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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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weekday morning on cbs-3 we will get it started at four credit 3 it is thursday july 23rd 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." isis could be a bigger threat to the united states than al qaeda. the fbi director has new warnings about home grown terror. fast moving flames race across california's wine country overnight. we're near the fire lines where more than 100 homes are threatened. and actor jake gyllenhaal tells us about his dramatic transformation for his new movie. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> my husband was like it's not that close. i was like it's close enough. i want to get out of here.
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>> california wildfires force residents to flee. >> napa county's brushfire. only 5% contained threatening about 150 homes. >> isis is more of a threat than al qaeda. >> ashton carter makes a surprise visit. >> sandra bland told jailers she had previously thought of suicide. meanwhile we hear a haunting voice mail. >> donald trump going to the border today. >> a lot of people are excited i'm going to the border. i may never see you again, but these are minor details. murder. two teenagers are in custody. they're related to the victims. >> the man directly behind me started passing out. >> a scare at sea for thousands of passengers aboard a cruise ship that caught fire. no one was seriously hurt.
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>> a street car out of control crashing into an suv. the passengers were not hurt. >> all that -- >> on a siberian airlines flight an argument turned into some sort of brawl. >> -- and all that matters -- >> secretary of state john kerry expected to face tough questions. >> historically bad deal. >> historically bad deal. let me tell you something as a mets fan. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> it's all wrapped up. it's trump. it's hip-hop day. he likes gold black, he has his own cologne. did you see when he missed off neil young using his music? this dude isn't even jackin' beats, larry. >> jackin' beats? >> yeah. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." there's a troubling new warning about the trouble isis poses to the united states. fbi director james comey said isis poses more of a threat than al qaeda. >> he said twitter accounts associated with the group have more than 21,000 english language followers around the world. paula reed is in washington. paula, good morning. >> good morning. the warning was a sobering reminder. speaking at the aspen security forum in colorado the fbi director said the threat of isis keeps him up at night. according to comey, thousands of americans on home soil may make up the 21,000 english language followers of twitter accounts across the globe affiliated with the islamic state and the volume of those messages, he says, is a
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major concern. >> isil is not your parents' al qaeda. it's a very different model and by virtue of the model it's the current threat we're worrying about in the homeland. isil is buzzing on your hip. that message is being pushed all day long and if you want to talk to a terrorist, they're right there on twitter direct messaging for you to communicate with. >> hundreds of fbi investigations have been opened across all 50 states focusing on targets who have received messages from isis and may act upon them. comey said terrorist groups are in the early stages of ways to target americans with cyber attacks. they say it's a small but growing problem. gayle? >> thank you. this morning secretary ash carter is in iraq for a firsthand look of isis. they'll show him how iraq is trying to retake lost territory. he's meeting with iraqi and
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military officials. u.s. officials have security in iraq. he's not expected to announce strategies or troop levels. >> this morning firefighters are balgt a fast moving wildfire near california's famed napa valley. hundreds of homes are threatened. residented in nearby communities have been evacuated. five major wildfires are burning in the drought part of the state. julie watson is near bare e sa. julie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. the evacuation area for this fire is growing. it's threatening hundreds of structureses. and, of course firefighters are facing hundreds of fires. billowing smoke and original
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flames are what the firefighters are battling. they're battling the hard to reach fire tearing across this rural section of california. helicopters scooped up one bucket at a time each holding 123 gallons. emergency responders feared the fire would move quickly and it did, ballooning to thousands of acres in a matter of hours. >> super dry vegetation. four years of drought is not helping us any. >> reporter: the threat forced cattle and horses to flee. >> it's spread to the vegetation. >> reporter: according to cal fire t fire may have been sparked by a car accident on wednesday afternoon. cell phone video captures what is thought to be the aftermath of the accident. it shows the car resting in dry brush on the side of the road overtaken by flames. scott winters is evacuating his
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home. >> we grabbed what's important to us our dogs. and the rest is in god's hands. >> the planes had to be grounded overnight. they're expected to go back up as soon as it's warm enough. >> thank you. a wind-driven fire at glazier national park sent hundreds escaping from the flames. >> go, now, go. fast, fast dad, dad, go. >> it turns tragically worse for duncan and his family. he recorded video from the back seat. >> i could feel the warmth on my hand as i was filming out the window. it was super, super hot. >> some had to abandon their cars going to the road. about several hundred camps in a small community were evacuated. there are new question this
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morning an texas woman found dead in her jail cell. texas officials released her jail forms. omar good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the waller county district attorney says claims he ordered a second autopsy are not true, however, he did ask that bland's body be preserved after a toxicology report shows she had substantial amounts of marijuana in her system at the time of her death, but the bland family says they suspect foul play. >> don't touch me. i'm not under arrest. >> you are under arrest. >> reporter: the newly released documents shed light to what happened to bland after her arrest and three days later. after taken into custody a deputy at the waller county jail asked her questions about her medical history.
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bland disclosed she once tried to kill herself following a miscarriage. she also expressed depression but denied suicidal thoughts. three hours later she was given a suicide assessment by a jailer. this time she said she was no longer depressed. in a voice mail bland left for a friend obtained by houston station ktrk bland seemed frustrated to be behind bars. >> they even got me on a $5005$5,000 bond. how switching lanes turned into all this i don't know. >> reporter: her friend said it's her voice but the cbs newss can not confirm this. a relative said they have no evidence that bland was ever
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suicidal. >> we know when she went into that jail she was ecstatic. she had left messages with her loved ones and that does not jive with someone who would take their own life. >> bland's family flew back with bland to illinois wednesday and tried to keep their reactions. >> she was pulled over for something so insignificant because an officer who felt like maybe his ego was bruised. when you tell me you're going to light me up i feel extremely threaten and concerned and i'm not going to get out of my car. >> on wednesday they released another version of the dash cam that showed her arrest because there were questions whether it was edited. the d.a. said there was a technical glitch and that made it look like that was alter. they're going to wait for the investigation to be completed but they are considering a wrongful death lawsuit. >> omark thank you.
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two teenagers are in custody this morning after a horrific discovery. five people were killed signed a home in broken arrow. two children were inside. one girl was taken to the hospital. she was in critical condition with stab wounds. they were not identified but they're related to the victims. this morning a prosecutor the seeking the death penalty for the church shooter dylan room. he was accused of gunning down nine black members at a historic church in south carolina. the indictment said he was carrying eight magazines with hollow point bullets. loretta lynch said he targetted the victims solely because of their race. donald trump today will go to the u.s. border of mexico to
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highlight highlight illegal immigration. nancy cordes is in laredo texas, close to where donald trum listen be speaking. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you're so close to the border you cemexsee mexico on the other side of the rio grande. he was supposed to be touring today with members of the local union but earlier this morning they backed out when trump implied they weren'the wasn't going to educate them hethey were going to endorse him too. >> i think the street wise people know and i think border guards know. you're going to find out if i have evidence. i'm not telling you now. >> lots of politicians tell tall tales but he tops all of them
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exaggerating about everything including his net worth and crowd sizes. >> we have 15,000. >> after that the phoenix fire marshal noted it only holds 4,200. >> tremendous. 15,000 people in phoenix, arizona, and it was unbelievable. >> at times he seems to rely on his own estimate. >> the real unemployment rate is probably 21%. >> >> when pushing bash. >> it's totally wrong. i'm the only one who said don't do iraq. >> donald gets out of bed and begins exaggerating i think, probably while he's brushing his teeth. >> jim o'brien wrote "trump nation." >> in the morning he would say he was worth $1.4 billion.
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by the afternoon, $1.7 billion and later 1 billion. >> they got a statement and they say in a statement just to be clear a discussion was never discussed discussed. >> nancy cordes. thank you. i love that line. why go big when you can go bigger. this morning the union has launched a big campaign against big picture movies. the companies are accused of restricting access to movies across the 28 country block. >> ju nighted airlines is inspecting a plane this morning to find out what made a number of passengers sick. oxygen masks were released yesterday. one person was taken to the hospital. kris van cleave is in washington with the passenger stories.
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kris, good morning. >> good morning. the airbus was forced to make a landing. firefighters would describe whatever happened a chain reaction which left as many as 150 on board ill and so far there's no skplae nation as to why. photos taken on the flight tells the story. after one passenger fell ill taking off from denver wednesday morning more passengers started complaining of sickness. >> they've got several sick passengers, six have passed out. >> then the man directly behind me started passing out and others starting passing out and there were people vomiting and dizzy. it was very unpleasant. >> a spokesperson for united airmens then decided to d employ the oxygen mask. he took this picture of himself and his daughter.
7:16 am
>> it was scary. i wanted it to be okay. >> there were son men, adult men. >> and on board was wwe star sheamus. not many brave men when the masks were dropped from overhead. local firefighters tweeted no smoke in the aircraft. smoke came from the masks, dusty from storage. one passenger was taken to the hospital. the grand junction fire department said it's valuate 15d to 20 passengers for symptoms including headaches and nausea but the reason for the illness is still unclearly. >> i have no idea but you can't fake projectile vomiting. >> you certainly can't. they continued on on a durchlt
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airplane. they'll have a maintenance team look at it to determine if there were any mechanical issues. >> thank you, kris. she raises a good point youfrm not fake that stuff. more than 4,000 passengers are safe after a fire on their cruise ship. smoke billowed from "freedom of the seas" on wednesday. i it took an hour and a half. royal caribbean says it does not know the cause but the cause will continue its plan. >> secretary of state john kerry will testify this morning to defend the iran nuclear deal. among their concerns the timing of sanctions released and how to respond if iran cheats. thousands packed times square. the demonstrators say the deal is a threat to global security.
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three more people are on the international space station after a fiery launch from kazakhstan. and there she goes. the mission that includes one american was delayed two months after the failure of a cargo ship. there are three members. they will conduct 292 experiments. the first among them is to harvest and eat crops on board. it appears the pope's approval rating has taken a dive. 59% are in favor of him. that's a drop in 75%. it may be attributed to his push on climate change. >> nor do i think he'll change
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his mind. survivals recall the gunman who opened fire at their facility in tennessee. >> it really didn't occur to me. >> ahead, is >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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a college student unveils a flying gun. >> and why he says he can do anything about it. >> the news is right back here on "cbs this morning."
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a major legal setback for comedian bill cosby. answering questions about sexual assault allegations. >> and a reminder charlie is
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filling in for scott pelley good morning, i'm nicole brewer. we're going to get a quick check of you're witness weather forecast, nothing short of incredible, katie. >> it is just fantastic nice weather keeps going for a few additional days, with high pressure in control we still keep not just this typical summertime warmth, sunshine but most humidity, that is what is making this so spectacular. storm scan basically empty a few high clouds is it but our eyewitness weather health report is looking good say for that uv index. sunnies still very strong this time of the year and with full sun and beautiful forecast like this you have to watch out and make sure you have sun block ready to go but perfect excuse to be outside. today, tomorrow and saturday. so sunday is our next shot for shower or storm with the
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new frontal boundary approaching and we will feel that steaminess pick up in to next week, meisha. >> sounds so nice, thanks very much. good morning everybody. taking a look outside in springfield blue route at route one, both directions, on the blue route right now are a actually moving pretty slow. give yourself a couple extra minutes there i-95 southbound past cottman at center city you can see moving very slow as you try to get into center city. gist give yourself a couple extra minutes we are still in the rush hour. back over to you. meisha, thank you. next update 7:55. up next this morning the marines who survived the chattanuga shooting they are speaking out for the first time. i'm neck coal brewer. make it a great
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boy, that's scary just watching it on tv. imagine a terrifying read for people on street car in charlotte. passengers including children were screaming holding on as it rolled out of control down a hill. it slammed into an suv that was stopped at a red light. they blamed it on a series of mistakes by the street car's operator. the good news is nobody was hurt here. >> i don't know that i've ever been on a street car. >> san francisco? >> i don't think i've ever been. >> oh boy.
7:31 am
>> despite that picture, it's a nice ride. it's a nice thing to do. >> one of the many reasons to go to san francisco. >> that's one. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour surviving marines return to the scene of a deadly attack in chattanooga. they show us what happened when a gunman opening fire. how bravery helped others sur vief. >> plus a new and dangerous drone threat. they a college student building a drone. why it could help criminals get away with the perfect crime. that's ahead. a report finds 28% urban roads were in poor condition in 2013. they have crashed or broken paetschment and often show significant distress in the underlying foundation. these roads cost $516 a year in added maintenance for their
7:32 am
cars. people in san francisco paid the most. more than $1,000. >> listen to this interesting story. the "washington post"s why teenagers are having much less sex. less than half of teens older than 14 said they've had sex. that's actually a sharp drop from the 1980s. one theory is they have smartphones to educate themselves about the risks of sex. >> that's good news. the milwaukee sendtinel journal shows a lion. it's credible. officers have been checking out several reported findings. a resident with a gun reportedly shot and wounded a dog that it confused for a lion. >> oh, no. and the los angeles daily news reports on a civil lawsuit
7:33 am
against bill cosby that could move forward. the embattled comedian could face a deposition. he's accuseded of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl at the playboy mansion nearly 50 years ago. good morning. >> good morning. >> what does it mean for bill cosby? >> it means gloria allred one of the fiestiest women on women's rights is going to depose bill cosby within 30 kaydays which means she will ask him questions about everything. not just certain things. it takes place in a lawyer's office, no judge. it's called discovery. you have to remts she represent as lot of these victims and she
7:34 am
absolutely is relentless. >> he has to be there. >> he physically haas to be there or else she will bring him to the courthouse to have him held in contempt. >> why doesn't the statute of limitations protect him? >> that is the question. this case is 41 years old. it's brought by a woman who was 15 at the time who says she was sexually abuse by him at the playboy mansion and it happens that she says she had what we call repressed memory. what we've heard about that in the con toeskt priest case you had kids allegedly abused by priests and it took decades to understand that their injuries in life were caused by this molestation. here this woman miss huff said she could not connect up her psychological injuries with what happened from bill cosby and gloria allred files that case.
7:35 am
just about this, up to the california supreme court. the supreme court has decided not to get involved so the case is going forward. many would say it's pretty remark. cosby says by the bay f way, she tried to extort me for more money and she claims that he tried to sell this story to a tabloid years before the three-year statute. so the court is letting it go forward. that deposition room is not going to be pretty. >> what's the next move for bill cosby? >> he could say i'm not going. >> he could a number of things. he could settle it. now, if you settle it which i don't think they wound stand for. they're in it for the money and that is why and they want him in
7:36 am
the box. the lawyers could tell him not to answer questions. then he's going court. contempt isn't pretty either. >> will we know what happens in that deposition. camera or disclosed? >> they can try to move it to be closed but i think it will be open. >> thank you so much. we know more about the efforts of a gunman who opened fire. a navy officer shot at the gunman. some of the five servicemembers were shot saving others. jericka duncan has more from chattanooga. good morning. >> he pulled his car right here and sprayed this recruitment center with gunfire. these markings on the ground are where some of the shell casings were recovered. yesterday i spoke to some of the marines who were inside at the time of the shooting. >> the first shot went through
7:37 am
that left door there. >> this 25-year-old was working with four other marines inside this recruitment center last thursday when he first spotted mohammad abdulazeez. >> i heard the first shot come out. i jumped over the cubicle. told everyone to run. he initially shot at one officer three his leg. >> he thenlt continued his rampage at a nearby facility claiming the lives of four. >> a show of hands, how many of you knew. >> this gunnery sergeant knew three of them including david wyatt who has been credited with helping more than a dozen servicemembers to safety.
7:38 am
>> any personal thoughts on what you think motivated mohammad abdulazeez on why he targeted two military sites? >> i don't think we have any question. >> how has it changed you or your community. >> more vigilant more heighten alertness. >> do you wish you could carry a gun. >> i think if the marine corps tell us us we can carry a gun, we will. until then we onto continue to abide by the law enforce mnlts. what does it mean? >> a lot of people didn't know these guys but they come out and do this and show their support. >> four of the five marines were deployed to iraq and afghanistan and even though their office is board odd up, the marines say it
7:39 am
has not stopped their mission of recruiting in the area. gayle? >> thank you. a student project releases arms. ahead ahead. how the law is having trouble keeping up with the new drone technology. there's just one of the stories. if you're heading off to work or for whatever reason you is set your dvr and watch us any time. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
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this video is raising new concerns among law enforcement agencies about potential threats from drones. a teenager successfully built what is thought to be among the first armed civilian droerns. >> mark albert is in washington where the armed drone is drawing federal scrutiny. mark, good morning. >> good morning. this armed drone is a real wakeup call for law enforcement including atf but despite their
7:44 am
strong public safety concerns they tell "cbs this morning" there appears to be nothing illegal about it and they admit they have no way to prevent the next one. this lightweight drone with a mounted semiautomatic handgun is just over two feet lock. it's sophisticated enough not tonal fire four arms but to withstand the firearm's recoiler. last year after he flue a drone over a public beach an angry beachgoer attacked him. >> you shouldn't be taking pictures of people. >> reporter: he agreed to pictures of the private gun now viewed more than a hall million times on youtube but abruptly changed his mind. he explained his drone project
7:45 am
to cbs but e-mail saying i'm going for a degree in mechanical injuries and this was an application of the technology that i have access to and education provided by my university. that university is central connecticut state. his father brad said he built the drone with help from a professor but a university spokesman did agreed saying engineer inging professor actively discouraged it believing it was simply too dangers. >> that drone the way it was used in the videody not violate any statutes. >> reporter: clenton, connecticut, police sergeant. >> it's legislation not keeping up with the technology that's out there. >> does it scare you? >> it does. >> mike bouchard is a retired assistant director at the atf. he was in command in the
7:46 am
washington, d.c. sniper investigation. it took more than three weeks to track down who was firing those shots. gunfire from a drone, he fears, could leave no trace. >> this could turn into a video game for sick people. they could play this out like a video game on computer and shoot people without having to look at people in the eye. >> and get away with it. >> and get away with it. >> they worry about what happened if a drone firing a gun lost contact with its radio operator or crashes on a playground. they're investigating and could issue a fine. >> that's really disturbing. >> and a call to action. >> agreed. the officer made a good point.
7:47 am
legislation noting keeping up with technology. >> this there could be a new king. will one of basketball's best become the next hollywood mogul. and we'll show you w >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by gilead, proud supporter of world hepatitis day. you've tried to forget your hepatitis c. it's slow moving, you tell yourself.
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7:52 am
mayor no mayor bill de blasio is here. he talks about a breakthrough. he says he wants to talk about climate change. that's ahead on after your local news. you're watching "cbs this morning." welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal.
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7:56 am
good morning i'm erika von tiehl. i want to get over to kate and ah, this nice stretch of weather i'm hoping it will never go away. he know it will not happen but it is just lovely. >> what is good here it is a stretch that does last us several days. we can expect more sunshine today tomorrow in the upcoming weekend. it does to have end at some point, right but this is just nice comfortable pleasant weather right in the weekend. timing could be worse right. it just looks lovely. storm scan three is quiet we have a few clouds here and there full sunshine, lots of blue skies outside in our live neighborhood network and that goes for every where else as well. taking a quick peak of the eyewitness weather seven day we will not see too much movement on the thermometer very consistent with the
7:57 am
temperatures through monday but as early as sunday we may see our next shower or then are storm with the new frontal boundary heading our way. enjoy this meisha, while you have got it. >> we will, thanks very much, katie all morning long, just so nice outside. i've got breaking news for you for those traveling in the south burlington area i will let you know we have a very serious crash here. you have lost all lanes here 495 southbound at route 13 they are directing all traffic on to exit two all lanes are block, use an alternate i-95 or 202 there is a i very serious crash in that a area. >> thank you. >> next update 8:25. next up, on cbs lebron james unprecedented deal with the media giants.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
have you heard? it's thursday, july 23rd 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead, including new york mayor bill de blasio. he's right here in studio 57. we'll find out why he's declaring a truce in his war with uber. but first here's your "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the fbi director says the threat of isis on u.s. soil keeps him up at night. >> ashton carter is in iraq for a firsthand look at the fight against isis. >> the flames are growing. they're currently threatening hundreds of structures. >> she had substantial amounts of marijuana in her sm at the
8:01 am
time of her death but the bland family say they suspect foul play. >> trump was supposed to be touring the border today with members of the local border patrol union but early this morning they backed out. >> as many as 20 backed out and so far there's no explanation why. >> you can't fake projectile vomiting. >> you certainly can't. >> it's wakened up the law enforcement. >> can i tell you what i i did just now? >> i hurt my knee on table that holds purell. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. a warning that isis is more of a threat to the united states than al qaeda.
8:02 am
that's the opinion of fbi director james comey. he spoke last night as a security forum in colorado. >> comey says isis uses social media to inspire thousands of americans to join its cause. twitter accounts affiliated with isis has 21,000 english-speaking followers. he calls isis not your parents' al qaeda. >> they're often unstable troubled drug users and isil also does something. they'll vet an operative by tasking them. give them an assignment go kill somebody by checking out whether they're a real person or an informant of some kind. donald trump is stirring new controversy this morning on immigration. the republican presidential candidate will travel to laredo texas. but the border patrol union who
8:03 am
invited him well, they're now backing out, apparently from pressure from the union. they share similar high unfavorable ratings. 57 and 56%. jeb bush is a bit lower and scott walker's unfavorable rating is at 23%. >> mayor bill de blasio is here. he's treeing to clear the air around the world and hi own backyard. his administration struck a surprise deal with uber. locked in a fight with the on demand flight service. mayor de blasio is also concerned about the added congestion here in the city. so under the new agreement new york will study the impact of uber. the company will share more information. >> he spoke about fighting climate change at a conference of mayors. he also attended an audience with pope francis. mr. mayor, good morning.
8:04 am
>> good morning. >> we want to talk about your feud with uber the feud with the mayor, with the governor and also your feud with hillary clinton? >> how about we talk about the amy alliance with the pope. >> we'll get to that. >> talk about uber. are they going to be a presence in the city? >> they've been a presence. there are by far more than yellow taxis. what we've agreed to is the limit on the growth of ub sore we can make sense of a complicated situation. congestion is growing in this city. we need to study that. we need some rules. in addition there's real questions here. for example, folks who are disabled. we have a way to address their needs with our yellow taxis. the kinds of revenue that yellow taxis provides for mass transit. so we need some valid regulation like any other company.
8:05 am
>> but it seems like uber whenever it's challenged simply gets its way in the end. >> i talked to a number of mayors while i was in rome on this topic. there's a resolute feeling all over the country that no private company gets to dictate the rules to the publy. what it's going to do is allow us to study the situation with real limits in place a and we don't take any options off the table. if we believe there needs to be a cap or regulation, we deal that. but for now we have a chance to study and see what the real impact is. >> we had david plouffe earlier this week. since you were in rome i'll play it for you because i know you didn't get a chance to see it. that they can't handle the traffic. >> the only person saying that is mayor de blasio and that's complete nonsense. what you want is people driving
8:06 am
their own personal cars. >> complete nonsense? >> no of course not. with all due respect to mr. plouffe, he has a financial interest and he has that bias. the reality is we've seen a huge increase in vehicles and uber is a piece of that. giev tot address the congestion problem and. they should be able to do what they wish -- we don't apply that to any company. we say government matters. >> why did you cave? >> we didn't. we gave them four months. at that time we'll decide if we need a cap or a different aproens but i'm fine with a four-month study. >> have you ever taken -- >> that's what i was thinking. >> i was surprised. over the weekend, you know you can get an uber x, taxi vip, or
8:07 am
taxi. then they had de blasio and i hit it and they said no cars available. >> we don't accept that concept. that's not what democracy is about. that app obviously did not tell the truth. there's nothing that's going to save that core reality. what we've talked about is limit the growth in the future. i think the key is we've got to recognize that no company gets to dictate the terms to the public. that's why we have valid regulations about environment, safety the kind of revenue the public deserves so we can keep our streets clean so we can keep our city safe et cetera. >> the concern about you, of course, you would be in favor of the taxis because they donate money to your campaign.
8:08 am
>> that's not the point. this is to me what's right in the public's interest. again, uber has grown intensely in this city and that's great. they provide a service that a lot of people take advantage of but there has to be balance in this equation. if anybody said trust us we're going to take care of the public's interest i don't think we'd trust that. what i'm saying is we need that balance. >> let me talk about the pope. first of all he had an audience with him. p>> yes. >> tell us about it. >> i think he's the strongest moral voice in the world and i think he's a figure who's changing the internationality debate more powerful than i v seen. >> any religious leader. >> and beyond that. >> what is his impact on climate challenge change. >> he's saying we have to race toward the paris summit. if you look at the pope's
8:09 am
encyclical, it is urgent. we need to react your jenurgently. we have to turn it around or lose our last best chance. the pope is a kind of leader oopds who's not honoring the three theory or doctrine. i don't think we've seen a global leader have this kind of reach or impact in many many years. what's powerful, it's uncome promiegz. his voice is uncompromising and consistent. he's saying the consumer habits and our governments are leading us down the wrong packet. >> he talked about income inequality and back-to-back capitalism per se. >> yes. you'll see in the debate in this country the same questions
8:10 am
coming up. the question of income and inequality which some doubted on the mienlsd of o cbs news did a poll that provinged income inequality is one of the -- >> what does clinton have to do to convince him to support her? >> loorks two points. people all over the country are talking about income inequality and there's a gathering of coalition leaders who want to see this. we have put together an agenda. we have to raise wages and benefits. we have to move in the direction of progressive taxation. we need paid family leave and paid sick leave all over the country. it's happening locally. los angeles county. st. louis. oregon just passed -- >> it sounds like you're more in line -- >> i'm working more with it every day -- >> why not endorse bernie sanders? >> here's the deal.
8:11 am
hillary clinton is putting forward a lot of ideas. e i'm optimistic about the direction she's going in. we want to see more details being filled in. i'm optimistic about where she's doing but i think this is such an urgent need we have to be convinced there's a plan to get him there. >> do you have plans when he comes here? is he coming for dinner? >> i'll tell you. he's used to italian food. i can tell you when he comes in september it's going to be one of the greatest moments in new york. the outpouring of love you're going to see this city filled with joy when this guy is here. >> tell me you were not late for this visit with the pope. >> i'm very proud i was where i had to be but the plane did divert. >> another way and that was a
8:12 am
challenge. >> that's when you start pulling out your hair. >> i was like come on you've got to give me a break here. i giev tot meet with the pope. can we hurry up? >> if he comes for dinner we'd certainly like to come. >> you're very welcome. >> we would happily serve the food. jake gyllenhaal has picked up some rough and tough skills for his new movie. >> the boxing is all me. >> you don't even clinch. you're not scared? >> more of your bracelets. >> we'll show you how the actor's physical transformation for "southpaw," but first i did that. >> you were distracted by his body. >> i read that wrong. let me try that again. >> tha
8:13 am
nba great lebron james makes
8:14 am
another great decision. he's teaming up with hollywood. ahead, the move that could make michael jordan and shaq jealous. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ wherever it is you want to go, all you need to see is the next 200 feet. that's how life unfolds. a leap of faith. [growl] even if you can't see it your destination is out there. so just keep going. and you'll get there... ...200 feet at a time. the corolla. toyota. let's go places. what do a nascar® driver... a comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® has also been proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin,
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8:18 am
he lost out on another ring but this morning he reaches out from the hardwood to hold. how king james is ready to reign over movies, tv, and digital media. >> reporter: in this year's nba finals lebron james demonstrated why he's basketball's biggest star and've though it was a losing effort, the king of the court is winning big in hollywood. james has partnered with warner brothers to create movies and tv shows. connecting with my fans and telling meaningful stories lebron james said in a statement, i can't wait to see what we come up with. >> >> what's the idea. >> the idea of branding these two. a marketer. now he's a comedic --
8:19 am
>> are you watching down"downton abbey" abbey"? >> it's been widely seen as a success and it's not the first time a sports star has take an shot at the silver scene. the film "space jam" starring michael jordan scored more than $200 million worldwide. a more forgettable attempt, was shaquille o'neal's ka zam. but they say james may be positioning to work behind the scenes. >> i think for the athletes who come in and try to be actors first and talent first the risk is if it doesn't go well you don't get the shot that leebron james is getting. >> his company has already produced several tv shows. his earnings are close to $65 million but warner brothers says
8:20 am
he become the brightest crown estest jewel in the king's crown. >> for "cbs this morning," los angeles. >> it left some wondering if lebron could star in "space jam 2." it's something they've denied at this point. we'll see. all right. a school teacher face as powerful enemy but she's got a small army and a up thetry superstar, that's next on "cbs this morning." ♪ mfortable. enjoying activia twice a day for 4 weeks may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues. i love activia. that is so good. ♪ activiaaaa. ♪
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8:24 am
treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. ♪ i know you're afraid and i am too ♪ >> a trish beaut to a teacher battling breast cancer. singing christina mcbride's hit "i'm going to love you through it." it's a song about breast cancer. mcbride tweeted music is so powerful. >> you can show your support by sharing the kid's video. >> the last time we did a story on martina, i went and got it. it's a beautiful song. >> she's a fighter.
8:25 am
>> she is. i like her. >> jake gyllenhaal can be good morning i'm erika von tiehl. we're following to breaking news right now a deadly accident in new castle county delaware. chopper three over southbound interstate 495 just south of route 13 in new castle. two cars were involved, one person we're told was killed, for four others they were rushed to the hospital at christiana a. at least three of those people are thought to be juveniles. we will stay on top of this and bring you updates throughout the morning and we will have the the the latest alternate route in case that is part of the alternate commute. but first lets check with katie and this beautiful forecast. >> it looks like it will continue to last us right in the upcoming weekend. no changes there on that front. we have high pressure on our side to bring full sunshine to bring low humidity and still keep us nice and warm out there we started off with storm scan three we are still
8:26 am
seeing virtually nothing out there a few high clouds, nothing really, to keep you from being outside. so if the beach is where you are heading you've got a great excuse to sit outside on the sand all day just please make sure that sun block is ready to go, uv index is high as it tend to be mid to upper 80's the expectation right through monday but sunday is when we have our next chance for a shower or a storm. meisha, over to you. >> thanks, katie good morning. if you just missed erika's report of a couple minutes ago we have breaking news, very serious crash south of wilmington 495 southbound at route 13. they are directing all vehicle tolls exit two. all lanes blocked. please use alternates of 95 or 202, again, this is south of wilmington, very serious crash here, use both alternate. otherwise we have another crash, on vine street expressway moving westbound this is right before that exit ramp of the schuylkill expressway. you will want to use some caution in that area as well. here are your sensor maps
8:27 am
17 miles an hour schuylkill expressway both directions are very slow. back to you. next update 8:55. up next on cbs this morning gayle king sits down with james gyllenhaal to talk about his new movie
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
really coming up this half hour the one and only jake gyllenhaal, asking for a body double and what he gave up for this role. gourmet cheese lover finds sat farkz underground. how a former brewery is changing. i was thinking -- >> what were you thinking? >> i waswe were watching his body. >> we were wondering what he had to give up. >> he didn't give up that. "time" magazine reports on a
8:31 am
lawsuit against blue diamond. it's only 2% almond. the product's packaging deceives customers into thinking the bev rang is made mostly of almonds. >> i'm outraged. >> how could they do this to you. >> how could they do this to me. they were found by a 19-year-old girl whose father grew up with curt co-baby and hosted the first show in his basement in raymond, washington. she tucked the photos away. the "washington post" has an update about an owner of a dine never maine who yell at a crying toddler. the mother is speaking out in an op-ed. babies cry and sometimes mom make the call between a tantrum in a loud diner or going out into the rain. as parents we sometimes rely on
8:32 am
the kindless and empathy of strangers who know we're doing the best we can. >> okay. and the guardian reports on taylor swift's potential problem. as taylor swift begins to promote her album 1989 she may be stirring up a little controversy. she's launching a clothing line which will show 1989 and her t.s. it tees year she was born. it's also the year of the ten tiananmen squareten men tiananmen square. >> and the t.s. >> i can see why it's difficult. when elizabeth diamond was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. she was a divorced moether of four. diamond died in april.
8:33 am
>> she said if anything ever happens to me i want you to take me girls and i instantly said okay. >> ten years ago i didn't think it was going to be my life. but it is. something gets thrown at you. you accept the challenge and do the best you can. >> the rufinno family has grown from four to eight. now they have six daughters. you know what? she died knowing her best friend knew she would take care of them. >> she knew they would be in great hands. it takes dedication and a whole lot of sacrifice. it takes all that. compressed into five grueling months. he stars in southpaw. it opens tomorrow. it's fantastic by the way. the movie is part boxing, a whole lot of family drama. when they get into the ring it's all about the fighting. jake, i have to say.
8:34 am
a couple of times i was watching it like this. it was very hard for me to see you get hit. >> you know, i think it is hard to watch. but i also think there's something about it as yu move through the story, a father and daughter and you realize what he's fighting for, why he's taking those punches, and those punches have meaning emotionally as opposed to what's the brutality here. there's a reason for them. >> "southpaw" follows the rise fall, and eventual redemption of his character. it co-stars rachel mcadams and 12-year-old u na lawrence. >> it starts with i can't watch it to hit him, jake. >> i know. there was a group of mothers at the premier and i was like wow, i hope they're like this. i remember in the last fight they were like -- there was a big hit. they were like, oh yes, because it's about family. it's about fighting for your
8:35 am
family. >> i can't lose my daughter it's a beautiful love story. >> yes. >> on many different levels and it's like boxing is part of it but that's not the heart of it. boxing is not the heart of that movie. >> well una, who plays my daughter they ask her why come see to the movie. she said the boxing is pretty good but it's all about love. i was like -- >> let me tell you something, and it's very important, okay? i want you to listen. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> so predictable. >> man. >> i was so surprised to hear you were not really a fighter. >> no. i didn't know how to box at all. i had taken some classes where, you know i had like thrown a couple of punches leak it was aerobics classes. i was like man. i didn't know much about the techniques. i didn't know about the sport really.
8:36 am
and i overfive months ss out of fear of looking leak a fool in the ring i learned the techniques. >> when did you go from fear to i've about got this. >> i never got it. >> you had to look at it and thought, okay that looks pretty good. >> we shot the fight scene which was the first 20 2 1/2 weeks. i trained like i was in a fight. i was in a mode. i did a weigh-in and we went to our respective rooms before the fight. we had the crowd there. they announced us just like they would in a real fight and i thought like i'm going to beat his ass. i was like you really think you know what you're doing and that was a moment where i went all right, like i got this. >> director antoine fuqua
8:37 am
insisted he not play a boxer but become one. >> he said i want it to be like a real fight. i want toechb be real and everyone from the boxing world. i want there to be a real crowd there. i want there to go for long tangs, three rounds at a time and i don't want any doubles. >> no body doubles. >> yes. in fact, there was one night we were shooting one fight and it was -- we were shooting into the evening probably around 3:00 a.m. and i said is it oklahoma if i sit this one out. i'm tired. he was like what? i got back in there. >> you go never mind. >> exactly. i would say, though, i do have a double and he did do incredible work in the most dafrps work in this. he did a car crash. >> i'm talking about the boxing the. >> the boxing was all me. >> you don't even flinch. >> that kind of dangerous? you're not scared? >> more of your green bracelets. >> no reaction whatsoever.
8:38 am
you're look okay gayle. >> when we talk about what it took for you to get into character, how you did it, because it was more than let me get great body. for you it seemed to be really hard work and i'm going to go all the way into it. >> for me it was learning the skill of boxing, which is beautiful, beautiful sport and that eventually that sort of shaped my body into that. there was a fluency in boxing that allows me eventually look like a boxer. >> i was really looking forward to showed up walking. >> his role was originally for eminem who did the soundtrack. >> i thought it was interesting he did the music. are you a big hip-hop fan? i know you are friends
8:39 am
with. >> that's what. >> that's your favorite. >> yep it's very poetic. >> i'm here to bring moms and hip-hop together. >> mission accomplished. >> what we've got now is brokeback mountain. he was such a creepy guy. >> but my point about him is you lost a lot of weight for that role. you gained 15 pounds of muscle for this role. >> yep. >> i like it. i'm not going to drool because i know it's art. what does your body want to do next? >> it's art but art can ee less it many responses. >> okay, good. take off your shirt now, mr. gyllenhaal. >> let's create art. >> yes. take it off right now. >> gyllenhaal take your clothes
8:40 am
off. >> his dedication to the role is becoming legend with the film director even claiming the actor and his girlfriend broke up during the movie. >> i think antwan embellished that in terms of sacrifice and commit humanitarian. the first thing he said is this is going to be about salkry fies. no. i think my life comes first always. so i don't think anything in my work is -- >> your life comes first. >> yeah yeah. >> roy is your idea of a great first date? >> oh i think somebody that probably sets up the tone of normality, you know what i mean? it's fun and not too fancy. eat slg important to me so eating some food. >> where do you want to go. >> you just want to make art. i know. >> the nicest guy.
8:41 am
the movie is so good. i would actually see it again. he's right. some people would be turned off thinking boxing boxing. it tees love story. the oscar buzz has already started about jake gyllenhaal. >> and rachel mcadams. >> he's such a charming guy. >> yeah. i like him very much. >> that's a really good interview. >> i'm smitten. i've been smitten. >> i couldn't tell. >> you couldn't tell, could you. >> what's your definition or art. >> what kind of art do you like? monet. >> me. >> all right. an american. >> as in you. >> company masters cheese by taking it underground. >> i'm jamie wax. deep beneath the streets of brooklyn there's a company that
8:42 am
ages cheese t
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
an underground revolution is unfolding this morning in the world of teeth. it puts a new twist on an old school idea for modern cheese
8:46 am
lovers. jamie wax learned how taking things down a notch can bring the quality up. >> reporter: head down this deep spiral staircase in brooklyn and you'll find a small group of cheese lovers giving new meaning to new york's underground food scene. how far below the streets of brook lichb are we now? >> about 30 feet below the streets, lower than the subways. the 19th century building houses aged cheese. >> this is going to be a lot of stuff. >> reporter: in 2001 bren on the brown and his wife susan boyle brought this building which previously housed a brewery. neither had experience in the food world. >> what lead as person to purchase a 19th century brewery? >> cheese was something i was passionate about consuming and would try cheese all over the place and thought, this is where
8:47 am
we could make cheese down here. we could make cheese. that was sort of the beginning. >> reporter: in the days before refrigeration, brewers kept their lagers chilled in the caves which maintained a temperature of between 50 and 54 degrees. they don't make cheese. they take young cheese from producers across the u.s. and bring the days' old dairy down to their bricked arch caves. >> the space is what -- this is a site-specific project in a way. >> turns out the dark cool conditions are also ideal for aging cheese. benton starts the art of cheese ageing in vermont. but need one more skilled hand. >> this is a pretty interesting cheese. >> enter their cheese whiz sam frank who studied cheese making vermont and italy. >> it's pretty perfect because
8:48 am
we're so insulated by the ground. >> they inspect the cheese daily, washing the wheels with whiskey and water. >> flipping the cheese all the time. >> it helps develops this flavor. >> what is about about it? >> the milk that can be turned into hundreds of flavt profiles. >> the cheese ages anywhere from three weeks to two years. it's thn districted to nearly 50 cheese chops across the country. >> it's kind of the french model. being shipped in to age where the markets are. >> people in america seem to have acquired a more gourmet palate. >> that's what we're doing a lot of. >> this is the best part of your
8:49 am
job and my job. the tasting. >> this is every day for snus this sub trainterranean couple tries it. >> it's got that traditional pa con tay prosch loan. >> a cheese can be born on a farm but can find the maturity and sophistication it needs with shelf life in the big city. >> it is like butter. >> that was delicious. >> seems so. that was jamie wax. >> what do you do for a learning? >> i'm a cheez whiz. >> all right, sam frank. you're watching "cbs this mo
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
well, that does it for us. be sure to tune in for the "cbs
8:53 am
evening news." ill be filling in for scott
8:54 am
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
8:55 am
good morning i'm erika von tiehl. here is the latest on the breaking news this morning southbound lanes of the interstate 494 in new castle, they are closed right new because of the deadly accident. chopper three over the scene of that crash which happened just after 7:00 this morning on 495 south of route 13 trying to get that the shot for you. one person was killed, and four other people are at christiana hospital with injuries. here that is chopper three video. we have, news elements on the cbs-3 web site throughout the morning on cbs and meisha will update the traffic situation in just one moment to show you how to get around that crash. first lets check with katie and get more on the delightful forecast. >> yes, it is, just staying as picturesque as yesterday was. few puffy clouds. nothing more. high pressure on our side
8:56 am
today, tomorrow, saturday, how long does this last? answer is in the seven day but for now storm scan is empty and it stays that way throughout the entire day and along with that we will still have the comfort level on our side today tomorrow and saturday we will keep those levels pretty low in terms of the dew points in other wards humidity levels but by sunday and monies when it starts to go up and turn steamy. that is courtesy of the a approaching system. sunday is first thought to see shower or storm. meisha next three days are still looking fantastic. >> that is such great news, thanks very much, katie good morning, everyone. if you are just joining us if you haven't heard we have breaking news a very serious crash, fatal crash south of wilmington. 494 southbound at route 13. they are directing traffic out of here all lanes are block you certainly want to use an alternate 95 or 202 is going to be your best bet. this is a live look outside and you can see it is extremely backed up in this area. if you are just leaving your
8:57 am
house now avoid this area at all cost if you can and the vine street expressway you are starting to lose right lane moving in the westbound direction between 95 and schuylkill from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00p m. erika back over to you. meisha, thank you. that is "eyewitness news" for now, join us for "eyewitness news" at noon on
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> third degree burns from a cell phone.>> whoa! >> and -- >> would you endure an extreme makeover for a dating website? >> you won't believe what this woman did. >> are you happy now? >> plus this claim is shocking. >> did kim and kanye have sex over 500 times a day? th battle over a handyicap spot. >>en the pushing an older lady down over a parking spot. >> hello, everyone. rejection can be painful. but would you


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