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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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considered most of the holiday weekend looks good unfortunately most unsettled part happens to be saturday, the actual fourth of july. lets look at what is happening on storm scan three. locally no problems. cloud are starting to roll in we can tell you we have filtered sunshine on the sky deck in the beautiful blue sky we saw earlier showers creeping in west virginia, even into ohio, portions of virginia as we continue to zoom out. we see moisture off to the south and some of this will clip our area, late tonight into early tomorrow right through the midday hours and then hopefully i'm optimistic we can clear it out by tomorrow evening just in time for perhaps late evening grilling or fire works plans if you have those. temperatures right now pretty comfortable at 82 in the airport. seventy-nine in trenton. eighty in allentown. seventy-eight in reading. seventy-five in the atlantic city airport have the comfortable afternoon. watch what happens tonight 2:00 a.m. showers off to the west steady rain possible even in the morning off to our north and west we can see
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through allentown reading lancaster. right through late morning early afternoon hours scattered showers scattered storms even steadier rain down the shore there. here's 4:00 p.m. we will get breaks in the cloud and i'm hopeful we will dry it out in time for sat take evening. coming up we will have the rest of the holiday weekend forecast and take to you next week where heat and humidity continue bill. for now back inside to you. a lot of you already at the shore many whether or not are packing up and about to head out. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in atlantic city which more now cleve. >> reporter: i can tell you from the ride down and now being here on the atlantic city boardwalk people have flock in max to the shore. here in atlantic city we are at the new attraction the play ground former pier shops and it is one of just countless reasons that people are coming to the shore. the frisbies are flying, dads are digging and that surfer guy is wearing stars and stripes trunk as mother nature
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rewarded those who battled shore traffic with the picture perfect start to the fourth of july weekend. >> definitely worth it. you might to have wait a while to park but it is worth it. >> reporter: beach is just as much tradition as flags and fire work on the fourth. >> we have been coming to the shore since i was young since his age and we are passing the tradition on. >> reporter: many people enjoying a three day weekend for those who have to work, doing business on the beach isn't half bad especially in the fudgeywudgy ice cream man. >> business has been g fourth of july is a great day to sell ice cream because is there so many people on the beach. always fun to meet new people. >> reporter: new people and all of the regulars are just what atlantic city wants. tropicana rolled out 50 million-dollar in renovations. >> i think it looks beautiful. the outdoor seating area is very lovely. you can people watch. >> reporter: new place to have funnies t street, the first phase to open up of the playground pier starting at
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5:00 p.m. these halls will be rocking with live music. >> i love it, it is great this place needed a revamp and i'm glad it got it. >> reporter: big crowd here on the boardwalk this should continue throughout the evening and as long as weather holds out, many people are saying that this could be just an excellent fourth of july, gas prices are not bad in, reason not to take a trip down the shore. reporting live, cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> looking good thanks very much. philadelphia pops preparing for tonight's concert at independent mall. the pops filled the kimmel center with great sound earlier, all of those patriot being tunes we all love. pops are set to perform tonight at 8:00 outside independent hall. that concert is free and seating is first come, first serve, concert goers are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets. of course, independent day isn't until tomorrow but
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philadelphia's fourth of july celebrations is as you can see already underway. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live on the ben franklin parkway where crews are ready for concert and fire works to come, diana. >> reporter: jessica, tomorrow hundreds of thousands of people are expect here on the benjamin franklin parkway set up is still underway tonight but today the welcome america party has already started. let freedom ring from the liberty bell to the parkway. >> happy fourth of july. >> reporter: birthplace of american indies celebrating its 239th year with the bash like no other. >> oh, it is great just such a great feeling being here with freedom and it is wonderful. >> right where it all started right, the independent. >> yeah. >> reporter: many of comb from near and far and after months of preparation days offset up festivity are underway. >> we have been on tour for seven days now.
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we are doing a nine day historical tour. >> reporter: kerry alvarez came with 60 others all the way from miami. >> like always it is the place to be. >> reporter: welcome america event kick off with the liberty block party on independent mall, there was lots of music food trucks and stand with foods like this red, white and blue pound cake. >> beautiful day it is not as humid, and tasting all of the food. >> how is it. >> delicious. >> reporter: are workers are getting the stage set for the pops concert at 8:00p m on independent mall. saturday party continues on the parkway where a clouds of several hundred thousand are expect. main stage is set at eakins oval for free concert headlines by philadelphia's own the roots. weekend culminates with the grand finally of spectacular fire works show over the art museum. >> we are looking forward to the fire works yeah. >> reporter: who doesn't love fire works it has been a great day across the city, lots to sianni do. everything gets started on the parkway tomorrow at 11:00. there will be a parade,
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followed by the big party on the parkway and then, of course, consers and big fire works show here tomorrow night. that is grand finally everybody is encouraged to take mass transit septa has added extra services to mess of the their lines to cut down on the traffic delays. live along ben franklin parkway tonight i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" it will be fun diana thanks very much. city is covering up trash cans in the party zone as part of the security plan this weekend. this toys prevent anyone from putting explosives inside those trash cans. deputy mayor for public safety edward gillis-on says there has been chatter all around the nation but he is not aware of any specific threats. it is the cities security preparations have been extensive. >> just saying that much like tonight you will see a little bit more of a police presence in uniform but there are some things you will not see. because you won't see it, i
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won't tell what you they are but we are fully prepared. >> reporter: city officials are urging everyone to be vigilant, if you see something, say something. stay connect throughout the holiday weekend on our web site, you well find a list of activities and event throughout the region. just click on top spots you can get the very latest on the forecast anytime all there for you at cbs police in upper darby hope a stolen cell phone will lead them to a pair of thieves. suspects took pictures of themselves with the phone and those images end up on the victim's digital cloud. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has the store friday there. >> reporter: there are two things wrongs in these pictures, the men are holding an illegal weapon and photos were taken with the stolen cell phone. >> they will get caught, it is just a matter of time. >> reporter: up are darby police superintendent, michael chitwoodies looking for 29 men. they are accused of stealing a pizza delivery man's car. it happened at the parklane east apartments early on machine morning.
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he left his car running and went inside the building. when he came out his car was gone and inside, $500 and his cell phone. the car was found a few blocks away but money and phone were missing. cell phone's tracking device was turned off but not photo stream. next day victim noticed new pictures up loaded in his cloud account. >> tart todd get these pictures that apparently were taken with his own cell phone. >> reporter: pictures show two men holding a sawed off shotgun. chitwood says this elevated the need to catch the duo. >> a it is a sawed off shotgun which is a nasty weapon and b what else have they done. >> reporter: police released photos on the social media accounts and have been getting tips. chitwood says it is important to get these two off the street along with their guns. >> more and more robberies being committed by individuals who have in their possession a sawed off shotgun. this takes a whole different realm. >> reporter: if you have any information about these two men you are asked to contact
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the police. in upper darby syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are investigating a deadly quadruple shooting in nicetown. police say suspect wearing a ski mask tried to rob three people overnight in the 1900 block of brunner street. one person in that group was also armed and shoot-out erupted. all four people were hit by gunfire that suspect was found dead a block away, two men and women were rushed to the hospital where one of the men died. >> it is just another senseless act of violence. that is why we work so hard to try to reduce the level of violence in this city but it appears it was just a robbery gone bad. >> a home and several cars were hit by stray bullets during the gun battle but no other injuries were reported. prosecutors charged robert, with murder in the shooting death of daniel santiago in bridesberg thursday afternoon. police say diluzio shot san diego several times on the 2800 block of orthodox street.
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he later died at the hospital. no word on a motive for that shooting. philadelphia police hope public can help them find a armed robber who hit a cheese stake shop in cobbs creek. gunman walk into jim's steaks on the 56 hundred block of spruce around 5:00 o'clock last tuesday. he demanded money from the six three-year old clash another and then took off this could be the same robber who hit jim's on two additional occasions. if you see the suspect call 911. still to come on "eyewitness news" more on a potential terror threat warning from fbi that has law enforcement around the nation increasing patrols heading in the fourth of july holiday. it is an instagram trend that is painful to look at, we will tell but a growing summer fad of artistic sunburns that is horrifying dermatologists. fire works are a key part of the fourth of july, celebrations but amateur fire works are as dangerous as they are fun to watch. three on your side jim donovan
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has a warning that includes
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tomorrow's fourth of july holiday is perfect for barbecues, backyard parties and, of course, fire works but as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan remind us those symbols of the nation's birthday can also be dangerous, jim. >> reporter: that is right guess contact thousands of people are injured each year and experts say that those injuries are preventable. >> i thought i for sure would have my eye taken out that night. >> reporter: nineteen year-old jason lamb knows firsthand
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danger of fire work, three years ago he and his friend were setting off roman candles like these when something went wrong. >> one of the roman candles shots ended up hitting my directly in the wright eye. >> reporter: high school baseball star was blinded, one of 8700 fire works-related injuries that year. 60 percent of them occurred in the four weeks around the july 4th holiday. >> the eye injuries from fire works can be very severe. >> reporter: doctor ann somers is an ophthalmologist and she too knows danger of the fire works and not just to eyes. consumer products safety commission says more than 40 percent of the time arms and hand are injured, one in five injuries involves the trunk or legs, remaining 38 percent is the head and eyes. overall, more than half of all injuries are burns which is what caused part of the damage to jamison lamb's eye. >> it cannot happen to you you are not immune from it. >> reporter: whenever handling fire works cpsc advises having a bucket of water or hose
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nearby and lighting fire works one the at a time before moving away quickly. never try to relight malfunctions fire works. now last year more than 10,000 fire works injuries were reported about one quarter due to smaller items like bottle rockets and sparklers and if you don't think a sparkler can cause damage they can burn at 2,000 degrees fahrenheit and that is hot enough to melt some metal. >> we don't want to rain on inn in's parade but just to remind you. >> even sparklers last year at a friend's house i sat here and here we go, who will be the first kid to scream and three minutes in the thing on one burn themselves. keep that in mind, i wouldn't be giving small children sparklers. >> thanks very much. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" could diagnosing autism be as simple as a smell test. then surprising results on the connection between heart disease and migraines in some people. plus festivities surrounding independent day aren't always
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for everyone, fire works can trigger painful and frightening memories for some we will tell you how one group is trying to help.
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is there a dangerous new trenton social media called surround burn heart. they are designed to different parts of the sun without sun screen. hash tag sunburn heart has caught on and doctors warned while it might look interesting intentionally
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exposing your sun to uv rays could be harmful and could lead to skin cancer and of course aging. doctors say regularly apply a broad spectrum sun screen with a s pf of 30 or higher to all exposed areas of skin. ahh. >> a surround bun on purpose does not sound fun. >> the guy with the batman logo that looks painful. >> so painful. >> he may have that logo for a very long time. >> he may have that until christmas. >> that is right. >> you might have to no trouble getting burned tomorrow morning but might get better. >> we have sunday. have sun screen ready. >> yes absolutely. >> if you outside this weekend and so many people will be on a holiday weekend. folks down the shore poconos and here in the city, it will be a nice generally pleasant weekend as we go through next couple days, problem comes for the first half of tomorrow. lets take a look outside and i want to you look at the bottom of the screen weather watcher information crawling across the screen there for you letting you know what they are seeing, where they are right now. and, it is looking pretty good
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today. cloud are starting to move in but ocean city, still very, very active. take a look at how packed the beach is right now in ocean city. a lot of people still taking a swim, ocean water temperatures actually slightly warmer then normal for this time of the year which is great news and so many people on the beach . maybe they are planning their dinners and hit boardwalk later tonight. we will check with the boardwalk cameras of course, later this evening. notice clouds have rolled in, not bright sunshine and that is because well, it is hurling the arrival of the next storm system which will be moving in overnight and then will be with us throughout the first half of our saturday. as i said before i'm optimistic that we will get time saturday afternoon and evening, just in time for fire works to clear things out. it is morning midday hours that i'm most concern b showers creeping in on the bottom corner of the screen there and notice study rain over west virginia, into ohio, western pennsylvania, as well, this is all lifting our way and will get here by tomorrow morning especially in the north and western suburbs. you may wake up to a glummy
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start to your fourth of july. 82 degrees. eighty in will allentown. we are looking at 77 in millville. 78 degrees in wilmington. pretty comfortable. not too hot or tool half and half holiday weekend cloud and shower or two in the morning across area tomorrow and then this starts to push out. high pressure builds in. sunday looks like a nice day. we will see cloud sun highs back in the 80's. cannot rule out pop up thunder storm on sunday but we are okay and monday steams up more with clouds and some sun and highs once again in the mid to upper 80es a. timing out rain tomorrow morning here we go at 9:00 a.m. from the city on west batch of potentially steady showers early on your fourth of july. this then moves on out here's 2:00 p.m. seeing clearing, watching rain down the shore but by 9:00 we are looking good every where and that is when fire works displays will kick off. overnight mainly cloud which that stray shower 67 degrees. here's your saturday, 76 down
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the shore. seventy-nine at the airport in philadelphia with clouds and showers, in the poconos, we are looking at 70's as well. sunday much better at 86 degrees. machine sun and cloud. we are at 86. stay there more news and weather when w why are we watching this again?
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on the cbs-3 healthwatch the way children respond to smell may diagnosis autism at an early age. most people take in a big sniff when they smell something pleasant, and limit their breathing when they smell something foul. however, new study from israel find children with autism disorder, don't adjust their nasal breath this way. they suggest smell tests could be able to help diagnosis that disorder. new research find no genetic link between heart disease and migraine with aura, a visual disturbance like flashing light that often comes before a headache. researchers from mit and hard
5:25 pm
regard said these results were surprising because there had been strong evidence that there was a link. also on the healthwatch a big fourth of july festivities are coming up but for some veterans popular tradition can trigger painful memories. health reporter stephanie stahl explains how within group is trying to raise awareness of another side of independent day. >> reporter: they are supposed to be fun entertaining and patriotic but fire works can be tormenting for some veterans. >> at first one or two that they set off boom, boom, boom it instantly reminded me of being back in combat and hearing the indirect fire from the mortar tube. >> reporter: greg coates was wounded in iraq and says battles didn't end once he return home. on one july 4th greg found himself in full combat mode again. >> i jumped up and i'm reaching for my rifle just like i would do in the streets of ramadi in iraq and
5:26 pm
absolutely sent me back there just less than a blink of an eye. >> reporter: experts say loud noises and blast that come with fire works could bring traumatic combat memories for veterans suffering with ptsd, post traumatic stress disorder. >> that fear, that unbridled panic is just as real as if something had just happened to them. >> reporter: now a non-profit call military with ptsd is trying to raise awareness. the group's facebook page has gone viral with 21 million views and distributing signs that read combat veteran lives here please be courteous with fire works. message is aimed at people with backyard firecrackers. >> it is just unexpect stuff unexpected things. item bar races me. >> reporter: experts say people with p tsd should avoid triggers when possible and not just vets who can have trouble with fire works. they can be frightening to young children, headphones
5:27 pm
with ear plugs can reduce the noise can be helpful. i'm stephanie stahl cb36789 "eyewitness news". still to come high alert on a holiday weekend new tea tails on how law enforcement is ram pink up facilities, monk heightened concerned about a terror attack. charcoal isn't just for a grill, i'm jill wagner, details on the
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today at 5:30 the holiday week up is in full swing an for many the shore is place to be, "eyewitness news" in sea isle city where beach was full of people earlier today ready to celebrate the fourth of july. back in the city of philadelphia preparations are underway along ben franklin parkway for welcome america celebration, and the stage is set for a concert by roots and others. and crews are putting final touches on equipment to be used for tomorrow night's fire works display. nation carefully prepares hundreds of shelves around the art museum, kate. in weather it has been a great start today with the good deal of sunshine but our headlines bring us soggy start to the fourth especially during morning hours tomorrow that is when some rain could move in. showerses speak specially to the north and west. we will take a closer look at that. sunny and superb on sunday and steams up, next week as temperatures head toward 90. i will have the full seven day eyewitness weather forecast, in just a few minutes
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jessica. >> kate, thank you. our coverage of the july 4th holiday weekend continues now with 5:30. potential terror threat warning from the fbi has law enforcement around the nation beefing up patrols. cbs news correspondent kenneth craig has details. >> reporter: law enforcement is keeping a watchful eye in cities across america as preparations continue for this weekend's fourth of july celebration. heightened security follows a warning from the fbi about an increased threat of ice is inspired violence. in boston, the terrorist attack the on the marathon two years ago that state state troopers are conducting under water surveillance on the banks of the charles river as a precaution. >> lone wolf is our worst nightmare. >> reporter: is there a visible police presence in philadelphia's historic district where a nation was born 239 years ago. nypd is also on high alert 3 million people are expected in the city for macy's fire works show.
5:32 pm
tourist steve finn says he feels safer with the added protection. >> you know that it is outs there, it is a presence but you just go on with your normal life. >> reporter: police say they will be closely monitoring 7,000 security cameras and paying special attention to the ones here in lower manhattan. fbi bulletin follows deadly attacks last week in tunisia kuwait and france. officials say that there are no credible threats but police want everyone to have fun this weekend but remember if you see something say something. in new york, kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". officials say that 50 people with ties to isis have been arrested in the u.s. within the last year. mourners, paused for a moment of silence to honor victims of the last weeks terror attack at a tunisia beach. thirty-eight people died, 30 of them were british citizens. queen elizabeth in scotland and offered condolences to the victim's family. other ceremonies were held all
5:33 pm
across britain. >> that we pay tribute to them and let us remember the loved ones that they have left behind. the gunman was killed by tunisia authorities governmental officials say they have arrested seven men and one woman suspect of having direct ties to that massacre. not since jaws was released 40 years ago have people been so afraid to go into the water. there has been a record amount of shark attacks off the east coast this season and that has fourth of july beach goers a little concerned. cbs news reporter craig boswell has more from ocean city maryland. >> reporter: record number of shark attacks has beach goers on edge this holiday weekend in, ocean city last week a hammer head shark patrolling waters kept most people on the beach. dan, brought his family to ocean city for some fun in the sun. they are still going in the water but he is keeping an eye out. >> with two young ones in the water i have been keeping an extra eye in the surf to make
5:34 pm
sure i don't see anything. >> reporter: this year there have been 23 reported shark attacks in u.s. waters. in north carolina alone there have been 57 tax in the past three weeks the most ever recorded in the 80 years since the university of florida began tracking shark attacks. >> i don't go in too much. too cold. and there is sharks in there. >> reporter: national park service has advice for people heading to the beach this weekend. stay close to the shore and swim in the small group. >> they should be cautious but not too scared about it. >> reporter: other safety tips from the national park service say avoid being in the water at twilight or night and don't wear shiny objects like jewelry. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". scientists don't know why there has been a increase in shark attacks but sea turtle migration, lunar cycle and warmer water. it is certainly always interesting when you meet someone from your past but you don't want that reunion to come in the courtroom.
5:35 pm
>> where did you go to middle school. >> my goodness. my goodness. >> i always wondered what happened to you sir. >> it turns out miami dade circuit court judge mindy glazer and burglar defendant arthur booth went to middle school together. you can see booth broke down in tears when the connection was made, the judge encouraged him to turn things around. >> oh, my goodness. >> good luck to you sir, i hope you are able to come out of this okay and lead a lawful life. >> booth was accused in the home ber glare i and leading police on a car chase where he allegedly hit two other cars. the judge said her former classmate's bail at $43,000. ford is recalling 433,000 vehicles due to a software problem this problem could keep engines running after drivers try to shut them down. recall includes 2015 focus cmax and escape models.
5:36 pm
auto maker says no injuries or accidents have been associated with the glitch. people of the greece will soon decide how the country will handle its financial crisis. on sunday the greeks will vote to decide if they want another bail out deal in exchange for more austerity measures like tax hikes and pension cuts. meanwhile they are having a tough time taking out cash. atm withdraws are restricted to about $67 a day. jet blue launches its direct flights from new york to cuba, today it operated its first charter flight between jfk and havana's airport. jet blue is first major u.s. carrier to fly since travel restrictions were eased earlier this year. on wednesday president obama announced u.s. and cuba reached an agreement to open embassiness havana and washington. philadelphia's national constitution center hosted a special event to mark a 50th anniversary of the first lgbt equality protest. pioneers were treated to a
5:37 pm
new exhibit called speaking out for equality. that exhibit chronicles the lgbt movement and ongoing debate over what the constitution means for gay rights. >> there is still some work to be done but i think that no american group in the last 50 years has ever never made such an astonishing progress that we could not even conceive of when i began. >> national lgbt 50th anniversary celebration continues with events all across philadelphia through sunday. and banners representing four colors in the rainbow flag were rolled out at the historic christ church in olde city. some people walking around the area stopped to witness the special gesture there 20-foot long banners rolled down south side of the church and faces the park at second and mark. in campaign 2016 tonight wisconsin governor scott walker is, preparing to enter the crowded republican
5:38 pm
presidential field and an aid for walker said he wilma make his white house bid official july 13th at a rally near milwaukee. walker is currently in his second term as wisconsin governor and recent quinnipiac university poll of iowa caulkes goers showed walker a strong lead among republican candidates. republican presidential candidate and new jersey governor chris christie is nearing the end of his five day tour in new hampshire. tonight christie and his family will be spending the night at mitt romney's home in the granite state former republican presidential candidate passed on picking christie as his running mate back in 2012. on the democratic side now former virginia senator jim web has also entered the race for president he announced his candidacy in a letter on his when site. he was assisted defense secretary and secretary of the nave bring serving in the senate and he is now the fifth democrat to enter the race. and as "eyewitness news"
5:39 pm
celebrates 50 years, we are looking back at some memorable celebrations, in our cities history. for decades the city of brotherly love had been ringing in the fourth of july in true philadelphia style lets go back to july 4th, 1977, when crowds turned out to independent mall for a parade and pageant of flags legendary crowner frank sinatra was here in town to accept cities freedom medal. festivities wrapped up a year of bicentennial celebrations all around the city. still to come on "eyewitness news" it turns out charcoal can be used for more than just barbecue it is turning up in beauty products. find out why some people are even drinking it, leslie. well phillies head south to kick off a lengthy road trip and serena push to the brink at wimbledon that is coming up in sports, hi kate. >> hi leslie we are heading toward fourth of july very, very quickly tomorrow and unfortunately we have rain to tell but. i'll let you know fit last all
5:40 pm
day and if it will impact your parade plans or barbecue plans all coming up
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5:42 pm
leslie joining us now to hit the road. >> and philliesing south to start a zero game road trip, three games at the break this weekend and tonight adam
5:43 pm
morgan on the mound first pitch at 7:35. flyers coaching staff is now complete, kim dillbaugh has sign on as goal tenning coach. he worked with ron hextall under l.a. kings. he coached jonathan quick and jonathan bernier, good resume there, two stanley cup. serena williams survived. she was push to three sets. williams push through in the final to win six-two four-six seven-five. samuel renka advanced to the fourth round to bead versace and in go in straight set. djokovic, and venous williams, and had maria sharapova wins today. >> big names. >> all right thanks very much. >> we will b
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soccer. top chef.
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soccer. top chef. [whi stles] soccer! top chef! [shouting] disco! [singing] say it and see it. the x1 voice remote, only from xfinity. after a failed launch last sunday more than 3 tons of supplies are on the way to the international space station. a russian rocket launched on unmanned cargo ship this morning. the successful launch follows that space x rocket explosion. the supplies should reach is. by sunday morning. and experimental solar powered plane complete aid 5,000-mile trek across the pacific ocean today. the solar impulse two, landed in hawaii, five days after
5:47 pm
taking off from japan. organizers say that the pacific trek is the world's longest solo flight in terms of time, the plane is seeking to fly around the world without a single drop of fuel. it first took off from the middle east in march and organizers hope to complete the global journey by the end of this month. really interesting stuff there. >> that is amazing i'd love to know science behind that it would take a while to explain and why wings are so long compared to a normal plane that is to catch the sun's rays. >> yes. >> love it. >> powering it through. >> we have plenty of sun today, segway into that. nice day. cloud have rolled in but we do have some showers to talk about just in time for the start of our fourth of july saturday. lets look outside you can still see blue skies beautiful evening out there just a few cloud that started to drift in as our system works toward us from the west. it will get here tomorrow morning. the steady showers will be in the morning and then perhaps mid afternoon down the shore and then, as of right now i'm
5:48 pm
hopeful to clear things out late afternoon and evening in time for those fire works display which there will be many tomorrow night. they have been going to stake their claim early and put a waterproof blanket down. it could get rain on and you are all good to go. lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers on a friday evening. holiday weekend. we will start off with ed connor in chesterfield, new jersey. eighty-four. humidity is low. i was sweating buckets working on my shed. i have a shed if you want to help me out as well. 82 degrees further north. phil in chestnut hill says nice evening for the first round, of fire works. tonight will be great for fire works. tomorrow shouldn't be too bad either little further west we will check in at 83 with jim in media full sunshine at jim's house right now. to the south in delaware we will go and sandor reporting 78 degrees with sun through clouds. sand or says rather cloudy day but all rain. many's all rained out.
5:49 pm
looking for to the great fourth of, i assume he meant july not august or september. have a great fourth of july. all of our weather watchers, thanks as always. lets look at our beach areas down the shore in margate. this is beach patrol headquarters on our live neighborhood network. beach is pack, a few people packing it in for the day and press when little ones, kids can make it until five or 6:00 o'clock at night before making back. my kid are good for about eight hours. some kid they just good for an hour or two and then they have to go back to the house. nice evening. kid are enjoying sand. we have blue skies beautiful evening to be down the shore. whether on the beach or headed to the boardwalk a little bit of both, perfect shore weather. tomorrow morning and even in the afternoon we have to watch these showers starting to creep on in, heading toward hageers town maryland this first batch should lift off to the north and to our west. zooming out on storm scan three you will see more moisture where that came from. a lot of rain, showers and thunderstorms over portions of
5:50 pm
southern ohio and west virginia and into virginia proper as well. this will be heading our way tomorrow morning. so in the meantime with the sun we have today temperatures are comfortable but not too hot. eighty-two at the airport. seventy-eight in wilmington. 78 degrees in dover delaware. at the beach notice on cher flow sea breeze right now. on the beach in stone harbor at 74 degrees. seventy-seven in cape may. seventy-six in rehoboth beach. ocean water temperature is above average at 73 degrees. in the bad at all. here is your shore cast, clouds with the shower or thunderstorm possible tomorrow afternoon, 76 degrees and then sunday that is your beautiful day 78 and full day of sun. timing out rain, lets take a look early tomorrow morning seven or 8:00 a.m. steady a off to the north and west. it does fizzle, here's 11:00 a.m. cloud which scattered showers every where. that pushes south by one or two we could see sure or storm down the shore. sun tries to come out and by 9:00 through fire works most of us are looking clear.
5:51 pm
lets hope it stays that way. i'm optimistic we will get these showers in and out. mainly cloud which that stray shower late at 67. for your saturday fourth of july clearing late, 79 degrees is our daytime high. cool fourth but again should be okay for evening hours especially sunday, gorgeous, if that is your pool day. monday looks nice. steamy next week upper 80's, tuesday, wednesday thursday with the chance for a shower, jessica, back over to you. many americans will be firing up the charcoal grill this holiday weekend but it turns out charcoal than the just for the barbecue. as cbs news correspondent jill wagner shows us it is turning up in beauty products and some people are even drinking it. >> reporter: juice generation in manhattan customers can get a variety of fruits and veg his in their drink. new there is an unexpect new option activated charcoal. >> it sound crazy right. >> reporter: emily par came up with the idea after seeing charcoal used in beauty
5:52 pm
products like face masks. in the drink there are 2 teaspoons of the tea find powder which company also from charred coconut shells. proponent believe it candy tax file the skin and body. >> it vice good. >> reporter: scarlet dancer drinks three bottles a week and please it helps her skin and digestion. >> do you taste it at all. >> not at all. >> activated charcoal may be gaining popularity but not clear how well it works. cbs news chief medical correspondent john lepuke in emergency rooms activated charcoal is given to drug overdose victims in large amounts. >> to bind any toxins that were there, poisons, so that the person wouldn't absorb those tax minutes bloodstream. >> reporter: but there are no large scientific studies showing using tonight beauty products, improves health. >> how do you know activated charcoal isn't moving good stuff along with the toxins. >> reporter: but lack of evidence isn't hurting sales. how popular are these? >> very popular.
5:53 pm
extremely popular. the activated charcoal line is our strongest launch, in history. >> reporter: in fact juice generation plans to start using it in more of their drinks. jill wagner for cbs news, new york. try that out. >> we will see. still ahead if your fourth of july plans get rained out you can head to the movies. hitting theaters this week a sigh borg, strippers and pair of sons on the mission, we will preview it, next.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
holiday weekend has three new movies opening this theories, next installment of
5:57 pm
the terminate or franchise the return of magic mike and faith based movie about the children of vietnam veterans. sharrie ross has a preview. >> reporter: arnold schwartz nateer returns in terminate or genesis. this time john connor, leader of the human resistance, send his top lieutenant back in time to protect his mother. when arrives in 198 , four the time line has been change so group must fight to reset the future. >> load up. >> i have been waiting for you. >> terminate or genesis is rated pg13. >> channing tatum returns in magic mike xxl. after quitting the stripping game mike an his korean goes out by playing a stripper convention. >> hey hey hey hold that up it is not bro time it is show time. >> let's do this. >> one two three bam. >> reporter: magic mime xxl is
5:58 pm
rated are. the sons of two veterans make a trip to the vietnam war memorial in washington d.c. a long the way they are learn about their father's relationship with each other and their faith. >> flighter love has met in one then this he laid down his life for his friends. >> faith of our fathers is rated pg13. for now showing i'm jeremy ross. and that is "eyewitness news", a the 5:00, now at 6:00 celebrating independent. the july 4th holiday weekend is underway and we will take a look at fun around the region, kate. jessica, comfortable pleasant friday evening as we kick started this long holiday weekend, the problem comes for the first half of your fourth of july tomorrow, and we're tracking chance for some rain, i'll tell you where heaviest will fall and if we will get it out in time for fire works displays tomorrow evening. and this holiday weekend there are heightened security concerns, we will show you how philadelphia is working to get everybody safe.
5:59 pm
police need your help to find these two men i'm syma chowdhry coming up how they accidentally gave themselves away. right now at 6:00 o'clock the fourth of july weekend is well underway, lets take a look now at the beaches of ocean city where plenty of people are out enjoying this beautiful weather. back here in philadelphia the stage is being set for the big welcome america concert on ben franklin parkway. the roots and miguel will rock the city tomorrow night. good evening i'm jessica dean. we have live team three coverage this evening. "eyewitness news" is in the city, down the shore and we have weather coverage beginning with meteorologist kate bilo live on the cb is s3 sky deck tracking some rain for the fourth, kate. >> the last thick i want to till is bad news for fourth of july but it could be worse. lets just start with that.
6:00 pm
it will not be complete wash out like last saturday. we have showers early in the day for fourth of july, unfortunately could rain on some parade but then we will clear it out for perhaps just in time for fire works displays. lets look at is what happening, i can tell you it feels great, friday evening in problems, nice cool breeze, comfortable, not too hot or cool, see clouds are building in and as we zoom out, look at the showers lurking off to the south and the west. and they are heading our way it looks like we will get some rain early in the day tomorrow. especially. temperature wise, it is comfortable out and about for your friday night plans maybe sitting outside fire works displays this evening. in problems here. eighty-one at the airport. seventy-nine in allentown. seventy-eight in reading. comfortable 74 the atlantic city airport. ocean water temperature is pleasant 73. if you are down the shore not too bad if you take a dip in the ocean. lets bring up your holiday planner for tomorrow depending on what you want to


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