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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ now at 11 new jersey family makes a shocking discovery.
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a graffiti message spray painted on their garage and now they're fighting back. tonight police are investigating that as a possible hate crime. good evening omega's dean. >> i'm ukee washington. vandals spray painted the home on east hudson avenue. but as "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt shows you the family decided to send message of their own. >> wow, this is a hate crime at our house. >> reporter: cape may county resident erin delong demands to know who wrote this on her garage door. her 14-year-old daughter emily is gay. and her 17-year-old miranda seen here on the left is by sexual. >> they're good kids. they're friendly kids. to see somebody go against them just for who they are, for who they love is awful. >> she called lower township police to file a report. hours after discovering the graffiti they turn the negative into something positive this is
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what the garage looks like now. >> the garage was going to say i'm gay why in the world would we have it say i'm gay in that horrible hand writing and ugly gray pain. if we're going to say the we're going to say it in a much nicer way than that. >> 14 yeared em system excited to keep her garage looking like this permanently. >> it was scary. like somebody spray painted our house. they were like trying to offend me and my sister. >> reporter: but emily says it didn't work. the delong family continues to get compliments about their colorful garage door. mother and daughter wanted to say this to the person who spray painted the door. >> if they think calling my daughters gay is an insult it's not. if they tried to hurt us they didn't. >> what's your deal? why? >> kind of dumb. yeah, i'm gay. i get it. i tell people that. it wasn't a secret. so really -- you're gaining nothing. >> reporter: the family's response is getting a lot of
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national attention. lower township police are investigating but did not return a call asking for more specifics about the case. live in the news center tonight david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. tolls night a possible break in the case of a deadly hit-and-run. police have located a bus that may have killed a pedestrian walking outside philadelphia police headquarters. the bus was on its way from south philadelphia to washington, d.c. when police believe the driver struck a pedestrian 46-year-old joseph heard. it happened at franklin and race streets this morning. hurt was hit and was dragged about 50 feet and pronounced dead at the hospital. >> pedestrian and bus were going in the same direction both going east. the pedestrian halfway through the crosswalk when the bus making the left turn runs over the pedestrian. >> police have questioned the driver. headphones were found at the scene. but it's unclear if hurt was wearing them when he was struck. the ntsb says a wal*mart truck driver's fatigue caused deadly crash that severely injured comedian tracy morgan.
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today investigators released animation depicting the jun june 2014 crash on the new jersey turnpike. morgan was hurt. fellow comic james mcnair died when their limo bus was rear ended by kevin roper. the inform tsb says roper had been driving twenty four 28 hours straight. they also determined the limo passengers failed to use seat belts. wal*mart settled a lawsuits filed by mcnair's family and morgan in connect to the crash. the storms and drenching rains are now off the coast much it's time to dry out. meteorologismeteorologist kate a better forecast ahead. >> it does eel still feel stic sticky. the humidity has really yet to drop in the wake of our storms but skies are clearing at the moment. and starting to see the clouds break up can't see any stars just yet. can't see any immediate yours talk about the persied leigh meet your shower you may be able to see the next couple of times. at least the rain moved on out after a very wet tuesday.
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storm scan3 you can see the latest showers and storms have pushed off the new jersey and delaware coast lines. still a few showers over portions of southern and eastern maryland but those are starting to move away as well and the clouds are breaking in you're north and west of the city right now you're seeing a clear sky. seeing mainly cloudy conditions in the city although now that i look around a couple of stars out there right now we are definitely seeing progressive clearing through the night. as far as rainfall amounts, you can see a lot of rain over an inch for most of the area fell today. when you add in the morning rainfall and what we saw later this afternoon as well, 1.1-inches of rain today in millville. 1.45 in toms river. almost an inch in hammonton and atlantic city at .63-inches. again that's the morning rainfall coupled with the afternoon storms. so what's ahead? showers ending they prief feet much ended across the area. stray sprinkle that's about it. clearing overnight. turning less humid. wednesday partly sunny with stray shower in spots as drier air moves in a loft. cooler air as well. instability showers could pop
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and but transition day tomorrow. we're looking at great weather for the end of the week but then going to heat up again and maybe even a heat wave in the seven day forecast. i'll have that when i join you unside. back over to you. >> kate, thank you. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane driver patrick reece pleaded not guilty to allegations he repeatedly accessed christ grand jury information for her. meantime kane will hold a news conference in harrisburg tomorrow. she will publicly respond for the first time to the criminal charges lodged against her last week. prosecutors say kane leaked secret grand jury information to embarrass a critic and then lied about it under oath. kane is expected to address the media at 1:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon and we will bring it to you live on our website new tonight concerned groans over plans for a liquid hazardous treatment plant in bucks county. some are voicing that are opposition to the plant which would be built near the delaware river. "eyewitness news" reporter diana
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rocco was at a public forum tonight. >> we don't want it. >> reporter: in what was at times heat the he can change a group of false township community members demanded answers from mechanical recycling company. >> why isn't it out in the desert or some place else. >> reporter: they're planning to build the first chemical any treatment plant on the morri morrisville false township border. feet from the banks of the delaware river. >> i don't want it. i just don't want it. >> reporter: odor, noise, chemical danger and truck traffic have residents worried. >> the chemicals, it's the area, the river. we have lost kids around who a are. this area is connected by major highways, rail hubs for the east coast and everything what's going to happen just like in paulsboro it could be derailment right along here on the highway, and they can't guarantee what's in there. >> reporter: dep has already denied al couldn't's first request this year this would be their second in months. >> we don't want the plant, and we will remember when election time comes. >> reporter: al couldn't plans
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to visit diluted waste from chemical and pharmaceutical companies by truck and train and fifty seven vaporize a solution of chemicals and water to be sleetly contained within 110,000 square foot facility encompassing 22 acres on the keystone industrial port compl complex. >> the waist is already created by companies and industries in the area. all we're trying to do is provide a sustainable solution and not ship the problem but to treat it for good to the point of clean water. >> if approved this plant could take years to actually break ground public will have another chance to be heard wednesday night at a meeting hosted by the dep at the bucks county hotel. in morrisville, bucks county, i'm diana rocco cbs3 i it were news. 46 days and counting. pope francis will arrive in philadelphia in just a little more than a month for his historic visit. and it's almost time for another septa lottery relating to the
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pope's visit. >> starting at 12:01 the lottery begins for three day passes good for the norristown high speed and trolley routes 101 and 102 for saturday september 26th through monday september 28th. the lottery runs until tomorrow night at 11:59 p.m. winners will be notified by e-mail. philadelphia's fraternal order of police say it's being questioned by its membership about how police will be deployed during the papal visit. >> the vice-president of the fop says he's getting two to three calls an hour from his members. he says they want to know how they're going to be deployed and they want clarification on things like compensation and housing. one of the big concerns is getting inside the traffic box crossing into that perimeter revealed last week by mayor nutter. >> a lot of our members are somewhat confused for lack of a better term that police vehicles are not going able to get in and out from certain areas. i mean, our members are confused because we're the police.
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>> the fop has sent a letter to members assuring they've requested information from police headquarters and the ci city. the pope's image added to popular mural honoring wel well-known franks. 30 franks bar in center city. "eyewitness news" over 39th and pine. they thought this was great way to commemorate the papal visit. pope francis joins ben franklin, franklin sinatra and more than a dozen others. international scheme takes insider trading to whole new level. >> and tonight one local man is among those facing charges. we'll tell you who authorities say a network of hackers swindled wall vote out of millions. >> also, the new high tech way to diagnose a problem with attention disorders. an app is replacing doctors appointments and paper work. health reporter stephanie stahl shows you how it works. kate? >> in the wake of today's rain, we are finally clearing out. it was a wet day from start to finish butting see now the clouds are pushing out. a starlit sky and some spots tonight and the sun returns
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tomorrow. got great stretch of weather hit heading into the weekend but then we start to heat up and steam up again. i'll have the full seven day forecast coming up. >> plus, they didn't make it into the royal wedding album. the never before seen photos of princess diana on her wedding day. we'll tell you why they're being made public now when "eyewitness news" continues. ♪
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>> nine people in the us and ukraine are facing federal charges accused of hacking to pull off insider trading. among the suspects a pass to have glenn mills. authorities say the suspects made nearly $100 million by stealing corporate press release where is they went out. then trading stock on that information ahead of everyone else. for example back in 2013 the hackers inter accept add release pa are in row bread third quarter earnings before it went to a news distribution service. they then traded 75,000 shares of panera for the rest of the world got the news and made about 900 grand in an hour and 15 minutes. >> family friends are remembering the young victim of
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a shooting in philadelphia. a vigil was hell. he was shot in the head on read land street sunday night. teenager's grandmother says he never gave anyone trouble. police continue to search for the gunman and investigate the motive for the shooting. ferguson missouri remains in a state of mind after violent um demonstration. officials released video shows 18-year-old tyrone harris grabbing a gun before being shot by police monday. it happened during protests marking the one year anniversary of vie michael brown's death. harris is in critical condition. the authorities also say he fired at police. a claim corroborated by a witness. residents are hoping protests remain peaceful to neat. gop front runner donald trump told crowd in michigan he will lay out specific policy plans and stuff the recent debate. >> boy dark i have nasty questions. i stood up and said i don't believe this. some of those questions.
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actually rosie o'donnell saved me. this is one time -- >> she saved me. i never thought i'd be giving credit to rosy but in this case she was great. >> trump today once again refused to rule out a third party run for the presidency. new reuters pole shows trauma system still favored by one quarter of republican voters. this poll was taken after last week's debate. trump held his pre debate number of 24% former florida governor jeb bush was neck at 12%. down from 18 before that debate. no other candidate earned higher than 8%. on the hell watch tonight, doctors have a new and simple tool to diagnose attention deficit hyper activity disorder. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on new app. >> reporter: eli is like many 10-year-olds he doesn't like school and there's one subject he really struggles with. >> writing. >> he has difficulty with the things that require a lot of hand work and difficulty with
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things that require a lot of steps. >> reporter: his parents wanted him to be checked for attention deficit hyper activity disorder. >> it's the kind of diagnosis that i really need parent and teacher information for. >> reporter: instead of appointments and paper work growing number of doctors are using an online app called me health for adhd. >> it was a way that i could get that information in a really fast way in a really efficient way without having to fax or try to call. >> platform louse teachers and parents to fill out behavioral questionnaires on a computer a tablet even a smart phone and submit them wirelessly to their pediatrician who analyzes the data to make a diagnosis. >> this particular child because they had seven inattentive symptoms we decided to treat them. >> in dig to the diagnose tim forms teachers and parents can e-mail doctors with regular observations through the secure portal. >> they tell me when kids aren't interested in gym. they tell me when kids don't want to eat their lunch. made my job a lot easier and it
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meant better. i feel like i'm practicing better medicine. >> threw me health eli was found not to have adhd but says he'll continue to give writing his best effort. >> if i don't succeed york succeed f i succeed, i succeed. >> 93% of the doctors who use the new software to diagnose a adhd said they like it according to study from the nih. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". we are getting a rare look behind the scenes of the royal wedding of prince charles and princess diana. >> take a look. 12 never before seen candid photos are going up for auction in boston and they're from the wedding reception. the candid photos shot by an assistant to the royal photographer. they didn't make the cut into the official wedding album remembered to the royal family we'll see who ends up with the photos. it is fun to look at. i love it. >> kate with our forecast. the rain is moving out. drying out. >> we have dried thing out may still ab stray sprinkle that tries to pop up in south jersey or southern delaware.
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moat of us are completely done wise. a great stretch of weather ahe ahead. storm earlier brought heavy downpours. quick look at a time lapse video got a cool split screen here from our rooftop camera and our camera at campbell's field over the ben franklin bridge showing that rain moving in. you saw the buildings, you see the bridge all just obscured by this heavy rainfall. as these dark clouds moved through it poured for a good 20 minutes, 30 minutes across the region and then the clouds moved on out. we actually ended up with a pretty decent evening in philadelphia. and not a bad sunset either. storms also moved through the jersey shore points. let's take a look at this twitter picture this is from peggy friend down the shore and take a look at those clouds. very ominous clouds down the shore and those storms rolled through that was just about 6:15, 6:30 when the storms hit the shore points. we also got a few eyewitness cam feets one from our friend chris here at cbs3. one our photographers zen us a photo on our eyewitness cam and it looks similar to the one you're seeing there from peggy
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friend. chris' picture showing that large cumulonimbus cloud building over plymouth township pennsylvania thanks to chris for that. but you also have the good news. i don't know the storms after the storms tiffany posted this great picture on my twitter feed it's a double rainbow here over ocean city, new jersey. looking out towards the ocean great sight for people who had to move their boardwalk or beach plans inside today. at least you got that beautiful spectacle in the sky. as you can see not a whole lot happening now. we had a few showers pop up over burlington and camden counties those have since push out a couple of showers in southern delaware. so maybe a shower if you're again down the shore or in southern delaware this evening. but as we head through the overnight hours the skies are clearing and the rain is moving away and we head toward nicer conditions. rain today over 2-inches up in jobstown, mount pocono just under 2-inches. dewey beach and bala kin wide over an inch of rain. voorhees .61-inches of rain.
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we're in the 60s in millville and mount pock know. holding at 74 in philadelphia. 70 in allentown but the winds are out of the west direction now. a land breeze down the shore keeping temperatures in the low 70s but that west wind also bringing in cooler drier conditions from the north and west and that's we'll feel tomorrow. what happens on a dale like tomorrow when you have cool air in the upper atmosphere you get the sun to come out here and there it heats up the ground and that pocket of air begins to rise when it hits that cooler air a lot of it could spark off a stray shower. so tomorrow we're partly sunny. i can't real out a stray sprinkle in the afternoon. you see clouds roll in, get hit with a few raindrops that's why it's happening. that moves on out high pressure gains a foot hold on thursday back to the 80s. it's sunny and beautiful and friday looks nice as well keeping an eye on this boundary to the north. looks like it should mainly stay to the north but we've got to keep an eye a couple of showers try to trickle southward. nice clear conditions tonight and certainly tomorrow night for the persied meteor shower peeking tomorrow into thursday
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and the best viewing conditions for this midnight to 5:00 a.m. if you see any make sure you take photos or videos. i would love to see them. send them to us post it on our facebook or twitter feeds here up to 100 meteors per hour and again tonight even we're clearing thing out enough most of the us should be able to see that meteor shower if it curse. clearing skies overnight turning less humid. 70 degrees. for your wednesday partly sunny a stray shower in the afternoon one of those little instable showers i mentioned not big de deal. and your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, looks pretty great for the next couple of days. tomorrow 86. thursday is gorgeous. thursday is my winner of the week. 84 degrees. sunny and beautiful. friday looking pretty good as well. saturday just a chance for an isolated storm but it's a hot and sunny summer weekend then take look at that sneaky heat wave toward the end of the seven day. three, 90s in row. >> trying to hide back there. >> cross that bridge when we come to it. >> thanks indicate its pat here with sports.
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>> after last night's debacle the phillies allowed 13 runs they attemp a attempted to out o themselves in are a airs before the onslaught they watched as franco was hit on the left wrist. x-rays were negative. it's just a contusion. so that could have been much worse. and from that point, though it only got worse here in the second inning things got ugly. david peralto unloads a grand slam that would make it eight to one diamondbacks. they will add three more and put up 11 runs in that inning. not a good night at all for the phillies. they trail 11 to one in the fifth. eagles camp continued to as they prepare for the first preseason game on sun day against the colts. one aspect of the eagles defense that will be scrutinized is the secondary. they were down right scary last
11:26 pm
year but they're hoping to change that with several key additions. gone are cary williams, bradley fletcher and brandon boykin. byron maxwell and eric row. carol a hold over from last year fitting in well. >> mind set is different coming into this year. make sure i worked hard and i was prepared coming in for now. just basically sacrifice a bunch i'm not going to get into what isaac chris faced. i knew my mental had to be different coming into this year and i knew the things i had to do to be prepared. >> after trading nick foles in second round pick to get him only -- only hope sam bradford can stay healthy maybe the pope. there's an online petition making the rounds asking for pope francis to bless bradford's knee while on his journey through philadelphia. bradford twice torn his acl eagles fans are take nothing chances this time around. so what does the eagles quarterback think? >> i haven't seen that. i was told about it before i
11:27 pm
came to talk to you guys. i got to pete meet the pope that would be pretty cool f he wanted to bless my knee i'm all for it i guess. >> some think the eagles have quarterback issues but nothing like what's going on in new york with geno smith. jets quarterback was reportedly sucker punched by his teammate linebacker ik um pall pally pal. smith reportedly owed him $600. ikko pods him jean will miss six to 10 weeks with a broken jaw. he was immediately released after the incident. one thing you don't do and that is touch the quarterback and now that dude is looking for a new job. fighting in the locker room. >> yes, in the locker room p. >> owe, my goodness. >> over $600. >> i feel for tom bowls first year coaching has to deal with all this. >> unreal g thank you pat. appreciate it.
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♪ adults are taking over the franklin institute from the kids tonight. >> that's right. museum held its latest science after dark event thor foes 21 and over. dozens diss covered how art and science inspired each other through the ages. some of the demonstrations were sponsored by objects from the
11:31 pm
barnes foundation collection. what a neat night. everybody had great time. >> love the franklin institute indeed. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we return tomorrow morning at 4:30 with erika von tiehl, nicole brewer, meteorologist katie fehlinger and traffic with meisha johnson. >> i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c up next ncis los angeles. >> from our entire team, thanks so much for watching. good night, family. sleep well. ♪
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