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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 5, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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jen and ben, new claims he and the nanny rendezvoused in vegas. >> and what's up with this recent shot of them at ben's home? the nanny accompanied him. there were no children present. >> champagne in hand, ben gets hit with nasty new allegations. and jen sthet sympathetic headlines. >> plus, news on gwen and gavin and reba mcentire. >> we love you reba. >> then beverly hills housewives kim richards. >> and which star just got busted on the sunset strip? >> i'm with mariah carey today.
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>> they wanted to get a few words in. >> also, amal clooney reigns over husband george. >> she's completely upstaging him. >> and lenny kravitz overexposed. what he says about the fallout from his fallout. >> lenny, that's why you wear drawers. now "e.t." with the latest on today's top stories. >> jennifer garner and ben after fleck and, oh, yeah, the other woman. >> seems it all came to a head during ben and jen's vacation in the bahamas. that is where a report says jen realized cheating had destroyed her marriage. >> she is just absolutely devastated that despite anything else that may have gone down during their marriage, for jen, this is the ultimate betrayal. >> inside jen's heartbreak is people magazine's screaming headline. we have the timeline of that faithful bahamas vacation. >> the june vacation was really a make or break trip where they evaluated what their future
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would hold. >> it started with jen flying to boston for work. then ben and the nanny flew to the bahamas with the kids. one day after jen joined them, the couple announced their divorce. >> sources tell people that jen seemed to have some fuller understanding of what had been happening with the nanny and she realized there was just no point in going forward. ben then had to leave for a charity poker tournament. when he left, even though the kids stayed behind, the nanny left with ben. >> that poker tournament was in las vegas. she also reportedly told friends of a meeting at the hotel bellai bellaire. then came this late night meeting in l.a. sources tell "e.t." that christine had alerted paparazzi she would be there. >> sources close to christine have told people that she said she was in love with him. that it was a romantic relationship. she even showed off photos on her phone of sitting on ben's lap and kissing him.
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for his part, sources close to ben are telling people that he absolutely denies there was ever an affair. that perhaps there was a friendship with the nanny. >> jen is now in atlanta shooting miracles from heaven with queen latifah. ben has been visiting her and the kids there often. >> jennifer has a very strong support system. her inner circle of family and friends has been a tremendous source of support for her. and she's leaning on them heavily right now. >> jennifer garner has a lot of company in the broken hearts club right now with gwen, mar miranda lambert and reba mcentire. according to a new report, reba's split may have happened a lot sooner if not for her famous daughter-in-law. >> did kelly clarkson try to save reba's 26-year marriage? a new report claims kelly is the reason the marriage lasted this long. >> kelly's married to brandon blackstock. he's the son of reba's ex. kelly was urging the two of them to stay together. even though they had reportedly
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been living apart for two years. >> reba getting some love from her baby daddy co-star. >> i talked to her. she's doing great. i love her and i wish them both well. >> tonight, she returns to baby daddy on abc family to attend, of all things, a wedding. >> then you canceled, the caterer quit. there's not going to be a wedding. >> no! >> now to gwen and gavin. a new report sheds light into what may have gone wrong. one persistent rumor, gwen believes gavin had been unfaithful. their marriage has faced a few struggles. >> in 2004, gavin's ex came forward and revealed that gavin is the father of her daughter. even though she was born 13 years before gwen and gavin got married, this revelation still reportedly put a strain on the relationship. >> turning now to blake shelton, a new report claims he a outraged over allegations that he had an affair with katy grove.
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in touch magazine reported that shelton hooked up with grove for a month in 2011 while shooting this music video. >> in touch is standing by their story. but our sources tell us the two never had a relationship. there's reason to doubt it. >> it's just right to defend his good name. nancy, i want you to check out this crazy video. that is sheinelle west coast getting arrested outside a popular hollywood nightclub. listen closely, you can hear the police officer explain why he is cuffing her. >> you kicked me and punched me. i tried to let you go home. understand that. >> she was arrested for battery. >> that's a lot like what happened to beverly hills housewife kim richards. she was arrested for getting violent with a police officer. then she was busted for shoplifting. what is next for kim? michelle turner is here in the next chapter of what is becoming a very sad story.
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>> a lot of people are worried about kim's mental state. and now comes a report that her family is considering taking a drastic measure to keep her safe. >> kim is clearly in crisis. she's probably trying to self-medicate depression. >> reacting to reports today which claim kim richards' family is considering putting the reality star on an involuntary psychiatric hold. the so-called 51/50. this week's arrest follows an arrest in april for battery and a relapse at her daughter's wedding. >> the way a 51/50 would benefit kim, it allows her to get the treatment she needs and it also stops her from signing herself out of the hospital. >> it has helped stars including britney spears. but such a move requires the cooperation of legal and health care professionals. >> once the family basically commits somebody involuntarily,
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they're saying, my family member is in the hands of the medical staff or a mental health attorney. >> as i went to the treatment, they put me on a medication called atavan. >> when i spoke to kim just two weeks ago, she was open about struggling for sobriety. she's had multiple attempts at rehab. a 51/50 opens the door to even more intense therapy. >> it usually is a motivator to accept some form of treatment that they need to get stabilized and get healthier. >> a healthy kim is what everyone wants. now, she has pleaded not guilty to that shoplifting charge. her case will be heard in court august 20th. >> we hope she can deal with all her demons. viola davis isn't a lawyer, but she plays one on tv. her character on how to get away with murder was a revelation. it wasn't just the fans who loved her performance. the critics are all in too. that was one of the reasons she was nominated for an emmy. i caught up with viola yesterday
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and she gave me insight into season two of her hit show. >> congratulations on the nomination. how did you celebrate? you posted an interesting picture. >> i forget that people look at twitter. >> i had a strawberry basil margarita at california pizza kitchen. i did. i had two. >> go on and celebrate viola. the nomination could turn into a milestone win. >> if you win, you will be the first african-american woman ever to win that category. >> i've arrived at a time in my life where i put in the work and i deserve to be there. >> season two kicks off september 24th. >> i hear a murder will be solved in the first episode. >> it's going to start off with a bang. and i think there will be moments that will make twitter scream. and actually, 99.9% sure of that. >> until then, the focus is on family, which includes her husband of 12 years. season two. >> uh-huh.
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>> she had quite a love life. julius is sitting right over there. will he make an appearance in season two? he is sitting right over there. will he be a love interest? >> julius? >> yeah. >> he's got the most important role. he's my love interest in life. yeah, he's got the hot role. >> hello. and julius and viola are one of my favorite couples. i love it that he was there yesterday spending extra time. >> yeah, kind of nice. >> they're the best. coming up, kevin bacon takes us behind the scenes of his new movie. >> and can he remember the famous films where he said these lines. >> i am a nice guy. >> no idea. >> plus, tyra banks talked to us about tonight's top model premier. that is on the way. but, first, it's game over for bet's the game tonight. we have spent a lot of time with the cast during the show's nine seasons. the good news, fan favorites are back after a three-year absence. according to tia, the show will
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give all the fans out there the ending that they had hoped for. >> there will be closure. we are still married. so i guess that's a good sign. closed captioning provided by --
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i actually have a nude scene in every film. i put it in my contract, full frontal. and they take them out. kevin, it's an animated film. you're in a voiceover booth. please put on your pants. >> that's kevin bacon in a new mock psa trying to start a campaign for actors. to free the bacon. he should call lenny kravitz. it's not kevin's parts that are an issue in in the new movie. >> no. it's a big cheesy mustache. what was he thinking? what does his wife think? "e.t." online found out. >> just got report of two kids. >> what did she think of the facial hair? >> she's seen me in all different sort of kinds of situations. she's good with it. that's part of being married to an actor. >> kevin's new grow clearly not a deal breaker. married now for a remarkable 26 years, which is especially rare in this season of splits. >> what's the secret to a long-lasting marriage in the industry? >> whatever you do, don't listen to celebrities on advice on how to stay married.
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that's my secret. >> something is in the trunk of kevin's cruiser. and the kids who find it have no idea what they're in for in the thriller cop car. >> boys, i know you can hear it. you are in a whole lot of trouble. >> this is kevin's 45th film which means he's mastered a lot of classic lines. but does he remember them. >> i am a nice guy, just a different kind of nice guy. >> no idea. i'm a nice guy, just a different kind of nice guy. few good men. >> i am a nice guy. just a different kind of nice guy. >> river wild. >> off to a good start. >> here we go. just i get the feeling you've been kissed a lot. >> i'm afraid i've suffered by comparison. i got one. >> knock it all down to involuntary manslaughter. >> that's few good men.
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i think i've only played one lawyer. that was pretty easy. >> you see it was one good man there at the end. and he did handle the truth. >> wow. up next, lenny kravitz, he frees the bacon and the internet goes nuts. we have hollywood's reaction. and kerry washington looks back at her own wardrobe scandal. >> you can see me running past the carpet. then why vanity fair thinks amal clooney is one of the world's best dressed. plus, a little way back wednesday with mariah carey as she gets her star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> wow. stick around.
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you know, there is nothing worse for a celebrity when they are out in public on a red carpet or an event than the dreaded wardrobe malfunction. lenny kravitz is the latest victim. he accidentally let it all hack out at a concert in sweden.
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apparently his pants weren't made for the rigors of rock 'n' roll. everyone in hollywood is talking about lenny. >> wow. he's a rock star. ♪ >> it's the rock star split that the internet won't quit and at the abc tca party people just couldn't unsee it. >> where was i when that happened? >> you know, he rocked out with his [ bleep ]. he did it. i'm just saying it. >> that's why you wear drawers. lenny, that's why you wear drawers. keep it in. >> it went down in sweden where lenny is on his strut tour. the leather survived these crazy jumps, but couldn't handle the power of the rock star squat. lenny got off stage to change, but came back and finished the show. lenny broke his silence. dude, no underwear and pierced. blank me.
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you never showed me that blank. no surprise it was trending on twitter with these means killing us. me wishing i had not opened the lenny kravitz trending topic. it has people like, just seen little lenny kravitz, how was your day? who doesn't love a shocked kevin hart. it even had kerry washington thinking about her own wardrobe malfunction. çzssssssssssssssss' the zipper broke. they literally sewed me into the dress. you can see me running past the carpet. when i walk out on stage, i'm like -- >> i am so glad to hear that story. i thought kerry had dissed us that day. all is forgiven. i still love you. you know that. by the way, lenny will be back on stage in denmark tomorrow night. >> probably with reinforced stitching. from undressed to best dressed. we are saying amal clooney has accomplished the triple crown. she is a world renowned lawyer, she's married to george clooney,
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now she's joined vanity fair's international best dressed list. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome mr. and mrs. george clooney. >> who knew? who knew we would be looking for closely at amal than at george. she's completely upstaging him. >> you think? when you step out in gold, you are showing the world what's up. >> she is like a catwalk parade in herself. >> and she struts in everything from reimagined retro pantsuits, red carpet dresses to a classic tweed suit. and she fears nothing. in fact, remember those risky opera gloves? >> we liked her white gloves. she got a lot of grief for the white gloves. she knew how to wear them. >> amal shares the vanity fair international best dressed list with some other fashionable forces, reya na, taylor swift. prince harry. now, george didn't make the cut. >> you had to expand the
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bachelor closet a little bit? >> you mean for her? are you kiddin60000000000000000ú yeah. it's another bedroom i think. >> and when they jet set. >> the suitcases are an issue. it's like we have another van for the suitcases. moment that amal was all like, i've got style and i know it. the couple's weekend wedding. >> very fine clothing. very elegant clothhng. but at the same time, it's experimental and it is not safe. >> but it was the way her style evolved that locked down her top spot. >> a big moment for her this year was the costume institute gala. she's daring and edgy. >> where does the time go? they will celebrate their one-year anniversary on september the 27th. let's bring in cameron right now. he was with the always fashion mariah carey today. >> i got to tell you, i was really looking forward to this. mariah finally got her star on the walk of fame.
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what took so long? she was first offered a star back in 2007. but like a true diva it took eight years to set the date. >> oh, my gosh, this is so overwhelming. >> hey, hey. >> congratulations. thank you so much. >> what a big day. >> beautiful day. >> you first were selected for a star back in 2007. so i guess it took a long time to work it out. >> but we're here today. rocky wants to talk. should we let him talk for a minute? i don't know what he wants to say. >> i love you, mommy. >> and i love you, rocky. >> i love you, mommy. >> they were there to support mom. rocky didn't seem to think too much of her star. >> it's a nice thing to see your kids with you today too. >> it means everything in the world to me. they love to be on stage. >> bo james cocker was mia.
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lee daniels was there. daniels dropping a little news. >> watch her on empire you guys. she's coming on empire. >> we can say we've been with mariah since the beginning. we had to show her her very first "e.t." interview. >> i just want to continue writing and hopefully growing within, you know, myself as an artist. >> what's your first reaction? >> who did the hair? >> the first time we saw mariah was as an 18-year-old singing backup. three years later, she had a multi-platinum debut album and a best new artist grammy under her belt. "e.t." was on the set of her earliest music videos. ♪ >> and through the years, we've watched her career explode. over 200 million albums sold, five grammy's, a
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and which star got a smooch from her furry fan? find out in our star shots gallery on "e.t." online. travel considerations provided by -- america's next top model debuts tonight on the cw. tyra told us to look for all shapes and sizes. >> my life mission is to expand
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the definition of beauty while celebrating beauty and different types of beauty. >> big news tomorrow is jon stewart saying good-bye. we're going to give him an "e.t." farewell. >> here's a peek. bye, everybody. >> jon stewart. >> our jon stewart flashback. "e.t." knew him way back when. his evolution from unknown standup to emmy winning mega host. then is valerie giving up acting to be in the kitchen? >> i love to cook. >>
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you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so...
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another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. "the insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> if you kick every latino out of this country, who is going to be cleaning your toilet, donald trump? >> hello foot, meet mouth. kelly osbourne's slip of the
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tongue gets her twisted in controversy. >> i didn't mean it like that, come on. >> our insider breaks down all the backstage drama. >> they cut to commercial and kelly osbourne was in tears. >> plus, the anticipation is mounting. the donald turns tomorrow's gop debate into must-see tv. >> he gets people talking, thinking, laughing. >> i'm really rich. >> will trump steal the show. then, sorry gwyeneth and chris. george hamilton and alana stewart are hollywood's og conscious uncouplers. >> 75% of the time we live in harmony. >> but could reality tv rekindle their romance? we'll let you decide. >> this is what i live with. >> we are divorced. >> he loves to talk. now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo! lenny kravitz drops the mic and his manhood in the process. it is the viral on stage malfunction


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