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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 28, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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carabao joins us in white marsh township to bring us up to date. >> reporter: ukee and erika a dramatic escape this morning. i was able to speak with that family including a mother and daughter who is eight years old. they jumped from a second story a apartment with another daughter only five years old. mom woke up she woke up to all the alarms, she smelled smoke, got her daughters in jackets, realized they had no way out and jumped to safety. this fire broke out the at 1:00 in the morning in the washington tower apartments on the 400 block of bethlehem pike. when fire crew is a arrived they found flames shooting out of the second story apartment. officials say fire crews rescued one person from the balcony, others jumped on their own. one person was taken to the hospital fortunately with only minor injuries. of course, four story apartment building was evacuated by fire crews but some people could not wait including this brave little girl. take a listen. >> my mom was trying to put
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her boot her and i put my boot on and then she went to the window and saw the fire. >> i knew it was scary but for my two girls, i said to them we have to jump. >> reporter: and this cell phone video was taken by that mom once her family was safe on the ground. they were not injured. they are now staying with family. they say fire officials told them they would be out of their apartment for 24 hours. meantime red cross is on the the scene and assisting families displaced. they are trying to get a better idea how many families need assistance at this point and they are helping two families. we will bring you updates as soon as we get them but we are live from fort washington jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you jan. bricks rained down from the center city high rise and they come crashing through the the roof of the popular athletic apparel store next door. three women were hurt inside lulu lemon store on walnut the street. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us from outside that store where l and i officials are expect to
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return this morning nicole. >> reporter: that is right erika, pretty scary scene on walnut street but you are right, l and i inspectors will return to the lulu lemon store on walnut street to determine why bricks from this neighboring building fell through the roof tuesday afternoon injuring people inside. they came for athletic a apparel, and left, on stretchers. >> it just shook, it shook. it was intense very intense. >> reporter: now department of licenses and inspections or l and i wants to know what caused bricks from the building next door to come crashing through the roof of lulu lemon on walnut street tuesday afternoon. >> it it was so intense. >> i think everybody was in shock. nobody knew what it was. >> reporter: christine van dallas haley was inside the store, while lewis bo va heard the commotion from his law office next door. >> a really loud crash that shook my desk. >> reporter: he snapped this picture of the partial
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collapse which sent three women to the hospital with minor injuries. "eyewitness news" caught up with one of the injured woman's family. >> she's here. >> reporter: emergency crew as arrived within minutes and now up to l and i to conduct an investigation hoping to figure out what caused the crash inside the popular retail store. >> reporter: l and i commissioner tells "eyewitness news" that the owners of the buildings have been cooperative and they said they don't have any inspection issues on file. have of course that investigation continues and will resume this morning. that is latest life from center city nicole brewer cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is 5:03. lets get traffic and weather together with katie. >> good morning, everyone. we will get you out the door without a hitch. no precipitation here today but that is set to change as we look ahead to tomorrow night with the next disturbance moving in but lets enjoy the break right. storm scan three not picking up on anything here at the local level. nice wide zoom showing retreat
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of our major nor'easter and still pulling away. what it is doggies setting up pressure gradient a low pressure system high pressure taking its place and in between those areas of pressure we end up with the wind tunnel effect. 20 degrees is your air temperature at philadelphia international. we are in the teens generally every where else. little colder or i dare and say milder down in the placees like wildwood where it is 21 degrees. maybe not as harsh is better way to put it. when you factor in the breeze look the at the values it will be feeling like out there. you have to go by these numbers as opposed to what the temperature read because this is a better gauge for you when you walk out the door. up in the mountains it feels well below zero. right now it will stay that way throughout the morning but not too much better in the urban corridor. now throughout the day that breeze should start to slacking up a bit but it does stay cold. despite full sunshine. make sure you bundle up, have a pair of sunglasses and you will be ready for the the weather today.
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vittoria, over to you. good morning everyone. if you are traveling out and about you will notice it is a breeze right now very serene and calm and that is good news as we head outside and take a look at your morning commute. the here's the 42 freeway. no problems in either direction but would i mention this every hit, that i have been up in at the the green screen here, if you are traveling, anywhere residentially on the highways and byways you will run into black ice situations, i notice that had coming out of my own neighborhood. keep that in mine. proceed any roadway with caution. notice 42 freeway is fantastic if you are traveling in the northbound direction heading toward the the area of 295, in problems, southbound you are in the clear. traveling in new jersey on 295, 55, the turnpike garden state parkway it is really nice outside. a as we look at 476, not too far from the ridge pike heading to and from the area have of conshohocken is a breeze. maybe you are traveling on 476 even down by i-95, it is great there as well. speed sensors high up in the the 50's and there are no problems, this morning in, regard to speed sensors.
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however, we do have an accident around the kenneth square section on baltimore pike eastbound between chambers road and cedar springs road vehicle into a telephone pole there unfortunately, it is an active scene. if you can try to avoid this intersection would you suggest you you can do that. new jersey transit is still cross honoring tickets ukee. a store clerk has a brush with death during a robbery. now philadelphia police hope the public can bring the rob tours justice. the lance week two men walked in the store on west clear field street, one pointed an ar15 style assault rifle at the store owners and demanded money. they left with $500. >> my second time i got robbed. one here and one in new jersey. i'm lucky. if you believe in god life can be saved. >> store owner was not hurt. if you have any information on this robbery, please contact the the philadelphia a police. well, good old fashion police work led investigators to delaware county and suspected burglar caught in the act.
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under cover detectives say that they noticed footprints leading to the front and back doors of more than a dozen upper darby homes. those tracks then led investigators straight to steven dose i more who police said had a bag of stolen items with them. one of the dolceamore's a alleged victims spoke with "eyewitness news". >> it noticed some things out of place. i said i think someone was in the house. i need to call 911. we call 911. the the police came. it had snowed a little we noticed sneaker footprints outside. >> police believe that dolceamore and his girlfriend kelly wilkinson may be part of the burglary ring. both face related charges. some alert police officers interrupt a robbery inside a ol will any dunkin' donuts. the man in the mask tried to rob the store on north front street on monday, and that is when officers rush in and arrested him. the officers were staking out the store because of the rash of robberies in the the area. police say that russell
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mason watts also robbed a family dollar store in the same shopping center last week. well, the storm that only brushed us certainly lives up to the hype in new england. >> they are still recovering after getting pounded by a blizzard. >> reporter: that northeast blizzard brings destruction to new england i'm chris van clcleve in marshall massachusetts. fire fighters risk their lives to pull three children out of the burning building. we will show you rescue through their eyes. frigid start to your morning, temperatures in the 20's but it feels even colder, katie is saying single digits. she will have your updated forecast when we do traffic and weather
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guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. northeast beginning to clean
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up all of the snow after a massive snowstorm but other areas are not out of the woods just yet. cbs news correspondent chris van cleve is in massachusetts in an area buried by almost 2 feet of snow. >> reporter: winter's frigid fury, snow continues to blanket eastern massachusetts overnight freezing some homes in cars, in time. and 30 miles south of boston, across the the road were damage when storm driven high tied destroyed a portion of the sea wall knocking some homes off their foundation. several homes were flooded and condemned. still some residents refused to evacuate. >> i say the captain goes down with the ship you know what i mean. >> another high tides is expected early wednesday morning, police here tell us that they are waiting until today light to recess the situation. travel ban a across the the state of massachusetts was lifted a at midnight governor urged residents to exercise caution and stay home if possible. >> there is a tremendous amount of clean up that remains to be done, and unless you have a reason to be out
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tonight, or tomorrow, after midnight, we would encourage you not the to be out. >> reporter: blizzard left 2 feet of snow in the ground in boston. plow where is back on the roads to make way for morning commuters. and massachusetts was not the only state hit hard tuesday close to 30 inches on have snow felon long island where two deaths have been reported. meantime travelers stranded at boston logan international airport are hoping to take to the air today with the storm winding down flights are expected to resume this morning. the chris van cleve cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia international airport will not look like this today. do you remember this scene from yesterday? the airport was a ghost town yesterday after more than 800 flights in and out of philadelphia were canceled. airport officials tell us that they plan to resume normal operation this morning. we just check. already 80 flights have been canceled for today. you can expect longer lines as airlines try to accommodate everyone affect by cancellations. if you are flying out and your
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flight is a a go head out early because security lines should be longer. right the now 5:13. lets check with katie to check our forecast and better bundle up. >> that will be the big weather story to day, erika, thankfully we are in the clear, completely now, of any storm system but there is another disturbance that is heading our way by tomorrow night. we will talk about that too. i want to get you out the the door in a prepared mode because it is cold outside. you will wake up maybe with us already and obviously sunnies not just up yet but once it toss it will look like a beautiful day, beautiful sunrise expected but in the so fast. looks are deceiving this time of the year because it is so much colder for one thing but then you have today factor in the win. there is nor'easter we heard report about continuing to make it retreat thank goodness. we will have clean up efforts underway for a couple more days up that way. just the very beginning of moisture courtesy of the next developing disturbance. i don't want to call it a
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storm. it isn't going to be a storm. it is a minor piece of energy that rolls through here. notice time stamp. looking ahead to 8:00 a.m. we are quiet and clear starting with some sun but that will change as we move forward. by tomorrow night, we will start to see very light snow over spreading the the area and it looks like it will fizzle as it pull as way here by 4:00 p.m. friday it is all out of here. it will come with poor timing, friday morning rush could be impacted by it. mostly sun which a cold wind today. we will hit 30 degrees. won't feel like 30 dropping 15 tonight. tomorrow night into friday morning i think you're talking a coat to go an inch, max up to two but i'm in the sold up on that. this is very mod necessary terms of the delivery of snowfall to our area but certainly enough to cause nuisance issues. saturday bright sunny but 24 degrees at best. then on sunday specifically sunday night into monday our next large and moisture rich storm heads our way.
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that is the next big thing. at this point i think you have a mixed bag have of snow to start, rain and ice in between and more snow on the back end and primarily a monday event. vittoria, over to you. katie, thank you so much. good morning. we will start with the the shot of 95 not too far from the philadelphia international airport. we have been reporting about this since yesterday, even day before over 880 flights were canceled at philadelphia international airport. a as of right now would i still call ahead because would i imagine there is still some backup there, if you are traveling and this area getting to the airport will not abe problem. it is desserted on 95 in this area maybe you are taking schuylkill, that is also looking great at this time. moving to 202, right around the area of the schuylkill and king of prussia mall in delays here. all majors are fantastic at least at this time. we are waiting in the wings of rush hour. it is nice on the highways and byways. make sure you are mine full of black ice because it is out there and definitely in our
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neighborhoods as well. we have water main break in netter providence brookhaven road at moore road. no delays for mass transit. i will leave with you that high point erika. >> thank you. updating breaking news a fire in the white marsh township apartment complex, cell phone video here showing flames that broke out around 1:00 this morning. a mother and daughter had to jump from the balance conn toy escape the flames. inspectors return to the scene of the center city roof collapse, three women were injured at lulu lemon at 15th and walnut. upper darby police say footprints they will and them snap burglars. steven dolceamore was arrested saturday and officers tracked him to self other homes he burglarized and to his accomplice. police want to know this that couple is responsible for other break ins. coming up a 59:17 in the morning. we are four days away from the super bowl and buzz is building for commercials. we will show you controversial
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fresh >>right now it is 5:23. lets get traffic and weather together. katie, good morning. >> good morning everybody. quiet day all things considered. it is january. you will note that is chill
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for sure that is the big ex-factor the northwest wind and chill that it sets in. speak offsets, check out sunset after yesterday's snow. we had this beautiful color this one came in from one of our poconos gold star eyewitness weather watchers keith. just a beautiful sunset obviously. we had to show you this picture again. the here's storm scan three nice and clear, we're in for a beautiful sunrise as well but we have a retreat of the storm system. that will kick wind in more than anything today, expect that but it is bright and sunny. meanwhile tomorrow night into friday another weak disturbance moving in and brings very light snow but it could produce a nuisance than anything for your friday morning commute vittoria. good morning everyone. if you are traveling on the road right now you will notice that it is a breeze. the lets head outside and look first at ben franklin bridge which looks great, heading to and from philadelphia a or new jersey will not be a problem. ben is fantastic. rest of the bridges go witt.
5:25 am
do i caution you, usually bridges are first to freeze whenever we have any sort of precipitation. you could run into potentially black ice. take it easy out there vine street expressway is wide opened only a few vehicles out and about. speed sensors every where new jersey pennsylvania delaware high up in the 50's. we are waiting in the wings of that rush hour. new jersey transit system wide they are back to normal and they are across honoring their tickets, so definitely good news for our commuters and later on tonight we have sixers game verse the destroyed pistons so we will wait in the wings for that as well, as of right new mass transit is looking fantastic so i'll throw it over to ukee. as you mentioned sixers trying to break a six game losing streak when they take on the pistons tonight at the well in south philadelphia a pistons are trying to break a three game losing streak themselves. to the ice flyers last night against the the tie yet is and in an early hole one of two coyoties goals was scored by
5:26 am
connor murphy whose poppies a flyers assistant. flyers made a goalie change bringing in steve mason for the first time since his injury a couple weeks ago. flyers took it all the way to a shoot-out and the wayne train was rolling, wayne simmonds wins it four-three. flyers and jets at the well tomorrow night. nice job, guys. those winnipeg jets were in pittsburgh for sidney crosby bubble head night. the not only did he play but his name was misspelled on the game program. before this flyers fans were the only ones who called him sidney crosby. here's a closer look penguins pull the program but admit anyone who has one definitely had has a collectors items sidney crosby erika back to you. thanks ukee. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are following breaking news a dramatic escape from a burning apartment building we will check with j a an carabao who spoke to the family about their close call.
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also a police cruiser taken for a wild ride you'll be surprised about hearing this woman behind the wheel. vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three's as we look live feeling like the single digits right now. we are back i
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we're following breaking news right now a family makes a dramatic escape from this burning apartment building overnight and just jump go to safety. hear from the family about that very close call. it is one of the most talk about commercials you're watching during the super bowl and there are not even any actors tonight. do you see powerful ad generate ago lot of bus. that is coming up. but first lets check traffic and weather together with katie and ventura. good morning. we have a gusty breeze
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that picks up, and it send a chill through your bones. we are talking about wind chills this morning and two a additional round of precipitation within the next five or so days. all of the details on the next storms on the way, coming up, vittoria. >> thank you so much katie. in some areas we are getting in our system saying there is drifting snow. now you are thinking a lot of different places we would have drifting snow considering weather we had yesterday but taking a look at i-95 and majors they are moving fairly well. we are waiting in the wings of rush hour. we will have more of the drifting snow and more on your rush hour development in just a bit, stay with us, erika. >> thank you, variety tore y more on our breaking news dramatic rescues this morning from a fire in montgomery county apartment complex. >> flames from the second floor forced a mother a and her two doubt tours take drastic action to get out alive. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao was on the scene in white marsh township to tell you more good morning. >> reporter: good morning. fire chief vehicle just pulled back on the scene this


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