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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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started. escorted by met or cycle honor guard, family members and friend, consoled each other. >> the way officer wilson went down fighting to his last breath he protected a a lot of people and it will be a great tribute, it is unfortunate we have to to it again. >> reporter: officer wilson was gunned down march 5th by 2 accused killer robbing a north fill game stop store where he had topped to pick up a present for one of his two sons who turned ten last monday. at the viewing eagles coach chip kelly bringing an autographed football for the little will boy. >> we have two young boys behind one, ten year-old, and the not had enough time with his dad but one year-old that will never really have any real memories of him and that is tragic. >> reporter: led by the police commissioner a march of commanders and officers moved toward the viewing, as family members gathered outside watching in silence struggling along with the officers to deal with the loss of a good cop, and a
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loving father. >> it just takes time to heel, there is no words that can instantly take away the pain that they feel right now. >> reporter: police commissioner ramsey pointing out this is the eighth officer to died in the line of duty during his tenure here. it never gets any easier, he says finally the head of the fop mr. mcnesby telling the grandmother of the murdered officer you now have a family of 7,000. we will always be with you. we will have more on this sad occasion as viewing continues, in west philadelphia, for now live at 51st and whitby i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very sad indeed, walt thank you second viewing and funeral will be at tomorrow morning at the palestra. that viewing is set for 7:00 o'clock. funeral will be at ten. officer wilson will be buried at fern wood cemetery in lansdowne. well, is there breaking news right now, let's take to you kensington where you can
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see a school busies stuck in a bit of the sink hole there. chopper three live over east ontario street. the front wheels of that bus ride now are stuck in that hole we're told no one inside the bus was hurt. the hole does not appear to be that large but police have the area roped off and they are not taking any risks there. we will keep an eye on this and keep you up to date. we're also following a developing story now a philadelphia neighborhood is on edge, after a man walking his doggies shot and killed. that shooting happened on the 6400 block of wood crest avenue in overbrook. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is hive in overbrook with the latest on the search for that gunman, steve? >> reporter: jessica philadelphia a police say detectives, as we speak are doing the legwork to try to track down however would shoot a man, police say was just walking his dog in this neighborhood that both police and neighbors called peaceful. you can see neighbors have
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started to lay down some flowers and memorial out of grief. they want to know who in the world would do something like this. >> he was just a super nice guy. >> reporter: ask people here about the husband, father and neighbor this community lost, and you can get some version of this. >> very, very upsetting, you know that this has happened here. it could not have happened to a nicer guy. >> reporter: police say 51 year-old james stallman was walking his dog shortly after 8:30 thursday night. he was following routine leash in one hand, flashlight in the other heading down the 64 hundred block of wood crest his home still in sight. it is when police say he was shot and left to die. >> unknown individual came up to him, shot him one time, and we believe fled on foot from that location. >> reporter: stallman was rush to the hospital and pronounced dead. philadelphia police captain james clark says the the only thing that broke from the man's routine that night he left his young daughter at home. >> for whatever reason he said it is a little late tonight i
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don't want you to to walk with me n effect he possibly saved his doubt are's life as well. >> bad enough to lose a husband but for a daughter to lose a father, it is tough. >> reporter: there is no description of the suspect no motive and for neighbors who called this section of overbrook peaceful no sense of how this could happen. >> very sad, very sad. everybody will be on guard now and take the neighborhood will never be the same. >> reporter: police say the only possible motive they have to go off office attempted robbery but nothing from the man's keys to phone, to wallet was taken from this scene. coming up at 6:00 we will speak to the woman who heard that fatal shot as it was happening. live from overbrook i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will look for you then, thank you very much. we will turn to weather now. it was a beautiful day outside but there is nasty weather on the way. meteorologist kathy orr is keeping her eye on an approaching storm live from the cbs-3 sky deck, kathy.
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>> chris, cloud are here rain is next. if you go out this evening pack the the umbrella if you are outside late tonight because rain will be here by around midnight. take a look at storm scan three, this storm is enormous, and it is taking out, the whole eastern part of the nation. it is in pittsburgh washington and it is creeping toward philadelphia, as we speak. so we are looking at flood watches and warnings, all the way up toward the eastern seaboard burks right the now through central pennsylvania, that is the the closest. we have a freezing rain advisory for the poconos for possibility of a glaze of ice as of a precipitation starting during early morning hours. here you go cloud tonight by around midnight and rain moves from the southwest by 2:00 a.m. raining every where. tomorrow morning heading out the door to do errand it will be pouring. we are calling it a saturday soaker, about an inch of rain across much of the region with snow melt, some ponding on the road, poor drainage flooding mild with temperatures in the 50's. coming up we will talk about when rain moves out and the
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better half of the weekend ill will's see you with the seven day later in the forecast. >> thank you very much. little boy is back home safe and sound after being abduct overnight. this is four year-old yandell rosario and his mother, walking back into their house in fair hill. police say little boy was kidnaped by his mother a's companion who was staying with him at that house. detectives found that boy and the suspect just a few blocks away. >> what man takes a child that is not yours? that is not no man that is being sick. you have kid of your own why would you take my kid for? don't matter what you are going through now have right to take somebody's kid that is not yours. >> thirty-five year-old carlos manual lebron junior is in police custody tonight. it is not known why allegedly took that child. well military says that a new jersey man was among the marines killed in that black hawk helicopter crash off the florida panhandle.
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he has been identified as captain stanford henry shaw, of basking ridge somerset county. seven special forces marines and four louisiana guardmen were on board that chopper. it went down in dense fog during a training mission on tuesday night. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. a doylestown man is accused of sexually assaulting a woman inside a montgomery township tanning salon. marshall gibson is under arrest and charged with rape and other crimes, authorities released surveillance video of gibson inside the salon, february 25th. the victim says gibson kissed and grabbed her in the tanning room when she resisted, she said gibson pulled out a knife, held to it her throat and sexually assaulted her. the prosecutors say gibson confessed. a bankruptcy judge blocked florida developer glenn straub from buying atlantic city's revel casino. judge gloria burbs says she does not have the the jurisdiction to approve the 82 million-dollar sale, a loop
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hole in the deal would have a allowed revel's current owners to accept a higher bid if someone put up the money before march 31st. 2.4 billion dollars casino hotel shut down in september and it neff turn a profit. philadelphia police need your help to catch a serial armed robbery suspect. he has held up eight businesses since last month mostly fast food restaurant and pharmacies. in each robbery he hand a net to an employee demanding cash this latest incident happened tuesday night, cbs on rising sun avenue. welshing still to come here on eye "eyewitness news" at the 5:00, reliance between and, and, fight against terror and, get the most out of your next trip to the grocery store. >> how many kid and how many steps does it take to erase a blackboard. we're about to find out that
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list in the grocery iq app and she can also digitally zap it to her husband. it organizes the list by store aisle and saves hurleys for future trips. >> i don't to have sit down with pen and paper at the beginning of the week and write down even the things that we use all the time. >> reporter: with so many grocery shopping apps the challenge may be to figure out which ones suture needs. >> it depend upon how much time you have to spend and really most importantly what your goals are. >> reporter: the grocery gadget app lets you take and send pictures of the items so your spouse doesn't buy the whole thing. there are math that comparison like apples to oranges. apps like food planner let you down load recipes and ingredients are adding to your shopping list. food economist carolyn dimitri says there are tools for budgeting and eating as well. >> plan your whole menu and your shopping list in advance and you could know exactly how much it costs.
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>> reporter: wal-mart app lets you price scan item with your phone and if you cannot find something in the store just open the app, select the item and it the shows you which ileitis in. while the whole foods app offers money saving information about in store sales. now the popularity of these shopping apps are driven by millennials and their parents are jumping on board of course. some apps are free. i will police a list on cbs or as always follow me on facebook and twitter. the easiest way to find me. >> nice when you can make grocery shopping easier. >> well, i can walk around my grocery store blindfolded. i knowhwhere everything is. >> right right. i like when your spouse doesn't get the wrong thing. >> when was the last time you go shopping, grocery shopping. >> you have no idea, little things little pick ups. >> mrs. may, in just a moment to verify that. >> have a good weekend. >> jim, thank you. potholes hut down a major roadway this morning. chopper three over route 130 in pennsauken just after the
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rush hour today. crews were here for about 30 minutes, filling potholes at the the hilton road exit. the road has since reopened, new jersey's department of transportation believes that it is going to repair about 300,000 potholes, this year alone. well, with that in mind we'd love for to you join the cbs-3 pothole patrol. send us photos and videos of potholes that are a affecting your commute. share them with us on facebook, on twitter, and on instagram use the hash tag cbs-3 pothole pennsylvania troll. >> you can be on pothole patrol i'll be on sink hole patrol. it is 5:14. we are here in kens to go than this was video cut from earlier. it currently is going on ontario street and c street. you can see this bus completely stuck and trapped in the very large sink hole in the area of all of the roadways block off around there. i can show you alternates to take to get by that scene.
5:15 pm
east ontario street near c street take allegheny avenue or east tioga treat to get by. use caution around that area. we have a lot of things around 95 at 420 in the southbound lanes, is there a disabled vehicle with police activity in the right-hand side right here. more disable also over here on the side and completely slow go by that scene for the time. over out on the ben franklin bridge a little bit of jams starting at mid span of the bridge and heading westbound in the city n problems heading in to new jersey, right now. a few accidents as well one in montgomery county on yoder road at souther ton road and harleysville road. one in pottstown on 422 eastbound that is pennsylvania pennsylvania, 724, and travel times, everything is, pretty slow and, route 30 southbound a little slow, 17 minute trip and 14 minutes on 422, westbound from 202, into oaks. the good thing is mass transit is running on time for septa a regional rails, new jersey transit and patco speed line currently in delays a at philadelphia international
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airport. the chris and jessica back to you. >> looking good, jessica, thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" can a necklace help you stay thin. >> we will show you how this high tech gadget works to keep your diet on track beasley. well, it all seems quiet on the eagles front at least for now but one of the former bird met the with the media in his new city. we will hear from nick foles coming up in sports.
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breaking news right now chopper three over a house fire in woodbury heights gloucester county, new jersey. thinks happening on barlow avenue. you can see giant flames shooting out from the roof, outside the door there and the good news, no injuries at this fire. we will of course stay on top of this and we will have more information as we get it. okay weekend is upon us, unfortunately we have an eye on the storm that is really kind of of threatening at day. it could be a mess. >> we have a st. patrick's day parade in conshohocken tomorrow and that will be postponed, because of the rain unfortunately. >> yes. >> we have a lot of rain come our way. it will be a saturday super soaker that eyewitness weather watchers have their daily observations and you will see them at the bottom of the screen. a mild day but not as mild as its will get. lets look outside where it is decent down the shore but we're expecting at least an inch of rain even down toward
5:20 pm
ocean city, cape may county, atlantic county so get your walk in this afternoon and this evening, because late tonight, and tomorrow, it is going to be really wet around here. on storm scan three you can see all of this moisture lifting toward the north and area of low pressure pushing up from the deep south and that heavy rain goes right through the ohio valley and it is pushing east. some light showers in washington right now. it will take many hours for to it get in philadelphia right about the midnight hour it will be moving in. temperature below average the normal high for philadelphia is 51. we're in the 40's. you can see after midnight rain moves from the south and west early in the morning it is heavy the at times. you can see dark green patches of yellow moving through as well. even through the noon time hour, heavy rain, in the a great morning to be outdoors. by the afternoon dry air moves in and if you are going out the saturday evening you will see spotty showers. that will be just about it. the skies will clear sunday morning in time for our philadelphia st. patrick's day parade. a as far as the rainfall is
5:21 pm
concern, in philadelphia when lou at our computer models we are averaging between three-quarters of an inch and a inch of rain for philadelphia, and that goes for most of the region. we have been keeping an eye on our streams and creeks and what we would need to actually flood around here because of the snow melt and because of the rain. we're expecting an inch and generally would need over an inch to 2-inch toes flood but we are expecting elevated levels of our streams and creeks and thinks something we will be carefully watching especially where we see heavier downpours. overnight it will be cloudy rain moves in around midnight the low temperature not so bad around 40 degrees with the southerly win. that southerly wind will spike temperatures, tomorrow we are going for 57 degrees, periods have of rain, heavier at times especially in the morning. once again by the afternoon we will be tapering off but we will be still seeing showers. st. patrick's day parade sunday partly sunny, windy a at 1:00. temperatures around 50. wind gusting to 30 miles an hour so just dress warmly and it will be a great day.
5:22 pm
on the three day forecast, sunday the high 51. by monday, plenty of sunshine with temperatures sky rocket to go 57 degrees. i wouldn't be surprised in some locationons to make it to 60. that is a look at 39 day forecast, we will be back with the seven day next half an hour, when we come
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do you know what a rube goldberg machinist. >> in it is an overly complex contraption designed to accomplish a simple task. >> overly complex is probably right. >> right. >> dozens of middle and high school students in the philadelphia area are gearing up to make rube goldberg contraptions in an annual competition that is held tomorrow. our carol erickson explains. >> reporter: at friends school there is no tuned name rube goldberg, but the middle school kid in this messy science room can't stop talking about rube goldberg.
5:25 pm
>> i have heard about him before. >> reporter: yes, that old-timer, rube goldberg his name on the tiny sail boat and in history books for making a a career out of everything, difficult. >> it is surprisingly hard to do a really easy task like a erasing a blackboard in such a complicated way with so many steps. >> reporter: six students with supervision, three months and one goal. >> try to erase a board. >> reporter: where else would these followers of rube goldberg start that simple board's raising then with a golf ball that makes a hole in one into a cup. >> is there a pully system which knocks down this mash will right here. >> reporter: on and on 22 inter connect steps in all. >> sometimes it works well, sometimes it gets hard but it is really fun. >> kind of like life. >> reporter: they push on bouncing off success and with spring as a theme and many elements in the way that board will be erased the kid was with science know how and difficulty or another
5:26 pm
old-timer's way with years of just get it done. >> easier. >> reporter: in wynnewood, carol erickson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, after a flurry of moves, things are quiet at the novacare complex today but one player, trade add way this week, met with the media for his new team. nick foles was introduced in st. louis. eagles starting quarterback for parts of the two seasons was surprised by the move. he spoke today about how he felt when he found out he was a ram. >> i think first thing if i'm being honest there is a lot of emotions you go through. i have been very fortunate to start my career in philly and been three great years. i have nothing but great things to say about philadelphia. but at that time, you know, emotions kick in and i was able to talk to coach fischer. after i got off the phony felt good about it. you know i was honored that a team wanted me. >> the man many thought chip
5:27 pm
kelly would move heaven and earth to get was in the area, marcus mariota is in atlantic city where tonight he will receive the prestigious maxwell award as college player of the year. has already collected heisman trophy and should go in the top ten in april's draft but can you see his former coach chip kelly trading up for him. >> i wouldn't doubt it but coach kelly and the eagles will do what is best for that team. we will see what happens. >> we will see what happens. >> yeah. >> maybe doing house hunting while he is here. >> ready to settle downy don't think, i think bradford is the man. >> we will see. >> beasley, thank you. still to come in the next half an hour search continues for person who shot two police officers in ferguson, missouri, we will have the latest there from st. louis county. young girl's life is lost and her mother now faces charges i'm cleve bryan coming up why police say distract
5:28 pm
driving toys blame for a fatal crash. then new at 6:00 a local woman's life changed in an instant when she fell off her bike, she suffered a severe brain injury and told she may never recover but she beat odds and now she's using her experience to give
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i'm chris may.
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here are the day's top stories for you. the first viewing for philadelphia police officer robert wilson, the third is underway in west philadelphia the officer wilson was killed in a shoot-out at a north philadelphia game stop, last week. and, in overbrook tonight, police are looking for a suspect who shot and killed a man out walking his dog. officers found that victim with his dog by his side. kathy? in weather we are talking about wet weather moving our way, rain will be moving in tonight, we're talking about a soaking saturday and by sunday better weather. we will also look ahead to the st. patrick's day parade coming up with the seven day forecast chris. >> thanks very much. new 59 there 30 vehicular homicide charges have been filed against a south jersey mother. >> authorities say she was texting on her cell phone when she crashed in the utility pole, killing her 11 year-old daughter. here's "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan. >> reporter: a white cross marks the spot where 11 year-old morgan ferguson died in the crash last year.
5:32 pm
police say her mother kristin williams was driving a pick up on route 47 in middletown ship when she went off the road and hit a pole. little minister again was eject and killed this week police charged williams with vehicular homicide saying she was texting when the crash happened. >> in comment. >> reporter: morgan's aunt and father say they are too upset to talk about morgan's death and the new charges. any thoughts you can share with us a at all. >> not at this point, too soon. >> reporter: state police say williams charges highway and pervasive pattern, distract driving. >> you are supposed to be focused on the road. you are putting your focus on something else which we don't want to you do. >> reporter: national highway traffic safety administration says each year 3,000 people are killed and 400,000 people are injured, because of distract driving. williams was charged and released and there is in date for her next court appearance. many will be thinking of morgan as police agencies
5:33 pm
observe april as distract driving awareness month. >> you don't want to see anything happen to your child or somebody else, so you want to make sure you focus on the road. >> reporter: i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, authorities continue to search for person responsible for shooting two police officers in ferguson, missouri. officials are hoping the violence was an isolated incident because another night of protest ace head. cbs news correspondent craig boswell has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: ferguson police are chasing down every lead as they search for the the gun man who shot two officers during a demonstration, in front of the police headquarters. both officers are recovering at home but shooting wednesday night has raised tensions in the city once again. >> what do we want. >> justice. >> reporter: demonstrations are on going here since the deadly police shooting of unarmed black teenager mike brown last august. the the police chief resigned last week after a justice department report but protesters say that is not enough. >> what we want is an overhaul of the system, the the court
5:34 pm
system the the judicial system. >> black lives matter, and all lives matter to me. >> reporter: peaceful candle light vigil was held thursday night. police watched from the distance without riot gear. >> trying to deescalate things. >> reporter: with demonstrators promised to go return authorities are revising tactics, they are moving barricade closer to the street to put more distance between police and protesters. president obama talk about the shooting of the two officers with late night talk show host jim i kimmel. >> whoever fired those shots shouldn't detract from the issue, but they are criminals. they need to be arrested. >> reporter: so far six officials in ferguson have resigned since the justice department a announced it had found widespread racial bias n ferguson missouri, craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". isis is spanning from the middle east to west africa. the extremist group is teaming up with terrorist in nigeria, isis has accepted a pledge of
5:35 pm
allegiance from the nigerian terror group boca horam. they killed about 2,000 people last year. they are also blamed for last years kidnapping of hundreds of school girls, most of them christian. security analyst say joining forces gives the isis group a boost. >> here in this struggle with al qaeda for leadership of the global glee had movement and now they just got one of the most important terror groups in the world, one of the largest, 10,000 fighters, to sign up with them. >> reporter: experts say the new a alliance with isis could give boca horam more money and recruits to attack the west. we're having problems on i-95 today. we will start off first right on i-95 right around the betsy ross bridge where we have a lot of residual delays here in the southbound lanes because of this incident right here this accident, with police activity on the scene. just actually crossed over and they had all lanes blocked off for the time being. so we're going to see a lot of delays behind this incident on the southbound lanes right
5:36 pm
here after the betsy ross bridge. elsewhere on i-95 right around 420 in the southbound lanes as well is there a disable vehicles here. you can see some right here in the bottom corner of the screen. some up here as well. really slow going by that scene. out in kensington, we are still dealing with a sink hole problem. so, that is on east ontario street near c street. you want to take allegheny avenue or east tioga street to get on by. now, on i-95 northbound a lot of problems on i-95 today. at route 452 another crash pushed over into the shoulder. out in new jersey on 295 north bound right around 561 there is a disable reek will blocking a lane. that is a heavy traffic area around this time. the pottstown on 422 eastbound at pennsylvania 724, is there another crash there and our travel times everything is still pretty slow. a lot of problems on i-95 southbound and from the vine street expressway to the blue route that will take you 26 minutes. fourteen minutes on 202 into oaks. now jessica, back into you. still to come on "eyewitness news" another general motors recall.
5:37 pm
why gm is concerned about carbon monoxide issues with the high tech hybrid cars. plus it has been two years since it's lex of pope francis. we will take a look back at that historic day and examine the effect he has had aro
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there was a new report out that said women lag behind men when it comes to salaries. >> policy group said women working full-time earn 78 cents to every dollar men make. there are efforts to change that, but new research shows that it will take 43 years for men and women to be paid the same across the u.s. the institute for women's policy research projections florida will close that gender gap first in 2038, and wyoming will be last in 2159. well, general motors is recalling the chevy volt tonight, the car maker says the volt is so quite that it people are forget to go turn it off. that can cause a build up of carbon monoxide if the vehicle its park in the garage. gm is offering a free software update that will automatically shut the car off fit has been idle for more than 90 minutes.
5:41 pm
as "eyewitness news" celebrate, 50 years, we're taking a look back at some significant moments. on this date, in 2013, the world watched and waited for the announcement of a new pope. newly elect pope francis stepped out on the balance conn toy address a crowd packed into st. peters square at the age of 76. cardinals from argentina became first pontiff from the america toss lead the roman catholic church. with the humility that is reinvigorated the church pope francis will be in philadelphia a, this summer for the world meeting of families. and over these first two years the popularity of pope francis has reached what one analyst called rock star status. >> but as pat ciarrocchi reports tonight the the third year of his papacy could be pivotal toll for his legacy and the church. >> reporter: wearing symbolic purple of penance pope francis begins the third year of his
5:42 pm
papacy calling for a holy year of mercy. it is a call that fits the francis style. >> francis's rhetoric on mercy, compassion and all of that, i think it rest mates because of who he is. people look at him and they see a merciful compassionate man. >> reporter: john, a veteran journalist covering the vatican has watch closely the dynamic of this papacy. >> rock star pope takes the world by storm. he is utterly revitalized the fortunes of the catholic church. i think in many ways that is his signature accomplishment over these to years. >> reporter: yet year three may test him. peeling back layers on vatican financial reform on holding bishops accountable for clergy sexual abuse and families that are not traditional. tjcusick is eager to hear francis in philadelphia. >> family life and what does that look like, the best way to connect people's faith. >> reporter: preparing for the world meeting of families, the
5:43 pm
archbishop paulea of the vatican sees the francis effect imply. >> pope francis is fan has particular. >> reporter: report on his first u.s. visit francis is said to be nerve bus speaking english. >> whatever his limits in english may be it has in the stop him from having a 90 percent a travel rating. >> reporter: more proof of that may ab tend answer where 2 million people are expect to attend. pat ciarrocchi, cw. three "eyewitness news". and, of course, we have the latest on the poach's upcoming trip to philadelphia in september just head to cbs and click on the papal visit tab. still to come on "eyewitness news" a new high tech way to make sure that your dietes simple. >> sound great. we will show you how this necklace can keep from you eating too much. we will be right
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right now we're just waiting for the rain. eyewitness weather watchers
5:47 pm
are saying yes, clouds are here, we know rain is coming tonight but if you are going out this evening as long as you get home by midnight you will be okay. after that rain will be coming in. you can see areas of south jersey temperatures mainly in the 40's and reporting a temperature of 48 degrees, with no wind. the wind is calm. the lets zoom into our suburbs here and we will go to the ridley park area where temperature is 49 degrees. jim reporting in relative humidity of 27 percent. barometric pressure is falling. an indication that a storm is on its the way. we will go out to the suburbs near downingtown where temperature is 44 degrees. right now nathan is saying relative humidity is low and then rising. we have cloud pretty much every where. you can see right the new through our sky scan three we are sitting a at campbell's field looking across the delaware. still cloud out there rain not that far away. this system has had a lot of moisture. i want to show you our water
5:48 pm
vapor imagery. do you see blue? that is moisture with the rain moving toward the delaware valley. it is tapping in the gulf of mexico. you can see that contour the red, it is warm down there. ocean water temperatures are quite warm this time of the year and it is all spewing toward the north. that will drop warm, moist air. we have a lot of rain and we have temperatures that are going to be mild as well. some locations getting close to 60 degrees tomorrow. right now, 46 in philadelphia. thirty-six in the poconos. down to the south we have 40's, 50's and 60's little bit more seasonal then we saw last week. our storm pulls up moisture from the south. it is a saturday soaker with high temperatures well in the 50's, to the south of philadelphia and southern delaware, south jersey, could top off at 60. then we will see this push on through. rain really tapers off late in the day sunday we have got a cool high pressure system building in and difference in pressure between that departing storm and fair weather high pressure will create some wind. wind gusting to 30 miles an
5:49 pm
hour for your sunday which is our philadelphia st. patrick's day parade. future rain amounts showing .8 of an inch of rain in philadelphia, an inch in lancaster. so generally between i'd say three-quarters of an inch to inch of rain expect across the delaware valley. overnight clouds and rain. low temperature is 40. not so cool around here. tomorrow in the city 57. the rain heavier in the morning and then becoming more showery late in the day. for the parade on sunday and we will kick it off at 1:00. temperatures 50. we will see the sun. we will see windy conditions as well. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast, sunday 51. monday temperatures rise again to 57, tuesday for st. patrick's day 52. wild and windy on wednesday high of only 47 and thursday partly sunny, 50 and then by friday, still a chill high temperature of 48, moth their reminding us it is still march. that is the seven day. now back to the news desk.
5:50 pm
on the healthwatch dieters could have a high tech way to keep track of what they eat. this diet necklace has a sensor that uses vibration toss measure when you are eating and drinking. it tells users how quickly they ate and give suggestions for when you miss a meal. researchers say necklace is up to 90 percent accurate. the device is expect to be available later this year. hitting theaters this week a new spin on the classic tail and only a action thriller. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight has more on the movies new in theaters this weekend. >> reporter: this week the classic fairy tail cinderella gets new life on the big screen and liam neeson is back in action as a hit man out to save his son in run all night. >> i'm the best answer you've got. >> reporter: when he crosses his old boss least am neeson and his boss to have survived the night and although he is men for playing tough guy these days, it is all part of the job. >> it is good to act that
5:51 pm
stuff. you normally are not in life. that is pretend. that is the name of the game. hollywood seems to see me in a different light. as long as my knees hold up i'll keep doing them. >> tell everyone to keep doing them. >> my fairy god mother. >> reporter: in cinderella fairy tail world looks like magic on screen but it can take serious work to dance at the ball with the prince. >> we have so many rehearsals that we finally got to it. it was really hard to do in the dress but aside from that there was a couple times we dit right from the beginning to the end and my breath was like up here, and corsets but it felt like falling in love, but it was staring into his eyes, it was nice. >> it was remarkable. they were like olympians and they made it look effortless. they were all inn expiring.
5:52 pm
>> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier new back to you in the studio. >> kevin, thank you. for all of the latest news from hollywood you can watch entertainment tonight every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. still ahead on "eyewitness news" helping students. >> we will show you how catholic school alumni are making sure that local students can afford a better education.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
for 26 years the alumni of saint thomas moore high school have have marched in the philadelphia st. patrick's day parade and this sunday, they will be back on the parkway. >> the golden bears are pretty special group. their own school has been closed for decade now but they are still making a difference for the next generation of catholic school students. cardinal o'hara high cool in springfield delaware county 1,110 students strong many afford their tuition with the help of financial aid.
5:56 pm
>> it is critical. we are talking about right new between 30, 40 percent of the students could not come here if it wasn't for some degree of aid. >> reporter: it comes from a variety of sources, none more unique then the the alumni association of saint thomas more more catholic boys high school. tommy more more dude for 39 years at the corner of forty-seventh and wyalose nothing west philadelphia from 1936 to 1975, 5,000 boys roamed its halls. >> it was a mixture of irish, italian, african-american, german students. we were all treated equally. the it was a special place. >> reporter: is what left of tommy moore is in the the bear layer at cardinal owe half a a room where tommy more more alumni get together a amid their schools rich history. they are a loyal bunch. for 40 years they have devoted their financial resource toes help provide for catholic students. >> we have already given away 905 you this dollars toward catholic education. >> reporter: that money is awarded in annual scholarships
5:57 pm
from five hundred to $2,500 each. they have benefiting students like other harrah senior brian shawn see. >> i'm one of five, and catholic education is kind of hard. it is nice to have that relief from saint tommy moore. >> reporter: o'hara's sheen an has received a tommy moore scholarship during her freshman sophomore and now junior years. >> it is thousand dollars off of my tuition each year. it helps mize family a lot. >> reporter: tommy moore alumni keep going strong, despite helling few fundraisers and receiving no corporate help they expect to surpass the the one million-dollar mark in giving since april. raising a million-dollar is an extraordinary accomplish; how has it been done. >> mostly the mom and pop individuals with the small checks. >> reporter: it is a remarkable legacy for a school that is more than just a memory. >> the school may be gone but the spirit of tommy moore is alive and strong and it will continue. it is unbelievable. very inspiring story.
5:58 pm
>> look for tommy moore during the the st. patrick's day parade this sunday. join me, kathy orr and kate by low for the broadcast that kicks off at 1:00 o'clock on the cw philly. watch it streaming on cbs if you missed the parade sunday we will have have an encore broadcast on st. patrick's day at 9:00 o'clock tuesday morning right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" 59:00. now at 6:00 an emotional scene on the streets of philadelphia as officers gathered to march in honor of their fallen comrade we're live as family and friend prepare to say good bye to office are robert wilson. also tonight the search for a killer, a man out walking his doggies shot and left to die on the streets. the tonight neighbors talk about the man that they knew. kathy? in weather we're talking about a weekend storm a rain storm, that will elevate some streams and creeks and will slow you down on area roads. we will talk about how much rain to expect and when it all moves out to save at least
5:59 pm
part of the weekend. plus a local woman was told that she may never recover from the traumatic brain injury she suffered after an accident health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how this woman beat the odds and how she's giving hope to other patients. >> ♪ right now at 6:00 o'clock a somer with show of solidarity, in honor of a fallen hero. philadelphia police gathered to solute one of their own. officer robert wilson the third. but the police veteran was kill in the line of duty just over a week ago. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. police officers join officer wilson's family for the the first of two public viewings he will be laid to rest tomorrow. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live in west philadelphia with more on today's emotional tribute walt.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: jessica, even beyond the mayor police commissioner fellow officers, there were quite simply neighbors and resident who have come here for the viewing for this murdered officer. when a police officer like robert wilson the third is killed in the line of duty it tears at very heart and fabric of the city and right now sadness is focused at this west philadelphia funeral home as viewing moves forward. escorted by a motorcycle, drill team honor guard family members arrived hugging outside of the viewing as a silent blue line of police, paid tribute to murdered officer robert wilson the third. >> it just takes time to heel. there are in word that can instantly take away the pain that they feel right new. >> reporter: wilson was gunned down march 5th by 2 accused killers inside a north philadelphia game stop store where the officer had gone to buy a present for one of his two young sons who had just


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