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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 23, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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pressure to place, but still chilly outside. there is a warming trends, though, which we will talk b full details on your full forecast coming up. jess? >> thanks, katie. major roadways are pretty much empty at this time. it is only 5:00 a.m. out on the vine street expressway, you can see everything moving along just fine. if you are headed eastbound westbound, we'll check in with mass transit coming up in judge just a second. >> following developing story right now more airbag ripped out of cars in northeast fill. >> i "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at the scene in rhawnhurst for thus morning, with the very latest. jan, good morning. >> diana erika good morning it will not and good morning however, for just about half dozen people in this neighborhood imagine waking up eat being your breakfast getting dressed waking to your car and finding this. your drivers side window smashed out and your airbag ripped right from the steering wheel. that's what at least five people here in rhawnhurst are going to be dealing with this morning. now police say, five cars here in rhawnhurst were broken into overnight, resulting in the theft of three airbags.
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a couple every cars were located down the street, in the 2,000 block of heart he will avenue. the others, few blocks away right here, near heart. l and front knack street. all late model hondas. sounds familiar? earlier this month, nine late model hondas broke mean, their airbags broke mean this this same area. airbags are hot commodity on the black market. according to the national insurance crime bureau, airbag can cost a thousand dollars or more at a legitimate dealer or repair shop. but they only cost 50 to $200 on the black market. so thieves get just pennies to the dollar, but their victims will pay a hefty price. back out here live on scene they're going to have to replace the airbag and of course replace that broken window. police are investigate we've seen quite a few officers patrolling the area this morning. northeast detectives are on the case. if you have any information call police. reporting live in rhawnhurst, jan carabeo cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> frustrating jan thank
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you. >> new this morning america has its first candidate for president. ted cruz announced on twitter overnight he'll run for president in 2016. cruz will formally get into the race during a speech this morning at liberty university. a flood of candidate are expected to announce over the next few weeks if they'll run or not. >> well just about 5:03, katie it has been chilly start today so far. >> yes, thus far it, doesn't look as though it will really rebound all that easily here today. at least we can bank on full sunshine, that going for us, at this time of the year we start to notice that when the sun is shining, you feel it. it feels warmer to you when you are standing in the sun versus standing in the shadow. but, the problem is, the sun itself is not going to really help to warm things up too much today here. because again looking at temperatures at best to top off low 40's, just can't break this cycle. but storm scan3 at least is empty, it stays that way today, high pressure in place that's the result of it, and we've got nothing more than handful of clouds through the southern tear of our area just
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now, generally all you will find today nothing more than cloud here and there. 28 degrees meanwhile, yes, ma'am, that's your current temperature, chilly start at the airport, 24 degrees in allentown, in at 16 mount pocono 20's, as well, kinds of the story across the board here and varying degrees of how low or high those 20's are here for you. but everybody is off to a colder than average start. and just cold start in general. any time you are below freezing, you know how the drill; you have to have the heavier coat ready to go. we will rebounds to the 30's come the noon hour with full sunshine, but again, it is in the enough to really warm you up all that much. there is, however, a little warm warming trends that comes along with the mid week. but the problem is there is always a trade off. right? and that mid week warm up also comes with a storm system. which we will discuss as the show progresses and all of the impacts you can expect from that. jess over to you for now. >> thank you good morning 5:03, just thankful it is dry this morning roadways are pretty much empty. we start things off out on the
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vine street expressway, things moving along just fine, and if you are headed east westbound, this is the vine st. right around 24th. you can see that is currently not dealing with much of anything involving volume. over on the ben franklin bridge, pretty much dealing with the same story here from the jersey side, so headed westbound into the city all lanes open. no problems there. no problems if you are headed into new jersey, as well. as for the rest of the bridges, pretty much the same story there, east, westbound no problems on the betsy or walt whitman bridge. for the rest of the majors you can see the schuylkill expressway if you are headed eastbound from the vine into 95 no problems, this can only take about seven minutes eight minutes on 422 from 202 into oaks if you are headed westbound. as for mass transit great there. no problems for septa, new jersey transit currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport. back to you. >> gunman fatally shot inside a west philadelphia barber shop. >> it happened at the barber shop 600 block of north preston street in mantua before 3:00 yesterday. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now outside the 16th police
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district with details on this investigation. justin, good morning. >> erika diana good morning yes, first shoot did he die, that second shooter did come here to the police station to essentially confess his part in this, which was shooting and killing that first shooter and soon we'll learn if he is face charges or if police call this self-defense. mantua's barber shop spent much of sunday close today customers but open for crime scene investigators. shop on 600 block of north preston street was the scene after argument turned shooting. the gunfire eventually finished by shots from another man's gun. mack was a witness. >> when i was watching it. v in the barber shop, i heard gunshots. so i ducked. and i ran. >> he responded, and i guess he saved a lot of people in there. >> just before 3:00 sunday afternoon, police say a second man who had the legal gun permit walked into the barber shop, and saw that
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first shooting taking place. he pulled out his gun and fired striking his target that first gunman. then that second shooter left the scene, bound for the 16th district, to tell police his story. >> the shooter came in to the 16 district, and said he was the one that was involved. >> we don't know much about the first shooter. we do know black male, four's, did he die at presbyterian hospital. second shooter no information on him whatsoever at this point. but we do know police are still trying to figure out if charges will hole in this case against him. we are live at the 16th district, justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. new this morning, a man is fighting for his life after a shooting in northeast philadelphia. it happened on the 900 block of bridge street, in lawncrest. police say the victim was shot multiple times in the chest. he was returned to einstein medical center where he is now list in the critical condition. so far police only have a vague description of the
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shooter. 5:06. manna cured of shooting a 12 year old inside a port richmond home faces charges this morning. police say 23 year old jamil carter turned himself in yesterday. carter apparently broke into his ex-girlfriend's home on janie street and attack her waking up the woman's 12 year olson. as the boy walk downstairs to see what was happening carter shot him in the leg. the boy is in stable condition at st. christopher's hospital this morning. carter now facing a lit of charges. >> authorities in bucks county are investigating after two people are found dead inside their home. the discovery was made at the home on limp road in holland. police not releasing many other details at this time. >> police say that they may have found the body after missing woman in a wooded area in east norriton township. police have preliminarilly identified the body as hitter tillette. hasn't been seen since late last month after walking out of medical certainly earn. her family has been notified.
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the coroner determining the cause of death. >> one person dead after fire in germantown in a home there. the flames started shortly before 7:30 last night on the 4600 block of pull as ski avenue. firefighters found the victim on the second floor of the building. the cause of the fire is under investigation. still ahead this morning the archdioces announces plans to demolish local church but parishioners say not so fast. the fight to save saint laurentus. >> this morning, hear from the team as they return to the main line. >> and get ready for another below average day. it is chilly out there. you want to grab your heavy coat. katie e has more on your forecast coming up.
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philadelphia neighborhood is targeted for its airbags this is not the first time either. police say thieves made away with several airbags overnight, all from a honda's and all parked in rhawnhurst. the thieves hit the same area march 1st. so far there have been no arrests in either spree. police say a man with a license to car afire arm walked into a west philadelphia barber shop just as an armed robbery was taking place. the man shot the alleged robber and that robber later died at the hospital. the police investigation continues this morning. and republican senator ted cruz tweeted overnight he will run for president. he's expected to make a formal announcement later on today. the texas tea party favorite is a senator who filibuster for 21 hours you may recall, in a attempt many derail obama care. >> the philadelphia archdioces announces plans to demolish a church that dates back to the 19th century. st. laurentius church in northeast philadelphia closed almost one year ago. since then, residents and parishioners have been fight to go said structure.
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the archdioces said it would cost nearly three and a half million dollars to repair the church that would jeopardize the physical welfare of the pair everybody. they say demolishing the structure would cost about $1 million. st. laurentius school is not being closed or sold. >> it is approaching 5:13. katie, good morning. >> good morning diane a hi, everyone there is will end up being very quiet start to your week out there. we can expect to see sunshine, high pressure in place will last us through tomorrow. and then by the middle of the part of the week, warm and cold frow duo cross through just classic storm system. and what it will do is bring in our next round every wet weather, but also nice little warming trend along the way too. starting off on chilly note, at least storm scan is quiet starting off there. on out to the map yes, not heck of a lot to see here, folks, granted you have little movement in the atmosphere, but with high pressure in place there is ends up being nice looking day for our area. we zoom it out one time, however, what you will find off to the west is this next little disturbance. what happens with this,
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doesn't really affect us all that much. high pressure will win the battle for a change, not yield for that disturbance. so what will happen is this will start to fizzle by the time it reaches us and we will probably end one few more clouds tomorrow, that's kind of t so nice quai he will couple of days for us, then see larger storm system emerge. meanwhile that time of years. spring allergy starting to get to you snow has since had a chance to melt, but levels of may he will, juniper elm, is specifically trying creep up on us, medium to medium high. be ready for that if that's something you suffer f meanwhile unseasonably cool conditions continue for you here today. but it is bright and sunny. later on tonight we drop down to 26 degrees, chilly night with clouds even starting to thicken, not going to act too much as a blanket for you here. we do rebound to the mid four's tomorrow, even more so for wednesday thursday, and friday, but we've got to watch out for wet weather. just rain this time, folks maybe even thunderstorm along the way by thursday specially. jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie. always a trade off. 5:13, good morning everybody we start things off on the
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schuylkill expressway. most of our majors looking fine so far. as you can see the schuylkill pretty much confirmed that over on the left side, right around 202 over on the left hand side, that's headed eastbound into the city, no problems westbound as well. on 95, right through the work zone, everything moving along just fine, even with that right-hand lane being lost, headed southbound into center city, no problems there we do have some road work on 95 southbound, right around 896. and out in new jersey, similar construction 295 on the north and southbound lanes approaching 168 taking out a lane on other side. at for the rest of jersey everything looking great. no problems on 55, north or south, 42 freeway, starting to see some volume northbound, but everything still moving just fine of course no problems out on the east and westbound side of the a.c. expressway. now, for mass transit everything looking great there as well. southbound new jersey transit patco speed line all running on time with no delays. diana? >> thank you jess, story that blue up on social media. >> reported rape on the university of virginia campus.
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now, new finding are expected to be released on that alleged rape that caused big problems for rolling stone magazine. we'll be right back.
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ly will release the results of their investigation into alleged gang rape at the university of virginia. a report first published in rolling stone magazine last fall. that article told the story after woman who said she was assaulted at a fraternity. that article sparked outrage first, then controversy after questions were raised over that woman's story. rolling stone ended up and apologize g for discrepancies in the article and for not seeking a response from the accused men. thousands turn out to mourn seven children killed in a fire at their brooklyn home. a funeral is held yesterday for the children, siblings, aged five to 15. the fire broke out early saturday morning. their mother and 15 year old
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sister survived. they are in critical condition after jumping from a second story window, their father was away at a conference at the time. he delivered a moving speech at the funeral. >> he talked about hugging your children, loving your children, and treating people right, and not being judge mental. you know, all of the things we do wrong basically. >> investigators are looking at a hot plate as a possible cause of the fire. they say they were no working smoke alarms on the first or second floor. a frightening scene, captures here on camera, as a ski chairlift in maine malfunctions forcing ski tears jump off. some ski remembers even left dangling for up to hour and a half. in all, seven people were injured, and 200 skiers and snow boarders were evacuated. a preliminary investigation indicates a breaking system failed. they add sugar love mountain
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all inspected. that lift remains closed pending further investigation. as a skier that's literally my worse fear. >> oh, i hear you. nova is back in town after a tough loss in pit burying. >> how the team is responding to the game against nc state. sports is coming up. >> also, a baseball player for one pennsylvania column sink in hot water after tweet about mo'ne davis. we'll tell you what they said. we'll be right back.
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boom berg player is off the team after insulting twitter post about little league world series star mo'ne davis. first baseman joey castleberry used offensive word when criticizing news that disney channel is making a move bye davis. the tweet made reference to
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davis' lost to nevada in the little world world series. bloomberg university says quote, deeply sat ends by the tweet. >> we kick things off with kate. it does not feel like spring, katie. >> it certainly doesn't. at least it will be by mid week, trade off with the warming temperatures we can expect down the road here, but for now even despite sunshine, and that stronger march sun angle it is not really feeling all that spring like. you said it, erika. so we start things off by getting you on out to nice wide zoom. movement of the atmosphere, heavy rain basically moving offer on out to sea. there is disturbance bringing some snow right now across portions of northern illinois, southern wisconsin that's also not going to affect us, because it fizzles runs into high pressure, notice moisture well off to the west, that is the very, very beginning of what will bick our next mid week storm. meantime all is calm, clear quiet for us right now as we take live look at "skycam 3", throw in the current
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conditions out at philadelphia international airport over that for you. 28 degrees the current temperature, very modest breeze out of the north but does make it feel colder while it is currently 28 degrees, it feels a solid 10 degrees colder than that. generally feels like the teens in almost every location. so you got to be ready for that. it is not a windy day by any stretch. but, when talking temperatures as chilly as they are to start off anything is going to make it feel little colder. we keep it at best into the four's, through tuesday by wednesday, especially late in the day maybe a shower starting to move on in for us with our warmfront. that does warm us up on thursday. but, that's also the wettest day of the forecast with showers and probably thunderstorm, too. jess we send it over to you. >> thankful this morning is dry, thanks, good morning everybody, 5:23, we start things off outside on 422 moving along just fine. right around trooper road, you can see trooper road that road right there in the center that kind of wraps on around the tail light-headed eastbound toward the king of prussia area. moving along just fine so far. over on the benny, this is from the philly side all lanes are open, if you are going in
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or out of the city see no problems there. as for the rest of the bridges, pretty much the same story. no problems for the betsy ross headed east or westbound. walt whitman no problems there. speeds are normal. we do have road work out on 95 on the southbound lanes right around 896. and more road work out in new jersey on the north and southbound side of 295 that's approaching 168. as for the rest of our travel times here, 95, not doing too bad if you are headed northbound from the vine street expressway, into woodhaven road only 14 minutes there, eight minutes 422 just saw that from the eastbound side, as women. from 202, into oaks, if you are headed westbound mass transit, great alternate, no problems therefore septa new jersey new jersey transit or the patco speed linement back to you. >> march madness continues as the basketball tournament rolls on. un for the lip, it is without the villanova wildcats. the wildcats return to villanova yesterday. day after losing to nc state wolfpack. nova was a one seed in the east and their lost busted
5:25 am
plenty of bracket across the country. head coach jay wright discusses his squad's disappointing exit from the big dance. >> we failed one game. they have not failures, they had great season. and we have to except our fate here, and we got to own t you know and then we will come back, and we'll start building again. >> only one fan showed up to greet nova as the bus pulled up. ten year old jack rideenback, he said he felt terrible watching them lose over the weekend but he still loves his team. >> i shook it off. they'll do better next year. >> there is always next year. >> i just fun being -- live close to them seeing all of their games. >> and nova's players know jack pretty well. quite a few of them came to ever say hi after getting off the bus. jack says his parents are villanova alumni. ncaa torny continues without the wildcats yesterday another big upset when the second seeded kansas jay hawks
5:26 am
were upset by seventh seeded witch is that state shockers. all five shockers start -- scored in double figures and wichita stay rolled over the jay hawks 78 to 65. it is shockers and the fighting irish every notre dame in the next round. >> another upset, two seed virginia against michigan state and the spartans always play well at tournament time. travis has 23 for michigan state as they beat the cavaliers 60 to 54. michigan state plays oklahoma next. >> the temple owls are still in the mix in the nit and talking of taking on the colonials of george washington north brought zero broad street. good defense leads to good offense. the owls played plenty of both last night. will cummings saw the owls with 21 points, jaylen bond chipped in with eight points, 15 boards. temple wins nine to to 77. next play the winnersment tonight's louisianna text game. >> to the pros sixers playing
5:27 am
the lakers late last night on the left coast. thomas robinson had 14 points off the bench for the sixers, but it wasn't enough. the lakers got a season high 29 from jeremy lin as they beat the sixers 101-87. >> sixers still on the west coast. they play the kings in sacramento tomorrow night. erika? >> still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" another rude awakens for several car owners in northeast philly. thieves targeting one costly item not the first time this month either. >> the first presidential contender announced he's running. ted cruz made unique announcement overnight. another similar announcements expected soon. >> and jessica and katie return they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's this monday morning, off to cool start. we're back in just two minutes.
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several cars broke mean overnight in the rhawnhurst neighborhood of philadelphia. the thieves were targeting airbags. this is the knot first time it's happened, either. good morning i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm diana rocco in for ukee washington overnight. senator ted cruz the first candidate to announce he's running for president, and did he it in a very unique way. >> let's get a check of our traffic and weather together. >> i know a loft are you wondering where the heck is spring, why isn't it here yet coming in with nice warm air that's prolonged. well, it is one of those situations, guys we are just stuck unfortunately with these waves of cool air that keep on coming in. so that's where we start the week off. but there is a nice little warming trends down the road, jess. we are talking about temperatures that actually even get into the 60s for at least a


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