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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around, barbara ♪ ♪ forever i've been praying for a snack in my life ♪ ♪ and now i have a brownie ending all of my strife ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: ryan gosling clearly got something right in his thinly-veiled portrayal of robert durst in andrew jarecki's "all good things," a movie that caught the attention of durst himself. >> he voluntarily called me
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around the time that my film was coming out and said, "i heard about this movie. i'd like to see it." and then, he volunteered to come and sit for an interview. >> reporter: sitting down with a filmmaker who directed a movie about you killing your wife may seem strange to us, but, to forensic psychiatrist dr. sasha barday, who admits he has never spoken to robert durst, it makes perfect sense. >> his motivation is, "i want to be in front of the camera. i want to tell it my way. i don't want the press to tell the story. i want to control the press. i want to control this movie, so i'm going to make you make this movie about me." >> reporter: but durst's lead attorney, dick deguerin, who won an acquittal in the morris black case, told me he has a different take on his client's motivation. >> bob doesn't want to be bob. he's been hounded most of his adult life, and he just doesn't want to be that person. >> reporter: but he could have just gone on with his life.
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he knew he was the suspect in a murder and a disappearance of his wife, and yet he chose to do a documentary. it's hard to understand why somebody would do this unless he wants the attention. >> oh, he doesn't want the attention, and i'm sure he's regretful that he ever decided to put his trust in such a person. >> reporter: durst's interview with jarecki became the foundation for the six-part hbo documentary series "the jinx: the life and deaths of robert durst." >> i will be able to tell it my way. >> reporter: but that's not what happened, says deguerin. do you feel these filmmakers took advantage of him? >> yes. no question. he's a smart guy, he's very naive, he's slightly autistic, and he trusted jarecki. and jarecki broke that trust. >> reporter: in jarecki's documentary, robert durst incriminates himself several times over. >> we were surprised that he made a whole bunch of admissions and said things that were kind of shocking.
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>> reporter: some of his admissions about the disappearance of his wife kathie back in 1982 were especially shocking, says lisa depaulo, who has written extensively about the case. >> there were a lot of things that i went, "holy crap." he admitted in this docu-series that his story about the night kathie disappeared was a lie. his story was that he had walked three miles to a payphone to call her. >> did you end up speaking to her that night? >> no. >> that was his alibi all those years ago. >> it vindicated everything we as a family and all of kathie's friends have been saying to law enforcement. >> reporter: kathleen's brother, jim mccormack. >> she never got out of westchester county. she never left that area that night. >> reporter: durst also admitted he never went for drinks at his neighbor's house that night as he had claimed. >> that's what i told the police. i was hoping that would just make everything go away.
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>> reporter: everyone now is asking, why did he admit that all those things were lies? there's speculation that robert durst wanted to get caught, and that's why he did this documentary. >> well, that's speculation. that's not a fact. no, i don't believe that. >> the psychology of bobby durst is, like, the eighth wonder of the world. he definitely kind of gets a perverse pleasure out of getting away with stuff. >> mr. foreman, i understand you have a verdict. >> his wealth, his intelligence, his slyness has enabled him to maybe get away with murder. >> we, the jury, find the defendant, robert durst, not guilty. >> the look of surprise on his face when the verdict is reached in galveston, i read that as "oh, my god, i just got away with it," because i think that's the game that... that he was playing. >> reporter: some, like detective coulter, think durst
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has left a trail of clues taunting the police, like the so-called "cadaver note," that anonymous letter sent to the police at the time of the susan berman murder telling them there was a body in the house. >> the envelope was addressed to the beverly hills police, and inside is just a note with her address, 1527 benedict canyon, and the word "cadaver." >> reporter: the envelope held an important clue the detective hoped would help solve the case. the word "beverly" was misspelled. whoever wrote that had to be her killer, correct? >> i would say so. >> reporter: the l.a. police eventually concluded that durst was "probably the author of the letter" but never acted on it. >> what's all this? >> reporter: but the filmmakers did. >> they unearthed a letter that is identical. >> reporter: berman's stepson gave the filmmakers a letter written to susan berman from robert durst. just like in the so-called
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cadaver letter, the word "beverly" is misspelled. >> can you read me the spelling of "beverly hills"? >> reporter: the filmmakers confronted durst with the second letter in a second interview. >> and can you tell me which one you didn't write? >> no. >> he was unable to determine which of the two handwritings that we're showing him was his own. and, in fact, we think both of them were his own. >> reporter: in the documentary, durst denies writing the note. when you see robert durst's writing and it's up against the writing on the cadaver letter, it does look very similar. >> there's no question. what jarecki did was he, again tried to trick bob by showing him both of them but isolated and not telling him which one was which. and bob very candidly said to the question, "can you tell which is which?," he said no. so, yeah, it looks similar. >> reporter: but doesn't that mean that he could be the writer of the cadaver letter? >> well, i'm not saying that he is or isn't the writer.
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i don't believe he is, but there's no proof. there's no fingerprints. there's no d.n.a. there's no scientific stuff that they can rely on. >> reporter: but filmmakers came up with something else something that put them and robert durst on every front page across america-- a stunning statement many are calling a confession. we aren't looking for just any college students. we're looking for the fighters. the focused. and formidable. ones whose extracurriculars are working and parenting and working some more. with gpas that include grit. perseverance. ambition. the strongest people in america. with full-time jobs full-on commutes
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at walmart's low prices you can trust every day, what project will you take on? >> reporter: the most explosive moment in that hbo documentary wasn't the comparison of the curious handwriting on the letters. it was a controversial moment of audio recorded without robert durst's knowledge while he was in the bathroom. durst began muttering to himself, as he often does. >> there it is. you're caught. killed them all, of course. >> reporter: to many, it sounds like he just confessed-- "killed them all." it was a moment that shocked everyone. when did you actually learn, though, that he had been taped in the restroom?
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>> when the sixth segment played. >> reporter: along with the rest of america? >> yep. >> reporter: what was your reaction when you heard that? >> my first reaction, what in the world are these guys doing to send somebody into the bathroom? there's not a more private place, and they know that bob talks to himself. and that's just one of his quirks. >> reporter: when you listen to that, didn't bob durst confess to murder? >> no, no. >> reporter: how else could you interpret that? >> there's 100 ways of interpreting it, one of them being very shakespearean, the soliloquy. >> reporter: degeurin is talking about scenes in shakespeare's plays where characters like hamlet-- "to be or not to be"-- speak to themselves, trying out different thoughts. >> if you are a student of shakespeare, as i am, you'll understand what i'm talking about. >> reporter: i mean, you're aware, though, that anyone watching that show now thinks that he just confessed to
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murder. >> i don't think that's a universal thought at all. there are people who feel like he got set up. my daughter is a journalist, and she was outraged at what jarecki and his producers pulled. >> reporter: degeurin is also outraged that, after durst's arrest this week, he was interviewed by los angeles prosecutors without his lawyer present. that's a very touchy legal issue. >> you know, knowing that bob durst was represented by counsel, a prosecutor came out here and took him aside and questioned him for three hours. >> reporter: what was your reaction when you heard that? >> i was astonished. we don't know what happened. they recorded him, of course. >> reporter: why did robert talk to him? he's pretty sophisticated. >> you say he's sophisticated, bob is not sophisticated. he is intelligent. he has asperger's. >> reporter: we asked the los
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angeles district attorney's office about this. they wouldn't comment. what's more, deguerin sees an opening for his defense in this new government document. it reveals that, back in 2001, there were some l.a. police handwriting experts who believed that the cadaver letter was actually written by a friend of susan's named nyle brenner, who was a suspect at the time. >> two of l.a.p.d.'s finest, the supervisor of their handwriting section, said that the handwriting belonged to nyle brenner. >> reporter: years later, the l.a.p.d. crime lab experts changed their mind and decided once and for all that the letter was in bobby durst's handwriting. >> what kind of science is that? as brer rabbit would say, "throw me in that briar patch." >> reporter: deguerin believes that the change of handwriting analysis by the cops will help him undermine the government's
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case. in the course of the interview deguerin also revealed that durst is in very poor health. he's taking painkillers. >> he's had hydroencephalitis and has a shunt in his brain. he had esophageal cancer. he's had cervical spine surgery. i'm not a doctor, but there's some serious things. >> reporter: in spite of his poor health, officials believe that durst was about to cut and run. when police caught up with him at a new orleans hotel, he was staying there under a false name. he had a .38 revolver, a latex mask, his real passport and birth certificate. and he had been withdrawing $9,000 a day in cash over a period of 35 days. he had over $42,000 mostly in hundreds in his hotel room. there was speculation in the
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papers that the reason why robert had come here to new orleans was because he was going to flee to cuba. >> can't talk about that. >> reporter: but, were there plans to go to cuba? >> i'm not going to talk about that. >> reporter: okay. won't confirm or... >> ( sigh ) i think the... the... well, i think the words "cuba" came out of the mouth of the prosecutor first. >> reporter: what's the chance though, to be honest, that robert durst will get bail? i mean, he has a history of... of running when he was out on bail. >> the chances are slim and none. and slim just left town. >> reporter: while he's waiting for... >> how can you beat that as an end line? >> reporter: ( laughs ) don't worry, it probably will be. whatever durst's intention, the bottom line for deguerin is that he believes the prosecution case is woefully thin. you were successful as the lead attorney in galveston, and he
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was acquitted of murder. >> not guilty. >> reporter: it's going to be a lot tougher in l.a., isn't it? >> i don't know. i think the evidence here is a lot more troublesome for the prosecution. not only is it a circumstantial evidence case, it's a weak circumstantial evidence case. it's based primarily on two things-- this junk science letter and the bathroom confession. >> killed them all, of course. >> reporter: and finally tonight, for the families of susan berman and bobby durst's wife kathie, there is some hope that there is an end in sight after this long, painful ordeal. >> it may not happen in 30 days or 30 weeks or 30 months, but it's... it's really the beginning of yet another journey. and i have renewed hope and energy and faith that this time
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around, it's going to be a positive ending-- justice for kathie and also for the berman family. that's a genuine expression of my own faith and belief. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh >> the whole family is dead, and he's nowhere to be found. >> he was pretending to be a writer for the "new york times," pretending to be me. >> so, why me? >> i felt like i knew you. >> "chris, are you accused of what you were accused of doing?" he said, "i think you'd know,"
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♪ from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is
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cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> last chance for villanova trying to get it into overtime. nope it goes right. inform c state is headed to the sweet 16! march madness indeed. the first number one seed of the ncaa tournament has fallen and it is the villanova wildcats. good evening everyone. i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us a shocker in the steal city tonight. it came down to the very last possession. nova had a chance but jay wright's squad is going home much earlier than many predict. "eyewitness sports" reporter lesley van arsdall is live for us in pittsburgh tonight. lesley, what happened? >> reporter: natasha i don't think they know at this point. they are in shock. this was as you said a tough loss. they're going home much earlier than they expected. we'll show you the guys coming off the court just dejected after this game. this was supposed to be their
11:20 pm
year. it's especially hard for the seniors on this team car run hilliard and jason pinkston. hilliard kept the team in this one. he had a game high 27 points. they shot 28% from the field in this heartbreaking 71-68 loss to inform c state. >> it's tough. these guys have done so much for me. these guys are my brothers my everything. >> we felt that we had it. we let it slip away at the end but we battleed. they just were the better team today. >> we all had high expectations. we had them all year. we were able to live up the expectations we ran no a good team. definitely disappointed we should keep our heads high because of how well we played this whole year. >> reporter: they did have an unbelievable season. they have just have to deal with this loss right now and coming up later in sports we'll hear
11:21 pm
from head coach jay wright but right now i'm going to toss it over to david spunt on the villanova campus. >> reporter: lesley a lot of high blood pressure here on the villanova campus tonight. i got to tell you i was watching the game on a big screen at the student union behind me tonight. and just so many cheers and then some people were tense and it just went up up down emotional roller coaster as we had a chance to watch it with them. it was just one of those moments that one second they seemed to be ahead then the next second they seemed to be down and in the end, it ended by a three-point lead. a three-point final score and i talked to some hard core villanova fans that they said villanova has been in their family for years. here's what they had to say. >> i don't know even know what to say. oh god. tears in my eyes. i'm not kidding. oh god. that was rough to watch. >> at the end everyone was really holding on to that last hope and i really thought we were going to get. tough to see.
11:22 pm
>> oh, my gosh, i can't breathe. ugh. unfortunate, you know, out come. but we're still proud to be wildcats and still proud to be part of this community. they work really hard. >> reporter: proud to be a wildcat. proud to be part of this community. i know these students are hopeful for next year. they were expecting to be here a lot longer tonight but this place behind mow cleared out probably five or so minutes after that game ended. it was really hard to scene get interviews because people wanted to get out of there so quickly after the game. live at villanova david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, a tough loss. thank you so much. well tonight philadelphia is mourning the loss of a legend. eagles braid check bednarik passed away today after a brief elains. the hallly famer is considered the greatest eagle ever. >> he wore number 60 but they called him concrete charlie he was famous for being one of the physically dominating players in the history of the game. he was the last of the inform
11:23 pm
fl' twos-way players playing center on offense and middle linebacker on defense. and only coming off the field for kickoffs. former eagles coach dick vermeil says bednarik was philadelphia. >> it didn't tack you long coming to philadelphia from the west coast to recognize that chuck bednarik were you a symbol of excellence, a symbol of toughness, winning being the kind of person he was very up front and outspoken. he was, i think sort of immortalized. >> after serving in world war ii the bethlehem pennsylvania native began an all-american career at the university of pennsylvania. drafted with the first pick in the 1949 draft by the eagles he led the team to 2nfl championships including the team's last championship in 19 asking inform his 14 seasons with the eagles, he only missed three games while playing in eight pro bowls. he was lecked to the pro football hall of fame in 1967.
11:24 pm
>> he was the greatest eagle of all time. i mean when i think of the great eagles and there have been a lot of great eagles going way back to steve van buren and norm van brock land and tommy mcdonald and reggie white if i were to name one e guilty i would put at the top of the least it could be chuck bednarik. >> chuck bednarik was 89 years old. team own are in jeffrey lurie issued a statement saying in part "philadelphia fans growing up expecting toughness all out evident and a workmanlike attitude from this team and so much of that image has its roots in the way chuck played the game. you can learn more about chuck bednarik's life and career on our website just go to turning to our weather we had little spring warmup today helped melt the snow yes fester yesterday's storm. temperatures are heading for the freezing mark overnight.
11:25 pm
that could mean refreezing concerns as well. meteorologist justin drabick is in the weather center with the look at the forecast another chilly day ahead for us. justin. >> that's right, natasha. several chilly days ahead. spring put on hold a little bit. today really not that bad and sunshine temperatures near average in the low to mid 50s. who are we go. some cloud cover over the region right now. we're dry on storm scan3. there is going to be a cold front that passes through overnight. that's going to be responsible for ushering in that colder air mass but the front not through our area just yet. so compared to 24 hours ago look at this f11 to 17 degrees warmer so outside now it's really not that bad. check it out. 50 degrees is our current temperature our high today was 52 in philadelphia. 46 in reading and allentown. 35 in mount pocono so the cold air still to our north and west. suburbs not bad this hour. 44 in doylestown. mt. holly, new jersey, checking in at 47 degrees. it will get colder overnight. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning many spots down around freezing even freezing to the
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north and west. reading, allentown 30 to 29 degrees for those morning temperatures early on the day sunday. not much of a rebound during the afternoon. it will be breezy, partly sun know skies, 44 for the high for philadelphia. cool and breezy at the shore. 42 and chilly in the mountains only near freezing for the afternoon high on sunday so this is a good 10 degrees below average. now coming up i'll show you the seven day forecast. we'll talk about how long this cool down lasts and our next of any precipitation as we set up to see a dry pattern the next few days. those details in few more minutes. natasha. >> justin, thank you so much. also, new tonight a shooting sends an 11-year-old girl to the hospital. police say her older brother accidentally shot her. the bullet grazed the 11-year-old's head inside a home in philadelphia's wissonoming neighborhood. "eyewitness news" on charles street. police say the shoot is 14 years old. but have not said how the gun went off. neighbors are concerned. >> there shouldn't be no guns in sight of kids. you know, any of these kids
11:27 pm
could have got shot, too. >> who knows? like it's crazy. >> you got keep them all locked um w there's kids around you don't pull them out. that's my motto. that's the way i live with it. >> the 1184 old is expected to be okay. no word yet if any charges will be filed in this case. also philadelphia police are investigating a man's death after pulling his body from the delaware river in bridesburg. the body was spot aid round 3:00 this afternoon near the 3100 block of bucky street behind the bridesburg rec zen. the vick tum was an older man but haven't released his name or any other details. fire tour through a home killing seven children in brooklyn, new york this morning. authorities believe the fire was caused by a malfunctioning hot plate that was left on. the children's mother and her 14-year-old daughter managed to escape the flames through a second story window. they suffered burns and are currently in critical condition. >> this is the largest tragedy by fire that this city has had in seven years.
11:28 pm
>> it's a tragedy for this family it's a tragedy for this community, it's a tragedy for our city. >> the children's father was not at the home during the fire. he was reportedly away at a couldn't friend. authorities say the machete wielding man who tried to tack security agents at new orleans international airport has now died. 63-year-old richard white was shot multiple times by another security agent during the chaos. police say white was also carrying a bag loaded with sick molotov cocktails much the sheriff suggested white had mental health issues. and new developments to night in a wrong way crash that left two people dead including a linden inform, police officer. investigators have applied for a warn to test the blood alcohol level of the driver fellow linden officer pedro a bad. the accident happened early yesterday morning on the west shore expressway in staten island. authorities say the three off duty officers and another man
11:29 pm
were headed home from strip club and hit a tractor trailer on the wrong side of the road. ♪ >> stay with us everyone. coming up on "eyewitness news" tonight chilling new information and video of the gunman responsible for museum attack that left 21 people dead in tunisia. why are all these people runningrunning up the stairs of a center city high rise? we'll show you the good cause these runners helped to support. justin? spring has arrived but it's not going to feel like it. i'll show you a spring chill coming up in the seven day
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11:32 pm
no serious injuries reported. witnesses say they saw debris from the explosion several streets away. chilling surveillance video has emerged now of the two gunmen responsible for a deadly museum shooting in tunisia. gunmen killed 21 people on wednesday before dying in a shootout with police. tunisian prosecutors say 20 other people have been detained in connection with the attack. investigators believe the attackers were trained in neighbors libya. one day after a deadly suicide bombing at mosques in yemen the us military has decided to remove all american troops from the country. sources tell cbs news there was no direct threat driving the decision but the country is deteriorating politically. friday' bombings left 137 people dead including at least 13 children. a group claiming an affiliation with isis took responsibility for the attacks. pope francis meantime spoke to crowds in naples italy today.
11:33 pm
the holy father addressed residents of scampi ya um pour rapid neighborhood called by mobsters. he implored locals to resist the temptation of organized crime ton pursue honest work. francis also ate lunch at a local prison. he dined with inmates in a large room normally used as chapel. new tonight there was a rally to show support for a police in northeast philadelphia. nearly a dozen people held up their signs that read, blue lives matter the a frankford and cottman and paid tribute to slain philadelphia police officer robert wilson. 50 floors and more than thousand steps participants conquered a very unique fitness challenge inside a philadelphia skyscraper. "eyewitness news" steve patterson has more on today's fight for air climb ♪ >> reporter: it starts like the beginning of any
11:34 pm
philadelphia race on any philadelphia day. >> nervous anxious. >> but instead of looking out to see the finish line -- >> let's go. >> all right. >> reporter: you'd have to look up. saturday morning the american lung association hell its ninth annual fight for air climb. 50 floors a thousand five steps as fast as you can to the top of three logan square. like any race, the people at the front are there for the challenge. usually it's the marathoners when you're talking about stairs no one shows more mastery than these guys. >> it's important for us as first responders specially as firefighters. i mean, this is what we might have to do on any given day. so it's good for us to be prepared and this is a good training exercise for us. >> reporter: in the middle you get people like john foley here to have fun with the stairs but couldn't be more serious about the cause good i'm actually doing it because i have a brother-in-law who has pretty bad lung disease.
11:35 pm
as a matter of fact he had a double lung transplant last sunday. >> they hope to raise more than 240 those sand dollars for prevention research and advocacy while john hopes to get a better appreciation for what his brother is going through. >> i want to get the full experience of what it's like to have -- have difficult breathing and real until a normal situation like climbing stairs. in the future i can tell people what it's like hard to breathe to help raise and in empty future. >> reporter: and that is what it means to fight for air. in center city, steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news". ♪ >> join cbs3 and the cw philly this tuesday march 24th for our ronald mcdonald house charity phone bank the money that you donate will help comfort sick children and their families. the ronald mcdonald house provides home it way from home while children get the medical attention they so desperately node. our phone bank starts at 6am and runs all the way until 8:00 p.m. and we certainly hope that you will join us on t


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