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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  August 4, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". eagles excitement building as fans flock to the first open training camp of the season. good afternoon everyone, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl. eagles are in south philadelphia gearing up for 2015. and birds have had a lot of changes since last season. "eyewitness news" sports reporter pat gallon is live
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for us at the linc, very loud link, with a look at today's kick off. hey, pat? >> fans finally in here early this morning it, opened at 10:00 a.m., and as you can see behind me, there is a lot going on here, actually the first open practice of the season, alumni day, then on august 9th, it will be the military day here lincoln financial field, but as you can see behind me, the fans have certainly filed in for a tuesday afternoon, not too bad, the fans have been ready to go, really been ready to go all off season waiting for this moment to happen. then in a month, wait being for the regular season to to get underway. obviously with the training camp underway, a lot of the talk has been about the quarterback position, one being sam bradford, looked pretty good so far, in the camp in the first two days, but there is bigger news, with sam bradford, and that's there is a report that there could be a contract extension on the way, that according to espn, so obviously something to look out for, but, as we know, the
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fans have been gearing up for this moment for long time, so a loft excitement here at lincoln financial field. from the link, i'm pat gallon, back to you guys. >> a loft excitement, pat, thanks so much. stay with us for continuing coverage of eagles training cap p. get all your birds information right here, wrapping up. or our website go e-a-g-l-e-s. perfect weather for training camp. katie fehlinger here in the cbs-3 weather center with more for us. >> good afternoon, i think some people do like it hot. >> certainly still feels little muggy outside for sure, so steamy outside, definitely feels like the height of summer after all, and we're going to continue this heatwave for yet another day, appears as this will be the last day of our heatwave before we finally see things cooling down little bit here. for august standards, it will be a lot closer to typical. we go ahead start things off by taking you outside, back in
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time here, at this point, we officially only have a seven day heatwave. right? we have it actual -- we haven't hit 09 just yet, coming close at this hour, but just a look at the last seven days where we went, where we ended up on the thermometer, longest heatwave we've had actually since july the 2013. so it has been a while since we had this kind of stretch of days. meanwhile, actually take you all the way back in time, looking at midnight last night, we had some pretty heavy thunderstorms rumbling on through, see how it came through in clusters? going on the air this morning at 4:30, with a couple of clusters track severe thunderstorms, and then oops, all sipped right out. so at this point just left with some sunshine, beautiful blue skies, already at 87 degrees, at the airport, that winds is kicking up little bit, but humidity, it is not terrible. it is still hot, however. ninety as we said, the expected high today, so still few additional ticks on the thermometer before all said and done. then we start at least mod eggs cool down as we head
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forward in the forecast even by friday, it looks as though we won't even break the 70s. so we'll have more details on the full forecast for you as the show progresses, pat, we send it over to you. >> thanks very much. tragedy at the circumstance just new hampshire, after a tent collapses killing a father and his daughter. investigators are looking into whether the winds from a storm that blew in caused the deadly collapse. cbs news correspondent marlie hall with the latest from lancaster, news hampshire. >> new hampshire fire marshals are inspecting what's left of the circus tent that came down yesterday in a fears storm, killing a father, and his daughter. authorities say, a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for the region, just before the show began. >> we don't know why they were going on at that time, and what they new. >> about 100 people were attending a late afternoon circus performance when the storm hit. packing 60-mile per hour winds. brandon was inside the tent with his son. >> the flaps on the side of
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the tent, they were open, they weren't tied down to any polls or anything, and they started going crazy. people who were part of the circus just yelled run. >> investigators will look at how the tent was set up, the manufacturer's specifications about winds, and they'll talk to witnesses. the state fire marshall says local fire officials would have inspected the tent after it was set up, if notified about the event. >> to the best of our knowledge, there was no inspections done by any local or state officials. >> the incident in lancaster comes at a time whether dozens of state fares and other festivals are taking place across the nation. many using tents similar to the one that collapsed in new hampshire. marlie hall, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". police have blocked off thin section in brooklyn after huge sinkhole opened up earlier today. that hole swallowed up most of the street, corner of fifth avenue and 64th street just before 8:00 this morning. there are no reported
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injuries, and it is not clear he can actually what caused that sinkhole. >> pennsylvania state police are investigating a deadly accident early this morning in chester county. chopper three over the intersection hereof fairview and little connestoga road in glenn moore. one person was killed, another person rushed to the hospital. the roads were closed after the crash, but both roads are now open. well, on this 53 days until the papal visit to philadelphia, the nights have arrived. 1500 members of the knights of columbus are opening their supreme convention with a mass at the convention center. >> ♪ >> catholic church pageantry at its height as exhibit hall at the convention center was trans formed into a cathedral. archbishop charles chaput was the main celebrant at the mass flanked by cardinals and bishops from around the world. today the leadership of the knights of columbus announce the commitment to raise and to expands its fundraising
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efforts to aid crystal refugees in the middle east escaping persecution. >> today we are compelled as an organization to speak up for our brothers and sisters in the middle east. pope francis has called the conditions in which christian refugees live there intolerable. >> the knights donated $3 million in humanitarian aid to help persecuted christians in the middle eels. more on this story later today on "eyewitness news". and septa is saying that its on line lottery for papal passes was a success. they tell us more than 38,000 people signed up during the 24 hour submission period. septa says that they won't know the total number of passes requested until sometime later today. each customer could request up to ten passes, confirmation for purchase will be sent to you by e-mail. and once again, we are only 53 days away from the highly anticipated arrival of pope francis, stay with "eyewitness news" for our complete coverage of this
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historic event. camden county is reporting its first case of the west nile virus. we're told six year -- 06 year old man from bellmawr was sent to the hospital on july 12th. he was released just few days later. today could be the day we find out if delaware county wawa can start selling beer. the concord township board of supervisors is expected to vote tonight on plan it, would allow beer sales at the wawa on naman's creek road and 202. if approved by local and state officials, it could soon be able to grab a six pack with your hoagie. controversial video is released showing a kentucky third grader handcuffed. not by his wrists but around his biceps. lawsuit has now been filed. this is one-story we have for you straight ahead. >> also, some amazing video of road collapsing here, sending vehicles into a river. you're watching "eyewitness news" at noon, we'll be right
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one man, you can see him there, seen climbing down the collapsed cliff to get to a vehicle. state media report it was the heaviest rainstorm in the country in many years. also, caught on camera, a run away garbage truck plowing through anything its way. surveillance video from beaver county, pennsylvania, shows that truck, rid, there taking out two cars, and then later on a couple trash cans as it
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barrels down the street. waste management says the accident is under investigation. the boat used by the two teenagers missing off the florida coast, well, that boat now missing it self. >> the coast guard is saying that they will not be looking moore boat. two, 14 year old, perry cohen, and austin steve knows, were missing last month, went missing last month, the coast guard located the boat in the atlantic, but they say it drifted off during the search for the teenagers, they've suspended that search, however, volunteers have continued looking for those missing boys. some new video showing kentucky sheriff's deputy handcuffing a third grader, knotts by his wrists, but around the boy's biceps. video released as part of federal lawsuit. the acu was saying that the boy has adhd, hyperactivity disorder, and should not have been handcuffed to control his behavior. the complaint also alleges that same deputy restrained nine year old girl with special needs in the same manner on two different
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occasions. >> there was no legitimate purpose there, neither child that committed a crime, and all of their behavior was related to their specific disabilities. >> the sheriff's department is saying that it will not comment until it reviews the lawsuit. >> ty, incorporated has created a cecil the lion beanie baby to raise money for foundation efforts, after dentist walter palmer accused of killing the well known lion in zimbabwe. all profits will go to the wildlife conservation research unit of the university of oxford in england. that toy will go on sale at the end of september. still ahead this noon, family in florida had an inground pool one day, and then an above grounds the next day. >> you might want to call it a pop up pool. we will explain this and how it all happened coming up. katy? >> pat, we are once again looking ahead to another very hot day here in the delaware valley, the heatwave continues. but a cool-down is in -- on
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the horizon for us, we'll tell when you to expect the temperatures to drop off coming up.
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breaking news for this noon, tractor-trailer accident, this is on the pennsylvania turnpike, in bucks county. you can see, that tractor-trailer smoking. this is southampton township between willow grove and bensalem, where all eastbound traffic is now stopped because of this crash, between the truck and an s.u.v. there are no report of injuries. the investigation is just immediately underway, but
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again, traffic is stopped here, on the pennsylvania turnpike, in bucks county, in the area of willow grove and bensalem. >> an inch bound pool becomes an above grounds pool. this happened overnight. a family in holiday, florida heard some cracking noises, they called 911, and then saw this. >> popped out of the ground, and the area has had a lot of rain lately, investigators believe, that caused the pool to pop up. so fascinating, looking at that video, could barely speak. >> like where was it before? >> all you see things sing rather than pop, pretty bizarre. >> this morning a lot of popping sounds right outside my window. >> i know you woke up from it. we were tracking it back here for everybody. we got all sorts every tweets, woken up by thunderstorms, light show outside my window,
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understand bridge so. we showed you the time lapse for the last 12 hours, earlier in the show, and thankfully all of that is long gone. now, dow think you're still going to see a shower or thunderstorm out there. we'll track that for you, another system later in the week, looks like some pretty soggy conditions. but, let's back things up, just take a look at the here and now, start small, right? take a peak at storm scan3, at the moment, things still tranquil overall. still more sun than anything out there. we are, however, still tracking the sagging of frontal boundery off to the south, and that's where we will eventually i think end up with another shower or thunderstorm, popping, across the region, as gee throughout the day. did i also want to draw your attention to this right now. starting to see little hint of circulation, form over oklahoma, this is eventually going to blossom, gather moisture, turn into our next larger system. and that is what we are looking ahead to for the tail end of the week. one example of one of the many models we look at, but one that's definitely the most re bus in terms of how this all
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pans out. specifically, overnight thursday,. >> heavy rain for our area, one of the models we're keeping an eye on. we back up again to the here and now, still talking about slight risk for severe weather even though the brunt of any thunderstorms have already rolled through, widespread coverage, anything later today could produce heavy downpours, brief, but heavy gusty win, maybe small size hail, what we saw earlier this morning. meanwhile we look ahead to future weather, 2:00 p.m., in a mother of hour or two, skies totally cure right now, some of the popcorn thunderstorms, very scattered fashion, very good chance many of you don't see one raindrop out of this don't be shocked if that's the case. grant in the is what we are expecting here specially through the southeastern half of the region maybe toward dinnertime, shore point getting hit so brief, when it does come through, watch for those heavy downpours, and if you hear thunder, pat mention,
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you get woken up by this casino of weather head inside. we talk the beach, rest of the afternoon still watching for that scatter vardy at this of shower or thunderstorm, but overall, it is sin, warm, make sure the sun block ready to go if you hit the beach this afternoon, meanwhile, we spill expect to hit 09 as we mentioned earlier, in the show, it will make it day eight of the heatwave and then cool down starts. tomorrow even, though nice and warm, little less humid, refreshing breeze to go along with it, looks like nice summer day the change will be palpable, really notice it, with time here. >> all right. >> and we'll celebrate it, too. >> absolutely. >> with a umbrella. >> exactly. looking forward to it. getting a look at two of the newest panda cubs in the worlds, take a close look. no less than two giant pandas gave birth on sunday at panda center in china all four cubs we're told are little boys,
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pandas of course are endangered, world while life funds says just over 1800 giant pandas left in the wild. they cause real pandemonium, pat. >> good one. coming right back.
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donovan "3 on your side" has ideas on how to save money, while getting the best care for your child. that's today at 5:00. the first few days of august have brought hot and steamy weather and reminder that summer could be quickly coming to a close. >> oh, yes. for those every us, good time to step back, analyze if the new armor is a summer fling or the real thing. joining us now, psychologist, president of love matters, llc, she has some insight for anyone trying to answer that age old question. monica, good afternoon. >> here is a real question. from a relationship that kind of started and kind of inspired by the is the summer heat if you will, how do you know it will last? what do you have to look for? >> everyone looks forward to summer. singles, especially, because they're done hibernating, and thinking they're going to be outdoors, and people plan more in the summer. they're in a great mood. they want to go out during the week and on the weekends. so your calendar is very full.
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and come september, when you're thinking about the winter again, you want to assess is this real a summer fling or the real thing? and one of the things you want to look for is your calendar as booked september, october, november, as it was in july and august? when people tends to go out more. so you want to make sure that you're still seeing that person, at least once during the week, and on the weekends, as well. >> the text messages, talk forever on the phone, it is natural for some that far to die down, but still needs to be, there right? >> right. you definitely want to check in, text messages are fun, of course, i always caution people, what you put in writing, but you want to send cute, flirty, hello's during the day, and you want to keep that going, because it is important in the relationship, to keep the romance and spark alive. >> but, if a guy doesn't pick up the phone to call you and talk to you, and to ask you for a date, i mean, should you really understanded that maybe he's just not that into you?
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>> well, in today's world, people do text more, but i caution all, there is nothing like a personal phonecall. you want to hear his voice, her voice, and you want to really be able to assess how things are going by the tone of the voice, and how the conversation is flowing. and of course, if they're asking you out, and the plans are forthcoming. >> only about 15, 202nd left, we love beachier ball in the summer, love our games, but they're playing games, time to cut them snout. >> no playing games f someone is serious, they'll ask you out, they're going to plan ahead, but there is great news for singles. >> let's hear it. >> according to match. com, which is the leading website for singles, 49% of those polled have turned their summer romance into the real thing. so don't fret, summer romances can last forever. >> thank you so much, honda. really great to have you with us. that's "eyewitness news" at noon. young and the res
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>> jack: hey. you hungry? i could have mrs. martinez whip up something. >> phyllis: i'm not hungry. >> jack: probably exhausted. maybe you want to go up and lie down -- >> phyllis: i don't want to eat. i don't want to sleep. i want to find victor. >> jack: honey, we need to think this through. >> phyllis: i am not going to let victor get away with what he did to me. >> jack: sweetheart, i know you're -- >> phyllis: what? you know what, jack? >> jack: you're devastated. you're angry. you have every right to be. you've been violated. >> phyllis: for months. >> jack: if i could make annicelli pay, i would. >> phyllis: yeah, well, you can't. but we can make victor pay. and that's exactly what i intend to do. you got to be kidding me. he's alive? j


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