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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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underwent surgery. >> she definitely was one to help out less fortunate. she has been doing that for year. >> ziza djordevic was men for her kindness in finding odd jobs, a few years ago jarill wright was one of those people. >> the community is good. i got a job here. you know, like, it is a sad sick tour stomach to get robbed every day. >> i have been here for 16 years, coming every day 4:00 o'clock. 3:00 o'clock in the morning. we have no problems. >> scary, what can we say it is scary. >> reporter: those close to the victim told me that she was recently very recently, robbed last update i got was that she's in stable but still critical condition. reporting live from overbrook alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the montgomery county district attorney's office reports that pennsylvania attorney yen kathleen cain will surrender to authorities in montgomery county tomorrow. the state's top prosecutor was indicted yesterday and kane will be arraigned via video
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conference by a judge in collegeville. she faces conspiracy and perjury charges for allegedly leaking secret grand jury information and then lying bit under oath. an attorney for kane says she's necessary event and plans to plead not guilty pennsylvania governor tom wolf has called on kane to step down. former philadelphia eagle irving friar has been found guilty of conspiracy and theft by deception. the his mother, 74 year-old elaine mcgee was also found guilty in mount holly. fryar and his mother stole more than 1.2 million-dollar from several banks in a mortgage fraud scheme. sentencing will be held in october and they could face up to ten years in prison. a camden county man is safe and sound after getting lost in the woods for three days his friend ventured deep in the woods and eventually found him. "eyewitness news" reporter, new jersey reporter, cleve bryan, joins us now from berlin with more on how all this unfolded, cleve. >> reporter: ukee, neighbors a that the man left a barbecue on monday, thinking he would
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walk through wood to his house, instead, he ended up circling around in these thick woods for several days just in a couple square mile area today i talked to several is friend who were determined and ultimately rescued the man. >> we were just scared. we wanted to make sure he was okay. >> reporter: jake i and buck connor feared their neighbor had little chance of survival. sixty-one year-old called 911 tuesday morning saying he was lost in the woods on cross keys road in winslow township. then his cell phone died. multi agency search ensued but for almost three days in one could find him in the dense woods. it turns out they needed the right woman for the job. twenty-five year-old cristina early told her friend they needed the help. >> someone lost around here and we know the woods so, we should probably get out there and help. >> reporter: volunteering to help they rode around on atv and dirt bike for seven days. around 7:30 they stopped on high tension electric wires off williamstown road and heard a voice.
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>> he said his name. he has been walking in circles. >> we said this is the guy. >> reporter: they tracked several hundred wires through thigh deep mud and found warden, who was very weak. >> we had to carry him out and two girls were pushing the sticker bush's way to carry him out. >> reporter: they snapped this picture on the ride back of the dehydrated warden gladly drank a pepsi. they went to visit him in the hospital this morning he thought he would die lost in the woods. >> he said he kept ending up turning around and being back in the same little puddle he started from and getting spinned around. >> he looked relieved. he looked happy to be alive. i think it opened his eyes and greater appreciation for life. >> reporter: you can imagine it was just so hot humid this week, it had to be unbearable, out in those woods. i asked people how the heck did he survival? they say he was walking around drinking from puddles. reporting live from winslow
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township i'm cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> quite a story cleve thanks much. pse&g is working to get salem two nuclear reactor backup and running. salem two automatically shut down wednesday afternoon after an electrical problem with the cooling pump. now officials say that the plant did exactly what it is designed to do. there was never any danger. it ways more than a year since the last shut down, the salem one and hope creek reactors were not affected. and experts say positive train control and automated system could have prevent that had deadly am trach derailment in philadelphia earlier this year. now a new report shows that only a handful of railroads are close to meeting a deadline of this year continue on stall the technology. amtrak says that it expects to meet the the december 31st deadline, the the nation's largest freight railroad union pacific, has not equipped any of its thousands of locomotive was that technology. in north philadelphia, a violent case of road rage is caught on surveillance video. take a look at the the bottom of the screen here as a man
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with the baseball bat smashes a window of that car at 16th and clear field streets early wednesday morning. then he used the bat to repeatedly hit the female driver. police say it all started with a man honked at would the man and then followed her for a few blocks. he drove away after the attack and police are looking for him right now. well defending on where you, you could have sun or showers. kate bilo is on the sky deck with the first look at the forecast. we have some sun here right kate. >> we have a beautiful day for many of us especially from the the city on north and west, most of these showers and cloud state off to the south and east, as we thought they would and finally those are clearing out from the shore points as well. we have got much better conditions on the way even down the shore as we go through rest of the afternoon and into tomorrow. lets look at storm scan three to see is what happening. we have got clearing skies all across the region, the cloud and showers have really moved
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off shore at this hour, even rehoboth beach is finally seeing some clearing at the moment. temperatures right now you can see where sun has been out warm in philadelphia, we are up to 86 degrees with that northeast wind, sun really powered through here. eighty-four wilmington. eighty-three allentown. cooler down the shore where more cloud have been around today and with that northeast wind 75 in stone harbor. seventy-four in rehoboth beach. your first forecast out and about in the the city on this friday night we will love it. few clouds at 7:00. 80 degrees. by 9:76. and 11:00 p.m. 74. shore spoil tore day but heading down the shore for weekend i think you'll like our weekend shore cast. it looks beautiful both days, 79. sunshine on saturday. we're up to 80 on sunday down the shore. coming up we will have your forecast for city, poconos seven day let you know if the weather stays as nice as today has been as we head through next week. for now back inside to you. >> thank you kate. straight ahead on "eyewitness news" captured on
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camera, movers throwing furniture in the middle of the neighborhood, find out how company is making amend next. would you ride this monster coaster? it is coming to the jersey shore and we're talking about it, let us know what you think on facebook and twitter pages and we will have more discussion coming up, jim. here's a question for you when you are using a credit card and cashier asks you you for id, do you have to show it? i'll have the answer coming back after the
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movers hired to hall furniture ended up trashing a neighborhood in west oak lane. >> you can see the moving truck pulled up, mover jumps out, looks around, and then begins to pull out a large receive, tosses that on the sidewalk. they get back in the truck throws out a cabinet, and also a rug. >> i also feel vindicate that had we have somebody dumb enough to do it right in front of the camera. >> the moving company ceo apologized for the incident and had his workers clean up the neighborhood. mover caught dumping the furniture was ultimately fired. new survey from wells fargo find that most small business owners are not the ready for a big change involving credit card payments. starting in october business which is do not have equipment to process the new generation of chip embedded credit cards will be liable for any fraudulent transactions, in fact nearly half of the small
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businesses, weren't even aware of the deadline. speaking of credit card, has this ever happened to you you? are in a store paying for a purchase with your credit card and cashiers ask to see your driver's license. >> many times. question is, do you have to show it? this is the the guy with the answer. >> i try i try indeed, some folks think that asking for id helps deter fraud others think it creates an unnecessarily private thecy risk but as long as your credit card is signed you shouldn't have to show anything else. >> it is a common request when you pay by credit card and one that makes wayne vanwalker uncomfortable. >> with all of the identity theft going on these days it is just one of the things i prefer not to show my id. >> reporter: security experts say the the information on your driver's license could be enough to steel your identity. >> you don't know how are dealing with on the other side of the counter. >> reporter: despite demand from the cashier you don't to have hand over your id, and some cases they are not even allowed to ask. >> you can absolutely say in.
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>> reporter: shawn mcquay of nerve wallet say master card and visa prohibit merchants from requiring id provided the sign is signed. the master carden allows to you file a complaint if you are asked. american express discouragees stores from asking for id, but discoveries different. it says its merchants are free to request id and may require it in some cases. >> discover actually states that if there is any concern in the back of the payment card is in the signed that the consumer needs to present two different forms of id. >> reporter: how should you respond if you are asked to hand over your id? mcquay suggests asking to speak with them to the manager and something wayne does every time he just wishes he didn't have to. >> a little bit hard to care around a merchandise agreement with you or statement that says, you know here's the rule. >> reporter: bottom line sign your card. if you do hand your id to a clerk it is illegal for them to record any of the information.
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>> jim, what about people instead of signing their card they were ask for id. >> you shouldn't do that because that can backfire. you are supposed to sign the card. that completes the contract between you and the credit card provider. any merchants that don't see the signature there they don't to have honor the credit card. >> interesting. >> they may ask can i see your id. then they look befuddles. then i said do you know where i work? >> that is it. >> yes carry around your credit card's agreement, you know. >> all right, jim, have a good weekend. temple university school of medicine welcomed its class of 2019, with a special ceremony today. "eyewitness news" at the performing arts center on north broad street where 204 future doctors were presented with their white coat. students will wear the coat during their time in medical school. good luck. >> my blood pressure just went up, white coat syndrome. white coat syndrome. coming up, some music to start your weekend. variety tore eyes live at smooth jazz, summer nights on penns landing, we will check
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with her pat. training camp rolls on everyone looking at eagles offense. so many talented players. we will talk about how that side of the ball is looking coming up in sports.
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we have some new information for you just into the "eyewitness news" room, it relate toss pope francis visit in september. the secret service has announced they will not be screening papal visitors who
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are planning to walk across the ben franklin bridge. >> the bridge will be shut down to vehicular traffic during the pope's visit to philadelphia but will remain opened to pedestrians. secret service says visitors will see officers on the bridge to make sure that everyone crosses safely. and, we just keep on counting down the days. we're now at 50 days until pope francis is here in philadelphia and until then stay with cbs-3 for very latest both on tv and on line at cbs >> fifty days and counting. if you are keeping score you are, i know you you are indeed. weather was so nice. we were on the breeze. we were on the sky deck. >> it cleared out really nicely. last night was cloudy, drizzly this morning north and west of the city turned out great. >> really well. shore spoiler but even the shore is clearing out. if you are heading to the shore, i think you'll like the forecast down the shore and in the city, no matter what you do this weekend the weather looks fantastic. lets go outside one of our live neighborhood network cameras. the this is time lapse.
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you you can see difference in rehoboth beach compared to what we saw in the city. look at how the day shapes up. we started off with cloud cover. still people outside on the boardwalk. heavier shower came through. everybody clears on out. and then just recently in the past half an hour we will start to see breaks in the cloud cover and a few more people heading out on to the shoreline. contrast that with the pennsylvania palmyra cove nature park and it is sun blue skies all day long this storm was really more of the southern storm then it was a storm for us hire in philadelphia we did get light rain last night but not a big deal. mostly that is pushing even further off the the companies and north and west skies are clear and it is a beautiful friday afternoon and evening and showers and storm impacted at best, rehoboth beach has tapered off. one stray shower along the new jersey shore. not sure if that is reaching the ground but this is all moving away, and expect nice weekend in the city and down the shore. 86 degrees right now at the airport. eighty-three in allentown. eighty-four in wilmington.
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cool's long the the coast thanks to the clouds that hung out longer and northeast wind we're seeing upper 70's right now but close to average. our average high 86. we have 87 so far today. it looks like we will be close to normal right through the foreseeable future. we are not expecting anymore heat waves in the forecast and we don't have any cool days either. so mid 80's for your saturday. mid 80's sunday and monday and cooler tuesday that looks like our next chance for perhaps some appreciable rainfall. so get ready for a nice weekend in the 80's for your saturday. mostly sunny pleasant. sunday same story. few more cloud may filter in sunday afternoon off to the west as this system approaches, it is not a big deal. we are looking for sun in the mid 80's. monday a chance for thunderstorm in the afternoon and then by tuesday a better chance for numerous showers and storms, as our next storm moving closer to the area expect some really great weather. overnight clearing skies. comfortable. 66 degrees is your overnight low. saturday looks great. mostly sunny. it is a beauty from start to
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finish, 85 not too hot or too cool just a perfect weekend day. no matter where you are you'll like it. seventy-nine down the shore. in mostly sun which a nice breeze. poconos 78 degrees, sunny and nice great all across the region. we will take a quick look at your three day forecast and things look great throughout the weekend. chance for thunderstorm on monday, we will have your full seven day next half an hour. we will be right back.
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u.s. intelligent officials are investigating a cyber attack, this time, on the joint chiefs e-mail system. they believe the cyber attack was carried out by hackers working for russia. cbs news correspondent mark albert has that story now from washington. >> reporter: the attack on the joint chief's unclassified
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e-mail system has kept it off line for almost two weeks. that hack effects about 2500 civilian and military personnel who work for the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. the system is used for routine business. pentagon officials say no secrets were revealed but that the information was not intended to be made public. the attack was carried out weekend of july 25th and 26th. defense officials soon realized it was so sophisticated it could only have been a work of china and or russia. cbs news has learned a two week investigation has pointed a finger at russia. the attack highlighted a possible vulnerability of the u.s. military. >> the u.s. is very well not prepared for a cyber war. we're very prepared for traditional war. >> reporter: russia was blamed for sign's tax of unclassified networks used by white house and state department in the past year. mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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pat gallon joins us. eagles training camp continues at novacare complex in south philadelphia. >> there are some new faces pat it seems like a lot of new faces and that is usually the case when there is a major shake up at the most important position, people take notice. it is no surprise that everyone is keeping a close eye on what sam bradford and eagles quarterbacks are doing in the early stages of the camp. chip kelly made sure everyone knew before training camp began that this is an opened quarterback competition but through first few practices we are catching glimpses were eagles a acquired sam bradford. >> he is the guy that takes great pride in his work but whether it is, calling the play making sure the guys get lined up to executing the plays and dropping back and throwing, ball handling, decision making. >> reporter: while bradford looked his best the weapons around him helps. demarco murray was held out again today so ryan matthews stepped forward showing depth eagles have at running back. >> just trying to make us
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better every day and, you know, like i said, we have one common goal and get to that game at the end of the year. until then we have to make ourselves better. >> reporter: let's not forget the young group of of wide receivers who miles austin praised. >> we come out, we work hard every day. every day is someone else, different making big plays you know, multiple guys. so it is just great to be part of the group and we just got to keep stacking these dates together and we will just get way better as a whole. >> reporter: as we know it comes down to who is throwing it come week number one. from what i have seen on bradford so far certainly shows he has elite talent. now question is can he be an elite player on the field? time will tell. demarco murray sat out, today. they are taking it slow with him which is a good thing but there is a ton of talent on this offense if they can come together and stay together. >> i know he wants to take it and feel good. >> yes, get up and keep
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rolling. that would be great. >> you got it. coming up next in our report philadelphia stapel moving to new jersey. >> loss of several hundred jobs for one community and a gain for another i'm charlotte huffman in bellmawr with that story. famous faces are pulling for hillary clinton for president. see which hollywood stars are on the campaign trail. this electric turn used to deliver a historic address will be used by pope francis to deliver his speech at independent mall. i'm john mcdevitt coming
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i'm ukee washington and here are the top stories. a bakery owner is recovering after being shot in the neck outside her overbrook business earlier this morning. the police are investigating the case as a robbery gone bad, no arrests have been made. kathleen kane will face a judge from the montgomery county detective boro. pennsylvania's top prosecutors will be arraigned on charge that he is she leaked grand jury information and then lied bit under oath. an attorney for kane said she plans to plead in the guilty. camden county man is lost in the woods. sixty-one year-old james warden spent three days in the wood and was eventually found in berlin, kate. ukee, it turned out to be a beautiful day across the the area cloud hung on for much of the area down the shore but good news is our weather headlines it is a gorgeous weekend for everyone. storms will return by early
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next week and temperatures hold near average through the weekend. i will tell but that next chance for storms coming up with the seven day forecast, jessica. >> kate, thank you. a big change for amoroso baking company, they are closing their long time southwest philadelphia bakery and moving to south jersey. "eyewitness news" reporter charlotte huffman tells us why and also talk to some of those who will be soon unemployment. >> reporter: for more than 50 years and on any given day workers outside amoroso's bakery can be seen heading home with left over bread in hand, a sight that will soon be in more. >> everybody is gone. the whole building. >> reporter: iconic bakery is laying off all 200 employees many worked here for decade. >> twenty-six years. >> reporter: twenty-six years wow. >> yeah. >> reporter: layoffs begin in october and by the end of the year the facility on 55th street will close its doors. >> we heard rumors about two years ago but we got a letter in our check yesterday. >> reporter: that letter from the company explains that amoroso's has out grown its
5:31 pm
current facility, and is needing an update. >> unaudible. >> reporter: life will go on for amoroso's at this warehouse in bellmawr's industrial park. the company and ginsburg bakery in atlantic city will open up a new joint facility to take advantage of the 20 million-dollar tax credit and current employees are encouraged to reapply. >> will urea reply. >> i will, if i get the job. if i don't i mean i don't know. if they don't take me, somebody will pick me up. i will keep a positive outlook on life. >> reporter: one jurisdiction's lost is another opportunity for economic growth for another. bellmawr's mayor tells me not only will the move bring hundreds of jobs to bellmawr but fill this warehouse that has stood empty for years. in bellmawr, i'm charlotte huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now to campaign 2016, the republican presidential candidates are gathering in atlanta after setting a ratings record with their
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first debate. new jersey governor chris christie ace monk ten candidates speaking at the red state gathering. the event is name after the conservative political web site. christie touted his work as governor in a blue state balancing the budget and preventing tax increases. well some political observers say governor christie was among big winners last night, 24 million people watched the fiery debate featuring front runner donald trump making it the most watched cable news program ever. we will get more from cbs news correspondent craig boswell. >> mr. trump, how did it go tonight. >> it went great. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate donald trump signed autographs as he left quicken loans arena early friday morning. the republican front runner was the man to beat and debate on the "fox news" channel and he made news with the first question, not ruling out a third party candidacy. >> you will not make the pledge. >> i will not make the pledge at this time. >> reporter: rand paul was true to his work mixing it up with new jersey governor chris christie over privacy and warrants. >> that is a completely
5:33 pm
ridiculous answer. i want to collect more record from terrorist are but less records from other people. >> get a warrant. >> let me tell you something. >> neurosurgeon ben carson reminded the candidates that hillary clinton is g.o.p.'s real target. >> she counts on the fact that people are uninformed the model taking advantage of useful idiots. >> reporter: with all of the reset attention on donald trump the debates were chance for lesser known candidates to stand out. i spoke to carli fiorina who scored big in the early evening debate. >> i'm really happy that i can relax for a little bit and watch others. i was pleased to have the opportunity tonight and i think i took advantage of it. >> reporter: hometown favorite ohio governor john kassig raised his national profile by taking a more moderate tone. >> i don't have to agree with everybody to like them or to respect them or to care about them. craig boswell for cbs-3
5:34 pm
"eyewitness news". last night the the presidential candidates responded to questions directly from viewers including from a familiar face. >> please describe one action you would do, to make the the economic environment work more favorable for small businesses and entrepreneurs. >> tania, is a cbs-3 weather watcher and a health analyst from northeast philadelphia. senator marco rubio asked her question about growing small businesses. he said wow cut taxes repeal obama care and more. she gave us her reaction here at our cbs-3 studios. >> it was good. i was looking for one specific, but he sort of gave me a laundry list and i knew my question has given people more information to use to make a better decision. this effects all of us. i don't care what you consider yourself. we all have to work. we all have dreams.
5:35 pm
>> she says rubio did contact her on twitter and gave her a more specific answer. she also hopes that the democratic presidential candidates were to answer her question as well. democratic front runner hillary clinton can keep up with the kardashians. check out this selfie from kim kardashian she's posing with clinton and her husband kanye west worked his way in as well. kim tweeted i loved hearing her speak and her goals for our country hashtag hillary for president. clinton was in los angeles for a fundraiser featuring hollywood stars. keep it here on cbs-3 for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016. get latest anytime at cbs it is a setback for president obama democratic new york senator chuck schumer is breaking with the administration and will vote against the iran nuclear deal. the agreement would curb iran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting sanctions. schumer says he does not trust iran to keep up its end of the deal. the agreement is in a 60 day congressional review.
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frustrated relatives of malaysia airlines flight 370 victims staged an emotional protest today as officials expand the search for more wreckage. some cried, and crawled along the sidewalk in beijing. malaysia officials say wing debris found last week is definitely from the missing plane but investigators say it is still too soon to tell. french searchers are scouring reunion island by land, air sea looking for more wreckage. still to come on "eyewitness news", do you dare. >> do you. >> a thrill ride coming to the jersey shore, we will talk bit more and let us know if you would ride it on facebook and twitter. steven colbert about to take over cbs late night. we now know who the first guest will be. we will be right back.
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looking back at local milestones this one made the region stand up and cheer, august 1984. first summer olympics held in the u.s. in more than 50 years was underway in los angeles. willingboro new jersey own karl lewis grabbed gold. track and field star competed in multiple event including long jump and four by 100 relay. he would win four gold medals in those games. wow medal at the olympic in cover re barcelona and atlanta. we will be right back. new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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in times square a fake spider man takes on a real life villain cell even if video shows fight between the two here, it seems the man in black was harassing several super hero impersonators on the street. spider man i am person nateer said he just needed to take things into his own hand. >> you know, he came out of no where, actually, he was telling me that i would make no money out here, and he is going to prove it. >> peter parker my man. there are two sides to every story. man in black claims he has no beef with spider man. he felt spider man was one harassing customers by demanding tips that are optional. they were going at it.
5:44 pm
>> oh, dear. thrill seekers prepare to be blown away. a new. >> take a look at gale force the 125-foot tall roller coaster features top speed of 64 miles an hour, plenty of twists and turns. you will to have wait until next year for a ride. it is slate todd open in castaway cove next may. >> um, um, um. on our facebook page, we will, would you ride it? we wanted to know. john said it is a piece of cake absolutely, she said. >> well, ray stevens says he will pass on this one. i'm with you my man. my roller coaster days are done. >> i would do it. >> i do it. >> join the conversation, we want to know what you think would you jump on that? connect with us on the cbs philly facebook page and give us a tweet at cbs philly. >> i'm with ray because about 15, 20 years ago i had a little stomach problem when i got on the kid tea cup ride. so i'm done.
5:45 pm
>> tea cups do it. >> kate, would you. >> no. >> no way. >> i told story before on twitter, about the log flum i tried to get off, i was 27, i said stop the ride, stop the ride. you know you go around and then this girl in front of me was like three years old. so, i did it, but i don't have to do it again. >> no. >> definitely not. >> fun while it lasted. >> no more. >> gale force winds to talk about outside. >> good, good. >> segway into weather. lets look at is what going on outside this evening. beautiful night in center city philadelphia we are looking live at spring garden street. great night to have some dinner outside sit outdoors, not too hot not that steamy heat we have been feeling the past couple weeks. blue skies a few cloud rolling through. cloud have been around down the shore. little bit more today then we have seen in the city but lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers ande what they are seeing outside their
5:46 pm
window. we are close to the city. we are here at 80 checking in with tania. we saw tania last night on the debate and just a minute ago on our news, 80 degrees with some sun for a run along kelly drive. you go get it, have fun running out there. if you are exercising, i'm talking about eating and tania talking about a run. eighty-four in win known, new jersey and kathy. heat index 84. puffy cloud clouds floating by. lets see if we have anyone down the shore. it is different down the shore heading down toward 78 degrees with james. he is in ocean city. he is reporting some sun weather rapidly changing for the better. you can see still on the cold side 70's down the shore right now but sunnies coming out and that is best news of all. lets take a quick look at storm scan three we can see why, james had a change for the better, all that rain, included cover is push off the coast, and even south delaware area that really has had steady showers earlier today, has cleared out as well. sunshine from start to finish
5:47 pm
north and west of the city. cloud cleared out quickly this morning in the city and then off the two south a spoiler earlier today but it has turned out to be a nice day across the board and great friday evening to be outside. right now it is 86 degrees at the airport. eighty-three allentown. seventy-seven in wildwood. eighty-four wilmington. cooler along the coast thanks to the northeast wind and cloud cover that has been around for most of the day. right now 57 in stone harbor. seventy-seven in cape may. seventy-four in rehoboth beach. what is ahead for saturday? gorgeous day. sunny, pleasant, highs in the 80's. sunday starts off nice. we have a few clouds that may filter in later sunday afternoon. it is not a big deal. i will show you on future weather. as this system pushes off the coast. high pressure builds in. we have good sunshine here for saturday. this is noon. watch system on sunday as we head through the day with full sun, and by sunday afternoon especially off to the west cloud will increase a little bit, it stays generally dry and clear though here in
5:48 pm
philadelphia, not a big deal, now monday brings us a better chance for showers maybe a thunderstorm and that pattern will continue into tuesday as well. at least we have a nice weekend but then things change as we go into next week. overnight 66 degrees work clearing skies, it is comfortable, still that light northeast wind, at five to 10 miles an hour. for your saturday mostly sunny, beautiful day 85. great day to get outside bike ride along kelly drive or that ride tania was talking about on kelly drive in the city. down the shore not bad either. the saturday a few clouds in the morning but mostly sunny and nice at 79 degrees. the it will be breezy. water temperature at 79. uv index at seven. see that from ten to 20 with the storm moving off shore as well moderate risk for rip currents so be safe swimming down the shore on saturday. sunday is bet are beach day all together, 80 degrees, mostly sunny rip current risk back to low. wind brisk out of the north and east. you will love it.
5:49 pm
sunday a stray shower in the afternoon or evening. chance for thunderstorms monday but look at these temperatures upper 70's in the poconos feeling fantastic. you're witness weather seven day forecast and shore cast, a great weekend giving way to a mild monday with chance for thunderstorm late, tuesday an increase risk of showers and storms at anytime and then temperatures stay seasonal. we will look good, wednesday 86 degrees. partly sunny. thursday and friday looking fantastic as well. so, not looking at tuesday at least it is a great stretch of wet's head and it already started to day. ukee and jessica back to you. >> that looks nice, kate, thank you. marquis for late show with steven colbert is now up in front of the he had sullivan theater. >> take a look the show will premiere september 8th at 11:35 p.m. right here on cbs-3. colbert is replacing david letterman who retired in may and colbert previously was late night comedy show the colbert report. he put out a tweet that has people talk ago this read george clooney will be my first ever hashtag guest on
5:50 pm
september 8th. he might be able to do it. again, late the show with steven colbert debuts tuesday september 8th, 11:35 after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 on cbs 36789 we will be autopsy watching that. >> aren't you forgetting someone? >> colbert was here last night on jon stewart's final daily show. colbert appeared in 1997 before moving on to his own show. jon stewart closed with the performance from bruce springsteen, himself nicely done. nothing like a nice summer night outside with some good music. >> you're telling me. >> cbs-3 is a proud media partner of smooth jazz summer nights on penns landing and our vittoria woodill is there tonight. hi there vittoria. >> we are celebrating the 18th season of smooth jazz summer nights, right here at penns landing, right in front of the beautiful delaware river and with me right here, is from
5:51 pm
generation x is lebron, lebron is a saxophone player and you will be entertaining the crowd tonight. it is a free concert. what can the will folks expect. >> well, they can expect great music. i mean we start strong, finish strong high energy show. we will have a great time on stage. we want everybody to come out of a great time with us. >> reporter: how long have you been playing the saxophone. >> i started playing the the saxophone for ten years old. for about 20 years now. i have never looked back. one of my favorite things to do i'm happy to be here. >> reporter: how many do you have here in the crew of generation x. >> it is a five member band but three main artist, myself lebron dennis, and two others. we came together to put on a great show. we have been touring all over the country. it is our first time here in philadelphia. we are looking forward to it. >> reporter: welcome to philadelphia penns landing is one of the best spots. since we have low humidity, it is one of the best nights to be here. thank you so much for being here. i'm sure crowd is pull topped
5:52 pm
see you. i'm exited to see you tonight. you can find all of the information for smooth summer jazz on cbs you will find this jazz fest will be ongoing throughout august hitting every friday night at 7:30. it is free, did you hear me, free? yes, free. so that is you why need to rediscover the waterfront and come down and celebrate your summer night right here at penns landing every friday. lebron thanks very much. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: thank you. >> all right back to you guys. >> vittoria said it is free. >> i think she said it is freey will be over there. >> a lot of fun. still ahead, we will check out the fantastic four, the movie has it all in it, action adventures, super heroes, and that is all when we come right back.
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5:55 pm
the amazing marvel comics returns to theaters, fantastic four opening up nationwide. >> i had a chance to talk to the cast and get some of the scoop behind the scenes, of the film, which appears to be the first of many films to come.
5:56 pm
jamie, kate and michael, they are the fantastic four. >> it is up to you team as you have been chosen. we have to push forward into the unknown. but some times you're looking to discover one thing and find something else. >> combustion, inn visibility and a rock solid mission. >> i think this is a move bye young people coming to town, coming of age and, you know dealing with adversity having to come together to defeat a common enemy. >> reporter: characters start out as kids as a contemporary reimaging of marvel comics original and longest running super hero team. showing how it started was the goal of the director josh. >> when i first met with him he expressed that he wanted to make a different super hero film, and origins film where the fans can really get to
5:57 pm
know our characters before we have our powers. >> reporter: powers that they work hard at bringing to life. >> we're just kind of trusting your imagination and not being subconscious about it. you have to commit to the absurdity of it. >> i was lucky because i hat a light suit that i wore that replicated the flames, and how, you know, the light would bounce off everybody. you know, so i had more visual kind of goal to go off of but you never really know how special effects will turnout. so just like ralph said fully committing and trusting what you are doing will make sense and look ride. >> reporter: originally five brilliant students were brought together to experiment with travel and to other dimensions, one of them took the wrong turn. >> victor van doom. >> you don't know anything about what is coming. >> bird and a plane. >> bird man. >> you have to get him right.
5:58 pm
there is a lot of fans out there. >> and, in theaters right now michael b jordan, just finishing up with creed, is real exited to see the next installment of the rocky franchise. >> talk about a actor we will see a lot have of. >> very talented. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 more security plans are coming together for papal visit what the secret service says you can expect if you plan to cross ben franklin bridge to see the pope next month. >> this lectern used by a u.s. president used to deliver a historic dress will be used by pope francis to deliver his speeds at independent hall. i'm john mcdevitt with that story coming up. lost in the woods a new jersey man makes it out alive thanks to four friend on a mission, it is an "eyewitness
5:59 pm
news" exclusive kate? and it is a fantastic friday evening in center city philadelphia we've got blue skies, nice cool breeze from the north and comfortable temperatures. will it last for the weekend? i will have the answer. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. a robbery gone wrong or was she targeted. a bakery owner is fighting for perfect life after she was shot in the neck early this morning. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. this happened outside best cake kosher brakery on the 7500 block of haverford avenue in overbrook part. alexandria hoff is live with the very latest alex. >> reporter: good evening. investigators have return to the scene and they are inside the bakery right now trying to piece together exactly what had happened here this
6:00 pm
morning. no arrests have been made but i'm told there is a possibility they could be looking for two suspects. devout business community broken. >> scary, what can we say we're scared. >> reporter: neighbors of the hard working business woman known as zi za are stun. >> shocked and disappointed with where this world is going. >> in preparation for that about on the at sundown officials say ziza djordevic the owner of the best cake kosher bakery arrived early to work typically around 4:00 a.m., two hours later when they were called to her bakery off of haverford avenue. they say that she had been confronted near back end of the store and shot in the chin. >> really she's a very hard worker. >> she's a nice woman. always has a smile on her face. she came over yesterday i saw her. >> reporter: ziza djordevic was known to give odd jobs to those in need of work. the regulars say the best cake name was no exaggeration. >> she was a wonderful lady. i bought cup cakes for her


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