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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 25, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is wednesday march 25th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." searchers find important evidence from the airliner that crashed in france. we're live near the scene. plus peter greenberg on the history of what happened. >> a food company announced a mega merger. and a new warning that exposes a disturbing trend among teenage drivers. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. this morning helicopters
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took off. >> one of the black box the voice recorder has been damaged but apparently still usable. >> the plane descended before crashed into a mountainside. no distress call was received. taking place for an accused cop killer. an officer was shot to death last night. >> a state trooper has died in an exchange of gunfire with a suspected gun robber. from texas to the ohio valley severe winds, flood r flash flood watches and tornado warns a possibility. possible announced the current level of troops will remain in afghanistan through the end of the year. the fbi has now joined the search to the orange county woman who just moved to california. she may have been kidnapped for ransom. >> the biggest fear the horror she might be going through.
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someone a an ied. >> if someone flipped the light switch on, the key advice would have exploded. >> he's rlg lucky to have escaped. >> all that -- >> that was just great. two seconds. middleton. >> -- and all that matters -- >> i will be here every day from 3:00 p.m. to 5 p.m. polishing the star. maybe some day people will look down on the sidewalk and say who the [ bleep ] is this guy. >> -- on "cbs this morning." ted cruz grew up listening to rock music but that changed after september 11th. >> country music the way they responded. >> we're one attack from liking smooth jazz. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is on assignment so vladimir duthiers is with us. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> the impact shattered the plane and sent wreckage over a huge area of the french alps all 150 people aboard are believed dead. >> officials say they cannot rule out anything but it's very unlikely that terrorists brought down this jet. it was flying from barcelona, spain, to dusseldorf germany mark fill lipps is near the crash site in the french town of seyne-les-alpes. mark, good morning. >> reporter: if there can be a situation like this, the prae dikted weather, snow and rain that has happened today has held off and the emergency crews as you can hear and see are flying to and from the crash site. also the flight box recorder
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has been recovered. but there's bad news too. the retrieval of victims won't be easy. the plane came down in the most inhospitable area imaginable. wreckage and strewn pieces down the deep mountainside. and as for the victims, of course, there are bodies, says the chief doctor of the local fire department, but identifying them will be hard. you see the state of the plane he said. so i'll let you imagine the state of the bodies. because of the force of the impact and the 60-degree slope the plane slammed into the wreckage has settled over a ten-acre area, and that's unstable alpine shale. it will take days to retrieve what's left of the victims. and on top of the grief there's the mystery of why this happened. the plane's cockpit voice recorder has been retrieved but it's damaged. investigators are trying to access its comments as for why this crash happened.
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the plane which had climbed to its 38,000 feet cruising altitude after it left barcelona only staysed there for onement before beginning a deep descent. no call no distress call. air traffic control lost contact at 6,000 feet. unknown whether the passengers or crew were conscious during that time. a make shift morgue has been set up in this town for the emergency operation. it's about eight or so miles from the actual crash site. the prospect now is of getting mangled remains of the victims here. relatives of those victims are also expected. the identification of the victims, of course, will be a very gruesome job indeed and the only way in or out is by air. it will take days to clear the site. vlad? >> mark phillips in france thanks. what could have kept the
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pilots from making a distress call. we spoke with captain sully sullenberger. >> one is they were so deeply engaged possibly trying to solve many problems simultaneously that they didn't have time to do things down there. and the other may be they were simply unable to communicate. this seemed to be a more controlled descent. i i can tell you that airlines pilots are trained to deal with a lot of reasons. one might be cabin depressure depressurization depressurization, electrical failures. we don't yet know what the first link in this causal chain of events was that started this crisis. >> captain sullenberger has a great deal of experience with the airbus a320. he famously landed one in the hudson river three years ago saving everyone on board. two are remembering the
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victims. barcelona is the city where the flight yoreoriginated. the other is in germany. holly williams is outside dusseldorf which suffered a terrible loss of life. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the crash is a national crisis here in germany. 18 of them came from this high school here in this small town of haltern. they were flying home to their families after a class trip to spain. there are no classes in the high school in haltern, just grief counseling. 16 of the dead were students here along with their teachers. when we first heard the plane had crashed, we hoped our students had missed the flight said the school principal at a
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press conference this morning. spelled out in german a makeshift memorial simply asks the question why. the church bells tolled yesterday for haltern's lost sons and daughters in a town of just 35,000 people. nearly everyone knew somebody who isn't coming home. familyies gathered having heard the worst news possible. our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives, said the german chancellor angela merkel who's visiting the crash site today but here in haltern, the grief is more personal. >> i can't believe it. very shocking situation. >> the town's mayor was told two
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of those who died were family friends. like everyone else here he's stunned and deeply shaken. >> we've got enough people to take care of the pupils and speak with them and with the parents also if they want. >> we spoke to one of the students here just now. he said they held a special assembly today to mourn their friends. he told us some students were crying but others seemed to be in a state of shock because they still can't believe what's happened. gayle? >> nobody can. thank you, holly williams in haltern, germany. a little later we'll talk with peter greenberg about the black box discovery and everything involved in the crash. we'll dive deeper ahead on "cbs this morning." just in this half hour, two of the biggest brands in the supermarket i'll have formed the
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hugest merger ever. craft and heinz will merge. the deal is worth $40 billion. cbs news analyst jill schlesinger says it may affect the way we shop and eat. this is huge. when you think of it. oscar mayer, philadelphia heinz, kraft, all in one company. >> they're american iconic brands, which is very interesting. we've got cracker bare el oscar myer, jell lowe all of these in one place. again, a 40$40 billion deal. they combined. at tend. 49% kraft, 51% heinz. >> i want to know why private equity is so interested. >> they love this. they consider it a bloated
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industry that has not kept up with the times. look at specifically kraft has had a lot of problem as tastes have changed, consumers shifting to healthier kinds of food. they're going say let's take a look inside take and remove every possible expense, clean this company up run it more efficiently and run it for our shareholders. >> why did they merge? are they not doing well? >> no it's not doing well but there are so many great efficiencies merging companies already pretty much in the same business. think think is great deal for shareholders of kraft, by the way. >> how about the customers? >> i don't know that they're going to know the difference. the shareholders will not only get stocks but a special dividend. kraft up 16% in the market. again, i don't think you're going to find a difference from a consumer perspective. they may begin to skinny up some of these brands if they don't like the way they're run.
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>> high winds led to a drastic pressure. a massive tree fell on a car as it was passing by in beverly hills. the plarchins are bracing for mer severe weather. scott padgett of our affiliate station has more. good morning. >> good morning. look at all the storms that developed in a large amount of hail as you talked about. worked its way through missouri into illinois. snow falling in wisconsin this morning. there's a potential of more severe weather today. enhanced risk of severe storms in oklahoma stretching to arkansas and southwest sides of missouri and texas with large hail and damaging winds.
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that whole system an works its way to the east. 50s. into the 70s. going to the weekend you have to find the hot chocolate again because winter returns. gayle, back to you. >> good thing we like hot chocolate. thank you, scott. this morning jurors in the boston marathon bomb having more insight. jurors saw surveillance from a gun range yesterday. the brothers spent more than an hour there shooting at targets. they rented two 9 millimeter pistols. dzhokhar tsarnaevs with a member of a cleric. president hadi recently left his home there and they seized the yemeni air base. the air base say they're fighting a corrupt government. president obama says he will liev nearly 10,000 troops in afghanistan through the end of
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this year. that is nearly twice as many as planned. the president decided to slow down troop withdrawals after a plea from u.s. commanders and afghan's new president who visited the white house yesterday. lawmakers are still raising questions this morning about the latest secret service blunlder. surveillance video shows the moment that agents bumped into a crime scene barrier a few weeks ago. they were allegedly drunk. the agency's director answered for a third time yesterday. bill plante is at the white house near the scene of the incident. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there was bipartisan outrage at director clancey for not conducting his own investigation, for not allow those to testify and for not producing the secret service's own surveillane videotapes. surveillance video from washington, d.c.'s police department shows a car pulling
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up to the white house grounds, a woman tossing a package she says is a bomb and then speeding away. >> it take 27 minutes to secure the scene. 27 minutes. what it was a real bomb? >> reporter: a few minutes later a vehicle carrying the two secret service ajemtss are driving close to the scene which is now a crime scene because of the bomb investigation. they nudged a barrel aside. members wanted to see the secret service's own video but learned most is routinely erased after 72 hours. >> my local store 24 has a better surveillance system than we have at the white house. >> reporter: clancey said he would change that. >> i've directed that the video storage be increased immediately. >> reporter: clancey said he didn't learn of the incident until five days later when he
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received is an anonymous e-mail. it reads in part were both extremely intoxicated and that uniformed division officers were going to arrest both of them but the commander said not to. >> the fact that i did not learn about this allegation until five days it is said to have occurred infuriates me. i am resolved to holding people accountable for their actions. >> a lot of people got this e-mail. a lot of them got it. but you didn't. that is a problem. >> reporter: clancey took a lot of heat for not addressing the two agents. they beerch suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. they want to know how come he didn't happen. >> he told them the law requires that any problem be referred to the inspector general of homeland security. >> thanks. this morning a new study
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expose as disturbing trend among routine drivers. involving teenagers. car crashes are the leading cause of death for american teens. wyatt andrews is on the road in washington with the sobering statistics. >> good morning. we have known that distracted driving is dangerous especially for teenagers, but this report says it's worse than we imagined. in this study aaa collected six years worth of
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good morning everyone i'm nicole brewer. we will send it right over to the eyewitness weather forecast center. the katie, some rain. >> yes, sooner rather than later, as early as this afternoon rain drops start to dot the area for our area for now we have a stellar sunrise currently underway. handful of cloud are visible but we have more sun than anything and light win. here on storm scan you you can see signs of the moisture that will eventually be overtaking our map. but no rape yet. 31 degrees outside lower merion high school in ardmore busy scene as kid get into school this morning but your seven day forecast, well those kid will require some rain gear by later today and tomorrow, as we track a warm,
7:27 am
cold front due across the area. vittoria. good morning. we are dealing with the breaking news story traveling in and around bethlehem area i will step out toe where we can see this smoke is billowing here. this is mauck chunk road between lauren and elizabeth not too far from moravian college. because of the three alarm warehouse fire we have closure points in that area including mauck chunk road and elizabeth street. main street is your best alternate. >> next update 7:55. up next this morning more on that deadly plane crash in the french alps. more local news weather and traffic on the cw philly. i'm nicicole brewer. have a great morning.
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but they don think it's that important. pilots are trained to control the plane first and try to communicate. they may not have had time to communicate. >> one other question is the eight-minute descent. normally you hear if the plane
7:34 am
had gone in distress, it would have gone out of its route. but it was on route. >> were the pilots in control or the plane actually in control with its own computers? when the plane got up to 38,000 feef, it was only up there for a minute. they're looking now at the flight data recorder. once they look at it it's going to tell them everything about icing, wind, temperature, performance, and with there speed sensors and were there angle-of-attack sensors meaning the actual pitch of the plane frozen and did not give a false reading to the computer to tell the plane it was going to staal. now the pilots are actually fighting the computer and that's what causes that controlled descent. >> that worried me that eight-minute descent. i keep thinking of the passengers and the terror they may have been going through. >> why? >> it's a controlled descent
7:35 am
about 400 feet a second which is not catastrophic. >> you would feel you're going down. >> yes, but they would not know the reason why. the bottom line is the speed stayed the same, but once you get below that 3,000 feet 400 knots is lethal. that's why you see the debris field. the plane hit at 400 knots. >> is it a surprise there was no mayday called? eight minutes seems like a long time. >> it does. but going back to the old john wayne movie, oh my god, i have time to say good-bye to my wife no it doesn't work at all. very rarely do you hear that. >> what will investigators be looking for. >> >> it's the flight data recorder. it gives you at least 15 didn't parameters. they're going to look at engine performance. were the engines surging or seizing intermittently. >> the voice recording that the
7:36 am
pilots made that would not tell you the story. >> oh it's more than the voices. it's everything in the cockpit. you'd hear it in realtime. so once they get both recorders, they'll actual will do a real-time analysis second by second to match up what they hear in the cockpit. >> peter greenberg thanks so much. >> you've about got it. for the fourth time an italian court will determine the fate of amanda knox. they'll decide whether to uphold the seattle woman's murder conviction. it could spark a fierce extradition fight. correspondent peter van sant has covered this story from the beginning. good morning. >> good morning. amanda knox's italian attorney says amanda is worried and has had a sleepless night. a close friend said she is having a very hard time as she await as decision from italy's supreme court in a case that never seems to end. the absence of amanda knox
7:37 am
didn't stop the media frenzy outside an italian courtroom this morning where authorities could decide once and for all whether knox is a free woman. it's an eight-year chapter involved satanic sex rituals, murder, and lies. a journalist has been followed the case and wrote a cover story for "newsweek." >> it's a complicated stone and a lot of italians believe a guilty girl was sent back to the united states. >> in 2007 meredith kirchner's body was found in a pool of blood. knox and sollecetio were seen
7:38 am
kissing outside the courtroom. they were acquitted on appeal in 2011. amanda knox has been found not guilty in the murder of meredith kirchner. >> knox returns to her hometown of seattle a free woman. >> thank you to everyone. >> reporter: last january italy's highest appeal court found the pair guilty again. if the court decides to uphold its conviction, they could ask the u.s. to extradite knox from seattle. >> if the italians make an extradition request, they're setting up a diplomatic showdown. >> reporter: knox who is working as a freelance writer said she will never return to italy, at least not willingly. >> they'll have to catch me kicking and screaming into a prison i don't deserve to be in.
7:39 am
>> reporter: meredith kirchner's family has made its wishes clear. they're convinced of amanda's guilt and would like to see her in prison back where this all began, in italy. >> we will know later today. thank you, peter. a mother is freed from missen years after she was accused of plotting her son's death. >> i always believed this day would come. i just didn't think it would have to take 25 years, three months, and 14 days. ahead, why her involvement in her son's death remain as mystery despite her newfound freedom. and if you're leaving the house for any reason, the good news is you do not have to miss the rest of this broadcast. we invite you to set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time you feel like it. we'll be right back. real possibilities of connecting with family and friends. realpad from aarp makes it easy
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this morning an arizona
7:44 am
mother is free after spending more than two decades on death row. a judge cleared her in the 1989 killing of her 4-year-old son but as omar villafranca shows us, that has not answered questions about her inore sensenocence. >> i had absolutely nothing do with the brutal murder of my son christopher. >> reporter: after 20 years on death row she is free. she was sentenced to death in the death of her 4-year-old son christopher. >> i leave with an abiding sense of loss and a chunk of my heart is gone. >> reporter: 20 years ago she dressed him up to see santa claus at a mall. instead two of her friends drove him to the desert and shoot up him. she was convicted for having him
7:45 am
killed. >> my innocence did not matter in their pursuit of a conviction. >> reporter: her convex was largely based on an alleged conviction held by a retired man, a man with a history of misconduct, something prosecutors didn't disclose at the time. that discredited testimony ultimately lead to her successful appeal and release on monday. >> always believed this day would come. i just didn't think it would have to take 25 years, three months, and 14 days. >> the prosecutor says there's still evidence pointing to her guilt. >> if anybody really wants to know the truth, you can look it up yourself and it's there, and i will tell you that it's not what has been asserted by the defense throughout. >> reporter: as for milky, she has her own questions about what happened the day her son was murdered. >> don't feel happy rns.
7:46 am
the relief yes. the victory is bittersweet. my son is gone. i ask the question now what. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," omar villafranca los angeles. >> let's put that in the category of bizarre. ahead, we'll help you get your finances in order for spring cleaning of all your stuff. financial. plus honoring a living legend. why the golden bear also welcome to our sales event. [crowd]
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things it's not whether you win or lose it's how you play the game, and no one has played it better for longer than jack. >> on the back of the gold medal, there are six stars. five of the stars represent my children. then there's one larger singular star that represents my wife barbara. i dodged for years the question about what victory is the most important or most memorable, yet i don't know if i've ever had a more important victory or more memorable one than when pausch rah jean bash became barbara nicklaus. >> hello, jack nicklaus. >> he deserves more than a congressional medal. >> he does. >> this is the highest honor. congratulations. >> you're the golfer at the table. i hear he's outstanding. >> he's pretty good.
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he design some good courses. a potentially life-saving treatment. >> my dream is for my son to change the world. i think he's already doing that. i want him to keep doing that and that's what right to try i think is going to do for jordan. > we'll meet a 5-year-old boy who's getting a chance to fight a terrible disease. that's ahead. tomorrow a presidential hopeful wants to make more room for wi-fi access. find out why his bill may help with wi-fi crashes.
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we are following breaking news right now chopper three is live over the scene of a huge warehouse fire in bethlehem. you can see thick smoke just covering your screen there as it is pouring out of the huge building on the 11 hundred block of mauch chunk road. fire fighters tell us a three alarm bliss and could take hearst to put out. that building is about the size of the city block. this is just huge. this is right near moravian college. area resident are being told to shelter in place because of all of that smoke which is hovering above most of the town. temporary shelter has also been set up at james buchanan elementary school and katie, i imagine weather is a factor for these fire fighters, a cool start to the day, is that right. >> as it pertains to the wind situation up in bethlehem and across the delaware valley it
7:57 am
is completely calm. and there are good and bad things that come along with that when you have got the fire situation as we do in bethlehem. here is current wind speeds. they are complete liz overlapping one another in spots because it is just that quiet but pro is it is an easier battle for fire fighters. they will not to deal with wind fanning the flames. the conn is if you have no wind as we don't right now in bethlehem. i just check. it is 0 miles per hour. we unfortunately you cannot see that smoke dissipate that easily. >> thanks so much. we will see you on the cw.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, march 25th 2015, and welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including the deadly germanwings plane crash. the airlines says two americans were on board. wheel go back to the french alps for the latest. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> emergency crews are flying to and from it. the cockpit has been recovered. >> who was in control? was were the pilots in control? >> the crash is a national tragedy here in germany which lost 67 of its citizens. >> so why did they merge? were both companies not doing well? >> no, it's not that they weren't doing well, but there
8:01 am
are so many great efficiencies by merging two companies already pretty much in the same business. >> it took 11 minutes to call metro police department. why did it take so long? >> i don't know the answer. >> yesterday the first outbreak of our spring storm season. >> it worked its way out through missouri pushed its way through parts of illinois. >> we know distracted driving is dangerous especially for teenagers but this study says it's worse than we imagined. >> a close friend told us she was having a very hard time as she awaiting a decision from italy's supreme court. >> taco bell has introduce add new breakfast item called biscuit tacos because why wait until noon to give up. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by prudential. i am gayle king with norah
8:02 am
o'donnell. vladimir duthiers joins us. charlie rose is on assignment. investigators have sealed off the crash site. more than 6,000 feet above sea level. >> they do have the plane's cockpit voice recorder but as you can see in this image just released moments ago, it is very badly damaged. look at that. all 150 passengers and crew on the flight from barcelona, spain, to dusseldorf, germany, are believed dead. mark phillips is in seyne-les-alpes at the crash scene. good morning. >> reporter: as you say, there are merry than 150. a large contingency is from germany and spaniards as well. they have been flying in and owl out of this town. they have not yet begun to
8:03 am
retrieve bodies. a pilot we just spoke to said they are ferrying investigative personnel and investigateive personnel into the site identifying where the bodies are and beginning the legal process of issuing death certificates. as you say as well the flight recorder has been recovered in damaged shape, although they say they're going to be able to extract neverings from that and hopefully provide clues as to what caused the crash and investigators on the scene will be looking for the flight data recorder and explain what the plane was doing and perhaps why it was doing wait was doing. here they have set up a temporary morgue but it's not anticipated they'll start carrying the victims or what's left off of the mountain side to her until later today or tomorrow. they're also expecting relatives to show up. gayle? norah? >> i'll take it. thanks, mark. you can follow the coverage all
8:04 am
day long on cbsn our digital news at police are searching for a california woman who may have been kidnapped. 29-year-old denise huskins was kidnapped from her boyfriend's home on monday. we're shown the search efforts in the town of vallejo. >> she was kidnapped early monday morning. that's when abductors abducted her and demanded a ransom. huskins' father calls his daughter's disappearance a nightmare. >> this is overwhelming to me. i mean i don't understand it. she was my hero. i mean she's my little girl. >> reporter: huskins' boyfriend
8:05 am
30-year-old aaron quinn witnessed the intrusion but didn't contact police until 12 hours later. police would not say why he waited so long for help and he's not declared a suspect in the investigation. >> denise's mom had met him and felt like he was a nice kid from a good family. >> reporter: officials found a white toyota family believed to be huskins at an undiplomacy dysclosed location in vallejo. details of the ransom are still unclear. the "san francisco chronicle" reported it received an e-mail from an anonymous person claiming to be holding huskins. >> we have investigators here around the clock. they have been working diligently. we have spared no resources. >> huskins is a physical therapist at kaiser vallejo hospital where quinn is also employed. her family is praying for her safe return. for "cbs this morning," juliette good goodrich, sflans. we expect to hear from a
8:06 am
student after the racial rant for the first time. he was one of two fraternity members expelled. today he will apologize. he was on the bus lead changt with racial slurs and references to lynching. petitt reached out to the chairman to organize this meeting. this morning the library of congress is adding 25 iconic audio recordings to its collection. ♪ come on baby, light my fire ♪ >> how did you know that was my karaoke go-to song. it's among the first national recording registry class of 2015. so is lauren hill's debut "the miseducation of lauren hill." they're chosen for their cultural historical, and archival significance. they have to be at least ten years old.
8:07 am
benny king's classic single "stand by me" was also selected. sly and the family stone's 1969 album "stand" is one of the most heavily sampled of all time. it's not just pop music. steve martin's "a wild and crazy guy" and the best known album from sesame sfleet what does it say to you. >> "light my fire." >> gayle and i like to sing on this show. >> all the ladies at the table. >> another side of vladimir coming out. >> i guess he wants to set the world on fire. >> i got it, i got it. ted cruz is getting a lot of attention this morning. we didn't have enough time to slow you this this morning but we asked the texas senator about the music that he likes best. >> music is interesting. i grew up listening to classic rock, and i'll tell you sort of an odd story.
8:08 am
my music taste changed on 9/11 and it's a very strange -- i actually intellectually find it very curious, but on 9/11 i didn't like how rock music responded, and country music collectively, the way they responded, it resonated with me. i have to say just at a gut level i had an emotional reaction that said these are my people. >> these are his people. he said this conversion makes him an odd country music fan. that's what i love about this show. you learn something northbound. >> it was a really smart question. you can learn about people. i said to the senator because i'm from texas, i'm surprised he grew up from texas and wasn't a country music fan as most of us are. >> but now he's on board. >> now he's on board. wheels when you need them. how more parents are opening the door to ride sharing to help their kids
8:09 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by prudential. prudential, bring your challenges.
8:10 am
spring cleaning -- there you go, vlad. spring cleaning isn't for your home anymore. jill schlesinger is in the toyota room with the voya team. what you should purge and the papers you need to keep. that's coming up next. lighting vlad's fiefrmt "cbs this morning" will be right back. why are all these people so asleep yet i'm so awake? did you know your brain has two systems? one helps keep you awake- the other helps you sleep. science suggests when you have insomnia, the wake system in your brain may be too strong and your neurotransmitters remain too active as you try to sleep, which could be leading to your insomnia.
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8:14 am
whatcha doing? >> you said clean up. i'm cleaning up. >>ou can't throw everything in the closet. >> you can tell me what to do but not how do it. you can't do both. this isn't sex. >> that's a good line. >> what a lead-in. it's that time of year when thoughts turn to spring cleaning like howard on "the big bang thee." but it's not just windows, blinds curtains, and carpets.
8:15 am
61% pay attention to their desk in their office. >> business analyst jill slegs schlesinger tells us what to save and cha to shred. norah just said something you'll never hear me say. i love spring cleaning. i need to get that attitude. >> this is likeekke two of my favorite things. getting yourself in financial order and spring purging. people are keeping atm transactions. keep that until you see it on your statement then just get rid of it and fire up a shredder because you don't want this stuff floetding around, right? with your bank statements, yourself. keep them for a year with one caveat. if you think you're going to be applying to the medicaid system states usually require you hold onto those statements for five years. utility bills, get writ of them. they're bulging up your fires.
8:16 am
you don't need to keep everything. >> what things should you save? >> this is interesting. the most important thing is around your tax documents because the irs can go back and audit you to up to three years but they can go beyond that. they cogo ba baing to six years. tax documents and all the supporting data. you say, oh doesn't my tax preparer have my return? >> sure, but what about the seats and statements you save? with your investment statement you can shred them after a year but anything tax related, gape or sale of a security you want to keep that for as long as the tax event has occurred six years after. >> are there any apps that people can help them to do this because we're moving to a world where we're not inundated with paper. >> we've got a lot of opportunities to have paperless statements. but you should know if you receive an electronic statement, some institutions will charge you a fee if you want a physical copy of that.
8:17 am
that said you can have access to a lot of apps like the cloud. but a lot of people actually want to have the actual document in their hands, and that's important too. >> yeah. i say everything but if you had a gun to my head i couldn't tell you where anything is. >> birth, debt certificates wills, things like that, keep it in a fireproof safe. save that forever. >> jill schlesinger, thanks so much. >> if you still have questions for jill ask her on twitter by using #beready and go to "eye on money" to join the conversation. a new law in one state is giving help for assistance to patients. a 5-year-old and an experimental drug. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. >> announcer: this morning's ""eye on money,"" voya frn chal. changing the way you think about retirement.
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a right to try this morning. the state's governor sign add bill to allow dying patients take a drug if there are no other options. adriana diaz are helping a boy fulfill his dreams as he fights the disease. >> i said, hey, you know what i'm going to make a resume, get him a job. >> reporter: like many jobs laura mcclain had a vision for
8:22 am
her son's first resume. jordan is five and dreams of becoming a firefighter. she sent his resume to local fire departments and posted it to facebook. >> minneapolis. >> minneapolis, wash sta. >> job offers and memorabilia started pouring in from fire houses close to close. >> this morning he had a couple of job offers in his stocking. >> he has a muscle weakening disorder that's fatal. kids born with it are often wheelchair-bound by age 12 with a life expectancy of 25 years. in december jordan became an honorary member of two indiana fire departments. his favorite part of the job, the juice. >> he just goes and they make him kool-aid and we sit at the table and talk and we're like -- it's like a family. >> what do you do when you go down to the fire station?
8:23 am
>> i work out. >> reporter: jordan is the face of indiana's right to try bill which gives the terminally ill access to experimental drugs that are not fda approvinged. he was front and center on tuesday at the state capitol. >> jordan, can you hand me a pen? >> and jordan delivered those pens one by one to indiana governor mike pets who signed the bill into law after it passed unanimously into the state legislature. >> it was deeply inspiring to me and a whole lot of fun. >> and jordan i've got a pen for you. >> they all enacted to try in 2014 and 2015. >> this law applies to people that are dying. that's a bottom line. >> reporter: there are no approved therapies for jordan's condition but his mother said a drug in development has had
8:24 am
promising preliminary results in cases similar to his. >> he's still going to have muscle weakness. he's not going to be in in the nfl, and that's oklahoma, but he's going to have a longer life. >> reporter: the fda said in a statement to "cbs this morning," we believe the drug approval process is the best way to assure the development of and access to safe and effective medicines for all patients. >> that's what right to try is going to do for jordan. >> what's your hope for your son? >> i want him to reach his dreams, his hopes. that's what i want for my son. i want him to have that opportunity to grow up. >> for "cbs this morning," adriana diaz, indianapolis, indiana. >> wow. if somebody you love is dying, especially your child, you will do and try everything. that's why jordan put such a great face on something. very important. >> his mom used to say before this, if you get to heaven before i do that's okay i'll meet you there.
8:25 am
and they shouldn't have to say good morning everyone i'm nicole brewer. we have more on our breaking news a warehouse in bethlehem continues to burnout of control. take a look chopper three over mauch chunk road here where fire fighters got the call early this morning. because of that smoke authorities ordered people to shelter in place and keep windows closed. right new there are in reports of any injuries. the lets check with katie for more on the forecast. >> a very light wind went with that nicole so temperatures inversion. it is lock ago this smoke in place. difficult hear a tweet from a former intern in the eyewitness weather department that his mom lives in bethlehem and sky is black up there right now. so, a dangerous situation, certainly but we will eventually see win pick up a little bit to help that dissipate. you can see moisture working its way in. don't worry about ice.
8:26 am
temperatures will climb up that we are looking at strictly rain showers. they will begin this afternoon and last until tonight as warm front moves through. we will have fog overnight. then we will see steady round of rain off and on throughout the the day tomorrow as well as a rumble of thunder with the cold front crossing through. looking to friday lingering showers out there as well and by the weekend the chill, well, it is coming right on back vittoria. >> good morning everyone. we have rush hour delays all over the map schuylkill i-95 476, 422 catch my drift. if you are traveling on i the 95 not too far from 476, notice in either direction north and southbound it is slow. we have sun glare as well. we had an earlier incident on 95 around that area had had been cleared but residual delays on top of rush hour is making things difficult for commuters. also traveling in bethlehem we have that fire location closing mauch chunk road and west elizabeth avenue. main street is your best
8:27 am
alternate. nicole. >> our next update 8:55. up next on cbs this morning are the nfl plans to broadcast a live game onn the internet for the first time. more local news weather and traffic on the cw philly.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
was he holding you or were his hands on your back. >> first his hands were on my back and they slid up and then they were in my hair. >> and then i kissed her. >> tongue? >> yeah. >> cool. that's such great example. the gang from "friends" show how men and women hear things very differently but how will they remember? what's behind those mixed signals and,000 bridge the differences. welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> yes. i'm excited about that. coming up in this half hour the feminine side of money. there's a new push to change the face of the $20 bill.
8:31 am
we'll show you one group who wants to have a woman replace andrew jackson. that's ahead. one of the most powerful women is going to silicon valley. ruth porat is going to google. at the owner's meeting this week it was announced that the october 25th game between the buffalo bills and jacksonville jaguars would be screened for free. they installed a blackout policy. there will be no blackouts for one year. among the nominees for best television segment is our very own -- we're pulling for these guys -- "the dish" on saturday morning with anthony mace and
8:32 am
vinita nair. the segment features talking with the chef about dishes. it will be on may 4. rumors are flying about the cause of her departure. the recent exit of her has been very hush, hush. she was escorted from the building on friday february 13th. the first lady said we're grateful for her contribution over the years and wish her well. several sources said her style was not in line with the first lady's modern and clean aesthetics. >> men and women remember things so very differently. the topic is the focus of a "wall street journal" article that we told you about yesterday. why couples remember differently. couple therapist cooper is here and joins us at the table. i was so excited you were coming today. i was having marital flashbacks because we can both be in the same place, having the same
8:33 am
conversation, and then you and each recall it so very differently. when i know that i was right. women everywhere are having this conversation today. >> why. >> why do we remember it so differently, that's the question. >> what are we trying to get out of an argument is the question and i think for men, many men are cult rated to win and women are cult rated to take care of the relationship and be heard. they're not out to win it necessarily. maybe they're out to be heard and to be understood. >> could they be lying? >> no. i really think in the moment of an argument or relationship event -- >> i do like that. >> -- i do think the intent is to get to some sort of agreement and understanding. i don't think people are lying on purpose. >> i think it was interesting to talk about the reliance of mood and purpose. if it's negative it's more likely to be something you remember. >> right. because it has an intensity to
8:34 am
it. it's marker in your awareness. i have a lot of couples who talk about sort of lines in the sand of their relationship, and they do recall it differently. but it had a lot of emotion -- high emotion and sometimes sadness or anger about it. >> now, the other interesting thing about the study, it remembers who remembered more accurately. what does the study find? women tend to remember more accurately. why do you think that's true? >> i think women are the caretakers of the relationship or they're cult rated to be so and so they're really intend on making sure that things go well and that they remember it. i think men tend to remember in bullet points. >> so what can people do to find common ground since clearly i can't remember where i met my girlfriend. so what can i do to change that out? >> one of the things i ask couples to do is instead of thinking of themselves on opposite sides of a table to really think of themselves on
8:35 am
the same side and their team. and i ask people, you know do you want to be right or you do want to be in relationship or do you -- >> or do you want to be right or be at peace. studies show men tend to win the arguments more by almost 3:1. why do you think that is? do you think that's a real figure or women tent to compromise and say, never mind. >> it's an old study. i wonder what it would be like today. i do think the idea of winning, i think, from a very early age, men are told, you know win at all costs and they're also taught to keep their emotions many emotions at bay. so i think women are not really in it to win it. i think they're in it to be heard and to be in relationship. >> vlad, to your question, i thought one of the interesting things is focus on one of the positive things you remember. one is called collaborative memories so create positive
8:36 am
shared memories you can draw upon and that's hall mark of a good relationship. >> the first thing i ask a couple coming into my office on something a's going to be challenging, tell me about your courtship days, tell me how you met, how you fell in love. i want them to feel like a team. we're going to be here as a team together and we're going to feel loving and connected before we launch into some difficult stuff. >> that is good. you must be a very good therapist. >> thank you so much. for generations a milestone has meant a driver's license. some kids are gaining independence, even younger. jan crawford is in washington with a trend favored by parents and their kids. >> reporter: for a lot of working families families are just trying to hold it together the best we can. when you throw in those long commutes these days for your
8:37 am
kids' sports and other opportunistics and all that traffic while you're juggling a job, it's a logistical nightmare. now some parents have found a new way to get the kids back and forth and still keep their day job. >> on a good day with no traffic, 25 minutes. >> reporter: two days a week. 16-year-old miya harr walks out of her georgia high school and gets into a car by uber. she takes it ten miles to her ballet class in washington. her parents are not in the car with her, but they are on board with the ride. >> we try to be the ones driving her, and it's really hard to balance everything and to be there err time. >> you can't leave your work in the middle of the day. >> no you can't always do it. >> having a driver may sound like the ultimate luxury but these days a growing number of working parents are turning to ride-sharing services for their busy kids.
8:38 am
>> it wasn't our first peck but we needed something and we had a high enough confidence level to do it. >> you said let's try it. >> let's try it. >> competition has made uber and lyft more affordable. >> when we get the eastern statement what a ride is it's considerably less than a taxi or paying the nanny to drive. >> and carla and williams believe it gives them more control. they set up an account to call for a car and track it on the phone. >> i like where you see where the car is. >> do you find sometimes it feels more secure? >> in the first month or two, i would watch that app. why are you taking that route. >> but here's the rub. technically it's against the rules. uber says you must be at least 18 years old to take the service alone. >> it doesn't change our decision to use the service. i was surprised because i didn't read that when we were signing
8:39 am
up number one, and i don't think anyone's ever asked you your age. >> uber's brand and lyft's brand have hem roijed very rapidly and have taken on the sheen of -- you know, this is a big company, i can trust this company. >> reporter: this business professor said it's one of the top examples of today's new sharing economy that still comes with risks. >> until we understand what exactly the risks associated with this are and that can only come with time i would be cautious about you know engaging in behaviors like sending kids alone in an uber or lyft. >> reporter: uber conducted back dwround checks but clearly states it has. >> liability if something goes wrong. that's between you and your driver. that's led to more kids using transportation services, offering increased security and rides for younger children.
8:40 am
in the san francisco bay area shuttle employed all women drivers. buz has a concierge backed by mercedes-benz. in los angeles three moms started hop, skip drive to start their own. >> your options are to beg, borrow, and steal. the car pools are always on the verge of falling apart. >> reporter: along with a vigorous training and screening process, hop, skip, drive requires at least five years of child care experience. >> we like to say, you know our hand drivers are hand picked by picky moms and we do a lot more than those when selecting their nannies. >> reporter: but until these services are available nationwide, overloaded parents of kids continue to hit that
8:41 am
uber request on their phones. >> when you're a working mom, you're constantly juggling. you make it work. fortunately we have those resources to make our chaotic lives run just a little bit smoother. >> reporter: they tell us if they discover someone is under 18 years old and set up an account, it's going to be de deactivated deactivated. we talk about parents who let their teens use uber and they say it's been no problem. >> i know a lot of moms too who spend the entire afternoon driving their kids to activities and need help. >> miya's mom said it best. we figure it out. it does and a need. i like that hop, skip, drive. >> great idea. >> picky moms. >> the campaign to put a female face on our currency gets some star
8:42 am
8:43 am
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good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. a police involved shooting in philadelphia is now under investigation. police say officers responding to a shooting in nicetown last night found a minivan riddled with bullets and a man shot, lying on the the street. these officers approached and they say another man got out of that van and began to walk away. that turned into a foot chase and police say that the suspects pointed a gun at them forcing them to open fire. two men are now hospitalized in critical condition and stable condition n officers were injured. lets get to katie for your forecast and we are watching rain later on right. >> we are and right now it is pre duesing a hint of ice ago cross portions of western maryland and into west
8:56 am
virginia but i don't think we have to worry about that at all because our temperatures will climb. it is warm front related. just because sun has had a chance to warm things up a little bit here we should get well out of freezing territory in the hours ahead meaning that your really just going to end up with rain showers in the afternoon and especially for tonight too. 49 degrees is our high, and we are expecting these temperatures to stay steady overnight actually as a very, very gradually start to increase and then tomorrow since we are off to a warm start we will sky rocket to 68 degrees but need umbrella with showers and thunderstorm moving through vittoria. >> good morning everyone. we have rush hour out and about and i know ben franklin bridge doesn't do a great job depict ago this but it is showing in areas we are getting better. i cannot say the same if you are traveling about 95, schuylkill expressway. 476, pennsylvania turnpike westbound, you will hit delays on these area majors. we are still dealing with that fire location in bethlehem, and if you are traveling in the area of mauch chunk road
8:57 am
where it happen not far from moravian college we are dealing with closures west of campus . traveling in and around that stretch, main street is your best bet no delays for mass transit. erika. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now, talk philly coming up at noon on cbs-3. i'm quarter von tiehl.
8:58 am
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>> announcer: what happens when routine trip to the pharmacy turns deadly? >> wouldu know something was off? >> announcer: then, she does what? to look like this "baywatch" beauty.n't yo plus, a television stars fight for a cheer. and then loverboy's viral video and how wearing the color yellow could help save his life. and rob kardashian's bloody instagram post and the message to sister kim. all new "the doctors." >> what happens when a routine trip to the pharmacy results in a potentially life-threatening mixup? let's take a look. >> the mother of a 12-year-old girl is alleging her local pharmacy may have made a dangerous mistake er daughter's medication.


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