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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ >> now at 11:00 o'clock, candles, flowers and prayers
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outside the home of a port richmond mother murdered in front of her child. tonight heavy hearted community comes together to mourn and to search for answers in a senseless crime. good evening i'm ukee washington. jessica is off tonight. police are hoping surveillance video will help them find the person who shot and killed the 22-year-old mother. david spunt is port richmond where a vigil for the victim was held tonight. david? >> reporter: ukee, there was a lot of pain on the streets of port richmond tonight. her name was stephanie a beautiful two-year-old little girl who survives her. i'll back out of the way and show you the candles all of the support here tonight for stephanie. this all happened about 24 hours ago. police continue to look for the killer. stephanie's family and friends are here to remember her life. >> say a prayer for stephanie. our father -- >> some call her a friend. >> rest in piece baby girl. >> report roar others never met her. but felt compelled to pay their respects outside the home where
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this 22 year old mother was shot and killed. >> we're just praying that soon they will catch the killer. >> reporter: her two-year-old daughter was inside the home when she was shot to death. >> took her baby with her everywhere. i just still didn't believe this this. >> this surveillance video shows a possible suspect quickly running across the industry. police are trying to identify the man. sources tell "eyewitness news" the front door was unlock. giving the killer an easy way in in. >> this is a close knit neighborhood. the neighbors are really puzzled as to who would want to harm this mother. >> reporter: dozens spent hours staring at candle light. >> we love you stephanie. thinking about the loud gunshot that claimed her young life. detectives continue to stay focused on this video hoping it will give the family some closure.
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>> sean no trouble at all. she was everything. just graduated school. she was everything. she was good person. >> reporter: people have been sitting on the steps behind me where it all happened all day long. police are still looking for a suspect. people have information the city of philadelphia is offering a twenty seven thousand dollars reward for the arrest and conviction of stephanie's killer. we're live tonight in port richmond david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. turning to the weather now. heat wave continues to grip our region. it was a hot end to the month of july and it look like august will keep the trend going much meteorologist kate bilo on the sky deck right now with a look at the warm weekend ahead. kate. >> that's right, ukee. beautiful friday night outside. we've got a clear sky. you can see the stars overhead head. i don't have a view of the blue moon from where i'm staning it's not actually blue but it's the second full moon this month. and it is beautiful. thanks for the photos coming in
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if you haven't gotten a chance to get outside and take a peek, tonight is the night to do it. you don't need a jacket and it's not all that steamy out here. pretty lovely night to be out and about maybe doing some moon gazing. let's take a quick look at storm scan3. we're not seeing anything outside right now. any green you see just a ground clutter from the radar we're not seeing any rain certainly across the region. skies are clear on our triple sweep, and zooming out you can see a few showers over portions of the eastern canada couple of those could rotate towards the poconos tomorrow but most of us stay rain free. temperatures we finally drop out of the 80 noose the upper 70s here in philadelphia. 70 degrees in allentown. look at millville. 67 degrees mount pocono at 65. so as you wake up on your saturday morning pretty nice day. nice and warm, wake up to 75 degrees with sun. sunny and warm at 9:00 a.m. and by 11am, heating up we're at 85 degrees. we're still talking non-stop 90's. 93 for the tuesday and wednesday time frame. we got to 91 yesterday. 90 today. and tomorrow we're right back in the low 90s but as i've been saying not every 90 day created
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equal with lower humidity today was aok and tomorrow not bad either. coming up we do have the end of this heat wave in site. i'll have that for you with the seven day forecast. for now, ukee, back inside to you. >> kate see you shortly, thank you. beloved phillies pitcher cole hamels said goodbye to the city he called home for nearly a decade. tonight he's official al texas ranger. pat joins us with hamels final news conference and what next next. a little strange to see him in the texas uniform. >> weird after so long here in philadelphia much as one of the best pitchers in phillies history he said final goodbyes to the team and the city today. cole hamels is head to go texas. hamels had a 4:00 p.m. flight after the press conference actually did make it to the game tonight that does look weird. believe it or not jake diekman got into the game. he pitched out of a jam for the rangers. hamels will make his fir start as a ranger tomorrow. >> here is the trade that went down and really just seemingly took forever. the rangers will get hamels and
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diekman phillies get a bunch of prospects including highly regarded catcher hour say alfaro outfielder nick williams and lefty jake thompson. hamels talk about his time in philly. cole and his wife -- >> --, to be able to bring a world championship was that much more special because of what i think we all got to see in parade. i know a lot of wuss not from philly. you know we come here and our dreams are to win a championship to win a ring, and not really understand the purpose behind it. but i think we really grasped that when we got to take that parade you know down broad broad street and see wait meant to the fans here. >> cole and his wife heidi took out a full page ad they will in sunday's inquire tower thank the fans. they said we are eternally grateful philadelphia is where we made our first home and where we started our family and it
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will always hold a special place in our hearts end quote. phillies made another trade today. we will hear from ben revere coming up and the sixers got in on it as well. they couldn't be left out of this. >> it's all part of the plan. >> buddy see in you a little bit. thanks so much. >> all right. >> now on to "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson over at citizens bank park and steve as you know cole was more than a ball player in this area. he was definitely a celebrity. >> reporter: ukee, this is a guy whose been so good for so long but from almost moment one many have called in to question his character. many wonder the if this california kid was tough enough to represent philly. it turns out his legacy had not only be going to bat for his teammates but for the city of philadelphia. >> the arm of an ace -- >> he was work horse. >> the grace of a diplomat. >> city will miss a good guy. >> and of course, the looks of a movie star. >> he's hot. i think he's really hot. >> i know he's got a wife but --
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>> phillies fans lamenting. so much to miss about the lock down style of cole hamels. he wouldn't games helped bring the city a championship and went out with a no hitter. perfect ending for the man they call hollywood. >> sad to see him go. >> reporter: but what may get lot of somewhere in the praise about ability phillies sports talk doubts about toughness is what hamels means to the city off the field. >> he's a great person a lot of charity work. a lot in the community. >> reporter: this is a guy who together with wife heidi create add foundation that aims to build schools in africa, while raising more than a million dollars for philadelphia public education. one of their daughters an orphan from ethiopia. >> him and heidi big charity events he was a great sponsor of the city of physical. >> they just were the epitomy of what philadelphia was all about. >> reporter: the point is the hamels era on the field may have been long over but in a time where athletes are known for negativity here's a guy they
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call hollywood in return called philadelphia home. just listen. >> it's been, you know, one of the most joyous experiences that not only myself but my family has been able to be a part of. we've, you know, raising my family here, it's been -- it's been special. >> reporter: and during that news conference hamels mentioned that the foundation he started in philadelphia will continue in philadelphia and yes he hide dean the kids plan to visit often. you haven't seen the last of cole hamels in philadelphia. reporting live from citizens bank park, i'm steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> that's for sure. steve, as you can tell from your report, our loss the rangers gain. today the team tweeted out this feet which reads welcome to texas cole hamels. phillies fans have been taken to social media to talk about the hamels trade. dawn writes, we will miss you cole thanks for the memories, good luck in texas and jake says, class act all the way.
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i'm glad you're in the american league that way i won't have to boo you. i love it. we invite to you share your thoughts on the cole hamels trade. the conversation is happening right now on the cbs philly facebook page and on twitter at cbs philly. well the world spotlight will soon be shining on the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection as we are now 57 days away from the arrival of pope francis in philadelphia. and tonight we have new developments concerning security for the papal visit. tensions and questions have been rising as time ticks closer to the visit. secret service is in charge of security and today in a rare move issued a news release it reads the exact configurations of the venues he will visit has not been finalized. as such the overall security plan has not been finalized. the mayor says safety is the prime directive of the secret service. >> that's right about safety and security are the. they want maximum security. pope francis wants max pump access those are two, you know, fairly defined extremes.
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>> the perimeter road closures and access will be made public most likely not until about three weeks out. exxon in law of former pennsylvania governor tom corbett found guilty by a philadelphia jury. 45-year-old joe gibson former philadelphia narcotics officer showed in emotion in court today. jury found him guilty of stealing $140 gibson was caught in sting taking money from a car equipped with hidden cameras. close call in the skies commercial airliner coming nor a landing almost collides with a flying object that appeared to be a drone and tonight we're hearing the pilot's reaction. also new developments in the investigation into the killing of cecil the lion. what zimbabwe's government wants. plus what we've learned about cecil's cubs. kate? >> and ukee, a nice friday night out there. we've got a hot and sunny weekend on the way. wherever your man's take you to the pool, to the shore, to the mountains, i'll have your forecast for all of it and i'll tell when you the heat wave comes to an end coming up in
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>> another wrongful death lawsuit filed in the amtrak tragedy. rachel jacobs was ceo of an educational technology company based in philadelphia. the 39-year-old was one of eight people killed may 12th when train 188 derail at frankford junction. more than 200 others were injured. her family is seeking unspecified damages. >> delta airlines flight had a near miss with drone over jfk. they reported seeing airborne object near the approach path to the runway around 5:00 p.m. authorities say the plane did not have to take any evasive action and it landed safely. the pilot described what he saw to area traffic control. about a mile back there was a drone flying just under southwest side of us --
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>> what altitude would you say that was? >> about 100 feet below us just off the right wing. >> roger. did you by any chance get the color or type. >> no, it was not close enough to be able to tell. >> the faa continues to vest eight gate the incident. wes link legend rod bee piper died at age of 61. he was one of the biggest stars in the wwe and in the '80's and admitted in the hall of fame in 005. he was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma in 2006 just last year said he was cancer sr. free much he's survived by his wife and four children. zimbabwe will try extradite the american hunter who killed cecil the beloved lion that was lured out national park. walter james palmer of minnesota is believed to have shot the lion with bow on july 1st after it was lured on to private land with an animal carcass laid out on a car. 40 hours later palmer allegedly
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killed the wounded lion with a gun. palmer said he did nothing wrong and relied on his hunting guides wildlife conservation unit that had been studying cecil has found that the cubs fathered by cecil are in you being protected by his brother who is named jericho. how would you just like to float your cares away? on the health watch tonight flotation therapy claims to ease a variety of ailments. health reporter stephanie stahl checks out a float center in our row john to see what it's all about. >> reporter: denise grossman is soaking away her stress in float therapy. >> it can be as simple as relax relaxing and closing your eyes and giving yourself some time and space to be alone. >> reporter: high school english teacher is a regular at note in marlton. private tanks like a big bathtub are filled with warm water and enough epsom salt to keep the body completely boy yann. >> when relieves the stress and pressure on the joints. it allows the muscles to fully
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relax. >> reporter: owner says flotation therapy can help with everything from arthritis and high blood pressure to insomnia and migraine. >> an important part of flotation therapy is sensory deprivation. this tank is pitch black and soundproof. and because you're floating there's no gravity on your body. >> when you roo move all of the things that are bombarding your brain processor on daily basis it opens up a lot of brain power to heal, relax focus op things. >> reporter: that level of deep relaxation which happens with med did you takes can reduce stress hormone in the brain. >> it positively effects things like stress, anxiety and depression. >> reporter: he says the magnesium sulphate is absorb through the the skin which have variety of benefits but mostly it's about finding a brief escape from our crazy lives. >> there's stillness utter piece, utter relaxation. >> the salt kills any germs but
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the water is filtered and cleaned between each customer. it costs $49 for an hour session session. we have more information at and i'll also put it on my facebook and twitter feeds. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> would you or won you? >> i would try it. >> i would, too. >> i would too. i'd give eight shot. >> at first i don't know if you'd want to be in a dark room and not know -- >> that's the ultimate chill sacks. >> i would try it. i love floating in the owing on nice summer day. >> i float like a rock. i need the saul. >> the ocean has plenty of saul. >> not as much as i need. >> if you're down the shore tomorrow you'll love the weather weather. let's segue into the weather here. we've got beautiful shore weather this weekend. but what we've got outside right now maybe even better than that. talk about relaxation. how about sitting outside taking a look at our blue moon. doesn't look very blue, does and it blue moon is not literal term term. it's not actually blue. the second full moon this month and you can see that gorgeous
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shot on skycam3 that is the moon over philadelphia right now. let's take you down to atlantic city where everything is nice and bright as well you can see the pier is open for business. we've got the ferris wheel going. got the lights going it look like a blast and a great night for it and you can almost kind of see the moon off the water here in atlantic city. let's talk about our blue moon it's out there right now if you gotten out to see it i recommend you peek out the window the likes fantastic. second full moon of the month despite the phrase once in blue moon which sounds like it's a rare occurrence it happens 2.7 years the next time will be in 218 go see this one and take look at this photo. one of our eye weather watchers took this beautiful shot of the blue moon behind the buildings in philadelphia. i'll tweet out some of his other photos as well. thank you fill as always for that. storm scan3 is clear. great conditioning to see the blue moon tonight. couple of these showers and storms are trying to drift down into the erie area northwestern pennsylvania at the moment.
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these showers could make it into portions of our north and west suburbs tomorrow in the poconos keep an i'm out for a stray shower or thunderstorm. otherwise pretty great conditions this weekend if you don't mine the heat. right now 79 at the airport. 76 in wilmington. 67 degrees in millville. and that's nice and cool. if you head down to the pipe barrens lot of times when you have temperatures holding ton heat in the city because that urban heat island effect. all the blacktop and settlement retaining the heat temperatures slower to cool in urban areas. july was about degree above average about an inch below average on precipitation. highest temperature was 95. you can see now that dry air is sweeping in so the heat and humidity at least from a few days ago is a thing of the past. we've got high pressure overhead overhead, it's sunny and hot through the weekend humidity is not all that bad. squeeze play on monday bring a bit more humidity and a better chance for a shower or thunderstorm we start to get more of that southwest flow. overnight, beautiful blue moon out there mainly clear nice and warm 70 degrees for your
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saturday it's hot with lots of sunshine and 92. if you're headed down the shore on saturday looks great mid 80s good way to beat the he can treatment heat. uv index is 10 put on the sunscreen if you're on the poconos chance for thunderstorm on saturday. especially in the mountains. sunday is mostly sunny and beautiful in the mountains and then monday another chance for a thunderstorm. so the "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast we've got four more days in the 90's. this will end up being a 8-day heat wave. we'll get close sunday and monday there's a chance we don't get to 91 of those days. it could be eight straight days and things get more seasonal by the middle of neck week. not a bad week toned get outside. >> not at all. it look pretty good. thanks kate. >> pat gallen with "eyewitness sports". >> had to be a full moon today. cole hamels is a texas ranger. hamels addressed the media as a last time as a phillie we'll hear from him coming up. ben revere on the move as the phillies clear out some veterans before the deadline.
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it took a little time but the phillies finally parted ways with world series hero cole hamels today. in the blockbuster trade with the rangers the phillies restocked their farm system but give up ace pitcher still in his prime. >> i'm excited to, upping, start, you know, the next chapter in my baseball live. it's something where upping, they have a lot of great players, you know, i've followed a lot of those players. i've played against a lot of them. you know, knowing that there's always a chance especially in that league, you know, you can put on a good roll and, you know knowing that i can be a part of that, um, you know i don't think there's too far away away. especially this year. i'm excited for neck year. >> so had made the trade? ruben
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amaro is still the general manager but it does appear that he had a little help from his friends in the front office. >> there was no different from how i've been operating since i took over at the end of 2008. i had pat gillick in the room with me and i had andy mc phail lynn in the room with me but i'm the gm and, you know, we made the deals. no different from doing, you know arc deal for cliff lee or anyone else. >> cole not the only one on the move. ben revere zen to the blue jays just before the deadline. for two pitching prospect. here's ben as he was packing up for toronto. >> i mean i know everybody especially fans are frustrateed but it's rebuilding phase, you know of course, phillies fans don't want to hear that but got young guys going to be great major league ball players in a couple of years. >> wild one at the bank tonight pat burrell in town. induct flood the wall of fame beforehand.
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things got weird quick. definitely a full moon tonight. dom brown smokes one into the bullpen second homer of the season but how about that catch by justin defratus? using the cap. not bad. >> thing got a little bit more weird later on. crazy run down in the fifth inn inning. david buchanan gets stuck at third. hernandez just staring at him. the catcher comes out. what do i -- oh, well, all right. hernandez basically walks back to second base much that's not good. good for the phillies. they win by a score of nine to three. and sam hinkie would not be left out of the fun today. jason thompson we hardly knew you sixers deal him to the golden state warriors for gerald wallace and future draft situation. he was part of the trade with sacremento in july that broad nick to philadelphia. big g might be fun coming off the bench. might have little left in the tack. >> gerald wallace he's a little
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old now. >> old is old. >> i'm not going say. >> 30? >> basketball years. >> a
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♪ perfect night to celebrate christmas in july at eakins oval in philadelphia tonight. there was a synthetic ice skates ring pitchers with summer santa available. also great christmas music and a screening of the movie elf.
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christmas now you might ask? it's just one of the many themed movie nights put on by the department of parks and recreation and fairmount park conservancy. very nicely done. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. our colleagues will be back in the morning starting at 5:00 o'clock. for kate, pat and everyone here i'm ukee washington. hawaii five-o is coming up next film our entire team. have a great weekend. good night family. when you go,
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