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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 6, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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of stuff will be shut down. details in a moment. we are live in delaware county with the latest developments in the search for an 11 year-old would who has been missing since monday, again more in just a moment. but first let's check on the roads ape skies and for the most part we are looking good. >> definitely for a thursday, we are also dry. but i will have an update on 42 in just a moment. weather will help, right. >> it always does. anytime we can report dry road and sunnies not up, and we don't worry about sun glare it is a good thing. the that is something that will change with time here, guys, so we will to have break out your sunglasses here heading eastbound with more sun then anything expected. at the light of day it is starting to pop. we can see these cloud starting to move in, just starting to, so not completely in the clear here through the the course of the daze even though most of the toews will feast tour some sunshine, eventually we will start to see this next disturbance moving in and we are looking at the rain chances looking ahead to specifically
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tomorrow. as early as tonight we could see some showers moving through. further north we will go, the lower and lower your chance becomes, to see any wet weather, at all out of this storm system. it the is businesscally just split the the region in half. i would say from philadelphia on south expect to see some rain tomorrow, that is where you'll may want to keep an umbrella on stand by but up in the lehigh valley, don't worry bit. we are looking good. temperatures standing right now, warmest spot, your eye gets drawn in the center of the map here in philadelphia where we're at 70 degrees. cooler under the clear sky in mount pocono right now but feels good outside. we have a northeasterly component to the wind flow making it feel very comfortable. nice sea breeze to go with your thursday. as we take you out to the shore points would i say overall a good beach day but eventually these clouds do rebuild, and as we have been saying that is a sign of things to come because of that next disturbance heading our way. we will track that as the show
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progresses but meisha, new back to you. mother nature, yeah, multiple personalities katie i'm telling you. good morning happy thursday to you. for those just waking up to us what we're seeing is 42 freeway north bound at creek road approaching 295 we have an incident here that was blocking 29 far right lanes and left lane. now, it is down to one right lane and center lanes are getting by but what is happening is we are getting bottle nose effect. just looks like south here, you can see almost stopping. i have speed sensors up, you are traveling at 20 miles an hour. for those who have to take this stretch out of new jersey just give yourself a couple extra minutes. you will need tonight that area here's roosevelt boulevard southbound toward the schuylkill looking great here. i know earlier this week we had some problems at that junction as the the schuylkill heading westbound from roosevelt but right new looking good there. 202 north bound for those in and around king of prussia looking great here. i looked at 422 as well. looking nice and quiet. we have an accident in
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pottstown, at industrial highway, not causing too many problems with that accident at moser road. especially on 42 give yourself a couple extra minutes. erika, over to you. the family of the missing delaware county boy is expecting word from the medical examiner late are on today. they will confirm if the body found in darby creek yesterday afternoon is indeed that of a missing 11 year-old boy. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us in delaware county with the very latest on this jan good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. that is right, authorities have been working overnight to positively identify the body found in darby creek yesterday but as you mentioned this gruesome discovery comes during a search for an missing 11 year-old bye has not been seen or heard from since monday afternoon. local and federal investigators converged on darby creek yesterday afternoon. chopper three over the scene in prospect park delaware county where officials say marine unit found a body. while investigators have have not released the identity of that person the discovery
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comes amid the search for a missing 11 year-old bow laquan lattimore but the family of the child is holding out hope. >> we are hurting, we are just in so much pain. >> reporter: towant a thompson is lattimore's cousin and legal custody. earlier she joined police and fbi in a desperate search. sharon hillel meantry school student was last seen monday afternoon riding his bike near king avenue at chester pike. lattimore has been men to ride that bicycle into southwest and west philadelphia but family says he has never runaway or stayed away this long before. >> a $1,500 reward out as of today, who know whereabouts of my nephew. >> reporter: after handing out flyers with lattimore's description, family came together at true love church and turned to faith for support as we try to find out what and who authorities found at darby creek the the scene just about 2 miles away from follow croft. of course, folcroft is where lattimore's family calls home.
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investigators say the boy left his cell phone on monday when he left his house to go on that bike ride. that is unusual for any preteen to do. we are awaiting positive identification of that body this morning. just as soon as we get more information we will bring it straight to you. we are reporting live from folcroft delaware county, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". are time 5:35. are you heading out to see the pope next month? wear comfortable shoes or maybe ride a bike. philadelphia officials have unveiled this map for the security perimeter. it covers center city, fairmount and part of the west philadelphia. you can drive out but you cannot drive-in. between friday evening september 25th, and sometime monday september 28th. the the pope's visit touring world meeting of families is expect to bring one and a half million people into center city. traffic restrictions could cause problems for some businesses. >> you cannot over stock
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fish produce it just goes bad and we only have limited space. it makes it difficult for those things. >> ben franklin bridge will be closed to cars but not to pedestrian. parts of the i-76, i676, and route one will close while i-95 stays open, some ramps will be blocked. count down continues, the pope will be in philadelphia in 51 days. stay with "eyewitness news" as we keep you up to date on the papal visit and preparations. our coverage continues on line at cbs 5:36. in business news this morning layoffs at a major coffee company and ice cream maker resumes production. money watch's hanna daniels joins us from the new york stock exchange for a food focused money watch report, good morning. >> reporter: my favorite kind of report, erika good morning. senate investigation into mistreatment of conservative groups at irs blames bad management and quotes a dysfunctional culture led by former agency official lewis
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learner. newly released report says that learner considered investigating bristol palin daughter of alaska governor sarah palin. women are seen and heard less and less in hollywood movies except for a few stars like merrill streep. new study found that with men had less than one-third of the speaking parts in the top grossing films between 2007 through 2014. study found that the same bias applied to people of color and lgbt characters on screen. blue bell ice cream will be allowed to resume production at one of its plants. state health officials say blue bell can start producing ice cream again. tests show no indication of the listeria contamination that led to the recall in april, following illness necessary four states. production facilities are still closed in oklahoma and texas. layoffs are brewing at keurig at large part to lagging sales of its coffee makers and pod. 330 workers are expect to be laid off of the company's 6600
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work force. keurig wants to reduce cost by 100 million-dollar by next year. erika? >> hanna daniels thanks very much. we have more than a year before we elect our next president but today voters get their first chance to hear from the republicans making a run for the white house. andrew expense are explains why this crowded field is cut in two. >> reporter: outside quicken loans a reen at satellite trucks are lined up, barricade now stand to block crowds and potential protesters, cleveland, ohio is making its last few preparations ready for first major debate of the 2016 election season. ten leading candidates for republican nomination will be the focus of the inaugural 2016 primary debate as they face off against each other in prime time. focus for many of them will be on the current top dog donald trump whose big lead in the early polls leaves him front and center for tonight's main debate. the question is can he handle
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the pressure? another big question is whether jeb bush can gain gun on the other leading candidates and when can avoid any stumbles that could send him back of the pack. the with the exceptions of trump, bush and scott walker, in of the candidates have broken in the double digits in recent polls. many supporters will be watching to see if they can fight their way from the middle of the group. don't count out bottom seven earl's p.m. debate will draw a much smaller audience but could show who has potential to shine later on in the presidential campaign. andrew spencer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". former president george w. bush showed up for jury duty but did he in the get pick. the the forty-third president went to a dallas courthouse, posed for pictures here and then secret service agent brought him away. all they mr. bush was not chosen the trial judge was quote quite impressed with the former presidents appearance. former congressman patrick murphy has been nominated by president obama to become
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under secretary of the army. that is second highest ranking civilian position in the army. democrat represented pennsylvania's eighth district from 2007 through 2011. he was first veteran of the iraq war to be elect to congress. fish are man rescued at sea, reunited with the u.s. coastguard team saved his life. damon sexton and family hug members of the crew at coastguard station in atlantic city yesterday. this was video provided by the coast gar. he was fishing with a friend off the coast of cape may sunday. he fell over board when the boat went over his wave and his friend didn't necessity how to operate that boat. he was unable to turn it around. sexton made it back after whimming for four hours. he was then pick up by the coastguard. >> i thought i was a goner. i thought there was in chance, no chance in the world i would come out a live and then it seemed like everything came
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together and i want to thank you guys good officials say odds of surviving four hours in that cold water are slim. right now 5:41 and tonight marks even of the era for comedy central's daily show but a part of had she will live on. where you will see that show's set. then you can say it is a surprise 70 years in the man making items this world war two veteran was just reunited with. and this is interesting stuff here local strawberry farmers are taking their crop lying down, we will explain how this new equipment do you see them on their bellies there is helping him out when we come right back.
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still no word on the fate of laquan lattimore. his family continues to search for him in folcroft. yesterday afternoon searchers found a body in darby creek so far no identification of that body. also charges against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane could be filed as early as today. "eyewitness news" has learned that montgomery county's d.a. has decided to press charges for lying under oath about an allege grand jury leak. kane has denied any wrongdoing. if you are in philadelphia for papal visit plan on walking or biking, plans included a security perimeter that covers center city, fairmount and west philadelphia you are allowed to drive out however you cannot drive back in.
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this is so interesting picking produce is getting easier for some pennsylvania farmers, they are picking fruit and vegetables lying down. so interesting right. farmer ken is on his belly picking stray bring at plum creek farm in lancaster county. the pa 600 lets him do that. it was developed by an company, and he says it takes some of the back breaking work out of farming. it is quite a bit easier doing it with the picking system then bending over and trying to do 15 rows of strawberries every morning. >> makes sense. it is so easy to use even the reporter tried it out. there they are. it has a canopy that doubles as a solar pan that he will keeps farmer cooler and always charge up, ready to go first thing in the morning. right new 5:45. a nice morning according to our weather watchers, too right. >> a lovely morning for strawberry picking on your
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stomach. indeed. that is something i cannot do these days, you need to draw a hole into that thing to stick the belly through. >> lets take you out to the eyewitness weather watcher. right new erika mentioned it, so refreshing, not much of a breeze but just feels good with these lee dew point. we will go on the tour around weather watcher network. charles checking in with clear skies in bath a more remet suburb and with that clear sky dropped down to 60 degrees at this hour. in the poconos and more remote suburbs outside of philadelphia are in the 50's. the lets go to one of those 56 from john, in perkasie, again with the nice clear sky and virtually no wind. just outside of philly to bill we will go in cardington, nice clear sky. we are seeing the theme here high pressure still in place and saying that with that lower dew point and cooler air just nice to be outside taking do you go for a walk and enjoying fresh air. i wanting to back inside in time. how did we do?
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did we extend it or didn't we. it was such a close call, right. we did break the heat wave. we had 89 degrees as predict but we came off that stretch of 90 plus degree days, eight days straight was the heat wave, now it is over and it will basically stay cooler, for the next couple of days. however, along with that comes our next storm system. we have a cluster of thunderstorms here, abe and curvature with that storm at this point too. this is basically rolling straight east. so what does that do for our area? it puts us on the northern fringe of it. what that means it is a system that will be splitting our region in half. some of you end up with wet weather, some have off don't. we will use storm scan as a way for the lines. i would say draw that line through central berks upper bucks and points east on north. tomorrow don't worry about rain. just some cloud.
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further south you go you are definitely more likely to end up with rain out of this storm system but it will not be much. we're only talking about a couple solve showers maybe a few pockets of steadier rain. this is your thursday, looking forward in the forecast, we will time stamp everything out. bulk of the the rain obviously here, up through mid-atlantic. we will sit on the northern fringe. in the a major story for us when it comes to rain amounts but it is the the wetest day of the forecast. weekend looks good right new in mid 80's and looking to monday, we will keep mid 80's for our next shot of a shower or storm. meisha over to you. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. we are just starting to see the sun coming up, here, here's i-95 north bound at 452. for those traveling around the airport area we're looking nice here. we will get sun glare but that is always a good thing. for most just waking up with us this morning we had a crash here at 42 freeway north bound at creek road approaching 295 it was very, very slow moving,
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20 miles per hour to be exact for a lot of you if you weren't stopped. jack piped by that center lane. now all things are free flowing for those coming out of new jersey trying to make your way to 295. 309 southbound past montgomeryville you can see for those in the suburbs looking nice and clear always keeping an eye on that area as well. plymouth road is closed between blue route and butler pike until august 31st because of the sink hole. would i use an alternate like germantown pike that seems to be a good one right around that area. and also for those who like nicki minaj is there a concert tonight at 7:00p in m at susquehanna bank center in new jersey. we can expect delays on the ben franklin bridge. i necessity she's very popular. erika, back over to you. two word for you: the end for john john stewart's daily show. stewart signs off tonight after a 16 year run.
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the she will be longer then usual, it will be almost an her compared to the normal half an hour. no word on the guest list but stewart promised time show will be quote a ball. after tonight's final that i set will be donated to the submit zone yum museum. mariah carry now has a star on the hollywood walk of fame. lee daniels join car which music produce are l.a. reid and carry has sold more than 22 million albums, she's been in several films including precious and lee daniels the butler. an official for walk of fame says carry was select back in 2007 to receive a star but just recently set the date. >> to work around her busy schedule. >> you have to book her eight years in advance. well done. when you think you have what it takes to be a contestant on the hit cbs show at macing race, cbs-3 is holding a casting call tomorrow at the resorts and conventions in pocono manor. get full details at cbs
5:51 am, just search amazing race. 5:50 right now. seven decade later a world war two in callus reunited with the wallet he lost in battle. alycia ramos was in the and he lost his wallet inside an australian farmhouse. ninety-one year-old vet throughout that wallet was lost for good until last in when he received a letter from an australian man said he came across that will was it while removing wooder planks inside that farmhouse. >> they went through so many little villages, he didn't think about the wallet anymore. they had problems on their hand, so the wallet was very minimal. >> as you can see the wallet was still intact and contained several dozen family photos. ramos recently held a family reunion that included some of the people in those very photos. love to see that. still ahead an unusual
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here's a place where old blue eyes felt the summer wind coming in, his home in brigantine with unobstructed views of the beach bay and ac sky line is now up for sale. he stayed here when he played ac in the 90's. we are owe atolide left a souvenir, i believe we have video of it. i believe we do in a moment. maybe. maybe not. a tupay he left it behind, we're told. there it is, yep. with eight bathrooms and five bedrooms it is on the market right new for 5.2 million-dollar and in word if that comes with the t. pay or in the but beautiful home. katie says it should, i agree. southern california man is in jail after trying to get into a different kind of cage yesterday. thirty-six year-old john was caught by animal april malls at santa an a zoo yesterday.
5:56 am
the staff is trained but not for people trying to get in. they say he was acting like tarzan, hovering near the monkey area. >> zoo keeper was walk ago licensing this pathway right here and noticed him, in the bushes covered with mud. his shirt was off and he was climbing in the tree. >> police took the car san trepassers into custody. they say that he was high on meth at the time. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" we have latest on the criminal charges pennsylvania's attorney jennies expected to face later on to take. also an unusual sight in a new jersey river that is a dolphin swimming in the water right there how it got there and why marine officials say they cannot go into help move that dolphin. new problem at penn state the the school's big change that is upsetting students and alumni details on that when we come back at the top of the hour good morning.
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♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... ♪ [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. major lowell trouble this morning for pennsylvania's top law enforcement official, the serious charges attorney general catalan kane is expected to face later today. also get ready for grid
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lock if you need to be in the city when pope comes to town next month start making your plans right now? we will let you know about the road closures sure to affect traffic during the pope's visit. and following some new developments in the search for missing boy in delaware county, what we expect to learn about that case coming up in just a few hours. good morning it is thursday august 6th i'm erika von tiehl. we will have more in a moment but first lets get started with traffic and weather and just a lovely morning out there, ladies, good morning. >> beautiful, both on the roadways and i know katie i heard you say ding, ding, ding weekend looks good as well. >> yes, smack in the center of all that, guys is a storm system that will have a minor impact on our area. but for the most part thinks a decent forecast. heat wave is now over. we are back where we should be temperature wise which is only a couple degree cooler then yesterday ended up being but it is also very comfortable a. look at this shot, gorgeous, right. we have bright lights popping up ove


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