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tv   Eyewitness News at 6am  CBS  July 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a terrible stabbing overnight in west oak lane, a mother, stabbed while holding her baby, both injured in that attack. the search for suspect this morning and the condition of those victims. plus a car end up on the schuylkill river in boat house row overnight and what police know about how it go there and whether anybody was injured. no hitter for cole hamels with the cubs as the pitchers future with the team remains unclear. we will have the the latest on the trade rumors. today is sunday july 26th good morning thanks so much for joining us i'm nicole brewer. late july, we will increase this humidity each day and we
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will hit you hard with the temperatures this week humidity levels are up, and 72 at the airport. and atlantic city the at airport. zero seven in reading. there are the suburbs a singular number there mid 60's in pottstown and mount holly new jersey, palmyra already in at 74 degrees. win direction notice arrows pointing northward a south wind is flowing from the south and that will transport into warmer air and more humid conditions. there you go storm scan three looks quiet cluster and showers and storms across upstate new york, delaware valley looks good, now late in the afternoon up in the poconos, lehigh valley there could be a slight chance for shower or storm but sun and
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included today noticeably more humid and break it down through the morning and mid 70's by 8:00, 84:00 and topping off at 90 degrees, at 8:00 o'clock. and, justin, thank you. now to our breaking news this morning and and stabbed during a overnight in west oak lane. both now are in the hospital, and police are searching for the the suspect. cherry greg is live there at st. christopher's hospital. cherry just a horrible story what can you tell butts conditions of the victims. >> both of the victims are in critical condition, with that baby girl here, at st. christopher's hospital fighting for her life, and and, double stabbing. police say it all happened, before 12:30 sunday morning when a man says a 37 year old
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mother as she held her, one year-old baby in her arm police arrived are on the scene in the 900 block of dallas street, to find a mother with multiple slash wound, and a baby girl a single stab wound to the chest, both mother and daughter were rush to einstein hospital where the mother rein mains in critical condition. the one year-old girl was then transported to st. christopher's hospital for children where she also remains critical. police are on the look out foreman who committed the stabbing, no word on whether he is father of the child. back out here live, nicole, both baby and mother as i have said before are in critical condition wash the baby remains at st. christopher's. police have have not yet released the name or age of the suspect and they investigate just how and why this tragic stabbing could have happened, live at st. christopher's cherry greg, kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. new this morning a car
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end up in the schuylkill river, police now working to retrieve that car which ended up in the water near boat house row. apparently in one was inside that car the at the time and police are trying to figure out exactly what happen. delaware county police investigating a robbery at cvs, store located in aston on the 5,000 block of pennel road. two robbers tied up two employees at gunpoint in the back of the the store shortly after, saturday night. they were tied up, and they removed money and, from the offices. >> we're told no employees were hurt, crooks escaped with an unspecified amount of money. it has been one year since a car crashed through a fruit stand in philadelphia killing a mother and three of her children. yesterday, the the community gathered to remember those victims. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has that story from tioga. >> reporter: they marched in
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with swagger and smiles to a scene filled with color joy and sound track of dance and laughter. final thoughts for dozens of lives, kept carelessly. >> it has been devastated and could go my best and a trying to stay strong. >> reporter: one year ago this was the worst place in philadelphia, on july 25th 2014 police say two men jonathan rosa and cornelius crawford carjack a woman blocks away. she was being sexually assaulted as the suspects lost control of her suv ramming into a crowd of five at corner of allegheny and germantown avenue. three children, 15 year-old ke ira williams, joseph read and eight year-old terence moore were killed instantly. their mother keisha williams died in the hospital days later. >> they need a parent, to raise them so i'm taking over, and a i'm trying to make the best of it the.
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>> reporter: sharmain williams now has custody, one year later, within of the first lessons she wanted to teach them how to learn from tragedy. >> i was celebrating their memory when they were here, not their death but their life from when they were here. >> reporter: with the final send off this place is now a source of inspiration and one of the one year later one of the biggest community projects coming out of this now completed the faces of the fallen, now painted along this fence line, a mural in memorial. and also we're hearing about the suspect they both have upcoming court dates in upcoming weeks so we will stay with that. reporting from tioga i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile police in mount laurel, new jersey searching for this getaway van take a look they say a stolen generator cable worth a hundred you this dollars is inside. the mandy picked in the sketch took the cable from the
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shipping container at sun belt rentals on route 73 july 11th. the white gmc van had a black mark about midway on the driver's side of the vehicle. if you have any information you are to call 30 police. louisiana community is, mourning death of two women gunned down inside a movie theater on thursday. cbs correspondent kenneth craig has more from the emotional veg frill lafayette and latest on the investigation. >> ♪ >> reporter: hundreds of people attended an emotional candle light vigil saturday night for victims of the deadly shooting rampage two days ago in lafayette. >> when somebody you love is the person that is in the head line it is devastating. >> reporter: memorial grows outside the store owned by jillian johnson she and macy breaux were gunned down inside the movie theater, nine others were injured. as community mourns, signs like this asked for prayers for the victim and families a cross town people made prayer
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flags for the the victim. >> i didn't know them personally but it just breaks my heart that something like this could happen in our town. >> reporter: the community plans to bring these flags in the large quality at the same time investigators are trying to figure out why john houser chose this quiet the city. law enforcement source familiar with the investigation tells cbs news that the police found writings in houser's room that said he wanted to target law enforcement, government agencies and abortion clinics and anyone else will do. he has even written the name of the movie and show time that he planned to attack. the authorities say that the gun houser used to carry out the shooting was purchased locally despite his criminal history and mental illness. kenneth craig for cbs news, lafayette, louisiana. in illinois family and friend gathered for funeral of sandra bland the 28 year-old was found hanged in the texas jail cell two weeks ago. several days after she had been arrested following a
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controversial traffic stop. bland's death remains under investigation but prosecutors say preliminary autopsy result reveal that she committed suicide. her family is now calling for an independent autopsy. well, since the all-star break the phillies look like a brand new team, and this is cole hamels swann song what a away to go out. cole hamels has been subject of constant trade rumors over his previous two starts. hamels allowed four runs and 20 hits but yesterday a no hitter a against the chicago cubs here's the final call from scott franke on 94 wip. >> hamels with a three-two pitch, high fly ball to deep center field, he is back on the track and did he make the catch? he fell down, but he has got it. he has got it. odougal herrera has got it and cole hamels has a no hitter. >> exciting moment. something for phillips fans to get excited. i was watching and my husband
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could not have been happier. hamels tossed a season high 129 pitches striking out 13. thirteenth no hitter in team history. of course, phillies fans, around the area, celebrating. >> if we have to trade him, we have to trade him. he has been a great pitcher for, you know, all this time now. >> let me tell but cole hamels, he was due he was due for a great game. lifted the spirits of philadelphia. fantastic game. coming up in sports we will hear from cole and we will give you a forecast on the trade wind, swirling. much more information coming up next. also on "eyewitness news" fewer parents are borrowing money to send their kid to college, so how do they afford it three on your side jim donovan has that answer. also, they seem to be every where this summer how one new jersey shore fisherman snapped this shark. not a bad time to be down the the shore not at all we
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are heating things up. justin has a check of the temperatures coming up so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder]
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well, too day marks exactly 25 years since congress passed the americas with disability act and yesterday disabled americans from across the country gathered right here in philadelphia to celebrate just how far they have come. "eyewitness news" recorder
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alexandria hoff was there. >> did not know about the the wheelchair life or how a brother sees it. >> reporter: modern tribute of historic legislation. >> people with disabilities, and more freedom control of their lives and access to services support jobs, because of this law. >> reporter: she's talking about 1990 americans with disabilities act. philadelphia commemoration began with the kick off event at city hall leading up to a parade that shut down market street all in order to... >> we want to be working. we want independent. we want our lives. we all have abilities. we all have rights. >> reporter: it was 25 years ago that disabled americans across the country and families gathered on the lawn of the white house to sign the ada a into law. national constitution sent's seems like an appropriate the place for that procession to lead into. there we met up with former
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u.s. senator tom harkin. >> then i had a nephew who was injured and became paraplegic and he wanted to go to college but he could in the take courses because they were on the second floor and he could not get up the stairs. i said wait a minute, this is not right. >> reporter: harkin introduced the american with disability act with the senate but says there is work to be done in the area of independent living and job placement. at 25, colleen tomco's son shawn is as old as the the act designed to protect him. she has a message for anyone who thinks that this cause does not apply to them. >> you will love somebody or get older and most likely have disability. it is everybody's problem. >> reporter: in olde city, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". take a look at this, a shark caught in ocean city, a small one kind of small fisherman, paul, kind of small for a shark, snagged him on 30th street beach on friday. he caught him right off the shore from those photos. lucky for shark this was a
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catch/release situation and he went right back to fishing after letting it go. but it seems like we have seen more and more sharks, lot of sightings. >> they are out there but this summer the warmer has been warmer than average. >> okay a lot more sightings. >> yes. >> i try not to think bit. >> great weekend to be at the beach. >> really over next few days because we will heat up the temperatures so neigh some bad hair days with the the humidity. stock up on the hair spray. this guy is back at it, the spider hanging out every morning, he is hanging out on our campbell's field camera. looking live at ben franklin bridge. the nice blue sky a little spider there enjoying this nice start to the morning. the let's talk about the weather headlines here. hot and humid conditions back in the forecast, we were spoiled the past several days. we will talk about a few storm chances, not a high chance but they will be there in the next heat wave, then returns later
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this week. here we are temperatures comfortable, upper 60's in the cool spots to 72 in philadelphia allentown showing us at 64. we are at 67 in mount pocono. here are shore temperatures, nice breeze off the ocean ocean water at 76 degrees. similar air temperatures. ocean city, barnegat a have 174. rehoboth beach at 71 degrees. let's talk about that comfort index. we will look at dew point temperatures measure of moisture or humidity in the air. we are at 60. last weekend we were in the mid 70's. it is still in the bad but those numbers will be on the rise. so we will hit the steamy mark late her this afternoon and eventually we will feel oppressive a as we head into wednesday and thursday of this week. so here we go high pressure over mid-atlantic keeping things nice and quiet cluster of showers and storms stay to the north across new york state, and is there a weak cold front coming through great lakes that could touch off an isolated shower or storm later on today. man mainly far north and west of the city up toward lehigh valley and poconos.
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it is hot more humid this afternoon, high temperatures right around 90 degrees. front will move through on monday, kind of weaken over us, bringing cloud with a better chance for scattered showers and storms. temperatures will be knocked down in the upper 80's on machine and then we're right back at it, hot and humid conditions on tuesday lower 90's for afternoon temperatures, rain chances looking low today, about a 20 percent chance. it the looks like philadelphia south and east stays dry north and west best shot to see that isolated storm. monday we will increase to it 40 percent. tuesday, wednesday are looking good. if you have outdoor plans good day to be outside but it will be on the the hot side. here we go future weather model this afternoon sunshine milk with some cloud later in the afternoon after 3:00 o'clock. we will see spotty showers breaking out berks county, lehigh valley and poconos throughout the overnight stray shower or storm and then better chance for some widespread scattered showers and thunderstorms monday afternoon, but with this severe threat will be on the low side so that is good news there.
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check out that shore forecast today, a lot of sunshine, keeping it dry in south jersey and delaware beaches and more humid 83. rip current risk at a moderate threat. we have southeasterly wind at ten to 15 miles an hour. if you jump in the water a little bit make sure life guards are on the stand. more humid conditions this afternoon but that isolated storm possible late in the day, temperatures up around 90 degrees. it stays warm tonight partly cloudy possible, thunderstorm we will drop do 72 for center city. cooler in the suburbs. here's the extended forecast, best chance for that shower or storm, monday afternoon with a high of 88. then we will go for stretch of 90's tuesday wednesday thursday peeking at 95 thursday afternoon with the late day shower or storm. nicole, back to you. >> justin, thanks. happening today car owners and car enthusiast will rivet up in south philadelphia, ninth annual east passyunk car show and street festival kicks off at noon. more than 140 antique muscle and custom cars will line the the streets of east passyunk
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avenue from broad and dickinson streets. festival runs until 5:00 o'clock tonight. admission is free. not a bad way to expenditure day. also an exciting night at philadelphia zoo, there was one thing then just animals last night as guests enjoyed beer and fun from the food trucks. it is part of the summer ale festival. guests enjoyed live music and participated in games and other activities at the after hours event. well, point breeze pop up beer garden reopened, without any incident after winning the latest round in the court fight with philadelphia officials. craft beers flowed out of the tap on the 1600 block of point breeze avenue. l and i had shut down the beer garden twice in two weeks over zoning issues, but owner john longacre argues he has a state liquor license to operate that beer garden. neighbors seem to enjoy it. >> there is a lights on on all night, we have cameras up there. it seems like a mellow party
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right outside their house and they come here a lot. we see the close neighbors. >> l and i won't comment on the case citing pending litigation. it is 6:21. college tuition is only getting more expensive but parents are borrowing less to pay for it. jim donovan takes a look at how they can afford that huge expense. and one of america's favorite shoes are getting a make over for the the first time in almost a century, we will tell but changes coming to chuck taylors yeah, it is a classic, we will explain coming
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welcome back iconic chuck taylor sneaker by converse is getting an update, the goal, to make them more comfortable. the the chuck two the new version will add extra arch support, cushioned souls and a breathable lining. new shoe is set to hit store shelves july 28th and comes in black, white red and blue, you will pay $75 for high top ones and 70 bucks for low cut pair. i always wondered why rocky trained in chuck taylors because they were so uncomfortable. problem solved. 6:24. an annual report find families spend more to send students to college this past academic year but most didn't bureau money to pay for it. so how did they do it? how did they foot that expense? three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has that answer. >> reporter: annual look at how americans pay for college find that families spent more overall during the past academic year, and more from their own income and savings
6:25 am
then tell did during the previous year or any year since 2010. report from student lender sally may found that families spend an average just more than $24,000 overall an increase of 16 percent from last year, and more than $10,000 came from family income and savings and an increase of 17 percent. the obviously the rising cost of college was a factor in the increase but parents also seemed more willing to shell out more dollars. crediting greater confidence in the u.s. economy and in their own financial health. the report found fewer families concerned about such possibilities as a job less, a drop in the value of their home a hike in loan rates or their child struggling to find a job after receiving a degree. at the the same time families have also adopted more responsible financial habits, while paying for a college education, especially these relying on loans. the report found that 35 percent of the families starting to make loan payments
6:26 am
while still in school, in an effort to reduce interest payments later on. in addition those families that did take out loans, 68 percent have of student borrowers surveyed have trim their personal expenses, and 73 percent are holding down a job while attending school. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. good to see people more financially responsible that is awesome. 6:26. coming up next on "eyewitness news" a terrible stabbing overnight in west oak lane, a mother and baby injured in that a attack. whom police believe is responsible and also the condition of that baby. plus, new research on post traumatic stress disorder why doctors say thousands may be going undiagnosed. and say so licensing to the cooler temperatures, it was nice while it lasted? we have warmer weather on the way. the justin looks at how warm it will get this upcoming workweek, we will be right
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back to breaking news this morning, just a horrible crime, a mother and her one year-old daughter, stabbed in west oak lane. they are both in the hospital and their attacker is the loose. cherry greg from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is live for us this morning at st. christopher's hospital. how they doing cherry. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. that mother and baby girl,
6:30 am
unfortunately are both in critical condition this morning as police try to figure out what led to that tragic double stabbing. police say it all happened just before 12:30 sunday morning, that is when a man stabbed a 37 year-old mother, as she held her one year-old baby in her arms. police arrived on the scene in the 1900 block of dallas street to find the mother with multiple slash wound and a baby girl, a single stab wound to the chest. both mother and daughter were rushed to einstein hospital where the mother remains in critical condition. the one year-old girl was then transported to st. christopher's hospital for children where she also remained critical. police are on the look out foreman who committed the stabbing, in word on whether he is the father of the child. back out here live again that baby girl remains in critical condition here at st. christopher's and police work to figure out what led to that double staning and they are trying to track down the man who did it. police have not yet released
6:31 am
the name of the suspect or his relationship, again, to that baby, and to that mother. live at st. christopher's cherry greg for kyw news radio 1060 cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will switch your gear, and get your forecast. justin drabick is standing by with the the forecast and it sound like things are heating up. >> final week of the july, we will feel like it. we were spoiled the past few days. >> so nice. >> it was warm but not humid. we are feeling the difference. you can step outside and it is starting to creep up. it will get worse over the next few days. we are looking at another heat wave as we finish off the month of july. nice shot in berks county at kutztown area middle school from the neighborhood network. good looking sunrise there. temperature 64 degrees with a strong wind, and we will be approaching the 90-degree mark this afternoon. through go, temperatures holding in the lower 70's around philadelphia at the airport.
6:32 am
upper 60's in trenton wilmington. seventy in dover delaware. suburbs, similar situation mid of's in mount holly, new jersey and pottstown and upper 60's in willow grove. dew point temperature is what we look at, yesterday they were around 50 degrees this time they are around 60. they will continue to rise in the mid 60's that is just tells us that increased humidity levels will continue to approach, the delaware valley, and those dew points last week at this time were in the mid 70's. they are not that high. is there difference compared to the past few days. storm scan three nice and quiet, a few cloud rolling through this morning temperatures, throughout the afternoon will surge in the mid 80's by lunchtime topping off near 90-degree by middle of the afternoon under partly sunny skies. there could be a stray shower late in the day north and west of the city, highs near 90. philadelphia low 80's at the shore and poconos. we will talk about that heat and seven day in a few minutes, nicole. >> justin, thank you. president barack obama a wraps up his historic visit to kenya within the last hour he
6:33 am
he gave a rousing speech to kenya youth. later he will fly to eat rope use before heading home this triptrip to africa was friendly but not without controversy. wendy gel let has the details. >> reporter: president obama is making history and making waves in his first presidential visit to kenya he is first sitting u.s. president to visit the country, his first full day in kenya brought a moment of controversy when he was asked about gay rights. >> when you start treating people differently that is the path whereby freedoms begin to erode. >> reporter: kenya's president's road said this is not a view he shares. in kenya gay sex is punishable by 14 years in prison. >> this issue is in the really an issue that is in the foremost mind kentucky yans. >> reporter: rest of the visit had has been smooth in the country where president obama is considered a native son the two leaders have discussed
6:34 am
environmental and economic partnerships and cooperation on counter terrorism. kenya faces continued threats from the somalia based terror groupal that bob which claimed responsibility for the attacks on a mall in 2013, and, at a university, in april. >> we have weakened those networks operating here in east africa. now that doesn't mean that the problem is solved. >> reporter: president remembers those lost in the 1998 bombing of the u.s. embassy in nirobi laying a wreath at the site. wendy gilette for cbs news. 6:34. we are getting a never before seen look at the day of the september 11th attacks. these pictures were released by national archives in response to the freedom of information act request. you can see the president vice-president dick cheyney and members of the president's cabinet as they react to the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people. now most of these were taken inside president george w. bush's emergency operations
6:35 am
center which is located below the white house. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton this weekend told annie was gathering she never neglectly handled classified information in private e-mails. >> when i turned over my 55,000 pages, i did so to help the state department. they announced all of the former secretaries to give any information because they were having challenging with their record keeping. so i d okay. i said let's make it public. if i just turn it over we would not be having this conversation. >> intelligence investigators told the justice department this week that classified information, may have been compromised in that e-mail server clinton used at home during her tenure as secretary of state. now asked if the justice department should investigate clinton says that is up to officials. well, hillary clinton's presidential campaign says the former secretary of state will testify on the the embassy attacks in benghazi. clinton agreed to testify before a house panel
6:36 am
october 22nd however a committee spokesperson says nothing is finalized. u.s. ambassador and three others died in the 2012 attack. well, we're now officially less than one year away from the democratic national convention, right here, in philadelphia, and the city is lighting up landmarks in blue this weekend to celebrate. "eyewitness news" there on boat house row last night the convention is scheduled to be at the the wells fargo senter from july 25th to the 28th in 2016, one week after the republican national convention in cleveland. all right. 6:36. still to come this morning new research is shedding light on what veterans cope with have after returning from the battle field why doctors think that thousands may be going undiagnosed with crippling emotional disorder. fire fighters in burlington county are training to make it home, i'm syma chowdhry with the real life experience coming up. and it has been a beautiful few days outside but get ready for a much warmer
6:37 am
workweek justin has a check of the forecast getting hot the hot hot, we will explain coming up next.
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6:39 am
welcome back montana fire fighters are hoping that an approaching cold front will balance out hot and dry conditions, but the wild fire in glazer national park. since tuesday that fire has been burning in the five square mile area. this wild fire, just one of several that continue to be
6:40 am
fueled, by drought-like conditions in the west. also las vegas surrounded by smoke a fire at a hotel swimming pool sent huge plumes of black smoke high above the strip yesterday. that fire started at cosmopolitan. pool cabanas and trees were engulfed and one person was taken to the hospital, and the hotel was evacuated. fire fighters say flammable artificial plants helped fuel those flames. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. we are getting a first hand look at how local fire fighters are using soon to be demolish homes as a training ground. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry suited up for the session and has the the story from burlington county. >> reporter: glass shatters as fire fighters in burlington county get a unique opportunity to train in real houses. several homes in the mount holly gardens neighborhood had been acquired by the town and are vacant. township officials plan to tear houses down next week. >> this is an entire neighborhood blighted neighborhood slated for
6:41 am
redevelopment. >> reporter: west hampton township fire chief jason carty wanted to get in the hems to practice fire fighter techniques they normally don't get to do in the practice facility. >> it is not the fire academy where we train in where over and over it is same floor plan building elevation and these are actual homes where people reside and provide different opportunities. >> reporter: to get a real experience i geared up as we rode along responding to the fire call. we got the door opened. we called the fire hose in and turned it on. for legal and safety reasons they cannot light the hems on fire but they can do everything else. >> actually breaking the glass, and clearing out window frame of the windows. >> reporter: fire fighters say this type of training will help them save lives for example, these guys behind me are break go through ceiling looking for pockets of fire.
6:42 am
>> it enables us to improve our skill set which at the end of the day helps residents that we serve. >> a lot of respect for these guys, lot of equipment and a lot of energy they take on a hot summer day like this i have a new respect for fire fighters. >> reporter: in mount holly syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". yeah, what they do is just incredible. imagine, with flames involved too. the that is an interesting look but justin, we're talking about heat today too hot hot, hot. >> we're cranking it up. that is shore shot behind me. that will be the place today today and over next several days. live look at ocean city at the boardwalk people out for their morning jog, bike ride why the not? good start to the day. temperature at the the shore in the mid 70es a. the nice breeze off the water. we have sunshine mixed with some cloud but make sure you have the sun block hitting the beach this have afternoon. lets talk about our temperatures, our average high this time of the year is 87 degrees. we are at the warmer part of the um iser.
6:43 am
throughout the week we will remain above average and peeking wednesday and thursday as temperatures top off in the mid 90's. if you don't like hot stuff you will in the like what is happening for middle of the upcoming week. upper 60's to lower 70's for current temperatures. wildwood at 70 degrees as well as redsing. sixty-seven in mount pocono. allentown in the mid 60's. your shore temperatures right now in the low to mid 70's, that ocean water is looking nice at 76 degrees. here's how it will feel over the next several days, in the yesterday, we were pleasant. today we will call it on the humid side, tomorrow, and tuesday, steamy, and then becoming oppressive. wednesday and thursday. so that just goes to show each day that those humidity levels will increase more and more. nice and quiet though storm scan three if you have outdoor plans, looks g it is a isolated shower a storm that does pop up far north and west of the city up toward lehigh valley and poconos. this ace weak cold front coming our way and it will in
6:44 am
the bring difference with our temperatures hot humid temperatures around 90 for afternoon high. that front weakens over the region for monday, still the threat for scattered showers and storms and i think we will see best chance come in monday afternoon, and temperatures still warm though in the upper 80's with the humidity around. once that front leaves we will be back to full sunshine for tuesday in, to the the lower 90's we will go and humidity levels continue to climb. throughout the the afternoon we will see sunshine mixed with some clouds but first half of the weekend stays dry. second half we will see isolated showers or thunderstorms popping up and could get one through the evening as well. monday we will flare up once again with all that heat and humidity around. it looks like monday more widespread scattered showers and storms but no need to cancel outdoor plans for monday, just have have the umbrella around just in case. if you are heading delaware beaches or new jersey shore we have a moderate risk for rip currents today. we have wind kicking out of the southwest and that chops up the water a a little bit. there could be rougher conditions but always whether it is calm or not make sure
6:45 am
life guard are on duty if you plan to go swimming. mostly sunny conditions at the shore, 83 for the the air temperature. ocean at 76. uv index is high, that wind will pick up at ten to 15 miles an hour. forecast for the inland spots near 90 degrees, isolated storm possible north and west of the city and then for tonight it will be muggy partly cloudy still chance for thunderstorm, low drops to around 72 for center city. here's the the extended forecast upper 80's tomorrow with clouds and thunderstorms. then that heat wave, tuesday wednesday, thursday, low to mid 90's, it looks like thursday is our hottest day of the week 95 with a chance have ovulate daze shower or storm and back to the 80's by end of the week. >> justin, thank you. 6:45. the lets check on the roads with ann evans in the traffic center good morning ann. >> roadways are behaving themselves. this is the schuylkill at montgomery, no delays or problems on the schuylkill this morning. volleys building but so far so good. we will move the traffic cam here to i-95 at bridge street
6:46 am
right through construction zone here, construction zone long term construction zone, not affecting traffic yet because volume ties late. on to the ben franklin bridge mid span, no delays or problems on the ben franklin or walt whitman, heading to the shore no delays up on the 42 freeway or 55, ac expressway and parkway look good alternate routes, route nine 47, 347 look all right and so does black horse and white horse pike. mass transit honor close to schedule. that is latest from the traffic center, i'm ann evans now nicole back to you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch a new study shows 40 years after the war ended a quarter million vietnam veterans are still struggling with post traumatic stress disorder. health reporter stephanie stahl has details of that research. >> reporter: philip, served four years in the vietnam war as a marine, ever since he had has been dealing with post traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and he has also been homeless.
6:47 am
>> i looked at my life, and yeah, something is wrong. >> reporter: new research shows more than 270,000 vietnam veterans are currently still experiencing, significant symptoms of ptsd. >> the trauma that one undergo is reexperienced relived sometimes on a daily or constant basis. >> reporter: study published in the jama psychology find one-third of the vietnam veterans currently suffer for depression. >> for vietnam veterans i would say they really did not have services for ptsd available for them when they came home. if they have in the received treatment it is never too late for iraq and afghanistan veterans there are many more treatment option as veilable. >> reporter: philip, who is six , four received counseling, medication and says his life has turned around. >> i don't choose to live in the past. i don't choose to live in the future. i choose to live in a moment, now. >> reporter: a number of studies show ptsd is not just a mental health condition it
6:48 am
can cause physical issues, too like cardiovascular disease. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. it is 6:48. still to come a trade rumors swirl around cole hamels, he pitches a no hitter against the cubs it is exciting stuff, what he had to say about yesterday's game that is just ahead in sports. big talk in my household we saw it go down i'm sure did you too. we will be right back, more on sports.
6:49 am
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
6:51 am
if that was cole hamels last start, cole hamels went out on top. forget about the trade rumors for just a moment because hamels just had the game of his life, exactly three years ago hamels signed a six year, 144 million-dollar contract and this weekend hamels fired a no hitter at no hitter in wrigley field in chicago. but first he needed help, and in the third inning ryan howard would supply offense. he connects while a three run home run the big piece his 17th of the season. phillies are up three to nothing. in the seventh cole hamels still locked in, strikes out anthony rizzo looking silly. and don't even bother. hamels awesome. fans loving it. on to the ninth, three outs to go. he gets rust tell ground out. miguel franco for out number one. everyone enjoyed hamels.
6:52 am
two outs to go. dexter fouler. ninety-six, right down the middle. fans can feel it. so did chris bryant. he send a charge, deep into center field will it stay in the yard? it will. odougal miss play is it but recovers in time, that is the the first in hitter in wrigley field since sandy koufax in 1965. how about that carlos ruiz, fourth no hitter behind the plate, tying a major league record for catchers. here's cole post game. >> you know, nothing will top winning the world series but this is probably on top of the list. that is right under it. we have a great hitter, you know up there in chris bryant and you know, to be able to keep that in the ballpark and herrera making an amazing play a second time, outstanding for him to be able to do that and to go all out. >> for the cubs, there wasn't much to discuss they gave hamels a tip of the hat on twitter and posted this head
6:53 am
line dexter fouler walks twice and lost to phillies. when your team can't get a hit they have to find something else to talk b. this photo is courtesy of our friend turtle a producer at 94wi p just moments after the no hitter, murphy's bar across the bar from wrigley throws up a help wanted sign, trade for hamels now. the cubs are one of the teams showing interest in cole along with the yankees dodgers and a few others. cole hamels is getting ought of the attention. he isn't the only one on the trade block. washington nationals had talks with jonathan papelbon. the other problem he also stated he will only accept a trade to a team that will keep them as their closer and that could be tough to find. the the hall of fame ceremonies in cooperstown normally a time for celebration, not confrontation. cheltenham high grad and mlb legend reggie johnson was involved in the heated altercation friday night with the fan seeking an autograph
6:54 am
outside a cooperstown restaurant. jackson confirmed the confrontation occurred but denied it turn physical. on the eve of the gold cup games, the u.s. mens team sketch admitted disappointment his team would the be in playing in the finals at the week today. understandable. there was still a game to be played as u.s. battled panama for conditions lacing prize at ppl park in chester. with the is down a goal deandre, find clint dempsey with a beautiful goal tying it at one. we would move on to penalty kicks, and one last chance, he is turned away, and panama with the upset of the you had three-two, on pk, panama takes third place. edd is a major problem delaware star elaine delladon no different in the all-star game in connecticut. she put up 16 points, eight rebound including that beautiful up and under but her
6:55 am
east squad would fall to the west 117-112. a week after the british opened, tour hits ontario for the canadian open. no zach johnson dustin johnson or jordan spieth but still big names in the ring with you it is david the ontario native, he lead, he is at 15 under par. ricky bobby said that, saturday there were qualifying for the brick yard 400 at indianapolis, one of the biggest races of the nascar season. joey logano missed out on the pole for second straight race, to karl edward. that is it for sports i'm pat gallon, have a great day. got to love path and his quoting ricky bobby. fantastic. in los angeles thousands of athletes kicked off special olympic world games this weekend. first lady michelle obama opened them up saturday night. largest gathering of the athletes in los angeles since
6:56 am
1948 summer olympics. competitors will participate in 25 sports over the next nine days, that is great. the best of luck to them. little league superstar mo'ne davis will they out a fifth fish at a softball game today. davis will be joined by mayor michael nutter and other dignitaries at smith playground at 3:00 this have afternoon. it kicks off first day of unity in the community's peace week an organization that works in collaboration of city neighborhood not the division. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00 here's what we have coming up at 7:00. terrible story in west oak lane this morning mother and child stabbed inside of their homes, we are live with the update as police search for their attacker. seniors are falling victim to scams on line and especially on dating web sites, consumer reporter jim donovan shows us how one woman wound up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to a conn artist and how you can protect yourself. and it will get steamy and hot, no more nice hair days
6:57 am
ladies, justin will have your weekend forecast up next.
6:58 am
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breaking news in west oak lane a mother and child fighting for their lives after being stabbed inside their home. police made that gruesome discovery responding to a domestic incident, we are live with an update. also a car end up in the schuylkill river near boat
7:00 am
house row and now authorities want to know who is behind that wheel. and hey phillies pitcher cole hamels makes history, he get his first no hitter in what could be his last game as a philly, we will have the latest on the trade rumors surrounding cole hamels. it is sunday july 26th good morning, thanks for joining us i'm nicole brewer. 7:00 o'clock. we will get a check of the forecast. it looks like we are cranking up the heat. in maybe not you but mother nature. >> i'm just messenger here but moans and growns already but it is july. we have to get used to it. it is the middle of the summer. hottest time of the year. we have another heat wave this week. we have only had 12, 90-degree days, pretty much average so we are doing okay as far as that goes. we will go outside not a bad start. notice increase in humidity. feel it at least. higher throughout the day and over next couple days, we will look live from across the river from


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