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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  August 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now on "eyewitness news" at 6 o'clock state attorney general kathleen kane turns herself in accused of illegally leaking documents as an act of political revenge. good evening, i'm natasha brown. kane surrendered below police
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montgomery county detective bureau. what's next for the top prosecutor. >> reporter: natasha, attorney general cape seemed to be in good spirits when she arrived at 1:30 time for her 2 o'clock arraignment. many thought she might share a couple words. she decided against that. out of the black escalade in all white a confident yet quiet kathleen kane was ushered through an eager crowd. inside a mug shot and fingerprints were taken. state attorney general kane then sat via video before a district judge. >> this is a sad day for the citizens of pennsylvania. >> reporter: two days ago felony charges including perjury and obstruction were filed against kane for the alleged leak of protected grand jury information which prosecutors then believe she lied about under oath. in an interesting move guards seemed to attempt a diversion as kane exited through an alternate door passing questions off to her attorney. >> we're very confident that when all the facts in the case
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come out, that she's going to be exonerated. she has no plans to resign from her position. we think that the charges tell only a very small part of the story in this case. >> reporter: kane has maintained that her actions involving the leak were not criminal and as it's been done with those she has prosecuted, bail conditions were set. >> some of which included that there could be no intimidation of witnesses or retaliation on witnesses. >> reporter: both sides agreed no preferential treatment was given. kane did not enter a plea before the judge. tonight kane is free on a $10,000 unsecured bail meaning she did not have to post any funds. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for august 24th. reporting live in montgomery county, alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you so much. of course stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the charges against attorney general kane. we will have the latest on air and on our web site,
6:03 pm also developing right now, police are on the scene of a deadly shooting in north philadelphia t detectives say a 46-year-old man was shot in the chest at allegheny avenue and e streets around 2:30 this afternoon. he died at temple university hospital. two other people were wounded, one of them a 59-year-old man. the search is on for the gunman. and police are investigating a deadly stabbing in grays ferry. this happened on the 2700 block of oakford street early this morning. police say a 30-year-old black man was stabbed in the chest. telepheme mailings were taken into custody and it's still not clear if police have filed any charges in this case. to the very latest effort to honor a fallen philadelphia police officer received a major boost today. a special basketball tournament was held at cobbs creek park at 61st and baltimore. the community has launched a campaign to name the basketball court there in memory of officer robert wilson. supporters signed a petition. officer wilson was killed during a robbery in north
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philly back in march. time now to check the forecast and it looks like we're in for another beautiful weekend. meteorologist justin drabick is in our weather center. he's got all the details. >> natasha we have a nice break from the heat coming up over the next several days. august starting off not bad if you like the cooler temperatures. now, our average high is 86 degrees this time of year. we did make it to 87 so right where we should be. record high 100 set back in 2001. so, yes, still can get hot this time of year obviously but we're not dealing with any record temperatures any time soon or even 90-degree temperatures. look at these highs today. 83 in trenton, 87 in philadelphia, 84 in allentown and reading just a comfortable saturday afternoon, 77 in wildwood. that's it. part of the reason was a wind which is off the ocean right now easterly wind direction we get that cooling effects from the atlantic. northerly breezes coming in across allentown and reading right now. that's going to keep the temperatures somewhat on the cooler side than what we've been over the past few weeks. here we are right now lower 80's for the inland spots, philadelphia and wilmington,
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mid and upper 70's now towards the shore and parts of south jersey. look at that northeast breeze coming right along the coastline, 73 currently in stone harbor and ocean city. we have some clouds across the shore points. storm system remains off shore so it's going to be dry tonight and just some clouds but looking better for sunday. if you have plans to hit the beach, high temperatures for philadelphia tomorrow 86 degrees, near 80 at the shore and upper 70's in the poconos. we'll talk about more rain chances in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. natasha back to you. >> thank you. a massive typhoon that moved through taiwan is hitting the coast of southeast china t at least six people have been killed more than 100 injured. cbs correspondent brian webb shows you the damage left behind. >> reporter: typhoon soudelor slammed taiwan saturday with winds reaching 125 miles an hour. more than 40-inches of rain nell parts of the country creating floods and triggering massive mudslides. more than 3 million homes lost
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power and rescue crews struggled to reach people stranded by flash floods. this woman says she's looking for her friend after a mudslide. at least six people are reported dead including an eight-year-old girl and her mother swept out to sea. the girl's twin sister is still missing. so far the strongest storm. year soudelor has weakened but it is still expected to bring heavy winds and rain across the region in the coming days. brian webb for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, now to campaign 2016. donald trump is under fire again for controversial comments as republican presidential hopefuls make their pitch to conservative activists this weekend. the front runner was disinvited from the red state gathering in atlanta. new jersey governor chris christie spoke on friday and today activists heard from jeb bush and ted cruz. >> first thing the next president has to do is change the culture in washington,
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d.c. we have to shrink the government workforce. >> the first thing i intend to do is rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by barack obama. >> trump was barred from the gathering after escalating his feud with fox news debate moderator megan kelly. he made these comments last night. >> you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever but, i'm saying to myself what am i doing? i'm here in front of all these people i'm doing fox a favor by doing this show. >> in a tweet and a statement, trump wrote the wherever refers to her nose and only a deviant would think anything else. we are now getting new images tonight of the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. the french army released these pictures of soldiers scanning the surface of the ocean from above. france is now launched a week long operation to find more debris and last week a part of
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a wing believed to be part of mh370 washed up on reunion island. that island is controlled by france and located in the indian ocean. malaysia airlines flight 370 vanished in march of 2014 with 239 people on board. also some very frightening moments for airline passengers when their flight gets caught in a hail storm and it's forced to make an emergency landing in denver. the delta plane was heading to salt lake city from boston friday when the storm hit. breaking the cockpit windows and tearing up other parts of that aircraft. the plane did finally land safely at denver international airport. one person was taken to the hospital. the number of people who have been infected with legionnaires' disease in new york city is now up to 108. new york mayor bill deblasio held a news conference late this afternoon. 10 people have died since the outbreak surfaced in july. the bacteria was found in five buildings within a few blocks
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of one another in the south bronx. mayor deblasio says cooling towers are now being disinfected this weekend. >> the good news is that this outbreak is clearly tapering off. there's still more work to be done. and until we have all of the scientific information we need through the testing efforts, we won't be able to give you definitive answers as to what happened here. >> legionnaires disease is a form of pneumonia caused by breathing in mist contaminated with the legion nell la bacteria. have be there no new deaths reported over the past few days and no new cases in the last four days. stay with us everyone. straight ahead on "eyewitness news," safety concerns for patco trains. the defect that's being blamed now for dozens of incidents between philadelphia and south jersey. justin. >> and it's been a pleasant start across the delaware valley for the beginning of the weekend. but will it continue? i'll show that you coming up in the seven-day forecast in a few more minutes. >> and straight ahead in sports, things got a little
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heated today between the redskins and texans during a training camp scrimmage. we will have the very latest. and take a look at the eagles workout today as well. stay with us, everyone. back in a moment. i'd like to put in my 15-years notice.ration you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent, i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for.
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>> welcome back. marches are currenting being held to mark one year since the death of michael brown in
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missouri. the shooting sparked weeks of unrest around the country. don champion has more from ferguson on what's changed since brown's death. >> reporter: surrounded by family members michael brown sr. laid teddy bears at the spot where his 18-year-old son was killed a year ago in ferguson missouri. >> personally it's a loss but it's a lot of good that came out of what my son because he's still right here with us. >> reporter: wearing t-shirts wearing michael brown jr.'s picture and the words chosen for change. the brown family then led a four and a half mile march to normandy high school where the teen had graduated. hundreds took part walking along west fluorescents avenue where violence and looting rocked the community in the weeks and months following brown's death. the white police officer responsible was cleared of any wrongdoing. >> we don't believe things like this should happen in america. >> reporter: gary orr brought his seven-year-old grandson deshawn to the march. what do you tell him. >> well, i try to tell him to
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remain who he is. we try to teach him to respect police. >> reporter: in the year since brown's killing the city of ferguson has started making changes. officials hired an interim police chief who is black and overhauled its municipal court system. the department of justice found it had been unfairly targeting blacks and minorities. still many marchers say it's still reason to protest. >> racism that are really have built this town and undergird this town need change. >> reporter: don champion, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> patco says it has found a defect that's causing some of its trains to stop without any warning. it's happened 43 times between may and july of this year alone. on trains traveling between philadelphia and south jersey. the courier post reports a brake pad sunshine to blame. in each of these cases riders had to be transferred to other trains. the problem is only affecting
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older cars. patco is in the process of overhauling its cars but won't be done until late next year. and delaware county meantime rallying around a 12-year-old recently diagnosed with leukemia. 50 teens all participate in there a whiffle ball tournament to benefit luke. the fundraiser was held at father nall field in woodlynne. his ridly baseball teammates and others played two-20 minute games. luke was diagnosed with leukemia on june 23rd. he is grateful for all the support he's getting. >> you can get through this, no problem and that you're one of the strongest kids that they know and that i can get through this no matter what. >> very brave little boy. luke has not played baseball since he was diagnosed and is anxious to get back on the field and get back into the action so we wish him the very best and hope he gets back in action. this has been a lovely
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day. >> yeah, it's well deserved. >> don't you think. >> yeah, we had the hot stretch a couple weeks ago. >> yeah, the humidity has died down, which is a big deal. >> for a lot of people. again, it's going to be a pretty much consistent forecast the next couple days, pleasant temperatures. not the best beach day today, lacking the sun but overall temperatures were okay. 71 right now. we take a live look at margate from our neighborhood network. northeast wind at about 17 miles per hour. there's a storm system off shore but at least it did not rain along the jersey shore. don't worry the sunshine will be back out during the day on sunday. let's talk about our temperatures. average high again mid 80's, 86 degrees. yesterday we were at 87. same deal today. and then tomorrow mid 80's once again. we'll keep it in the mid and lower 80's into next week. so, we're going to be at or slightly below average over the next five, six days or so. no signs of 90's really any time soon. 80 in trenton, 73 mount pocono, glynn reading and lancaster. so, the farther away you are from the ocean the warmer you
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are because we had that easterly breeze off the atlantic. coastal temperatures pretty chilly in the low 70's right now. no signs of any big heat across the midatlantic and northeast. washington one of the warmer spots coming in 86 degrees. it's 77 in cleveland. kind of in between two storm systems right now. a larger storm off shore. you can see where all the vein off the coast of the delmarva peninsula. we're just seeing some clouds from it, little upper level disturbance across the ohio valley western pennsylvania triggering off a few showers. in between is where we are. we'll go partly cloudy through tonight staying very nice and pleasant area as far as temperatures go. dewpoint in the mid and upper 50's to near 60. that's pretty good for early august indicating a dry air mass. that dry air mass sticks around for the rest of the weekend. we're going to indicate pleasant on sunday. a little bit of a change into next week. our next storm system will approach bringing more clouds. it will increase the humidity monday and our most humid day will be on tuesday. we'll call it steamy and that will fuel some showers maybe even a few thunderstorms and then wednesday that humidity level starts to back down. so here we go.
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high pressure over us tomorrow. we'll see sunshine and clouds. mid 80's once again for the afternoon high temperatures with low humidity. monday it will start to feel that change a little bit, some clouds start to roll in ahead of this warm front, humidity increases. there could be a late day scattered shower or thunderstorm. better chance for some widespread showers and storms on tuesday as this front comes through. the clouds actually will keep the temperatures down into the lower 80's. let's time things out for you. future weather model shows a good start to your sunday morning. 7:00 a.m. with sunshine and clouds around into the afternoon. mostly sunny conditions, few fair weather clouds develop. monday afternoon maybe a scattered shower or a thunderstorm in some spots. not everybody sees it. don't cancel the outdoor plans. maybe have the umbrella around just in case. temperature-wise tomorrow same deal. inland spots in the mid 80's, cooler along the coast, that breeze off the ocean. into monday a little bit cooler with more clouds around but it will be noticeably more humid. overnight partly cloudy, comfortable, 68 for center city, some suburbs little bit cooler than that. still pleasant on sunday. sunshine and clouds with a high of 86 degrees.
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we will see more sunshine at the shore for sunday, the high temperature near 80, ocean at 70. watch out for the runs. they'll be increasing. moderate threat with that northeast wind kicking up around 20 miles per hour. here's the extended forecast. temperatures low and mid 80's pretty much over the next five, six dames. we'll see shower chances returning later monday and through the day tuesday. sunshine returns for the middle of next week. temperatures back into the mid 80's by next weekend so a pretty comfortable forecast next few days. >> very nice and pleasant. i like it. thank you justin. appreciate that. eagles continuing training camp at the novacare complex. there's head coach chip kelly hanging out with some young fans just before practice. the one thing that has been clear so far in training camp is that the eagles are very, very happy with their new quarterback sam bradford. bradford has looked very good so far. coach kelly talked about their newest addition under center. >> he's getting more comfortable the more 11 on 11 he gets and pocket awareness and things like. that i think that's what we
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expected when we traded for him. that's the type of player we saw on film. that's the type of guy that pat coached when he had him at saint louis. so, you know, i thought he had a real good day yesterday and we'll continue to build on that. >> one area of the team the eagles focused on fixing this off season was the secondary. one of the leaders of the defense has been very impressed from what he's seen from the new addition so far. >> secondary you can see -- i feel like we are definitely ahead of where we were last year this time. the competitive naib nature of all those guys in the back end, all those guys step in and compete every ball they feel like it's there's when it's up in the air. >> things did get a little heated at redskins training camp today. they were having a joint practice with the houston texans. there were a few minor skirmishes on the field but then it escalated to a bench clearing brawl. this was the final day of the three day combined workout and that is probably a good thing. we don't want to see any more of that.
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most of the philadelphia union and soul in action tonight. the soul will be finishing up the regular season in cleveland while the union traveled to orlando to take on orlando at sea. highlights of both games tonight on "eyewitness news" coming up at 11 o'clock. now the phillies on the west coast taking on the san diego padres. chase utley back in the lineup after an extended trip to the disabled list. he went one for five and rookie michael franco continues to impress. some great defense here by the rookie as he makes a bear handed play in the tenth. that really was a great play. now, top of the 12 inning, the phillies cameron rough with the long roam hundred to center field and that would be enough here. the phillies win in 12 innings four to three. game time tonight is 8:40 p.m. cole hamels with a rough night last night as the rangers took on the mariners. he gave up three home runs on the night. so far his starts with the rangers haven't gone very well. texas only has two loses in their last nine games, both
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games hamels was the starter. the rangers lost the game four to three. and millville's own mike trout is the best player in major league baseball. yesterday he turned 24 years old and the fans sang to him in the first inning. he hit this home run in the bottom of the first. it was the third time he's hit a home run on his birthday. must be a lucky day. he's the first player in major league history to hit three home runs on his birthday before turning 25 years old. the angels won the game eight to four. wow. must be his lucky day. >> he's amazing only 24. got a great career ahead of him.
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>> ♪ >> well, a public art exhibit combines live animals with sculpture making in center city. "eyewitness news" at rittenhouse square today for the sculpture zoo. aspiring artists got a chance
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to interact with the animals and then learned how to sculpt their own creations. the event was presented by the association for public art. looks like everybody had a
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>> ♪ >> all right everyone, that's going to do it for us this evening at least for the moment. we'll be back don't worry.
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i'm natasha brown. for justin all of us here, we appreciate you joining us. we're always online the cbs evening news is up next. we're back with you at 10 o'clock on the cw philly and back here at 11:00 on cbs3. have a great evening. take care. >> ♪
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>> axelrod: trump gets dumped. the donald is disinvited from a gathering of conservatives after making a coarse suggestion about a female news anchor. a deadly typhoon in asia knocks out power for millions. how this grainy surveillance video could help solve a 25-year-old, $500 million art heist mystery. >> how are you feeling? >> oh, in control. >> axelrod: and on the wings of the historic tuskegee airmen, the next generation of african american pilots takes flight. >> mostly our people see like rap stars and basketball stars. you don't really see any black captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. we begin tonight withep


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