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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 7, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> pennsylvania's top prosecutor finds herself on the other side of the law. tonight attorney general kathleen kane is vowing to clear her name after charging including perjury and conspiracy are brought against her. g evening i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. prosecutors say kane leaked secret grand jury information to punish her critics and then lied about it. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in our satellite center way closer look at charges against kane and how she's responding. david.
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>> reporter: ukee, the attorney general said to be in her hometown of scranton this evening. governor tom wolf is asking her to step down immediately. she is saying that's not going to happen. >> no one is above the law. not even the chief law enforcement of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> reporter: montgomery county district attorney risa vetri ferman laid out a case against kathleen kane she alleges the attorney general illegally leaked confidential grand jury information to the philadelphia daily news. then tried to consist up. >> when an elected official violates the public trust and violates his or her oath, it is up to us to stand up and hold that person accountable. >> reporter: according to charging documents kane had her driver patrick illegally get a hold of a secret grand jury document from a separate 2009 case and leak them to the philly daily news. whisperings of kane charges have circulated for months n january news broke that a grand jury recommended kane be charged with
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leaking information. here's how she responded during a visit to philadelphia on january 21. >> no, i won't resign and i'll tell you why. i promised people of pennsylvania that i would fight public corruption. >> reporter: but now she's facing corruption charges. and governor tom wolf wants her to step down right away. >> i am not sure how the top law enforcement officer in pennsylvania can continue to perform her duties while she's defensing herself against these serious charges. >> reporter: cane can knot shot back with the following statement "a resignation would be an add mig of guilt and i'm not guilty. da ferman says kane is guilty and there could be others charged in the near future. >> whether or not she should step down is a decision she will have to make and whether any action should be taken regarding that is something that others outside of this room will have to address. >> reporter: the attorney general released the following statement "i look forward to the opportunity to present my case in public courtroom and move
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beyond the behind the scenes maneuvering that has define the process to this point" we are told that the attorney general will surrender in the next few days in montgomery county and be arraigned in and we're told from her lawyer this evening that she will plead not guilty. reporting in the sat center, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. as more details emerge in this investigation, you can count on "eyewitness news" for the latest developments. get them any time at light rain moving through the region tonight even more wet weather is headed our way tomorrow meteorologist kate bilo track it all. she has more for us now. hi kate. >> jessica, we are tracking some light rain at the moment. you can see it's mainly moving south of the pennsylvania turnpike here from the city on south into south jersey and delaware. generally some light rain. here's an area i want to watch though right here over portions of eastern maryland and virginia notice how these storms are starting to lift to the north. there is a chance that some of that heavier rain could get into southern delaware in the next couple of hours. this is all moving offshore but that northeast movement of these
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heavier storms has me a little bit concerned in sussex county a few heavier downpours could get in. we're talking about just that steady light rain and drizzle across the area. we talked earlier about how it stays out to the turnpike and that's what we're seeing. philadelphia delaware county much of northern delaware and into south jersey as well burlington and ocean counties here into portions of the atlantic county seeing some steady light rain at the moment much that's about all we'll see. this is the worst of this system for us. notice a couple of those steadier showers could try to get into southern delaware overnight here's 3:00 a.m. it continues to lift to the north so a few spotty showers from the shore points down through the delaware beaches early tomorrow morning. then as we head further to the north during the day you can see most of the showers push out to sea. north of the city we see breaks in the cloud cover by tomorrow afternoon. end up being a pretty nice day the clouds hang on down the shore and into the delaware beaches then saturday we clear thing out completely so what to expect through the overnight hours. mostly cloudy skies. areas of light rain or sprinkles could be some of those steadier
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downpours in extreme southern delaware for your friday chance of showers early to the south and east. and then things clear out and i'll tell you coming up if we stay cleared out for the um coming weekend with the seven day forecast as well. jessica, back over to you. >> a body found in the darby creek has been identified as 11-year-old la quon latimore of fulcroft. latimore was last seen riding his bike monday afternoon. the darby creek is just a few miles from his home. latimore's family had been searching for him for days and it offered a reward for information. we now know the cause of death has been ruled as drowning. no foul play suspected. a frightening scene as a woman is chased by a robbery suspect in queen village much it's all caught on camera. the 28-year-old victim was walking on the 700 block of passyunk avenue on friday when a man started chasing her. police say the suspect attacked had he ever and stole her cell tone before running from that area. if you recognize this suspect call philadelphia police. philadelphia police tonight
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are searching for a suspect who they say is using craigslist to steal. police say 44 year old harry moore lists a property on north fayette street for rent, takes deposit for it in cash, and then tells his victims the place isn't available. but he keeps the money. police say moore has stolen $10,500 in cash deposits since march. we are now 51 days away from the rifle of pope francis in philadelphia and more details about getting to the city for the papal weekend are emerging tonight. septa, septa wants to make sure things are clear when it comes to the regional rail passes needed for the pope's visit. winners of the pass who's took part in lottery are now being notified. natasha brown joins from you septa headquarters with what you need to know if you are hoping to ride the regional rails when pope francis is in our area. natasha? >> reporter: well, ukee,s the first round of lottery winners got e-mail notifications today that they won the passes they requested but if you didn't get an e-mail, you're not out of
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luck just yet. this is the notification that hundreds of thousands of people have been waiting on. an e-mail from septa solidifying your regional rail pass during the papal visit. >> we received requests for 328,000 passes. >> if you received notification that you won the lottery you have until sunday to purchase the passes you requested. >> when you made your quest we considered that an invoice and so we'll send you the invoice for what you requested. if you don't want everything you requested, your choice will be to go ahead and purchase those any way or not purchase at all. >> reporter: people who live in the norristown paoli radnor area who were not able to get passes you're not out of luck just yet. there will be another lottery. >> on next wednesday we're going to do another lottery just for the norristown high speed line and for the 101 and the 102 trollies. and so by monday or tuesday you'll know if you have any
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option for regional rail passes. >> reporter: 31 to 32,000 passes will be available for the norristown high speed line. septa's goal is to accommodate as many people as possible during the weekend where millions are expected to flood the city. >> our main goal is to have as many people come into the city who want to come into the city. >> reporter: well we can tell that you either monday or tuesday septa will begin contact contacting people about a second round of passes that will be available from the first round of people who eatery joked or not paid for the pass that is have become available. that's the very latest here at septa headquarters, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you on related note philadelphia public schools are likely to add an extra day off next month because of the pope's visit. schools are already closed on the 23rd for yom kippur on friday because of the papal visit. the superintendent is expected to ask the board to approve thursday september 24th as day off for students. a decision about monday the 28th will be made later.
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♪ now to campaign 2016 the gloves came off in cleveland tonight as the top 10 republican presidential candidates squared off in their first debate. but one candidate in particular managed to steal the spotlight again. billionaire businessman donald trump was center stage in debate on the fox news channel and he came out swinging. >> mr. trump -- >> he was the only republican candidate who could not promise he won't run as an independent. >> talking about a lot of leverage. we want to win. and we will win! >> trump has a comfortable lead in the national polls but the prime time exposure was a chance for all 10 men to get their message across. republicans agreed the immigration system needs to be overhauled but disagreed on how to do it. >> we need to control our border. it's not -- it's our responsibility to pick and choose who comes in. >> we need jeb to build a wall. we need to keep illegals out.
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>> the candidates also sparred about the nsa collection of phone records. >> i don't trust president obama with our records. i know you gave him a big hug and if you want to give him a big hug again go right ahead. >> senator paul the hugs i remember are the hugs that i gave to the families who lost their people on september 11th september 11th. >> candidates also attacked iran nuclear deal. >> we got nothing. and iran gets everything they want. to me you terminate the deal on day one. >> one of the current candidates will likely be back here at the quicken loans arena for the gop convention next july as the party nominee. we learned today the first democratic presidential debate will be held october 13th in nevada. democrats will select their nominee at the democratic national convention in philadelphia next july. the race for president now in full swing and you can count on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. we'll have it for you both on tv and online at >> as we continue tonight two
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security agents at philadelphia international airport jump into action after a traveler collapse collapses to night here hearing from the man who says he wouldn't be here if it weren't for these two quick thinking women. the amazing airport rescue still ahead at 11:00. >> several people camping in new jersey sickened. now campers are being told to stay out of the lakes. >> kate? >> and storm scan3 shows some steady light rain at this hour across much of our area from the city into south jersey. coming up i'll let you know if this storm and this wet weather sticks around for the up coming weekend. and it's a wedding that even caught jennifer aniston's friends by surprise. we'll have more for when you "eyewitness news" at 11:00 continues.
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typhoon is on a collision course with a taiwan tonight. typhoon is churning in the pacific with gusts of 120 miles per hour.
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astronaut kelly took the photo of this storm from the iss. the typhoon hit the northern islands leaving behind a lot of damage. the most populated island got the brunt of the damage. president obama has declared the northern marry anna islands a disaster area paving the way for federal help. malaysian's transport minister says searchers have found more wreckage that could be linked to flight 370. french authorities are contradicting that report though saying they're unaware of new debris neary union island. wednesday investigators are certain the wreckage found on reunion island is from the wing of mh370. but french officials who are leading that investigation callinged more testing must be done. summer campers in some staffers get sick after swimming in burlington county. lake water is the suspected culprit at camp ockinickon in fed medford township. burlington county department of health is now testing the waters and the illnesses which are stomach related are not believed
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to be serious but we do know about a half dozen people got sick beginning last weekend. >> wondering what she could have potentially um, contracted in the water. they're concerned about something with the lake and what i should be looking for as far as her being ill or anything. >> the most common health concern for lake swimming this time of year is fecal coliform and often comes from geese and other droppings. two agents are being hailed as heroes after saving a man's live at a security checkpoint. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers sat down witness victim and the agents who came to his rescue. >> reporter: george sanglier work on the airport floor looking up to a dozen people looking down. >> people inches from my face with smiles on their face. >> reporter: they were smiling because the worst was over. george and his wife were headed to minnesota standing in security line when -- >> all of a sudden the corner of my eye i see his whole body go down. >> reporter: george was having a heart attack and collapsed
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unconscious. not breathing. >> so i just screamed emergency. >> reporter: that's when the hero showed up. tsa officers connie leboeuf and lashonda mclean heard what happened and rushed to give cpr. >> what was going through our minds was that we didn't want to let him dye. >> tsa officers are not regularly trained to cpr but thankfully connie and lashon today received previous training training. connie learned as part of her role as a girls high school varsity soccer coach and lashon today learned during training she had an emf. they did cpr until an aed was used on george's chest and the father of two opened his eyes. queue smiling face. >> we got him. >> i asked him his name. how he's feeling. where he was going and i told him i said you're good day. >> eight days later we asked george about what could have been. >> really i'm still processing that.
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it's -- it's -- >> it's tough because the out come had been different i'd be sitting in black in our whole family would be devastated. >> but instead there's a life to be lived. perhaps future grandchildren to spoil thanks to two women who did the right thing at the right time. >> our kids still have their dad dad. and that you can't give anybody a greater gift than that. >> reporter: angels at the airport. matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness news". there's live to be lived. >> love that. >> indeed. actress jennifer aniston is married to her long time fiance' justin theoriux. >> they exchangeed vows during a secret wedding at their bell air home. guests thought they were going to birthday party. they got engaged in august 2012 after dating for more than year. >> she pull that off nicely done done. >> nicely done. >> i love when they do secret backyard ceremonies. >> so fun. >> green on that radar. >> radar lighting up a little bit right now.
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not heavy rain and we're not talking severe weather but some welcomed rain perhaps for some of us much it's been awhile since we've got decent rainfall much it's been awhile since we've had clouds and cooler conditions. if you'll be out and about even letting the dog out later on this evening grab the umbrella or hoodie to keep you dry this evening. let's take look what's happening outside. first and for most to the camera pointed on the rooftop here at the cbs3 studios and not looking to bad over center city right now you can see the clouds are in place. there's a little light rain or drizzle out in the city right now you can see it's not being picked up by the camera i do want to show you how the day shaped up from one of our life neighbor network cameras at the palmyra cove nature park. time lapse started the day with sun and clouds thicken in the afternoon. cloudy evening with hahn and off spurts of rain and drizzle and that's the case outside right now a lot of cloud cover low clouds outside right now and the green is starting to take over especially from the city on south and east that will be the case right through tonight and no tomorrow as well. heaviest of the rain showers
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will stay south and east of philadelphia. to the north and west you're not seeing too much a sprinkle near reading. could be a stray drop here and there in the lehigh valley but this is main al southern system. we are watching a few showers and storms off to our south look at this area that has kind of company he will lessed over portions of virginia and maryland lifting to the north a few of these heavy downpours overnight could impact extreme southern delaware but that's about it. then the storm moves away. it leaves in its wake pretty great weather for us this weekend. right now it's cool 59 in mount pocono. 73 at the airport. 71 in atlantic city. down the shore we're looking at low 70s. you can see that northeast wind has already begun to kick up as our storm starts to push offshore just off to our south. that's going keep things a little bit cool tomorrow. northeast wind that generally means more of a marine influence and temperatures on the cooler side. speaking of cooler today below average for the first time since july 24th. we hit a high of only 85 degrees. the average high is 86. so as that storm passes by to our south into the day tomorrow, watch for that cooler northeast
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wind. showers mainly to the south. but north and west of philadelphia tomorrow could actually end up being a pretty great day with sunshine breaking out and again that cooler northeast breeze. we warm it up and the sun returns on saturday. sunday looks like a great day for everyone as high pressure builds back in and temperatures will climb back to the middle 80s. as far as rainfall totals are concerned, you can see the lowest amounts to our north and west reading main not end up with much at all and here in philadelphia same story. if you're down in atlantic city you can end up with third of an inch at most a half and inch of rain perhaps for the delaware beaches this is not a major rain event for us but it is going to be a bit of a shore spoiler tomorrow again with that northeast wind picking up it will be breezy tomorrow down the shore. the clouds will stay in place and showers especially early in the day for the shore points and again the delaware beaches. during the overnight hours tonight, again temperature on the cooler side at least cooler than they have been down down into the 60s. with a few showers around light rain and drizzle much clouds an few breaks of sun tomorrow with showers to the south. the high in the city 80. cooler down the shore again
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friday shore spoiler. 77 degrees with that brick northeast wind at 10 to 20 miles per hour. the good news though we clear it out just in time for great august weekend. we're at 84 degrees on saturday. 86 on sunday. both days turning out mostly sunny. could take a little bit longer to clear saturday morning down the shore but i think the week send okay. then another chance for shower or storm monday and tuesday. and you know you can get updated forecast any time with the cbs philly weather app. check the lie radar get severe weather alerts and share your weather pictures with us download the app now on i tunes and google play. >> that app is really cool if you don't have it. great stuff. >> i love that app. >> lesley has your sports. the fightings are hitting the road g for a long stretch. phillies head west. chase utley is with the team. we'll physical when you he'll be back in the lineup. and the birds back to work. so how did sam bradford niece feel after four days on the practice f
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>> that time of camp when the bumps bruises and soreness might be kicking in. >> injury news coming out of eagles training camp. murray and alonso missed practice today. murray out with undisclosed illness and alonso out with a concussion. sam bradford has um pref the coaches and the players with his accuracy. sam has torn his acl twice and has not played in over a year. only been four days but so far so good. >> i feel better than what i was expecting. i really i thought my knee would hold up but i wasn't sure. i hadn't put it that was four days of practice coming into camp. but you know the way my knee feels right now it feels great. i'm really happy with where i'm at right now. >> i don't see -- we don't see him -- when you're watching film or doing anything that he's favoring that leg at all. >> former eagles desean jackson will be out of action for two weeks after he separate his shoulder. he injured it during a one-on-one drill catching a pass in the end zone then sliding into a blocking sled. >> the phillies are headed west
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to start a nine game road trip tomorrow in san diego looking to get that mojo back after losing series to the dodgers. they trailed three to nothing in the first inning scored five run off the dodgers starter sack greinke. the la will come right back. david buchanan serving this one up to adrian gonzales. three run homer to right. dodgers go ahead six to five. he settled down allowing one more run. three can of hits in the game inn clueing his fifth career homer. dodgers had seven-five lead in the third. to the bottom of the ninth. dom brown a chance to win the game. lined in a double play tone the game. phillies lost their first series sin the all star break 10-eight the final. >> chase utley will be activated from the 15 day dl tomorrow he'll start against the padres he's been out of action since june with an ankle injury. three went six for 11 in three rehab games. good to have chase back. >> i'm glad to see sam is feeling good. >> i think we all are.
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>> it will be up to the offensive line and running backs to protect him or whoever is back there. >> somebody, anybody. >> that's right. >> we need that line.
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♪ philadelphia fraternal order of police hosted a big fundraiser for its survivors fun tonight. >> that's right. it was held at mission barbecue's new location on roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. the survivors fund provides assistance to the families of officers killed in the line of duty and many of those families and law enforcement community were there tonight. all proceeds from that will go to the fund we've also hopefully got video of that for you online since we didn't get it for you now. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with erika von tiehl meteorologist katie fehlinger and traffic with meisha johnson.
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>> for lesley, kate, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. remember we are always on for you at up next spore i don't know. >> from our entire team thank you so much for staying up with us. sleep well family. good night.
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