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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 11, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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a vicious beating caught on camera at a philadelphia gas station, we're live with the latest on the search for the suspects. and, also a luxury lifestyle, funded by fraud, investigators say that this court house employee cashed in on her position buying high end items on taxpayer dimes. it is saturday april 11th good morning, to you thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 5:00 o'clock on the dot. let's accepted it over to carol for more on the forecast and from what i am hearing it is looking good. >> we never got anywhere near that 75 degrees we spending yesterday but in a way it was a good thing because the sun never, never showed up and the fog hung around but it really made it the a much easier
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transition, because if that cold front had come into that warmth we could have been dealing with very strong storms. instead, we held on to the 50's, right through the the evening. in fact we're looking at 54 degrees right now. the not the big pop of warmth but i think we will up joy day more because it will be warmer then it has been over the last four days or so with you it looks bright and beautiful looking at ben franklin bridge and another view and this is a 51-degree temperature from the palmyra cove nature park overlooking delaware and city of philadelphia which we cap actually see because we don't have any fog out there. storm scan three shows us a few high clouds over us but it will take probably through the next couple of hours to get rid of some of those but then sunshine breaking out this afternoon. 50 degrees in philadelphia right now and in trenton and wilmington. it is 41 in allentown. 46 degrees in millville. the as we look the at the wind, we are coming out of the west at 8 miles an hour through philadelphia a right now.
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not the warmest direction but not the coldest direction either. expect to find this kind of the warm up. by noon, 58 degrees breezy here today, we may fine whipped of 25 miles an hour and then by 3:00 p.m. we have our eye in the lower 60's and we will clear out and by 2:00 o'clock you will be loving that sunshine with that breeze. maybe you don't love the breeze so much. we will check that eyewitness weather seven day forecast coming up, nicole. >> meanwhile a vicious beating caught on tape at an olney gas station. two people were arrested but several others are being sought in the brutal attack. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live outside north west detectives with more on that investigation steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. update is police have arrested two female suspects a 24 and 34 year-old but they are looking for help. that is why they have released more surveillance video. they have to pay close attention as they are looking for more suspects.
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caught on camera police searching important suspects take a look at six people piling out of this minivan swarming the man pictures on the right, standing outside a convenient store in olney. after knocking him to the ground police say the group sprays mason him while they rain down with a piece of wood. others can be seen kicking the man repeatedly in the head. police have arrested two female suspects in that group of six but they are looking for more,es eggsly this woman with a dark sweat inner jeans, wielding a hammer. young hand in the dark hood i and young man in the blue sweater both stopped the victim's head. motive police believe the woman thought victim hid her ten year-old son. investigators say there is no evidence that happened. >> police say man who was taken to the hospital remains in critical condition. two women arrested meanwhile were taken in and charged with attempted hurt inner and aggravate add assault among other charges.
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that is latees from north west detective, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, thanks for the update. meanwhile, a four year-old boy is recovering in the hospital this morning after he was truck by a police cruiser in philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood. chopper three over that scene in the 6300 block of leonard street last night. the it is unclear how it happened. the accident is still under investigation. employee in the delaware county district attorney's office is accused of stealing more than hundred thousand dollars from the the the office. the d.a. ace that this is a case of the betrayal funded by taxpayers. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has the the details. >> reporter: accused of stealing more than hundred thousand dollars in cash from the delaware county d.a.'s office, 48 year-old mary lynch, a 29 year employee, who work at the courthouse was allegedly taking drug money submitted as evidence by police departments and funding a lavish lifestyle. >> thinks a case of betrayal. this is is a a case where you
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have a trusted employee a person you relied on day in and day out who thumbed their nose in your face. >> reporter: lynch was in charge of accounting for the cash. she allegedly forged documents and judge's signature to hide descrepancies. >> was keeping cash herself taking cash out of the office. we believe she was keeping cash at her residence. >> reporter: d.a. says lynch admitted to spending $62,000 on concert tickets and charged more than $80,000 in the american express card in the offices name. there was no answer at her door but investigators say a search of her home turned up 62,000 in cash and tickets to the upcoming bob dillon and taylor swift concert. >> she told me she went to concerts. >> reporter: neighbors said she had work done in her house. >> some new siding but that was about it. >> reporter: employees in the d.a.'s office became suspicious two months ago have after an audit focused on money found more than $50,000 missing over the last four years. when confronted, authorities
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say that lynch confessed. lynch has been released on hundred thousand dollars unsecured bail, the the d.a. says all of the unaccounted money, will be reimbursed, and they are now looking at changing their accounting practices. in media, delaware county i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". colwyn b amount ro manager paula brown emerged from her office after spending nearly 24 hours in there in pro test. >> do you still feel like you have a job though. >> i have a tooth i. i have a duty to protect the residents have of colwyn. >> colwyn board voted to fire brown thursday night but she believes her termination isn't proper. whatever the the case the council meeted descended in to chaos. >> $500 cash withdrawals. >> are you accusing me of taking that money. >> you are the treasurer. >> reporter: brown claims if
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she leaves evidence showing council members showing taxpayer money could be lost. brown says she has handed over evidence to the authorities investigating the boro's finances. in california, ten sheriff deputies are placed on paid leave after a tv news helicopter camera captured them kicking and punching a suspect. that suspect led police on a two and a half hour chase on stolen horse. this video was shot the by knbc in los angeles. once the us peck was down with his hand behind his back deputy hit him at the least 50 times over two minutes. the county sheriff says the rid ohio has him quote disturbed and troubled. >> it a appears to be excessive to me based on what i saw in the rid ohio. >> this is suspect's booking photo, he is francis with a lengthy rap heat that spans more than a decade. funeral services are scheduled for walter scott, man faith willally shot the by a police officer in south
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carolina former police officer a accused in his murder remains in jail waiting for a bond hearing that could be weeks away. omar villafranca has the latest from north charleston south carolina. >> reporter: michael slager's pregnant wife jamie a and his mother karen sharp arrived to visit the former officer for the first time since being charged with murder. thursday sharp says she stand by her son. >> he is a loving, caring, person and he wants to help people, that is why he became a police officer. >> reporter: makeshift memorial growness the the lot the where slager gunned down walter scott. some community members say it is time for change in north charleston. >> more transparency would be good? >> oh, absolutely. >> reporter: newly release dash cam video shows scott running away during a routine traffic stop cell phone video picks up with the the two near each other in the empty lot and shows slager firing eight shots as scott tries to flee. afterward dash cam picks up of
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a phone ringing. >> everything is okay, okay. >> reporter: investigators need to determine what happened during the moments not caught on tape. slager told authorities he feared for his life and struggled with scott but witness who recorded the video says that is in the what he saw. >> it wasn't what happened is wasn't correct information. >> reporter: police talked to another witness on friday, passenger in scott's car at the time he was pulled over. he is not being charged. scott will be laid to rest on saturday. omar villafranca for "eyewitness news". neon green prius taxi lead police on a two hour chase in los angeles. check this out a really strange scene there. man driving the stolen car was armed and seen waving to onlookers and pulling up and talking to them. the chase eventually ended peacefully.
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5:09. picking up pieces after a devastating tornadoes, residents in the midwest are sifting through ruble trying to salvage what they can. we will have an update on the aftermath of the severe storms coming up next. also ahead, late to the prom but this local high school student wasn't going to let a delayed flight get in the way of her big night. our family and friend helped save the day when we
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deadly tornado had a path of destruction across illinois, two people dead and a dozen more injured and this morning rescue teams are picking through ruble searching for survivors. ana watcher has that story. >> reporter: every home, in fair dale, illinois is either damaged or destroyed. >> stuff was falling, i didn't know what to think. finally when it was over the the the house was gone. >> reporter: two people died including a 67 year-old woman who was preparing to leave for her daughter's birthday party. >> my mother in law she didn't make it downstairs. >> reporter: fair dale does not have a siren system. but warning alarms sounded in the nearby town of roshell. twelve people rode out the storm in the basement of this restaurant. >> we pulled in here and ran inside, got a couple pictures right across the street from frustrates here and the owner was in the basement. we went down in the basement. >> reporter: it took rescue
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crews 90 minutes to dig them out. the tornadoes cut swirling lines in farm fields and pulled home from the foundation. some rescuers were also victims. >> we went to work, and helped the other people that needed the help and i got there this morning at 5:00 o'clock to see that my house was gone. >> reporter: some are salvaging what they can from the massive piles of ruble hoping to rebuild lives. ana warner, fair dale, illinois. >> oh , my god. >> my goodness. severe storms forced a tree tumble down on a church van in ashland, kentucky. the driver was trapped inside
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that van at the time. the the van was complete thely destroyed, thankfully, the the driver, was not injured. here at home we didn't see much of that severe weather thank goodness. >> even they everybody was complaining about the chilly temperatures and clouds and fog, that really saved us. we never got enough sunshine for that cold front to come through and interact w so it did, it did help us to stay wrong on the forecast and it was to our benefit actually. center city philadelphia this morning we can see every level of the buildings. we can see dry roads. it is a good start to a at day morning down on the boardwalk area have of rehoboth beach you cane dry, boards, that is also a very pleasant look this morning. temperatures are in the 50's right now we didn't get a all that warm yesterday in the middle 50's but we didn't drop that far last night either. so temperatures in the 50's. fifty in philadelphia, trenton, 51 in wilmington. we have 40's scattered around and they are all around the city but we will fine our temperatures climbing today. we hoed out to quakertown 48, willow grove 48. pottstown 47. same deal in palmyra and mount holly and 51 degrees at
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this point. we are looking at the some clouds and they will be moving out but we still have a few more to go. so, expect to find a brightening day once we get rid of these included you can see we have got clear skies they are on the way and we can certainly use them. we have not seen the sun for about four days. today will be as warm as we have seen in four days we've got temperatures that will be in the 60's today, lower end of the 60's today. tomorrow mid to maybe upper end of the 60's. sunshine nice, shouldn't be as breezy a as today either. that breeze today will make it feel cooler. then on monday one of our warmer days we will tart to get in the 70's lower end but still that is a nice look this time of the year. the and then by tuesday we will start to see shower chances coming in here again. our future weather accurately depicting these clouds, it missed out on this batch but we will give it a pass today and then by the time we hit this afternoon we have got clear skies and we will have seen clear skies or mostly sunny skies through the the
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afternoon hours. then tomorrow looks great too and then machine afternoon, few cloud start to come in here showers are they following. this is a look at early tuesday morning. so chances of some showers starting to come in at that point what a wild week temperature wise. seventy-five on monday. the tuesday. 69 degrees. wednesday we had 44. thursday, 43. friday, that should have have been 75, turned out only to be 56 but that may have saved us from storm damage around here. we are looking at temperatures today, 63 degrees. shore 58. the poconos 55 degrees. we will eventually get into sunshine in every single location today. remember these wind and they will be hard to forget at 25 miles an hour. tonight we will drop down to 42 degrees, mostly clear school very nice night shaping up. over the the next couple of days we have temperatures tomorrow in the mid to maybe upper 60's monday 70, maybe that might be the lowest we will see. could shall 72 or 73 degrees.
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tuesday we are at 67 with those shower chances and then at this point we stay in the 60's after that, nicole. >> not bad thanks, carol. we have some sad news about the teenager lauren hill who refused to let the her brain cancer get in the way of living her dreams on the basketball court. she died yesterday morning at the age of 19. hill's inspiring battle to never give up made national headlines as she spent her final year leaving behind a poignant legacy. terry okita the has her store friday los angeles. >> reporter: the the mount st. joseph's women's basketball team wore the number 22 at a school vigil on friday. they came together to honor legacy teammate lauren hill for the so hard to leave behind. >> unselfish. >> reporter: hill was diagnosed with the rare terminal brain cancer shortly after her 18th birthday. but she never let her inoperable brain tumor stop her from living her dream, to play college basketball. >> i wanted to wear the the
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shoes and wear that jersey and feel like a super hero again because that is what i feel when i put on a jersey a and that number. >> ball goes down to lauren hill, and lay up is good. >> reporter: last november, in front of the sold out the a arena of 10,000 fans, hill scored during her first ncaa college basketball game. she played four games, scoring five baskets before stepping off the court. >> thank you to the best day i have ever had. >> reporter: hill ease fighting spirit landed her on the wheaties box and a in february she received a honorary doctorate. >> i'm fighting for myself and others and the future. >> reporter: hill's fun days has raisedded more than 1.5 million-dollar for pediatric cancer research. terry okita for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> an incredible person, that is for sure. 5:19. a delayed flight forced a local high school student to
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start her trip to the prom 30,000 feet in the air. hailly mcdevitt and mount st. joseph academy classmates the were returning to the school trip from spain but because their 1c he clock flight was delayed until 6:00 she started to get ready on the plane. the once they landed her family and friend helped put finishing touches on inside the airport rest room. the the high school junior had this to say about her whirlwind day. >> very hectic i cried a few times, i had to do my hair make up in the airport and buy a lot of things for it. very hectic. >> she looks beautiful. by the the way, haley enjoyed her night with her prom dade jonathan who is a roman catholic senior. 5:20. son of the clint eastwood starring in the romantic tearjerker. >> clint eastwood's son scott
5:21 am
becomes the the the latest man in the lates
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well clint eastwood's son gets his first big starring role in the new movie, based on a hit book by nicholas sparks. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight has more on the new move is in theaters this weekend. >> it goes pretty simple, hang
5:24 am
on for three seconds. >> bull rider luke played by scott eastwood and britt robinson fall madly in love in the longest ride but can their love out last their changing futures. >> you are lucky to be alive. >> what? >> we need to make him understand that his riding days are over. >> reporter: scotties following in his dad's clint's footsteps taking on his first major leading role but don't think he just walk on the set. >> contrary to popular belief i'm myself. >> for all of the latest entertainment news watch entertainment tonight every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news", crowds swarmed apple stores for a hand on look for the tech giant's new smart watch. we will show you how it works and how much it will cost you. drying out clearing up, carol comes back with your
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today, it is saturday april 11th, good morning, i am thanks for joining us i'm nicole brewer. it is just with 5:30. lets send it over to carol with more on the forecast.
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it sound nice. >> it is not bad. we have seen four days of gloom and doom and it has been cool and very unapril-like. we should have gotten warmer yesterday. we did not. that warm front never came through in time. it came through enough that our temperatures overnight manager to stay up into the 50's in a lot of locations and it is at least decent looking out there. the ben franklin bridge is showing up every single light on it and you can see maybe a couple clouds looking very carefully to the sky. but those clouds also will be for the most part getting out of here today. 55 degrees through center city philadelphia, 51 standing in the palmyra cove nature park in new jersey looking across the delaware the two lights of philadelphia reflect on the water. the last couple of days it has been nothing but fog on that camera view. it is much improved. storm scan three notice that we have some clouds over us they thin out for a bit and then we will get a few more but this will be a day with sunshine and especially moving through the afternoon hours. fifty in philadelphia right
5:29 am
now, we have 50 in trenton. fifty-one in wilmington. fifty in atlantic city. poconos that cold at 43 degrees. wind west at 8 miles an hour and we are at this point in the lag at gusty wind but moving in the afternoon we will be, winds gusting to 25 miles an hour. so sunshine and a breeze basically a as we go through the day, temperatures getting to 63 degrees but with the northwesterly breeze in a chilly direction it will feel some cooler then that. the future weather we will get rid of the cloud and by 2:00 we will be saying where to we put those sunglasses. we will be needing them and we may need them again tomorrow. we will see how many other days we will to have look for them. nicole. >> carol, thank you. it took six decade but a local hero will finally be laid to rest. funeral services are scheduled for army corporal robert higgins killed touring the korean war. after years of wondering what happened his family is finally able toably their solder home.
5:30 am
our david spunt has this emotional store friday bucks county. >> it is a long journey licensing journey home i guess you call it. >> reporter: for almost 65 years, this picture and a few old letters are all that the higgins family had to tell the the story of a man they never knew, their uncle, army corporal bob higgins died as a prisoner of war sometime between 1951 and 1954, and now he is back in philadelphia for the first time in six decade. >> i'm thinking this is like a movie, like it is not real. >> reporter: agy kelly is higgins niece and joined her brother will and sister marge to welcome their uncle home at a special ceremony. >> according to army record the the 20 year-old from fishtown became a prisoner of war in february 1951. during the massacre. 726 soldiers died. >> i just can't believe that they found them to be honest with you. >> reporter: another family member gave a dna sample to
5:31 am
the army to see if the remains at the a military facility in hawaii matched corporal higgins. they have been in hawaii for 25 years but never identified. last november, the higgins family solved their mystery. >> i feel great. i really do,. >> army declared higgins dead on december 31st, 1953, his mother and two older brothers, a marine and naval officer died before ever finding out really what happened to corporal higgins. >> i feel close to him because we have been talking about him so much. now his family will hold a special funeral service at washington crossing national cemetery in newtown to say good bye and thank you to a 20 year-old who just had a chance out of high school to serve his country. >> to know he is in the in a ditch somewhere, for eternity that is what i think about all the time. >> reporter: david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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5:31 right now. the military recognizes soldiers and victims in the fort hood shooting rampage. it doesens of purple heart and defense of freed am medals were given to soldiers, civilians and families of those killed. the the ceremony took place at the fort hood where the deadly shooting happened in 2009. nadal hasan was convicted and sentenced to death for that rampage. well expectations are growing for a historic sit down between president obama and cuban leader raul castro. twenty-nine were a a among leaders attending the summit of the americas in panama city. we now know president obama laid the groundwork of the meeting before leaving washington. craig boswell is at the the white house with more. >> reporter: president obama and cuban president raul castro greeted one another friday night, the two leaders are together at summit of the americas in panama. >> we don't have a formal meeting scheduled at a certain time but we anticipate that
5:33 am
they will have a discussion. >> reporter: two leaders spoke by phone for only second time earlier this week as u.s. and cuba work to normalized relations. the thursday president obama was asked about changes expect in havana as they begin to reestablish ties. >> we will continue to have differences with the cuban government but we don't want to be imprisoned by the past. >> reporter: it is president that president obama will use the sum to it announce u.s. will remove cuba from the list of the state sponsors of the terrorism. he initiate that had process last december when he announced that you go relations between washington and havana. >> the president will make a decision when all of the various elements of our review are completed. >> reporter: long simmering tensions over human rights in cuba were evident as castro supporters and dissidents clashed outside the cuban embassy in panama city. the thursday secretary of state john kerry and cuban foreign minister bruno
5:34 am
rodriguez held highest levels diplomatic relations since the relation where is cut a half century ago. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hillary clinton will officially announce her candidacy for president of the united states this weekend. cbs news confirms that clinton will make that a announcement sunday with a video posted on social media, and, and. >> and a day after, candidacy for official marco rubeo is expected to announce his presidential campaign. he will deliver a speech on monday in miami, florida. he will bypass his second term nerd to run. now to the race for philadelphia's next mayor. today, democratic candidates will be attending a forum on immigration. on friday, the candidates collaborated with young voters on ways to move the city forward. topic of discussion economic growth. attendees got a chance to ask candidates questions, directly.
5:35 am
now you can see the candidates talk about the issues that face philadelphia on the moving philadelphia forum moderated by our very own ukee washington. it airs tonight at 11:35 here on cbs-3, reairing again tomorrow morning at 11:00 on the cw philly. well melissa marie bailey is philadelphia's only republican date for mayor. she's 36. native of absecon atlantic county and now calls society hill home after working from around the world. she comes from a family of public school teachers and wants to improve education. she says pouring money into schools than the is the answer that government continually asked more from taxpayers without transparency or results. >> i think we need to leverage data to see what programs are working and what programs are not, and if programs aren't working we shouldn't be spending money on them anymore. >> registered democrats out number republicans almost eight to one, in the city of philadelphia. a judge ordered a hearing on pennsylvania attorney
5:36 am
general kathleen kane the's firing of the top aid. the montgomery county judge wanted kane to explain why former prosecutor james barker was fired on wednesday. barker testified before a grand jury that recommended kane be charged in connection to leaking other grand jury information to the newspaper. judge called a hearing to determine if kane violated his order to retaliate begins witnesses. hearing is set for april 27th. kane's attorney l.a. nny davis released this statement that reads in party cannery assure judge carpenter that the the personnel decisions over the the last two years, including the most recent ones were 100 percent appropriate management decisions by attorney general kane consistent with her campaign themes and commitment to the people of pennsylvania for reform and efficiency in the office of attorney general. well, new owner of the former revel casino speaks with "eyewitness news" about power problems at the the shuttered mega resort. revel has been without power
5:37 am
since thursday. atlantic city is now fining glenn straub the new owner since the building has no power or water. power supplier ac r says it pull the plug because straub would not make a deal on buying energy. straub says portable generators will be brought in as a short term fix and he does not want to do business with a a acr. >> they are trying to get to us sign a long term contract, to pay high amounts of of money when we can produce the energy from our home next door show boat facility. >> the city find straub $10,000 on thursday and will levee a $5,000 penalty each day after that until power and water are restored. a new jersey elementary schoolteacher is suspended without pay after an assignment she gave her third great student. she had them write get well messages to mumia abu-jamal. he's a prison inmate serving time for killing philadelphia police officer daniel
5:38 am
faulkner. christine sloan from w cbs in new york, reports. >> reporter: the district confirms its the investigating reports that teacher at forest street elementary school in orange, new jersey had her third grader send get well card to convicted cop killer mumia abu-jamal. >> i don't think it is a appropriate for a teacher to coerce a teach ter do that. >> reporter: the teacher the district identified as marilyn zuniga a apparently dropped off the letter to a comrade to lift up a killer's spirit. zuniga's twitter account has been taken down. we have spoke to joe and fernandes the professor mentioned in zuniga's tweet. >> i didn't think anything of it the because as part of his legal time i'm a accustomed to showing him letters from around the world from adults, children, on a regular basis. >> reporter: abu-jamal is serving a life sentence for murdering philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner in
5:39 am
1981. faulkner's widow is peeking out. >> i feel he should be executed for taking my husband's life. >> as a sister of a murdered new york city police officer i was appalled by that. no family i feel so sorry for the the police officer faulkner family to have to go through this. >> reporter: in a statement the the superintendent said the school's principal and district administrators vehemently deny it had any knowledge of the assignment and that no approval was ever sought by zuniga. the the school district says that additional action can be taken against zuniga when the investigation is complete, a as for zuniga we were unable to reach her n orange, new jersey christine sloan for cbs two news. now the orange school district was actually out on spring break this week but says a full investigation will get underway when classes resumed neck week. coming up next on "eyewitness news", the the wait is over preorder are underway for the the apple
5:40 am
watch, what you need to know if you want to get your hand on one. also ahead the effectiveness of those popular dating apps, we will take a close look at more and more people are swiping their way out of the single life. also ahead, gray skies will clear up, carol returns with the much improved weekend
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5:42 am
back now on "eyewitness news", a check this out, this is the apple store in center
5:43 am
city that was bustling there yesterday. the customers looking for a chance to preorder and also try on that highly anticipated apple watch. cbs news correspondent tina daniels shows off the the new tech toy that is creating a lot of buzz. >> nicole robinson and family landed in new york from brussels on thursday their first stop, the apple store for a look at it new smart watch. >> what does it do that the ipad doesn't do. >> reporter: or smart watches are already on the mark but apple's version is being called the most ambitious. the watch, hook up with new i phones and is getting good reviews for fitness app and ease of staying connect. the advanced order started at one past midnight specific time. sharon edward smith has already ordered his watch but it won't be shipped until the end of april. he says he could in the wait that licensing to try one on. >> looking down my wrist and see what is going on, without
5:44 am
even looking at my smart phone. that is pretty cool. >> reporter: from london to beijing, gadget geeks flooded stores to have a look. >> prices start at 349 ape go as high as 17,000 for gold version. that might make the watch a pricey accessory for many. even if there are a few early problems apple expects its new product to be a run a away hit. >> one of them is battery life. it doesn't last a full day. >> reporter: shipping dates have been pushed back due to high demand. in new york, kena daniels for "eyewitness news". 5:44. lets check that forecast for this saturday morning. hi carol. >> well, we have a hazy look right now at the the shore but there is a lot going on at the shore as everybody starts to wake up to the realization that we're moving into another season and hopefully our weather starts to feel like it. it hasn't so much has it over last couple of days but we have some fog out there right now but it won't last all day and breezy nice day at the
5:45 am
shore and every place else. 51 degrees is the temperature right now inard more, still are dark on it there but i show you this to show five you 1 degrees. it is nice and mild out. fifty in philadelphia at the airport. fifty-one down in wilmington. forty-six millville. forty-three in the poconos. lancaster 50 degrees. fifty in atlantic city. so everybody is warming up. we never got the warm up we expect yesterday. we stopped some 20 degrees short of what we should have gotten and i think maybe fortunately because if you have been watching those awful stories out of illinois with the cold front coming through, and really triggering a mess we could have seen strong storms out of what we could have encountered yesterday with the front coming through that was warm enough, never got warm enough. we are still dealing with a few cloud, they will be moving off the coast and then we have a nice looking day lots have of sunshine as high pressure builds in here but it will be another windy sat the day. we had one last saturday. we have another one today with
5:46 am
these wind gusting to 25 miles an hour. and then on sunday we have temperatures that will be in the 60's again but higher up in the 60's so mid to upper 60's. the by monday, it seems like monies a great the day when everybody goes back to work and school. we have temperatures that should be in the lower 07's. monday looks nice. the future weather we have some cloud, we will keep sunshine, clear skies overnight, tomorrow we have a is in looking day, didn't even stop it until 4:00 this have afternoon because there was in reason too. we should be looking at clear skies tomorrow and then by monday a few more cloud coming in here, we will start to see a warm front, one of the reasons we warm up but that is a look to the next front that comes through here and that will be triggering some showers. this is early on tuesday morning. notice that at this point subject to change a lot between now and then but it want to bring in the heavier rain maybe to the west. in guarantee. it is a long way off but some showers look like they will be
5:47 am
happening on tuesday at this point. seventy-five on last monday it will be just about that level maybe a degree short they are monday. sixty-nine on tuesday, and last tuesday and wednesday we fell 44. thursday we saw 43. friday we saw 56 degrees. it a makes me cough. sixty-three in philadelphia today, shore 58, and poconos 55 degrees. sunshine and breeze in all locations. hey, i have got a great thing for people to do today, two different times. it is a parvo philly event we are trying to get rid of parvo. horrible disease. pennsylvania spca is holding an event at noon and two, and the darnsif e-center is holding one between ten and 12:00. then you watch a demonstration, get some information, get a voucher and then head over to the the pennsylvania spca, 350 erie avenue and get a free rabies and parvo vaccine keeping
5:48 am
cities animals safe. something that is a great thing to do today. we have temperatures this have afternoon 63 degrees looking at wind gusting to 25 miles an hour. tonight 42 degrees mostly clear, cool night, wind from the north west until about midnight and then they will die down from that ten to 15 miles an hour range and then we will get down to five and then we have temperatures of 70 on monday and in the 60's for the rest of the week nicole. >> i like the sound of that, carol thank you. are you looking for love? if you are single in the philadelphia area chances are you have tried a dating app. i spoke to the relationship expert about the growing popularity of these apps and howie effective they may be in finding that someone special. >> reporter: swiping right unlocks your mart phone but could it point you in the direction of love. >> you are taking date nothing to your own hand. >> reporter: monica mandelis a relationship expert and columnist for huffing ton post. she said that the use of of dating apps is on the rise citing singles in america study.
5:49 am
>> one out of four philadelphians respond that had they successfully went on a date through an app from their smart phones. >> reporter: among the most popular an app called tinder that lets singles right on those they like left on those that they don't. the it is becoming more legitimate with the 30 plus sector. >> that group is working, busy building their career and the best way for them to meet is through their smart phones. >> reporter: in the dating world they say there is someone for everyone, and these days, it really does seem like there is a dating a app for just about every single. from clover, an app that matches based on location and time to ivy league an app for 1 percent. then is there how about we where users pose an idea for a date to see who by the. hinge matches you up with friend of friend on facebook. >> we have a comfort zone knowing that they know someone that you also know. >> reporter: while some say they are worth the down load. >> it is essential that everyone do it.
5:50 am
>> reporter: others are sure it is not for them. >> there is a lot of, you know, lack of a better word weirdos on the internet. >> reporter: that may be try but mandel says as long as you take precaution like meeting in the public place the benefit could out way the risk. we're only scratching the surface here. the is there j swipe, grinder for the lgbpt happen, coffee meets bagel the list goes on and on. it seems like new dating apps are popping up every day. according to our experts they are seen as a more legitimate way of finding that special someone. so there you go down load your way, to a date. 5:50 right now. phillies open up a three game series with the nationals. plus story of a local soccer star who went from a fan to starting goal keeper for the philadelphia union. we will hear from him coming up next.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
cole hamels on the mound for phillies to day they opened up at home last night against the nationals, attendance in that game the lowest in the history of citizens bank park you know what everyone missed a good game. play of the game belonged to a vendor grady sizemore with the foul ball off the club level. it heads for a vendor he doesn't drop the beer. makes a one handed catch. nice guy gives the ball to the fan. to the seventh inning phillies down one to nothing, blow the game wide open, caesar hernandez with the bases loaded single to right. with that phillies will take a two-one lead. freddie galvis with the single to right, phillies go up three-one and they win four-one. vinny lacavalier has been
5:54 am
officially ruled out for today's season finally. he did not return for the third period the other night and may have a concussion following two fights, who was making his nhl debut as part of his father president low, president of the hockey operations for oilers. the flyers gm ron hextall has questions for lowe's intentions. >> i believe it was his first game and trying to do anything he can. in the heat of the battle. you don't necessarily necessity who he is. he cross check him; he was on the ice. he saw his numbers. things happen in the heat of battle. you respect him for coming in and having two fights in his first game. it is obviously not a fun thing to do. >> in voorhees yesterday afternoon this is final work out of the season and again, that final game, is today at home against ottawa. the story at augusta this weekend isn't who is going to win but who can catch up to jordan speith, he had a record breaking round on the eighth
5:55 am
hole, an amazing shot to set up birdie. he shot a 66 to finish at a augusta record under par. he will be very tough to beat. if someone can catch him it might be this guy dustin johnson. johnson became first player in masters wrist try to make three eagles in one round. he is tied for third. you can see the man masters on cbs-3 all weekend long. when union take the feel later in insuring it will be a dream come true for local product beyond mccarthey, he was born and raised in philadelphia and 22-year old man the the net of the philadelphia union with family and friend cheering him on. he was a star at high school and temple university. >> it is a dream come true but it hasn't really sunken in yet. when i come walking out the tunnel, it will hit me. i will get the chills and be ready to go good that is all for sports i'm leslie van
5:56 am
arsdal have a great day. it was an end of the era at kyw news radio this week, take a look. >> i loved what i did and i loved where i did it. >> tony hanson officially signed off a on friday ending a storied 37 year career. tony's voice is well known to so many of us across the region. if it was a big story odds are he was reporting it. this was tony a's 60th birthday. he is looking forward to some free time. enjoy it tony. job well done. we will be right back.
5:57 am
♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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a vicious beating caught on camera at a philadelphia gas station. we're live with the very latest on the search for the suspects. and also, a luxury lifestyle funded by fraud, investigators say that this court house employee cashed in on her position buying high end items on taxpayer's dime. and, ten police officers in california, caught on camera apparently beating a suspect who was trying to surrounder. the action taken by sheriff officials a after this video is seen by millions. today it is saturday april 11th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us
6:00 am
i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00 o'clock. let's send it over to carol for more on the forecast and lots of people hoping for a brighter day after the last few, carol. >> it has been so glummy but we are brightening up nicole. we should find sunshine in the afternoon hours and probably before that as well. right now there are a few cloud out there but they are leaving and we're going to be saying bye don't come back because we have seen way too much gloom around here this april. it looks nice taking a look at atlantic city this morning and it is all lit up. if you look carefully the sky is brightening up as well. we have a dark but starting to get lighter warning out in ardmore this morning with the temperature of 52 degrees in front of the lower merion high school. it will be a nice day today once we get rid of the cloud out there but we are not looking for any precipitation today. i think only thing you might not like may be the wind. every weekend we have windy weather and we have a day to day with wind


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