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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  January 14, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we're following some breaking news in yeadon delaware county an elderly woman has died in the fire. that fire broke out in her home on the 1800 block of providence road just before 3:00 this morning. the fire fighters got that fire under control in 20 minutes. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole blur is on the scene and will have an update in half an hour. this story out of bucks county a a police pursuit end in a crash. we will bring you up to date on the search for suspects. it is wednesday, january 14th, good morning i'm ukee washington. i'm's quarter von tiehl. students at a northeast philadelphia a school get sick, now that school is closed for the day. bucks county school will board decide the fate of the high school guidance counselor after threatening post show up on her face book page. the those stories and much more coming up. lets get in the forecast.
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>> we are missing most of the system affecting folks in the country, katie. >> that is true. this is nothing far enough north that our area does get affected by it. so we're not completely in the clear but philadelphia a i think will just be right on the edge, out there, so that is the spectation anyway. for now that is tempes starting to creep up the coast, and because it is cold enough we have snow out there as well as a wintry mixing taking place. we will have details on that for you here, winter weather advisories posted until 1:00 p.m. for some of us. we will have details in the next few minutes. guys, back to you. back to some breaking news in bensalem bucks county where police pursuit of two burglary suspects lead to the crash. >> one suspect was taken in custody but another is still out there "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joinses from the bensalem will police department with the very latest, j a an. >> reporter: ukee and erika, good morning. very busy morning for bensalem police and other area
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police departments and police pursuit ended in a crash with the suspect running away again, one of these suspects has been caught this morning, the the other is still on the loose. take a look at this video. this is suspect's car that ended up in a ditch at intersection of state road and tennis avenue in bensalem. this started around one there 30 as a burglary call. there was a short police pursuit that ended here. once the two burglary suspects crashed their car authorities say they ran in the woods. there was a large police presence earlier in the morning. authorities called in k-9 units and heat seeking equipment in the search. within of the two have been caught by police but that second suspect is still at large. this scene is near grand view apartments and police were checking that area as well this morning. the car has new been towed a away and the scene is cleared. it is unclear the details about this pursuit especially where it started but we did see electronics in the back of the car. that is perhaps what they were
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after. we do expect a lot more information coming from bensalem police later this morning. we are reporting live from the bensalem police department, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now 4:33. lets get back to katie and we can hear about the forecast. >> lets start off with the here and new is too what is happening with storm scan three. it is generally quiet across most of the board. this is what i was worried about yesterday. the these systems, they are tricky guys especially ones that develop right at the very last second. that is what happened here. it wasn't until yesterday evening that we had much to track on radar. now we do. this one, oops there it was it popped out of the no where and now creeping just far enough north to affect some of our viewing area. so notice, these are outer band really. any precipitation we find will be generally light, you have to go down in the southern most del marva before we are looking at significant precipitation but this is all sort of the rotating through our southern most counties and
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until 1:00 o'clock today, cape may, kent, sussex this dell will wear and a few of them in maryland, better part of the state in the winter weather advisory as a result. we are looking at a wintry mix of some rain sleet, snow and possibility of slick travel. how much are we talking? not a lot. enough to slow you down. this is absolutely a a nuisance is tell for us, not a major storm. but if your travels take you down the shore many of the shore points and across salem, cumberland, southern counties, you will even up with that possibility of slick travel. further are north maybe a flurry around in philadelphia but as we stand temperatures are cold enough that any presip that does fall will come down as snow at least initially but we will be hovering around freezing in the hours ahead. that means we will have potential mixing taking place. watch for slick travel here. thinks a half and half forecast. what we are looking at is for philadelphia you can see a flurry around. further north you will just have clouds and a little
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sunshine but further south you go it is a whole different ballgame, variety the tore use. >> thanks, katie. good morning. the a as we wait on that precipitation, maybe, we will be in the clear on the roads. we are not dealing with any major problems. the as katie said you could find potential slick spots on your commute. not only on the majors but throughout the neighborhood. just be careful out there looking at ben franklin bridge there are in delays in either direction. all bridges are moving extremely well this morning. it is only 4:30 in the morning. we are in the dealing with too many delays at this time. we are still waiting to are that rush hour commute. but every where still in the clear. 476 is another great picture of barely anyone out there, traveling. if you are traveling around mid county toll plaza traveling around schuylkill, i-95, speed sensors are moving very well. i would imagine so if in these areas why we are seeing slower speed then we would see in the 50, 55 miles an hour is because folks are taking it easy a as they should but
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we're still in the green and no delays for mass transit ukee. happening today classes are canceled at nazareth academy grade school in northeast philadelphia a school officials a say a number of student were out sick monday and tuesday so as a precaution the school is close today so cleaning crews can disinfect building. the classes are expected to resume tomorrow. central bucks school board votes to fire a guidance counselor who posted a threatening message on facebook. board voted in favor with one opposed to terminate mary kate blankenberg who has been than leave with pay since december 8th after this facebook post a appeared on her profile. it read if my child cannot get to eagles game because of protesters, i will personally shoot everyone of them. you have been warn idiots. >> i thought it was troubling inappropriate, and threatening. the manner in which she responded to my conversations
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with her about her decisions were deeply problematic. >> she's a huge looks to the community and she made one big mistake for which i think she did pay a price. >> because she lives in montgomery county the district attorney's office reviewed the facebook post and determined no criminal charges were warranted. woman is shot and killed waiting for the bus in north philadelphia police do not say that this was a random killing. shooting happened in broad daylight at 12th and jefferson. investigators tell us that 56 year-old kim jones was on her way to work when a gunman walk up and shot her in the back of the head. her family says that they want justice. >> for a person who, you know, never had any enemies and like i said was born and raised around everybody, everybody knew who she was, she caught the the bus every morning to work so it is like who would. >> investigators don't know why jones was targeted. they are looking at nearby surveillance video to help
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solve this murder. police charged a mount laurel man with killing his wife. kyle crosby was arraigned by video in mount holly. he is charge with the murder of the 26 year-old, his wife, erika crippen, and endangering the lives of her two children. crosby was apprehendedded in brooklawn after driving crippen's car. investigators are now searching for her body. she has not the been seen force two weeks. her family says close another won't happen until they can bury the young mother. >> no way i will allow him and his family to leave us out there, without nothing. no erika. >> crosby is being held on 1.2 million-dollar bail. a week after a terror attack on a french magazine and act of defiance charlie hebdo where a dozen people have been killed has released a a new addition that has drawn criticism and threats of more violence. latest version has caricature of the prophet mohammad on the
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cover. he plans to print an unprecedented 3 million copies, more than 50 times the usual circulation. is there much more to come here on "eyewitness news", house republicans try to shift president obama's immigration plan in reverse. sixth are face one of the best teams in thee a association. we will be right back.
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new jersey governor chris christie used his state of the state address to reflect on accomplishments for the past five years. the governor praised changes in camden and spoke about success in reducing crime in the city. >> it took guts, we needed to be bold, but what are the results? murder is down 51 percent in what was once called the most dangerous city in america. >> democrats criticized his speech saying did he not project any vision for the
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future. happening today house republicans are pushing legislation to overturn president obama's immigration policies. they plan to vote to undue executive actions offering temporary deportation relief to some 4 million immigrants in the country illegally. era moment would delete a policy that granted work permits and stays in deportation to more than 600,000 immigrants who arrived here illegally as children. pope francis is pressing his call for sri lanka unity and recollect sill says. at a mass pack by more than half million people he canonized the country's first saint, the reference joseph yaz was an indian missionary who revived the catholic faith in sri lanka it happened during a dime of arty catholic persecution. coming up on 4:43. how are we looking, do you think. >> it dehe pend where you are. that is so the case. when we have systems like it this makes for a lot of word
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in the forecast. you have to account for the poconos verse city verse south of that down the shore and that is one of the days where we have a split difference depending where you are. >> lets get to it. >> exactly. would i say basically further south you are more likely you will see precipitation today. when it does come through it will be a mix of some sleet some snow some rain, could see a all of those represented by all three colors available here on storm scan three. so depending on the temperature profile it could be any of those three things a mix of those three things and as we go throughout the day it will lead to some slick travel. it would appear it is making a beeline for rest of the delaware valley but because it is rotate ago way you won't to have worry about any snow or presip further north you go, lehigh valley fine poconos in the clear, philadelphia i think at worst we're talking a flurry maybe a snow shower but even that it would have to get going for that and we don't think it is going to.
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how much snow are we talking here. you have to go far south to find any and even there coating to an inch max. that is where we have winter weather advisory posted cape may, kent, sussex counties out over delaware states and points to the south and west of that. temperatures as they stand are on the chilly side. cold enough to produce snow but it is relatively light in terms of moisture content because we are on the outskirts. while there will be rain in philadelphia, you might see a flurry otherwise cloudy and cold. high hits 32. clearing skies for everyone tonight. that system will move out to sea and then it the is done. we will clear out nicely. to 22 degrees for the low. we will look forward to the forecast. we have been promising this nice warming trend. 40 degrees seems so warm to us at this point. that is what we will see by saturday. saturday is a a nice day. by sunday even milder but, of course, is there a trade off. here it is chance for some
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rain. ukee back over to you. little pro shop. i'm sorry. little golf there. flyers taking on the capitals in washington d.c. fly guys won three of four but they are looking at caps a 13 points ahead of them in the eastern conference. to the sixers who hosted red hawks atlanta hawks. former sixers kyle korver can still shoot the rock. he had 15 points for the rock. kj mcdaniels had a good night. he had 14 points. the nice play there. look at the future once again but, the first ever triple double led the way for atlanta. he had 21 points, ten rebound and ten a assists. hawks beat sixers 105-87. sixers a at toronto later on tonight. larry brownies back in town. former coach of the sixers and basketball hall of famer brings his smu mustangs to the liacouras center later note play tell em owls. mustangs worked at the villanova. the owls had a six game
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winning streak snapped at tulsa a. temple senior point guard will cummings might in the play nursing a leg injury. we will see about that. larry brown and temple coach fran dunphy they go way back. >> fran is one of the most underrated coaches that there is. when i see him play now since they got some of the transfers now, the way they beat kansas that is a big turnaround over last year. >> i a appreciate the friendship i have with him but most importantly the respect of an opposing basketball coach like he is, is pretty nice. >> two good guys in the game. espn says former owls defensive back and eagles defensive coordinator todd bowls has been hired of the new head coach of the new york football jet. rex ryan was let go and is heading to the buffalo bills. bowls spent the last two seasons as defensive coordinator of the arizona cardinals with bruce airans of temple.
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just seems like yesterday we were watching my man play at temple. time flies. from the big screen to the small screen which oscar winner is taking his talent to tell rigs. but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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we have breaking news topping our headlines this morning. investigators are searching for a cause of the deadly house fire in yeadon delaware county. fire swept through a home on providence road just before 3:00 this morning. fire fighters found the victim on the first floor. police are searching for at least one suspect after a police chase in bensalem bucks county. pursuit of two suspects ended in a crash not far from the grand view apartments, seen of an alleged burglary. one suspect was arrested another ran from that crash scene and remains at large. classes are canceled at nazareth academy grade school in northeast philadelphia officials tell cbs-3 a large number of students were out
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sick this week. cleaning crews will disinfect school building and classes are expect to resume tomorrow. nice day off from the kids. >> time for a check of the business news. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. yesterday stocks soared at the opened but then headedded down. what are investors watching today, jill. >> reporter: good morning, ukee ander contact big banks like jc minister again chase will start reporting their recent earnings. this is a good barometer of the economy at large and sign of how many economic weakness in europe has been spread to go other parts of the world. yesterday oil prices fell again that dragged down the markets. we did get good news about jobs though earlier in the day. there are now more job openings in the u.s. then at anytime in more than a decade. so good news for job seekers out there. >> it looks like amazon has tapped a famous director to work on a new television show um. >> yeah, woody allen will be writing and new tv show for amazon. it comes after more than four
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decade of film making. this is his first television series. it is still an untitled project that will premiere on prime instant video in the u.s. uk and germany. when asked about the project allen says i don't know how i got into this, i have no ideas and i'm not sure where to begin. i have a feeling he will figure it out. >> he will find a way, in doubt bit. >> thanks, jill. like seinfeld show about nothing. >> there you go, r right. >> um-hmm. >> coming up traffic and weather together on the th
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we will get traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everyone. and we don't see too much happening and that is the case on the majors. we have a few incidents but lets talk about 202 looking great southbound and north bound, no major problems. but traveling around 401, route 30, we are experiencing
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construction southbound but not setting you back too much. just be mindful of the guys and girls in the hard hats. moving over to i-95 at philadelphia international airport a great commute and only on i-95 around this area here and delaware county maybe traveling in delaware, even traveling in bucks county, it looks excellent. no delays on any majors right now, speed sensors high up in the 50's on almost all of them. not only in pennsylvania but in delaware and new jersey. we have a set of down poles. one will be at mantawny street and sell road and glassgo street. it knock down a pole in the roadway. it is closking that street there. berk street is your best alternate in this area traveling elsewhere we have a down pole not too far closing durham road between smith road and pineville. best alternate to take pineville to maneuver around there. the weather-wise we may man touring around a few sprinkles here and there this morning.
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>> i would say further south you travel today, that is where you will want to keep a eye on the field cameras for southern most cameras to see a little bit in the way of this mess. we are looking at a wider zoom on storm scan three and this is basically it. it is in the a full blown mid-atlantic, mid lath tooth sigh clean but just a quick guy that develops close to the coast. that is why it has moisture to work with. when we zero in on our area, notice not a heck of a lot. you are seeing the very most leading edge of this. so any precipitation we do see will be generally light but i do think a good chunk of the day we are stuck with this looking at winter weather advisories throughout 1:00 p.m., kent, sussex counties in delaware and cape may county are further north extent of those advisories. unless your travels are taking you far south you are not going to have to deal with this all that much. in philadelphia a perhaps a flurry wintry mix off to the south ape it is still chilly
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even if it is in the precipitating on you bundle will up with a high of 32 degrees. >> yes, thanks katie, a appreciate it. here are stories our sister station kyw the news radio 1060 will be following for you. pennsylvania lieutenant governor jim cawley lands a new job in the philadelphia region. what can you do to avoid the flu. the answer could be in your kitchen. prestigious honor for junior entrepreneur for penn's wharton school. check out two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on am dial. we have latest on the two breaking stories first a fire claims one life in delaware county. a sususpect burglaries still on the loose this morning after a wild police chase and crash. we are live with the details. a bizarre plot, an ohio man is a accused of plotting to murder speaker of the house john boehner, how he was able to get very close to the the ohio republican on more than one occasion.
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we are following breaking stories first a deadly fire in delaware county. we have a very lateness a live report. an alleged burglaries still at large after a police chase end in a crash. we will have an update on the search for suspects in just a bit. good morning, i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. also a hunt for a killer underway right now in north philadelphia, after a woman is ambushed and murdered waiting for a bus. katie? erika, today we are watching a storm system develop very quickly off to our south and we will just barely get clipped by it. winter weather advisories, we have to talk about also some slick travel, we will have details straight ahead, vittoria. thanks katie. traffic wise we are not dealing with too many problems and you can note that is by the the schuylkill expressway
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shot. not too much volume to talk about here but we are just waiting for the rush to occur but with the weather we can see a complete turn off events. we will have a full report coming up, ukee. breaking news in delaware county, one person is dead after fire ripped you this a yeadon home. >> it happened in the 1800 block of providence road. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us on the scene with the details, nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. it took fire fighters about 20 minutes or so to get this fire under control unfortunately it was just too late for an elderly woman living inside. you can see still an active scene here. fire officials say they arrived here to the fire scene on providence road shortly before 3:00 o'clock. in addition to finding heavy smoke, some fire in the front of the home crews also found that woman deceased in the front porch area. now in continuing their search they found heavy smoke also on the second and third floor and


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