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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 26, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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and it will dump rain on us you're tracking the very latest. >> we are expect to go see i would say intermittent round of rain and drizzle, off and on at anytime but it looks like it will not get here immediately, the the initial concern when you walk out the door right new will be a little will will bit of fog that you may run into across southeastern new jersey and especially notable right now. lets go out to the full screen version of the storm scan where we have a very very solid batch of moisture northwest of the ohio river valley a and all heading our way. that is leading edge of the both president cold front that will do its part to income our temperatures back but thankfully we are not expecting as the anchors mentioned anywhere near severity of what we experienced across the central plains. with that said there is still a severe weather threat, more marginal risk for heavy rain and a stronger gusts through southeastern counties and we could have lightening out of it as well since we are expecting thunderstorms. you may not have her the term
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marginal risk before. there was an older set of classifications for severe weather and high, moderate and slight. now the storm prediction center has added both enhanced and marginal. we are at the most bottom base level of that severe weather risk but it is still worth the mention and might have stronger gust that is do pick up with storms that erupt this evening especially. but initially it is primarily just a foggy start to the day, and then a nice mild afternoon. we should hit daytime high in the 60's after 3:00 p.m. but that is just ahead of the potent cold front. rain drizzle intermittent up until that point and line of non-severe then are storms for have been will come through but victoria at least across southeastern portion of new jersey they may have more gusts as they roll through. that can be a dangerous traffic situation so we want to mack sure everybody takes it easy. even with the low visibility as a result of fog can set you back. good idea that one you're
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tuning into cbs-3. and two, that you just take it easy no matter when and where you are traveling. taking a look at the the the 42 freeway there are in delays in either direction. traveling to and from the the a atlantic city expressway it is a nice ride. the notice a few more headlights but in signs of rush hour just yet. blue route looking great in delays there. pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware majors are fantastic but we haven accident in new jersey closing democrat road at swede bureau. harmony road is your best alternate, erika. thank you. investigators are analyzing the black box with the audio reporting of the germanwings flight. investigators tell the new york times that one pilot is heard leaving the cockpit and pounding trying to get back in. the plane crash in the french alps tuesday killing all 150 people on board. now, three americans are among the dead and one of them has ties to drexel university. "eyewitness news" reporter jan
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carabao joins us now with the latest on that jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. the those close to emily selke including those people here on campus are remembering the young woman as a caring person dedicated to giving and putting others first. >> i just keep saying over and over it is surreal. >> reporter: haley holmes speaking to cnn wednesday night still cannot believe her good friend emily selke is gone. >> yesterday i woke up and i had a text from my friend and i had a breaking news alert about the plane crash thinking that was sad. >> reporter: she soon discovered among those on the plane was emily and her mother yvonne selke. the as the news broke at drexel tears and hugs inside the urban center where emily spent so much time during her education at the university. selke graduated with honors in 2013 earning a music industry degree. drexel is deeply saddened to hear about the loss of alumni emily selke and her mother
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yvonne. university says in a statement our thoughts and prayers with her family and friend. selke and her mother died when their germanwings airlines flight, crashed in the french alps on tuesday. during her time in drexel selke was active as vice-president of the service sorority gamma sigma sigma and remember as someone who always put others before herself and cared deeply for all those in her life. our entire family is deeply saddened, the selke family writes about the loss of yvonne and emily selke two wonderful, caring, amazing people who meant so much to so many. >> reporter: again, emily is being remember for her service oriented spirit today. this campus community continues to mourn the loss of that young woman and they continue to oner about how exactly that plane went down. reporting live at drexel university jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to cover latest developments in the
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germanwings plane crash. if you cannot watch us on air, follow us on line at cbs we're following a developing story this morning the first batch of the severe weather in the tornado sees than has proven deadly. at least one person is dead and several others injured after tornadoes touched down in oklahoma and in arkansas. correspondent don champion has the latest. >> there it is, tornado on the ground. >> reporter: tornadoes hit during evening rush hour wednesday ripping apart buildings. >> devastated. totally devastated. >> reporter: doughnut shop lisa jenkins owned in sam springs outside tulsa is now a pile have of debris. >> it is just so sad, sheetrock and wood. we will rebuild. it will happen. give it time. >> reporter: not far away at least one person was killed when a tornado plowed through this mobile home park several others were injured. the neighborhood is new barely recognizable.
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>> yes. >> reporter: same storm hit as dozens of children were in a gymnastics class. they all took cover in the basement just as the roof was ripped off. fire fighters carried the shaken children out afterward. >> i was scared and all we did was pray to god that we were still alive. >> reporter: to the south in the town of moore near oklahoma city a small tornado damage homes wind blew a tractor trailer over have the just two years ago this powerful tornado killed 24 people here. on wednesday many like scott pierce took cover in new underground storm shelters. >> we were pack in there and we were happy. >> reporter: before this week only two dozen tornadoes had been reported this year during a period when 120 are typical. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". happening today, would the man convicted of kidnapping and molesting a five-year old girl will learn her fate. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us outside
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the criminal justice center where cristina regusters is charged for a sent tones day. >> reporter: good morning. prosecutors say the the entire incident lasted some 19 hours and today cristina regusters could face life in prison. more than two years after prosecutors say that she kidnaped and raped a five-year old girl cristina regusters returned to court, this time to learn her fate. on a january morning in 2013 regusters check the girl out of class at west philadelphia's bryant elementary telling school staff she was the girl's mother. surveillance video from the school and second source shows regusters described in a head to toe covering. in court the jury heard from the victim who recalled being stripped naked blindfolded, stashed under a bed and sexually assaulted with a sharp object. she thought her abuser was a man but prosecutors argued it was regusters. good samaritan later found the girl abandon at an upper darby
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play ground wearing only a t-shirt, dna from that shirt helped link her to regusters. again, she's facing life in prison at this time. her defense will likely count their and go for a lower sentence pointing out the fact that she was victim of sex abuse of a child at the hand of her father. they are sentencing set to start at 9:00 this morning. we are live from center city i'm just continue finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also in court today a preliminary hearing for accused penny pack park rapist. police say robert palin tack two women in the park several years ago. detective used dna to find palin in a wisconsin prison last year. the the judge will decide if there is enough evidence to put palin on trial. we will find out today if flashy new billboard will come to center city. city council is voting on a plan to buried huge billboard. catalyst outdoor advertising showed us what those signs
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would look like. if they are approved one will be built outside the pennsylvania convention center, the other would go across from reading term will nal market. a plan to put another sign at broad and locust was already done. your time is 5:09. another fraternity shut down the bad behavior that force that had fraternity to be closed. plus an suv knock on to its side after a crash with the fire truck. we will let you know how that driver is doing this morning. miss would go man found hundreds of miles away from home, she claims that she was kidnaped but police are not buying her story. why they say it was one big hoax. don't leave home without your umbrella this morning katie lets you know when rain is expect to arrive when we do traffic and weather together on the three's so i was video chatting with my girlfriend. we haven't been together long but...
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a fire truck and suv
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collide injuring a woman in philadelphia the the force of the impact knock that suv check this out on to its side. the the crash happened yesterday at third and grange in olney in a four way stop sign there. some reported hearing the fire truck sirens at the time of the crash. the tracie martinez took a picture of the driver of the suv before being taken away in an ambulance. >> we were just watching tv and we heard sirens real loud and we heard a real loud bang. we ran outside and saw the the car flipped up on the side. >> injuries to the driver are not life threatening. don tollefson will serve two to four years in state prison following his conviction in the sports charity scam. a bucks county judge ordered the former sportscaster to 15 years probation. tollefson also has to pay back $165,000 in restitution. he was found guilty of defrauding 200 sports fans out of $340,000 of travel packages that never materialized.
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>> it is not about the money any more but just the principal. as long as he cannot do it to anybody else, justice has really been served. >> reporter: tollefson could get out in four to 15 months for good behavior and time served. right now 5:13. lets talk about the storm system heading our way. >> nicole it will be a a storm that brings us a milk bag depending on the time of the day at least initially this morning. fog is really your primary concern. it is patchy in nature. not everybody is dealing with that in any given neighborhood right now but you may run into it depending where your travels take you. later this morning wet weather will be out there for us. as we take you out first and foremost to storm scan three there is some moisture to work with here but it is not over our area yet. you can see a southerly component evident by tracking these little pockets of the rain and this will roll in our area would i say nine or 10:00 a.m. is when it gets underway. here is your cold front or leading edge of it.
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once we get this through we will see a nose dive on the thermometer but today is the day have of action for sure. starting off with the fog, and then eventually late they're morning we will see southerly component ushering in the rain and come through intermittently. while you might not get wet all day long not worse idea to keep the umbrella at the ready because this rain could douse you. here is your cold front. five or six or 7:00 p.m. it starts to advance. over philadelphia eight or 9:00 o'clock tonight. some storms could be locally strong especially with gusty wind down toward the shore points here. heading into tomorrow we have just enough moisture as it looks like low pressure that redevelops on the tail end of this to bring south rain showers in the morning and then we will clear out. right now flirting with 40 in most locations cooler to moderate depending where you are but we expect to spike to flirt with 70 degrees but watch out for rain and thunderstorms by this evening. vittoria, over to you. good morning everyone.
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so still again waiting around for the rush hour if you are traveling out and about pretty fantastic out there. there are in delays of either direction of any of our majors. we will look first at the schuylkill expressway heading to and from center city philadelphia this shot around montgomery, it is great out there. only a few vehicles travel not only around center city but western suburbs it is a beautiful ride. so we have more good news coming. taking a look the at the vine street expressway this ramp to i-95 traveling to i-95 or schuylkill straight shot through center city. speed sensors high up in the 50's and, in pennsylvania, delaware and traveling in new jersey, so just good news all over. unfortunately this is our one dim spot we have an accident in new jersey closing democrat road at swede bureau avenue. your best alternate within to take harmony road. watch out for construction on plymouth road dealing with the closure there as a result of the sink hell between blue route and germantown pike. in delays for mass transit.
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erika. a drexel graduate is among victims of the german plane crash in the alps. that plane went down in the morning of the monday. 2013 drexel graduate emily selke was among the three americans of the 150 people on game. damage voice recorder indicates one pilot was lock out of the cockpit before that plane crash. one person was killed and dozens injured in tornadoes across oak a the town of moore was hit by six tornadoes over the past 15 years. it is september eppsing day for cristina regusters who was quick of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a five-year old girl in 2013. 5:16. get ready for big changes on facebook, new features that will change the way you use the social network, plus this. >> you know, what you saw on that video is not who i am, who i was raised to be and not what i think of myself to be. >> oklahoma college student at the the center of the racist chant scandal breaks his
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silence. the changes he promises to make after that video went
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♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums. new this morning a fraternity at rutgers university is shut down for under age drinking. significant man file epsilon had has been suspend by their national headquarters. a 20 year-old member was hospitalized last year after he drank at that fraternity house. rutgers says six fraternities and one sorority are being investigated for alcohol violations. meanwhile university of oklahoma student caught on this video leading a racist chant says he is embarrassed and sorry. levi petit spoke publicly for the the first time since this video surfaced. the the university quickly responded to the scandal earlier this month shutting down the chapter of the sigma alpha epsilon and expelling petit and other student. >> all the of the apologies in the world will not change what i have done. i will try to bring the people of all races together. that is why i hope and pray
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comes out of this. >> the university is expect to announce the results of the investigation to the fraternity tomorrow. former congressman jesse jackson junior is spending his final few hours in prison. jackson is supposed to be released from a federal prison in alabama today. he spent last year and a half behind bars after admitting he used campaign fund for personal use. jackson won't be a freeman just yet he will spend last six months in a halfway house in washington d.c. still ahead this morning a costly win for the the flyers two key players are finished for the the season have after getting hurt in a key victory. plus a get well card one pennsylvania man will never for get. how an act of of kindness turn him into a instant
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coming up on 5:23. we have a warm up but at a cost, right katie. >> that is a great way to put it. we anticipate we will get you to the mid to upper 60's here this after up in but in,ly fog is a concern and as we start off quickly with a look outside at live neighborhood network normally on this shot the from palmyra cove nature park you with see the center city sky line but with low lying cloud cover it makes that very difficult. we have a nice light wind and that fog is able to form. that wind will shift and pick up with time as will, you know, the radar. the it will become more activity locally. you can see heavy rain off to the west here. that will mark the arrival of the cold front. in the men time pockets of the rain and drizzle are the the story to day starting to peck up especially as soon as the the typical morning rush is winding down. so the initial issue this morning is fog then rain and drizzle any other time with the line of thunderstorms that rumbles through this evening. it is clearing out tomorrow
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and we are left with a chilly weekend. more like early february on saturday. >> what? >> i know. >> no thanks. >> early february. >> we have to have move forward. geese, come on you guys, lets get outside and go right to the roads, gosh what do we do now. >> buzz kill. >> anyway, the good news is we have good news in regard to traffic. traveling out and about right now you will notice majors are moving smoothly. this is i-95 by cottman. in delays in either direction. moving to the boulevard around fox northbound and southbound is great. pennsylvania, new jersey delaware, every where, in delays on any majors. we have construction in new jersey on the black horse pike near collins avenue both directions until 6:00 a.m. and in delays for mass transit, nicole. well, the flyers will be without leading scorer wayne simmonds for the rest of the season as he is out with a lower body injury.
5:25 am
andrew mcdonald is also out with an upper body injury. flyers welcomed back long time flyer kimmo timonen in his first trip back to the well since his trade to chicago. wayne simmonds scored his 28th goal of the the year before he went down with that injury and flyers beat the black hawks, four-one. >> chicago has in the won a regular season game in philadelphia since 1996. flyers and sharks at the well saturday afternoon. to the nit where temple owls punched their ticket for semi finals in new york it i. owls never trailed in the quarter finals game against louisiana tech bulldogs. temple quinton decozy led owls with 21 points an 11 rebound. jesse minister again had 17 points and will couples had 15. temple rolled 77-59. they play miami in the nit semi times tuesday night in manhattan. now the ncaa tournament the continues tonight it is wichita state against notre dame at 7:15. west virginia against kentucky both right the here on cbs-3.
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we will get a closer look at teams left in the brackets in the next hour with st. joes coach phil martelli live in the studio. to the sixers game and a good night for nba rookie of the year candidate nerlens noel. he had a double/double last night, 14 points and 15 rebound against the nuggets. that wasn't all. robert covington hit six, three pointers to the game high of 25. sixth isers ended their 16 game road losing streak in denver, they win 99-85. sixers and clippers at the well tomorrow night. coming up in the next half an her of "eyewitness news" we are following troubling new developments as investigators search for clues this is deadly plane crash in france jan? >> reporter: we are remembering emily selke this morning the drexel university graduate killed in that plane crash, i'm jan carabao coming up we will hear from her friend and this university. a woman shows up hundreds of miles from home after she claims she was kidnaped but
5:27 am
her story is quickly unraveling. >> vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three's including the latest on today's storms. we are back in just two
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developing right now a new twist in the deadly plane crash the in the french alps black box reveals one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit, right before that plane went down. we will have the latest for you on the investigation as the drexel community mourns the the death of the passenger with ties to the area. get ready for a warm but stormy day. storm scan three shows rain heading our way a little later this morning. lets check with weather and traffic with katie and vittoria.
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but i will give you a sense of what the impact is in our area and full details straight ahead, vittoria. >> good morning, everyone. in regard to your commute right now there are no major problems and still nice out there, 5:30 taking a look at ben franklin bridge. katie will talk about that if you go as a result of low visibility today that you'll fine on the majors. we will talk about traffic and how we will attack that so give us a few minutes, erika. developing right now in mystery deepens in the crash of germanwings flight 9525 after revelation comes from the black box. an unidentified investigators tells the insuring times that a pilot was apparently locked out of the cockpit when the plane went down. it crashed in the french alps tuesday killing all 150 people on board and three of those


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