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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, there is a much clearer picture of the
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steps being taken for the upcoming papal visit. tonight we know major highways and the ben franklin bridge will close to traffic during this historic event. if you're coming to the city for the papal weekend pack your walking shoes. good evening i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. today city leaders reveal the security perimeter for philadelphia while the pope is in town. "eyewitness news" reporter charlotte huffman is live in center city to break it all down. charlotte? >> jessica and ukee, estimated 1.5 million people are expected to descend on the city and fill this parkway eventually later in september. and with it, they're createing logistical problems for all of the businesses trying to serve all those people. >> we've been discussing it every day and trying to figure out what's going to happen. what it will look like. >> we'll be told are they going to tell us soon. >> sent city owner restaurant owners have more questions than answers about pope francis' visit. >> philadelphia could set itself apart as the largest in the history of the world meeting of
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families. >> reporter: handle influx of estimate 1.5 million people mayor nutter laid out the framework for road closures today. parts of 76, 676 and route 1 will shut down. i-95 will remain open with some ramp closures. ben franklin bridge will shut down and in center city walking or biking is about all you'll be able to do. >> spring garden to ridge ridge to girard. >> no vehicles will be allowed to enter this restricted zone beginning the evening of friday september 25th. and restrictions will likely remain in effect until noon on monday the 28th. >> everything is fresh, you know, each night. we get deliveries every day. our fish comes in every day. our bread comes in every day. it's all fresh. so it is a problem. >> for audrey claire farm to table restaurant in center city relying heavily on daily deliveries. >> you can over stock a certain amount of things but you can't over stock fish, produce it just goes bad. >> reporter: no traffic could mean no business.
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>> we'll have to make an executive decision whether to close either saturday or sunday hopefully we have enough food to make the through saturday but we would most certainly be out for most things for sunday. >> reporter: now, you will be able to travel inside that restricted zone although it will probably be pretty difficult. but you should know if you intend to leave that restricted zone, you won't be a toil get back in. we're live in center city charlotte huffman cbs3 eyewitness news. >> it's going to be something charlotte. no doubt about it. thanks so much. help is needed for crowd control during that papal visit. a job fair was held this morning at the pa career link center in center fee and job seekers interviewed to secure one of up to 100 security guard positions. these jobs pay between eight to $10 an hour and the jobs had last three weeks but they could lead to permanent positions. and we are now just 52 days away from pope francis' arrival here in philadelphia and for a closer look at the road closures and how they might affect you
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you can head to and click on papal visit. sources tell cbs3 that criminal charges could be filed as early as tomorrow against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. montgomery county district attorney lisa vetri ferman has been conducting an investigation into kane since april. grand jury concluded that kane lied in testimony and tried to cover up leaking secret information to a newspaper to embarrass a political rifle. the jury recommended charges of perjury, criminal contempt, obstruction of justice and official oppression. new tonight comedian bill cosby won't face allegations from one of his accusors on october 9th. a judge ordered cosby to give a sworn depth zig in a lawsuit alleging he sexually abused judy hoot at the playboy mansion in 1974. she was 15 years old at the time time. she will also be deposed objection 15th. she's among dozens of women who claim they were assaulted by cosby after he gave them drugs decades ago. heat wave is officially
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over. cooler temperatures are on the way. we're tracking a chance of rain by the end of the week. meteorologist kate bilo has the first forecast now from the sky deck. hi, kate. >> hi, jess casm it feels amazing out here right now. it's cooler, it's drier there's a nice breeze and the goss going to feel great all night noon the day tomorrow. nice day for your thursday. the clouds will be gradually increasing though as the system heads our way and that will eventually track by to our south but a very close call for our region. will we get rain or won't we? it does look like parts of our he do have better chance than others. let's take quick look at storm scan3. right now we're seeing clear skies across new england and the state of pennsylvania but notice a few clouds off to the south and west. west virginia, back towards ohio that's where the rain is coming from. storm trying to cut by to our south here over the next couple of days. in the meantime, temperatures are dropping steadily. it's 59 in mount pock know right now. 68 in allentown. still hanging on to 80 in philadelphia. it takes a lot longer to with all the heat trapped in the concrete and blacktop here in the city.
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but your first forecast for tomorrow looks great with temperatures starting off in the 70s. we'll get to 80 degrees by 11 a.m. the clouds start to roll in. what's ahead increasing clouds for your thursday. possible showers tomorrow night and then watching that rain on friday. mainly missing us to the south but it's going to be a tight gradient between the areas that get a decent amount of rain and areas that get nothing at all king up i'll show was that looks like as we take a peek at future weather and talk about the weekend forecast as well all coming up with the seven day when i join you inside. >> kay, see you shortly. thank you. we are following the latest developments in the search for a missing delaware county boy. the 1184 old disappeared near darby creek. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in fulcroft right now with the very latest. david? >> reporter: ukee, when i got into town this afternoon i notice add lot of these missing posters you fine them practically everywhere in fulcroft. lala couldn't latimore's familiar had a very difficult two days putting it mildly and tonight they are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.
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dozens prayed for a positive end to go a story that rock fulcroft, delaware county. friends spent time with la quon lot more's family member at the true love church place familiar with the 11-year-old. >> we are hurting. we're in so much pain. >> this is his cousin and legal guardian she's been looking for him for two days since he disappeared riding his bicycle monday. we spoke her during her search. >> please come home, la quon. please. i'm begging you. please come home. >> reporter: those who notice latimore say the disappearance is out of character for the 11-year-old. >> $1,500 reward out as of today. to know the whereabouts of my nephew. >> authorities found a body in darby creek a few miles from the 11 year old's home. family and friends watched anxiously near the creek waiting for some kind of answer. family members told "eyewitness news" the search will continue until they know exactly what happened to la quon latimore.
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detectives also say that latimore left his cell phone at home which is very unlikely and unusual for him according to those family members. meanwhile, we are told that the medical examiner's office has not positively identified the body yet. so family members they are just hoping to find out some information from the me' office tomorrow. we're live in delaware counsel tearing david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> what a heartbreak for them, david. >> a gunman is dead after a shoot out with police near a movie theater near nashville. gunshots could be heard coming from the complexion this afternoon. the suspect wore a surgical mask and wheeled add pellet gun an hatchet. as he filled the theater with pepper spray during a show offing of mad max. he was shot and killed by police as he tried to get away. investigators say he had been committed four times in the past for psychiatric issues. three people were injured by
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that pepper spray. a bucks county man is behind bars accused of killing his own father with a swore. police say eli good rich fatally establish his father allen in the family's langhorne home yesterday. criminal complaint alleges good rich confessed to that crime and he's being held without bail at bucks county prison on murder and weapons charges. philadelphia civil rights leaders are demand agnew investigation into the brandon tate brown case. the 26-year-old was killed by police during a traffic stop in december. the officers involved were later cleared of wrongdoing. tate brown' us what the us justice department to get involved. >> i'm pleading and i'm begging with our government to please acknowledge and stand up and do something. for all the people of america. >> the rally was held in mayfair where tate brown was killed. fisherman rescued at sea reunited with the u.s. coast guard team that saved his life. damien sexton and his family
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hugged members of the crew at coast guard station atlantic city today. this is video from the coast guard. sexton was fishing with friend on a speeding boat off the coast of cape may on sunday. fell overboard when the boat went over wave much his friend didn't know how to operate the boat and was unable to turn it around. sexton made it back to the boat after swimming for four hours. he was then picked up by the coast garr. >> i thought i was goner. i really did. i thought there was no chance. no chance in the world that i was going to come out alive and then -- um seemed like everything came together and you guys -- thanks to you guys. >> officials tell us the odds of surviving four hours in the cold ocean are very slim. former congressman patrick murphy nominated by president obama to become under secretary of the army. >> that is the second highest ranking sill yann position in the army. democrat represented pennsylvania' eighth district from 2007 to 2011. he was the first veteran of the
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iraq war to be elected to congress. hundreds of monthly septa passes were sold to riders but the problem here, they were fake. still ahead at 11:00 who authorities say those suspects were targeting. also technology is every changing so when is the best time to upgrade that smart phone? we'll tell you why the answer may be right now. kate? >> and you see this rain that's starting to build just off to our south and west? well, this is heading our way and this storm will clip especially off to the south. we're tracking rain for some of us i'll show you what the latest models are saying and if it clears out for the weekend much that's coming up with the seven day forecast. >> , blue eyes slept here. now you can own this jersey shore mansion. we'll take you inside when "eyewitness news" continues.
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back now on "eyewitness news", chopper three over an accident involving two schoolbus schoolbuses. this is at route 130 and cross wicks road in bordentown township, burlington county. this smaller bus rear ended the bigger bus and the driver of the big bus had to be taken to the hospital. crews had to work to free the driver from the wreckage of the
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smaller bus. no children were on either bus. federal authorities have charged to former fill he 311 employees with selling more than 2,000 counterfeit septa transpasses. this alleged scheme began back in august 2013. prosecutors say mark cooper would buy legitimate 91-dollar pass copy the magnetic strip on the cards. prosecutors say kemberly adams would sell the counterfeit passes for $50 to mostly city employees. the suspects face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. experts in france confirm that a wing fragment found on a remote island is from malaysian airlines flight 370. debt brie watched up on the indian owing island reunion after more than a year aft the doom flight disappeared with 239 people on board. investigators with analyze the metal to probe what caused that planing that down. president obama is urging congress to support the iran nuclear deal he made his case
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during a speech at american university today. >> the choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy or some form of war. maybe not tomorrow. maybe not thee months from now. but soon. >> the international agreement lifts some sanctions in iran in exchange for restricting country's ability to develop a nuclear weapon. congress will vote on weather to approve the deal neck month. netflix is changing the game for working parents. the streaming company is offering both their female and mail employees paid family leave for one year after the birth of a baby or an adoption. the company already offers unlimited time off policy. the u.s. is the only developed country in the world that does not mandate paid maternity leave. i was looking to upgrade your iphone. summer is when we start thinking saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new. >> three on your side jim donovan finds this may be the ideal time to trade in an iphone
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if you're looking for the most cash back to put toward a new model. >> reporter: it's the time of year when iphone users may start thinking about an upgrade as apple traditionally introduces the latest model of their phone in september with sales usually beginning in objection. some iphone users may want to start thinking about a trade in. to put some cash towards the new gadget. trade in site next worth crunched the numbers. resale values on e-bay drop 10% in september and october. and plummet even further in november and december as old phones flood the markets. consumers keep a lot of personal data on their smart phones these days and the trade in can be a dicey process if they're not careful. once everything you want to keep is stored elsewhere like contacts photos and music the federal trade commission recommends starting when with the factory reset option on most phones which wipes the device's memory cleanly then remove or
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erase sim or sd cards they may store information even aft the phone is wiped clean. after that's done, double check everything. making sure thing like phone logs down loads passwords and text messages are really gone. wireless communications communications industry downloading a data erase sorry to wipe the phone. factory reset may not always wipe everything clean. roaring for three on your side i'm jim donovan. >> frank sinatra fans take note. a place old blue eyes stayed is on the mark. >> it's in brigantine it has unobstructed views of the beach the bay and the skyline. he stayed that when he played atlantic city back in the early '99. the sands casino rented it for he and his entourage. left behind a toupee there at the house. >> that is frank sinatra's toupee and frank left this in the bath rom drawer in his room. they just weren't really interested in picking it up so
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the owners of the house have kept it in pretty good shape. >> added bonus. the home is now on the mark for $5.2 million. >> how about that? the weather had feel like a million buck. >> no kidding. >> looking good. >> i guess when you're frank sinatra toupees are disposable. >> leave them for the next person. >> we are on to neck phase of a new weather pattern after a heat wave that lasted eight days. now, things are really changing feels fantastic outside this evening. low humidity, clear skies it feels great. the problem is, we're watching a storm that could bring some clouds and maybe even a little bit of rain to portions of the area to finish out the week. let's get right into it take you outside to start things off and we are all zoomed in here on city hall looking beautiful right now in center city philadelphia. skies are clear. this is the shot from skycam3. looking live of course out towards center city iconic view of philadelphia right now. you can see ben franklin up there everything looking good right now in the city. we've got clear skies, no
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problems. beautiful moon out there and it's been a beautiful day. take look at this time lapsed video from the service school in mays landing today what a gorgeous day it was. nothing but sunshine and blue sky all day long. the sun went down a nice sunset and now things look clear and dry outside as well. let's take look at storm scan3 no problems outside looking at generally dry conditions for our area but you can see the showers starting to lift in as this system develops. now most of this will stay suppressed to the south the question is, does any of the rain manage to make it up into our region and put a damper on your friday or the weekend. we'll show weight look like coming in a moment. quick look at temperatures 80 at the airport. 68 in allentown and 59 degrees in mount pock know. again the heat wave is over. we got to 93 the past two days. it was an 8-day heat wave today we fell 1 degree short with a high of 89. so what to expect for tomorrow. clouds will increase. here's 3:00 p.m. as the clouds take over sunny start and cloudy finish to the day. showers will invade late tomorrow night. 8:00 p.m. midnight tomorrow
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night we have a few showers mainly to the south but notice the heaviest of the rain should miss us to the south on friday. here's what it look like as far as where the heaviest rain will wind up as we go through the next couple of days. looks like the heaviest will be through portions of the coastal virginia and down into north carolina. notice if you just shiv this a little bit further to the north that would include delaware and south jersey so this is still one to watch. as this rain comes through we can start to see some heavier totals that moves a little bit further north he is supper physical you're in delaware or south jersey for friday. definitely have to keep an eye on this potential for some steadier rain. overnight tonight it's mainly clear it's comfortable again that beautiful moon waning moon. we had the full blue moon last week and now headed back toward half moon. thursday sunshine giving way to increasing clouds. dry through the day by 10, 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night we'll be tracking a few showers off to the south. so if you're down the shore expect clouds to increase in the afternoon the first half of your thursday will be the better beach weather. in the poconos that storm should miss you altogether a few clouds
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friday. highs in the 70s. and your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast again the day to watch is friday. it will be late thursday night into friday this system comes through. it doesn't look like a wash out at all the question is where does the rain head. it's mainly going to stay off to our south but i do think a few showers cannot be rule out here in the city. mainly cloudy conditions further to the north you may see sunshine and dry conditions friday the weekend looks fantastic. be sure to wake up with "eyewitness news" in there morning. katie will track tomorrow's weather. our team starts at 4:30am right her on cbs3. >> all right. overall a nice weekend to look forward to and a break in the heat finally. >> kate, thanks. >> let's get our sports. >> illness lease a break. all star break was good to them. what a difference it can make. phillies have been the best team in base bail since the all star break. we'll see if they can keep that up to tonight. jimmy role was back for round
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>> can we get a row pete? >> that's the question. >> patrick? >> uh. >> i guess not. >> he hesitated. >> sorry. last night jimmy rollins began his evening way standing oh vague courtesy of the citizens bank park crowd. tonight new crowd same result. the fans giving young james even more love as he step to the plate tonight. he would finish with a couple of walks on the evening. puig time for the feats of strength sends that hanging curve into the seats. eighth homerun of the year. la up three to nothing early. michael franco keeps raking. gets the phillies on the board. will be bee double in the third. he's hit in seven straight games including that grand slam last night and in the eighth fails make it a gym. francoeur swings hard goes far. that's his tenth of the season number 150 for his career. sorry guys wasn't enough. dodgers beat the phillies four to three. chase utley considered his rehab in trenton tonight with the reading fightin' phils. good news it went well.
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chase finish three for four with a double. he will rejoin the phillies tomorrow but no word if he'll be activateed. here's philly manager pete mackanin on his plan for utley for the remain of the season. >> i have an idea what i'm going to do. i have somewhat of a plan. and he's going to get some playing time. he won't play every day but he's going get some playing time. you know, just so much fun watching these young guys play, hernandez and galvis and franco and the rest of them herrara it's been been a lot of fun and i'm anxious see what they do the rest of the year. utley will get some time. we got to get him healthy and get back on track also. >> eagles training camp took a break today. they'll resume practice tomorrow. the first preseason game, ukee, 11 days away. you're ready to go. >> i'm ready. >> take on the colts with august 16th. they were hanging out at the airport. the eagles at american airlines surprise travelers and employees today to celebrate their partnership demarco murray and
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zach ertz hung out with the people. >> lionell messy throwing a head but not so friendly match between barcelona and roma. he might be small but he won't back down. messy scored and barcelona won easily by a score of three to nothing. >> quick question when the eagles nation came out to the field you saw the guys play. >> yeah. >> who was everybody asking for? >> tim tebow. >> tim tebow. hands down. >> really. >> maybe or nine or 10 people. tim tebow. >> were you surprised. >> a little with. >> they wanted to see him or they think he's going to start. >> a couple of people think he'll start and maybe make the super bowl.
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♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪ ♪ the city of philadelphia host add free ice skating party tonight. >> "eyewitness news" was there as dozens of children had a good time at the ice skating ring in kensington much this is part of the fun safe philly series. they kids got t shirts. >> very nice. softball for great cause tonight tonight. "eyewitness news" at citizens bank park for the police athletic league's media stars game. our own cleve bryan took to the field tonight was pal night at the phillies.
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it's been a magnificent 37 year partnership between the phillies and the police athletic league. >> cleve. >> that's a good cause. that is an ugly game. >> athletes. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we return tomorrow morning at 4:30 with erika von tiehl meteorologist katie fehlinger and meisha johnson on traffic. for pat kate, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> from our entire team thank you for watching.
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