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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: jessica, it was mentioned during this afternoon's press conference that politicians bending the truth isn't exactly rare and quite frankly neither is leaking confidential information, so why is this case so controversial? well, montgomery county district attorney says it all comes down to the oath of office that kane had taken. phrases like, this is war, and information, talked in an eight and a half inch envelope exchanges which read like a political drama have now been deemed criminal. >> this investigative team determined that the pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane device aid scheme to secretly leak confidential investigative information, and secret grand jury materials. >> reporter: here's the break down. on march 16,204th an article was printed in the philadelphia inquirer with info that seemed to paint kane in a poor light. according to new charging documents it ace alleged that kane then as retaliation had her driver illegally obtain grand jury details from a separate 2009 case and leak it
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to the the daily news. that article was published less than three months later. >> in the hopes of embarrassing and harming former state prosecutors whom that she believed, whom she believed, without evidence, had made her look bad. >> reporter: charges against kane also included allegations of a criminal cover up, before a grand jury. kane disputed all of the above allegationness a statement today. it read in part, i look forward to the opportunity to present my case, in a public courtroom and move beyond the behind the scenes maneuvering that has defined the process to this point but it is back to those three words, this is war. >> this was her war, based upon the evidence, conducted, without regard, to the rules, without regard to the law, and without regard, to any collateral damage that battle might even tail. >> reporter: kane has maintained that she has no plans to step down at this point. it is expected that she will
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turn herself in sometime in the next two days. reporting live from montgomery county, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". let's invite everyone to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the kathleen kane indictment. we will bring you very latest information on television and on line at cbs a horrifying scene as a woman is chased by a robbery suspect abe it is all caught on camera. the 28 year-old victim was walking in the 700 block of hatfield avenue in queen village on friday when a man started chasing her. police say the suspect attack her and stole her cell even if before running from the area if you recognize that suspect, call philadelphia police. a body found in the darby creek has been identified as 11 year-old laquan lattimore of folcroft who was last seen riding his bike monday afternoon. the darby creek is just a few miles from his home and his family has been searching for him for days now and offered a reward for information. no word on a cause of death. the deptford mall has been
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just reopened a water main break forced to it temporarily close this afternoon. break happened around 1:00 o'clock. chopper three was over the scene as crews worked to repair that main. mall was expect to be closed for the rest of the day, rather but crew where is able to make the the necessary repairs. there is no word if the mall sustained any damage. well, police are evacuating a a northeast philadelphia neighborhood after a man armed with a sword barricaded himself inside a home. they are not sure if he is holding hostages. chopper three over the situation on the 1100 block of genes street in somerton, it is not clear why the man, has barricaded himself. police say the man may also be armed with a gun. fire damages the old public library any media delaware county. chopper three over the scene on west front street, fire fighters arrived to reports of a fire in the walls around 11:30. no injuries were reported. we are told the building was not currently in use as a library, the boro temporarily moved to it a local firehouse last month while they prepared
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to open up a new library. some lakes in burlington county are closed after campers and staffers came down with flu-like symptoms. testing is now being performed by county department of health. as "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter, cleve bryan tells you, the lakes in medford are used by three camps. >> reporter: campers told to stay out of the water in medicine for. >> we got a notice, a text that they had to cancel family night last night because of the bacteria in the water. >> reporter: camp officials say about half dozen children and adults complained of feeling sick to their stomach starting last weekend, not sure of the cause, they are not letting anyone in the lakes on property, and notified the burlington county health department. >> wondering what she could have potentially contracted in the water if they are concerned about something with the lake, and what i should be looking for as far as her being ill or anything. >> reporter: this time of the year most common health concern for lake swimming is fecal colorform, bacteria that also comes from goose and
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other animal droppings. >> fecal colorform is a big concern because that can enter the body when you drink the water and as a child you will accidentally drink the water, it is almost a given and you could ingest that and could lead to diarrhea. >> reporter: camp officials cannot be certain if the stomach illnesses were caused by bacteria in the lakes but they won't reopen the waterfront activities until they get clean test results with the water quality so people test the the water here and they keep track of it. they're on top of it. >> reporter: parents say they are in the overly concerned but they are anxious to hear the results of the water test. in medford, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it was a gorgeous day outside but wet weather could be on the way for parts of the area we will go to the sky deck and kate bilo with a first lot at forecast, kate. >> things have change in the past five minutes, it is lightly sprinkling here in philadelphia at the moment, the clouds are starting to roll in. this is what we called stratoform precipitation not thunderstorm activity but
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dense cloud cover, we're on the northern edge of the storm and scattered light rain through the rest of the afternoon and this evening. lets look at storm scan three and you can see what is going on outside h he have year rain and thunderstorm activity is well off to the south. we are on the northern edge of this. you can see light rain streak ago cross south and central pennsylvania, and a few of these bits of rain making it in the city of philadelphia. a light shower here. northern chester county and lancaster county at the moment. through remainder of the tonight light showers will pop up mainly from the city on south, could be steady overnight and into tomorrow morning, south of here and then tomorrow that system tries to move off the shore. what to expect tonight? mainly cloudy skies, areas of light rain, very light amounts and few showers mainly to the south tomorrow, coming up, i'll tell what you that means for your weekend plans when i join you inside, back over to you. >> weekend right around the corner, thanks, kate. bird are back in cam in south philadelphia novacare complex. their first preseason game is week from sunday against the colts so people are like yes. >> i know that, i'm one of
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them. >> focus will be on sam bradford. leslie van arsdal is here with more, of the excitement, in the air. >> everyone wants to know how is he looking? it is way too early to judge how sam bradford is doing. pad just came out on tuesday. we will know much more after that first preseason game but right now important thing, he says he he feels great. sam bradford continues to impress at training camp, coming in, he was a question mark after back to back left acl tears but after four days he says he feels great. >> i thought my knee would hold up but i was than the sure. i hadn't put it through four days of practice coming into camp but way my knee feels right now it feels great. i'm happy with where i am right now. >> good to see him back with the rush around him having to adjust, move up in the pocket and took off and ran, yesterday, two days ago at the the link, on the one where everybody was covered and made a good decision. it is process of him getting more familiar with the speed and tempo of things. >> reporter: the first preseason game just ten days away and sam can't wait.
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>> it seems like just yesterday i was in cleve hand, walking to the locker room and i thought this day would never come but here we are, little over a week away and get out there and play some real football. i think that is always exciting. >> bird brought in tim tebow to battle with matt barclay to be the teams third quarterback and earn a spot on the 53 man roster. his accuracy has improved after working hard this off season. >> great coaching here and people i was working with tom house and in the off season, just continuing to try to refine and improve my mechanics. >> two key birds did not practice today, demarco murray, who was sick, and kiko alonzo out with a concussion. >> i'm anxious to see sam take a few hits. >> see how that goes. >> you'll see it. >> i'm ready. >> we will get there. >> leslie, thanks. coming up, bounty hunt are storm a home, they have surrounded looking for a bad guy, on the run, but wait until you find out who was
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really inside. call it campaign swag, now candidates are lining up to run for president there are some interesting things you can buy to show your support. it sound like something out of the cbs tech head drama a scorpion, hackers taking control of cars as they are being driven. more news when we come right back. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold.
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we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there. all eyes are on cleveland, ohio where the top ten candidates in the republican presidential race, take the
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stage tonight, for the first debate, of the campaign. cbs news correspondent craig boswell reports. >> on behalf of the board... >> wisconsin governor scott walker opened up wisconsin state fair hours before he and nine other candidates take the stage in the highly anticipated republican presidential debate. the big draw, donald trump, billion air's unfiltered style has given him a double digit lead in the polls. >> there is a lot of potential things that could happen. >> reporter: john spicer is chief strategies of the republican national committee. >> do you see any figures being a wild card than donald trump. >> ask me friday morning. >> reporter: rand paul isn't afraid to mix it up on stage but rather would focus on the issues. >> we should not succumb to you just can say anything and all of a sudden we are in reality tv show. i think there need to be a substantive debate. >> reporter: the debate will last two hours nerd to save time, candidates will not give opening statements. because the field is so crowded the seven candidates
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trailing in the poles are having a debate of their own before the main event. >> what we're doing right now is having an opportunity to be on the national stage with really good qualified people, and be able to set yourself apart. >> reporter: this is first of several republican debates, before primary voting begins in february. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have learn that first democratic presidential debate will be held, october the 13th in nevada a. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley all expect to participate. democrats will hold a total have of six debate as cording to the democratic national committee and democrats will select their nominee at the democratic national convention here in philadelphia next july. keep it right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016. you can get latest anytime at cbs still ahead on "eyewitness news" i'll talk to merrill streep and 80's rocker rick springfield about their new movie. live report from hollywood
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big news for actress jennifer aniston, we will tell you what
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you know that little diddy, vittoria woodill is down the shore and she's joining us from a very special place in beach haven. >> vittoria is at fantasy island amusement park there having a fabulous time i'm
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sure. hi vittoria. >> hi jessica and ukee. i am having a fabulous time. we are down the shore, in long beach island or on long beach island in beach haven at fantasy island amusement park. i am with the fantasy island princess earlier in the tea cups but we are taking you from the castle new down in the swamp but with michael sweatic, thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> you are a big feature this month at the a amusement park. >> it is hard to believe that this is actually our 30th summer coming to fantasy island. >> wonderful. as a herb toll goodies for anyone who does not know what that is, can you, explain what that is. >> we study the life of reptiles and amphibians. >> wonderful. i know you brought your favorites. we know how popular i have been with animals this week so this should be very interesting, michael. >> i will tell you they are all my favorites but one of my
5:18 pm
favorite, favorites, a reptile that i went to high school with, when i met him i could pick him up with a breakfast spoon, super tiny, super cute and we would like to introduce him to you if you would be so kind as to cover your eyes. >> this will get good. >> oh, yeah. >> as a matter of fact, david will bring him out. his real name is chuckamuga but we have always known him as, and now you can uncover your eyes, will alexander the grace big. >> turtle. >> is what an alligator snapping turtle. >> he is called an alligator snapping turtle because of the size of his head, he is called the alligator snapping turtle will because of the size of his beek. a turtle's mouth is call a week, turtle's beam is shark and powerful. for 44 years i have had the pleasure and the privilege of sharing my life with him.
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>> wonderful. he looks like something out of jurassic park. these are cool things you can find here at fantasy island amusement park and for more information on reptile world you have to check out cbs, the the show runs all this month, machine through thursday here at fantasy island and again we have all of the information all the time on the web site and you can even find right here, the mayor, mayor al gator, thanks, i appreciate it. can i get a hug, please. >> that is nice. >> now back to the desk. >> yes, nice animal here, nice reptiles, everybody. >> vittoria, meeting all kind of people down here. >> yes, the three of us lean forward at the same time and said what is that? oh, my goodness. >> after while crocodile, we will talk to you. >> ask alexander for a hug. >> alligator got the big hug. >> not the other guy. >> we all went, um-hmm.
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>> what is that thing. >> wow. >> beautiful creature. >> yes. >> unique. >> now, you just said it was sprinkling outside, it looked okay where they were so maybe down the shore in the so much. >> down the shore not yet but in the city or points to the west we are seeing light rain, sprinkles here and there.the this is not thunderstorm activity, this is just scattered light rain and few sprinkles here and there and mainly from the turnpike on south, that where you are seeing best chance for rain this evening. lets look outside, we will go out to the live neighborhood network camera and thinks a time lapse from our palmyra cove camera in new jersey. you can see how day has been going, we have had blue skies, cloud, blue sky, really nice day for most of the day but you can see cloud are thickening. darker cloud are moving in and as we go through rest of this evening cloud will take over and we will see a little bit of rain moving on through. so lets get out to storm scan three. thinks a large scale system. the actual center will be passing by to the south.
5:21 pm
we're on the northern edge of this but you know this pattern because generally speaking in the winter if we have a clipper system we will get light snow on the northern edge. that is what this is doing, like precipitation on the northern edge of the storm where we have heavy rain and strong thunderstorms missing us to the south. they are over north carolina and norfolk, virginia area just light rain into portions of south central, pennsylvania. in lancaster county, chester county we are seeing light sprinkles along the pennsylvania turnpike here and even in the city, it doesn't look like much but these dots on the sky deck and it is raining lightly. if you are out and about going for a run, it will feel refreshing out there not raining hard just enough you will feel it stepping outside. still 85 at the airport. cooler 76 with more cloud and little rain in lancaster. eighty-one millville. eighty at the moment in allentown what to expect? as we go through overnight hours notice rain stays off to the south, in south jersey or delaware we may see steady showers overnight. heavier rain across virginia
5:22 pm
and north carolina tomorrow cloud hang on, north and west of the city you you may see good deal of sunshine but for a lot of us cloud will hang in there and rain will push out to sea throughout the day friday and we will get sunshine back as we get into saturday morning. not too bad a at all. the as far as rainfall amounts, heavier rain down the shore, atlantic city .15 inches. these are light rainfall totals. future wind from the east keeping temperature relatively low. for tonight cloudy, showers around. showers are mainly to the south. cloud with a few breaks of sun. eighty is your high. you're witness weather three day forecast cooler for your from i with showers to the south and weekend looks great. mid 80's with sunshine each day, i will have your seven day next hour, stay right there we will be right back.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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american sweetheart jennifer aniston and justin has made it official. >> insider louie joins us from l.a. where couple said their i do's. louie, how are you doing. >> ukee, jessica don't you love happy breaking news out of hollywood for a while. >> how bit. >> props to them. they dit. jen and justin reportedly tied the knot yesterday in front of the 70 family members and friend inside their bellaire compound and not even guests knew they were coming to the wedding. celebrity guest hossa tended their backyard wedding included jen's friendlies a kudrow, courtney cox, chelsea handler and howard stern. talk about keeping things quiet, the couple was so stealth, in planning their nuptials, they allegedly told everyone it was a birthday bash for justin and giant shed was built on their property,
5:26 pm
to hide all of the wedding furniture, decorations leading up to their special day. jen and justin got engaged in august 2012 after a year of dating. you might remember they met on the set of tropic thunder in 2008. here's what jen told the insider last year about her new husband. >> give me three things great about justin. >> only three. >> only three. >> his warmth, his kindness, his talent. >> she found her lobster. ukee and jessica, i love that they did this in the backyard, much more casual, intimate. that is rock star. >> it is rock star. you know what elsie loved they did it on a random weekday. this is very general fur aniston. she operates like that. she's very sneaky. >> not so random because they always throw a party this time of the year because justin's birthday is on monday, august 10th, which also happens to be the anniversary of their engagement.
5:27 pm
so this use this annual party for cover for big day and they pull it off. to pull something over the paparazzi in hollywood i mean bravo, you two. >> got that right. >> tip of the hat. >> well done good love them already. >> lucky man. >> yes, that he is. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. you can watch insider tonight and every week night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. coming up in our next half an hour brand new information just in about transportation, during the papal visit. and, did you sign up for septa passes? there is a bit of confusion out there, pat ciarrocchi, clears it all up next. big mess for bounty hunters, they storm a house but it turns out bad guy not inside wait until you hear who is. new at 6:00 call them angels and the airport, two, tsa agents are hailed as heroes for their life saving actions at philly than the national, our matt rivers has the amazing story, we will
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hello, i'm ukee washington. here's is what happening. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is calling on, attorney general kathleen kane, to step down. the state's top prosecutor was charged in montgomery county today with violating grand jury secrecy laws and lying about her actions under oath. kane vows to fight the
5:31 pm
charges. search is on for suspect who chased down a woman and stole her cell phone, robbery caught on tape in queen village. if you recognize the suspect you are asked to contact philadelphia police. some lakes are closed in medford after campers and staffers at some summer camps got sick, health officials are now testing the water. the lakes are used by a camp, three of them. we have light rain moving in right now after a great start to the day, clouds are moving in and you can see rain to our west, lancaster, chester county, light showers, so your weather headlines light rain for tonight. shore spoiler tomorrow if the showers move south and east. i will have your full weekend outlook coming up with the seven day, jessica. >> thanks very much. we are 51 days away from the arrival of the pope francis in philadelphia and after yesterday's you the line of traffic restrictions for center city, religious pilgrims on a journey are trying to figure out how will they get here?
5:32 pm
our pat ciarrocchi is in the sat center with more on what you need to know if you registered for regional rail passes from september, pat. >> reporter: septa is working overtime to help travelers use regional rails to access center city and parkway for papal visit. if you registered and, you won lottery to buy tickets there is some important information you need to understand. the papal express trains will pull into stations like here in radnor and if you got notification thaw won the lottery for one of the three stations of choice you have until sunday to buy the passes you ordered. >> we received requests for 328,000 passes. >> reporter: that is out of 350,000 available. today is the day you should have received a lottery winners notice, via e-mail, essentially, it is an invoice. >> they have an option to purchase or not purchase, if they don't purchase, they will become available and monday and tuesday and we will do a
5:33 pm
second round of e-mails, and allowing the next round of people to either purchase passes, or not. >> reporter: jerry williams of septa says is there airing that will some might not understand. there are no change order. if you requested ten tickets and you got them, you purchase them or you lose them. >> if you don't make the purchase, that you initially requested, your request is void, we will reach down and pull up somebody else and offer those passes to the next person. >> reporter: so if you really wanting to and you have more tickets then you need, share. >> we have no problem with you sharing those if your neighbors or your church members, we hope that you don't try to take advantage and sell them for more than their face value. >> reporter: we are not encouraging a new friday here but you can share extra passes for those two days. also, we have learn from septa today that on wednesday next week another papal pass lottery will be conduct for individuals, wanting to use the the norristown high speed
5:34 pm
line, also the routes 101 and 102 from delaware county the trolleys on those two routes. 32,000 passes will be up for grabs with the same parameters, $10 a pass, e-mail net case for purchase. we will let you know he how that all goes next week. in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> pat, thank you. philadelphia public schools are likely to add an extra day off next month because of the pope's visit. schools are already closed, on the 23rd for yom kippur and on friday because of the papal visit. the superintendent is expected to ask the board to approve thursday, september 24th as a day off for students, as well. a decision on monday, the 28th will be made later. but be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the papal visit. we have got you covered, you can get latest anytime at cbs police are up investigating a very big mistake a group of bounty hunters showed up at the raining house which belonged to the cities own police chief. correspondent don baylor has
5:35 pm
video of the confrontation and possible explanation of why it all went down. >> open the door. >> reporter: nearly a dozen bounty hunt are swarmed this house in phoenix, arizona tuesday night but instead of finding this man wanted in oak, they found, joseph yawner, the police chief of the sixth largest city in america. >> when the chief goes to the front door he is, confronted by an individual who is out there, who has a gun drawn. >> we have bounty hunters or i don't know what they are, but they are looking for somebody. >> reporter: that somebody was rodrick battle, wanted on drug charges. but the team of armed bounty hunters who woke up police chief and his wife were acting on bad information, an erroneous tip posted on their facebook page. >> there were 11 people out here, one was an 11 year-old
5:36 pm
child that haddon a toy gun belt. >> reporter: police arrested four three-year old brent farly, owner of one of the bounty hunt are team for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. >> we don't know if the chief was the the target, specifically or if the bond companies were a target, and sent there by somebody. >> reporter: that was don baylor reporting. jessica? man who carried out an attack inside a tennessee movie theaters armed with pepper spray, pellet gun and hatchet reportedly had a history of mental illness. mondayer of vincent montano report heard son two days before yesterday, this happened in nashville. montano had been committed to a mental institution four times, twice in 2004, twice in 2007. he was killed in, a standoff with police. malaysia's transport minister says searchers found more wreckage that could be linked to flight 370. french authorities are contradicting the report
5:37 pm
saying they are unaware of any new debris near union island. malaysia's prime minister said wednesday investigators are certain that the wreckage found honorary union island is from the wing of mh370 but french officials caution more testing needs to be done. police in northern california are gaining ground against massive wild fire but officials say it may be several days before thousands of evacuees can return home. four more homes were destroyed overnight bringing total number of properties lost, to 43. the fire has ripped through more than 107 square miles of dry terrain and is 40 percent contain. still to come on "eyewitness news", hackers take control of cars as they are driving, it sound like something out of the movie but this is for real. i will sit down with the one, and only, merrill streep, she has a new movie in which she plays an aging rocker. her on screen daughter is her real life daughter. we will tell but
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
cyber security researchers a say they were able to hack a tezsla motors car. >> the company is having to update software and security
5:41 pm
flaws. researchers were able to take control of the tezsla motors model s car and turn it off at low speed. they say it is one of the six significant flaws they have found, including opening doors, or making electronic, save faulty information. tezsla says cars will automatically receive updates over wireless connections. campaign 2016 swag is here as the political season heat up, candidates are rolling out merchandise for supporters to buy. what is the best hip store tank top featuring jeb bush in the 07's with huge side burns. beverage container call clinton camp called the hillary chillry and the the best shirts supporting marco rubio called the marco polo. i like all that stuff. that is all so clever. >> very much so. now time to check your philadelphia jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has that for you. >> reporter: stay at home parents rejoining the work force need to take essential steps to help them land a job. start by working your network,
5:42 pm
contact former co-workers and supervisor who know you and the the quality of your work. in updating your resume and your linkedin profile highlight activity you have done while at home like blocking, leading organizations or volunteering. on line courses or classes at a local college will make you more marketable and show you have kept current on your skills. one valuable resource is i relaunch a company that helps people jump start their professional lives after a career break. the site provides information and links to company with programs to recruit stay at home parents. the financial services industry is a aggressively recruiting employees, looking to reenter the work force. personal financial advisors here in the philadelphia area earn a median annual pay off over one 19,000 dollars and moms, take note, these firms are specifically targeting woman. because research shows that
5:43 pm
women prefer to work with female advisors. i'm jill schlesinger for
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you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state.
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hundreds of volunteers were hard at work this afternoon helping local kid get ready for the school year. >> "eyewitness news" cameras were at lincoln financial field for 2015 backpack-a-thon. a total of 24,000 backpacks
5:46 pm
were stuffed with school supplies. they will be given to students from low income families just in time for the new school year. a philadelphia youth organization, called up a special treat for philly's finest. "eyewitness news" in hunting park. young people in the work ready program are preparing lunch for police officers in the 25th district, that is nice. it is all part of the project called cooking for our heroes. >> very nice indeed. well, thursday... yeah, it is time for fun down the shore, and today, some may call this fun but others may, call it a little creeped out. >> well, our brave vittoria wool woodill is live. is she creeped out. she's at beach haven. she's in beach haven at reptile world. >> i know. >> all right, vittoria, how is it. >> jessica, ukee, i am trying my best. i may being trembling but we
5:47 pm
are having a great time here, in long beach island, it is beach haven at fantasy island and really is beautiful, fun but i'm slightly scared to death. good thing is i have herbtolgoodies here, michael to really calm me down and talk to me about these, friendly creatures that why i shouldn't be so creeped out, you should say. >> absolutely. planet earth is home to more than 3,000 kind of snakes. most kind of snakes are very harmless to people. more kind of snakes grow grow to be giant snakes. >> thinks one. >> can you introduce who you have here and how this snake is this beautiful color. >> absolutely. he is almost 18 feet long. he weighs about 250 pounds. he has a sister named banana girl. >> that makes sense. >> a sister named banana peel, handsome brother named banana boy this is banana boy's brother, banana boy brother we
5:48 pm
call him triple b because everybody likes to save time. thinks the egg, he was born from. >> amazing. >> this is as big as a snake egg can be. when he was in the egg it was rounded about the size of a goose egg and to leave the egg he grew a special egg tooth. but what really makes triple b, or banana boy's brother was he was born missing his beautiful dark color. these snakes are usually the most brownish, black, color, he was born with something calleddal bannism, he was born with light color only. that is why it is important that he is in captivity because if he hatched in south east asia or indonesia, he could never hide. >> wow. >> well, he is definitely can be seen. he can definitely be seen here as a fantasy island park. michael, thanks very much. david, his handler as well, they have been working together for so long. but there is so much, to see here in long beach island and for all of the info, on all of
5:49 pm
the reptiles thaw can find here at reptile world, the shows will be running all this month, monday through thursday, right here at fantasy island amusement park. thanks so much for having me. i do feel a little nervous about being next to this snake. i will not lie. but i'm going to tough it out and not hide behind that curtain right there. i know you three at the desk are shaking in your boots as well. aren't you happy you are sitting there. >> that is a big old snake. >> that is a big one. >> you did very good there. >> huge. >> huge. >> yeah. >> triple b. >> yes, kb time. >> thank you to michael too. >> that thing was giant. >> let's hope that wasn't banana boy's baby brother, i hate to see banana boy. >> got that right. >> geese, all right. >> huge snake and lets move on to some weather which is changing. we have got some clouds.
5:50 pm
we have some rain. we have in the seen rain in quite sometime. we can see clouds have rolled in. this is looking live down spring garden street right outside cbs-3 studios. you can see clouds have rolled in. notice these clouds look different then when we see thunderstorm cloud rolling in. we are not talking about couple limb bus cloud this is stratoform precipitation that roll in and give that flat gray look to the sky. that is what we are seeing outside this evening and tonight and you can see it looks glummy but generally dry at the moment. few light sprinkles. lets see if our weather watchers are on the job and seeing any rain at their homes. kenneth reporting sunshine. he says 84 in willingboro, new jersey. i love being a cbs-3 weather watcher. i love having you. thanks very much, kenneth for that observation. it is not raining in willingboro. heading to the west we will see a few more clouds. lou in eagleville and lewis reporting a few more clouds at his house. still some sun. but heading south in chester
5:51 pm
county few showers popped up and that cooled off temperatures, and in new london township 75. he said day started off good, now cloudy and looks like rain at any moment. let look at what storm scan three says about that. you can see showers are rolling in. mainly some light rain across southern pennsylvania at the moment. heaviest of the rain is in portions of virginia, north carolina. this is, again light rain we're not talking about thunderstorm but we're talking about light showers, drizzle and steady is over northern lancaster county up along the turnpike and chester county. turnpike may be a barrier. this will stay south of the turnpike here tonight. if you are to the north you will see cloud cover but not all that wet. just a stray sprinkle. what is ahead? mainly cloudy, light rain. friday, cloudy, breezy, cool. north and west we will see sun breaks south and east. that is where showers will be for your friday. that system cuts by to our south, best chance for showers tomorrow delaware beach and jersey shore. we will clear out. that storm lingers off shore
5:52 pm
maybe a slow clearing saturday down the shore, sun returns inland and sunday high pressure builds in, turns out to be a nice mostly sunny day. future win direction is scattered here tonight the watch what happens here tomorrow. we will get wind out of the north and east, breezy down the shore, that wind off, and influence, and, it is a whole lot cooler as we get through your friday and few more cloud down the shore as well and wind switch more to the north as we head into saturday. overnight tonight we will drop to 68. mostly cloudy, showers, light rain around for your thursday, cloud, few breaks of sun showers to the south and nice day in the poconos. the not so nice down the shore, a shore spoiler here 77, with showers around but sun coming out in the poconos for your friday great weekend in the mountains with highs in the upper 70's. closer to home in the city and nearby suburbs we are looking at a few showers to the south, mainly cloudy tomorrow, high near 80. weekend looks great. steams up early next week with showers and storms, again, by tuesday, ukee and jessica, back to you. still ahead on "eyewitness
5:53 pm
news" ukee gets to sit down with merrill streep. >> i sat down with merrill streep to talk about her new film in which she plays a rock star coming up next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
and, they have part of a, change for one reason or another. that is underlying theme of the new film,. >> and, she's did her research and did at this point just like when she did when i was fortunate enough to be in the man tour an candidate with her about ten years ago. >> nice to see you again. >> likewise, likewise. >> also nice to see you playing ricky rendaso. >> introduce you to my band. >> merrill streep trained for months with guitar lessons. >> for me biggest challenge was just convincing, an audience that i had been playing for 30 years playing with people who had been. >> reporter: mainly real life rocker rick springfeel. >> i was wine go to rick once
5:57 pm
saying my fingers are like bleeding. he said yeah man, that is right, that is what happens. >> yes. >> reporter: let me tell what you else happened, rick was impressed. >> first of all playing electric guitar which is whole other instrument and singing at the same time which i have professional musician friend that find that difficult. doing it in character, people should understand how brave that was and that she killed it is amazing. >> reporter: music is only part of the story. she gets a shot at redemption after leaving her family to pursue her rock and roll dreams. her husband has remarried and her daughter, played by her real life daughter is full of rage and falling apart after her husband leaves her. it is ricky's quest to strike a new cord and win her best. >> why did you walk out on my doubt are. >> our daughter. >> art to help create that tension, their work for their no mom daughter moments off camera. >> it was fantastic to keep my mother and i kind of separate. i got to stay away, on certain days.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: now that was difficult. speaking of which, rick plays street band member/boyfriend. >> the challenging thing for me was going my gosh that is merrill streep in the middle of the love scene. >> awkward. >> reporter: with an endearing story line when that end. >> lots of thing will change in your life, you will wake up and find gray hair on your head. >> reporter: and, also star in the film and it is being shown, mother in law who is in a jersey shore rock band called, silk and steel. >> if anybody can do all that it is merrill streep. >> accoustic and electric guitar, she has got game. let us know if you see it, give us a shout. >> love seeing that. that is "eyewitness news" 59:00. now at 6:00 pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane indicted, latest on the charges that she faces. terrifying moments for woman in south philadelphia, surveillance video rolls as she runs from the man whom police say rob her and he is
5:59 pm
still on the loose tonight. 2tsa officers saved the life of the man set to board a plane, i'm matt rivers at philadelphia international airport, coming up we will have an incredible story of survival in terminal d. and clouds have rolled in now, here in philadelphia a, it is dry for new but if you see a few spots that will get rain overnight tonight and into tomorrow. we will tell you how that impacts friday and weekend, coming up, vittoria. we are on the tippy top of the beautiful ferris wheel down the shore, in long beach island, we're riding the ride, having some fun and there is more fun to come, right now, on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 begins. in the news tonight, pennsylvania's attorney jennies indicted, kathleen kane faces serious charges and tonight the governor of
6:00 pm
pennsylvania is calling for her to step down. kane ace accused of leaking grand jury testimony and then lying bit. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has been tracking this story all day and she's live in norristown for us tonight, alexandria. >> reporter: ukee and jessica as attorney general kathleen kane holds the highest position in law enforcement in the commonwealth to sees her last name on these documents is rather startling. list of charges include obstruction of justice and perjury. >> when someone is entrusted with up holding the law, violates that oath and violates the law that he or she is bound to up hold, we are all victims. everyone of us. >> reporter: under strong arm of the criminal charges and request by the governor to step down. >> i am not sure how the top law enforcement officer in pennsylvania can continue to perform her duties while she's defend


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