out on these temperatures and that is starting as early as tomorrow. we will look outside and we will find in reading,
7:30 am
36 degrees. you can see the the rain up there. they have had some snow up there yesterday. so weather is changing day by day, every kay, it is something different today, it is the rain, and you can see we have some rain moving through the area at this point. there is a lot through south jersey right now but we are looking at a little bit of the lull through much of the philadelphia area. so things depending on where you're, can get completely different from what your neighbors are dealing w we have temperatures that are fairly consistent. they are in the 40's on the i-95 corridor. forty-two trenton. forty-four wilmington. forty-three philadelphia. forty-four wilmington. south jersey 48, and millville is in the 50's along the shore already. then you head to the poconos and it is 41 degrees up there. mild start to the day. the it is mild in cleveland, buffalo, pittsburgh with temperatures in the present time at the the 40's and 50's this comes to a screeching halt though as arctic front comes through here later on. our visibility are improving except for allentown and lancaster. half mile visibility. you may run into some of this
7:31 am
fog. temperatures this afternoon getting to 63, easy to take degrees, we will have chances of, some showers on and off during the day and then a 100 percent chance of much colder air coming in all this week. will we will show you those numbers just ahead, nicole. >> carol, thank you. just a tragic end to a nearly 40 day search, shane montgomery's body found in the schuylkill river. his parent confirmed the discover win and thank all who helped in that search. syma chowdhry is live in manayunk with more, syma? >> reporter: nicole, shane montgomery's family is timely getting a close another they need after they have confirmed that the body pulled from the schuylkill river that is of that 21 year-old missing west chester university student. body was found by a group of volunteers, divers, just before noon time, saturday in about 4 feet of water in a river bank behind the manayunk brewery company along main street. that is less than half mile from kildares irish pub, last place the the 21 year-old was
7:32 am
seen early thanksgiving morning. surveillance video showed shane walk ago across the bridge spanning manayunk canal toward a parking lot next to the the schuylkill river. shane's keys were found in the same area shortly before christmas. the the family spoke out to the media yesterday. >> today we have done what we have promisedded, we have brought shane home. we want to thank the garden state under water recovery unit, the philadelphia marine unit northwest detectives the philadelphia police department, saint john the baptist, mike rhodes and the brew pub and their employees. we want to thank every within for their support, prayers and love and ask that they continue to pray for our family at this trying time. >> reporter: no funeral arrangements have been scheduled just yet but services are expect to be announced shortly. we are live, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, syma, thank
7:33 am
you. new this morning president obama and his family have left hawaii for washington for the first family they spent 15 days there vacationing over the holidays. air force one is expect to land back on the east coast at the 10:00 o'clock this morning. now to the the latest on the search for wreckage of the air asia flight 8501. divers are hoping to get a closer look under sea at the spot indonesia a officials believe the plane is located. cbs news correspondent wendy gilette has the very latest. >> reporter: sonar has detect four massive objects on the floor of the java sea in the area where searchers are looking for air asia flight 8501. biggest piece measures 59 feet long and 18 feet wide and is in what the ber 100 feet deep. indonesia investigators think as part of the missing plane's body. other chunks of possible plane debris were discovered in the same area and washed up on some beaches but plane's black boxes remain missing. the u.s.s. fort worthies one
7:34 am
of two u.s. navy ships helping in the investigation. >> u.s. some sonnies using their whole mounted sonar to listen, and i won't comment as to the success of that right the new but they are using some technology organic to the ship right now. >> reporter: strong currents and waves as high as 13 feet prevented divers from getting into the the the water. owe far only 30 of the 162 victims have been retrieved. four more families received their loved ones on friday, relatives of the plane's captain say they are still hopeful he can be found alive. >> stay strong for my own mom, for my brother, and i have friends. >> reporter: the cause of the crash is still unknown although bad wet's peers to be a factor. in new york, wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile indonesia authorities have grounded air asia planes for traveling this flight path saying airline did not have a permit to fly on
7:35 am
sundays. but authorities n'synx pour say they believe airline was approved to fly that route daily. 7:35. former massachusetts senator edward brook has died. brook was the first african-american in u.s. history to win popular election to the senate. one of the massachusetts mess popular political figures brook was a liberal republican. former aid said he died of natural causes. edward brook was 95 years old. jury selection begins tomorrow in the boston marathon bombing trial. federal judge reject a defense request to move jury selection out of state last week. the defense is now appealing. suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev has pleaded in the guilty to all charges. three people died in the bombings in april of 2013. more than 260 others were wounded. the man accused in the deadly ambush on two pennsylvania state troopers is expect in court tomorrow for preliminary hearing. eric frein is charge with firing at police barracks on
7:36 am
september 12th. corporal brian dickson was killed during that attack and trooper alex douglass was critically wounded. frein led police on a 48 take manhunt after the ambush. he is being held without bail, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. today funeral services will be held for new york city police officer wenjian liu he was one of two officers kill in the ambush two weeks ago. in his wake yesterday a more civil reception from fellow officers for mayor bill deblasio. jericka duncan reports. >> reporter: these are the steps no officer ever looks forward to taking thousands of law enforcement from across the the country attended wake for slain officer wenjian liu, he with partner rafael ramos were ambushed in their patrol car last month. uniformed men soluted a as new york city mayor bill deblasio entered the funeral home with police commissioner bill bratton. but two weeks ago when deblasio arrived at the hospital where the officers were pronounced dead dozens of
7:37 am
men and women in blue turn their backs on the mayor. it happened again last saturday with hundreds participating when deblasio spoke at the funeral for ramos. >> on monday, he was booed by the audience a at a police graduation ceremony. commissioner bratton sent out a memo friday night urging officers to be respectful this weekend. he said a hero's funeral is about grieving not grievance. jeanie teaches campaign management at new york university. how important is it for the police and mayor of the largest city in the united states to get along. >> you know it is critical the mayor's first responsibility is safety and security of the city and he is dependent on the the police nerd to fulfill that goal. >> reporter: do you think he should a will guys. >> i don't think he needs to a will guys but do i think he is, it would serve him well to say that if i have given any independent case that i am less than fully committed to
7:38 am
the officers in this community, the safety of the community, i apologize for that. >> reporter: mayor met with police union representatives this week. a spokesperson for patrol men benevolent association would not say whether the mayor issued an apology. jericka duncan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". with umbrellas in one hand signs in another families of all races mark saturday from calvary church to clark park in west philadelphia they were calling for end to racial injustice. protests have been ongoing across the country in the wake of the grand jury decisions not to file charges against officers involved in the deaths of michael brown, and eric garner. it is 7:38 right now. mark zuckerberg is hoping to put the book back in facebook we will tell you about his plans to encourage people to read more this new year. plus this... sitting and hearing her blood kurdeling screams and telling kid to lock all of the doors and everything.
7:39 am
>> yikes. scary moments for this family we will tell you what is under their porch. we are starting out kind of foggy soggy but it is going to warm up today, carol has your forecast when we come right back. blank. hey, before we get to break do you have what it takes to be a america's next stop model? well here's your chance to prove it. tyra banks is looking for women and men between 18 and 27 years old for the next season of america's next top model. just go to the casting call on tuesday afternoon at drexel university's college of media arts and design, we have put everything you need to know on our web site at cbs strike a pose, we will be right back.
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well, a utah family got quite a surprise on friday that is a cougar hanging out under their cab and porch. they noticed a movement and used a flashlight to look below when they caught the glare of the cat's eyes. wild life officials had to tranquilize the the mountain lion several times and before taking ate way those officials let the kids pet the big cat. wow, that is a alarming. 7:42. colorado man with an unusual talent heads to china today hoping to poach the international egg balancing competition. brian spots is guinness world record egg balancer if you can believe it, there is such a thing. as a college student back in 2003 he broke record of most eggs balanced at once with
7:43 am
get this, 1,290 eggs. now he is trying to break the record for fastest time to balance, a dozen eggs, lets take a listen. >> an egg is designed to not roll off a cliff. finding out where balance point is on the bottom of the egg most people they can balance an egg at all will take them five to ten minutes. i invented category fastest time to balance a dozen eggs for myself. >> in order to win the title he will to have balance a dozen eggs in less than 75 seconds. you will to have scramble. >> 7:43. facebook founder mark zuckerberg wants to read more books. yeah. zuckerberg says he will spend 2015 reading a book every two weeks. good goal. he has started a book club on his social media site. the users can visit the page entitled your books to see what zuckerberg will be reading. there they can have discussions about the books and offer suggestions for future read. kind of like oprah's book club. here at home they were helping students succeed in the classroom.
7:44 am
"eyewitness news" at drexel university this weekend where hundreds of philadelphia students set their sites on going to college. philadelphia a few tours hosted blast off to college and beyond, it focused on the journey to and through college with the end goal of graduation. >> it takes a community to get our students to enter cleaning. this is a great time for them to connect with staff, mentors with their parents with their peers and really come together for their shared goal of college graduation. >> now students in attendance are the first in their family, to a then college. good more them. we've got pretty nice temperatures if you like it mile, some people do like it mild, in fact we will head down here our weather watchers are weighing in this morning james in ocean city at 50 degrees. i wonder what he thinks about that. dismal looking morning but at least it is warm and i love it. james, i love you for that. now we will move up to 43-degree temperature and
7:45 am
there is a different take here. this is robin from mount laurel that 43-degree temperature she says no more rain but we need a little bit of snow after all, it is winter. robin, you and i will have to have a talk here my friend. lets lot fog we have outside this morning. it is thick. lets see if we can cut our way through into ocean city. it is just so hard to see through all of this fog. oh, hi there you are. look at this. just the boardwalk is here. you can see a light. that is only reason you know you are looking at some of the stores in ocean city. it is completely socked in there depending on where you are we may encounter dense fog. take it easy driving around. it is mile. look at these temperatures in the 50's along the shore 54 degrees in wildwood right now. fifty-one in atlantic city. forty-three in philadelphia. thirty-six allentown. 41 degrees in the poconos. these temperatures air lot warmer then they were yesterday morning. storm scan three, some showers and they are now moving over
7:46 am
south jersey. we will get a break along that i-95 corridor for the most part you'll pick up a couple showers through chester and wilmington and then there are a few more showers off to the west but there are breaks out the there as well. i mentioned how much warmer it the is? it is 19 degrees warmer then it was 24 hours ago. in the poconos 14 degrees warmer in allentown. 10 degrees warmer in philadelphia just a noticeable difference. 20 degrees warmer in atlantic city. let's enjoy that. the numbers i just showed the the temperature difference that is what the temperatures will be, by the time we get to wednesday, thursday. the it is a cold week ahead. our future weather is good keeping up with what is happening right now this should be over here but it says by 8:00 this morning we will see some showers. we will see some breaks. not only do we get milder temperatures but we will get breaks in these showers fortunately. they are in the every place at the same time. you may get a break.
7:47 am
your neighbors won't. but notice at 1:00 this afternoon i keep saying if you don't liking out when it is cold, it is cold this week. any preparation you can do today, willie think you'll be well served by getting out and just, taking the the day and getting out when the temperatures are mild. it is sunday. 7:00 o'clock tonight 7:00 o'clock, notice a few of these showers. we have an arctic fronting go through. first a warm front bringing these temperatures up. then an arctic fronting go through dropping these temperatures ape we've got some result and showers. thinks 7:00 o'clock tonight. the notice the trend it is push this off the shore clear us out, and then chill us down. so some lake effect streamers going on. this is the computer model that says maybe even a couple of snow flurries up in the poconos could you imagine that? um. yes work these temperatures getting a as cold as they are. and then by tuesday, we will start to watch maybe a clipper coming through here clipper meaning fast moving from canada and very limited moisture which means any of
7:48 am
the amounts that we would see would be limited on tuesday if we see anything. future weather, with the arctic blast, ten to 15 degrees below average and that is at the minimum and we mentioned light amounts of snow, this is under an inch, and that would be on tuesday, as we go through the day and that is it. but it is during daytime hours so that cannot impact the commute just a little bit. sixty-three in philadelphia. twenty-six at the shore. poconos 52. can you believe we're talk about the possibility of temperatures that will be reverse of this. we are looking at cold cold air. 63 degrees today, 35 degrees tonight as those showers finally end overnight and it will be windy it is windy and cold around here tomorrow, early high of 35, dropping down to 22. bundle up, keep those pets warm, as warm as you are and look at that week, thursday's high is only 22. the night time is down in the ten to 17-degree range with the wind it will feel colder. thinks a bitterly cold week shaping up for january nicole. >> what a swing, carol,
7:49 am
thanks. 7:48. lets check on the roads and high ways with ann good morning. >> good morning, we have rain and foggy conditions in the area i just heard carol's forecast. you have to drive very carefully this morning. we have had a few accidents that have been cleared. this is case in point in middletown route one northbound lanes, left of your screen, between to second 13 and i-95. an accident just cleared. right now traffic looks okay here, good to go but again drive extra carefully this morning. we will move the traffic cam to the schuylkill expressway at girard avenue again folks trying to take their time because of the rain and conditions no delays or problems december spite this schuylkill looks fine through philadelphia and suburbs. on to ben franklin bridge where we have rainy conditions. and thinks between admiral wilson boulevard and down side of the ben franklin bridge. speed restrictions of 35 miles per hour. thinks only bridge that has the the speed limit on it, now walt whitman normal speeds on that normal speeds on the
7:50 am
other delaware port authority bridges. but ben franklin bridge still had has that speed restriction in effect. taking mass transit today honor close to schedule with no reported delays or problems. that is the the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans now nicole back to you. 7:50. still to come on "eyewitness news" an overtime thriller, villanova takes on seton hall we will have highlights next up in sports. here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
7:51 am
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so, don't wait. get your free online valuation now at the flyers with the day off last night they finish up their eight game red trip up the new jersey turnpike to face the devils. they played without captain claude giroux who sat out with a leg laceration that was suffered from friday's game against carolina the mild mannered michael raupe dropping the the gloves for the first time holding his own. ray emery turns over the puck behind the net. deals take advantage. jaromir yagr will score and will give new jersey the the lead. final seconds in the period mark street cannot control the puck, yagr gets it, beats emery. devils lead three to nothing after one period of play. steve mason comes in for emery. he did not fare any better. four to nothing. he beats mason.
7:54 am
the four two-year old becomes oldest player to get a hat trick in nhl history. the flyers dropped their fifth straight game five-two the final. sixth ranked villanova a taking on seton hall looking to break the the record for best start in team history after winning 13 straight. second half seton hall putting up a fight, but he makes the drive and then lay up. seton hall up wye two. nova would go on to tie it on free throws and then in comes darren hillard trying for the three-point attempt, doesn't go in, game goes into overtime. then in overtime it is, darren hillard once again with the lay upright here. seton hall with the 66-61 upset over villanova. george washington visiting st. joes. gw had a 31 -18 lead at the half. hawk will never lie. he has the dunk. lead st. joes with 22 points. late run is not enough. george washington improves to 11 -three with a 64-60 win.
7:55 am
a name has surfaced for vacant eagles general manager position. reportedly current assistant director ed menowits is vying for that job. on friday jeffery lurie shook up the front office. howie roseman promoted to executive vp of operations. chip kill which full control over personnel department. he will hire a gm that will report to him and he wants to have his staff in place in time for the senior bowl in late january pat shurmur interviewed for raider coaching job. he spent last two seasons with the bird. he was head coach with the browns two seasons with a nine-23 record. nfl wild card playoff weekend first game carolina panthers hosting air zone first quarter, a fun one, cam newton to bobby whittaker. he tackled cuts across the field, nice block. he is gone. that is 39 yards to the house. carolina a would take the lead for good. the panthers defense shut down arizona ryan lindley
7:56 am
intercepted right there. carolina held cardinals to 77-yard of total offense the lowest in nfl playoff history. they win 27-16. the night game baltimore taking on pittsburgh, bernard pierce taking hand off. he goes 5 yards to the score. ravens take the lead. third quarter up on new jersey's joe flacco, stepping back avoiding rush, find torey smith for the score. baltimore beat steelers for first time ever in the playoffs, 30 hospital 17. by the waste you can see bengals taking on the colts at 1:00 right here on cbs-3. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a good day. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. coming up at 8:00 it was not sanity, we will tell how had to be rescued after getting stuck in the chimney. you won't believe this. plus, a live look at center sit the friday our cbs-3 studios, it is not as foggy as earlier and we will be warming up today but carol says temperatures are also going to take a drop this week, stay with us. we will be right back.
7:57 am
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new overnight a deadly shooting and crashing in hunting park. police investigate a man shot and killed inside a car. also this morning we're live on the tragic end to a nearly four day search for shane montgomery. family members say a body pulled from the schuylkill river in manayunk, is that of the college student who went missing. and, just a remarkable story of survival, we will have more on the seven year-old girl who was the only person who walk a away from a plane crash in kentucky.
8:00 am
good morning it is sunday january 4th i'm nicole brewer. it is just about 8:00 o'clock. lets check on the forecast. it will be a warm one, carol but we should in the get used to it. >> we should try to use the warmth today for our own good uses and get out and do something with it. even they there may be some rain showers from time to time it will be easier to get out now, during the week when temperatures are so cold. we are looking at, a foggy picture here. temperature of 43 degrees and if you notice a few rain drops on the lens there. we will move to ocean city and you can see ocean city any up like all morning long. fog is starting to thin a tiny bit there. ocean city at least visible but the boardwalk is, wet. we have a temperature of 34 degrees. the this is well to the north, thinks up in the poconos in broad head villain you can see the snow that they pick up there yesterday. 34 degrees the present temperature. it will be mild even in the poconos today. storm scan three some of those showers moving o


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