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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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ing apart buildings. >> devastated, totally devastated. >> reporter: doughnut shop lisa a jenkins owns in sam springs outside of tulsa is now a pile of debris. >> just sheetrock and wood, we will rebuild. just have to give it time to get it done. >> reporter: not far away one person was killed when a tornado plowed through this mobile home park several others were injured. the neighborhood is now barely recognizable. >> just want to cry report are report same storm hit as dozens of children were in the gymnastics class. they all took cover in the basement just as the roof was ripped off. fire fighters carried the shaken children out afterward. >> i was scared and all we did was praise god that we were still alive. >> reporter: to the south in the town of more more near oklahoma city a small tornado damage homes, and it even blew a tractor trailer over. two years ago this powerful tornado killed 24 people here.
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on many, like scott pierce, to took cover in the underground storm shelter. >> we were packed in there and we were happy. >> reporter: only two toss even tornadoes had been reported this year during a period when about a period of 120 are typical. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now the same storm system that spawned those tornadoes is heading our way but thankfully the impact will be much less severe. lets get right to katie track ago this storm with a look at the what we can expect. >> that is right, nicole. we take you back and show you how these storms erupted here yesterday, and no where near impact expect here, and what we will do is take it back in time and we are looking at noon time yesterday, over oklahoma a and you can see tulsa, is in the center of the radar there. as we went in the afternoon there see how things erupt clash in the air mass or clash in the air masses really. you can look at this lane that develop right over the highway and through tulsa area.
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so yes, very damaging bow echo going on there and that ended up leading to all of the damage that we just saw in ton done's story there. as we saw a moment ago not too much on the radar at this hour but is there one pocket of then are storms that is in the southern del marva peninsula. that is affecting southern most sussex county and delaware. the the rest of you, it is primarily a fog issue at the this hour and it looks to me like it is still dry but i believe it is tough to tell when you don't have have the light of day to help you here n rain on the board just yet here, in the boardwalk plaza but there is a haze that has settled in over the board and beach area there in southern delaware. meanwhile the rest of the region as a whole, we will see that wet weather moving in at the some point. so, while fog is the initial concern regional wide patchy in nature we have moderate up in the 60's with a southerly component that ushers in more moisture. we will have pockets of rain drizzle anytime and line of then are storms moves in this
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evening. vittoria. >> good morning, everyone. the as we wait on that weather traffic wise we are waiting on rush hour because if you are traveling out and about it is not just awful. we will see rush hour about 6:15. right now we are seeing a few more vehicles build but in the in full swing yet. traveling i-95 southbound right around girard avenue making your way in to downtown philadelphia you will notice a few more vehicles on the roadway but look at this space between the vehicles here. good indication we are in the bad yet but if you are watching us and don't plan to get to i-95 for next 20 to 25 minutes which say double that volume. traveling on the the 42 freeway, again starting to build a few more vehicles on the northbound side approaching creek road but not seeing full swing rush hours in pennsylvania, new jersey delaware, speed sensors nice and high but there is that tiny up case of rush hour traffic on the southbound side that you do want to watch out for because it will build. we have construction closing grays ferry avenue a gas main
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installation between fitzwater and christian ongoing today 9:00a m to 3:00 p.m. for a few days. some numbered streets should get you through erika. developing right now new information on what the the black box revealed about the final flights of the germanwings flight 9525. an investigators say one of the pilots apparently was lock out of the cockpit when that plane crashed on tuesday. the recording reportedly includes sound that the pilot pounding on the door trying to get back in the cockpit. now all 150 people, including three americans were killed when that plane went down in the alps. the victims include a drexel university graduate traveling with her mother. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us new from the drexel campus where they are remembering her, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. emily selke is a 2013 graduate of drexel university and today those who knew her best, are remembering the young woman as a caring person who was dedicated to giving.
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>> i just keep saying over and over it is surreal. >> reporter: haley holmes speaking to cnn wednesday night. still cannot believe her good friend emily selke is gone. >> yesterday morning i woke up, and a on my phony a had a text from my friend and i had to breaking news alert about the plane crash and i remember thinking wow that is really sad. >> reporter: she soon discovered on that plane among the 150 ted was emily and her mother yvonne selke. as the news broke here at drexel tears, and hugs, inside of the urban center where emily spent so much time during her education at the university. selke graduated with honors in 2013, earning a music industry degree, from drexel, which is deeply saddened to hear about the tragic loss of the alumni emily selke and her mother yvonne the university said in the statement. our thoughts and prayers where her family and friend. selke, long with her mother died when at germanwings airline flight, crash in the french alps on a trip from barcelona spain to dusseldorf germany on tuesday. during her time at drexel selke was active as
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vice-president of the service sorority gamma sigma sigma and she was remembered as someone who put others before herself and cared deeply for all those in her life. our entire family is deeply saddened the selke family writes about the loss of yvonne and emily selke, two wonderful, caring, amazing people who meant so much to so many. selke is noted for her service oriented spirit, and in the meantime this whole campus community is mourning the the loss of the young woman, again, remembering her as a person that put everyone else first, as this community, and they are still wondering how that plane went down. jan carabao cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you can get the latest information anytime on our web site at cbs and happening today, it is septemberensing day for the the philadelphia woman quick of kidnapping and molesting a five-year old girl.
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"eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live outside criminal justice center with that story, justin? >> reporter: good morning, regusters is due in court in just a few hours. she will watch attorneys and the judge hash out the specifics of her fate which could include a term of life behind bars in prison. cristina regusters returns to court this morning more than two years after she said to a kidnaped and raped a five-year old girl. disguised in a head to toe covering regusters posed as the girl's mother and check her out of class at bryant elementary in january 2013. surveillance video from the school and second source show that the abduction is in progress. the girl was taken a short walk away from the school to regusters home in court, jurors heard from the victim who precisely recounted being stripped name, brian folded forced under a bed and sexually assaulted with a sharp object. she thought her abuser may have been a man but
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prosecutors argued it was a roos to confuse the child and investigators. regusters then left the child in the up are darby play ground. she was rescued by a passerby who called 911 after finding her shivering in the cold. >> i was walking and i heard her say help, help, somebody help me. >> reporter: victim was found wearing only a t-shirt dna from that shirt helped link her to regusters. regusters is due in court at 9:00 o'clock this morning. this is the third rescheduling of her sentencing kay and her victim's family has filed suit against philadelphia schools citing lacks security at the school where she was taken. we are live from center city i'm just continue finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also a happening today a preliminary hearing for the accused penny pack park rapist. police say robert palin attacked at least two women in the park several years ago. detective used dna to find palin in a wisconsin prison last year. the driver accused of
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causing this deadly crash in this township is expect to be formally charged today. police say 25 year-old thomas muir was driving under the influence on valentines day when he slam his pickup truck into a minivan on route 100. two teenage siblings were killed. muir faces a licensing list of charges including homicide by vehicle and dui. 6:09 right now. new this morning a fraternity at a local university shuts down. the find out why, coming up next plus. >> what you and others saw in that video is not who i really am or who i was raised to be and in the how i think of myself to be. >> the the oklahoma college student at the center of the racist chant scandal breaks his silence hear what he plans to do next. katie is tracking rain and possible thunderstorms, we will have her forecast coming up next.
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people continue to monitor air quality following a three alarm warehouse fire. fire broke out yesterday morning at this fabrication plant on mauch chunk road. thankfully no one was injured. that warehouse handled sheet metal and oil. let's check with katie for more on the storm system. >> yeah, this storm system at this point the fact that we are in the warm sector of the storm is what will produce our wet weather issues for part of the day. this is what your eye is drawn to as we go out to the leading edge of the latest frontal boundary. once this crosses through we are done with it the but it will be what send our temperatures on another nose dive. lets zoom it around here for you guys. we saw a pocket of then are storms that rolled across chesapeake and primarily at this point just clipping our southern most counties, but you may run into a couple damp
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road through sussex, cumberland, cape may don't be surprised, all of that starts to move for the rest of us in the afternoon and even as early as late this morning but for now, fog, patchy, granted but fog is your primary concern. we will see wet weather overtake radar the notice that is scattered in nature. if you get stick in one of these pockets of rain you could get doused. good excuse to keep umbrella on stand by but pockets are off and honor intermittent, however you want to describe it, it is a day where it is anytime that it could roll through and get you. here is your cold front as that crosses through it will bring with it heavier rain and thunderstorms primarily they will be non-severe but we could see gusty storms that erupt through southeastern new jersey and delaware. lingering showers into tomorrow but then whole thing gets out of here. notice the temperature. you are back in the dose of be if here on saturday. it might be cold enough with moisture that we will see flurry or snow shower.
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nothing would accumulate but in one want to see that. have have the umbrella ready for today, nice trade off here, we are flirting with 70 degrees. >> not bad at all something to look forward to, good morning everyone. unfortunately now you won't be looking forward to the rush hour commute on i-95 for sure. i just tweeted the rush hour is bubbling on i-95 southbound from academy as you in maneuver through here at this point in cottman avenue. you catch a break and then more traffic around girard. give yourself some more time. by the time you get out there watching us at home ape won't be there for 25 to 30 minutes that traffic will double. moving you now to the schuylkill expressway around girard, it is not awful but hit ago this city avenue point you may net is a drop in speed ever so slightly. generally speaking our sensors are high with the exception of the 95 southbound out of the north east. we have cop trucks closing reply mutt road between blue route and butler pike. many's sure you are seeing
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sink holes every where. traveling in germantown pike is your best alternate, no delays for mass transit, erika. we are learning that a fraternity at rutgers university is shut down for under age drinking. sigma file epsilon has been suspended by the national headquarters. a 20 year-old was hospitalized last year after he drank at that fraternity house. rutgers say six fraternities and within sorority are being investigated for alcohol violations. meanwhile the university of oklahoma student caught in this video leading a racist chant is embarrassed and sorry. levi petit spoke publicly yesterday for the first time instant that video surfaced. the university quickly responded to the scandal earlier this month shutting down chapter of the sigma alpha epsilon and expelling petit and another student. >> all of the apologies in the world won't change what i have done so i will for the rest have my life try to be the person heels and brings people of all races together. that is what i hope and pray comes out of this.
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>> the university is expect to announce the results of the investigation in the fraternity tomorrow. right now latest developments in the investigation of tuesday's deadly plane crash in the french alps. damaged cockpit record are indicates that the germanwings pilot was will be out of the pilot before that plane went down. one of the three americans kill in the crash in 2013 is a drexel graduate emily selke. selke was traveling with her mother the third american victim has in the yet been identified. there were tornadoes across oklahoma yesterday and experts will determine if one of them tore through a trailer park in moore, oak a1 person was killed and more than a dozen injured when that trailer park was hit. we will be right back.
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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in sports, the the flyers wayne simmonds and andrew mcdonald will miss the rest of the season with injuries. simmonds leads the team in goals this year. the last night black hawks were in town their first trip back for flyers fan favorite kimmo timonen since his trade to chicago. wayne simmonds put flyers on the board, his 28th of the season. a lower body injury will side line him for the last seven games. flyers beat the black hawks four-one. flyers and sharks at the well on saturday. to the sixers in the mile high city and nerlens noel continues to make his case for rookie of the year. his double/double hell president sixers beat nuggets
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99-85 and end their 16 game road losing streak. robert covington scored 25 points including six, three pointers. sixers back home tomorrow night to play the los angeles clippers. sweet 16, march madness basketball tonight on cbs-3. wichita state plays notre dame at 7:15 and west virginia plays number one seed kentucky at 9:45. st. joes hawks coach phil martelli will break down brackets coming up next at 6:45. he will be live right here in our studio. right now 6:20. former sportscaster don tollefson is sentenced in his fraud case we will have that coming up next. most of us are happy to welcome spring right but for millions that means misery in the form of seasonal allergies. coming up next doctor jen is here to talk about ways to stop the symptoms before they even start. we will be right back.
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right now 6:23. lets get traffic and weather together. what a busy day, with the weather. >> busy was what i was going to say we have different thingsing on out there. already on storm scan one pocket of the beginning of moisture in the form of showers right now. for the most part fog is still an issue for some of you. keep that in mine initially. you will need your umbrella as that wet weather will dot radar with time. spring allergies start to be an issue. doctor jen is in the house to explain that. these levels are getting high in the next couple days. temperatures are starting to get low in the next couple days. little dose of february, by saturday. the let's enjoy this nice mild day even though it is an unsettled one. vittoria. >> good morning everyone. if you are traveling out and about on the majors it is not awful overall. we are seeing rush hour pick
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up in areas but i want to direct your attention to some activity that we are dealing with on route 100 northbound right around pot town pike, approaching that point we are dealing with an incident situation compromising the right-hand lane where left lane gets by. give yourself some more time here, in regard to rush hour 95 schuylkill we are starting to get busy, even on the 42 so brace yourself for rush hour delays out there erika. >> after a cold winter mess of us would be more than happy to head outside this spring, that is for sure but for millions of americans who suffer with seasonal allergies springtime can spell misery. >> how can you stop them before they start. family physician doctor jennifer cuddle is here with some suggestions. good morning. >> happy spring. it is spring now. >> yes. >> hopefully soon. >> it is still early in the season, of course but some folks suffering with allergy. >> i'm seeing it in the office. in the last two or three weeks i have seen so many cases of
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allergies, it is here, this is allergy season. we will see allergies flare up in the change of the season seasonal allergies in the spring and fall. our causing agents are the grasses, and, you know, things like pollen outside that cause us to be stimulated with allergies. >> somebody who has not had allergies in the past can you develop new allergies. how do you know fit is a allergy and not just a coal. >> you can develop allergies overtime. the that is something that can happen. lets talk about how you distinguish with the allergies or cold. let talk about those symptoms. itchy, watering eyes stuffy in the nose, might have a scratchy throat coughing, sneezing fatigue. those are cold symptoms. the differences are with allergies you will not have a fever. think about the time period allergies will last the the whole season but cold can be ten or 14 days at most. allergies come on suddenly where colds will come on gradually. >> we have to survive the season. >> lets talk about prevention.
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personally if you have allergies and not able to control them talk tour doctor. we have great medications. the lets talk about things you can do to prevent symptoms from coming on. first thing is avoidance. i was listening to katie's broadcast. she talk about the pollen. watch your forecast and figure out the pollen counts. higher pollen, if you have allergies more likely you will experience those symptoms a voiding outside with high pollen counts. limit outdoor activity during that time. close your windows, don't keep windows open in the car, at home, when you are sleeping. if you have to be outside cutting the grass, come back in, rinse off to get that pollen off of you. if you have bad allergies maybe a avoid drying your clothing outside because that will bring pollen inside. >> canal geese affect your other health conditions or develop other health conditions. >> that is a good question too. a lot of people with allergies have other things. asthma is very common for example. i see with a lot of patient ifs their allergies are flaring up uncontrolled and they have asthma too sometimes
6:27 am
their as mace uncontrolled as well. allergies can go hand and hand with other conditions. if you keep that in mine, if you have nagging coughs, sneezing, itching, stuffing and not able to get a handle on it come talk to your doctor. >> quick last question how do you determine what you are allergic too just a couple questions. >> that is a great question. we can do blood tests, patch testing and with a physical exam and talking to you we can figure out what that is. there are tests to figure that out. >> we will get through the season together. >> happy spring good on that note. >> thank you. cocoming up in the next half an her of "eyewitness news" startling new information in the deadly plane crash in the french alps. investigators are trying to figure out why one of the pilots was lock out of the cockpit right before the crash. jan. wonderful, caring and amazing all word being used to describe emily selke this morning shall the 2013 drexel university graduate died in that plane crash. i'm jan carabao live on that
6:28 am
campus, coming up hear from her friend and this university. >> split is, tornado on the ground. >> severe storms sweep through oklahoma and arkansas during the the evening commute, and this morning we're getting a better look at the the the damage. that same storm system is heading our way, katie is tracking rain and warm up it is not all awful news coming up in the forecast, we will be
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developing right now, a black box may shed some light on what caused a fatal crash of the germanwings jet liner in the french alps. an official with knowledge of on board audio recordings says one of the pilot was locked out of the cockpit when that plane went down. audio reportedly includes a pilot banging on that door trying to get back in the cockpit. unfortunately 150 people were on board that plane when it went down tuesday and one was a drexel university graduate. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us from the drexel campus to tell us more bit, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning. we are hearing from emily selke's friend, family and her alma in matter all remembering the young woman as a caring individual dedicated to giving and one who put others first. this is emily selke who studied here at urban center here at drexel university and graduated with honors in 2013
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earning a music industry degree. during her time here at drexel selke was active as vice-president of the service sorority gamma sigma sigma. sorority's facebook page credits selke as an integral part of growing chapter here at drexel and members remembering her as someone who always put others before herself. selke with her mother when her germanwings airline flight crashed the on the trip from barcelona spain to dusseldorf germany on tuesday. one of the young woman's many friend spoke to cnn about the shocking news let's listen. >> i keep saying it is surreal. you always see these things on the news and you think it is horrible but you never know anyone involved. you never know anyone. chances on have that are so slim and even yesterday morning i woke up and on my phony had a text from my friend, i had had breaking news alert about the plane crash and i remember thinking wow, that is really sad. i opened up and went about my
6:33 am
day. >> reporter: she was shocked to learn the news that emily was with us no longer. the the university has released a statement, drexel is deeply saddened to hear about the tragic loss of alumni emily selke and her mother, our thoughts and prayers with her family and friend. emily and yvonne are two of the 150 people died. we are reporting live from drexel university, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. lets go to our developing story, tornado season has return with a vengeance. people living in parts of the oklahoma and arkansas have been hit with the first burst of the is he vee weather. this is as tornadoes rip roofs off buildings and left debris scattered all across the building. one person was kill several others were injured when that storm hit a mobile home park in tells a thousands are without power this morning. and, with the ominous looking skies here. the this is moving in but we're not going to see anything as nearly as extreme.
6:34 am
>> it is a very busy day, definitely wetest day and it is pretty much all week. yesterday would be the day, and it will get underway. >> a warm up. >> and we are going to flirt with 70 degrees. the lets get you out there storm scan three can see moisture pent up with this storm system. and, all of the points that were hit across arkansas for example, and severe weather are basically out of the area but it is also moving in and, southern portions of the peninsula, and bulk of moisture still back over, ohio and and, and that could lead to a gusty thunderstorms. we have a marginal risk in the counties in that lime green color here. southeastern third of our area but mainly gusty then are storms that we are talking about here. fog is also a concern. it is not quite as noticeable perhaps across western 23rd of our area but out along the
6:35 am
garden state parkway for example, new jersey turnpike you will run into pocket, especially crossing over an overpass body of water a river, stream, you'll see it the out there. with under a mile visibility in a handful of spots that will cause you problems. everybody has wet weather today. fit is in the raining yet it will eventually. it comes through intermittently at times. we are not talking about an entire wash out but definitely a day would i suggest a umbrella because we will see pockets or intermittent batch owes have this rain roll through but vittoria if you get stuck in a pocket, you will get drenched. >> bad news bears. good thing i pack my rain boots bad hair day. >> don't even go there. >> we cannot afford that all these women in here. you will look okay and, some majors and, not looking great on i-95 for sure making your way out of the northeast through the vine street expressway. we are seeing formation of the rush hour on the schuylkill.
6:36 am
we are looking at activity behind me, this is route 100 northbound around pottstown pike. activity here is compromising the right-hand lane so only left lane gets by and we are seeing a delay as a result of the incident. it is not much but it is a gaper delay and slow you back so give yourself more time. taking a look at ben franklin bridge we are seeing that rush hour from the mid span down toward eighth and vine into philadelphia rest of the bridges are doing fantastic. we are not seeing a problem. traveling in new jersey just notice some volume on the 42 freeway heading out approaching creek road down toward the stretch of the walt whitman bridge. if you are traveling industrial highway eastbound we have a closure between scott drive and bartram avenue doing bridge deck repair. keep in mind i-95 northbound or island would be the best bet this morning, nicole. >> we have some breaking news out of point breeze police on the scene of the home inn racial of the 1700 block have of south chadwick street. an elderly woman says a man
6:37 am
broke into her house and assaulted her. suspect left on foot without taking anything from that home. fortunately would the man's injuries are not serious and she does not need hospitalization. former sportscaster don tollefson has received a prison sent isens of two to four years and 15 months probation. tollefson was quick of defrauding nearly 200 people in the sports charities scam. bucks county judge also ordered him to pay back $165,000 in restitution. tollefson could get out in as little will as 14 to 15 months for good behavior and time served. right now 6:37. with the market in a few percent of all time highs why haven't you cashed in on a good fortune yet. some folks are lousy investors. they cannot help it. >> guilty as charge. >> we are join by cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> why are some of us such lousy investors, what is it. >> it is just because we're
6:38 am
human beings. emotions can lead us a stray and we fall pray to fear greed, doubt and regret. because investors are not inherently rational when it comes to managing money they have significantly under performed the market. when you look the at the s and p500 investors, lag behind by 4.2 percent every single year. the reason is easy to understand. when market are soaring you feel invincible. when they are plunging or you have a rough day like yesterday, erroneously believe, that you just bail out. >> let's stop being lousy investors. what do we do. >> we have to start by coming clean. you have to know yourself. while market are in decent shape and nothing really scary happening, take a look back at your own behavior. over the past decade have you been reactive to event or mostly been able to stick to your game plan. do you have anxiety about your
6:39 am
investment? look some degree of worry is fine but you know difference between a healthy respect for the volatility of markets and the the anxiety that can rob you of sleep. if you fear you may be your own worst enemy when it comes to investing there is no shame in seeking the assistance of a qualified financial planner. to learn how you can stop being a lousy investor, and the six simple steps to take better care of your money get to jill on >> you have to nurture your money if you want to it grow. >> that is true good thanks, jill. still ahead this morning ncaa tournament is down to the sweet 16. st. joes coach phil martelli is in the studio and we're talking to him about brackets up next. word is there is a big shake up for 50 shade of gray sequel find out what it means for the steamy series. a simple gift, scratch off lottery ticket with the get
6:40 am
well card but this one made one pennsylvania man feel much better. we will tell you just how much he won coming up next.
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coming up on 6:43. the storm system bringing severe weather but not for us. thank goodness nicole, we could see gusty and southern delaware. and, this is a major severe weather out break through the
6:43 am
the central plains. at this point we don't to have worry about that kind of severity. we will see a unsettled day unfold here. the the bulk of moisture is obvious, your eyes are drawn off to the west, we have seen a hint of moisture creeping in here through southern most delmarva and southern most new jersey. some showers. there were a few rumbles of thunder. we had had lightening strikes showing up here but fog is your initial concern, so watch out for that. it is patchy, granted but there are some issues with that this morning. as the day progresses, you'll run into pockets of rain and drizzle and once the cold front crosses through it will bring with it for the most part non-severe thunderstorms and likely will end up by the time it is all said and done with a half an inch give or take worth of total rainfall because it will come through in the the scattered nature. ponding on the roadway is a given. you will notice win kicking in getting rid of the fog and brings with it its own fair share of problems. strong enough wind gusts can send your trash down the road.
6:44 am
we are off to a milder start but still chilly enough to wear a jacket. 33 degrees meanwhile in allentown, 34 in reading. as the day progresses we will flirt with 70. but the pockets of rain and drizzle will be there and dodging thunderstorms into this evening. that is when line will move flaw with the cold front. we will drop back down to 44 degrees. we have temperatures around the cold front usually ten to take a dive. with some lingering showers tomorrow morning and that is all we have to deal with. the skies gradually start to clear and we are in for more of the dose for early february. the guys saturday is chilly and there will be upper level moisture moving through. we may end up with a flurry or snow shower or two. not what you want to see. >> renegade flurries. >> i know. >> yes, with the bandanas on. >> good morning, everyone. rush hour will get you. traveling on i-95 schuylkill expressway we are seeing rush hour delays build in the usual spots but if you are traveling route 100 northbound at pottstown pike approaching
6:45 am
that point you'll notice an accident on the shoulder. it has been moved. it was earlier blocking right-hand lane. we have cleared that out of the way. the this is good improvement. we are taking you to the 42 freeway. katie talking about low visibility and fog. the it is out there in a big way. note that is haze on the 42 in addition to rush hour traffic northbound approaching creek road heading down the stretch of the walt whitman bridge, brace yourself for some volume there and some of that volume affecting 55 northbound approaching the the 42. as we look the at speed sensors 14 is your average on 95. twenty on the schuylkill expressway. blue route not awful, pennsylvania turnpike not awful just yet. traveling out and about, or plan to travel, would i say mass transit would be your best bet, erika. all right. that field is set for the sweet 16, the next round of march madness kicks off tonight at cbs-3. will there be more surprises on the road to the final four? head coach of the st. joes hawks phil martelli joins to us break down your brackets. thanks for joining us.
6:46 am
>> erika, i have to be here my bracket is in pencil and eraser is worn out. everybody out there this is for entertainment purposes only use you're raiser. >> we want to start with surprises, were you surprised at all getting to the sweet 16. >> i'm shock a little bit disappointed. i think villanova have have a great year. i fully expect that they would go through. they caught a bad match up, and had a difficult night last week when they played nc state. that is a surprise. the whole east bracket not so much virginia lose to go michigan state but it is difficult when you don't see number one and number two seed in those brackets. >> but first lets start off here with we're talking about notre dame and wichita state. i understand notre dame has within of your alumni. >> from st. joes prep. >> yes. >> you are calling for an upset with wichita state. >> i think wichita state has a chip on their shoulder. they executed it last week
6:47 am
against kansas in a game they could not get scheduled. i think notre dame has had a remarkable year but their size will be a factor. people should watch the wichita state back court. van fleet and baker are two of the best in the country. >> heavily favored for kentucky. >> west virginia has caused a little bit of the stir where one of their freshman called kentucky out and said he is guarantying that kentucky will be 36-one after tonight. i don't see that. >> but you see kentucky moving for. >> i do have kentucky moving forward. >> moving down to the west, talking about wisconsin, north caroline wisconsin going forward. >> remarkable story because we have a local by coaching wisconsin bo ryan from chester. replied at chester high school. legendary in delaware county. he has moved his team last year final four this year a number one seed. i see them vaning to the elite eight. in this xavier/air zone game we have a remarkable kind of a connection. xavier coach chris mack worked for the arizona coach sean
6:48 am
miller at xavier when they were in the a-10. we have had a chance to play against them. this is a great story. xavier being a jesuit school all of the st. joseph's are back them but arizona has great size and tremendous focus. when people watch air zone off to see how focused how they are on the the task at hand. i think this will be a fabulous game. wisconsin with the player of the year in frank commence ki arizona, tremendous size and defense. tj mcconnell lead the team as a point guard. i see arizona moving for. >> we talk about nc state with the upset with villanova. you have them beating louisville. >> i think louisville has maxed out here. they lost a great player during the year. they had to suspend a kid put him off the team. they have done a remarkable job. they were in trouble against uc your vine a team you favored along the way. >> i pulled for them. >> northern iowa really was an upset to me because northern
6:49 am
iowa had a really strong year. louisville plays zone defense. but i think north carolina state getting over lsu where they were dead in the what the other, they won that game. they beat a better villanova team but they were better for those 40 minutes north carolina state. just a feeling. nc state beat louisville at louisville. i see them moving forward, in that game. >> upset here michigan state and oklahoma. >> but michigan state it is because of their jockey. their head coach is a remarkable guy who will end up in the basketball hall of fame tom izzo. oklahoma has a tremendous starting five. michigan state will wear them down in, my opinion, i don't watch many of these games because i'm out recruiting all the time but do i catch them every once in a while. michigan state is having this ability to wear you done physically and i think that at the end of the day that is what they will their depth will wear down oklahoma. >> you have them all going to
6:50 am
the final four last but not least in the the south this is what we had in common, gonzaga beating ucla. >> i think their age, they are an older team gonzaga. they have a kid off the bench basketball kid will remember his fatter from his days in the nba but they have a 7-foot guy, they have willcher transferred from kentucky and a number of have guys who are a year-older because they transferred into gonzaga. i think their age and size at the end of the day, the duke team is brilliant young players, a ameal jefferson a local player, playing for duke but gonzaga's size at the end of the day carries the the day. >> we have gonzaga going to the final four. you have air zone, kentucky. so many people favoring kentucky. who do you think. >> i hope john calipari is not watching, i like air zone. we have arizona going to the final. gonzaga and michigan state. >> i'm a big fan of both
6:51 am
coaches but i'm tag gonzaga. >> yeah. >> we play them and they are remarkable. up close and personal they were remarkable. >> this is one you and i have in common now. arizona, gonzaga. >> game has already been played, this game was played in early questions at arizona arizona won a close game and at the even of the game monday night in indianapolis arizona cuts down the basket. >> let's circle that. >> we have arizona taking it home. phil, thanks for coming in and joining us. >> pens also only. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. >> nicole, back to you. >> i like the pencil rule. 6:51. there is a lot coming up, nora o'donnell joins us live from new york with that preright. >> good morning. we have a report of one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit before the germanwings flight crash. how could that happen? we will look at. that the plus we're on the scene in oklahoma with the dramatic rescues after
6:52 am
tornadoes tore through homes and rush hour traffic killing at least one. aetna's ceo had has made big moves like downward dog and warrior pose mark burtini is in studio 57 with how he is trying to change the health and wellness of his employees. news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes. >> looking forward to that, thank you. right now one of the victims of the german plane crashed in the france alps is 2013 emily selke graduate of drexel. she was traveling with a mother. a third american victim has not been identified. it is sentencing day for cristina regusters. she was quick of the sexual assault of the five-year old girl. regusters claimed to be the girls mother to abduct her from her west philadelphia elementary school. viewing for eagles legend chuck bednarik is late tore day. the pro football hall of famer died at 89. his viewing is today in bethlehem from noon to 4:00 and again from 6:00 to 9:00. there will be a private funeral tomorrow.
6:53 am
we will be right back.
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you've done it again, carlos! with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7 in theaters april 3rd. well, word is out, the director of 50 shade of gray is quitting the franchise. >> director sam taylor johnson announced she will in the be behind the camera for 50 shade
6:56 am
darker, war comes after she admitted it was difficult to work with el james with a script yet to be written sequel probably won't shoot until early next year at the earliest, so big change there. right new lets check katie and hear about a strange day for weather. >> good way to put it. we have different things going on here, moving pieces with the the forecast essentially. starting off with fog, that is a primary concern and sky observations that have come in from weather watchers all around the man telling that story. it is patchy but out there, folks. storm scan three coming up the southern most counties a handful of showers, somewhat steady. this is one of those days as we see pockets of rain and drizzle taking over the map with time you will want your umbrella but it is intermittent and cold front crosses through with non-severe then are storms, guys, back to you. an easton man got a get well card that made him feel better. >> forty-six year-old joseph morecy was in the hospital recovering from hernia surgery. dad gave him a get well card
6:57 am
and through in a scratch off lottery tickets to be nice. turns out it was worth $7 million. >> i scratched off this ticket and it came in a get well card and it was a complete shock. >> after taxes that get well card is worth 4.5 million-dollar. >> that is a serious pick me up. >> yes. >> feeling better now. >> yes. >> next up on cbs this morning next big thing for legal marijuana does in the
6:58 am
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good morning. it is thursday march 26th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." new reports claim a pilot was locked out of the cockpit as the doomed germanwings jet crashed in france. rescuers looked for survivors as a tornado ripped through oklahoma. we're at the scene. a congressional plan to get you wi-fi puts that in jeopardy. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. tornado! tornado on the ground! tornado on the ground! >> oh dear lord.


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