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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 24, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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t comes with a price. i'll explain coming up. jess? >> thanks, katie. good morning everybody, on 95 right around bartrum avenue, dealing with ongoing construction here. tying out this ramp, northbound lanes that's going to be there until about the end of march. you want to take island avenue to get on by. we will do major check on new jersey and what's going on there in just a minute. erika, over you. >> new this morning, serious accident in south jersey a car slams into a tree sending two people to the hospital. "eyewitness news" at the scene near the intersection of greentree road and bells lake drive. this is in blackwood, new jersey. no word on what cause that crash, or the condition of the people involved. >> philadelphia police have a serious problem on their hands, airbag thieves are making lives miserable for car owners. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo was in rhawnhurst yesterday morning, reporting on these thefts, now in queen village, where 20 car owners were ripped off. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, that's right, number of these thefts targeting honda's primarily continues to grow.
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as you mentioned the area where this is happening is also expanding. you mention here in queen village over the weekend 20 cars ended up just like this one. fairly new to catharine street justin walker now questioning his choice of queen village after recently discovering a scene like this. glass on the seat and his airbag stolen. >> i've had -- i didn't expect to come out to my car and see the glass and the airbag stolen. you know, on a saturday morning. >> police say he was just one of 20 victims in queen village. saturday morning, police found airbags stolen out of carson front, monroe, fitzwater christian, and catherine streets, all but three were honda's. >> glad i don't have a honda. i mean, that's pretty sad. >> this news comes as police investigate a string of smash and grabs in rhawnhurst too. just yesterday nearly half dozen cars were broken into, airbags stolen and on march 1st, 9 cars in the same neighborhood suffered the same fate. auto body shops say owners
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like justin now face a costly repair. >> the airbag by itself is a 800-dollar part. that's before the actual glass that's broken, that's before getting the actual part that covers the airbag. >> we'll have to get your door repaired, you might have to get it replaced then you slight to get it painted sanded that's a lot of monday. >> i experts say it takes these just minutes to get away with the goods. them then turn around and sell an airbag on the black market for couple of hundred bucks. justin is hoping his new club will deter people looking to take advantage or at least slow thieves down long enough to get caught. >> i had no idea, now that i know, i will take the right precaution. >> and, some folks tell us they'll try to find off-street parking, that may help, as well, in the meantime, police are investigating. there are no arrests just yet. so if you have any information, give police a call. reporting live in queen village this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan thank you. >> developing now, search is on foreman wanted for a robbery and hit-and-run in
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upper chichester delaware county. take a look at this surveillance picture. police is a that man rocked a shell gas station with a knife yesterday morning. then he ran over the station owner's friend, who tried to stop him. he wasn't seriously hurt. we'll have a live report on the search for the rob suspect coming up in the next half hour. >> police are also looking for this mob every boys who viciously attack a man on the broad street line. the group suddenly started punching that man on the walnut locust station platform last thursday. they all ran away after the attack. the escaped man the man rather escaped with just minor injuries. >> 5:03, let's check in with kate. >> i good morning today will be one of those days where we end one generally some clouds at least to start the day offer. pretty quiet day. it is also on the chilly side. but when you look at storm scan just behind me on the map here let's go ahead, in fact, take the full screen for you what you see is a little hint of precipitation. now, looks can be deceiving on storm scan, a lot of times
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and if you recall, if you wake up with us every morning first every all thanks for doing, that second of all you might remember there was little disturbance that was really thumbing heavy snow over wisconsin illinois yesterday. this is it. that's all that's left of it. fizz link now that high pressure is winning the battle. even if you saw maybe snowflake as you traveled west on the pa turnpike, okay, i give that you but for the most part i don't think you seymour than clouds. generally not verifying at the ground level. so, you have got quiet start to the morning, clouds granted, but the clouds, well, not acting as a really warm blanket, or at least keeping us a little bit milder than we were yesterday this same time. 32 degrees our current temperature with quiet conditions thereon "skycam 3". light, modest winds flow for us, as well, but it is out of the north. if the wind blows at all it, will make it feel tad cooler e temperatures still below average, at best, in the 40's for the philly area, shore points, then up in the poconos still won't break out of those 30's jess, over to you. >> thank you we're just happen tis dry over here. 5:04, we start things off out on 95, we do have road work
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right around bartrum avenue in the northbound lanes we can go full there and you can see, not a lot of volume really headed on by either direction. northbound see the taillights are headed and see all of the cones set up in front that far off ramp right here, completely block off. take island avenue to get on by that area. that's going to be out there until about the end of march. tac-pal scheduled for opening should be currently in the process of that, right now you want to take the betsy ross bridge to get on by. additionally, betsy ross having no problems, no problems headed east or westbound, on the walt whitman bridge. and out in new jersey, if we can head on over to the 42 freeway, everything looking just fine, here, we can see the southbound lanes moving along great northbound into philadelphia, or possibly to the 295 interchange. everything moving along great. as for the rest of the majors in jersey, no problems 55 north or south and a.c. expressway if you are headed east or westbound. erika, back over to you. >> thank you, students attending west chester university are on alert after three alleged assaults. authorities say the incidents
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happened three days in a row last week on campus, or just off of it. in two of the assaults, the victims were reportedly approached on the street by several men, who demanded money. the third incident was a reported sexual assault campus residential facility. officials say the victim and suspect new each other. >> i always usually make sure i have friends with me. i don't like walking anywhere by myself or anything. >> caught us off guard. it is so close to campus. i wasn't used to it. >> the suspect descriptions and the two alleged attempted robbery vary and it is not clear if they're related. >> only eight weeks left until philadelphia voters head to the polls. today the candidates for mayor shared their views on the city schools. meeting tonight at forum on education at the gw child school on wharton street in point breeze. the city's cash strapped schools are one of the key issues for voters leading up to the primary on may 19th. also today pennsylvania lawmakers meet in philadelphia to talk about legalizing
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medical marijuana in the keystone state. two state house committees will hold a hearing at the university of pennsylvania health systems this morning. similar efforts to legalize medical marijuana in the state have failed in recent years. erika? >> nicole, security was ramp up at last night's women's ncaa tournament game. it follows threats against president obama's neice who plays on the princeton basketball team. the president did not attend the game, but two supreme court justices did. >> the buzzer, that's it. >> maryland's lady chirps ended princeton tigers undefeated season in monday night ncaa match up as undercover security agents stood guard throughout the arena. the win is being overshadowed by now unsubstantiated threat against president obama's neice, leslie robinson, freshman forward for princeton was reportedly not aware of the threat before the game. but her coach was. >> leslie is safe. no one lovers her like i do. she an important part of our
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team. keep the freaks of the gym how about it? >> authorities here at the university of maryland say a woman called the school's police department saying she received a text indicate ago man she new had a gun and mentioned president obama's neice. campus police started an investigation immediately and notified the secret service. some agents were already inside the arena guarding supreme court justice's sonia sotomayor and elena caring inch in attendance. fans who learned of the added security measures after the game were surprised. >> that's news to me. >> over the weekends president obama attend dollars the princeton game against wisconsin greenbay. commander in chief was not there last night. susan macinnis, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is 5:08 right now. more fall out from the fraternity scandal at penn state, the impact it is having on greek life across the campus. >> also, new from overnight angelina jolie drops a big bombshell after another health scare. >> this time she explains the difficult decision to have her ovaries removed. plus, heart stopping video. when woman is run over in a
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parking lot. why she was trying to stop the people in that car from driving away. and another chilly start but katie is tracking a big warm up later this week. we'll have traffic and weather together on the 3's. she'll let you know when we get into the 60s. we'll be right looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> several cars were targeted yesterday morning and earlier this month in rhawn hers. police in upper chichester, delaware county, say this man robbed a shell station on route 452, and tried to run down a man who tried to stop him. the victim suffered minor injuries. investigators say the suspect got away in a late model volvo. >> west chester police are
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warning residents to be vigilant after at least three assaults took place over the last week. one took place we're told, on the west chester university campus and two other nearby. a stunning announcement overnight from one every hollywood's brightest starts angelina jolie revealing that she had her ovaries removed to reduce her risk of getting ovarian cancer. jolie explained her decision in new york times just published today. she said recent blood test revealed she had mark that's could be a sign of early cancer. her mother died of ovarian cancer in 2007. two years ago jolie underwent a double masectomy to reduce her risk of breast cancer. she wrote: it is not possible to remove all risk and the fact that i remain prone to cancer. i will look for natural ways to strengthen my immune system. i feel feminine and grounded in the choices i making for myself and my family. i know my children will never have to say: mom died of
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ovarian cancer. right now coming up on 5:13 we want to check in with katie. how are we looking today chilly snow. >> definitely chilly, overall quiet, we have that going for us today. you do need to break out heavier winter coat, also notice few more clouds out there today. but we really don't have any major weather to talk about until we hit the middle part of the week. we take you out there. show this wider zoom on storm scan3, yes little hint of moisture, you see how it has been fizz link we look at the three hour loop, same disturbance over the midwest and thumbing heavy snow yesterday. now it is fist he will -- fizzle. you don't have to worry so much about any wet weather out of it. there are definitely more signs of life, we go to nationwide zoom. no real organization with any of the pockets of moisture that are firing up here. but, there will eventually and much larger and much more organized storm system that takes shape and that's what's going to eventually affect us even as early as late in the day symptom. we'll discuss. but noah has released its
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spring outlook as far as the northeast, tri-state area is concerned, temperatures for the spring are expected to be generally near average. so, give or take cup of of degrees, we give, that but average high in april 65. average high in may 74, average high in june, 82. if we're at least close to that, i'll take it, i don't know about you guys. let's look at what the rest of the day has in store. notice more clouds than what we saw yesterday. still quiet. high hits 46, drop down to the lower 30's tonight getting to the good stuff again comes with a trade off. you need some rain gear thursday. doesn't that 68 look lovely? watching for showers and few thunderstorms, too as pretty potent cold front crosses through, jess, over to you. >> good morning, looking forward to the 68 degrees, and only 5:14, relatively quiet so far. not whole lot of volume to speak of. we start things off on the schuylkill expressway, right around 202. headlights headed eastbound toward the city. you can see everything moving along just fine there as well. if you are on the ben franklin bridge, if you have to get into the city today no problems there.
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all lanes open here. headed westbound into philadelphia, no problems into new jersey, as well. the tac-pal currently in the process after opening so you can expect a lot of residual delays in the area. you want to take the betsy to get on by, if you are going to cross over there in the next couple every minute. in new jersey 42 freeway, no problems headed north or south, 55 doing the same, east and westbound on a.c. expressway, also doing just fine. nicole, back over to you. >> well, get ready to check your freezer three's on your side with a big recall on more than dozen frozen foods. lots, george zimmerman has beef with president obama hear why he blames the president for some of his problems. we'll be rigight back.
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hey, gracie... you know how our family has... daddy and mommy... and me!
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yeah, that's right. pretty soon... you're going to have a baby brother. ♪ ♪ and... a puppy. ♪ ♪ [ chuckles ] deal. ♪ ♪ >> frightening moment caught on surround valleys video. watch as this car backs up, runs over the waitress in the
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parking lot of the restaurant near anaheim. as she was trying to confront a group of four people who dined and dashed sunday night, that's when they knock her down with the car and ran over her. >> we talk to her. we even told the owner employees, when something like this happens just tell them you haven't paid. but walk away, just let it go, because nothing worth your life. >> wow. tough to watch too. amazingly she only suffered a bruised lung and ankle along with some cuts. police arrested the four suspect yesterday. >> erika? >> 5:18 right nowment penn state want a task force to take closer look at campus fraternities. the review follows the suspend shore of cap a delta row. it is accused of posting pictures of make and incapacitated woman in compromising position toss a private facebook page. in a statement, penn state president, eric baron said, i ask for your understanding as due process proceed. at the same time, i believe we also must embark on supplementary action that will have a more long-term impact
5:19 am
on the issues we face. next week, he says, ill name a task force to look into fraternity and sorority live at penn state. fraternity now considering legal action after police investigating a reported rape at the university of virginia cannot confirm that it happened. a story in rolling stone magazine described rape at the uva student at the few cab a sy fraternity house in 2012. now charlottesville police say officers have not found evidence to support that claim. >> so this case is not closed. it is not closed by any stretch of the imagination. it is suspended until such time as we are able to gather more information or such time until someone comes forward and provides us with more information. >> the accuser identified only as jacky did not cooperate with investigators. soon after that article was publish, investigators found
5:20 am
discrepancies and rolling stone magazine apologized. >> 5:19 right now. will he run or won't he? governor christie narrows down the time line for when he might make a decision about running for president. also, asking for a second chance. mo'ne davis responds to the pennsylvania college baseball player who insulted her on twitter. what she said coming up.
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coming up on 5:23, our traffic and weather together. still, cool out there, kaley? >> still chilly. definitely winter vibe going on for us again here today. but at least it is a trans will pattern overall, i doesn't want you scared off by what storm scan has to offer up. because what it is showing basically trying to trick you it is thinking it is april
5:23 am
fools day essentially here because this snow that you see on radar for the most part not even hitting the grounds at this point. it is a fizzling disturbance left with clouds, nothing more, but we will see some straight up precipitation here as we look forward to the forecast. warmfront tomorrow, perhaps late day shower, then all the way get into the -- all the way to the upper 60s by thursday, but that comes with even the the wettest day of the forecast here, just because we will be sitting in the warm sector of the storm the potent cold front has to cross, not only dodging rain showers but also probably evening and late night thunderstorms, as the front itself does have a chance to cross through so wind kicks in, we probably ends up with just under an inch of rain in some spots. thunderstorms have tomorrow rubble along with, that i think it is a price a lot of russ too long pay, at least one day that flirts with 70 degrees, doesn't last long, so enjoy it while you can. jess, we send it over to you. >> things will be looking up
5:24 am
anyway, 5:23, good morning we start things off on 95, relatively quiet trip so far around girard avenue. northbound lanes where the taillights are, and you can see, everything moving along just fine, out on 42 freeway out in new jersey, northbound lanes, where the headlights are, headed no 295 or the surround area bridges, starting to pack in volume, everything moving just fine. naught ewing, new jersey, ewing township, pennington road at ewing ville road all lanes block due to downed pole in the area. that's blocking both directions you want to take scotch road few patches of the road work. blocking two left hand lanes nicole back to you. >> jess, thank you. the eagles' bosses are among the marquis attractions at this week's nfl owners meetings in phoenix. lurely meet the media today for the first time since they started their off season make over. chip kelly will be in the spotlight tomorrow. meanwhile, here are the
5:25 am
funeral arrangements for eagles star chuck bednarik, public vowing thursday noon to 4:00 again 6:00 to 9:00 at the connell funeral home in bethlehem. private mass will be on friday. the hall of famer played on eagles championship teams in 1949 and 1960. he is considered one of the greatest eagles players in franchise history. bednarik died saturday at 89 years of age. well, the six letters try to break the sacramento kings two game winning streak tonight in california. the six version won two of their last three games. tonight's game is the 10:00 start here in the east. erika? >> thanks, nicole. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", we have the latest on the search for airbag bandits striking around the city. justin? >> err cakes man puts his life on the line to shell the -- save the shell station a after a knife wielding man. we'll tell you how the man is doing this morning and also about the guy police say tried to run him over with his car.
5:26 am
>> also, reforming the philadelphia police department. the recommendations to prevent officers from using deadly force. and jessica and katie return, they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's. we're back in just two minutes. good morning. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪
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lure ya. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". have you seen this man wanted for robbing a delaware county gas station, but that's not the only crime, police say he committed. good morning we're live at the scene with the search for the suspect, including what he is accused of doing to a good samaritan just trying to stop him. >> it is a cold morning down the shore but the good news is you can give the heat area break later this week. let's check that out with katie in the forecast center. katie, going to warm up some? >> looks that way. we should see real nice spike
5:29 am
on the thermometer. i wish i could tell if you will last more than one day seems like we get these mild teasers, then they go away right away. but, you know, we take the breaks where we have to get them. at least we'll have couple of milder days than what we've been experiencing as of late. full details on what the trade off will be because that far many doing up. >> thank, good morning already a stern on the vine street expressway. we can take our cameras full here. i can show you exactly what i am talking b over in the left-hand lane. part of that left hand shoulder there, you can see cars squeezing on by, right around 24th street in the eastbound lanes cars squeezing on by to the right-hand side. we do a check in new jersey, mans trans whitt we come back in just a couple every minutes. back to you. >> following developing story the search for ruthless rob here ran down a good samaritan during his get away. >> justin finch live at the scene in upper chichester with the very latest, just fin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes, that's right. this was no doubt a split
5:30 am
second decision, this man seeing this robbery unfold and gives chase from this store out into the street, only to be run over by that man's car. and now he has non-life threatening injuries this morning. from across the street this witness who did not want his face or name revealed watched a man get run down, he says, for trying to dot right thing. >> the front and rear tire went over him. >> the occur began before 10:00 monday morning man named mark moyer took off after this man who shelled up his friend's shell convenience store, witness went over to help. >> gentleman stuck on the car went under the car car then proceeded to go over the top of him and then took off down the road. >> we had a white male, went into the shell station and produce add large knife. and requested the owner of the store to hand over money. >> only about $150. still, moyer pounced chasing after that suspect. >> he got into an altercation with him out in the


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