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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 8, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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taper off gradually throughout the course of the morning. we have wind chills in effect right new but they will be going out of effect sooner rather than later thankfully. problem is yes that cold is settled in. so, we are going to be dealing with some frigid conditions, and a taste of winter's past namely, last winter. we will start off by taking you outside to sky cam three and one spot that absolutely, loves the cold and loves the fact we have had some snow is the poconos and all area ski reor the. again, we're starting off on a cold note and frankly up toward poconos is where we have got the worst of the cold as you might imagine in the higher terrain. storm scan three clear. we don't have any left over cloud cover. in blanket the or cloud will help you out this morning. we will look at these feels like notice your time stamp as of 7:00 a a.m. this morning it will feel sub zero across the board. it already does. by noon starting to get into positive territory but not by much and it may still feel like it is negative in the cold enough location.
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later tonight we will look at midnight, friday morning, where it is better. thankfully it looks like wind will stay somewhat eased off but it kicks back in on friday. that is because we have reenforcement coming in. another disturbance to deliver another blast of cold to our area meanwhile here are your advisories, a lot of blue graphics, blue is color of cold, and wind chills are still expect to stay, well below zero as the day goes on. the here's where we stan right now at ten at the airport. single digits elsewhere and feeling negative, every where. as the day goes on, we will get you at best in the lower 20's despite full sunshine that sunnies not helping to warm anybody up here today. the just not going to happen, vittoria. >> i was wearing driving gloves this morning. >> me too. >> what am i doing, but you do what you got to do when it is cold outside like this. and you have to head outside, extra early, excuse me, also if you have a cold take care of your early is. but traveling out and about
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right now you will notice you'll find relief because the majors look great out there we are in the seeing any major delays at all. usually we don't at this time. it is 5:02 this morning. vine street expressway and rest of the majors are looking just beautiful. looking at the vine when are traveling westbound approaching the schuylkill or eastbound from 76 down to i-95 we are in great shape. bridges are in great shape for the most part this is ben franklin bridge, burlington bristol bridge they are anticipating an opening for burlington bristol about 5:30 or so. we're in the clear for a little bit. if you are heading there and watching us right new by the time you get there you could run into that. traffic in new jersey, 295 northbound we have disable truck in the off ramp at 168 and nothing major for mass transit, ukee. vittoria, thank you. lets update our breaking news right now. fire fighters rescued an elderly man from this smokey house fire in ogontz but victim died a short time later at the hospital. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is at the scene,
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one of the two blazes city fire fighters had to battle in this dangerous cold. nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee. that victim marks the the first fire fatality in the city of philadelphia the just a very sad scene out here in the ogontz section of the city. you can see the the row home right here behind me, and in the 800 block of roselyn street. the it all happened here earlier this morning around 1:00 o'clock. the fire startedded in the rear of the home and extended through much of the the first floor. despite having working smoke alarms inside that home. when fire fighters arrived they found a man in his 70's who appears to have been difficulties abe. he was taken to the hospital as you mentioned where he was pronounced dead. he was alone at the time of the fire but we're told three family members have been displaced from the home so at this point investigators have not released the official cause but they say that the victim may have bin cooking at a the time. >> right now it appears that the origin is first floor kitchen area we don't necessity for sure we are
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still investigating. that appears to be where the origin is. we wanted to remine people that if you are going to cook make sure you do not leave cooking unattended especially if you are taking medication that is make you drowsy don't leave your cooking unattended. stay alert so we do not have a fire. >> reporter: certainly have to be careful at all times but specifically this time of the year when the conditions are so bitterly cold a lot of people using space heaters, at times like these. you want to make sure you are safe, give them room about 3 feet on each side. if you are cooking just make sure you do so safely. that is the very latest live from the ogontz section of the city nicole brewer cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nicole grove street in grays ferry froze off after fire fighters battled a fire there just before midnight. we are told everyone made it out safely but fire fighters had to spread salt to melt the ice from their hoses. well, if it isn't just chilly outside it is dangerously cold.
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code blues are in effect in philadelphia in several counties in new jersey. delaware declared a code purple and opened shelters all across the state. it was 13 degrees in center city philadelphia overnight, even colder new but as katie has been saying it feels worse with that wind chill. folks waiting for buses there say secret is layers and it goes for these work out doors. today, hats, gloves, absolutely a must. >> i got a hoodie on under this and a sweater and another shirt. >> reporter: how does it feel. >> okay for the moment. >> reporter: where is your hat and gloves. >> i'm too busy getting kid in the morning and i forget to dress myself. >> his ears are freezing. everyone hide from the cold, skiers at river rink at penns landing say the the drop in temperature is perfect backdrop to enjoy winter fest, keep moving around stay warm. stay safe in this dangerously cold weather on cbs we have set up a cold weather
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survival guide to keep you and your families safe. breaking news now more violence near paris. cbs news reports two police officers have been shot in the suburb the on the edge of the french capitol. bbc reports that an officer has tied. we are looking live right now. "eyewitness news" reported hearing at least five gunshots and seeing two suspects, one carrying a an assault rifle. it is unclear if the latest shootings is related to the terrorist attack on a satyrical magazine that killed ten journalist and ten police officers. one suspect has surrendered. manhunt is on for two more. as alfonso van marsh reports it is a national day of mourning in france. >> reporter: authorities stood guard outside this residents east of paris as french police raided an apartment inside looking for two remaining fugitives, in their hunt they are circulating this wanted poster with new aim a edges of 34 year-old said and his three two-year old brother shariff. a third suspect has already turn himself in.
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the massive manhunt for french nationals began yesterday. officials say suspects stormed the paris offices of charlie hebdo with machine guns and opened fire. mask gunman then exchange gunfire with police outside. in the end 12 people were dead including the the magazine's editor, several cartoonist and two police officers. >> this appeared to be well organized, well plan, well executed. >> reporter: amid fears of more violence, security has been increased in paris and across the country, hundreds of shoulders are guarding media offices, places of worship and or sites n a video released just days ago a french jihad i in syria issue an follow tours commit violence in france for helping u.s. led effort a against isis. the the french have been considered a legitimate western target. >> reporter: al qaeda called for murder of charlie hebdo's editor for depictses of the prop het mohammad a as authority work to determine if either group is behind the
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tack the city of france began a math day of mourning. alfonso ran marsh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cartoonists meanwhile angered by the attack in paris are responding by picking up their pens and honoring their fallen collogues. he drew first, read this one, another read weapons of mass creation. in philadelphia pull either prize winning cartoonist, sidney wilson was working on her response for today's daily news. wilkinson says the attack will mountain change how she does her job. >> that would be disrespecting my collogues at charlie hebdo. they deserve better. >> reporter: if you want to see more cartoons from around the world just go to twitter and search this hash tag. the viewing for west chester university senior shane montgomery is tonight. loved ones are invited to saint john the baptist church in manayunk from five to 9:00. a second viewing is set for tomorrow before the funeral
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mass at 10:00 a.m. search teams gathered at the the church after he have went missing on his way home from kildares irish pub thanksgiving day morning. his body was pulled from the schuykill river on the saturday. a preliminary hearing is scheduled this afternoon for donna krupp who is charged with iting her neighbor's home on fire last month. pennsylvania state police say she blame a limerick township police officer ernie morris for her son's incarceration on unrelated charges. the fire destroyed the detective's home and killed the family cat. still ahead this morning, thieves go on a crime spree in the neighborhood stealing some pretty valuable items. see the distinctive jewelry they got away with. bill cosby returns to the states for the first time in months, we will show you the response he got as more women come forward with abuse accusations. also this. 16 miles of complete and utter helplessness. >> talk about a frightening ride, how a van got dragged down a highway for 30 minutes.
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protests outside a canadian venue that hosted bill cosby's first performance of 2015. thinks the comedian facing new abuse allegations. the the group chanted and held up signs over the venue's decision to let cosby take the stage despite numerous sexual assault allegations against him but as he prepared for the show, gloria alred introduced three new accusers during a news conference in los angeles. women all claim cosby drugged them before he assaulted them.
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>> my next recollection was being back in the dressing room alone with cosby. i was lying down. cosby was on top of me kissing me forcefully. >> last thing i remember about that night was struggling to walk down the hall way trying to get out of the hotel. >> because would the men claim these incidents occurred in the 1980's and 90's the statute has run out for criminal and civil cases. ukee. bucks county homeowners return from new years parties to discover they had been robbed. three homes in the meadow brook development and two homes in the wood land development in lower makefield township were burglarized new years eve. suspects broke in through the back door and went right for jewelry valued at hundred thousand dollars collectively. two of the most unique pieces heart shaped phillies pendant with the name engraved on the back and a bracelet made of brazil yan gold coins. right now, 5:13. you want to layer up before you head out so cold,
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katie. >> so true erika. it could be worse. there are folks off to the north battling even worse conditions then we are but this is the the coldest day of our forecast. we are advising you to limit your time outside bundle up at quitely, just trying to stay as warm as you possibly can. you know all the of the ways to do that. it is all common sense stuff but we like to reit the rate. we want to make sure you are staying warm enough, you know. look at how warm we will be stuck in the freezing levels here. we are not expecting to hit 32 degrees until we hit friday afternoon. that is when we should hit a daytime high above the freezing mark but we're talking three plus days, almost four days that we will not hit even freezing. as we wrap up this week hero are, very cold air is in place. storm scan three is quiet, completely clear out there. we have a hint of lake effect but it is far removed from our area the here's the beginning of the next guy, clip their will reenforce this nonsense,
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and it will mean that we will have a cold start to the weekend. cold enough as it is right now though right. 8 degrees in trenton. eight in atlantic city. sub zero in mount pocono and the list goes on. but again we're not loan. look at where these purples are. they set in to place and all the way dunn to atlanta birmingham colder then we are how about that, very cold air mass that has settled in here but as we move forward in the forecast we're only expecting to reach 20 degrees. more sunshine but absolutely frigid when we factor in that wind which is tapering but it will kickback up again. later tonight we hit 18. i could see a shower or snow as that next clipper moves through but not much of anything. by saturday we will bottom out again, vittoria. good morning everyone. so the bright spot right now is that traffic and weather is not necessarily going hand a hand in its entirety because the roadways look really nice they are wide opened for you so we are sort of at a positive.
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the the negative, however, is that you definitely will find in area patches of black ice. it is also a good idea to warm up your car before you head outside because as katie mentioned it is super cold and absolutely ridiculous. but if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway this is westbound commuting city avenue. wide opened for you. all of the majors are beautiful and we are in the seeing any major delays. in my last report i reported burlington bristol bridge will open up a at the 5:30. they have told is 5:25. give or take there as you will notice burlington bristol bridge very difficult to see in this shot here is still moving well as we wait for that. 295 northbound, off ramp to the black horse pike we have a disable truck there. be mindful of that. in majors delays for mass transit. things at the the airport are okay erika. >> back to our breaking news this morning fire fighters battled both frigid temperatures and flames in a deadly house fire in ogontz. fire broke out around 1:30 on roselyn street. it claim the life of the disable veteran in his 70's.
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also breaking news a shooting in the suburb of paris has critically injured two people and one is a police officer and bbc reports that officer has died. france terror alert is a the maximum level after yesterday's attack on the offices of paris satyrical publication that killed 12 people. one suspect is in custody and a manhunt is underway for two more. and it is another day of dangerously cold in our area temperatures in some areas not going to get higher then 20 degrees. really to have bundle up before you head out. cold weather isn't just hard on us but it the takes a toll on our home. >> three is on your side with the three things you need to check in your house with temperatures this low. also, washed away a home gets carried, by a river. see how it ended up in the water in the first place. we will be right back.
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winter is hard on your face. the start of sneeze season. and the wind-blown watery eyes. that's why puffs plus lotion is gentle on sensitive skin. so you can always put your best face forward. a face in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today. white out conditions are blamed for a deadly 18 car pile up on a western pennsylvania highway.
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we will show you wreckage on i80 in clarion county. two people were killed incling a truck her was hit by a car when he got tout help the other victims. thirty more people were hurt in this chain reaction crash. and talk about a terrifying ride for the family in this van right there a tractor trailer dragged them down a northern michigan highway for 16 miles. the truck driver had no idea that van hit its truck during a snow storm and got wedged under a bumper. it took almost 30 minutes for police to arrive and pull over the semi. >> 16 miles of complete and you the ther helplessness. we had in control of anything. it was just pure instinct and reaction at that point. the terror and out of control there is no way you can prepare for any of that. >> now the man's horn and lights both broke in the crash, they could not use them to alert the truck driver. amazingly, in one was seriously hurt ukee. several days of relentless
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rain washed away this cabin in the pacific northwest. take a look as the ground just gives way sending the cabin plunging into the river outside of seattle. now a neighbor worried that might happen and recorded it all, the home owner was out of town and in one was hurt thank goodness. wow. imagine fighting crime just by pulling on your pants this morning. how some jeans can stop hackers in their tracks. plus having a bedroom that looks like a firehouse i'm cleve bryan. i'm telling but
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time for traffic and weather together and it feels like winter. >> that arctic chill has
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settled in but, take you out to the nationwide map, half of the u.s. is involved in some type of a wind chill, watch, warning or advisory. we have nothing but advisory here in the delaware valley and generally they will start to expire at 9:00 a.m., a little will later if you are further into the pocono region. here's a simple sample of some of the wind chills you are finding out there below zero across the board. it does not matter your location. it is brutally cold and dangerously cold if you are not taken care. bundle up you will be just fine but try to limit the time you spend outside because with these wind chills that is in the good for anyone. 20 degrees with full sunshine at best but it will never feel like 20 today, vittoria. >> thanks, katie. unfortunately right now traveling on the schuylkill expressway, weather really impacting traffic. i know you cannot see here you just missed it. i would say about, excuse me three minutes or so ago the vehicle in this shot here
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this vehicle right here, spun out and was facing horizontal direction, on the westbound side of the schuylkill approaching conshohocken. they did maneuvering and pushed it over to the shoulder. you will notice tow truck a penndot vehicle on the scene. the westbound 76 at this point traveling anywhere around conshohocken really anywhere you have to be careful, of black ice because it is out there and it does cause situations like this and really i hate these situations like that because this is a completely lack of control from the steering wheel. scary situation. moving to the burlington bristol bridge they are anticipating an opening, as of right now, 5:25. but a as you will notice the vehicles are still getting cross on stand by. traveling in new jersey, 295 north bound at off ramp to the black horse pike we have a disable truck in major delays for mass transit the or airport. in sports flyers goalie steve mason is expect to practice ahead of tonight's game against caps at the well in south philadelphia. mason left yesterday's skate
5:26 am
with general soreness and had an mri yesterday afternoon. the flyers are saying mason's jurist not connect to the back injury that side line him last month. to the hard book the siders last night at the well not a great night. milwaukee bucks came in town, shot the over 50 percent from the field and just beat up the home team 99-77. sixers shot 30 percent and went two for 25 from three-point range. that is not good. home team hits the road tomorrow night. them play nets at the barclay center in brooklyn. the nets have lost three straight. some news about the eagles for you owe fence i have lineman evan the mathis joins five other pro bowlers as they helped out to glendale arizona later this movement mathis gets the the spot to replace jerry evans hoist on the saints now and dropped out because of an undisclosed injury. that is great. erika? coming up next on "eyewitness news", we are following several breaking stories including another attach on police in france. plus a disable veteran
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killed in the overnight fire in philadelphia, we are live with the search for the cause of that deadly fire. and caught in the arctic chill, dangerous cold grips the region this morning, just to warn you, when you walk outside it will feel like it is below zero. wow. also vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three's when we get a break from the chilly temperatures. katie will tell you. we are back in two
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we're following breaking news this morning, fire rips through an ogontz home killing a disable veteran. that is in the the the only overnight fire where fire fighters had to battle flames and element. speaking of those element it is just brutally cold outside right now. >> good morning. we are close to a railroaded le and right now it feels below freezing really does.
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let's check with katie for that forecast. >> remind you of last week good sure does. >> it triggers all the bad memories, so many people, but it is going to be a ebb and flow here, we do expect to ease up somewhat and then drop back down, ease up again and then that will very likely deal with the storm system heading in to next week. this is an active pattern but we're in the looking at any major snow storms down the road but all about the chill. we will start off with look at sky cam three, to the ben franklin bridge where things are very clear right now. that is absolutely the case across the game. we will go to storm can three where we have a few included across northwestern pennsylvania but not the case here. crystal clear. that toss mean those temperatures will have a chance to easily just plumet as they have. check it out 10 degrees at the a airport. eight in wilmington, trenton, millville, ac. it is a magic number around that region but just north of the city you are also n'synx will digits,


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