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tv   Eyewitness News at 6am  CBS  March 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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march madness and it is over for villanova at number one seed crushes a loss in the round two of the tournament and we have reaction coming up next. also, remembering an eagles legend we will look back at remarkable life of chuck bednarik. an 11 year old girl is rushed to the hospital after being shot in her home. coming up what neighbors are telling "eyewitness news". it is sunday march between the second good morning thanks so much for joining us i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00 o'clock. we will send it over to carol for more on the forecast and how is it looking carol. >> it will not be as warm as
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it was yesterday but we have less snow to look at on the ground. >> it feels warmer. >> yes hopefully. but we do still have a lot of snow to go in some locations though we will continue to develop today. temperatures will be getting above freezing mark but i'll tell you not all that much a above freezing mark. we've got some cold air once again filtering in. 38 degrees in philadelphia right now as we look at the city of philadelphia. it is 38 also just moved up to between 38 and 39 in center city philadelphia storm scan three it is a quiet day. we do not expect any precipitation, and we're expecting mostly sunny skies. sun will be fine. it toss not have have an i am pack on our temperatures today. right now 40 degrees. if if you add two or 3 degrees that is probably our high for the day. we will see these temperatures drop more right before sunrise and then they will come backup again. thirty-four in allentown. thirty-two in reading. 37 degrees in millville. it is 10 degrees warmer then
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morning then yesterday morning. by noon 38 degrees. wind will be picking up. we will have win gusts up to 25 miles an hour at noon right through 5:00 o'clock and our high temperature today bright the but chilly, 44 degrees. so lets see if we have any clouds expected as we take a look at this. future weather in time not really. expect to find a nice looking day just one that will feel like the 30's all day even though actual temperature will be in the 40's and we will go well will below freezing tonight. you can hardly believe this is spring. we will check that out with the seven day forecast coming up nicole. police are investigating a multiple vehicle crash in the lawncrest neighborhood. three cars collided in the northbound inner lanes of the roosevelt boulevard at adams avenue this happened just before 1:30. we're told no one was injured in that accident. also new this morning a family escapes flames at their burning home in olney. fire started in the rear of the row home, located on the
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200 block of ashdale street. fire fighters place that had fire under control, the fire is being investigated. well, march madness is over forville know of at top seeded team failed to clinch a win against north carolina state losing 71-68. pretty close there. here are the place coming off the court obviously dejected from the loss. jay wright's squad is going home much earlier than expect. the especially hard for seniors on this team. darren hillard and jayvaughnville yard. hillard had game high 27 points. they made a game of it in the end but it just was not enough. "eyewitness news" was by the locker room after the game. >> it is tough. these guys, these guys have meant so much to me. the these guys are my brothers my. >> we felt that we had it ape we let it slip away the at the the end but we battled. they just were the the better team today.
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>> we all have have high expectations as we have had all year. we just ran into a good team. definitely difficulties a appointed but we should keep our head high because of how well we played this whole year. >> good attitude there. fan spirits busted as villanova exits the ncaa tournament earl willer then expect even as the game went on and north carolina state held a lead fans held out hope though. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live outside villanova university with reaction from the fans. not a great morning for nova nation steve, good morning. >> reporter: no, nicole, this one is just painful isn't it. not just because of how dominant nova a has been but dominant number one seed, 16 game winning streak up until will this point but just because of the fashion the way in which they lost charging back only to lose at the the very end, very painful stuff. why don't we show you some video this morning. our camera were rolling here on campus as the connolly
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center's bellaire terrace, dozens of fans packed every level there what a roller coaster it was. you can see from the very beginning there was worry on the faces of the fans there. the the eighth seeded nc state leading at half time of course this of course meant more hard trouble in the second half as wildcats made a serious late game push came within one point, in the final minute but they could not get it done. you could see the the delayed reaction disbelief as heartache turned to heart break and we were there for that moment. >> i don't know what to say. that was rough. that was rough to watch. >> everyone is just holding out until that last hope and i thought the we were going to get it. that was tough to see. >> oh, my gosh i can't breathe. unfortunate outcome but we're still proud to be wildcats and to be proud of the
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community. they work really hard. >> reporter: certainly some painful stuff there. you can hear disappointment and all of the student who were there yesterday certainly no consolation as nova is packing it up and coming back to campus now. it is latest from the campus of know of, we will send it back to you nicole. >> rough morning thank you steve. well, philadelphia is mourning the loss of the legend eagles grade chuck bednarek passed away have after a brief illness. he defined an area and considered the greatest eagle ever. natasha a brown has his story. >> reporter: he wore number 60 but they called him concrete charlie. he was famous for being one of the more physically dominating players in the history of the game. he was last of the nfl's two-way players, playing center on offense and middle linebacker on defense and only coming off the field for kick offs. former eagles coach dick vermeil said bednarek was
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philadelphia. >> it didn't take you long from the the west coast to recognize chuck bednarik was a symbol of excellence and toughness, winning being the kind of person that he was very up front and a out spoken. he was i think sort of immortalized. >> reporter: after serving in world war two the the bethlehem pennsylvania native began an all american career at the university of pennsylvania drafted with the first pick in the 1949 draft, bite the eagles, he led the team to two nfl championships including the teams last championship in 1960. in his 14th season with the eagles he only missed three games while playing in eight pro bowls. he what's electric to the pro football hall of fame in 1967. >> he was the greatest eagle of all time. i mean when i think of the great eagles and there have been great eagles going way back to steve van buren and normal normal van brooklyn and
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reggie white and if i were to name one eagle who i would put at the top of the list it would be chuck bednarik. >> reporter: chuck bednarik was 89 years old. natasha brown cbs-3 "eyewitness news". team owner jeffery laurie issued a statement saying in part philadelphia fans grow up expecting toughness, all a out effort and workmanlike attitude from this team. so much of that image has its roots in the the way chuck played the game. you can learn more about chuck bednarik's extraordinary life and career on our web site the at cbs right now an 11 year-old girl is recovering after a bullet grazed her head. police say her brother accidentally pulled that trigger. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt spoke with stunned neighbors in the wissonoming section of the city. >> reporter: a teenage boy and mother left his home on charles street after police say an 11 year-old girl was accidentally shot by her older brother. >> ambulance came and took
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her. >> reporter: charlottea allen knows the is 11 year old. police say he suffered a grazed wound to the head and was conscious when she went to the hospital. >> i don't want nothing to happen to my children but we have to respect the the family so they didn't give us any news no one told us nothing. >> reporter: police say the shooting happened inside the the home. neighbors stood outside and watched the the scene unfold. >> there should not be no guns in sight of kids, you know, any of these kids could have got shot too, who knows, it is crazy. >> you have to keep them lock up. when there are kid around you don't pull them out. that is how i live witt. >> reporter: police have have have have not released any names in the incident and when the accidental shooter was 14 years old. police also interviewed the girls parents. the 11 year-old is expect to be okay and there is no word on any charges. in northeast philadelphia, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are working to identify a man found floating in the delaware river near brideberg. the the the body was spotted saturday afternoon near
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brideberg rec center. police say victim was a older man but has not the releasedded any other details. we are following a hard breaking story out of new york this morning, seven children killed when flames ripped through a brooklyn home. coming up next how investigators think that fire started. also ahead a scare on the slopes, a ski lift ridings a wrong way tossing people to the ground. the first full day of spring well it was nicer then what we saw friday but we're told those cold temperatures are making a come back. carol has the the forecast when we come right back
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orthodox jewish community mourns the loss of seven children killed in the house fire in brooklyn new york. funeral services are scheduled for today. children's mother a and her 14 year-old doubt are managed to escape and clinging to life this morning. cbs news correspondent wendy gilette has more on how that fire got started. >> reporter: fire fighters threw clothes from the second floor window that was still billowing out smoke after the the victims were removed from the home. fast moving fire in brooklyn took the lives of three girls age six, 11 and 16, and four boys ages five, eight, zero 12 all members of the same orthodox jewish family. >> this is the largest tragedy by fire this city has had in
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seven years. >> reporter: children's mother and teenage daughter both survived after jumping out second floor windows. >> i was in the bathroom upstairs on the computer and i hear screaming from the child mommy, mommy, help me and the smoke and the flames were horrible. i seen it from both side, the back was it is terrible thing. >> reporter: block was closed off, the the fire started just after midnight while children were sleeping in five bedroom near the rear of the home. the investigators say a malfunctioning hot plate left operating on a kitchen counter caused the fire. many religious jews do not use electricity on the sabbath to keep the day holy. fire safety team visited the neighborhood saturday afternoon. >> we're seeing that these items, have to be monitored. >> reporter: investigators found a working smoke detector in the home's basement but no others anywhere else in the house n brooklyn new york, wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we are told children's
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father was out of town when that fire got started. 6:14. just incredible video out of ohio where a gas explosion damaged at least seven homes. the it all happened near ohio state university. fire fighters say gas employees were investigating a possible leak at one house before it exploded. no serious injuries were reported. witnesses say they saw debris from that explosion several streets away. well, seven people were hurt after a chair lift malfunctioned at a ski area in maine. 200 people were ride ago this lift at the sugar loaf mountain resort when it stopped, and then went backward. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the mishap. all of the injured are expected to fully recover. they suffered another chair lift accident in 2010. eight skiers were hurt in that incident. 6:15 right now. we're seeing snow but let's not talk bit carol, hopefully none in the forecast. >> we don't have any in our immediate forecast. we saw enough on friday.
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what we are looking at though is a very cold boardwalk down in rehoboth beach. i saw someone go by dressed, looking like they should be on the ski slope. they were complete thely covered up going down that boardwalk because it is cold out there this morning. the afternoons will be cold too. unfortunately even though the will calendar says spring in one sent that memo off to the weather because it will still feel a lot colder then it should since we're 12, 14 degrees colder then it is normally this year. we will move on and pushing on and fine temperatures 40 in philadelphia 36 in trenton. thirty-seven in wilmington. thirty-four in allentown. below freezing right now is in the poconos at 24. that is good news. there was a lot of melting yesterday. so anything that didn't evaporate could be frozen but as we can see, we have temperatures in every single will location above freezing mark. quakertown is right along the the border on that have 32 degrees. thirty-nine in mount holly. thirty-three in doylestown.
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temperatures could drop another degree or so by the time we get to sunrise which is after 7:00. wind out of the northwest at 14 miles an hour. it feels colder then those temperatures that we sianni all day long we will be dealing with this wind chill feeling like 30's all day even though we get in the middle will 40's later in the afternoon. wind gusting, they will be sustained about this level but they could be gusting to 25 miles an hour today. storm scan three not much couple cloud not to the south, we have clear skies in our area we are looking at a bright enough day. low pressure cyst them that brought the the the snow is gone. we have high pressure starting to build in because it is in the right on top of us, we will get wind today. but it is different between that high and that low the 25 miles an hour wind in the northwest. forty's today and tomorrow we're still in the 40's. we should be well in the 50's at this point. we will not see that until we get to probably wednesday. then even on monday tuesday, into those 40's.
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but, by wednesday into the the 50's however that comes with a price because we have to deal with a couple showers. not everyone on wednesday but on thursday we could be dealing with more showers. it guess mild other. so mild it is not out of the question we could see a thunderstorm on thursday because we just can't have temperatures in the 60's. we have to have some other weather event a apparently. future weather, we will put this into motion and we will see clear skies today. they are fine tonight except cold, with the clear skies and then tomorrow we have got a nice looking day not feeling that warm but looking okay but then by wednesday we will start to pick up chances of those showers in the a afternoon. expect temperatures in the 40's philadelphia the shore poconos at freezing level at 32 degrees. hang on 15 more days, phillies/red sox monday april the the sixth. temperatures at 44 with wind gusting to 25 miles an hour it feels like the 30's all day long. look at these temperatures tonight, 24 degrees.
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what is this? we will keep the breeze. it will feel colder many. you'll keep layers on. you'll bring the the pets in. we will await a chilly start to the week. forty-two for the high on monday. the the the high. the tuesday 45. wednesday 53. and then thursday 62 but we will get some rain showers nicole. >> carol, thank you. 6:19. the british are coming to late night television. coming up next we will introduce you to the new host of the late, late show premiering tomorrow night right here on cbs-3. we will
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well cbs is getting ready for next step in late night comedy, james cordon takes the stage as the new host of the late, late show. as cbs's anthony may on gets a look behind the scenes of the star staying humble. >> thinks where i all come from. this is where i will be coming out and stan here. >> reporter: at late late show studio at television city in los angeles cordon has been doing test shows all week. >> you can be my first guest on tv, there you go. so ill a's sit here like this and say tell me about your life. >> does it compare to anything else you have done or is it totally different. >> it is different from anything i have ever done. i don't even really know what i'm about to do. i'm talking like i have any authority, i know nothing. >> i love you. >> household name in britain with nearly 5 million twitter
6:23 am
followers. the 36 year-old actor, most recently starred in the films into the woods. >> i don't like that with man. >> reporter: and begin again. you are a comic actor but never a stand up comedian. >> it is not something i have ever done really. >> you will not do mono log. >> we will come out and do something funny and say something funny and if we have have great jocks, i will. i hepp greatest thing people can say about the show is they don't know what it will be tonight. >> reporter: whatever they say, corden will be ready. after breaking true in his 20's, in the drama the history boys. >> you got to hold again. >> reporter: and then co writing and starring in the smash british comedy gavin and stacy, corden's next film and tv series were demolished by the the critics there. >> i'm very grateful for those
6:24 am
misses i have had in my career at home because you learn so much more from them then you ever do. >> reporter: what do you learn. >> you learn that you really to have work hard which i was than the really doing at that time. you still to have say i'm doing it, you know, you start to think you are more of a dude then you really are. >> i get confused easily. >> reporter: corden would make his come back on stage in the comedy one man and two governors. the highlight of his career was the the night it opened on broadway with his parents in the audience. >> i remember thinking i can't imagine what this feels like for my parents because i can't imagine as a parent what it would feel like to see my son or my daughter be being received by this city in such a way and i will never ever forget it. >> reporter: you ended up winning a tony.
6:25 am
>> yeah. >> reporter: beating philip see more hoffman, it was quite a list. >> denzel jones. yeah yeah. >> reporter: what did you think when you heard your name read that night. >> wow. i mean honestly i'm overwhelmed. >> i treasure that moment and all of those award i won in new york at that time. they used to set in a nice place in the london and now in a storage contain inner a warehouse in london somewhere. >> reporter: corden moved to los angeles and his two young children in january. on money officially begins his new job. you have been a game show host in britain, you have been in films and broadway but now you are hosting a talk show but it sound like you think of yourself primarily as an actor. >> i don't know is anybody born a talk show host probably not like we're all acting, you are acting now you are pretending that this is
6:26 am
completely normal with these chairs that are far too high in a room but nothing around in a fake set, and a fake bar like none of this is real. it is in the like i'm a talk show host now and i'm in longer an actor. we're all just pretending and don't think you're any different. you think thinks complete thely normal. you are just trying to avoid work. you even have to go home and say you have had a tough day. it is easy. let's be clear. no bit of your day is taxing but you don't want your wife and children to find out. that is the truth of it. >> man, calling out anthony mason. all right. late, late show with james corden premiers tomorrow at 12:37 right here on cbs 36789 tune into "eyewitness news" tomorrow morning because anchor erika von tiehl talked to corden about his big debut. seems like a sweet guy. can't wait to watch. coming up in the next half
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an hour of "eyewitness news" the benefits of studding a broad. three on your side with how it is giving students an edge in the job hunt. also ahead imagine hearing simple every day noises like a door closing or utensils on a plate and it is no secret that exposure to loud noise can cause hearing loss but doctors say there are other causes. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on when hearing hurts. spring arrives but it will not feel very much like it, carol has more on the chill making a come back when "eyewitness news" comes back
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today, it is sunday march 22nd good morning to you i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:30. let's check with carol on the forecast and it is shaping up good this week carol. >> just too cool. it is spring. the these temperatures are staying in the 40's and with the wind chill today it will feel like the 30's most of the day. even though we have changed our clocks and we have also changed into another season, nothing else was change. we are looking at center sit the eye, it looks fine this morning. we don't have any fog or precipitation falling. we're not expecting any. we have seen some melting. look at how pretty this looks at kutztown as sun starts to
6:31 am
come up. 31 degrees there. beautiful looking start to the day. just love that picture with the sun coming up. too bad isn't isn't having more impact on our temperatures but we have a northwesterly wind to contend with and it balances it out. we have a temperature of 40 in philadelphia. that is not a bad start. we have seen it colder around here in the morning, recently. the it will be a lot colder tomorrow morning at well but right now we will take that 40. thirty-six in trenton. thirty-seven in wilmington. thirty-four in allentown. thirty-seven in millville and wildwood 43 degrees. our temperatures today by noon just 38 degrees. wind are starting to pick up. we have a gusty breeze just about to set in. we have a temperature this afternoon of 44 degrees. the it will be bright out there but windy and feel colder all day. our future weather lets look at that quickly. by 11:00 o'clock we are still looking at nice conditions and at 1:00 we still are.
6:32 am
we will see how long that goes on coming up with the seven day forecast, nicole. >> well, march madness unfortunately is over for villanova. the top seeded team lost to north carolina state 71-68. jay wright's squad is going home as you can imagine much earlier then expect. even if the game went on and north carolina a state held on without that lead, fans held on to hope. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live outside villanova university where fans are nursing a loss this morning. steve, they held out hope as much as they could right. >> they held out hope but we watched that hope disappear quickly. the fans really feeling it this morning. it is not just people here in villanova, and philadelphia and pennsylvania, it is really every office pool hero across the country. i mean this is a true bracket buster. nova was a dominant number one coming into this nc state a good team but a number eight seed, nobody expect this. nobody feeling the pain worse then right here on campus.
6:33 am
our cameras were rolling last night. i want to show you some sad video. it is the students packed every level of the connolly center, bellaire terrace where they had a big watch party. what a roller coaster it was in there. fans got a sense that things may be off since the start of the game nc state held the lead until half time this meant that it would be even more of a heart racing ride through that second half. the wildcats made a serious push to come back within one point in the final minute but they just could not get it done and you can see the disappointment on all of the students faces we spoke to a lot of them who said they are very upset after last night. >> i don't even know what to say. that was rough, rough to watch. >> everyone was just holding out that last hope and i really thought we were going to get it. that is tough to see.
6:34 am
>> i cannot breathe. unfortunate, you know, outcome but we're still proud to be wildcats and still proud to be part of this community. they work really hard. >> reporter: if you are a fan have of major college athletic we will all be there before and that sentiment we can be hure to share as this goes on. and the tournament just continues, and, if you want to add more salt in the wound to this nova's actually making a big viral push on the internet if you google villanova fan you will see one of the band members in the crowd a pickleo player and she's just balling at the end of the very a sad sight of the very sad game. that is very latest from the campus of theville know of university, back to you. >> we don't want to add insult to injure. we will not google that. >> reporter: it is kind of funny, it add a little bit of leavety to it but it is still sad? yeah definitely. >> thanks, steve appreciate it. authorities say man shed i
6:35 am
wielding man who tried to attack security agents at new orleans international airport has died. richard white was shot multiple times by another security agent. police say white was carrying a bag loaded with weapons including six molotov cocktails. danielle nottingham has that story. >> reporter: police say six three-year old richard white of kenner, louisiana died sat the day afternoon after he was shot three times friday night inside the louie armstrong airport as he tried to attack airport security personnel. witnesses say white approached the tsa checkpoint and started waving a machete and can of insect repellant. >> he is wielding a had machete this long and spraying folks to disable them with wasp spray in the face. >> reporter: sheriff says one of his lieutenant deputies shot white as he swung the machete and chased a t. is a officer. >> i have to say that officer is my hero. she saved my life. man was within inches of whacking me with a machete. >> reporter: officers found a
6:36 am
bag near white, when he was subdued. >> the what the bag revealed ways six half point mason jars with cloth wicks into a liquid that we now know to be gasoline which you would commonly refer to as a molotov cocktail. >> reporter: deputies also found a barbecue lighter, letter opener, and crushed smoke bombs near white. a search of his car turn up more smoke bombs and tanks of the freon, oxygen in the trunk. investigators say they may never know why white launched his attack. his family is cooperating with police. they say he had a history of mental issues. danielle noting a ham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new developments in a wrong way crash that left two people dead, including a linden, new jersey police officer. investigators have a applied for a warrant to test the the blood alcohol level of the driver fellow lyndon of hisser pedro alban. the it happened in the west
6:37 am
cher expressway. authorities say 39 off-duty officers and another man were headed home from a strip club and hit a tractor trailer on the wrong side of the road. well, chilling surveillance video emerge as two gunman responsible for a deadly museum shooting in tunisia. the gun man killed 21 people on wednesday before dying in the shoot-out with police. the the prosecutors say that 20 other people have been tea tane in connection with that attack. investigators believe that the a attackers were trained in neighboring libya. pope francis spoke to crowds in naples italy this weekend. holy fat's dressed residents there in a neighborhood controlled by mobsters. implored locals there to resist temptation of organized crime and pursue honest work. francis also ate lunch at a local prison. he have kind with inmates in a large room normally used as a chapel. well, for decades stud a broad programs have a allowed college students to explore
6:38 am
the world while completing their studies. but as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan discovered spending time abroad can give students a edge in the job hunt after graduation. >> reporter: when calvin view won a scholarship to help fund a year abroad in germany during college he was excited about the educational opportunity but that international experience also helped land him his job as a project manager. >> good way to mention that you stud a broad and worked abroad was a great way to connect with their friend employers to basically express how you dealt with challenges and different cultures. >> reporter: in one survey 54 percent have of u.s. employers responded that they actively seek or attribute value to international study experience when recruiting. >> employers are looking for graduates ready to succeed in the global work force who have global skills such as being able to work on multi national teams or being able to speak another language.
6:39 am
>> reporter: the experience could do more than get your foot in the door but it may contribute to long term success. >> it is as companies look at their future employment needs they will seek out individuals that they can grow, to potentially be some of their senior leaders and as part of that they need in their leadership tool kit global experience. >> reporter: now cost is one of the biggest obstacles to studying more interning a abroad but there are scholarship a available to help. calvin paid for his trip through a state department funded scholarship. i have posted links with more information on cbs and on my facebook and twitter feed. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. still to come no elevators needed inside one center city high rise, we will tell you why people were racing up the stairs. imagine simple every day noises leaving you in pain. exposure can cause hearing loss but doctors say there are other causes as well. we will have that a ahead in the healthwatch. we will be right
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back with a rally to show support for police in northeast philadelphia. a dozen people held up signs that read blue lives matter at frankford and cottman. they also paid tribute to slain philadelphia a police officer robert wilson. organizers urged the community to support the police department. fifty floors and more than 1,000 steps, participants conquered a unique fitness challenge inside a
6:43 am
philadelphia sky scraper. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has more on the fight for air climb. >> ♪ home of the the brave ♪ the. >> reporter: it starts like the beginning of any philadelphia race on any philadelphia a day. >> nervous, anxious. >> reporter: instead of looking out to see the the finish line. >> go. >> reporter: you'd have to look up. saturday morning the american lung association held its ninth annual fight for air climb. fifty floors a thousand and five steps as fast as you can to the top of three logan square. like any race the people at the front are there for the challenge, usually it is the marathoners but when you are talking about stairs no one shows more mastery then these guys. >> it is important for us as first responders and fire fighters. >> i mean this is what we might to have do on any given day. so it is good to be prepared.
6:44 am
this is a good training exercise for us. >> reporter: in the middle you will get people like john foley, here to have fun but could not be more serious about the cause. >> i'm doing it because i have a brother-in-law who had bad lung disease. he just had a double lung transplant last sunday. >> reporter: this year climbers hope to raise more than $240,000, for prevention research and advocacy, while john hopes to get a better appreciation for what his brother is going through. >> we want to get the the full experience of what it is like how difficulty breathing in really a normal situation like climbing stairs in the the future i can tell people what it is like when it is hard to breathe to help raise money in the future. >> reporter: that is what it means for fight for air. in center city steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. good for them. 6:44. lets get the latest on the forecast and a lot cooler then we'd like it, carol. >> i know, i know but i'm bringing you sunrise.
6:45 am
let's just call this the sunrise report right now. take a look at how beautiful it looks through center city philadelphia a. i have a bunch of sunrise shots to save you trouble of looking outside your own window. jack frost big boulder sunnies coming up there, we will head to the shore, look at this sunrise, absolutely gorgeous. we head out to kutztown we have got another sunrise there 29 degrees. the it is a beautiful start to the day. now, the rest of the day looks fine too. it is just that these temperatures need to really some of these need to have a little discussion with them. 40 degrees is not bad to start the the day. but we only add 4 degrees for that for the rest of the day. our high temperatures stay in the 40's. we should be well in the 50's by now. thirty-six in trenton. 37 degrees in wilmington. the these are great ages but they are not great temperatures as you move into the afternoon. we have had storm scan three showing just very quiet conditions, high pressure business to build in here and that keeps things quiet. it is like sheriff is in town and everybody will behave
6:46 am
themselves for the next couple of days until it moves out of town and then we will start to see another weather kind of a pattern break out. we have got temperatures today in the middle 40's. tomorrow they will be in the lower 40's. high pressure gets right over us and then on tuesday it is still chilly around here. by wednesday though we open the door up for a little bit milder air but we will bring in a chance of picking up a shower in the afternoon. future weather not too many reasons to stop this but i will to show you the noon hour. computer model says we will not be dealing with clouds and certainly not any precipitation. then by the time we will get to tomorrow we are still looking at sunshine around the area and then we will see a few cloud here on tuesday, temperatures still chilly though in the 40's. by wednesday we will warm up into the 50's but we will start to pick up a chance of some showers in the afternoon and then by thursday we're in the 60's but we have a chance of some rain or even some thunder on thursday. we cannot the just get a a nice temperature and sun shine
6:47 am
but that is enough of my rant. we have 44 in philadelphia shore 45. poconos 32 degrees. temperatures well below where they should be this time of the year w that 44-degree temperature and 25 miles an hour wind this afternoon it will feel more like the 30's all day long. it is a chilly day outside. look at it tonight 24 degrees, by the time you wake up tomorrow morning a very cold, sub freezing overnight time period with the wind of five to 10 miles an hour to make it feel colder then that. all of your layers on your pets inside and await a seven day forecast with a couple warm days but each one of the warm taste will feature the chance of some showers wednesday afternoon and some thursday with maybe even that thunderstorm on thursday. it is spring in one fashion or another, nicole. >> we will take what we can get, carol, thanks. >> 6:47. lets check with ann on the road in the cbs traffic center.
6:48 am
>> we are looking at 422 westbound between trooper and oaks westbound lanes to the left of your screen you can see the accident, flashing lights shoulder block, not impacting traffic at this point. later on it may if it is no the cleared up. we will move traffic cam again at schuylkill at spring garden street no delays on the schuylkill, volume building but no delays or problems on the the schuylkill through philadelphia or its suburbs. kelly drive shut down between strawberry mansion drive and hunting park avenue due you to a regatta. that is latest from the traffic center i'm ann evans now nicole back to you. on the healthwatch this morning when hearing hurts, it is in secret that exposure to loud noise can cause hearing loss but some loss can occur when there is no noise trauma and lead to even longer term discomfort or pain. health reporter stephanie stahl explains. >> reporter: for george roos every day sound are unbearable. >> squeaky door hinges any type of fork on a plate
6:49 am
microscopic needles shooting in my ear drums. >> reporter: linda has trouble with loud noises. >> i won't say painful but it was just made me feel like i a had to cover my ears. >> reporter: discomfort level is different but george and linda suffer from the same thing, hyper a accuse is. >> hyper means excessive and a accuse is means sound it is an excessive response to sound. >> reporter: that excessive response can range from sensitivity to even physical pain, in extreme cases the condition can lead to depression and anxiety. >> they can essentially become hermits or shut ins because they cannot tolerate even the most simple sound. >> reporter: it is estimated 8 percent have of the population has this problem and it can happen at any age. some causes include exposure to loud noise, certain inflammatory or infectious diseases and sometimes there is in clear cause. >> in most of us think it is a
6:50 am
brain perception problem where the brain is hyper vigilant and hypersensitive to sounds. research is being done to try to figure out the brain pathways that control hyper accuses. >> reporter: potential treatments include using ear plugs to guard against loud sound using a specially program hearing aid and using sound therapy to retrain the brain. people with this problem also often have hearing loss or ringing in the ears, experts say, current treatment options can take about five to eight months to work but not everyone gets relief. i'm stephanie stahl, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and still to come this morning more reaction from two of the weekend's big sports stories, of course loss of eagles great chuck bednarek and number one seeded villanova getting knocked out of the ncaa tournament, we will have more on that coming up next. before we go we hope you can join cbs-3 and cw fill think tuesday march 24th for our ronald mcdonald house
6:51 am
charity phone bank. money you donate will cover sick children and their families. the ronald mcdonald house provides a home a away from home while children get medical attention they so desperately need. our phone banks starts from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. and we hope you will join us for such a great cause. we will be right back.
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6:53 am
after an unbelievable season villanova's magical run comes to an end against nc state,
6:54 am
the wildcats just seemed off from the very beginning, of this one. the to the game, time winding down in the first half trever laci takes a four-point lead at the half. now villanova had a rough night, nc state just owe strong, malik abuy with the huge slam. villanova made a late charge but was not enough. nc state beat number one seed villanova. here is coach jay wright on the tough loss. >> there is not a lot you can say, you hug them, tell them you love them, you tell them you are proud of them, and tell them short term we have to deal with this right now. everyone is hurting. there is no lessons to be talk about right now. just lets support each other, support our brothers, love each other and try to get through you this day because it is a shocking moment but it is life. it is part of what you do you
6:55 am
lay it all out there on the line and when you lay it out there and you expect to be successful and you are not, but it hurts. he was known as concrete charlie, one of the toughest players in eagles history. born in bethlehem he was old school football at its best playing 14 seasons in philadelphia dominating on both side of the ball. check bednarik was part of the two franchise championships in 1949 and 1960. the voice of the eagles merrill reese said he was one of the most toughest and feared players ever to wear an eagles jersey. >> he was passionate he played the game with the lust. he loved to play football. he was a guy who absolutely hated the man who lined up across from him. he was about to demolish anybody in his way and after the game he was a sports man he would shake hand. he could be your best friend but when he was between the lines he was ferocious. when i think of chuck bednarik i think have of mr. eagle,
6:56 am
mr. number one of all time. >> chuck bednarik dead at the age of 89 but his legacy will live on forever as one of philadelphia's best football players. the leslie van arsdal "eyewitness sports". legend, for sure. we have some exciting news to pass a along to you from our "eyewitness news" family it is a boy for reporter syma chowdhry. same month and her husband andy, are the proud parent of this beautiful baby boy. sane was born on thursday all are doing well, and again we're very excited for them and we pass along our most sincere congratulations. >> beautiful little boy there. that is "eyewitness news" for "eyewitness news" at 6:00 and here's what we have at 7:00. the once considered a guilty pleasure jerky is going gourmet and is there a healthy benefit to it. tourist flock to the scenic site in northern france we will tell you the high tied
6:57 am
of the country. carol has your back to work forecast, all that and more when we come right back. brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters. (clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
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you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. ♪ i'm pushing. i'm pushing it real good! let's just call it march sadness, villanova suffers a crushing loss in the second round of the tournament, we are live at the campus reaction. that is coming up next.
7:00 am
also new this morning a three car crash on the roosevelt boulevard overnight, we will have the details for you. an 11 year-old girl is rush to the hospital after she is shot inside of her own home, we will hear from neighbors coming up next. today it is sunday march between the second good morning to you thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 7:00 o'clock. the let's start with carol for a check on that forecast again, lot cooler then we would like but no precipitation do we have that going for us. >> that is trade off that we get. the it the is colder then you want. we have been cold here forever. we continue that trend today but it will be dry today. we should be at least well a above freezing mark to the point that we will see more melting and get rid of the winter look. we need to get rid of the winter feel. this is something that maybe will warm you up. this is a look at citizens bank park, just 15 days from now, stand will be filled hopefully the weather will be a lot warmer and phillies will have a victory against the red sox.


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