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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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county a and stray shower behind this first main bush of the storms but the worst is over in southers were i, coming toward your area at the moment. you can see line of storms from burlington county all the way town into kent county, delaware and these storms are packing a punch. lets zoom in on a couple spots northern burlington county heavy rain coming down new hanover, southampton, and look at this lightening right along 295. this is slowing down travel, heavy downpours, low visibility. this storm is not is he rear but lets look at these lightening strikes, 118 lightening strikes just in the past few minutes with that particular cell. zooming in further south in cumberland county down toward cedarville, bridgeton, over toward vineland we are seeing another round of heavy rain and this continues in kent county, delaware where heavy rain lining up at route three from dover and harrington delaware pushing east and it is quite strong at the moment. you can see orange indicating where heavier rain is currently falling. we will track this as it moves just barely south and east at
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25 miles an hour, harrington by five will four. fredricka a by 5:18, milford 5:32 and 5:46 in slaughter beach. that particular cell over kent county delaware does have have a severe thunderstorm warning associated with it. that is only warning we have but in dover, wood side, vei yell a and felt on you are in a severe thunderstorm warning for the next four minutes. we have a flood advisory for burlington county in to portions of ocean county. poor drainage flooding reported in these areas. doppler radar amounts show in some spots an estimated inch plus of rain has fallen, opinionly in northern delaware. but, as we said this is moving out and we have much bet are news for rest of the week. i will have that with the full forecast in a few minutes, jessica. >> kate, thanks very much. track rain and storms, anytime on your smart phone and tablet just down load cbs-3 weather app free and a railable on itunes and google play. breaking news right now police recover bus believed to have hit and killed a man in
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center city this morning. the victim was struck crossing the street just steps from philadelphia police headquarters. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is at the accident investigation division right now in brewerytown with those breaking details, syma? >> reporter: that is right, ukee. new this story we have been following all day long, but right now we've got new video into the news room that we want to show you. just moments ago philadelphia police recovered a tour bus suspected in this fatal hit and run. police are examining the tour bus, in a south philadelphia lot, as we speak. right now, investigators are asking the alleged bus driver why he didn't stop. a shoe, headphones and a belt that is what remains after a fatal hit and run. a pedestrian was walking in the crosswalk of franklin and race street across from police headquarters a little before 10:00 tuesday morning. the that is when investigators say he was hit by a white tour
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bus. >> dragged pedestrian 50 feet and left the scene. >> reporter: officials released this shot taken by cameras at police headquarters. the the victim was hit on the driver's side of the the bus. >> it happened unfortunately quite often where the driver or someone this is bus didn't realize they struck something or somebody. >> reporter: forty-eight year-old man was rush to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. the suspect bus driver was heading to washington d.c. but he has returned to philadelphia we are examining the the bus, talking to the driver. >> reporter: police say local tour bus originated from chinatown and was in the speeding when making the turn. it is unclear if there were passengers on the bus. police say they have in the met with any eyewitnesses, they are only lead is the surveillance video from police headquarters. they are asking for the public's help. >> somebody who saw, was driving by, walking by, that can provide with us additional information and it can be helpful and anonymous. >> reporter: police have not released the rick tim's name, so far no charges have been
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filed but again, right now, they are talking with the alleged bus driver and they are examining the suspected tour bus. we are live outside accident investigation division, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". same, thank you. federal investigators have released their report on the cause of the crash that injured tracie morgan and killed another comedian. a wal-mart truck smashed in their limousine on the new jersey turnpike. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in new town with the findings, greg. >> reporter: jessica, ntsb is placing the blame on that wal-mart semi truck driver, citing driver fatigue. he had been awake for more than 24 hours but they also point out in their report that all but one of the passengers on tracie morgan's bus were not wearing their seat belts. this is what the national transportation safety board, says was semi truck driver kevin roper's view the night of the crash which seriously hurt comedian tracie morgan. >> protocol with standard and
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practices that are here. >> reporter: this afternoon board placing blame on roper citing driver fatigue and pointing out he had been awake for more than 28 hours when he slammed in the rear of morgan's limo bus on the new jersey turnpike in june of 2014. the report also reveals roper was speeding and passengers inside morgan's bus were not wearing seat belts. >> it is our new addition. >> reporter: johnny donahue owns sterling limo and says all of his buses must be equipped with safety buses. >> each one is check before and after each job to make sure that obviously you're looking for that clicking sound and we instruct them almost like an airplane. we show these people how to use a safety belt even though you should know how to use a safety belt. >> reporter: it is up to the passengers to actually use them. >> obviously we don't to have come back here and check and make sure everybody is buckled up. the passenger's do have somewhat of a responsibility. >> reporter: now ntsb report also points out there was just
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one's mergecy exit on tracie morgan's bus like this one but that exit was block when that bus flipped on its side. we're live from bucks county, i'm greg ar gos, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". driver for pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane pleaded not guilty to a contempt charge stemming from an investigation into his boss. he was arraigned this morning in front of the montgomery county judge. he ace accused of participating in an e-mail snooping scheme intended to help kane keep tabs on a grand jury investigation targeting her. kane was indicted ra has thursday on charges that she leak secret grand jury information and then lied bit under oath. police in gloucester county are looking for the driver who allegedly hit and dragged a pedestrian. authorities were called to the 600 block of quincy court in glassboro just after 1:00 a.m. police say victim was hit confronting a male passenger inside of an or gang dodge neon. the he was treated at an area hospital for non-life threatening injuries.
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still to word what caused an early morning house fire that killed one person, and in parkesburg, chester county and injured three fire fighters. crew where is called to the home on the 300 block of main street just before 5:00 a.m. authorities say an adult resident was found dead inside as well as six pets, a dog and five cats. the injured fire fighters were treated at the scene. well, there is still a lot of uncertainty leading up to the pope's visit and that includes the police department. new at 5:00 find out why some officers are concerned about the full planning process. also, heart stopping video when a house explodes with a family inside, we will let you know, what triggered it. also, chris christie struggling to make up ground in the presidential polls now governor is losing support in his home state. this is a popular time of the year to move but before you hire a moving company, three on your side, jim donovan has warnings to make sure your valuables are protect, we will be right back.
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take a look at this video, isn't that amazing. a house explosion caught on police dash cam video and authorities say the the blast happened just moments after a car drove in the side of the house in lansing, michigan. a family inside the home was able to get out safely. now more than 35 million americans move each year for personal reasons and career opportunities, and summer is the the busiest time for
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packing things up and heading toward a new home. >> but not all moving companies have the same track record, three on your side's jim donovan joins with us warning signs, for consumers. >> reporter: that is right, guess contact moving can be stressful even under the best of circumstances, the best defense against moving fraud is to be informed and aware of your options when looking for reputable mover. packing up and moving can create a share of pitfalls but better business boro receives 1.5 million inquiries relate to go moving companies last year and 6500 complaints. they include damaged or missing items, big price increases over the original quoted estimates and late deliveries. when choosing a mover look for registration with the federal motor car user safety administration, consumers can find that fur through the agency's web site and protect your move dot gov. they say consumers can often spot trouble before their belongings get on the truck. warning signs can include an estimate given over the phone
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without an on site overview of household items, asking for cash or large deposit up front, failure to give out information about licensing or insurance, and a riding in a generic truck rather than one marked by the company. consumers should hold on to key documents. a written cost estimate, order for service, listing all duties the the movers will perform ape dates of pick up and delivery. the the contract, and the inventory list of all items to be shipped. now moving is tough on your stuff, even if every item is carefully pack, accidents do happen. be familiar with your insurance options before you move. that way you are a assured if anything does get damaged you are covered but folks, hire joey bag have of doughnuts and says here's $500 and they hall your stuff. >> five buddies and a pizza, and did it yourself. >> i dit many times myself. >> thanks. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. >> still ahead, dangerous crime spree, had some local
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restaurant. >> see how thieves broke in several spots in just a few hours. >> i didn't expect that many people to care. >> get married or go to jail. a couple respond to the unusual sentence offered by a judge, pat. do eagles have enough depth in the secondary? it is a huge question for the defense. we will focus on one player who can play a major
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the search is on for thieves who found a couple different ways to break in a few dunkin' donuts stores around camden county. pair first used a ham tore smash the door, on the doughnut shop on black horse pike in gloucester township early yesterday morning. then they pride open the drive through window at the the stores in clementon and pine hill, during the two hour crime spree. thieves got away with cash, from all of the stores. residents are hoping that protester remain peaceful in ferguson, missouri tonight. st. louis suburb remains in the state of emergency after self days of sometimes violent demonstrations marking the one year anniversary of michael brown's death. cbs news correspondent weijia chen has the the latest. >> reporter: this stretch of florence avenue was once a thriving part of ferguson but these days... it only comes alive after dark. >> it effects our livelihood. >> reporter: charles davis burger place ace few doors from the scene have of a gunfight sunday night, and near the spot where police officer killed teenager
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michael will brown a year ago. protesters packed the area, davis says, keeping customers away. >> it is hard enough running a business. so trying to run it through this makes it even worse. it will be okay. >> reporter: many people who live near ferguson blame the tension on a small group of rioters, but overall, say that the city has made progress. >> they have done a real outreach to get some diversity, obviously in the police, city manager. >> reporter: sarah and kelly christie have lived in ferguson for 21 years. things are better they say but they are still concerned about the the police. the couple had grandchild and two great grand children who are half black. >> i want them to be in the society where everybody has an equal chance and they are not stopped, in a car, because they are a different color. >> reporter: many of the ferguson's residents are still uneasy. but, they are determined to start a new chapter.
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weijia chen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". more than a dozen people are hurt after a prison bust, slams in the truck near phoenix. wreck happened just minutes after the truck rolled over on the highway earlier this morning. officials say some of the inmates helped direct traffic and provide first aid after the crash. kate has your forecast now and that line of storms came rolling through, didn't it. >> it did. now it is half and half out there if we look behind the storms it is clearing out, turning into a beautiful evening but storms moving through south jersey and shore point still have yet to be hit and they will, within the next hour or so. so if you are down the shore, if you know someone down the shore, you may want to move off the beach or text message get off the beach, storms are coming and there is a a lot of moisture and a lot of fuel so to speak for these storms as they helped into south jersey. lets look at how things are looking outside. we will take you outside to our go pro camera mounted on the cbs-3 studios rooftop here looking across spring garden street. we're looking east. as you can see the the sky is very, very dark there as those
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storms moved into portions of south and central new jersey. also i want to draw your attention to the weather watchers crawl on the bottom of the screen. all of their reports are scrolling there, so you can see is what happening, different weather depending on where you air cross the the area. that being said let's take you on a tour on our live neighborhood network and in kutztown the storms have passed, still some big cumulus clouds but blue skies and it is turning into a great evening. 81 degrees, wind out of the north direction. take a look at our palmyra cove camera, you can see the difference here in philadelphia to the east over new jersey, the sky is very dark but this is half and half sky over, over the delaware river. looking to the west we have blue skies and things looking great. you can see the boundary of those storms, and here's the problem this camera is at middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse, full sunshine right now, blue skies, folks down the shore enjoying a nice afternoon after what was a miserable morning but with all of the sun and all of the warmth down the shore, these will have plenty to work with and they are pushing in quickly heading through cumberland county at the moment, moving in atlantic
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county and still heavy rain over kent county, delaware that severe thunderstorm warning has been allowed to expire. still have heavy rain and frequent lightening over burlington county, new hanover and country lakee states and here's heavy rain pushing through cumberland county just east of million willville. you can see that bow shaped there to be damaging wind embedded with that storm. so let's track these. they are moving south and east ward and will be in milford by 5:23. den buys 5:41. ocean city just after 6:00. cape may 6:11 p.m. plan accordingly if you are down the shore or no someone who is. the rain fell, reading 159.18. millville .77. twenty-third in bala akin wood and sewell, new jersey at .62 inches. it has been a witt day. you can see where the storms are or just gone through. rain cooled air. temperatures in the 07's here back to the 80's off to the west and still in the 80's down the shore. right now it is 88 in stone harbor. eighty-two in cape may and is there that southwest win, bringing all of the heat and
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moisture into the region. so what ace head, for authentic showers and storms coming to an end after about 7:00 o'clock. they will clear the coast, turning less humid, clearing late and tomorrow partly sunny and nice just a stray shower and high pressure starts to build in behind this system, cooler, dryer air, that moves on in, could spark a couple of showers but then thursday, it looks beautiful. much brighter days, lies ahead. overnight after these early thunderstorms we will clear it out. zero seven for your low. for your wednesday partly sunny, stray sprinkle in the a afternoon but nice breeze from the north and west. your hour by hour outlook looks pretty nice. we pick up showers between 12:00 and 3:00. temperatures in the mid 80's. pretty comfortable day on wednesday, in the city, down the shore, and in the poconos where temperatures, will top out in the mid 70's. so lets take a peak at the that eyewitness weather three day forecast, it looks nicer then today, has been that is for sure. for your wednesday less humid, just a stray shower in the afternoon. thursday, it is the winner of the week, a gorgeous day, low humidity, 84 degrees and friday, 88 and mostly sunny. coming up in the seven day we will look into the weekend but
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for now stay tuned we will be right back.
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eagles at practice field and a lots of attention is being paid to the db's, defensive back. >> pat gallon joins us with the bird. >> last season what the pretty from a defensive perspective for philadelphia eagles. they have allowed just under 30-point per game, they are fifth in the league in yard a allowed. many believe the front seven of the d is a solid unit but is what ailing eagles during chip kelly's tenure is the secondary. if the eagles want to be an
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above average defense, much of the onus rests on the defensive backs. this off season eagles signed byron maxwell away from seattle to be their anchor at corner. on the other side could be second round picker i can row looks to be heavily involved right away because of his versatility. >> he moves up, to corner just his senior year. that is what we were a attracted to him about, when we got to him in the draft was his position and versatility. we thought he had nfl skills and we always want to start on the outside and move in. >> reporter: , fighting with vets for noland carol and is happy for the opportunity. >> i relish it a a lot. it makes me more valuable to be able to do outside and inside. when the roster is real tight. >> you know, he is using his skills to the advantage. he is a second year playing corner. he is still learning the the position but he has come a long way. >> reporter: even after eagles dealt brandon boykin and lost rookie stand out jacorey
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shepherd, to an acl unit, he feels it ace deep unit. >> we feel like we had good department did the in the secondary. >> they need that this year. they made wholesale changes. last year secondary allowed 72 plays of 20-yard or more. by far the most in football. needless to say, that can't happen again. coming up at 6:00 o'clock quarterback sam bradford weighs in on an on line petition involving him, and the pope. >> i have seen that. >> i love this story. >> i love it. >> yes. >> all right, buddy, thanks very much. well, still to come in the next half an hour, preparing for the pope. >> but not everyone is happy with the planning process. the find out why the police union is demanding details from the city. we are also tracking the storms moving through the the a area right now, making the afternoon commute a difficult one. kate has latest
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aim jessica dean with the day's top stories, philadelphia police say they have recovered a bus suspected in the deadly hit and run of the pedestrian. a man was hit this morning while crossing the the street right outside police headquarters. bus was found in the bus yard in south philadelphia. ntsb says a wal-mart truck driver fatigue caused crash that severely injured comedian tracie morgan and killed another comedian the on the new jersey turnpike last june. investigators say morgan and other limo passengers failed
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to use seat belts, kate. and it has been a busy weather day from start to finish, heavy rain coming through last night at three or 4:00 a.m., strong thunderstorms as well, they continue through morning and then break in the afternoon and round two continuing to push through, line of strong storms, heavier storms over burlington, ocean counties and one storm over delaware bay that could be severe, we will keep an eye on that one but here's what i want to focus on first. lightening and heavy rain across portions of burlington, ocean county from pemberton, southampton, over toward country lake estates and man cheese ter area. ninety-six lightening strikes in the a past five minutes with that particular cell. we have a severe thunderstorm warning for this area, impacted by that particular storm, it does include browns mills, wood land, lakehurst, toms river, forked river and barnegat as that storm continues to push east. severe thunderstorm warning goes until 6:30 and we will have a flood advisory until 9:00 p m for this area impacted by that particular
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storm because of poor drainage and ponding occurring on the roadways. doppler rain amounts across the region. you can see green indicating an inch of rain has fall friend this morning into this afternoon with a few locally higher amounts. couple spots estimated at over an inch or two. .67 in wilmington. 1.25 inches in newark. we are continuing to see these storms moving through during remainder of this evening. what to expect for this afternoon and this evening? line of storms continuing to move east with downpours, gusty wind, and slow travel. the shore will be impacted next and then we have better news with the rest of the forecast. i will that have for you in a few minutes, jessica. just 46 days until the the arrival of the pope francis, and a new set of concerns is being voiced. philadelphia's fraternal order of police is being questioned by its membership about how police will be deployed during this unpress debated vice i pat ciarrocchi has more on why some in law enforcement are worried. >> reporter: fop says philadelphia police on the
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beat want guidance for days when pope francis visits philadelphia i think our members know and expect it will be all hand on deck event but they just want a little more information on this point and we are not getting it. >> reporter: with 46 days until the pope steps into philadelphia, fraternal order of police vice-president joe mcbrody says he is getting two or three calls an hour from his membership. >> what will happen, how they will be compensated, and if they are going to be housed. >> reporter: to respond to 6300 officers, the fop sent a letter assuring them that the inquiry toss headquarters and the city of been made. >> it is expected police officer is asleep on the cot after standing 12 to 16 hours, that is not actually good. we're not sure about sanitary facilities, showers. >> reporter: one of the concerns is getting inside of the traffic box. crossing that extensive perimeter, that was there last week by mayor nutter. >> a lot of our members are somewhat confused for lack of a better term that police
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vehicles will in the be able to get in and out from certain areas. our members are confused because we're the the police. >> reporter: in response to the call mayor spokesmen says this by monday, august 31st, specifics on police schedules and compensation should be clearer. mayor nutter also tells us that the men and women of the philadelphia police department do a spectacular job as he puts it, they are consummate professionals and more information will be forthcoming with the good three weeks available for personal planning. in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, pat, thanks very much. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for our continuing coverage of the papal visit. we are here for you on tv and also anytime at cbs donald trump is riding latest wave of controversy surrounding his presidential campaign to the top of the polls in iowa. a new survey out today find trump still leading the republican field. cbs news correspondent craig bos well has latest on campaign 2015. >> reporter: donald trump is
5:34 pm
leading with 16 percent of the votes in the new university poll and he and "fox news" appear to have resolved their differences. >> glad you are back and glad we're friend again. >> we are friend, we have always been friend and great to be back with you. >> reporter: billion air made no mention of his clash with the network's host megan kill hoy lobbed tough questions at trump during the first debate. trump remains top seed in the republican line up according to a new routers national poll with twice as many supporters as his closest competitors jeb bush, former florida governor said he will step up his criticism of hillary clinton with a foreign policy speech at the reagan library tonight. he will argue democratic front runner shares some of the responsibility that led to the rise of the islamic state. jeb bush says that the sunni group is so stronging because there are so few u.s. forces in iraq. it is his brother george who authorized the 2011 departure that jeb will argue president obama and hillary clinton could have stopped it. it may be other woman vying
5:35 pm
for the white house who is making biggest waves, latest poll shows business woman carli fiorina has surged to sixth place in the crowded republican field. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". negative perceptions of the governor chris christie continue to inch up. new poll says new jersey voters do not sees their governor as presidential material. according to the latest rutgers eagle ton poll 54 percent have of registered voters in new jersey say presidential does not describe christie at all. about half still believe smart describes him very well but more than 58 percent, describe him as very arrogant. 52 percent say he is self centered and 49 percent describe him as a bully. pennsylvania governor tom have wolf visits montgomery county and talks about the stalled pennsylvania budget. the governor held a round table in norristown, they criticized republicans in the legislature calling them irresponsible and saying they are using gimmicks to balance the the budget. the governor used words like
5:36 pm
sham, insults and disgrace. >> it is not only a disgrace but insult to all of us in pennsylvania, who actually rely and continue to rely on our representatives in harrisburg to actually be stewards of our financial house. >> the commonwealth is more than a month into the new fiscal year without a budget in place. the the head of the e pa is taking full responsibility, for the spill at a colorado mine that sent toxic sludge into two rivers. epa says it is working around the clock to assess the environmental impact. matt row shell of our sister station cbs four in denver has the latest from the situation in durango, colorado. >> the colorado governor, toured the fish hatchery on the river where 3 million gallons of toxic waste poured into the water nearly a week ago. >> important thing toys make sure that we figure out how to make sure this doesn't happen again ever. >> reporter: governor issued a disaster declaration and people along that part of the
5:37 pm
river have new been told not to use the water. waste water layed with arsenic and other heavy metals spilled into this river, officials say they are monitoring the water quality. >> based on the preliminary results the levels of the metals appear to have returned to preincident levels. >> reporter: more than 100 fish from the hatchery were placed in cages to test the the spill impact on them. >> fish seem to be holding up. >> reporter: e pa crews caused the leak while inspecting the mine last week. >> my understanding is it stopped. >> reporter: water that was contaminated is now more than 100 miles downstream flowing in the san juan river in new mexico toward lou tall. matt, for cbs news, durango, colorado. still to come, we will have a new place to get your cheese steaks, and we will let you know about the local landmark that is now expanding. calling it the cost of staying connected, impact of spent too much time on cell phones and how it is affecting children.
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count down is on to steven colbert's highly anticipated debut and he is sharing more details about his first guest. we are continuing to track strong storms in our area i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe.
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i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there.
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you will soon have another place to get your cheese stake, fix. geno's steaks confirms that is is opening a second restaurant at xfinity live. when like it with or without, the goalies to start serving up cheese steaks september 20th which is the same day that the eagles home opener against the cowboys. with, of course. >> i agree. >> time to check your philadelphia a job market report, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has more details on the growing demand for nurses. >> if you are considering a career change start by identifying an industry that pays well and is in need of more workers. nursing tops the list. there are a variety of educational options if you want to pursue a nursing career. if you have a bachelor degree and non-science related field, you can apply to more than 200
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accelerated programs to earn a bachelor degrees in nurse nothing two to two and a half years. if your bachelors is in a science oriented field you may be able to complete the degrees in 12 to 18 months. the nurses here in the philadelphia area earn an average of over $74,000 a year. and, job openings are likely to rise. as employers replace thousands of workers leaving the field by 2018. many employers are seeking to beef up the number of male nurses, nationally male nurses make up 200,000 of the total 2.6 million rn's. managing nurse nothing mid career comes from a variety of field including social work, emergency medicine, public safety and the military. i'm jill schlesinger for
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stunning video from outside denver, the streets, in the springs were more like raging rivers after heavy downpours there. the storm dumped 2 inches of rain in less than an hour. rain is susceptible to flooding after a wild fire, several years ago, destroyed trees, and vegetation there. look at that. thankfully. we have in the been dealing with anything quite as extreme as that with all of this rain that is moving through but it has been heavy. >> it has been heavy, it was
5:46 pm
heavy last night and morning hours and then cleared out. that is good news. we have had a break in the action. any rain, ponding from this morning subsided before second round moved in. we have a flood advisory to tell but in one part of the area right now. lets look outside and show you what is happening in the city. boy that looks beautiful. you can almost wouldn't believe that a thunderstorm just held through here an hour ago, skies were ominous, heavy rain falling in the city. as we look west from campbell's field toward city of philadelphia looking west we have in problems out there, skies are clear and turning into a beautiful evening. most of the threat now for thunderstorms in pennsylvania, is over. the problem now is south jersey and into southern delaware and much of the delaware is seeing it clear out as well. worst of it for the next hour or two is in south and central new jersey. lets look at our eyewitness weather watchers ande what they are seeing. i want to head into south central, new jersey check with margot in buena vista township. she has 81 degrees and rain. the lets see what margot has
5:47 pm
to say, dreary day but lawns loved it. we have to look at the bright side, always does that, the lawns did love it. my plants in front have not been watered in quite sometime because i always forget. rain takes care of that for me. it is doing so today; he is in southampton, new jersey a hard hill area for douglas. this storm has produced prolific cloud to ground lightening very dangerous situation in burlington, ocean counties. that is areas under severe thunderstorm right where doug is. the it is great we have weather watchers on the ground giving us their reports, as you head back to the north, and things have quieted down. david mitchell reporting full sunshine in norristown at 79 degrees. the mostly sunny, have a terrific tuesday, everyone, peace to you as well, david. terrific tuesday now that the storms have moved on out. lets take a look what is happening on storm scan three. you can still see threat remains for south jersey especially these nasty storms, rolling on through, and just about poised to move into southern cape may county. an area that has been well populated on the beach this afternoon.
5:48 pm
you didn't have a great start to the beach day so my guess is a lot of people got out this afternoon as soon as the sun peaked out and tried to get in a couple hours on the beach but hopefully they know, round two, it is heading your way quickly and there is that severe storm over burlington and ocean counties. so this storm just about to slam into cape may county, west cape may, cape may point and 7 miles wildwood that whole area will be getting hit the by heavy rain through delaware beaches a as well. further north where doug mentioned cloud to ground lightening, it is still going on at the moment. you can see heavy rain, pemberton, southampton, tabernacle over toward country lake estates and heavy rain moving in ocean county as well. here's what we are worried about crossing did the he will was bear. all that rain and dangerous lightening. we know lightening can strike 10 miles out ahead of the advancing storm. if you are on the beach or know someone sitting out on the beach thinking it is still beautiful out here. send them a text message and get them off the beach this is coming in quickly to the shore points. severe thunderstorm warning for burlington and ocean counties continues until 6:30 this evening. flood advisory for that area
5:49 pm
with that same system will continue until 9:00 o'clock tonight. rain today, this includes this morning, and this evening, some spots, close to 2 inches, mount pocono one point the eight. fleet wood 1.3. dewey beach, delaware, 1.08. bala cynwyd, has 1.05. they have had 23rd of an inch this morning and another third of an inch to put you over the inch mark in balance a78 dot the airport. millville 7o look at difference millville to wildwood. 5-degree difference in the air temperatures just thanks to the showers that have come in and cooled down the atmosphere what to expect as we move through tonight. by midnight thinks all out of here. that storm moves off the coast. tomorrow is a nice day. that is dryer air comes in aloft you could see a stray shower here or there but as we clear out tonight, persaid meteor shower may be visible between midnight and 5:00. peaks tomorrow into thursday. get outside next couple nights look clear. we should have good viewing conditions. overnight thunderstorm early and then clearing late. 70 degrees.
5:50 pm
for your wednesday shall much nicer, just a stray shower. 86 degrees. thursday looks great. friday mostly sunny at 88. the weekend is hot again, but it looks generally dry with the possible thunderstorm on saturday. jessica and ukee, back over to you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, smart phones keep us all in touch but at what cost. research shows parents, distracted by their devices can end up ignoring their children. health reporter stephanie stahl joins with us this new age problem. >> we see it all over the place. it does have an impact. psychologists say children can feel neglected when their parent is always on a smart phone. there can be serious consequences. you see it every where, parents on their smart phones, instead of paying attention to their children. >> how do you feel when your mommy and daddy are on the phone. >> sad. >> sad. >> kind of. >> reporter: one survey found a third of children say their parents spend as much as or more time with their devices,
5:51 pm
then them. >> children of all ages, used the same adjective toss describe how they feel when they are competing with screens, for their parent's attention, angry, sad, frustrating and lonely. >> reporter: survey found more than half of the kid feel their parents check their devices too often and a third say they feel unimportant when their parents are distract by their phones. >> children, it looks like their mommy and daddy north engaged. >> reporter: psychologists say parents looking at the their screens often respond more harshly to their kids, and, it can be dangerous. >> we have seen a 22 percent spike in preventable accidents with children and caretakers using their digital devices. >> reporter: children often act out to get the attention of distract parents. here's the common message. >> turn them off. >> reporter: she said turn them off, right? well, while many parents need to stay concerned for work, psychologists say it is important to put a away their smart phones during some family time, interacting
5:52 pm
during meals, especially, is important, and beneficial for children. so you need to have a no phone zone at some point. >> exactly, dial into your kid, dial into them. >> yes. >> that is the other thing even if they are little, put them away. >> thanks, stephanie. thanks, stephanie. still ahead, get married, or go to jail. a couple respond to the unusual sentence offered by a judge. kim kardashian is at it again, see the latest controversial selfie she posted on line and this one includes a strong message to her critics. we will be right back.
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bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... we are only four weeks away from steven colbert's debut on
5:56 pm
the late show and now he is reviewing new information about his premiere. he announced jeb bush will be one of the guests on september o joked on twitter that he does 200 shows a year, so he thinks he can fit in all of the candidates. bush will join george clooney and kendrick lemar on colbert's first show. it will be an action packed show, you won't want to miss it on september 8th at 11:35 right here on cbs-3. it seems like kim kardashian west is trying to break the internet again with a new risque photo. >> shocking. >> here we go. >> michelle turner joins us from hollywood with the naked instagram that has everyone talking. >> reporter: ukee and jessica she's showing off every single name curve of her pregnant body and she has strong words for all of the haters out there. is this what it comes to posing butt naked to prove that she's pregnant? well, clearly 59 month along mom who has outside shopping beverly hills thought over share was necessary, she
5:57 pm
wrote, first they say i'm's too skinny. now i'm too big so i had to be faking it. everyone's body is different. i will get bigger and that is beautiful too. irony here as kim posted this to take on the haters but now people are throwing more shame. some saying she did it because she's jealous of the attention kylie is getting. others say seeing kim naked is like it must be tuesday but kim gets last word, hashtag, no filter, no photo shop, good lighting. >> much more on tonight's et, ukee and jessica, back to you. >> all right, then, you can catch entertainment the tonight every week night at 7:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. it is a sentence that went viral. texas judge order aid man who was charged with all the sag the the boyfriend's ex-to marry would the man. johnson bundy and elizabeth james took the wedding and got married. bundy was afraid wow lose his job if he was in jail. on friday, someone in pennsylvania started a petition to the white house calling for the judge's
5:58 pm
disbar. he hopes the the attention will bring about justice. >> i didn't expect that many people to care but when you read the the story, you know, so many people feel certain ways about marriage. it is a big deal. it is a commitment. for you not to have the final decision, and every single aspect of who will be there, what cake we will get, even if we have cake. >> reporter: couple says they had already planned to get mar bid not in this way. here we go. >> i can't believe that. >> i know it. >> stay tuned. >> wedding of their dreams. >> it is a business. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 fast and furious, heavy line of storms quickly swing through the area dumping rain in the region. >> threat for storms is mainly over in pennsylvania but in south jersey or southern delaware especially at the shore or down through delaware beaches you've got more storms on the way, within the next 20 or 30 minutes. we will track them coming up at 6:00. and a tour bus tries to
5:59 pm
kill a man in philadelphia and keeps on going. tonight police are trying to figure out why the driver did not stop. plus, blushing brad word as a on line petition make its round, sam bradford talks about having his knee blessed by the pope. a quick moving line drops storms in our region. this shows the system moving through center city and bridge from our campbell's field camera it cleared up in philadelphia but system is lingering, furthering ease live look as that line of storms pushes through the shore as it makes its way off the coast. the weather came in fast, and furious, so good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. aim jessica dean. kate bilo is live where she's tracking the storms, kate.
6:00 pm
>> jessica and ukee, this is a commute spoiler on both end, we have had heavy rains, that rain now lifting through new england, portions of coastal massachusetts and part two came in time for evening commute and stilling ago cross south jersey as these storms move through. threat for strong storms in southeastern pennsylvania has ended. there are a few lingering showers behind this first push of storms. don't be shocked if you get another sprinkle here or there storm threat is over. if you are down the shore this is heading your way from maurice river down to just west of the, delaware beaches, we have a line of heavy downpours. this is severe. you can see that bow shape of this line of showers moving in, could be strong gusty wind as well and certainly some lightening being reported. so southern cape may county beaches from sea isle all the way down to cape may point, you will get slammed with downpours in just about 15 to 20 minutes or so. in fact tracking this out 6:09 will be in lieu is. 6:22 in cape may. 6:29 just before 6:00 30 this line of heavy downpours will be in


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