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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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hostages walt. >> reporter: jessica hostages for sure describe the the terrifying moments but through it all you will see an incredible brotherhood even as they had a gunpointed at them, bullet fired, they continued to talk to their brother fire fighters, he cried, at the end he hugged and last evening a remarkable phone call from the suspect, to his former hostages, a phone call of forgiveness. throwing on gear jumping on to trucks, they often risk danger together on many alarms. but now in their own basement club room, perhaps the the mess frightening moments of all a large hole showing where a bullet, fired by a fellow fireman paul jordan slammed in the wall as he suddenly took four fellow fire fighters hostage, ordering them on to the floor. >> he was getting angry thinking there was in reason to live anymore. he shot the wall which was about 6 inches from one of our guys. i was sitting next to the guy,
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it was close to. >> reporter: fire company president mark logan who asked not to appear on camera said jordan was distraught about being dismissed from the fire company. >> it was an intentional miss. he wanted to he could have killed us all. >> he told me about twice not to run, with the gunpoint todd my face. >> reporter: this lieutenant shot we conceal his identity says he made an instant life or death decision to dart out a nearby door hoping to save lives by alerting police. >> it was either stay dunn here with them and be a his stage or dart out, and get to safety and get help. >> reporter: moments later as swat teams approached jordan removed the clip from his gun. >> i grabbed the gun from him. even then our guys, the guys that were remaining, hugged him. >> reporter: together shoulder to shoulder as they did in fires, jordan and hostages headed out but hours later a
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remarkable moment, the the firehouse phone rang, it was jordan calling. >> i told him i was than the mad at him or angry at him i still love him, we still love him and when he can have visitation spiritual side say said i will be there to see him. >> jordan is under going mental healthy valuation as police make a decision on possible criminal charges. this whole volunteer company after being offered counseling for all of its members will be fully back in services, serving the commute at 8:00 tomorrow morning. live from cheltenham i'm walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". less than an hour from now robert menendez is expect to respond to his indictment on federal corruption charges which was announced late this afternoon. senator menendez has been charged with eight counts of bribery, plus conspiracy and wire fraud. it is all as a result of the two year federal investigation into his relationship with the florida eye doctor and
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personal friend solomon melgen. senator menendez is accused of using his office to improperly benefit medical queen. back on march 6th after word of a possible federal indictment, first leaked menendez called a news conference and denied any wrongdoing. >> let me be very clear, very clear, i have always a conduct myself appropriately and in accordance with the law. >> the democrat has publicly stated since then he has in intention of resigning his office. governor chris christie's office had no comment on the indictment today however, the nationalnrepublican senate committee did weigh in saying that senator menendez betrayed trust of new jersians and that reenforcees what people think is wrong with washington democrats. we also did hear from new jersey democratic senator corry booker who issued a statement a short time ago. he is speaking of menendez he's been a invaluable resource and amen for to me since i have arrived in the
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senate booker said, our system of justice is designed to be fair and impartial and it presumes innocence before guilt. i won't waiver in my commitment to stand alongside my senior senator to serve our great state. corry booker today. stay with "eyewitness news" here on the air and on line the at cbs where we will continue our coverage of the menendez indictment. you can follow us on both twitter and facebook. it was a terrible crime scene, authorities ruled that the death of the montgomery county couple as a murder/suicide. their bodies were found inside a lower moreland township home on tuesday. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live with the latest on this matt. >> reporter: officials identified the couple involved here as christopher and nicole pebbleman and christopher killed his wife and then himself using a chain saw. the couple's 14 year-old son found both his parent, dead in their lower moreland home wednesday, apartments performed on both led
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investigators to rule the death a murder/suicide. nicole died of a sharp force wound to her stomach cause by a chain saw. she was choke and stabbed. the christopher died of the same stomach wound, as well as injuries to his thigh after using the chain saw on himself is. >> there is that hurt and the reaction of could we have doning on different. >> reporter: eric carswell is a pastor at bryn athyn church school where two of the three children go to school. he said the couple was involved in their lives, the the boys in third and sixth grade. >> seeing them aware of them caring for their kid, being involved with the kid, they are connected to a number people in the community. >> reporter: which makes what happened that much more harder to understand. school offered counseling for their students trying to best lend support during a tough time. >> reassure the kids that they are loved. their parents are committed to be there. >> reporter: we're told that
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the three children of this couple are staying with an aunt and uncle for the time being, school officials described that couple as good, caring people. we are live in lower moreland township matt rivers, for cb is. three "eyewitness news". >> thank you you for that. septa a police now say they know who they are looking for in a vicious attack on a 60 year-old man on monday. they say that they have positively identified the young man who delivered the blow, and thanks to some facial recognition software and two tipsters. an arrest warrant for that person is now in the works. he has been seen on surveillance video from 15th street station knocking that man unconscious. tonight, we are hearing from the cumberland county prosecutor's office about the the investigation into the the the death of a man in vineland, police custody. family members say philip white was unarmed when he died in police custody on tuesday. police are calling white's death a in custody non-shooting death. we do know there was a struggle between white and the officer on west grates street. in a statement the prosecutor's office says quote
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events transpired between the time of the officer's arrival and white's transport to the hospital are under investigation. an autopsy is pending. we now know names of the two men killed sunday when a small plane crash shortly after take off from brandywine airport. they were 64 year-old pilot joseph deal of drexel hill and 67 year-old richard puck of west chester. both men were pronounced dead at the scene. that accident is being investigated by ntsb. in a statement deal's family says quote joe was a kind soul and wonderful man. he will live on in all he gave to others. a ship runs a ground in the delaware river, chopper over the scene near burlington bristol bridge this afternoon. that ship registered in liberia was headed southbound when it lost engine power and ran a ground. coastguard responded to some tugboats which came in the rescue to help get that ship moving once again. montgomery county d.a. risa vetri furhman said it will be sometime before she decides on whether to bring
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criminal charges against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. kane has been under investigation following a grand jury leak to the newspaper this week she lost a supreme court challenge to dismiss the the special prosecutor in that case. that court decision now clears the the way for furhman to pursue charges against kane if she feels they are warranted. today the d.a.'s office released this statement saying the district attorney's office will review applicable laws and make determinations as to whether criminal charges are warranted against any individual. today is first day you will see controversial ads on the sides of some septa buses. a judge ruled in favor of the new hampshire non-profit group who paid to run the the ads saying it had first amendment ride to do so. the ad includes a 1941 photographs of adolph hitler and palestinian arab national list supporter and it reads quote islamic jew hatred is in the quran. >> you should have a right to an opinion but that is kind of
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racist, but it is america people say racist stuff all the time. what can you do. >> reporter: those ads will run until the end of the month and will be seen on more 80 buses. arkansas is latest state to face political pressure to change a proposed religion freedom law. asa hutchinson, will not sign the the bill as it is worded right now. bill mirrors a law passed in indiana that lawmakers there are trying to amend. critics say it gives businesses a license to discriminate by refusing to sell goods and services to gay people. new at 6:00 "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff looks closer at religious freedom laws in our area. religious freedom verse civil rights. >> this is just a reiteration of what has always been debated fund. ly in our country. >> i don't know it is personal, i'm gay i'm married. >> everybody in the you had who some ways feel other or in some ways feel less than or
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different from should be concerned. >> reporter: in 2002 pennsylvania passed its own religious restoration act, similar to the one in indiana and arkansas but with the serious difference. >> the the difference with the religious act that we have here is that there is that explicit exception for businesses. >> reporter: that means here in pennsylvania, non-profits can choose not to serve someone for religious reasons. for profit businesses can't. unlike new jersey and delaware, pennsylvania does not have a statewide anti discrimination law, but several municipalities, including philadelphia, has set up their own ordinances. >> indiana law not only is a different substantively but intent is explicitly at the exclusively, designed to protect discrimination. >> reporter: narrow misinterpretation according to the pennsylvania family institute. they said this a statement whether it is forcing employers to pay for abortion inducing drugs or forcing
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business owners to be part of a same sex wedding ceremony the government should not infringe on fundamental freedoms. freedoms that also extend to customers. >> would i rather recycle my pink dollar somewhere that respects who i am, respects my liberties and my rights in the united states as a citizen. >> reporter: are taking business elsewhere, something both side of the issue seem to agree on. alexandria hoff cbs-3 "eyewitness news". peer plans revealed, still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight the a make over is underway for the atlantic city is peer at caesars. what you can expect at that transformation. three cheers for a local brewery, impressive rang ago this yuengling is getting from the brewer's association on a nationwide list. cheers kathy. >> cheers, chris. nothing but sunshine day, whole eastern seaboard in the sun also right through midwest. we will get one day of sunshine before our next storm moves in. when will it turn windy and
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wet? we will take a look at that with the seven day, hey beasley. opening day for phillies approaching fast and couple fan favorites is looking g chase utley with the power show helping coal ham else in his final tune up, for boston, on monday, those stories ahead in sports.
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tonight at 11:00 this south jersey teacher has brain cancer? her only hope the polio virus inn corrected directly into her tumor. ground breaking story on 60 minutes, cbs-3 health reporter stephanie stahl introduces us to the local woman using this dramatic new treatment leading to new hope. it is healthwatch exclusive tonight, only on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. dubbed the the world's playground nearly a septemberry ago atlantic city revise says effort will now include a new actual playground. new jersey reporter cleve bryan was in atlantic city toy get a priest he view. >> this is going to be the greatest success of my career. >> reporter: bridge with confidence philadelphia developer bart blatstein unveiled his vision for transforming the half empty peer shops at caesars into, the the play ground. a new look, new shops and new restaurants will lead to a
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three story concert hall bowling alley, a beach concert venue and outdoor oasis. >> the pier is a symbol it is a symbol of what atlantic city is going to become. >> reporter: looking at ocean through binoculars is fine but imagine being out here at the end of the pier waiting in the pool or sitting in the lounge chair. that is one of the ideas for the play ground. >> it has incredible potential to be a new entertainment district in atlantic city, and that entertainment district being based in live entertainment. >> playground will have 14 music venue that is blatstein believes will create interest enduring the winter months this pier will be filled with thousands oz have people for new years eve. if is there i not a who will take we will create a holiday. we will have events here every week. >> reporter: he expects to increase employment from 400 to 900 jobs and he is not only one who thinks the playground will be a success. >> bart is a proven commodity in philadelphia. when you see concerts where
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four or 5,000 people show up at his events, you know in philly in the wintertime it tells you the guy necessary how to make things happen. >> reporter: first phase is expect to be ready by the fourth of july. in atlantic city, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the governor of to tom wolf stopped by community college of philadelphia today talking about jobs. governor wolf promoting his jobs that pay program, as part of his proposed budget next year. governor wants to invest in k through 12 public education, reinvest in higher education and fully restore cuts to colleges and universities that have been made over the past few years. raise a glass to pennsylvania's great bureaury yuengling. >> the pottsville brewery is now the top u.s. craft brewing company according to the brewer's association. they released their annual list of the top 50 craft and overall companies based on sales volume and this year yuengling jumped ahead of sam
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adams. a rule change made yuengling eligible as a craft beer maker. bush was top overall brewing company. well, a nice introduction to spring today, as we connect with us on facebook and twitter and at cbs but boy you walk outside, sunny. it is still chilly but what a great the day. >> kathy, to have sun on your face is a nice feeling. >> we need those vitamins, right. we need to be out in the sun. we need to be active. enjoy tonight, and tomorrow because then the rain will be moving in. but we will have the warmth. we have to have those april showers, and temperatures around the region are really rising quickly. even late this afternoon, in new jersey, reported temperatures in the upper 50's to around 60. david is saying wind out of the north east in clem tomorrow where the temperature is still at 59. that is a houl improvement from where we were just a couple of short weeks ago. north wales phil says
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52 degrees, still plenty of sunshine. skies moon lit tonight. lets look at our eyewitness weather photos this one from ed there was a track meet in lawrenceville at the prep and this is a beautiful picture of the pond there with plenty of blue skies. you cannot beat. that budd on the tree as well. lets look at one of my favorite places, downed shore. the boards have been busy. sun glare on our camera sit ago top music pier. ocean city cape may county looking good. temperatures still in the 50's. but hey it is spring after all. lets look at the numbers elsewhere. philadelphia 56. atlantic city at the airport 55. forty-one in the poconos. warmth is really close, not that far. raleigh-durham 60's. charleston 60's. birmingham in the 80's. feeling like summer in the south. we will get a taste of that later this week. it is clear as high pressure dominates from maine to mid at the plant i can. even in the midwest. you have to go to texas to see some wet weather and that
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would be moving our way, i would think by early friday morning. the thursday is warm, we will see warm front lifting through, temperatures in the 60 ease and win kick nothing gusting to 30 miles april hour tomorrow afternoon. then rain will be a arriving early friday morning, two or 3:00 in the morning and strong wind ahead of the cold front will pump up the warmth up the coastal plains. we are talking about wind gusting to 35, even 40 miles an hour but it will be warm with some areas touching 70 before that cold front moves through. of course, wind shifts and saturday gets a northerly wind and temperatures back in the 50's. we are not talking about highs in the 30's or 40's. here's what to expect for friday which goodies friday. period of rain amounts of rain about a half inch to an inch. gusty wind. temperatures will be warming. overnight tonight low of 39 degrees but mainly clear skies, tomorrow going for 64 degrees which is really close to the average for month of april. average being 65.
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month of may average 74. for the month of june look at that average high is 82. the outlook is looking like temperatures will be near average for next three months. even better news. on the exclusive seven day forecast, temperatures rise, pass over begins friday evening we will see period of rain saturday 56. easter sunday 57. mild for phillies home opener. that is you're witness weather forecast
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phillies/red sox this monday at citizens bank park for opening day. low expectations for the the season but to me opening day has greater meaning. the let take our kid and grand kids to some games and have a blast. speaking of the blast, chase utley looks ready for opening day. here in the first two runners on and chase clears base west his third home run of the spring and phillies lead it three to nothing.
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his next time at bat chase went deep again, he went two for three were four rbi's. cole hamels had his final tune up before facing red sox on monday. he went six innings, giving up two runs and six hits struck out three ace phillies beat the braves nine-two. you just want to go out there and give your team something to work towards. the first game is where you set the tone and everyone talk about that. you want to go out there and have your guys be confident in you and give your team a chance to win. >> two weeks left in the sixers season. tonight they are in the nation's capitol taking on wizard. flyers also on the road tonight facing the bitter rivals pittsburgh orange and black won both contest this is season and played very well at consul energy center, ten-one-one since the arena opened in 2010. >> we get exited to play the the the penguins. it goes up and down.
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a lot of cool things happen and it is fun to play. media work out for danny garcia ahead of his showdown against lemont peterson april 11th at barclay center. his dad angel is the trainer. danny is unified super light weight wait champion of the world, we will be right back.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we are back here at 11:00. stay tuned next for the "cbs evening news", scott pelley reports tonight from new york.
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>> pelley: another governor gives in to pressure, including from his own family, to change legislation that critics call antigay. also tonight, school teachers caught cheating could be headed for detention behind bars. california takes historic action as the drought worsens. and the musical treasure found hidden in the walls of a great american city. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: for the second time in two days, a governor has asked for a re-write of a religious freedom bill that critics say descrimentz against gays and lesbians. this time it was asa hutchinson of arkansas. yesterday, he said he would sign it, but today, he gav


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