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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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canceled because he felt like it would be more important for him to greet mr. murray. so they are working on that right now. it is reported to be a five-year, 42 million-dollar contract with 21 million of that guarantied. they also announced and we heard from ryan matthews, running back, formally of san diego. a three-year contract, 11 million-dollar, five of that is guarantied. so, the the running back position just might be healthy, if, in fact, dimarco murray is a philadelphia eagle. as you said that really hurts the dallas cowboys, in fact there are reports on social media that jerseys are being burned in dallas. coming up we will hear from cornerback walter thurmond who signed a one year deal and from ryan matthews. we will hear from those guys later in sports. from the novacare center i'm beasley reese now back to you in the the studio. >> thanks so much. so much drama. eagles fans are hanging on every tweet and news report
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wondering what will happen next with chip kelly the mad scientists. we caught up with some very excited fans today. >> i guess we're okay. i believe in chip. >> it has been kind of like a roller coaster. i have kind oven joyed it. usually the the off season, it is kind of slow. >> at our advertise storetation sports radio 94 wip the phones were ringing off the hook today and all of the talk was about the eagles. >> i think initially fans didn't believe it the because so many things have been happening, first frank gore, ryan matthews. guys announcing trade tomorrow to the city to visit. >> if the murray news is official and he comes here what we are seeing out of people is a worm turning in a way. at first chip is a more on. now you an ad this piece and people say i kind of get it the now. >> what do you think about all this. lots of talk. we'd love to hear from you. connect with us on the cbs philly facebook page or at cbs philly on twitter. where ever you post make sure
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you use the hash tag cbs-3 chat. developing right now fire tears through a strip club in south jersey. thinks at a the double d saloon gentlemen's club on delsea drive-in vineland. chopper three over that scene as fire fighters battled the flames. authorities say in one was injured n word yet on what spark the fire. clear blue skies and bright sunshine another picture perfect march day but soon rain will be moving n "eyewitness news", out this afternoon in logan square, a little breezy with you that did not stop people from getting outside today to be in the sun. meteorologist kathy orr joins us with the first look at the the forecast and these changes heading our way, kathy. >> that is right jessica but we will have one more day to soak up a little sun. right now temperatures are cooling down after highs in the low 50's. fifty in philadelphia. forty-three in allentown. forty-six in reading. thirty-five in the poconos. you can see that blue contour. the as wind go light and skies go clear we will fall fast. average high is 51 degrees and
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we will be in for a cold night. peak wind gustness philadelphia and atlantic city 38 miles an hour n trenton, allentown gusting to 34n wilmington a peak gust of 30 miles an hour. so the wind are diminishing and then all eyes on the next weather maker that is tapping in the gulf of mexico. so a lot of moisture associated with this area of low pressure. those high clouds move in tomorrow morning. they will thicken and then rain moves in. already impressive with flood watches and warnings, all the way up through the midwest with flood concerns. we expect at least a inch of rain with this as the storm moves in. how long will it take to move out is the question? we will talk about that and how it will impact your weekend coming up with the seven day forecast. for now chris, back to you. >> kathy thanks very much. two police officers shot during a pro he test in ferguson, miss is your i late last night are now out of the hospital. cell phone video did capture that shooting just outside of police headquarters. swat team members searching for the gun man smashed through the roof of the home in ferguson to bay but no
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arrest was made. the this is the latest instance of violence in a city torn by racial tension following the fatal police shooting of the unarmed teenager michael brown. the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley will have in more on the unrest in ferguson, that is next at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news". well, right now local leaders are preparing to gather for latest tribute to the lane philadelphia police officer robert wilson the third. he was kill in the line of duty one week ago. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in cobbs creek, david. >> reporter: chris, cobbs creek was officer robert wilson's home. tonight folks will hold a vigil behind me on this basketball court. people are remembering him across the country. >> we can have just a moment of silence police report report members of the philadelphia a city council held a moment of silence thursday in morning to honor 30 year-old officer robert wilson. the the father of two died after stopping an armed robbery at this game stop last
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thursday. wilson was buying a game for his son when police say brothers charlton hipps and ramone williams came in and tried to rob the place. >> with this killing of officer robert wilson the the third in philadelphia just last week. >> reporter: attorney jenner i can holder mentioned wilson in washington today during a discussion on powe policing. >> our law enforcement officers perform a job that is very seer you why, deeply heroic and deserving of our most em fatties support. >> reporter: hundreds of have miles away in boston massachusetts state police honored officer wilson before their hockey match up against philadelphia police. members of the state police gave philadelphia a officers a sweater with wilson's name on it. that vigil is set to kick off at 7:00 o'clock tonight. here behind me at this basketball court in cobbs creek we will be here. reporting live from west philadelphia, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thanks very much. details have been just released on officer wilson's funeral services.
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first viewing is set for tomorrow afternoon at the francis funeral home on whitby avenue there will be a second viewing and funeral saturday at the university of pennsylvania palestra on south 33rd street. the viewing is set for 7:00 a.m. the funeral will follow at 10:00. officer wilson license interned at fern wood cemetery in landsdowne. authorities arrested georgetown delaware map in connection with the murder that was committed nearly 50 years ago in the state of arkansas. this is james clay, he has been charge in the kidnapping and murder of james ricks of north little rock. his remains were found on august 27th of 1967, the fbi has not disclosed what evidence led agents to clay but he will be extradited to arkansas. new jersey's top education official is issuing a warning school district could lose federal funning if students skip a new standardized test being given this month. some parent and educator groups oppose the exam saying
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it is not appropriate to judge teachers and students base ed on the results. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has more. >> because i don't think it is benefiting kid education at all. >> reporter: some parents refuse to let their children take partnership for ready and college and career test men as the the parc. >> he is not cookie cutter one size fits all and that is how they are educating them. all narrowed, to these tests. >> reporter: tuesday new jersey lawmakers brought those concerns to the state commissioner of education. >> what i'm concerned about is the fact that i'm hearing so much negativity from parents. >> reporter: some say the test is computer based and difficult for students who are less tech savvy, who are learning english as a second language. >> i share your concerns. i think our learning message has in the reverb rated and we need to double down on that without a doubt. >> reporter: for about a month new jersey teachers union run tvad critical of the test.
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>> standardized test is one of the weakest way to assess student learning and knowledge. >> what it is doing for students they teach and is what happening in classrooms because of it. >> reporter: state officials say parents need to look at educational benefits of the parc which gives more specific feedback then previous test and they knees to tune out other information that teacher job performance depend on performance. >> 90 percent of the evaluation will not have a fun days in these tests reports report here in cherry hill only a quarter is participating in the the parc test and state officials say is there a wrist thank federal funding could be cut for districts with low participation. in cherry hill, cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" at russell byers charter school in philadelphia center city today. it doesens of parents and their children gathered for the school's annual admissions lottery. school officials say more than 1300 applications were submitted to fill 23 opened kindergarten spots. students who didn't get a place were put on a waiting list. spring is in the air and
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potholes are blossoming all around the region. >> we don't want them though. >> still to come at 6:00 pothole patrol is back in action we're in the mobile weather lab hitting road checking out problem spot that you told bus. plus more than two years later we will tell you why federal officials plan honorary viewing every single flood insurance claim filed in the wake of her hurricane sandy. >> first cloud and rain and a lot of it the right in time for the weekend. when will the best time to be outside be? we will look at the that with the seven day forecast as "eyewitness news" continues.
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and that's how a home and auto bundle is made. better he learns it here than on the streets. the miracle of bundling -- now, that's progressive. tonight at 11:00 ride sharing service uber continues to grow but you better be nice tour driver. on your side consumer reporter jim donovan looks at rating that is uber drivers give to their passengers and if you don't score high enough you could be stranded, that is tonight at 11:00 o'clock. we know it is rough out there on the road, and we're not talking about the traffic but the the craters in the pavement. potholes are every where right now, just waiting to put a
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dent in your wallet. new at 6:00 our carol erickson is on the the pothole patrol live in the cbs-3 weather lab in center city, carol. >> well, with as many miles as we have put on the mobile weather lab we have encountered thousands of potholes. but it can take only one, to trip you up on these winter streets the the potholes swerve, a gliding dance move done in the car, but get it wrong and the dance end fast, and ugly. >> broken tires, broken rims and all. they need to get them fix. >> reporter: in new jersey road banners alert drivers that the state is trying to fix the big problem there, 300,000 pot held to fill. so wide, less than half are done. in philadelphia this one is done and gone at walnut and 33rd. asphalt comb over followed by a heavyweight smooth over. 10,000 potholes this winter
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thousands more to go. >> reporter: how much longer will it take to get them all done. >> on the summer. >> reporter: city want to know about potholes and so does cbs-3 on twitter. hash tag cbs-3 pothole patrol brought to us this pothole that has been a problem in this port richmond neighborhood for quite a while. neighbors a this pothole has been filled before but once again it can swallow matt's boot as easily as it did his car. >> i was driving by the other day and i hit the pothole, got a flat tire. the city should pay for it. >> reporter: interesting but not likely. as fast as the potholes pop up they turn into stories everybody has a bigger story. >> you go up here three blocks, drive your truck right into a home. >> reporter: another port richmond crater and more swerving cars that can practice the pothole swerve at walnut and germantown listed on hash tag cbs-3 pothole patrol. new potholes are showing up faster then even the older
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once can be filled. we have to slow down through them and not swerve in the car next to you to try to avoid them. and remember with the upcoming rain that puddles can also disguise a pothole so just be careful and get ready for shake, rattle and roll on these roads of the: reporting live carol erickson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we know all about that dance and we don't like it. thanks very much. join the pothole patrol, send us your photos and videos of potholes, share them with us on facebook, twitter and instagram using that hash tag cbs-3 pennsylvania pothole patrol. we will get you answer about when those repairs will begin. fema announces plans to review every flood insurance claim filed by super storm sandy victims. that will involve 144,000 claims. the announcement comes following allegations of fraud involving the way some insurance companies assessed damage. those who filed claims will receive letters about the new review process and they will have access to their
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engineering reports. just a gorgeous march day, not quite as warm as yesterday but i am not complaining. >> close enough. >> yes. >> meteorologist kathy orr is here now. with the latest dose of reality for us it comes in the form of rain right kathy. >> last year was in the form of snow this week it is form of rain. >> i'll take the rain. >> you'll take the rain. >> i'll deal with the rain good that is what we will get. another day with sunshine tomorrow morning but then a lot of cloud move in and a lot of moisture associated with this system really tapping in the gulf of mexico. really everyone along the eastern third of the nation will be experience something rainy conditions and possibly some flooding potential. lets take a look at our eyewitness weather watchers because they are reporting in temperatures that are falling fast in some locations because of clear skies, and lighter wind. we're in the 40's knotter and west of philadelphia, it is 46 degrees in eagleville, lewis reporting in a wind out of the northwest at 13 miles an hour n delaware we're in the upper 40's, lower 50's
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with some clear skies and walter says in newark the temperature is 49 degrees but impressive wind, lets check out the where we are right now because earlier there was sustain close to 20 miles an hour at times, right now we have a 14 miles an hour wind in richboro, middletown and yardley we are looking at john reporting in a wind of 13 miles an hour, the same is reported from gary and blue bell only 9 miles an hour. so those wind will continue to diminish. we will than enjoying sun wind, ocean city, cape may county folks on the board. why not? a beautiful day to be outside. down the shore temperatures in the 40's. in the city we are at 50 degrees. wilmington 48. poconos 45a lot different then yesterday. in dover the temperature is 50 degrees. we have a cold high pressure system settling in and that will bring a big brush of reality that it is still only march with some 60's and 07's to the the south. everyone getting back to normal. now, friday we will see high pressure to the north, those
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sunshine, but then it will give way to increasing cloud. those high sirus clouds. and then late in the day those cloud will thicken. the rain moves in at night. you may be able to go out friday night and come home before the rain starts around midnight. sat the day that rainfalls we have i at times and it will be moving out by saturday night. here's future weather tomorrow morning is sunny, some sun glare issues to be concerned b by the the afternoon we will see the the clouds thicken and that goes into the evening and then it is right around midnight we will see it to the south and west of the city right through wilmington and wildwood and then it moves toward the the north and east and we will see that rain falling heavier at times saturday morning right through the noon hour. by 2:00 o'clock we will see it lightening up a little bit but then showery right into the evening. as far as the rain amounts we're looking at all of our computer models, american model, european models, you know those, we're looking a at three-quarters of an inch to an inch of rain and that is what we're thinking in the forecast center. overnight tonight low of 31. twenty in the suburbs. high tomorrow near 50. most of the day seeing a good deal of sunshine.
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sneaky clouds rolling n better half of the weekend will be sunday for the fail st. patrick's day parade kicking off at 1:00. look for a temperature of 50 with gusty wind. on the seven day forecast here we go saturday rain but mild, 51 sunday. we have a little wind. monday looks good. tuesday look goods. windy on wednesday. it will be wild. chilly as well. then getting better on thursday. but hey guys no snow in that seven day forecast. >> that is great. >> that is fine by me. >> we have been wait fog that forecast good kathy, thanks. >> you bet. little bit the of problems out on i-95 right around allegheny but typical, and normal problems for this time for a commute. you cane in the northbound lanes here, some slow going slow go as well heading in the center city area typical delay out on roosevelt boulevard. southbound lanes are doing just fine but north bounties where we will see mess of this delay, and backup. out in vineland, new jersey they are actually a gentlemen's club fire, on delsea drive that is closing
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that blocking those lanes off in both directions. the right around walnut road police activity on the scene there as well. take south east or out west boulevard, to get on by. now this started at 6:00p m so expect plymouth road to be closed due to emerge i sink hell repair between blue route and butler pike. take germantown pike or joshua road to get on by. accident at knights road and treat road over into the shoulder, out in gloucester monroe vel. another crash buck road and clayton avenues. additionally be careful of those potholes because they will mess you up. stay there cbs-3 eye bitterness news will be right back.
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i'm beasley reese at novacare complex. their work continues as we await the arrival of, and announcement about running back dimarco murray formally we think of the dallas cowboys. it is report that he will sign before leaving will in the leave the building, he is here somewhere and reports say that deal will be for five years, 42 million with 21 million-dollar of that guarantied. now, two signings made official and we did meet the the players cornerback walter they're mond rejoins his old college coach chip kill any philly. he signed a one year deal. last season he played just two games for giants present a season ending, torn peck for willal muscle, his relationship with chip is the the reason that he signs with the bird. >> i'm very familiar with it a lot of stuffy ran in college with playing with chip and even with coach and the defensive coordinator out there. i'm very familiar. a a lot of similarities with
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what i ran in seattle as well and also in new york. it will be an interesting situation for sure. >> also, we met ryan matthews formally of the chargers. he signs a three-year deal, 11 and a half million-dollar, five of that guarantied. math the yous spent five seasons in san diego where he rush for over 4,000-yard, 23 touchdowns and 4.4-yard average for the chargers. >> you know, he likes to run the ball he uses his running backs and that is one big thing i wanted to come here is to be able to be used like that. it will be fun. it will showcase my talents a little bit more. i can't wait. >> we will return to college basketball and conference time and fourth rang villanova we will cats took on marquette in the big east tournament. lets take a look at. that wildcats put on a three-point shooting clinic. seventeen for 29 tying big east tournament record. josh hard scored 20 as cats
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cruised to the 84-49 victory. over in brooklyn lasalle battled u-mass in the a-10 tournament. explorers had a one point lead with 812th left when khalil lewis hit a ball and lasalle advances to the quarter finals with the 76-69 victory. the dimarco watch continues. more news after this.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next. tonight the attorney general condemns the the violence in ferguson, missouri. plus could a virtual look at your future help you save for retirement? scott pelley reports the the "cbs evening news" from new york.
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[gunfire]. >> pelley: the shooting of two cops in ferguson, missouri prompts the attorney general to say this. >> punk punk. >> pelley: turns out those secret service agents who crashed through police tape drove right through an active investigation. lumber liquidators defends the safety of its flooring but makes a surprising admission. and facing the future speeding up time to remind us it's running out. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight the missouri highway patrol and the st. louis county police have been put in charge of security for demonstrations expected in ferguson tonight. this follows the shooting of two officers, one from the county the other a nearby village, as


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