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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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might fill in again little bit. around inch of rain expected for us. it started already. you can see, as we take a look at the streets in philadelphia, that they are all lit up on the ground, because of the reflection of the rain that is out there. also know, with all of those potholes we have, it is very hard to see a pothole especially, in the dark. and specially when it is filled with water. soap, just be careful when you drive around, because you will be encountering those. we have 37 degrees, this is the temperature out at the palmyra cove nature park in new jersey, and you can see that the lights of philadelphia are tamped down little bit. that's just because of the low temperature and the rain. now, storm scan3 showing the areas of rain, the freezing rain advisory, has been allowed to expire, up in the poconos, there could still be few stubborn pockets for maybe another hour or so. that would be it. and mostly it is the warmer air moved in. the heavier rain moved in, so the threat of freezing rain in the poconos basically, has ended. now, we do have the rain all over the area, temperatures,
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40 degrees right now out at the airport in philadelphia, 37 trenton, 38 degrees in wilmington. the poconos getting down to 33 at this point wildwood, 45. visibility are reduced too just half mile through lancaster, .8 in reading 3 miles worth of visibility through philadelphia. our temperatures today warming up, late in the day, we should be seeing these temperatures getting into the middle 50's, we will be finding the rain, though, on and off as we go through the day, so expect slow warm up by noon 47 degrees, with the rain in the area. but eventual high temperature getting into the mid ooh ace. nicole? >> carol, thank you. >> well, friends family, and members of the community, will gather today to remember the life of philadelphia police officer, robert wilson. this is live look for you at 30th and jfk in center sit where a hurst caring officer wilson's body will arrive. he will then be placed on horse-drawn casen. from here procession will begin headed toward university city that procession wraps up
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at the campus of the university of pennsylvania at the palestra. the live look for you. mourners can pay their respects at a viewing beginning at 7:00. funeral is services set to begin at 10:30. viewing was held last night as well. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt was there as mourners gathered pay their respects to a fallen hero. >> as night began to fall, officer robert wilson's patrol car sat out in front of this west philadelphia funeral home, where thousands came to say good-bye. >> when i seen it on the news, like i cried. i cried. >> robin never met the 30 year old father of two. but she told "eyewitness news" she was compelled to come out tonight to honor him. >> he deserves it. i didn't even have to know him. he deserves it. >> procession of hundreds every police officers in several states wait in the line to pay their respects to wilson's family, who sat outside before going in the funeral home. >> like i just said to his grandmother, she just gained 7,000 additional family members. >> wilson died after trying to
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stop an armed robbery at this game stop last thursday. wilson was buying a game for his son when detective say brother carlton hips and ramon williams came in and tried to rob the place. >> he sacrificed his life for others. we deserve to pay him respect. >> eagles head coach chip kelly, even stopped by. he dropped off assigned football for wilson's ten year olson. >> leaving two young boys behind. 110 year old that not had enough time with his dad but a one year old that will never really have any real memories of him. that's taj glike commissioner ramsey told "eyewitness news" last night in his seven years as the commissioner of philadelphia police, he has lost eight officers under his watch, killed in the line of duty. david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> viewing for officer wilson will take place at 7:00 this morning. funeral services begin at 10:30, pastel interest south
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33rd street. we'll shall stream that service as it happens on our website more on breaking news this morning, this is all that remains of three-story home in kensington, after it collapsed on itself. this is new video just back from the scene. now, we're told 43 year old resident had to be rescued from the rubble there. he was taken to temple hospital, and we are working to get more information on his condition. new this morning house fire in the logan section of philadelphia sends a man to the hospital. flames broke out shortly after 3:00 on the 1500 block every west tioga street. forty-nine year old resident was taken to einstein with burns and suffered from smoke inhalation. there is no word yet on his condition, investigators are working to determine the cause. well, one person was rushed to the hospital, from this fire, in the kensington section of the city. flames broke out shortly after midnight on the 3,000 block of
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rosehill street. it took firefighters just minutes to gain the upper hand. the cause of the fire is being investigated. the victim was taken to temple hospital. we are working to get more information on their injuries. philadelphia police are asking for the public's help to capture serial robbery suspect in the northeast. our natasha brown with more on this one man crime wave. a frightening encounter for a store employee at this little ceasar's in the 5600 block of rising sun avenue. surveillance video captures the man walking in, trying to rob the place. >> scary for her. >> mia is the manager and says she was in the back of the pizza shop during the robbery. her employee was -- able able to open the cash register. she said the suspect left. >> saying ultimately i am going to hurt you and says can i not get the manager. who k then another guy came n then he gets hurt and he just left. >> this image one of eight robberies taking place between february 23rd to march 10th,
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police say in each of the these cases the suspect hands over a threatening note demanding money. officers also believe all of these incidents involved the same suspect. >> it is very unfortunate. because i work hard for my money, you know, when i am coming here to get a treat for my children. i am not looking to be rob or somebody to take from me what i work so hard for. >> this rite aid east allegheny avenue, burger king, and cvs just block apart along rising sun. a pay less shoe store on east hunting park avenue. all recent targets for this suspect. >> it is wide and open and i wouldn't even imagine something like that right here. >> surveillance video from each location is giving northeast detectives a clear view of the suspects' face, and the exchange that ultimately leads to the robberies. no one has been injured in any of these robberies but police are concerned with how frequently they've been happening. they are worried things may escalate. if you have any information about this suspect please, contact police, right away. at northeast detectives, natasha brown cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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well, people in overbrook are remembering a neighbor who was shot and killed while out walking his dog. dozens turned out for a candlelight vigil their dogs on the 6400 block of woodcrest avenue. that's where police say 51 year old james stallman was killed around 8:30 thursday night. neighbors say stallman usually takes his young daughter and their lab-doodle on nightly walk. fortunately that night his daughter was not with him. >> just a man making his way through life trying to provide for his family, doing nothing but walking his dog. and i think that's what inspired me today. like we can't be afraid to go out and wage. we have to be able to walk our dogs, we have to live in our commune i i said let's go walk dogs tonight guys. we got pretty good response. >> the search continues for the gunman, robbery does not appear to be the motive for that killing. police say stallman still had his wallet on him and he was caring cash. >> well, vehicular homicide charges are filed against a south jersey mom. authorities say she was texting on her cell phone when she crashed into an utility
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pole, killing her 11 year old daughter. here's "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan. >> reporter: a white cross marks the spot where 11 year old megan ferguson died in a crash last year. police say her mother kristin williams was driving a pick-up truck on route 47 in middle township when she went off the road and hit an utility pole. little morgan was ejected and killed. this week police charged williams with vehicular homicide saying she was texting when the crash happened. >> no comment. >> morgan's aunt and father say they're too upset to talk about morgan's death and the new charges. >> any thoughts you can share with us at all? >> not at this moment. okay? too soon. >> state police say williams charges highly a scary and pervasive pattern, distract the driving. >> you're supposed to be focused on the road. unfortunately when you are distract the you're taking your focus offer the road and putting on something else which we don't want you to do. >> the national highway traffic safety administration says each year more than 3,000 people are killed and 400,000
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people are injured because of distracted driving. >> williams was charged and released and there is no date for her next court appearance. many in cape may county will be thinking of morgan, as police agencies observe april as distracted driving awareness month. >> just don't want to see anything happen to your child or somebody else or a loved one. so you need to make sure to focus your attention on the glowed? middle township, cleve bryan cbs-3, "eyewitness news". 6:09 right now. the weekends is getting off to a very wet start. carol comes back to tell us when we'll see the heaviest rain and when the storm will move on out. also ahead the pope revealing some surprising thoughts. how long he thinks he'll serve as pope. and the one thing woe like to do in the future without being recognized. and women still lag behind men when it comes to salaries. coming up, more on new study that says america won't close the gender wage gap for another 43 years. we'll be right back.
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>> the military says a new jersey man was among the marines killed in a blackhawk helicopter crash off the florida panhandle. he's identified as captain stanford henry shaw of basking ridge, somerset county. seven special forces marines and four louisianna guardsmen were aboard that chopper. salvage crews hoisted the wreckage from the bay on
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friday. investigators say the chopper went down in dense fog, during a training mission tuesday night. the cause that far crash is still being investigated. >> well, some surprising new revelations from pope francis in a new tv interview. it comes as as he marks the second anniversary of his papacy. now, francis says he's enjoyed his first two years as pope, but he doesn't think he'll be in the job for more than five years. he said, quote, it is like the psychology of the gambler who convinces himself he will lose, so he won't be disappointed, and if he wins, is happy. the holy father also said he would one day like to be able to go out and get pizza without getting recognized. of course there is a loft good pizza here in philadelphia, and we certainly hope the pope gets some during his visit for the world meeting of families this fall. the pope will take part in the celebration of family live on saturday september 26th. and he'll celebrate mass on sunday september 27th. both events will be held on the parkway and are expected to draw millions. >> we've got more on the
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pope's upcoming trip to philadelphia, just head to our website cbs philly. com. click on the papal visit tab. >> a dreary day, a day to stay in bed but that doesn't mean that our weather watchers are because they're out working for us. we've got weather watch he is out there this morning, we are looking at 39 degrees temperature. this is what robin is finding out in mt. laurel. she's already pick up third of an inch every rain, and makes the very wise comment that snow in the yard is finally gone. and that is a day to rejoice. and i think it will be gone in just about every single location. 38 degrees temperature right now, just little bit to the north, this is ed connor, he has pick up .15 of an inch of rain, will be getting more, he said rain, rain, rain, for pi day. notice that? mathematical concept. that's the ratio of a circle circumference to its diameter, and that's 3.1415, tan goes on forever, but that's also happens to be the date today.
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so, we are looking for a nice pi day but manage to app a -- eat a couple pieces of it, as well. eileen murray, her comment in gilbertsville, dreary, chilly morning. that pretty much sums it up. let's head over and find out what else we find outside when we take a look at a picture. notice the fog is out there as well. so, you have got the reduced visibility from the rain, and also the fog building into the area. we have 37 degrees, this is out at the palmyra cove nature park. city of philadelphia little hard to make out taller building just because of the fog that we're finding out there this morning. and the rain, storm scan3 showing, plenty of that rain out there. we have no shortage of it, we're going to be watching for this all day long, couple of breaks likely, in the afternoon, and spot or two then fills in with rain again. so, expect to find about inch of rainout of this. temperatures right now, 40 in philadelphia, 37 trenton, 38 wilmington, in the four's, mid 40's, going to the south. we have temperatures that are in the middle to maybe upper
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30's, as you head to the north. now, this low pressure system today bringing these temperatures well into the 50's, we will be 55 degrees, at least probably, today. but with that rain, it will feel cooler and dreary than sunny 55 would. tomorrow, will be right about 50 degrees. we will be pessimistic and say 49 here. and the winds gusting 30 miles an hour, and i think they could even gust maybe little bit higher than that. then, by monday, high pressure is in just the right spot. as you head back to work and school. find real nice day. so, you can look long out the window at temperatures in the 50's with sunshine monday. future weather not a thousand percent right at this point. so when it is not right to start with, we have to say maybe it is not going to be right next time out either. but assume that it is, by 10:00 o'clock, it has got some of the heavier pockets every rain which i think are probably guaranteed, by 1:00 it would like like to dry
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out some spots. and then it bridges in little more rain, and then it bridges in little more rain. but still keeps few areas where it is not raining. and by 10:00 11:00 tonight start to see the final push of precipitation, through new jersey by 3:00 in the morning, it is out of here. and we've got fairly nice overnight after that. the clouds will start to thin out little bit. few clouds around here tomorrow. but mostly it is going to be the winds you remember on sunday along with the parade. but it will be a windy day tomorrow, as we completely dry out, and any snow that was left should be completely washed away. even those dark piles of snow in the parking lots, they should also be gone by monday. on they better be. we have temperatures that will be in the 50's today rainfall amounts, that will be close to an inch, anywhere from three quarters to maybe 1 inch of rain today. so this is pretty decent soaker, we have temperatures all over the area, and all over the place, 48 in the poconos, 55 at the shore 56 degrees as you head through
6:18 am
the philadelphia area, with our winds today pretty quiet. only about 5 miles an hour, but tonight they start a little bit after pick up. still some of those early showers, so keep the umbrella at the ready make sure your pets are also kept dry in this soaking rain today. and tomorrow, looks like better day, with the leprochan out there the parade, it should and lot of fun even with the windy conditions out there, at least it will be bright. we have temperatures over the next few days that are easy to like. 58 degrees on monday, monday looks like terrific day. tuesday, 52 degrees, for the real saint patrick's day. wednesday, 46. thursday 50 degrees. friday 48 degrees. we vote that we like this week haven't we, nicole? >> i approve carol. i don't approve of the next story. i think you'll agree with me. apparently women lag behind men when it comes to salariesment policy group says women working full time earn about 78 cents to every dollar men make. lauren with new research when that gap will close entirely.
6:19 am
>> reporter: the president talked about it in his state of the union address. >> congress still needs to pass a law that makes sure a woman is paid the same as man for doing the same work. >> reporter: patricia arquet talked about it in her oscar speech, and later on cbs this morning. >> we are not living in the ozzie harriet world where the male is the provider. we have to change with the times. women can't wait any more. >> reporter: but new research shows women may have to wait quite awhile. to get equal pay. the institute for women's million siree search predict it will take 43 years until men and women are paid the same across the us. but when looked at state by state, the numbers vary significantly. the report projects florida will be the first to close the gap, in 2038. wyoming will be the last, in 144 years. cbs news business analyst, jill schlessinger, says there are many reasons why it is
6:20 am
taking so long. >> jill: many women pop late low paying fields. so we know that. we also know that women are actually not entering the fastest growth fields that require science, technology, engineering, and math degrees in great numbers. >> reporter: schlessinger also says countries with smaller pay gaps have generous built in benefits, like robust childcare, state subsidized maternity lever. lauren, new york. >> all right, 6:20 right now. and it is a new spin on a classic tail. cinderella is out in theatres right now. coming up next, we'll hear from the stars of this new movie. stay with us we'll be right back.
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jim: it's a bad idea to assess children this way. it takes away the joy of learning in a classroom, which was one of the reasons we all became teachers - to see the bright look on their face when you finally got them. ros: it's those years where we had that teacher who gave us a little extra, who spent a little bit more time with us, who made us stay after school, who kept calling our parent. a standardized test is one of the weakest ways to assess student learning and student
6:22 am
knowledge. jim: it's detrimental. standardized testing is sucking the air out of classrooms.
6:23 am
judge live action adaptation of center ella. story stays true to disney's 1950 animated version. but as suzanne marquette reports, the fairytale is getting a modern day make over. >> cinderella comes to life in the new action movie based on the disney animated classic. >> lilly james steps into cinderella a glass slippers. seeing her grow up, you get the sense of why she is how she is. >> blanket place cinderella
6:24 am
stepmother. she said all of the charge remembers dealing with flaws. >> that's the sad tragic thing, stepmother and cinderella connect through the grief. actually makes them competitors. >> my father -- >> richard says his prince charming meets -- needs cynder an ella as much as he needs her. >> believe me. they are looking at you. >> 2,000 lit candles, 600 actors bees dancers for visually spectacular ball. >> there was so much energy in the room, so many endorphins swirling around, plus a lot of people in corsets all of these beautiful dresses, it was a huge, huge operation. but very exciting. >> bran off said the night at the ball delivers only a fairytale can. >> suzanne mark quest, cbs news. >> coming up in the next half hour we are continuing our coverage of the funeral of
6:25 am
philadelphia officer wilson. services are preparing to get underway as well. plus this. >> long road, but quitting won't speed it up. >> a local woman was given a grim prognosis after suffering a life changing injury. but she didn't give up. still ahead how her amazing recovery from traumatic brain injury is giving new hope to other patient. we'll be back.
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>> saying good-bye to a fallen hero. officer wilson will be laid to rest today. right now a procession is underway. live picture for you. you can see officers in beginning to pay their final respects to that officer who lost his life in the line of duty. also, this morning, storm scan3, is tracking heavy rain all across our area. carol is tracking the latest, and she'll be along to tell us what we can expect for our saturday. it is march 14th, good morning to you thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. just about 6:30 here, again we send it over to carol for more on the rain that's not likely getting out of here any time soon, carol. >> no, but you know what, no complaints here. >> it is not snow. >> it is not snow. and it is above freezing. and that's good news, and after the went their we've seen, and the weekend we've seen, i think we've had one
6:29 am
weekends, last weekends, we didn't have to deal with precipitation. every other weekends for i can't even remember how long back we've had to deal with t but this is an easier form of it, it is rain, we could be finds being an inch every rainout of t temperatures now 41 degrees. which is mild enough. that's through center city philadelphia. notice, we do have some reduced visibility, however little harder to see the bridge out there, with the rain and the fog. and same deal down in rehoboth beach, the board walk is wet there. the boardwalk reflecting all of that light from the lights above. but buoy tell you it is an empty morning out there. and for every good reason, with the rain. you can see on storm scan3, there is no reason even to zoom in on an area. it is green everywhere, kelly green, yes or eagles green or whatever kind of green you like, but it is green out there which means that we've got rain over the entire area. all of pennsylvania, delaware, new jersey, everybody just soaked. 40 degrees right now in philadelphia, 37 in trenton 38 degrees in wilmington, it is at the freezing mark in the poconos. so even though the freezing
6:30 am
rain advisory has expired up there, with those temperatures dropping and rain coming down just make sure you're very, very careful, in case there is a pocket of freezing rainout there. forty-five in wildwood, 46 atlantic city, and 34 in doylestown, 36 degrees in quakertown. now, our temperatures today will be warming up. but it might be later on in the afternoon when we see that 56 degrees temperature. i think generally we can be expect to go find some rain showers, as we go through the day, they may lessen little bit as we move on through the afternoon hours but we do have the rain that's going to be coming, and then leaving and leaving us with a very windy day tomorrow, we will talk about all of it coming up. nicole? >> carol, thank you. well, it is a somber saturday here in philadelphia. as the community gathers to remember the life of philadelphia police officer robert wilson, killed in the line every duty. this is new video just in from 30th and jfk where a horse-drawn casen caring the body of officer wilson ghana procession headed toward university city. somber march across the rain
6:31 am
slicked streets of center city, accompanied by the sounds of drumming. this is their next destination, university city. mourners will begin paying their respects inside the palestra in about 30 minutes funeral services follow at 10:30 this morning. well, police officers from around the country were part of the thousands of mourners in west philadelphia yesterday. they gathered to pay theirs cents cents at a viewing where they met with officer wilson's grieving family. the 30 year old leaves behind two children, and community grateful for his years of service. police commissioner charles ramsey spoke with "eyewitness news". >> he is leaving two young boys behind, 110 year old that not had enough time with his dad but one year old that will never even really have any real memories of him. and that's tragic. it is a shame. just these things just shouldn't happen. >> eagles coach chip kelly was among those paying respects, he brought assigned football to give to officer wilson's ten year old son. that will ceremonial gesture, officers wilson's patrol car
6:32 am
was park outside the funeral home. also, show of support for officer wilson's family in the mayfair neighborhood. officers from wilson's home district the 22nd district sold t-shirts at frank forwards and cottman with proceeds going to the wilson family. >> well, once again viewing for officer wilson will take place at 7:00 this morning the funeral services begin at 10:30 at the palestra on south 33 street. we will be stream that service as it happens on our website >> the widow of man fatally shot by bridgeton police during traffic stop is suing the city for more than a million dollars. jerome read's death captured on police dash cam video december 30th. the federal lawsuit also names the two police officers involved as defendants. read's widow says the officers violated her husband's rights to be free from an unreasonable seizure and excessive use of force. the shooting is under investigation. well now $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the gunman who shot
6:33 am
two police officers in ferguson missouri. the manhunt is on as the protesters continue to gather in the city torn by racial tensions. they want the mayor to resign there. the two police officers were shot during a protest in front of police headquarters wednesday. they are both expected to recover. >> we're in that house at the time we've had several leads since then, can i not tell you at this point that arrest is imminent. there is certainly nobody in custody. >> the protests are spark by the fatal police shooting of michael brown last august. several city officials have since resigned. well, isis is expanding from the middle east to west africa. the extremist group is teaming one terrorists in nigeria. isis has accepted a pledge of allegiance from the group boko haram. killed about 10,000 people last year, and are blame for last year's kidnapping of hundreds of school girls most of them christians. security analysts say joining forces gives the isis group a boost.
6:34 am
>> they're in this struggle with al quaida for the jihad movement. now they've just got one of the most important terrorist groups in the world, one of the largest 10,000 fighters to sign up with them. >> now, experts say the new alliance with isis could give boko haram more money and recruits to attack the west. it is 6:34 right now. no deal on bankruptcy judge has put the sale of atlantic sit ace revel casino on hold. judge gloria burns said she doesn't have the jurisdiction to approve the $82 million sale to florida developer glenn straub. all because several as peck that far sale remain on appeal. straub will now smith a motion asking burns to reconsider her decision. the $2.4 billion hotel and casino shutdown in september. well, general motors is recalling the chevy volt. the car maker says the volt is so quiet that people are actually forget to go turn it off. now, that can cause a dangerous build up of carbon monoxide if a vehicle is parked inside a garage. gm is offering a free software
6:35 am
update that will automatically shut the car off if it idols more than 09 minutes. on the cbs-3 health watch this morning, there is growing awareness and concern about traumatic brain injuries. we see 1.7 million a year here in the united states. well, today brain injury patients families, and doctors, gathered in philadelphia. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on how many were inspired by one woman. >> reporter: candice is back to training for try at long as swimming, biking, running on routine ride in chester county ten years ago where she was in a accident that left her with a severe traumatic brain injury. >> had very little hope that i was going to recover. >> reporter: her family was told if she lived she would probably have severe limitations. >> to remove a piece of her skull. >> reporter: penn neurosurgeon, who treated candies, said quick treatment gets part of the yesterday. >> i we don't know to be honest with you why she is --
6:36 am
has had such a dramatic recovery and others have not. >> reporter: says while still many unknowns with the brain research led to important advances, many were shared at this minds your brain conference at penn which was coordinated by candice. >> it is a real mission and passion for me, to be able to connect resources with brain injury survivors. there is a gap between actual in-patient rehabilitation, and your ability to get help outside of that environment. >> reporter: she says after the initial treatment she had trouble finding help with things like member rip this conference is aimed at making those connections. >> quite frankly for us here what we could do better. >> so you're in training now? >> beating incredibly bad odds candice, 57 now still competing. >> do you feel lucky? >> i do. i feel blessed that i have a second chance. >> reporter: candice told me recovering from her traumatic brain injury was a long and difficult journey. she wants people to know, there is hope, and help, for
6:37 am
patients struggling with neurological issues. we have that information for you, click on health. i'll also put it on facebook and twitter. stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and still ahead on "eyewitness news" get ready to meet some special dancers who will be strutting their stuff in this weekend's saint patrick's day parade. it is a great story. we'll have that coming up next. also heavy rain across our region, we will tell you how long it will last, and when it will be heaviest here in our area. we'll be right back.
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>> we see the casket of robert wilson possessing through the street of university city. the horse-drawn casen has arrived at the palestra. >> once again, viewing for officer wilson, will take place at 7:00 this morning. the funeral begins at 10:30 at the palestra, south 33rd street. we will be stream that service as it happens on our website somber day, here in philadelphia. it is 6:40 right now. many soup kitchens, non-profits, offer free classes where talented artists creating meaningful works of art. now one company is helping homeless and disabled artist sell their works. kylie atwood has that story. >> art is what i do opposed to taking a drink. art is what i do opposed to, you know, getting high.
6:41 am
>> drug and alcohol addiction lets kimberly williams homeless for about nine years. >> i was going to experiment. i love to experiment. >> then she revived her childhood passion in a free art class at a dc soup kitchen. and now, she is selling her work on a website called art lifting. >> i saw that need within the community, to earn their own income and build confidence. >> liz powers is the co-founder of art lifting, a company connecting homeless, and disabled artist toss art entheusiasts. >> after scott brenner lost his job in the steel industry, medical bills put him on the street. then, he found art lifting send me an e-mail, sends me some of your artwork. >> he is got his own home, owned his own art show on boston's newberry street. >> almost feel like a little kid who broke a window andrew too much attention to himself. geez, these pictures i drew ... >> but they are more than just pictures. >> my dream for my art is to
6:42 am
hopefully be shown in some more galleries. >> art lifting already raised profile of 70 artists selling their work on its website. powers hopes to attract more artists, and grow art lifting into a well-known source for art with a purpose. kylie atwood, cbs news, boston. well, the philadelphia saint patrick's day parade is tomorrow. and many of the groups marching are practicing for the big day. of course that includes some very special young dancers from the northeast. our kate bilo has their story. >> reporter: this is one every grace mccann's favorite things. >> love being with the other girls. loves the music. dance something great activity for her. >> grace has downe syndrome. >> this class at the kel particular flame school giving her and other special needs kids the chance to learn irish dancing. chrissy is the school's owner had he daughter also has downe syndrome. >> watching them grow, the best part, i mean, my daughter started at 18 points. she had a walker.
6:43 am
and she was just bouncing to the music on her bouncer. >> christine nicole's daughter he will a started at 19 months olds. >> i think good physical therapy for them, really good for following directions, like one of the main things i think we all want to do as parents get our children involved in structured environment. >> chrissy asks older student don't pair with them as buddies and mentors. what's the best part about it? >> i just like the smile on their face, i think like very heartwarming. >> the older girls perform every year in the parade. but for the first time this year, the dancers from chrissy's most special class will also be in the parade. riding on afloat. >> are you going to do that in the parade? >> yes. >> you are going to wave? >> yes. >> look at this. >> yes. >> and dance? >> and hug. >> and snug. >> ya. >> you love hugs? >> ya. >> hugs and maybe even a little dancing on that float. kate bilo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> oh, just want to give her a big hug. so cute.
6:44 am
so precious. have a great time at the parade, of course, that parade is happening tomorrow, and you can see live at 1:00 on our sister station the "cw philly". also streaming live, on our website but hey, if you miss it, not to worry. we will have encore broadcast right here on cbs-3 on saint patrick's day itself. that's tuesday morning at 9:00. hey, speaking every saint pat's festivities take a look at the fawn ton here in savannah georgia. the parade committee held their annual greening of the fountain on friday. it all kicks off four days worth of celebrations, marking saint patrick's day. there you go. it is green. almost time. and there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday, anthony mason and vanita my err join us from new york with a preview hey guys. >> good morning. coming up it is sam quintin versus silicone valley. how prisoners are being trained to become programers. a job that pays them more than the average american earns. >> then tomorrow is the day
6:45 am
millions have been waiting for. we will preview the release of the much anticipated march madness bracket. >> and abreu ha-ha over beer. why copyright controversies are making it harder and harder for brewers to name their next product. >> all that plus your eye opener, chef curtis stone, in the dish, and music from the punch brothers in our saturday session just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. sounds like good show, guys, thanks for the preview. it is 6:45 right now, are you considering doing. >> any significant home renovations? important to realize the process could impact your home life n this week's angie list reports, jim donovan takes a look at some things you can do to help survive a remodeling job. take a look. >> when it comes to home improvement project people overlook the stress it may cause. >> we all worry about how much it will cost, and how long the project is going to take, but what you don't realize, you will have contractors living
6:46 am
with you, and you might be cooking your dinner in the living room. >> everyone best ways to reduce stress, good planning, and good communication. >> most common blob it comes to remodeling, lack of communication. so my best have to be sure you're meeting regularly with your head contractor. whether it is every morning before they get started or at least once a week. because that way you can cover things that come up real time instead every letting them blow newspaper bigger problems. >> also ask where tools will be stored, where the crew will go to the bathroom and how early they'll start hammering in the morning. >> in general, remodeling is a very intrusive process. can disrupt the lives of the homeowner just because the project that we are doing will be torn out or torn up and then it will take a number of weeks before it is put back together to working condition. >> and be clear about any rooms that are off limit. >> if there is an area of the house that homeowners absolutely don't want work to
6:47 am
be done in, that needs to be discuss the ahead of time. >> even with the best planning, jobs don't always go perfectly. good idea to plan in extra time. may also want to put aside little extra monday any case any unexpected expenses. for more advice from angie on surviving a rooked modeling project, visit's list i'm jim donovan. >> once again good advice from jim. and we get some good advice from our eyewitness weather watchers. we've got temperatures that are in the 30's, in a lot of locations, this morning here's the 39 degrees temperature, which if i can -- there we go. find out what phil has to say this morning. he said the irish might say you have to have rain to have a rainbow. i love that kind of optimism. because, we definitely have the rain. we should have a million rainbows out there. looking at 36 degrees temperature, than is out to the west, and we are finding fran saying, he has pick up quarter inch of rain so far at 36 degrees.
6:48 am
rain equals muddy dog paw's yes, a loft us know that to be true. and then as we head down, head down south delaware, we find out that jason's got some comments this morning. and he said: don't forget the umbrella whether you go out the wise he is statement i think i've heard all day because yes, it is raining out there. let's take a look, walk over on very soggy day somebody cover me with the umbrellas as i walk through the street of center city shake offer some of this rain. boy oh boy it is wet out there. see the street all lit up on the gown, because we're seen that much rain. so any light reflecting down, and you'll be finds that everywhere this morning, until the sun finally starts to come up. but it doesn't do much today. the sun is up. it is hiding behind clouds much of the day today. center city, looks like this. storm scan3 looks like this. you can see rain over the entire area. not a spot that doesn't have t we'll find this today later this afternoon should be getting into some of the
6:49 am
diminishing rain, and maybe just some drizzle, and couple of areas that will dry out. then you might get little built more rain or drizzle coming in here. but just casino of soggy saturday. forty-two in philadelphia. the temperatures are not all that bad though. thirty-seven in trenton. thirty-eight in wilmington. in the 40's to the south and the three's to the north poconos still hanging around at 32 degrees, and as i mentioned earlier the freezing rain advisory that was in effect until 6:00 this morning, was allowed to expire. temperature of 32 degrees, rain in the area, just some of the higher elevations you may want to watch out. just for little while longer, until those temperatures come up in case you get into a slick condition. our temperatures today will be in the 50's, way in the 50's, 55 probably, at minimum, it may be coming later in the day. tomorrow around 50 degrees, but these winds are going to be gusting, 30 plus miles an hour tomorrow. and then monday looks i think, maybe like maybe the most stellar day of the week. temperatures will be in the upper 50's, and lots of sunshine. here's our computer model. with temperatures on it, you can get an idea what's
6:50 am
happening when. around 10:00 we've got 44 degrees through philadelphia, and we've got rain through philadelphia. by 1:00, do we see a drying slot moving in? do we get close to 50 degrees through philadelphia? by the time we hit this afternoon, 4:00, 54 yeast through philadelphia little milder to the south with some rain scattered around the area. some areas no rain. but it fills in again as the 7:00 tonight 53 degrees through philadelphia, in the 50's as go to the south. even by 9:00 we could be finding these temperatures pretty mild before they start to drop down again this rain leaves we're at 41 degrees at 2:00 a.m., as we pick this up then we've got clearing skies overnight. but few clouds start to come down tomorrow, on a very windy day on sunday. so just wait for that. our rainfall amounts, three quarters to 1 inch every rain today. so this is a real soaker. it will get rid of all of the snow in your yard that might still stubbornly be hanging on. temperatures in the 50's, philadelphia and the shore poconos in the upper 50s with the rain there. our winds out of the south
6:51 am
about 5 miles an hour, enjoy the lack of wind today because by the time we get to tomorrow, it is very windy. overnight, we drop to about 40 degrees, those showers will be ending, leprochans jumping in the pictures tomorrow, 50 degrees, but winds could be gust to go 40 miles an hour, st. patrick's parade looks like great parade. but a windy one. by monday, 58 degrees, sunshine, looks great tuesday, 52 degrees, for the quote unquote real saint patrick's day. wednesday, slightly cooler at 46. thursday around 50, and friday 48 degrees, not a bad week at all. well, do you love watching the weather? you know that our eyewitness weather watchers do. and you too, can be featured in our newscast by becoming a eyewitness weather watcher. you can sign up now nick snow. >> all right, carol, thank you. it was a pack house, at the kimmel center, to hear the philly pops last night. take a listen. >> ♪ ♪
6:52 am
>> philly pops entertained a cloud with selections from the american songbook, touring vocalists, pianists, composer joined the pops for fresh take on the olds school classic. the american songbook then and now with the philly pops, runs through sunday. >> also, last night beer tasting, to benefit the library. pretty cool, right? "eyewitness news" at the historic marion tribute house in marion station for live brewery 2015. proceeds from a beer tasting event there go to the narberth community library. now, in addition to the beer, there was also some great food from narberth restaurant, so great event had by all. live brewery love that. we'll be right back.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
>> another look at the officer wilson's funeral getting underway coming through university city just short time ago. viewing for officer wilson will take place at 7:00 this morning, funeral services begin at 10:30 palestra south 33rd street. we will be stream that service as it happens on our website but no doubt, a somber, somber saturday here in philadelphia. >> absolutely, and, the mourners are all out in a lot of rain this morning we will be watching this rain, as we go through the morning let me show you on storm scan3, that the entire area is covered in this rain. we should be getting into a couple of breaks later on this
6:56 am
afternoon, but to begin with today, it is a soaker. and we could be finding anywhere from three quarters to inch of rainout of this. so, it is not just little mist, it is a rainstorm. but it is at least not a snowstorm. so we can get around it. we don't have to shovel. we're not worrying about having to shovel, as we look at the forecast for the next week either. we've got temperatures that will be in the 50's, and then, maybe as cool as 46 degrees, wednesday, but still all-in-all, not bad forecast. 57 degrees, we might get there, but that's later on this afternoon as that rain comes down, especially, we will stay in the 40's, probably, right through the noon hour, and for little bit after that. then we get into the 50's, tomorrow, for the parade, saint patrick's day parade, 1:00 in the afternoon you can watch it here, we will be finding very windy day with these winds gusting maybe as high as 40 miles an hour, that will make that 51 degrees temperature feel cooler. but at least mix of sun and clouds out there. monday looks terrific at 58 degrees tuesday 52, that's the quote unquote real saint patrick's day, and it
6:57 am
looks like nice day and 46 by wednesday. >> very nice, i'm happy to see the little poke of sun for tomorrow. >> any time. >> because i'll be on that parade float. yes, i will ' node a little sunshine. >> yes, thanks carol. that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now we may be signing off on television, always on line at cbs saturday morning is next. make it a great weekend. bye bye. ♪ ♪
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it's march 14th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." a deadly cyclone tears through a pacific island. details on the crisis that's quickly unfolding. trying to fix the problems at v.a. hospitals. the new effort for reform and why many say it will backfire. plus at san quentin prison they're teaching computer programming to prisoners. some of the world's best teachers are giving coding classes to criminals. and we'll head down to the south by southwest. it's the site


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