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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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store, causing the partial roof collapse. >> i think everybody was in shock to begin with, nobody knew what it was. >> reporter: emergency crews were on the scene within minutes. >> you could not see. it was so intense you could breathe. >> reporter: right now, l and i crews are investigating exactly what happened again. we know it was building next door, part of that roof collapse we're told three people were taken to the hospital. you saw some on videotape. they were taken to hahnemann hospital we're told with minor injuries and in stable condition. reporting live from center city david spunt cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, storm has now come and gone and it was not as bad as we expected this one certainly difficult to predict, still it brought the the snow to a large part of the viewing area philadelphia got by though largely unharmed. most of the snow that a arrived didn't hang around long but services and schools were shut down just to be safe. the real bull's eye of this
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storm was on new england as anticipated, boston, one of the spots that got the worst of it with more than a foot the of snow on the ground so far, and it continues to snow there. when it comes to our area, the heaviest snow was to the east. meteorologist justin drabick is live with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab in toms river ocean county justin? >> reporter: good evening, chris. the that is right ocean county was one of the hardest hit area in central new jersey and for our area you can see decent amount have of snow it's ground. i have a ruler here. this isn't the best way to measure snow he but unfortunately everything is clear. there has been a lot have of blowing, drifting going on right now but we will take a measurement right here. couple spots in the grass to make sure everything is good. that is about five and a half inches. that does make sense but it depend where do you your measuring because of the blowing, drifting here. storm did track farther east keeping most of the heavy snow off shore but as you can see there was plenty of snow around toms river to shovel. the ocean county resident spent much of the day
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cleaning up from a nor'easter first real snowstorm of 2015. the travel ban was lifted this morning, a sign that the worst has passed. we had predict more snow would fall but the storm developed further east keeping the heavier snow off shore. the storm wasn't what area residents expected. >> not what i expected, they said it was going to be close to 2 feet, i don't think it was 8 inches. >> reporter: business that is closed early yesterday reopened today. so kid got a day off from school and what better way to spend it then building and playing in the snow. >> i build a battleship. >> reporter: ocean county picked five you to 10 inches. blowing snow can affect your visibility driving tonight. so, all right back here with the cws3 mobile weather lab. the the sunnies coming out. temperatures are cold, 28.9 degrees right now. wind right now back off but still that potential for
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blowing and drifting on those country road that are exposed. be a safe out here. reporting live from toms river with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab i'm's meteorologist justin drabick back to you in the studio. >> thanks very much. snowfall at the shore was enough to bring out the snowplows and shovels. "eyewitness news" reporter justin fin itch has more for us. >> reporter: gusty wind and sent waves rolling and fold ago long the ship bottom shore. on land, the the storm clean up was in full force people, and plows, pushing snow off their sidewalks and streets. locals estimated about 2 inches of snow fell across lbi, but they were on guard for much more and maybe a mini mid winter school break. >> i think we were ready for probably 2 feet. that is what all of the kid were hoping for everyone that was staying home from school today, right? >> i wanted to get wednesday and thursday. >> reporter: in the end snowfall was more powdery then powerful and icy rain that came with it didn't leave many lbi neighborhood unharmed.
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in terms of damage as this could be the worst of it, flooding from the nearby bay as you can see the the the water is not that high but things could get worse out here if temperatures dropped, and all this the water freezes. colder temps are a concern but neighbor dave sedonna remembers far worse flooding, he says this will soon recede. >> during sandy the the water was up, to about here. >> reporter: down atlantic city a sense of relief too. the mayor had more than 101st responders standing by to handle snow and related emergencies. >> we lucked out, it passed us by casinos all open, it is just something to say atlantic city. >> reporter: by afternoon back to business as usual on the boardwalk, albeit it was about an inch or so of snow. in ship bottom, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> as we look north, new york city is backup and running at this hour. they got about six to 8 inches of snow in much of the city. subways and other public transportation were rolling again this morning after being
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shut down last night. it is a different story to the east though, long island got hit hard, some neighborhoods there saw nearly 2 feet of snow. now lets check on boston. this time lapse video, really says it all about 2 feet of snow reported in some areas. as it is continuing to fall throughout this day. that puts this storm among the most snowy of all time for the the city of boston. in connecticut travel bans were lifted around 2:00 o'clock this afternoon after plows got a chance to do their work as we have seen, elsewhere, areas in the northeastern part of the connecticut saw, the the highest snow totals. philadelphia escaped the brunt of the storm, but city offices, schools and services were shut down. the the snow emergency declaration was lifted earlier this morning and the emergency operations center was deactivated. mayor nutter says it was important to be prepared despite the minor impact. from the city to the suburbs many of of us woke up to find little snow.
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shortly after midnight apologetic tweet were posted by national weather service meteorologist. charlotte huffman has more on what he says, happen charlotte? >> reporter: jessica, when it comes to making decisions whether or not to close down the city leaders rely on the national weather service in mount holly and chief meteorologist there is calling this the biggest miss, in more than a decade. >> i think for big storms, national weather service has probably been 90 plus percent right. >> reporter: this go around the national weather service got it wrong and isn't afraid to admit it. >> weather forecasting is not perfect but this is a miss by a wide margin. >> reporter: chief meteorologist gary says the the storm's development made a small change that had big implications. >> it developed further off shore than what we thought and we're only talking about 75 to a hundred miles. that made all of the difference in the world. >> reporter: but he a says the signs that people in the delaware valley were in for a
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much easier commute then forecasted were not clear until around midnight, and by then, government officials had had already made their decisions. >> the the administration side philadelphia city council, the courts all all be closed tomorrow. >> i have to declare a state of emergency in new jersey. >> reporter: earlier this morning sitowsky tweeted saying you made a lot of tough decisions expecting us to get it right and we didn't. once again, i'm sorry. >> i think when someone steps up that way we should acknowledge you know, their honesty. >> reporter: because after all, weather forecasting is guidance, not gospel. >> we realize people depend on the forecast, we will do everything we can to make the the forecast as accurate as possible. we're not there yet where we can, you know, accurate hundred percent of the time but we're going to keep striving to be the best and to improve. >> reporter: meteorologists say even under the best of
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circumstances, weather forecasting is difficult. i'm told they don't have crystal ball f there is severe weather they want to air the on the side of caution. live from center city, charlotte huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that storm was continuing to change throughout the night as it developed. >> meteorologist kathy orr joins us from the the weather center, and kathy we necessity how hard you and the the team have been working over the past couple of days. i know you had to read a lot have mean tweets over past 12 hours which is no fun but take a minute what do you want people to know about what happened yesterday. >> well, we liked to nail these storms down, well in advance, and this one, what's involving during the evening and we saw some signs that this storm was not going to behave in the manner of the guidance, and that is when we made a decision during the evening for our evening newscast that this was not going to be a big snowstorm for us and we significantly lowered those snow accumulations.
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people want to vent. we appreciate the the disappointment of not getting the snow and we were disappointed as well but we made a change during the evening when we saw set up of what what's involving. you can see this area of low pressure as it moved to the north east did track farther to the east and also, intensified a little bit farther to the north. it was a little bit late for us. it is a mess owe scale feature that developed that we noticed on radar an inverted have trough and with this inverted trough you get rising air. with our storm, we had rising air and in between sinking air. that actually cause a dry slot that was evident on the radar which was a big indication to us, that this snow was not going to penetrate that dry air, and make it into philadelphia for several hours, also cutting down on the accumulation and that prevented us from seeing as much snow, that was forecasted earlier in the day. here is the snow that did fall in point pleasant 7.8 inches. bordentown 4.4.
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trenton 4 inches. langhorne 4 inches. smyrna just 1 inch. western edge of the storm it is always a little bit tricky a learning experience for everyone. on storm scan three you can see dry right now. sunnies coming out in some spots before sunsets. skies will be clearing. temperatures tonight falling, wind chills will only be in the teens. coming up we will talk more about the arctic blast, that is going to be moving back into the delaware valley. we have a minor clip tore talk about and, of course, we will take a look at the weekend forecast. for now, back to you chris. >> kathy, thanks very much. philadelphia international airport is a ghost town today only a handfull of flights have been operating. departure and arrival boards tell the story. in all 888 flight were canceled, as a result of the weather. airport crews are working to keep runways, free of any ice or snow when airlines resume their normal operations. from planes, to trains now, rail services along much of the northeast corridor continues to be affected by
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this big storm. the at 30th street station most services had to be canceled today with amtrak running just limited services between new york and washington. service to and from boston is expected to resume but not until tomorrow. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", it looks like a scene out of the james bond movie a pilot forced to ditch his plane after running out of fuel. now hear what that pilot says helped save his life. plus... >> get down get down, everybody get down. >> gunfire inside a city council meeting in meet yams and that frightening moment is on caught on camera. to file or not to file, a new study find auto insurance premiums for drivers in our area can more than double after making just a single claim, three on your side takes a look the at the numbers and explains what you need to know before filing, we have more news when we come right back.
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me too. authorities are now seeking the death penalty for the man accused of ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers and leading police on a 48 day manhunt in the poke knows. in center i can trina ledgely shot and killed corporal bribing dinson and left trooper alex douglass critically injured outside their bar a action in pike county. he is expected to be formally arraigned this thursday. welcome back, tonight two minnesota a police officers are recovering after a gunfire erupted during a city council meeting. >> get down, get down. >> adult male engaged these
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officers with an handgun and began firing at them. two officers were struck by the the gun fire, other officers were able to return fire, subsequently killing the the suspect. >> those shots were fired outside have of council chambers during a police swearing in ceremony. one council member was a armed and drew his gun outside of the room meantime officers were responding quickly. gunman's name has not been released nor is there a known motive for the shooting. we are told officers are listed in good condition. we are now hearing from the pilot who ditched his plane in the pacific ocean when it ran out of gas. that dramatic crash landing was caught on video. pilot's 2400-mile journey to hawaii began in california. he ran out of gas more than 200 miles from hawaii so he pulled the parachute on the plane and the plane settled down in the water. he climbed in the life raft and was picked up by a crew of a cruise ship. >> when everything started to go south and u.s. coastguard
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and coordination with everyone else was more than impressive. they work with me in the water getting me out of there and into the boat. >> that pilot is an agent for sirus, the company who makes the plane. he was bringing it to australia. still to come here on "eyewitness news" an asteroid that flew close to the earth yesterday did not come alone. we will tell you about the celestial surprise that had scientists doing a double take. >> leslie. well, flyers back in action tonight, i'll tell you how many wins they will need to make to make the playoffs, and it is media day at the super bowl. we will show you a different side of bill belich
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okay, not so much snow but it was a snow day, mike kid, were delighted, they were having a great old time. >> i know there, were a lot of kid who did have some snow and did enjoy the snow too. look at this eyewitness cam video this shot of kids and adults having a great time, were able to capture this this is moorestown, burlington county, right along main street where they pick up three, three and a half inches of snow. it is a popular sledding spot, and they took advantage of that this a afternoon. got to love that. it was all about the kid, right especially with the snow. oops. took a spill there. lets take you outside to the poconos where they pick up light snow. not a lot but mother nature
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provided will be able to make a lot more snow, a very cold temperatures, over the next couple of nights. our eyewitness cam video also takes to us moorestown. this picture came in from owen, i liked this one, shoveling will snow in your shorts. chris may, is that something that you would have done in your youth. >> good idea. >> this one came in, this is anna in her snow fort in ivy land pennsylvania. thanks for contribute to go our eyewitness video and picture this afternoon. on storm scan three we are looking at skies clearing you can see breaks in the cloud and that will be the trend during the evening and overnight. here is a look at some snowfall amounts. 5.4 in pur long. poconos 4 inches. hopewell 3.8. the mount holly 1.8. newark delaware just 1 inch of snow. temperatures right now in the 30's. twenty's to the north and west. teens in the poconos. temperatures fall with those clearing skies. it will not take much wind to drive wind chills way down. so right now we are seeing wind chills in the teens and
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20's. overnight, real cold. by tomorrow morning feeling like seven in philadelphia four in allentown and ten below in the poconos. during the afternoon with temperatures rising in the 30's, we will still feel like the the 20's in philadelphia and suburbs. teens in atlantic city at the airport. fifteen in allentown. five in the poconos. we will watch our storm system that is still impacting new england, that is long gone but still windy conditions for your wednesday. highs in the 30's. the it will be sunny and dry. thursday, cloud will increase because here comes another clipper, with limited moisture, and as is typical with these systems it will bring late night snow shower and that will link inner to friday morning. a few morning snow showers other than that light a accumulation expect with temperatures in the 30's as we head into the weekend. overnight cloud break. the it will be very cold. temperatures in the teens but wind chills once again will be in the single digits. for your wednesday mostly sunny, breezy and cold northwesterly wind ten to 15. not a lot of wind but when you have a cold temperature you
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really feel the the impact with the wind chills in the the 20's. the on the three day forecast not a huge descrepancy in temperatures so wednesday you are at 30. we will rise at the 35 on thursday. snow showers move in during the night time hours. friday maybe a lingering snow showers, temperature is 36 degrees temperatures improve overnight from the teens into the 30's. the that is a look at eyewitness weather forecast kate will have more on the weekend coming up next half an hour we will be back with leslie and sports after this.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! after a week off, nicer will take on the coyoties tonight at the the center. here are flyers at morning skate minus zach renaldo who was suspend ed eight games
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for his hit with pittsburgh's chris letang. orange and black is clinging to the hope that they can still make the playoffs but to do that they will need to win 25 of their last 34 games. >> make the playoffs, are usually around 95. it will be tough but, you know, we just got to keep our mine focused and just keep going, don't stop. >> media day at the super bowl and seahawks/patriots conducting massive interview sessions at u.s. airways center in phoenix. it kicks off hoopla leading up to the championship game on sunday. patriots head coach bill belichick who is master of saying nothing showing a different softer side when asked a question from a kid reporter. >> what kind of animals do i like? i like a little puppet that you can put your fingers in, little monkey, and he can talk and move his fingers anded in his head and they can talk back to you. >> can i ask you one question?
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did your daddy fix your hair? >> much softer side. >> his hair looked like is what i want to know? >> stay tuned maybe at 6:00. >> does bill belichick own a monkey puppet. >> i don't know. good stuff. thanks leslie very much. still to come in the next half an hour we may have a avoided a monster blizzard but other parts of the northeast were not so lucky. thousands are without power, travel bans remain in effect and tonight the snow is still coming down. a warning for drivers out there if you are in an accident how much your insurance rate could go up depend on where you live? three on your side with some drivers with why some drivers in our area, will pay more than
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more on breaking news bricks crashing down on a roof trigger a collapse and sending people to the hospital. >> let get to "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt along the scene in center city david? >> reporter: chris specifically three people are in the hospital right now three young ladies we're told they have minor injuries. let's show to you give you a perspective what happened this happened 3:25 when police got the call. you can see an office building next door that is what you are seeing right now. we are zooming into show you where bricks collapsed. there is a little dip it in the roof. these bricks fell down on to the lulu lemon store.
5:30 pm
we have video to show you of exactly what happened, the the bricks fell down and caused roof to collapse. people inside were shopping at the time. then there was panic. one of the people inside shopping told us earlier that she said there was dust, there was a loud crash, people started to panic. amazingly three people had minor injuries. that is very serious but however, we're told those people were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay and there is an attorney's office which was just next door his name is lewis bova and he was sitting at the his desk. the his desk started shaking. that is when he realized part of the roof where he works collapsed on to lulu lemon. we will have more what he has to say at 6:00. we know there are l and i officials inside investigating trying to find out exactly what happened. we will be back at 6:00 with reporting live from center city, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". more on the the big winter
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storm, it was hit or miss in our area but new jersey got the worst of it no doubt. toms river one of those spots that wound up with a good amount have of snow. elsewhere down the shore, plow where is on patrol clearing road so that places like long beach island and atlantic city could get back on track, kate? well, that is right that storm formed east at the the last minute and really left with us not quite as much snow as we were anticipating but over performing in some spots in new england tonight certainly. we are dealing with bitter wind chills. a as that storm departs, wind pick up and temperatures plumet. we have another snow chance with the clipper, late thursday into friday and then keeping an eye on sunday night into monday as pattern remains active and cold air starts to move in. we will have more in the seven day forecast coming up in a bit, jessica. >> kate, thanks very much. that storm is delivering punch that was predict in massachusetts but as cbs news reporter marley hall tells us we are not only place that got a little less than expected.
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>> reporter: the storm pounded cape cod with heavy wind and blinding snow, knocking out power for many residents. first responders helped this elderly couplee vac wait. >> we had no heat. >> reporter: in foxboro, massachusetts snow fell all night and throughout the morning. some parts of the state had 2 feet of snow, fred shut was out early with his shovel a lot of hard work so far about two hours doing the 4-foot drift from the plows. >> reporter: east end of long island was hardest hit area of insuring, more than a foot of snow fell in many areas. this storm had a silver lining for school children, it is a snow day for hundreds of thousands of kid from maine to new jersey. >> the snowstorm wasn't a as bad as i thought but still we got to miss school so it was all right. >> reporter: new york was back in business tuesday after the governor and mayor shut down the road and the rails overnight. >> we got about half as much of what a lot of projections had been.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: mayor says airing on the side of caution to keep residents safe is a no brainer. marley a hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, again, in our area the impact of the storm in mercer county was not as big as had been expect. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us from trenton with more now, cleve. >> chris trenton got more snow then a lot of place necessary new jersey. about 4 inches. the the road crews have been able to scrape it down to the pavement but you can see on the sidewalk where they pushed it to the curve quite a bit of snow had to be removed. certainly not a crippling effect but a significant one in mercer county. it was a dicey morning in trenton as steady snow made it tough to drive and even walk. >> i don't know, it is bad, i hope it clear up soon. >> reporter: as storm petered out and you could hear shovels scraping the sidewalks. with just a few inches of snow to clean up, businesses are
5:34 pm
trying to make something of the day. >> as long as the customer come, we will stay opened. >> reporter: were you getting any customers. >> believe it or not they were here by the time they opened. >> reporter: while business district had some activity, all was quiet near state house. non-essential state workers went home monday afternoon and didn't come in at all today, not good for businesses whose primary customer base was in where to be found. >> phone ringing. >> columbus pizza a block from the state house usually serves 60 to 07 customers for lunch. today they had three. >> we thought we were going to get two or 3 feet of snow. >> ain't nobody here. there is nobody here. we just have a firehouse, couple order that is it. >> reporter: threat this evening, slipping and falling on all of this slush on the sidewalk and a then any residual in the streets. as far as closing down operations for state workers
5:35 pm
governor christie defended the decision about the state of of emergency saying based on the information he had he still believes it was the right call. live from trenton, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you. pennsylvania and delaware were spared worse of the storm. the the crews cleared 4 inches off the ground in areas of bucks county like levittown. in montgomery county there wasn't much going on. >> you anticipate getting up and seeing patches of snow, excited, you can't sleep, at 6:00 o'clock, buzzer goes off and inch and a half on the ground. >> reporter: richard was hoping to make some money shoveling snow but obviously not a lot of work to do today. developing news right now a long time philadelphia city council man is resigning his post and expected to join the race for mayor. today councilman at large jim kenny announced he will smith his resignation on thursday. kenny said that he will announce he is running for democratic nomination. he must give up his seat in order to run for another
5:36 pm
public office. jim kenny has served on council for 23 years. >> a successful marries a good point guard is a person who can run the offense, dish off assist to other players and looking good and then the team wins. that is how i like to approach it. >> kenny will join a democratic field that includes former d.a. lynn abraham, state senator anthony williams, and former city solicitor nelson diaz. the primary is may 19th. president obama is defending the u.s. government's relationship with saudi arabia during the mid east country. 's arrived earlier to pay respects to king abdullah who a passed away last week. the critics have raised concerns over country's alleged human rights abuses but president says best to balance those talks with other moree immediate issues. some 300 holocaust survivors return to the auschwitz concentration camp in poland today. ceremonies marking 70th anniversary of the camp's
5:37 pm
liberation by soviet army troops were held outside the infamous gate have of death. one survivor became emotional as he pleaded for people not to repeat the a atrocities of world war two. >> that is ths the key to me existence, which survivors do not want our past to be our children's future. >> it is estimated 1.3 million people were sent there during world war two more than a million of the mostly jewish prisoners were killed. unfortunately without getting the the snow that we were hoping to get we didn't see any of that snow but fortunately we he do see roadways are moving great. a lot of people are home today. you can see things moving great an i-95 a, southbound toward center city area. no problems at all. that is good news for this time in your commute. over on the ben franklin bridge everything moving just fine as well all lanes are
5:38 pm
opened, everything had no problem eastbound into new jersey as all lanes are opened there. we do have have some problems out in rittenhouse square though, on walnut street between sideham street and 16th street with that building roof collapse. that is causing some small problems for mass transit, so, for september, buses, two nine, , 1221 and 42 are detoured around rittenhouse square to avoid that building roof collapse for the time being and septa a regional rails are running on a saturday schedule due to weather conditions and cynwyd line is still suspended for rest of the day. mass transit checklist here amtrak on a modified schedule same story for patco and new jersey transit and dart and new jersey river line are currently running on time with no reported delays there. otherwise in elmwood we have a crash at 63rd street and woodland avenue and currently 888 flights totaled canceled at philadelphia international airport so just check your airline to see scheduled and cancellation updates, chris and jessica back over to you.
5:39 pm
still to come on "eyewitness news" a new way to cut cord with your cable provider and lower your tv bill. that asteroid that flew close to earth it brought a surprise witt, find out what was flying right next to it. kate? and as often happens with the the departing storm we have got some beautiful sunsets around the region tonight a as we clear out the cold continues, we will check in with our eyewitness weather watchers and have your seven day forecast coming up when we come back.
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is in to careers. there are a few things to consider before making the leap. the joy of having a hobby is the lack of pressure that a accompanies it. you decide when, or when not, to do it. you also don't rely on the pastime for income. so before giving up your current job and making your hobby your full-time passion here are some steps to consider. start by modifying your hobby. you can earn extra cash by teaching others to do what you love. contact a local, continuing education program, or consult resources for opportunities, like the community college of philadelphia. web designers a and photographers had a greater chance for success because they are able to make extra cash selling their services or working their full-time jobs. if writing is your passion consider working as a freelance writer or starting a blog. any of these ventures could pan out to a full-time career you'll never necessity unless you try, i'm jill schlesinger for
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okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. asteroid that passed by earth monday came with a little surprise, it own tiny moon. nasa released these images of the asteroid little moon is a 230-foot wide ball of rock. so little is relative. the asteroid itself is about a third of a mile in size, both
5:47 pm
objects passed a as close as 745,000 miles from earth, and that is about three times as far away from the earth as there is to the moon. fascinating stuff there let's check with our eyewitness weather watchers who are a across the board now reporting improving conditions, a as our storm which again, left modest totals for our area, really just brush the the coast but did cause travel problems out there especially this morning. now we are seeing that storm depart, skies clearing and temperatures are dropping. we will check with ron russell in riverside reporting about 30 degrees right now. mainly cloudy. he says it feels 25 and dew point very dry 14 degrees. heading over in southeastern pennsylvania, we have jim windell reporting a a temperature right around freezing at the moment. not too bad but these temperatures will be dropping as we go through rest of the evening. we can see in the western suburbs john owe done until downingtown reporting a clear sky and just 26 degrees right now. lets look at photos from our
5:48 pm
eyewitness weather watchers. we have snow photos. not a ton of snow but steven declemente send us this shot, one of the areas that got hit hardest from the snow that passed through the a area, last night. what a beautiful sunset picture from tom in doylestown and look at the colors, in that sky. generally speaking we have our most beautiful sun et cetera when storm departs off eastern seaboard and that is fully evident looking at this shot from skies cam three in atlantic city where we have beautiful color and snow on the sand there. again, not as hard hit as they could have been if the storm had developed further to the west in atlantic city they did see appreciable snowfall and new we are seeing a beautiful sunset. the center of the low pressure system is still off the coast of main and into massachusetts. you can see heavy bans of snow still in places. the skies clear across our region. things getting better for us now as that storm moves out but with the clearing skies
5:49 pm
temperatures will be dropping very rapidly as we head in the overnight hours and than though we will see full sunshine thomas high pressure builds in that storm moves even further away we will see temperatures below average once again. one look at snow amounts across portions of the area five and almost a half in furlong. spring city two-point nine. williamstown third 2.7. just half inch of snow fell in dover, delaware. temperatures again across our region we have check with the weather watchers. we are seeing same thing here. twenty's in the north and western suburbs. thirty's heading further south but we have a brisk northwest wind. these are not gusts but sustain wind. 20 miles an hour at the airport. 17 miles an hour in millville. that is making it feel 10 degrees colder then it is and that will continue through the overnight hours. it does stay cold as we head into our wednesday temperatures only in the lower 30's but we are looking at the a good deal of sunshine. then we will start to talk about a few more snow chances. none of these look particularly robust at the moment. cloud will increase on
5:50 pm
thursday in the a afternoon. we are watching a clipper system this one not like the last one. the it won't be lee developing off the coast. it is not a clip are on steroid or anything like. that the it will swing through thursday into friday with the bulk of the the precipitation going north of the philadelphia area we will see chance for a snow shower overnight thursday night into friday morning perhaps some light accumulation, especially north of the city where some foulke can get an inch or so. high pressure builds back in. the time on that storm five or 6:00 p.m. thursday that starts to move in. look at how light. this is not anything to be concerned about but as you head outdoor friday morning there could be a few slick spots here and there and get that light dusting of snow that clings to the road because it will be cold outside, friday that moves away and high pressure builds back in behind it but a big drop in the temperature. you can see how tiesly pack they are. we will see cold air start to move in on saturday and we are tracking another chance for snow or potentially rain, sunday night, into monday. overnight tonight cloud are breaking and very cold with the clearing sky we are down
5:51 pm
to 16 but look at that wind northwest at 15 miles an hour, that will make it feel more like single digits. waking up tomorrow morning single digit wind chills in the poconos and even in the afternoon we are looking at mostly sunny breezy cold conditions just 30 degrees and feels colder when we get that fresh new snow cover. but that tend to chill things out even more. thursday 35 degrees. unshine giving way to increasing cloud watch out for light snow thursday night into this morning. friday we are at 36 degrees. here's the coldest blast of chilly air saturday. high only 24, keep a close eye sunday into monday notice how temperatures are in moderating a bit but there could be snow changing over to rain monday morning and tuesday and into the middle of next week we are right back the in the frigid temperatures dropping down in the lower 20's once again. now back to you guys at the desk. too file or not to file when submitting a claim with your auto insurance company
5:52 pm
don't be surprised if your rates go up some premiums may double. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan takes a look at how much and why. >> reporter: drivers who make a single auto insurance claim of $2,000 or more can expect their premiums to increase an average of 41 percent. that is according to a study by insurance new jersey drivers get hit with some of the biggest rate hikes after filing a claim. premiums rising an average of 62 percent, third highest nationwide. delaware premiums rise on average 37 percent, pennsylvania rates jumped 32 percent after filing a claim. >> insurers are raising rates because they deem you to be a more riskier customer. if you file a claim once you are more than likely to file again. >> reporter: in addition to location laura add also is a analyst in insurance says increases are affect with the type of claim. bodily injury and property damage, including collisions, result in the biggest boost in premiums.
5:53 pm
comprehensive claims for non-collision events such as theft result in the lowest rate hikes, an average of 2 percent. the moral of the story weigh pros and cons before filing a claim especially for something minor. >> you may want to consider not filing if they are smaller, it may be wiser to pay for those out of pocket rather than see your rate increase for years into the future. >> reporter: premium increases typically kick in accidents where you are a at fault. if someone hits you you their insurance will cover claim and your rates won't ab affect. don't worry higher rates don't stick around forever depending on the severity of the claim you can expect them to remain high for three to five years. >> what if yours went up by 60 percent. >> if you can write out check and get repair done, you know, do it and call it a day otherwise this is what will happen to you. >> be careful, or like jim and take uber every where. >> i drive and i drive safely.
5:54 pm
i never had an accident. >> 10/2. >> twenty or 30 years. >> knock on wood, my friend. still ahead a a lot have of kid happy to be out of school. >> we will look at how some of them pass the time
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
puffs knows winter is hard on your face. the start of sneeze season. the wind-blown watery eyes. and of course, the snow angels with your little angels. that's why puffs is soft. puffs plus lotion is gentle on sensitive skin. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better. so you can always put your best face forward. a face in need deserves puffs indeed. try puffs softpack today. it's the flexible pack that fits anywhere.
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children even died a day off from school today. >> reporter john mcdevitt from our sister station kyw news radio had details. >> reporter: just because there was no school does not mean any learning. kid like keyo best of northern liberties visiting franklin institute in center city was watching demonstrations of the science of snowstorms including pressure systems. >> what is inside here. >> air. >> we're studying air in orient class in school. >> reporter: you are learning more about that here. >> yeah. >> we had a snow day, very little snow. so we came to fun activities and keep kid busy, learn a few things. >> reporter: no matter how little snowfalls is there always fun to be had outside like kid and parents enjoying a day on the hill on kelly drive.
5:58 pm
>> we have one that is just like a regular sled and we have a polar bear sled. the polar bear sled is fastest. >> reporter: while kid say they were hoping for more snow they are making best of it. this is one of the best hills in the city. john mcdevitt, kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hopefully they enjoy it, back to school tomorrow probably. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. breaking news next at 6:00 several people are injured after bricks fall through a roof of the store in center city. we have live with new details, walt. >> reporter: sources say top fire officials here may discipline as many as, a dozen members of the department. suspect of having sexual activities on duty with a female member. ill will's have the latest from fire department headquarters coming up the. >> digging out, while yesterday was not as bad as we anticipated, it pack a punch in many places. we are live from one of the hardest hit spots, kathy. now looking ahead to the deep freeze as temperatures,
5:59 pm
tumble and wind chills dive. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. "eyewitness news" begins at 6:00 with breaking news. three people are hospitalized at this hour after a bricks came crashing through the roof of the center city philadelphia a store. it happened in the lulu lemon store at 1527 walnut street. >> "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at the scene with new details david? >> reporter: jessica, those three women are at hahnemann hospital with minor injuries. i want back out of the way to give you a live look. this is some of the l and i workers that are going into the building next dear to lulu lemon to see exactly why part of the roof collapsed on to lulu lemon. three women left the lulu lemon store on stretchers a after part of the roof collapsed, as shoppers walk through the aisles. >> it was huge, it shook it
6:00 pm
shook. >> very intense. >> reporter: christine van dallas haley was inside at the the time. bricks from the building inside next door fell off the building and on to lulu lemon roof. attorney lewis bo va said he heard roof collapse upstairs from his law office. but, haley next door, quickly check on everyone. >> you could not see. the dust was so intense we could not breathe. >> reporter: emergency crews were on the scene within minutes, l and i officials a arrived a short time later. >> i think everybody was in shock to begin w nobody knew what it was. >> i feel bad, particularly if someone was injured. >> reporter: those woman at hahnemann with minor injuries. we are looking live at a warning sign that authorities just put on to the door, we are told right now by l and i official that is this building had no history of any maintenance histories. we are live from center city, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".


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