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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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morning. >> reporter: good morning, the fire marshall's office is investigating, car fires at two different locations here in talcony this morning arson sniffing dogs, have already been on scene here, on ditman street. and investigators are trying to determine if this car fire and another nearby are related and were intentionally set. >> the family suv unrecognizable fry morning. its shell still smoldering 6300 block every ditman street. fortunately this car fire didn't spread to the inside of any of the neighboring homes here in talcony but the threat was high. >> my concern was everybody has a propane tank. so i didn't know if maybe like the propane tank was going to explode or anything. and we all have kids here. my concern was just the kids and other houses catching on fire, as well. >> this neighbor didn't want to be identified, but she snapped this photo just after 2:00 a.m. she was in her kitchen when she heard allowed bang and saw these flames. after calling 911 the woman ran to get her neighbors out. >> banking on the door, just
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banking, trying to get them out. >> that family including eight year old girl was asleep inside. everyone was able to get out safely. when fire crews arrived they were able to extinguish the fire in 20 minutes, but not before this suv was total and the neighbor's van damaged. that family was able to get to safety after their dog woke them up. meanwhile two blocks away, fire marshall investigating another car fire from overnight arson sniffing dogs will be used to determine if accelerants were used at either owe location. >> i feel bad their car is totaled, but glad that the family is safe. >> everyone is relieved that this fire here on ditman didn't damage the inside of thighs homes, just some minor damage on the outside of the second story overhang, and of course, the family car is totaled. reporting live, in talcony jan carabeo cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news this morning, delaware state police looking for several drivers who hit and killed a man on
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i495 last night and then took off. chopper three flying over the scene in edgemore, new castle county. we're told the man was trying to cross the northbound lanes of the highway when someone hit him and knock him over. then several other cars hit him while he was on the grounds. police do not have any descriptions of the cars they're looking for. >> 6:02. we are tracking not one but two chances of snow in the forecast. first up, snow and freezing rain expected tonight into tomorrow. we want to check in with meteorologist, katie fehlinger, check l the snow from the skydeck, already chilly out there? >> definitely chilly but luckily don't have too much in the way of any wind out here. what you see actually what you will get on the thermometer which is always nice. but, we do certainly have a storm brewing, and it is brewing well offer to the south. start things offer, nice wide zoom on storm scan3 that zoom shows we do have that storm system out there. right now mainly rain producer, but by the time it
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reaches us and all of the cold air that we have pent up here, it will start off with strictly snow. so that as a result will lead to winter weather advisory to take effect. they will be in effect by tonight. i think we'll get through both your tip cam a.m. and p.m. rush hours without an i then the winter weather advisories go into effect here. we look a led to the overnight. that's when we start to find certainly the most of what this system has in store. we walk you through future weather here. we have the system beginning to move in as we go into tonight. start to see it start off with snow in the the sliver of pink it it will take over here, we end up it looks like with sleet and freezing rain potential for the early morning hours of saturday before it begins to turn over to straight up just rain for philadelphia. that will limit our snowfall totals. we think you might keep that cold air just little longer, across the north and western suburbs, outside of the city. it makes speedy work whatever it has got to do then gets out of here, by saturday night in
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the clear, probably little clean to up do, meanwhile eyewitness day planner features sunshine out there for now. 30 degrees by 9:00 a.m. start to see the clouds thicken as the day progresses, but it is dry winds is nine or 10:00 p.m. before the first snowflakes come into our area. vittoria? >> thank you, even though, you were just saying it is dry out there, thankfully we have that but still seeing incidents, tan could still be potentially still slick spots on the roadway just take it ice. >> southbound approaching jirds adder, southbound the headlights in the shot here, but if you are making your way, from about the betsy ross bridge down through to the vine, starting to seat bubble after rush hour. so 6:04. say you get to 95 by about 6:30 6:45, well, i would imagine a delay almost back toward academy on a friday morning. so just be aware of that.
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northbound 95 nothing major. as we move ahead now through to the schuylkill expressway, 76, at the onramp, to the eastbound schuylkill from gulph mills. you will notice the traffic is still getting by, which is a great thing. and they finally have uprighted an overturned vehicle. all of this on the shoulder, but caused quite a gaper delay, mass transit you're in the clear. ukee? >> vittoria, thank you. developing right now the 72 hour dead lane set lie isis militants in exchange for the two japanese hostages has come and gone. on tuesday isis released this video threatening to execute the men unless japan paid a $200 million ran some. now, the time line for that ultimatum expired around 1:00 a.m. our time. as every right now the fate of the hostages remains unknown. vice president biden is leading the us delegation to today's funeral of saudi arabia's king abdullah. king died at 09 years old yesterday. he was powerful us ally, joined washington in the fight against al quaida, south to
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modernize the muslim kingdom. erika? >> ukee, philadelphia police trying to track down a suspect in the attack after high school student on septa trolley. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown shows us an important clue that will help investigators. >> that the tasha, i've seen the video, and it is outrageous what happened to this young girl. >> reporter: septa police chief has seen the trolleys surveillance video of vicious attack on 17 year old student. eyewitness video gives us just a jarring glimpse. shea is still wearing the scars from the attack that gannon the 15 septa trolley wednesday morning, on her way to school. she got on to the crowded trolley at broad and girard, and moment later pummeled by male passenger. >> my bag kept bumming this man, and he was getting mad that my bag was bumming him. and he started calling me out my name. he hit me like three, four times in my face. and avenue broken nose, and a black eye. >> i'm nurse in the emergency room.
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i see it every day. the last thing i would ever want to see is see it on my child. >> on any given day a hundred thousand parochial and public student riding the septa to school. >> i get on at like 9:00 something in the morning then i go home with my friends. i come to: with my friends and go home with my friends. so i'm not real that i scared. >> septa police know these students are in the care of their transit system and they say they take their safety very seriously, deploying more than 100 extra officers? during school dismissal time, high time for calls for service, and it is also high ridership of young riders, so we make sure we have a lot of officers out there. >> the beating has left this honor roll student traumatized, police more vigilant about bringing her attack tear justice. there are apparently clear images of this attack as well as the suspect involved. on one of the many cameras located on that trolley so, police tell us, it is only a matter of time before they finds him. at septa headquarters, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness
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news". 6:07 right now. a judge will decided to whether surveillance video showing the ambush attack on the pennsylvania state police barracks in blooming grove should remain sealed. the video was presented as evidence at an accused gunman eric frein's preliminary hearing earlier this month. now, typically evidence shown in court becomes open record; however, prosecutors are asking the judge not to release the video. corporal brian dixon was shot and killed in the attack on september 12th. trooper alex douglas was critically injured. reverend al sharpton joining group of people calling for a state investigation into this deadly police shooting in bridgeton cumberland county. an officer killed jerome reid last month after a traffic stop. reid was shot while getting out of the car. he had his hands up after police found a gun in the car. right now the cumberland county prosecutor's office is handling the investigation. your time is 6:08. deflate gate is getting a lot of attention.
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and now the patriots star quarterback is addressing the controversy. hear what tom brady had to say. >> plus, potential dancers of birth control. just how long you can take those pills before putting yourself at a risk for cancer. >> and, storm scan3 shows another storm headed our way. katie is tracking not one but two chances of snow in the seven day. we'll be right back. homecoming? it's awesome. but with
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> coach bill chick and tom brady said they did not cheat. they trounced the colts to earn a trip to superbowl 49. after the game a report
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emerged the paths were using under inflated footballs. nfl probe has reportedly found 11 of 12 pay tree the game balls came up light. under inflated footballs according to those in the know can be easier to grip and catch. neither belichick nor braid coy say how they got that way. >> i have no explanation for t i don't know what happened between the time that i touched it and you know, really until monday morning, i have no idea what happened with the balls. >> can't think of anything that i would have done differently based on what i new then, based on what i know now. >> this isn't belichick's first controversy. you may remember back in 2007 he was fined half million dollars after the patriots were caught videotaping another team's signals. the nfl says its shreking into deflate gate. that's going to take a few more days. >> now, one. best quarterbacks every all time is weighing in and he doesn't buy brady's story. former cowboy troy aikman said quote, it is obvious that tom braid had i something to do with this.
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for the balls to be deflated, that doesn't happen unless the quarterback wants that to happen. >> deflate gate continues to trend. now former eagles ball boy is sharing some interesting insight. brandon armstrong would watch over the game balls before and after they were expected. he would meet with referees before each game. even in the most harsh weather he never noticed he says a dramatic difference in the inflation of footballs. he's baffled by what happened with the patriots. >> i don't necessarily think i could recall a time where a natural occurrence after ball just became deflated out of the blue. i think that it would have to be done, you know, by a person. >> now as a ball boy back in the day armstrong said he never would have thought of doing anything with or to the footballs without the clear consent of the coaching staff or players. let's see what happens happening with traffic and weather together. >> we got lots going on, ukee, at least not right now but down the road here, and you
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can see why the leading edge of the of precipitation already moving into tennessee north carolina, it will be headed our way by just after the evening rush. so you know, in terms of timing it, could be a lot worse, at least it is coming on a weekends, and at least we'll get through our morning and evening rush i think without any major problems, at least not weather-related ones. outside to the pleasant valley middle high schools up toward the northern bran. the lehigh vale near poconos see them out in the distance, spot that does well and picks up some decent snow, we say decent not talking major snowstorm, but this will primarily be snow producer for those northern counties. but it will start with snow and then start to turn over with some icy mixing and then eventually just rain through the pink sliver here, and it is mainly rain the further south and east you travel. so how does that pan out in terms of snowfall totals? keep the cold air talking three, five, up to 6 inches, in the dark blue sliver, but because it turns to rain in philadelphia, that will limit the snowfall totals to one to
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3 inches. and probably some of the slushy variety sunday is quiet. sunday night the next clipper comes along and bridges light snow in time for the monday morning rush. vittoria. >> i don't like that clipper katie. something about even the word clipper it will get you. >> i don't like that feeling. you know what i mean? anyway, good morning everyone, traveling on the majors, starting to seat formations every big old rush. it is friday morning, it is 15:00, and usually the rush comes at about this time. so southbound 95 seeing delays approaching cottman, making your way down through to the vine street expressway. now, you will have point where it does break in some of the traffic. but, generally speaking if you travel rush hour, through to center city out of the northeast it, doesn't feel like that, does it? traveling on the 42 freeway traveling northbound, starting to see volume build approaching the area of 295. if you are traveling mass transit, well, westbound on the frankford or market frankford line, they are experiencing delays associated with a disable equipment problem at allegheny. so note that for your early morning commute. also disabled vehicle southbound on the roosevelt
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boulevard at adams avenue in the inner drive. give yourself more time. the airport is just fine. ukee? >> vittoria, thank you. following breaking news this morning, in talcony arson investigators want to know if overnight car fires are connected. the car fire on ditman street spread to another car and a house and there was another car fire at torresdale and robbins, just a few blocks away. >> also, police are searching for the man who attack a high school student on north philadelphia septa trolley. the attack was caught on camera. the 17 year old suffered broken nose and other injuries. islamic state militants say the countdown has gun toward the execution of two japanese hostages. the status of negotiations to save them is unclear right now. isis demanded $200 million in ransom. >> we'll be back.
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state investigators say a prominent bucks county woman made false insurance claims to the tune of $20 million to funds her lavish lifestyle. claire is accused of setting three fires at her buckingham mansion over the past five years. prosecutors say her family members were also in on the alleged scam. her husband, daughter, son daughter in law, and two others, were also arrested on fraud charges. >> a former philadelphia police detective charged with helping his girlfriends try to get away with murder; out on bail. this is exclusive "eyewitness news" video of ron dove there in handicuffs after
6:20 am
surrendering to police. he was arraigned last night on charges of interfering with murder investigation for allegedly trying to help accused killer erika sanchez. >> he actively shielded her hid her, financed her flight, failed to disclose material evidence and fact to his fellow police officers. and even to arrange her escape from the jurisdiction. >> dove was a 16-year veteran of the force. on the health watch this morning, possible exposure to the measles is forcing 30 babies in northern california in home isolation. >> now, we have one of those children here who has not been able to leave the house for three weeks. after a visit to kaiser hospital in oakland, told purposely un vaccinated child with measles had been to the same office within a few hours of their visit. >> using birth control pills for more than five years may innerves the risk every developing a brain tumor. researchers in denmark studied women between the ages of 15 and 49.
6:21 am
they found long-term use of hormonal contraceptives containing estrogen, progestin or combination every both may raise the risk of a rare brain tumor known as glee roam a doctors caution that my research is necessary before recommending changes in prescribing birth control. >> and happy tweets could mean a healthier heart. new research published in psychological science says that tracking the expression of anger stress and fatigue may produce an accurate picture of which communities are mostly to have high rates of heart disease. previous research shows expressions of happiness are linked to lower heart attack rate. >> so interesting. think happy tweets. >> don't worry be happy indeed. hey, sixers rookie gets prank dollars by his teammates. see what they did to him next if sports. see if he's happy or not. >> pretty funny. also not your typical presidential interview. you can see why. yep. find out why a woman with green lipstick got a one on one with president obama and even took a selfie with him
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too. that's all coming up. we'll
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>> stormstorm scan3, all rain, expect couple of inches down through the deep south. >> this eventually turns less and comes right up the coast. now, this is specific to philadelphia. percentage chance that we're looking at light one to 3-inch swat of snow will also see some rain as well as probably some sleet miking in here, maybe freezing rain as the turn over happens. that's generally what we expect. 06% majority chance for one to
6:25 am
3 inches in philadelphia, but you don't have to go too far northwest. northwest chester montgomery, bucks then into the lehigh valley where you mariesly pick up few additional inches. now, this doesn't get here until later on tonight. so we should get through not just this morning drive but probably this evening drive. without a hitch. and then the winter weather advisories take effect and the snowflakes start to fly. vittoria? >> thank you so much, and good morning, everyone. not flying anywhere right now during this rush hour. if you are traveling on 95, the schuylkill expressway, traveling on the boulevard already seeing the bubble of a russian it is pretty huge. in regard to the delay so if you are traveling southbound on the boulevard, expect some volume building back toward broad street from the schuylkill expressway. so give yourselves more time trying to get to 76, headed out of the area of the northeast, moving over to 476 not too far away from the area of media swarthmore. notice, we do have few vehicles out there. and this will only continue to grow and get bigger and bigger. as we take a look at the speed censors, imagine majority in the 50's
6:26 am
not so much. look at the censors here, traveling 30 miles per hour r i would say even lower between academy and the vine street expressway. southbound on 95, seeing that eastbound slow down around the area of conshohocken, so delays are out there. so, take it easy. if you are traveling montgomery county still an accident, on ridge pike at north lane. and police are directing traffic as a result of an accident causing the traffic lights to be out. so if you can, i would just try to avoid this intersection, and the westbound market frankford line has been put back into place. ukee? >> thank willing vet tore y in sports, the sixers host the raptors at the well. kyle lowry on the raptors also headed to the nba all-star game next month. >> check out some cell phone video, sixers rookie samson as he realizes he is the victim of rookie prank. check it out. his car is wrapped in it. in foil. he's now driving alluminum 252. his teammates are reportedly behind it, but they're not saying who did it. and when they did t we do
6:27 am
know that robert covington shot the video. hmm. j a/k/a rr took the prank in stride. >> promoting team spirit too. the guys getting together, season not going the way they want to but still promoting the team spirit. i like t hey sometimes your team just needs a good luck charm. >> yes, fortunately the temple owls good luck charles were court side last night. he can selling in the pal reading program were honored by the owls last night. oh, looking great. the kids from ten police athletic league centers philadelphia, were there as the they scored against south florida temple won 73 to 48. >> they're winners too right there. group every winners right there. >> special time for them, too. >> welcoming up in the next half hourr of "eyewitness news" this morning weaver breaking news to talk about and much more, stay with us, family, glad you're with us. >> also, it is a different casino of lesson plan being taught at one philadelphia school. we'll show you why students are going to youth court to be tried by their peers.
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>> updating breaking news in talcony. two suspicious car fires overnight captured the attention arson investigators. >> good morning, jan carabeo joins us now from where one of the fires nearly set a family's home up in flames.
6:31 am
jan? >> this was big car fire on ditman. these families fortunate that the fire didn't get inside of their homes see the bulk of the damage to that vehicle and behind it 6300 block of ditman talcony, family's suv is totaled and the flames they moment dollars and burned some that far second story overhang, you see behind the car, but this is what the fire look like earlier this morning, the car was engulfed in flames. just after 2:00 this morning she was in her kitchen and heard allowed bang. she saw all of the flames, and then ran to get her neighbors out. meantime, another neighbor's barking dog woke her and her husband up so they went to get the neighbors out the house as well. goods thing the neighbors sprang into action. family who lives here including eight year old girl were asleep. car fire was happening right under a bedroom. now, everyone was able to get out safely. when fire crews arrived they got the fire out in about 20 minutes. family car as you saw is torched.
6:32 am
neighboring mini-van and deck were burned just little bit as well. that was the main concern for neighbors here, that this could have spread quickly down the block. >> i didn't know if the propane tank was going to explode, and we all have kids here, and my concern was just the kids, and other houses catching on fire, as well. >> the fire marshall is also investigating another car fire, at another location just about two blocks, and fire investigators using arson dogs arson sniffing dogs that can detect accelerants in the investigation. so that's three cars damaged at two different low cases within just hours this morning. this is an ongoing investigation, back out here live on scene in talcony see the damage left behind, but fortunately, no injuries here, and no damage to the inside of these homes. this is ongoing investigation
6:33 am
are these two fires related? are they arson? hoping to get answers later today. reporting live, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> list looking for killer after a deadly shooting in south philly. detective tell us the gunman shot a man three times after getting into an argument on the 1400 block every ritner. the shooter got away in a dark colored suv. >> children's hospital of philadelphia now this is the boy that they're looking for. fifteen year old alec from hamilton, new jersey, left the hospital yesterday afternoon. we're told he he has autism and suffers from anxiety. alec was last seen wearing a black jacket, black face mask, and dark jeans. >> 633 traffic and weather together, katie busy in the weather center, good morning. >> yes lots to discuss two separate systems that will sort of piggyback our weekend first one starts as later tonight, will affect us most
6:34 am
of the day tomorrow. and then we have another on the way for sunday night but let's deal with what we've got coming up first and that is this guy. >> bringing heavy rain across the deep south eventually going to make that classic left-hand turn become coastal system then, mover right up toward us here by later tonight start to see the snow fallingment focusing on the snow coming also expecting this to be pretty decent rain producer specially for philadelphia and on south toward the coastal communities where according to our models it could be anything from half inch up to over an inch worth of rain that doesn't take in ooh account how much snow we'll find, in general philadelphia one to 3 inches, back it up. today actually air quality alert also in effect, meaning there is higher particle pollution, in the air so if you are perhaps one of the folks. have urine hail err ready to go otherwise, it is a quiet
6:35 am
day, morning commute we get through just fine, then about 99:00 to 10:00 p.m. or so give or take when we begin to see the snow moving in from the south. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much katie. we've already had two overturned vehicles this morning, and now dealing with two disabled vehicles this morning. not a good look. if you are traveling first on 309, we do have disable vehicle on 309 northbound, as you make your way not too far away from that norristown road spring house exit. so the good news is this is on the shoulder, bad news, it is not ammonal one we're seeing this morning, moving now to 95, 95, traveling around the cottman avenue area southbound direction now doesn't look so much like a disable vehicle incident t looks more after accident. take a look at all of this. okay so, if you are traveling on 95 southbound direction might have multiple vehicle
6:36 am
incident compromising right hand lane. already at squeeze at this point, because of the construction zone. this is not good. southbound 95, already delayed back toward academy down through to the vine street expressway. and it is super interesting here, because if this camera were to shift toward the left see close to four vehicles, just up ahead. we will continue to keep you updated. do have few disable vehicle right here, again we will keep you posted. >> you are in the clear approaching 29, a ukee. >> thank you delayed 911 call, when officials say this massive fire in north jersey apartment complex turned into a raging inferno. and this is what the avalon at edge water in bergin county looks like now. workers fix ago leak with a blow torch ignited the blaze we're told, fire chief says some of the workers tried unsuccessfully to put it out themselves. fifteen minute later the first call for help came in. four people sustained minor injuries, and including two civilians, two firefighters. more than 1,000 people were
6:37 am
displaced. major change for delaware valley charter school. after experiencing two tragedies in the same year, the school's now established a youth court. where student rent tried and sentenced by their peers. matt rivers shows us the program is teaching an important lesson. >> that's the (here is the jury prosecutor and defense attorney all played by student. combined, they'll decide the fate of junior curtis gordan accused of acting naught class. youth court. student charged with minor oven cents can be sent here, fellow student choose their sentence. >> you the jurors have the authority to impose mandatory sentence. >> the brain child of history teacher kimberly, who heard about similar programs at other schools. the idea? student might care more about what their friends think of them rather than administrators. >> if they are repeat offenders, and continue to go to the same office it, just
6:38 am
becomes noise. make sure to stay out of trouble. i don't want to go to youth court. >> month trial system started after two very real tragedies. the first occurred here in the school gym about a year ago this month and school had already let out for the day. someone brought a gun inside to the area where some students playing basketball. that will gun accidentally went off. the shooting injuring two, 15 year old student. just few months later, 15 year old sophomore isa was hit and killed by a stray bullet. just blocks from the school. >> the trial we saw was just practice. curtis gordon was sentenced to community service. >> out court now adjourned. >> end after trial the beginning of a broader idea. matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia public schools are facing another big budget deficit after the teachers union wins a big legal victory.
6:39 am
group of judges said the school reform commission cannot cancel the teachers contract. last october they canceled that contract forcing teachers to pay a portion of healthcare costs, bill green responds the to the ruling tweeting disappointing news, 08 million-dollar deficit next year. those cheering this decision, please, show me the money. congrats. the school district could appeal the decision to pennsylvania's supreme court. >> president obama will be thursday will address democrats holding their policy retreat in society hill. vice president biden will address the same group on friday. >> and speaking of the president, he got the last laugh from a youtube interview. >> green popular for her green lipstick, made a gasp when she had a gift for the first lady. here it is.
6:40 am
>> oh, for the first lady. >> for the first laid. >> i and the first children. >> and the first -- oh, okay. >> oh, the poor thing probably so nervous. >> i know. >> the president said woe ask mrs. obama to try on the green lipstick. no word whether she did or did not. >> i would love the slow-mo the president's look, what? you know something i don't? >> that was good. hey, did you get some gift cards for christmas that you just don't want? well, coming up how to re-sell them so you can get something you really want. >> also, the iphone versus android debate rages on. now one study says your choice may indicate just how smart you are. >> and this could haunt your dreams. a fisherman pulls a scary prehistoric looking fish out of the water. find out what it is when we come back. >> innings soothing news for bill he joel fans.
6:41 am
word is he is coming back to philadelphia. oh, such a great performer. >> he loves coming here, too. cut his teeth here back in the day. >> and he sounds just as good now as he did back in the day too. >> love it. that date coming up. don't want to miss it. homecoming? it's awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan it gets even better. you know those people who pay a little extra and get all the legroom in coach? that could be you, if you refinance your student loans.
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>> at least our friday morning is looking pretty good. >> most of the day looks
6:44 am
pretty good. break in the action, we want to check in with weather wampishes. our weather watcher network into the 20's, even lower than that david dutch, one of the new bees clementon sending in nice clear sky and temperatures currently into the 20's, also mentioned a lot of frost on the windshield around his neighborhood, tim mitch he will, one of the gold star weather watch ers 21 degrees and clear skies for us in tuckerton, where he is located, and again in for real nice sunrise i think. so again we get through the day, probably evening rush without a problem. but here is your storm. this is what is making left-hand turn essentially and rolling right up into the eastern seaboard. so in the only see that, but will lead to whole mixed bag of stuff. going on out to 8:00 p.m. tonight. start to see leading edge of the precipitation moving in, starting out with snow philadelphia and all port
6:45 am
north. couple of hours of something snow before it turns over in a lot of spots to just heavy rain. so, the moisture will be there. it is heavy precipitation no matter what kind you're finding. actually gets out of here into the early evening. sunday pretty quiet. by sunday night ya, more snow. and that's going to mess with your morning drive obviously looking ahead to next week. >> so eyewitness weather seven day forecast, all calm for now. big wintery mess tomorrow. all the calm, then big old traffic mess probably by monday even those it is a clipper system, snowfall totals relatively modest, it is only, you know, obviously just because it is monday morning drive it will be a big problem. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you well right now friday morning rush is in full swing. good news, earlier disable vehicle on 95, cleared around cottman avenue. but if you are traveling in the northbound direction of
6:46 am
95 seeing delays approaching the area of bridge street, moving beyond cottman avenue. and it is grown ever since then from that disable vehicle, that was blocking the right hand lane. even though that's cleared again, you're still heavily delayed. also seeing big time delays in the southbound side of 95, i know it is hard to see here, but academy down through to the vine street expressway not fun. >> it is out there and also, we have water main break in conshohocken east 12th avenue at righter street. so traveling throughout that area, eighth street or jones would be your best alternate. also moving our way into new jersey, 295 southbound, the ramp from i195, partially blocked, as a result after accident. another something to be minds full of. traveling not too far from king of prussia henderson at church road in the middle of intersection an accident there, so if you can avoid that intersection i would definitely advise to you do so
6:47 am
>> breaking news, where police want to know if separate car fires are connected. one fire on ditman street spread from one car to another, then to a home, another car caught fire near torresdale and robbins. >> also, police searching for the person who attack teenager on north philadelphia trolley the attack caught on camera. the high school age victim suffered broken nose and other injuries. >> the deadline has passed, to pay the ransom to save the lives of two japanese hostages held by islamic millitant. ice it demanded $200 million. they've executed at least five other foreign hostages, since last august. >> gift cards often make perfect gifts easy for them to accumulate. >> just find them in a drawer later. in this morning's tech minute, kara tsuboi shows you ways to re set gift cards and even buy more at a discount.
6:48 am
>> marketplace for gift cards, members can sell their unused cards to up 92% of its value. that amount is determined by the retailers popularity as some gift cards are obviously more demand than other. if you are look to go purchase a card through the site it, offers to up 35% savings. a lets set own prices for selling back gift cards whether totally unused or even partially used. the mobile feature is great benefit since you can brings for electronic gift cards while shopping in a store. but one for less than car's value and you saved big time as cars can be electronically download dollars ton your phone. nice feature of the website card hub is the ability to sell and buy gift cards from either facebook friends or people who live nearby. checking it great way to rid yourself of local gift cards to nearby boutique, gives more delivery options for the card. san francisco, kara tsuboi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> fore in the market for new
6:49 am
wireless service google may become an option. tech giant is reportedly going to buy wireless data service from other carriers, then re-sell it to customers directly. >> google service would not necessarily be better or faster than what it has already positive provided for. however it, could be a less expensive option for customers the i in iphone may stand foreign tell gent. suggesting smarter people tends to prefer those apple smart phones over android. on line advertising network crunch the numbers and found states with more college graduates have higher iphone sales. result are not come rehinges i have because they didn't focus on smaller regions like cities and neighborhoods. >> droid users unite. >> ya? >> unite. droid in the house. >> wear it productly. >> 6:49. let's see what's coming up on cs this morning. >> up in new york, with your
6:50 am
preview, good morning. >> good morning to you. ahead the latest on deflate gate. former quarterbacks react to tomorrow brady's denial. new york times columnist bill in studio with his take. number of measles cases connected to dis any lands rise, we will talk with doctor anthony of the nih about the danger of the anti-vaccination movement. and the biggest steaks on superbowl sunday could be for a glue company. that's right. we'll introduce you to the business spending its entire annual add budget on one, they can secretary -- one, 30 seconds commercial. >> thirty seconds, will cost maybe $4 million. >> but it can pay off. >> it k thanks, take care. >> the word this morning celebrate. special milestone 27 years in the making. >> bold and beautiful celebrating its 7,000 episode. and this guy don better
6:51 am
known to many of you b and b fans, bill spencer will be in our area to host a viewer screening party. from noon to two. and i'll head there i'll have live report for you on talk philly starting at noon. talking with don about this 7,000 show. >> you and donnie d. >> if you can't make it don't worry you can watch bolds and beautiful today at 1:30, right here on cbs-3. take it out. >> words is piano man coming back to philadelphia, billy joel will be playing at citizens bank park again this summer. watch the performance that will be at the cbc thursday august 13th. we're toll ticketed go on sale next friday such a great performer. >> so ben revere. check him out. >> that's great.
6:52 am
>> all of those times forget how many hits the man has performed, then every song you're singing along to. >> been doing it for a long time. >> one of the hottest neighborhoods in the country here in philadelphia. probably never even heard of t we'll have it when we come back. >> we hadn't heard of t first what's coming tonight on cbs-3.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
>> rare frilled shark. >> look at this, mouth packed full of needle like teeth, body like an eel. it dates back told some 80 million years. now, according to australia rays southeast troll fishing industry association the shark is known to live at extreme depths in both the atlantic and pacific coast. >> it can stay there. >> we have no idea what life forms are down that low. don't even want to know. >> how did he get up smear. >> i hope his mama is not looking for him. wow. >> i don't even want to think about that. >> you may not want to think about what i have to tell you but you know we can't avoid t so let's get you out there. >> time line, 9:00 p.m. as early as tonight for the snow line to start moving in here.
6:56 am
but then the rest of your time line lasts us through the better part of the day tomorrow starting with snow, turning over to rain, probably some icing it will be wintery mess, that's the bottom line. >> thank you so much katie. well bit of rush hour mess right now. if you are traveling on 95, the schuylkill expressway, 476, 42 freeway so just though. that will traveling on the ben franklin bridge, also starting to get heavy making your commute in toward philadelphia. moving now to 422, you have another delay, it is eastbound, out of the area of oaks down to 202 and only growing, also, watch out for this accident henderson between church and monroe boulevard. if you're around king of prussia. >> vet tore crashes thank you, philly neighborhood you have probably never even heard of all the sudden very, very hot. >> the real estate website redson says dickinson narrows that's the neighborhood, is the 20,152nd hottest neighborhood for real estate in the nation. dickinson narrows ask a sliver every south philly between pens port and east passyunk. the median home price of a place there in dickinson
6:57 am
narrows $192,000. >> wow, i know the area but never really looked into it. >> congratulations. next on cbs this morning britain's prince andrew speaks out the first time since he was accused of sexual misconduct. >> now continue e watching your weather, news, sports, keep it live, keep it local on your "cw philly". happy friday. hope to see you in a bit.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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good morning. it is friday, january 23rd 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning". deflection and denial. the patriots coach and quarterback claim ignorance in the ball deflation scandal, but some former players aren't buying it. a disneyland measles outbreak spreads to six states. we'll talk to the nation's top disease doctor on the anti-vaccine movement. plus the exclusive where an executive lived a secret life before his mysterious death. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> he almost seems like a kid


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