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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 29, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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hostage swap. isis issues a new deadline for the release of an iraqi woman held in jordan. new england digs out from a historic snowstorm, but two in weather systems pose a threat tomorrow and over the weekend. and auto safety. a just released report finds the rate of skepts down but some cars pose a higher safety risk. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday january 29th 2015. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning isis has set a new deadline for jordan to hand over a prisoner in a swap. the message gives jordan until later this morning to free a woman involved in a 2005 terror
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attack in exchange for a captured jordanian pilot. the fate of a japanese journalist also being held is not clear at this time. jordan's willingness to make the deal with isis puts it at odds with u.s. policy. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie, good morning. the u.s. policy of course being that u.s. does not make concessions to terrorists. the state department says it will not interfere with the prisoner exchange as long as it complies with international law. we may very well see by sunset in jordan -- that is the deadline around 10 a.m. eastern time -- a prisoner swip with isis terrorists. a sunset deadline has been set involving the lives of japanese journalist kenji moto and a pilot. his plane crashed in syria during a bombing raid last month.
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the freelance journalist was captured in syria last year. the islamic state released a chilling new voice last night, init, the voice of kenji go toeto, what will happen to the female hostage. she's a death row prisoner caught after failing to dead nate a suicide bomb in 2005. the unprecedented prisoner swap puts jordan at odds with longstanding u.s. policy. >> we don't make concessions to terrorists. that's our policy. every country has the ability and right to make decisions obviously within the realm of what is acceptable by enter national law. >> in japan today they met to discuss it. the chief cabinet said there is a high probability that this is the voice of mr. goto.
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the u.s. is reportedly struggling to explain to u.s. officials how this is any different from that exchange was made of five taliban commanders for u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl. the pentagon called this situation completely different. they say bergdahl was a soldier held in the capacity as a prisoner of war and this was not a hostage situation. anne-marie? >> susan mcginnis in washington. thanks a lot, susan. more snow is on the way. schools in boston are closed again today as residents dig out from 2 feet of snow or many. many cars are buried to the roof. firefighters are clearing 12,000 hydrants. for residents in some coastal communities, the storm damage is lasting. kris van cleave is in marshfield, massachusetts. >> reporter: crews are clearing out debris in marshfield
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massachusetts. oceanfront homes took a beating when the waves took out an 850-foot section of seawall. >> it's crazy, the forces of the ocean. you can't fight back water. >> reporter: a man broke his noise when waves crashed through his door but he's feeling positive. powerful wind,s huge waves, and storm surge left behind the kind of damage you usually see in a hurricane. the storm made a huge mess of wires. that means the utility companies as well as the cable companies are out making repairs. >> the lart report we got from utilities is we're down to 10,000 or 11,000
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of wind blowing and drifting snow and really cold temperatures to kick off the weekend. the new england is for sunday night into monday. it looks like this one may come
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off to the south of new england enableing more snow. a senate confirmation hearing is continuing this morning for president obama's choice for next attorney general. loretta lynch faced tough but plight questioning on wednesday. craig boswell is on capitol hill. >> let me stipulate. you're not eric holder, are you? >> no, i'm not sure. >> she was asked whether she shares the politics of her predecessor. they spent a good deal of time quizzing her on president obama's policies starting with immigration sfloo do you believe the executive action started by president obama on november 20th is legal inand constitutional.
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>> as i read the opinion, i believe it is. >> this is very troubling to me. >> she did so with a caveat. >> i think the citizenship is a privilege. certainly it's a right for those of us born here. >> lynch came to the hearing with her own list of issues that would top her agenda including healing tensions between minorities and law enforcement. >> we're all in this together and the concerns of law enforcement, safe society, free society are the$ criminals. craig boswell, cbs news capitol hill. safety investigators say they've got a pretty clear picture of the last moments on board flight 8501.
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the black box shows the french first officer was at the controls prior to the accident. the captain was monitoring. they have not pinpointed the exact cause of the crash that killed ded all 162 people aboard. so far only 70 bodies have been recovered. and the border between lebanon and israel is quiet this morning. an exchange killed two israeli soldiers and a spanish peace keeper and stoked fears of a conflict.4nji seven israeli soldiers were also injured. this morning they have sent a message that it's backing away from further violence. and despite the economic recovery more chin rely on food stamps for their meals. the census bureau says 16 million americans were on food stamps. that's one in five in this country and the highest level since 2008. the children's defense fund says
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only romania has a higher level of child poverty than the u.s. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, the fed's first comment of the year and white castle bets big in vegas. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. the federal reserve promises to remain patient about raising the interest rate. they say it remains on track with its plan to raise interest rates later this year. it says the economy is expanding at a solid pace and inflation is at tell left 2% margin. tokyo's nikkei dropped 1%. hong kong's hang seng also fell 1%. here on wall street today investors are waiting for earnings reports from google and other investment companies. the dow dropped 195, the naz dan dropped 27 points. amazon announced that its
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new service called work mail would deliver electronic mail to its company's inmail. it would put it in direct competition with microsoft. godaddy pulled its ad from super bowl. it featured a cute puppy separated from its family. it caused an uproar, the owners were happy to see it only because they just sold it on a website. they say it was a joke about puppy mills. >> when the first white castle burger joint opened on the strip yesterday, it was mopped. some people lined up for two hours. white castle quickly sold out of its famous sliders. the 24-hour location had to close for two hours to restock. anne-marie? >> confession, i've never had one of their burgers. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. thanks a lot, jill. coming up on the "morning
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better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. in san francisco one person was killed and six hurt in a fire at an apartment complex in the city's mission district. smoke billowed from the roof of a three-story building above a popeyes restaurant yesterday. at least 40 residents were displaced. the cause of the fire is not known. there are two auto safety recalls. toyota is recall ging avalon sedans. nissan is calling more than 550,000 rogues for the same problem as well as 2,000 pathfinder suvs and js x5 videos for problems relating to a secondary hood latch. a new report says cars are
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safer now than they were a few years ago. overall rates of deadly accidents are down but some cars pose a significantly higher risk. danielle nottingham reporting. >> reporter: late-model cars offer greater safety for cars than ever before. that's according to the insurance institute for highway safety. a new iihs report says the chances of dying in a late-model vehicle in 2011 fell by 41% compared to late-model vehicles in 2008. adrian lund is the group president. >> largely it's because vehicles are improving. years ago no vehicle had zero driver deaths but nine different 2011 models have not had a single fatality and six of them are suvs. >> that's a real turnaround from a decade ago when suvs weren't the safest vehicle on the road because they had a tendency to
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roll over. >> reporter: that changed when they installed electronic5= airbags and seatbelts have helped. >> reporter: the cars with the higher driver death rates. >> the dominant factor among the vehicles with the worst or highest death rates is they tend to be the smallest vehicles on the road. >> lunld says new technology should reduce death rates further over the next few years. danielle nottingham cbs news los angeles. well, the measles outbreak is still spreading. so far at least 95 cases have been confirmed in eight states and mexico. california has 79 of the cases. 52 of them directly livgnked to disneyland. one outbreak is in michigan. most of those infected were not
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on a show as the cleveland cavaliers won their eighth straight game. it was a dazzling performance by irving who scored 55 prints. the crowd exploded when he broke a tie with seconds to go. lebron james sat out with a wrist injury. the cavs beat the portland trail blazers 99-44. in atlanta the hawks won their 17th game in a row, a team record. paul millsap led atlanta with 21 points and 15 rebounds and al8ñ horford scored 21 points for atlanta which has won 31 of its last 33 games. atlanta beat new jersey, 1 131-102. eighth ranked notre dame made two shots to beat them. duke fell to 4-3 in the acc. it's the worst start in league
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a half century wait for justice is over in south carolina. the friendship 9 protesters went to jail in 1961 after ordering at a whites-only lunch counter. the surviving civil rights activists had their convictions thrown out yesterday. >> we cannot rewrite history, but we can right history. the defendants' convictions for trespassing in january of 19 f 1
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are vacated. null, void and set aside. >> the judge who cleared their names is the nephew of the judge who originally convicted them and the lawyer who represented them back in 1961 was by their side. president obama is finally getting a new air force one. the two boeing planes that the years old and will reach the end of their 30-year service in 2017. now, the president's new plane will still be american made. it's a boeing 747. delivery in about five years. and in utah he's called an invaluable member of the police department. meade spot. he the tiny terrier is a registered police dog. he doesn't have any policing skills. his main function is to boost morale and take the occasional nap. maybe more than occasional. coming up on "cbs this
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be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen.
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india he met with a fellow nobel peace prize winner who accepted the award in october. seth doane sat down with this remarkable man. >> reporter: getting a greeting like this is all the reward he needs for freeing these children from a life of slavery. do you think these kids see you as a nobel peace prize winner? >> i don't think -- they see me as friend or brother or something like father. >> reporter: at his ashram or shelter, he tries to give these kids the childhood they missed. india has at least 4 million child laborers. many were abandoned by parents
4:26 am
unable to care for them or sold as cheap labor to farms. others work in factories, quarries, or smal,bjuáy who won the nobel prize, he skaed. they reply, all of us kids. anywhere. >> anywhere. >> you speak english,hx good. >> reporter: this boy worked in a small grocery until he was rescued four years ago at age 9. >> the adults are denied jobs because they can fight their rights, they cannot work long hours. >> reporter: he organized raids with local police. but sometimes employers are tipped off and waiting for him armed. in 2004 he was attacked trying to free kids working for a circus. you say you had a gun to your head literally? >> yeah. >> this is dangerous work freeing these kids.
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>> dangerous, but it's thrilling. it's an adventure. >> why thrilling? >> it's thrilling because i know that somebody has to pay the cost for freedom. it does not come on a plate. so if i -- if i don't, who else will do very in his no frills new delhi office he keeps count of how many children they rescued. you were pluck out of obscurity winning this nobel prize. >> they wanted to identify who i am. >> reporter: he's wasted no time using his new found fame. he asks can the world call itself civilized as long as any children anywhere are enslaved. seth doane, cds news raj stan india. coming up on your "morning news" on "cbs this morning," dr.
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looks at menopause. and we talk with former super bowl mvp drew brees about this sunday's big game. that is the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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we are following breaking news two people died and a police officer a has been injured in the house fire in south philadelphia. hello, thank you for joining us i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. that fire happened on the 400 block of daily street. we have a crew to the scene and we will update you as soon as we know more. breaking news, two men discovered shot after after a van slams into a home. now police are searching for a killer. new this morning a philadelphia a bar, held up at gunpoint and that thief is still on the loose. find out where it happened and how much money the the gun man got away with. but first a as we do let's begin with your forecast. >> another cold morning but it is january, what will you do. >> absolutely, that is the story a at least initially but we are tracking light the snow to head our way heading in to tonight. we will start things off with storm scan three,


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