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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is the calm between two storms. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at dilworth park tonight on very cold saturday by this time tomorrow snow could be falling again. so, it is a one-two punch for us. storm scan3 taking a break at least for now but it is going to be really busy tracking snow tomorrow night into monday and even in the days beyond. this next storm has bad timing though arriving for the start of the work week, good
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evening, everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. got lots to talk b let's get over to justin drabick monitoring the storm for us. waist going on. >> moving into fast progressive weather pat warn lot of cold air. so we are talking about snow chance, coming up over the next couple of weeks. thinks zest tell will arrive tomorrow night. actually looking quiet across the delaware valley. today's storms out of the picture moving off the northeast coast actually breaking up the clouds a little bit. that's allowing numbers to drop below freezing tonight. so issue with some black ice across much of the delaware valley. thirty-six the current temperature at the airport, 31 now in wilmington and millville. thirty-five in allentown do have fresh snow cover specially north of the city. so that's your best bet seeing temperatures dropping below freezing for sure. already down to 30 degrees this hour in willow grove. so again overnight, clearing skies, temperatures go below freezing so watch out for the untreated surfaces they'll be frozen specially sidewalks. have a flush out there. caution walking or running
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overnight into sunday morning. sunshine around, temperatures boosting to the low 40's, philadelphia and the shore around 30 degrees in the poconos, but clouds quickly move back in here, sunday night, light snow develops from sunday nine p.m. to midnight from west to east, we'll see periods of light snow through the day monday, slow things down for the morning commute. then watch the storm. does it intensify? how close to full details coming you can, talk about the snow and the arctic air. now is a good time to download the cbs philly/april. >> justin, thanks so much. many of you spent the day cleaning up from this latest rounds of winter weather. steve patterson takes us to montgomery county for a look at conditions there. >> rumble in the suburbs. while were you sleeping, franconia montgomery county came alive with the low rumble
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of plows clearing anywhere from two to 6 inches off the roads. >> little treacherous coming down they didn't have too many things plowed up and open. >> pam bruner manages a local cafe. she drove in before the work started. >> definitely want to be pre cautious. definately slippery coming around the corners. >> all the morning progressed snow turned to nasty mix before becoming light rain making travel on side roads hazardous, unless you're shara. >> it is actually kind of fun slippery. >> struggling to keep your new years resolution kind of fun for cheryle is a 8-mile run during severe weather event. yep, that is ice on her face, no she didn't care. >> doesn't bother me at all. >> really? >> and by the time the sun came up it was hard to imagine there was bad weather at all. >> oh, the roads are great. all slushy and bear, sat dollars down real well. >> nor al of the story snow came in month good morning was ready. steve patterson cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> me? shovels were out in
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collingswood, camden county today. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" along haddon avenue as resident cleared snow and slush from their sidewalks. >> it is wet snow, it is casino of heavy becomes you not much of it. so this is an easy clean up. we're grateful for just a little bit. >> well, john says cents he's happen that i he didn't to use his snow blower, at least not this time around. but keep it handy. we've got answer lot of great eyewitness cam pictures, as well there is one from david in reading where there was several inches already on the grounds, and in his neighborhood, even before sunrise, loafer town kevin williams sent in this niceish shot from his backyards as the thick heavy snowflakes were still falling. now, we love to seymour great shots from you so keep them coming. if you would like to share any with us, you can send them to "eyewitness news", using the hashtag cbs-3 storm. a snow plow driver meantime is lucky to be alive after the top deck after new jersey parking garage collapses, while he was
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clearing snow. it happened this morning in secaucus, driver wasn't hurt, but suv that was parked in the garage was destroyed no one was in it at the time. also no word on what caused that collapse. >> and new tonight family and friends, they're stepping up search effort for a missing woman in delaware. fourteen days later now, there is still no sign after mother of four. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has more. >> it has been over two weeks now, 15 days of more questions than answers more pain, and no relief for keisha hamilton's family. it has been a nightmare. >> plus it is really hard because keisha has four children, one is an infant and one is four years old who asks for her every single day. >> hamilton dis a periods friday january 9th along with two of her children. the three of them last seen here at her home in smyrna, delaware. police said they were likely with cortez hamilton, the children's father and her
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husband. cortez was found in indianna with the children that saturday who were both safe. but keisha remains missing, as her family says police have spoke with them about her husband. >> they do believe that he's if a caused serious badly injury to her and that they're not sure where she is. >> cortez hamilton was charged with endangering the welfare of his children and assault and was extradited back to delaware yesterday where he remains in jail. he has not been charged with any crime in connection to keisha's disappearance but has not cooperated with police, say keisha's family. sunday they plan to search for her themselves, smacks and water bottles ready to be given to any volunteers that could help. >> if keisha was here she would do nick she could for anybody. she is a very loving and kind hearted like that. >> we all miss her terribly. it is horrible to think that she is just out there and she's been hurt. >> the search party will be headquartered here at the chest bold fire company just behind me. state police will be assessing
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in the search. volunteers are asked to arrive around 8:00 a.m. but the family tells us the search will go on throughout the day. chest olds, delaware, matt rivers cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well the harrisburg area man is released from prison after it was shown that bad science was used to put him behind bars some 35 years ago. james was convicted in 1979, upset ago house fire that killed his 16 year old son. just last night the 72 year old walked out of rock view prison in center county after reaching deal with prosecutors. new studies of how fire starts and spreads called into question the cause of the fire. >> it is time for me to go home. it is time for me to be with my family. >> the free world the world changes dollars so much i don't know it. the world's going to have to be introduced to me, i'm need a learning time, i need help.
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>> as part of the deal that freed him, he pleaded guilty to third degree murder and arson charges and was released on time served. meantime potential republican presidential candidates are meeting in iowa this weekend to vie for the support of conservatives. new jersey governor chris christie was among the big names that showed up at the freedom summit. >> the worlds carpet do without a second american century, and neither can my children or yours do without america being a strong, resolute leader in this world. >> unofficial frontrunners deb bush and mitt romney skipped the summit altogether. >> hollywood heart throb is getting a dif offers, coming up next on "eyewitness news" plus time may have run out for two japanese hostages held by islam i can state militants. i'm a message posting today claiming one of them has been executed. >> serious threat leads to
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evacuation they landed in atlanta moment apart. >> catching a brief break tomorrow with some sunshine, thin tracking more snow on the way for the start of the work week i'm have the details. >> then the stars are shining at the nhl all-star skills competition. see how a flyer stole the show that's coming up when leslie van a
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>> one storm down, another to go. meteorologist justin drabick is tracking a snowstorm that could make a mess out of your monday morning commute. the forecast moments away. stay with us. >> a setback today at the crash site of airasia flight 8501 almost able to lift the fuselage from the java sea just as it reached the water surface, the balloons deflated and it sang back down. it is believed many other victims are still in the
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fuselage. >> also now bomb threats were made against two planes at atlanta airport this afternoon. southwest airlines flight 2492 from milwaukee also, delta airasia lines flight 1156 from portland, oregon landed safely in atlanta. all of the passengers were taken off. the planes were searched. no devices were ever found. a nor add spokesperson said the threats were made on twitter. >> islamic state militants they say they've killed one of two japanese hostages, they've held since last year. but japan's government is still working to try to confirm that claim. cbs news correspondent don champion has more. >> islamic state militants hosed a photo of hostage kenji goto holding hostage hana yukawa saying he had been beheaded demands prisoner exchange for his release. the post was quickly deleted. japan's prime minister says the message is likely authentic. he condemned the murder and
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demand dollars goto's release. >> on tuesday isis released a video showing goto and hana yukawa taken hostage saying japan pay within 72 hours to is he your a release. goto's mother issued tearful plea begging captors to release her son and pleading with the japanese government to save his life. on saturday, she reacted to the photo. >> his face looked extremely nervous she told reporters. january and's prime minister angrily insisted his country will now bow to terrorism and will help the international community fight it. captured hana yukawa last summer and she said her son left his two year old baby in the summer hoping to rescue his friend but instead was taken hostage. don champion, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> newly end throwed king
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solomon received condolence frost world leaders today following the death of king abdullah the 90 year olds died friday. he was burr made unmarked grave, after prayer service in riyadh. heads of state and royals from all around the world are arriving in saudi arabia right now to pay their respects in meetings with saudi royals. president obama will visit on tuesday. also, a collection of abraham lincoln memorabilia that includes lock of the slain president's hair is sold for more than $800,000 at auction. the lock of hair alone sold for $25,000. it was taken by the surgeon general shortly after lincoln was shot by john wilkes boot. clipping of linen take friend lincoln's death bed also sold for $6,000. report of the donald d towel collection. >> one of holly with wood's longest running marriages is coming to an end. patrick dempsey and his wife, make up artist julian, are splitting after 15 years of
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marriage. "tmz" reports fink filed for divorce siting irreconciliable differences, the couple has three children together. a 12 year old and seven year old twin boys. >> okay, check this out. today's wintery weather was the perfect backdrop for a frozen fundraiser. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" in bensalem this morning as more than 500 people braved the ice cold temperatures, and plunged into the delaware river. seventh annual eastern polar bear plunge benefits special olympics, this year, over $100,000 was raised. great job everyone, i'm sure now they're thinking time for some hot chocolate. look at those guys, hanging out there. nos just running in, running out. wading around and going under. pretty impress live with water temperatures well in the lower 30's probably, mid 30's, in that river. all right, our air temperatures now getting little cold. we have the clearer skies. we a lot of rain across the region, some snow today up to
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9 inches across the northern sub he is, 1 inch of rain specially southern new jersey and delaware. so now we have standing water out there on the roads. just look at these numbers. down to 33 degrees at this hour in warminster, gilbertsville, 33, 31 willow grove, at freezing in eagleville. same deal or getting close to freezing in robinsville, new jersey. right now burlington township, checking in, also, at 32 degrees. so watch out for some icy conditions on the untreated surfaces both the roads driveways, and inside walks. good news is a little milder air moves in tomorrow before we see our next storm system. but let's take you outside right now live look at center city where we have some clearing skies, it is getting colds, winds kicking up so make sure to dress warm if you are headed out through the overnight hours. here is the set up, storm scan3, storm system today exiting the region. there goes across new england moving off the coast, bit of break war area of high pressure builds in tomorrow see some sunshine. here is the next storm system, clipper system, normally these clippers move through the great lakes basically across
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pennsylvania, usually don't have whole lot of moisture. >> this one tracks little bit farther south, has little more energy to work with, and then eventually intensifies off the coast later monday night. how close to the coast it intensifies will determine how much additional snow we could get out of the system later on monday night possibly even into tuesday. sustained winds coming in 15 miles per hour here in philadelphia. so that's bringing down the windchills. this is what it feels like right now exposed skin. upper 20s allentown philadelphia low 20's in millville. here we go. late tomorrow night early monday morning the clipper moves on through again initially just some light snow but still enough to cause problems for the monday morning commute. then later monday night this storm begins to intensify tracks northeast so this could throw back additional snow especially across eastern new jersey, looks like coastal new jersey has the best shot to see the most snow from the system. now as of or at least through monday evening general amounts, around 3 inches for philadelphia higher and the the farther east you go. less further north and west. but again later monday night
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as the storm intensifies, add more snow to these amounts. even possibly in philadelphia. that's how it is as of now. all depend on on when and exactly where the storm intensifies, will determine how much additional snow coming in later monday night into tuesday morning and of course speed and track will determine this. won't really know until monday. so a lot of air in this forecast unfortunately as this storm will intensify at the last minute. let's time it out. 9:00 p.m. into midnight tomorrow night light snow begins to move in from west to east. will continue through the morning hour, then could be inch or two on the gown for the morning commute. take it easy for monday morning. later monday night early tuesday morning storms begins to intensify throws back steadier snow across eastern new jersey, why there is potential for over 6 inches across coastal new jersey. over night partly cloudy, breezy, low of around 30 degrees for center city, colder in the suburbs not quite as colds sunday. partly sunny up to 41 for the high temperature, but we bring in the snow monday, again for the most part at least first
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half of monday it is light. just have to watch later monday night tuesday morning for the heff yes snow to develop as the storm really intensifies. from that snow could link near early tuesday morning, then improving conditions late in the day on tuesday, never stays colds through the rest of the week, highs in the 30's could get more snow showers in here overnight thursday into friday morning. and that's still set the stage for cold temperatures next weekends. highs struggle to get to the low 30's. that is going to be the temp. >> okay, can't complaint. haven't had any significant accumulation yet. >> no, pretty quiet. >> just let me knock on something. thanks so much justin. i know, i just jinxed us. leslie what's going on? deflate of course. >> it is not going away, and today future coach bill belichick calling surprise press conference, sends cents his playing, we'll hear from him, the sixers look to go get get back on track. and also best start in franchise history where this one is not going to be easy.
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>> yes, deflate gate continues, bill belichick holding surprise press conference today saying the team did not cheat. >> at no time was there any intent whatsoever to try to compromise the integrity of the game or to gain an advantage, quite the opposite. we feel like we followed the rules of the game to the letter in our preparations in our procedures, all right and in the way that we handle
11:25 pm
every game that we competitively played in. >> well, yesterday nfl investigators said that under inflated foot balls were in fact used by the patriots during the first half of the afc game possibly making them easier to throw and catch which of course give the patriots an unfair advantage. we have sad news from the baseball world hall of famer ernie banks died at the age of 83. he was known as mr. cub. he hit over 500 homeruns, in his 19 year career, he is 11 time all-star, in a statement the cubs called banks the greatest cub in franchise history. the sixers second back-to-back set in memphis against the grisslies. >> this one did not start off well for the sixers, some fancy passing, with the slam right there s, to the second quarter, grisslies up by double digit zach randolph knocking in the nice jump right there. doing that all night. almost to the end of the second, we have a courtney lee, with the three.
11:26 pm
sixers lose this 1101 to 83. penn taking on st. joe's at the palestra. guess who was there the philly phanatic tacking in a game, he does have to work on those free throws, to the game big drove hereby hawks erin brown rises up, slams with the left hand t as big five game. anything can happen. here is antonio woods with the bucket for the quakers yes penn will pick up the upset victory. >> to charleston visiting drexel's great passing cameron johnson, dropping the three, will take four-point lead. then with time running out great pass to damian lee. he makes the three, now that will put the dragons up for good, win this 153 to 51. to the skills competition at the all-star game, shot of the night, 108.5-mile per hour slap shot. funniest moment, from voracek
11:27 pm
imitating blue jacket, earlier did this with seven year old boy, copied the previous break away taking calgary rookie south jersey's own johnny guiding him in thereto score a goal. best stunt of the night unfortunately didn't get any point for his team, and speaking of the nhl skills competition, should be there tied down, goal of the year. right here, flipping over the goalie. tapping it into the net. yes, 64 points, 33 games this season this one right here, i think this mayland him in the nhl. >> oh, yes very impress disbelief pretty awesome. >> can't get enough of that one. >> thanknks so much, leslie. stay with us everyone, still to come, we will take to you one of the philadelphia's biggest social event of the year. the white tie gala at the academy of music.
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>> welcome back everyone, new tonight, a big white tie birthday celebration for the academy of music in philadelphia. the academy hosed its 158 annual concert anibal tonight at the hyatt at the bellevue. this is the sole fundraising event for the academy every music preservation effort. our chris may and jessica dean were at the ball to support the cause tonight. looks like everybody had a great time. we're back in a moment.
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>> we're putting so much pressure on justin with the snow accumulation. lots going on here, monday morning commute lots going on? >> so late tomorrow night, monday morning light snow develops. not whole lot the first half of monday, couple of inches, enough to cause problems for the morning commute. later monday night watch the storm intensify. looks like eastern new jersey will see the most out of this system intensely over 6 inches every snow, maybe more. all depends where it sets up. >> still a lot of uncertain tip. >> yes. >> justin don't worry we will be checking back in. that's "eyewitness news" for now, for leslie, justin, we
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appreciate you joining us, have a great night. hey! what is that? you know, in case you didn't eat. big trial starting today and all. come on, it's your favorite drink. it's got yogurt and wheat germ and tofu and egg shells and... some kind of grass trimmings. i am trying a major murder case in front of a judge that likes to call me "that reagan chick" when i'm not in the room. i had std eggs and b12 shot. great... then call this dessert. come on. shouldn't you be out catching killers and robbers and not worrying about your sister? uh, i'eak aning generous today. figured i'd give him a 20 minute head start. i'm late. thank you. you're welcome. m feel erin: this is a very familiar story. the defendant and delamar, the 28-year-old nightclub hostess


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